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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am reggie aqui. >> it is monday january 25, and, first, the monday morning forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have left over sprinkles and light rain across the north bay, you can see light green on live doppler hd and it extended all the way down the coast to the golden gate bridge and possibly even daly city and pacifica, you can see it is damage on the golden gate bridge but not breezy. here is the 12 hour day planner, cloudy this morning at 42 to 50 and gray at noon, upper 50s and we are around 60 with the clouds opening at 4:00, and more stars to be seen and cooler at 7:00, low-to-mid 50s what is go on, on the embarcadero? >> it is closed. the southbound direction. basically. here is a shot as we go back to the off program a, you can get beyond broadway and you are stopped at washington and diverted. northbound remains open, right now it is calm and light. we will check back with low
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traffic from tracy this morning and concord area westbound highway 4, we have an accident blocking lane two and westbound four near port chicago or pillow pass, we will check with waze away the road closures and amy hollyfield has a report for us, too, coming up. >> and super bowl 50 is less than two weeks away, so get ready to make some detours. today is first work day commute with major street closures in san francisco, and amy hollyfield is at the transbay terminal with the mess that a lot of you will face. >> good morning, some people we spoke with say they left earlier than usual to prepare for this to try and get around it and not have too much pain. we have not heard any come lanes this morning. the road closures are in place for the have been an herman plaza and this is for super bowl city the free began village the at terry building with tomorrow
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a closure of howard for the nfl experience with street signs to guide you and we talked to a commuter who made it into city from vacaville and he said it wasn't too bad. >> for planning involved i want about my regular schedule big deal, not changing anything. just a few signs and that was it. >> so far so good? >> yes. >> if to know. >> here is what to expect, the red is super bowl city and the on are feeder streets that are shut down south of market such as main. the grin are detours, such as mission. it is open. it is a straight shot to the embarcadero. it will be like this for three weeks until february 12. you are advised to avoid downtown altogether. if you can. >> how would you like another three minutes with that?
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we have a full list closures and the detours on our website and i will go there at all the sent continues for the body of a man who police believe was killed by a co-worker, 28 -year-old victim has been missing since friday. investigators have not found him but are convinced he was murdered. he was seen working at gp spores in san jose. police found evidence in the empty building next to the door but they are not share what they covered. the accuse killer could worker 39-year-old if los altos. san jose police arrested him on suspicion of murder. dozen of people including total strangers converge on lexington reservoir in los gatos to search for the victim. he is believed one of several locations they could fine the body. >> leaders in pacifica are getting real about a problem along the coastline, with the cliff crumbling away. in a few hours they will update the community on how serious
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this is. our reporter is joining us in the studio with incredible video . it was teetering on edge of the cliff, and it was reported by a drone operator. el nino storms have made it much worse very fast. the building on the edge of the cliff, is vacant and there are other homes in the same area, officials are much aing the situation and city manager dechaired a state of emergency hoping for state and federal aid. >> the series of issues and nothing is catastrophic but when you take them together they are clearly outpacing what the city can do to respond. >> the video from sky 7 h.d. shows what she is talking about. police have been posted at the waterfrom. to keep people away. part the way was has crumbleed. the city is working with an
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engineer to figure out the best way to repair the seawall. the meeting is tonight at 7:00. >> residents of san jose neighborhood have new tips to deal with el nino. several answers host add disaster preparedness which is 13 if foot below sea level and has flooded before. residents urged it is not too late to get flood insurance. it takes 30 days to go into effect so you are encouraged to sign up now. flooding can knock out clean drying water and electricity for 3-5 days. >> residents on east coast are digging out of the snow after the massive blizzard took 28 lives. who are going to washington, dc, with the clanup efforts. >> good morning, reggie and natasha, usually the streets are full of commuters. today. it is really basically very empty, and part of the problem
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is on the streets, the black ice with only cars with four wheel drive are safe out there as commuters continue to try and dig out. the weekend storm was one for the record becomes. nearly 2' of snow in some areas of washington, dc, and it was the biggest storm ever in baltimore at 29.2", and in new york central park a new 24 hour record, with 26.8" of snow. grinding to a halt all forms of ralph, almost all forms. >> drivers on the pennsylvania turnpike were marooned for up to 30 hours. it created a unique situation. sunday mass on the highway. ♪ o lord >> on the jersey shore, blocks of ice flighted down flooded streets. the snow building continuously throughout the weekend. in virginia and up and down the coast the weight of the snow was too much for area of radios.
