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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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investigators to lk at san francisco police shootings as pass.
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i believe in my heart that he's may still be alive. >> tonight mother's plea for help as police search for her son's body. good evening. >> we begin with developing news tonight. san jose police have a murder suspect in custody but asking for your help as they search for the victim. police think co-worker killed kyle. >> katie is live in san jose with what you can do to help investigators. katie? >>reporter: in a jail house interview the suspect admitted to driving around the santa cruz mountain area for hours