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even this ambulance was stuck. >> this morning the east coast will be digging out. >> a record amount snow must be removed. when i say "removed," that does not mean we can push it out of the street but taken away. >> tore many one more snow day ahead. >> as beautiful as all of the snow; the problem is the snow outhere open east coast is continuing to affect everyone on the west coast particularly airline traveler. remember, all the airlines need to recover from 12,000 flights that were canceled over the weekend. back to you. >> what a mess. thank you. >> happening today a group of african american women who kicked off the napa valley wine train last year are headed to court a hearing is for 10:00 a.m. in san francisco. the 11 women all members of the
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same book club filed the lawsuit in october. they say they were kicked off the train for being too cloud and claim they were slander when a manage said they were being aggressive. the wine train lawyer wants that part of the suit dismissed saying the statement does not qualify as slander because it was opinion and not fact. >> the raiders will meet with the coliseum authority to talk of a lease extension to keep the team this oakland. many observers believe that ower mark davis intendses to stay in oakland for root season and the nfl blocked the team from going to los angeles, and the bay area news group reports the mooting will take place in private with fans gathering in jack london square to watch the play out action. he was called out for trying to take the team out of town. >> he made himself look silly by trying to live but we are hear for raiders not mark davis. >> oakland city leaders plan to keep talking with the raiders about building a new stadium.
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>> health experts are weighing in own a problem affecting millions of children that will have parents reknicking what to pack in the school lunch. >> santa clara has changes >> santa clara has changes coming to the fair gro
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>> we are become at 6:telephone. now, 22 of the first 25 days this month we have had measurable rain somewhere in the area. completely dry tomorrow and wednesday. more rain on thursday through the end of the month. here are the sprinkles falling across the north bay. moist from time to time on 101 around san rafael. temperatures today are 59 to 62. with increasing sunshine in the afternoon. the rain will hang around and the chance of it until 10:00. here is a look at walnut creek where it is dry. low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and low-to-upper isis wednesday and thursday and more on the welcome rain coming up. >> sue? >> mass transit has 50 trains with bart, and some are delays at this hour, headed to sfo from millbrae and in the pittsburg direction at 20 minutes delay. if you come downtown or normally travel muni for the commute, don't forget with the road closures for super bowl city
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they are re-routed so check out our newsup for maps and re-routing. the metering lights are on and traffic is stacking from golden gate field to the city with 25-minute delay and an accident if lane ten at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will check back with highway 4 and the accident in concord area in the next report. >> thank you. tomorrow morning the santa clara board of supervisors will hold a meeting to discuss the future of a development at the county fair drowns. according to our media partner the san jose mercury news the county has her prepared for a go-kart track, a payment ball operation to continue and ambitious area from the san jose giants to build a new ballpark. this has happened before and it will be the third attempt since 1998 to rejuvenate the fairgrounds. all the health care enrollment deadline is coming soon and tom, trained specialist will gin michael finney and take your phone calls and questions.
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you can ask the questions new on social media tagged with abc7 now. the live yes and answer is happening tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 right here. >> there is a shakeup in the race for 2016 and how candidates on the trail are racking to a rumored new candidate. >> betting on aware for super bowl 50, which team las vegas oddsmakers say to put your money on. >> if you headed out the door take us with you with our news take us with you with our news app downloading it for free
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>> presidential hopefuls react to bloomberg's groundwork for a possible run to the white house as an independent if democrat hillary clinton falters. he send as the new york's mayor for 12 years and is willing to spend $1 billion on a campaign. he has tied to both hillary clinton and donald trump. >> he is a good friend of mine and i. do the best i can to make sure that i go the nomination and we will go from there. >> i would love to have him because i love the competition. it would be great, i would love bloomberg to come in.
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>> getting interesting. the with what caucus is only eight days away. >> we will check with amy hollyfield for a look at what coming up on america at 7:00. >> amy? good morning, reggie and natasha, next on "good morning america," an exclusive with the florida million caught on camera fighting off carjackers two armed men threating her kids and speaking out on "good morning america" about that moment. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> some enjoyed the blizzard with help from technology, check out this interesting point from gopro video a family sledding in tennessee. they did not step there. the family launched a drone over their town which is northeast of nashville. you can see plane of snow covered rooftops and they are doing the most. >> that is the extra mile. >> maybe they are going too far. >> they had thunder snow,
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remember, it is rare, and i looked at long-range forecast in lake tahoe and this is the possibility of thunder snow on saturday, a presidential, a possibility. we will tweet the forecast. we focus on the here and now. from cloverdale down 101 to petaluma we have light rain. petaluma had the most at .04" and santa rosa at .1" and it will climb over the hills and mountains and move into the napa valley. to the south, look the at clouds, across san jose, you will see the sunshine during the morning hours, 280 and 17 is what we are look at, so morning springers and p.m. pockets of sunshine and cooler the next few nights. fog is more likely in the morning. the wet patton runs on friday. our storm impact scale is "1" is light and "3" is strong and "3" is severe. much of it has to do with waves,
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the tide, flooding potential, heavy rain, thunder, all that. the first storm this comes in on friday is the appetizer, a storm impact scale of "1" and it is light the freezes are not much. at 4:00 in the morning, in most of the rain it will be across the north bay until we get to the evening hours and you can see it shifts to top of us and most of saturday is dry and 9:00 we have wet weather and the heaviest rain falls sunday morning into the remainly afternoon. until then, look at all of the sunshine, high clouds and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s tomorrow and low-to-upper 60s on thursday. sue? >> we have a solid stream of headlights on the east shore freeway beyond golden gate field and university avenue to the macarthur maze for 25 minutes from this point into san francisco. the further east you go you are going to be longer than that. our map shows slow traffic from the central valley and out of the antioch and you have
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45-minute drive from tracy and up and over the altamont pass, and the green shows the potential for rain meek has been talking about on the commute and the blue would be the potential for standing water. for standing water. that is over the the waze app to see the road closures in san francisco and how to get around them in a few minutes. >> you can see the welcome to santa clara and now the have been she down is society city leaders in santa clara issued an official welcome message for the broncos and the carolina pan officers. >> we wish boat teams the best and look forward to seeing you all here soon in the city of santa clara. >> this video is posted shortly after championship sunday and the mayor is doing what three can do draw in more tourists for have been 50 and asked visitors
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to enjoy restaurants and other local attractions in the weeks leading up to the of enhave. >> las vegas odds maker have made the carolina panthers the super bowl favorite before the end of the championship yesterday sports book said 4-point line favorite the pan clears. it would be the first championship in the team history. >> you can say super bowl 50 is reach new heights in san francisco with this photo from instagram showing super bowl 50 sign popping up all around town at twin peaks, my favorite so far. if you find one, snap a poe to and share it with us #abc7now. it could show up on air or on line. parents, take note: healths are sounding the the alarm on the dangers of obesity. but," first, weather and traffic during the commercial break. during the commercial break. stay tun
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> we have a shot of the embarcadero with a beautiful cruise ship. traffic on the embarcadero is good right new. we are looking in at battery street a main thoroughfare to get across town which is open this or. there are at the love street closures toward the foot of market and embarcadero sound from washington street. give your self plenty of time. right now, it is locking pretty good and we will check back with
6:26 am
the comminute a couple of minutes. >> that will change. >> new this or, a frightening report for the world health organization. it said that 41 million kids under the age of five are now obese or overweight away the world. the report said that the behavioral and by lodge 8:00 factors contribute but taphouse cuss on food and drink and call for tacks on sugar food and drink and call on schools to promote diet and physical activity. >> time to ask michael finney. >> he answers a question of chain retailers in san francisco. >> i heard there are rules in san francisco if you have more than seven outlets in the country you are considered a chain and you cannot be on street. have you heard that? >> there is a rule in san francisco that said chain store with more than 11 locations, 11, not snow, must get a special permit from the city to move into a neighborhood. there are also some
6:27 am
neighborhoods that have more restrictions on the type and size of the businesses allowed. these rules are there to help maintain a neighborhood's character. the city of san francisco's planning department oversees the regulations. if you have a question for michael finney record or on social #askbeginany. you could see it answers right here. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories including the price you will pay to stay for super bowl 50 with the jaw drawing going rate for hotels ahead of the big game. all the sin for a missing man in san jose takes a sinister twist after an arrest as family and after an arrest as family and end
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> drivers buckle up. the monday morning commute could be dicey because of the street closures to make way for super bowl city in downtown san francisco. >> getting around the financial district will be a challenge. as will getting to and from the bay bridge. what to know as you get going. >> it is 6 o'clock. >> sue is checking the mess
6:31 am
first the meteorologist mike nicco. >> necessary to see you. not so nice to get through the north bay with light rain from cloverdale to petaluma and we have had drizzle down to daly city but the next three hours our best chance of the sprinkle to light rain falling over the ocean and you can see it is wet on 101 looking south along san rafael and continues are cooler, low 40s in south bay to 50 and we see mostly cloudy conditions this afternoon with sunshine and nearly 60. >> the road closures show the waze app, you can see the closures with slow traffic on second street and i wanted to show you van ness is slow with the long idea line at van fess. you can download this waze app with alternate routes to get an the road closures in downtown san francisco from marin county it is a good ride on the golden gate bridge but give yourself plenty of time well look at the
6:32 am
commute in a couple of minutes. >> street closures for super bowl 50 noon you need to allow plenty of extra time to and from work today and our reporter is at the transbay terminal t with the commuters. >> people are very nice. >> so far so good. everyone has been kind. they say they are bracing and ready for this. they left earlier for work than normal. these are the early birds. no complaints so far. people are nervous of what this afternoon is going to look like, closures are to place around herman plaza for super bowl city. there are street signs to guide you an the closures and we talked to a commuter who made it to the city from vacaville. another is ready to do what it takes to get an closures. >> i am prepared to do what it takes to get to work and i take
6:33 am
three buses so if i have to take another route which is a cab or uber i will. i have a commitment to my job. >> mission is open. that is a straight shot to the embarcadero. streets south of park coat are shut down. be ready. tomorrow is the closure of howard where the nfl experience will be. it is going to be like this for three weeks until february 12. you are advised to avoid downtown entirely if you can. my director is in my ear telling me on saturday only it took him 30 minutes to get from our news station to the bay bridge and that was on saturday. get ready. >> a connect -- grown. the cost estimates for super bowl 50 are climbing.
6:34 am
$500,000 is spent right new to speed up work on the transit center to help bet the three weeks street closures imposed at foot of market after the release of a city budget report that says it will cost $5 million for the festivities $1 million more than mayor lee's original estimate. >> republic to empty your wallet if you are staying in a hotel, the st. francis hotel which is the city's landmark hotels can be booked for $1,118. per flight. more shocking, according to the same search this travel lodge on market street can be booked for market street can be booked for even more: $1, >> it is a lot of work to get your house ready for visitors but if i can put my house on the
6:35 am
market for $10,000 for the welcome i would consider it. >> people are challenging more than that. on craigslist we found eight bedroom six bath home for $60,000. fans, get ready to pay through the nose. >> at the of you are less focused on that and more focused on this map. if you go to right now, front page, you will find this map you will need to get to and from work if you near the financial district. in the red, those are areas shut down including part of embarcadero. yellow are the areas that they are setting up for events in super bowl city and the red are areas that are being re-routed. you can go to abc7 news cox app. >> in the south bay 30 minutes will resume a sent for
6:36 am
28-year-old who disappeared last week the investigators fear he was murdered. our reporter is in mountain view where crews will gather before heading out. matt? yes, natasha, the victim's family is here in mountain view looking in and an the bay. they say they will not step looking for their loved one until he is found. >> we think possibly the bay between this area up to palo alto, anywhere that someone could bring a truck, him in. >> family members and others spent day yesterday searching lexington reservoir if los gatos for the body of 28 year old kyle myron one of several suggested by mess. he was last seen at g.p. sports and he and the alleged killer, steve lebos worked at the
6:37 am
motorcycle store after there was evidence of a homicide at an empty building next to the motorcycle shop, and he was arrested. police are asking for the public's help to determine the whereabouts of the clock since action friday night until 2:00 a.m. on saturday morning if you have information call the san jose police department. >> thank you, matt. now developing news after the massive storm hit the east coast a lot of people are shoveling, near record snow fall for a lost places, the blizzard claimed 28 degrees. experts say the storm could have an economic impact of up to $ million, restaurants and stores have been closed for days. federal offices and several schools are also closed today. airlines are trying to get back to normal after more thanful two,000 flights were -- 12,000
6:38 am
flights were canceled. west virginia got 42", the most snow fall. and this is drop video from virginia, entire neighborhoods are blanketed in snow and parts of the area saw 3' of snow over the weekend, the biggest storm that state has seen in almost 20 years. >> the santa cruz wharf has been closed after the burst of a water main over the weekend, that provides water to the wharf businesses. this is video from the camera before sun set, beautiful, but, empty. surf and the severe break is preventing immediate repairs and officials are working to restore water trillion a permanent fix can be made later in the week. >> scary moments for two bay area men after engine trouble over the caribbean forced their flight to make an message landing, it started moments after dole that flight 307 took off from the vice president -- the virgin islands for atlanta and landed in porter -- in
6:39 am
puerto rico. >> five minutes after take off a loud "bang," on the left side and i could not see what happened exactly. >> you could see a bright flash coming from the left side of the wing. >> a man tweeted this picture after the boeing 777 safely in san juan. >> flee flight attend -- three flight attendants and passengers were treated after severe turbulence that was headed to italy and had to make an message landing in canada. >> a japanese rocket maker said most a.m. found in thailand probably belongs to one of his missiles. "usa today" is reporting a fisherman discovered white metal
6:40 am
but the only confirmed part of the plane is an aircraft plane after it disappeared 22 months ago. investigators are going do thailand to see if the metal actually came from the missing jet. >> four whoms have been lost to natural gas explosions or fire after a 7.1 earthquake health central -- hit central alaska yesterday. this was from the international airport in anchorage with items falling off of the shelves, and 30 afters were felt, the strongest was 4.7. 30 hopes were evacuated but there are no reports of injuries. big shameup at twitter with 20 executives leaving as part of the restructuring plan. the heads of engineers, media, product and buying have left. there are reports of new board members being announced this week. according to the "new york times" one of the pardon members that will be a high profile
6:41 am
media personality, twitter c.e.o. tweeted this "all four are taking well deserved time off and i am personally grateful to each of them for egg they have contributed to twitter." he said the c.o.o. will take on additional responsibilities. >> we are starting with sprinkles and ending the week with sprinkles. >> absolutely. to the weekend, the flood gates could open on sunday. here is what is going on,0 percent chance of rain because of the sprinkles. that is along the coast in the north bay. it will be dry for all of us on tuesday and wednesday. the rain hits. north bay on thursday late and friday and saturday and sunday get ready to be wet. you can see the sprinkles and the dampness on the golden gate bridge and that extended up to cloverdale up 101. inland, sprinkles across the north bay and otherwise 58 to 61 with clouds and sprinkles along the coast and cloudy this afternoon at 55 to 59 and sunny
6:42 am
an the bay 6 -- 58 to walnut creek is dry. low-to-mid 60s tomorrow. mid-to-upper 60s on wednesday and thursday. a look at the rain coming in this weekend in a few minutes. >> a live shot of h.d. showing coming into san francisco the bay bridge toll plaza. it is dramatic. the sea of red. if you travel east shore freeway into the city you are look at an hour drive from highway four. we have reports of an accident westbound 80 at richmond parkway. we the update that in a couple of minutes and back-to-back bumper-to-bumper across the span. we have the street closures downtown around the foot of market. howard between third and fourth and tomorrow that will be closed for up to the week after super bowl. we will look at the richmond parkway accident next report.
6:43 am
>> a look at what could be the next big thing in apple plans for the next iphone. >> chipolte looks to restore >> chipolte looks to restore customer confidenc
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. >> look at the crumbling cliff side in pacifica. city leaders are taking action calling an emergency meeting on the dangerous amount of erosion
6:46 am
the cliff is facing. we are in the newsroom with a closer look at this. >> yes, the meeting starts at 7:00 and the city is working with an engineer to hopefully find a fix for the crumbling seawall. video shows how bad it is. large waves pound the coastline and part of the cliff crumbles, on the schedule a vacant building that was condemned in the winter of 1997 and 1998 when storms damaged the town but this type, residents say it is worse, in past month, powerful storms have damaged the pier and opened a sinkhole and several homes are threatened. >> even we did not know how bad it was until yesterday or the day before where it started help ing. we are on the edge of cliff. >> the city manager has declared a state of emergency hoping for state and federal aid and the meeting, city leaders get a better assessment of damage and the next step to protect both public and private property.
6:47 am
>> here is a question, are we looking at the new inno one, this photo claims to show the iphone 5se which will scan for special iphone 5s enhanced. a blog said it will mostly retape the 56789s design. you can still by the size it looks pore like a small iphone 6. the 5so will feature the same camera as apple pay and live photos. >> now a check on wall street the big board shows we are down 92 points, not the way you want to start the day. here is the money report. >> we are not starting off this week on a positive noted. we do have potentially a top of news and that starts with earnings from the technical sector. apple and facebook and
6:48 am
microsoft and amazon all with quarterly numbers so we will see what apple numbers and iphone sales and facebook earnings are on how they are making money off of the regular users united will focus on growth in san francisco one of the best performing airports and they want to fill in some holes in service buy new planes to use at sfo. and chipolte wants to indicator your super bowl part and will take $50 off the first 1,500 caters by box orders received by february 1 valid for one time use only and applied to orders of 20 or more burritos. still down 95 points and nasdaq is down by 20 points. >> thank you, jane. now a look at the cute guy, this is a scared sloth including for
6:49 am
dear life to a highway guardrail in ecuador trying to cross the highway. an officer took him to the vet, checked him out and determined he was just fine. the sloth now is become to normal and he is in the natural habitat, the forest, and you can check out our facebook page to share the story. say the sloth would be the symbol of downtown san francisco the next few weeks. >> not sure what i was thing it >> not sure what i was thing it looks like a cross >> now, wondered without were going with that. >> we will move on. >> we have beautiful weather. >> here is what has happened since midnight, petaluma is .0
6:50 am
4" with height rain to sprinkles across the north bay trying to head over into the napa valley so want out you could get wet. san jose showing the least amount of cloud cover and you are the coolest low-to-mid 40s and sprinkles to clouds for the first highlight, sunshine and warm, and wet pattern for friday and saturday and sunday and the storm impact scale "1" is light and "5" is severe. we will toen to rank all storms as we need throughout winter storm "1" is the appetizer, and light breezes but no real damage or harm. just wind. 4:00 2349 morning, light rain across the north bay and the rest of us in the evening, that could make the evening plans less fun than they could be or more challenging. you can see saturday is dry until the evening hours and sunday morning at 8:00 through early afternoon we will have our
6:51 am
best chance rain. a beautiful picture from heavenly over the weekend, and that is the noon and i will put it on social media with facebook and twitter to show you the heavy snow possible thunder snow in the sierra on saturday, that soups great. so friday, and saturday and sunday, light storms and all and now the bart delays, 20 minutes in sfo and pittsburg direction and equipment failure if you come to downtown san francisco because of the road closures and muni buses toward the financial district we will re-routed so give yourself plenty of time and in problem with caltrain or take a ferry to avoid the closures and sky 7 over the embarcadero from washington street southbound the embarcadero is closed over toward at&t park to king street
6:52 am
and northbound you can get through we are expecting delays and i am already sighing delays on van ness avenue a main thoroughfare and a lot of folks will use that as an alternate. an accident on 80 the richmond parkway when we come back the stay tuned.
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6:54 am
>> one, get ready for major closures around super bowl city in san francisco. ambassadors are helping people navigate around the detours and avoid serious gridlock like we saw over the weekend. >> two, we are following that but the rest of the commute, it is the calm before the storm. we have an accident at 80 westbound. >> three, i am tracking sprinkles and light rain offer the north bay. the next six hours that will taper. we are going to have sunshine break out. you can see from mount tamalpais it is pushing through. 59 today. 62. warmer tomorrow through thursday >> four, family and friends of 28-year-old man to resume a seven at 7:00. police think he is the victim of the homicide but they have not found his body. >> the east coast is cleaning up
6:55 am
after near record snow fall and airlines are trying to get back to normal after days of canceled flights. >> all eyes are on the crumbling seawall in pacifica and the city is holding an emergency meeting to get a better assessment on the damage and how to protect public and private prosecute. >> a big shakeup at twitter and c.e.o. jack dorsey confirmed four top executives are leaving and two top lieutenants will take on extra duties. >> we stay on the traffic situation and it will be worse. >> we have been watching all morning, take an extra look at the detours with the road closures. >> a couple of days of dry weather to enjoy the sunshine. >> we will leave you with a look at sky 7 a beautiful shot of the sun coming up offer the city. i am planning on taking a
6:56 am
piggyback ride on mike's shoulders. "good morning america" is next. stay tuned.
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good morning, america. digging out. millions buried by the blizzard of 2016, now scrambling to clear all that record-breaking snow. >> this is horrible. we've been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. >> thousands of flights canceled. this morning the struggle to get cities up and running and people back to work. the very latest, right now, on "good morning america." counting down to iowa. just a week until the first votes are cast, the final sprint is on, as new polls show trump building his lead. >> i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any votes. >> hillary clinton clinton says bernie sanders brings in huge crowds. massive manhunt is under way as three inmates break free.


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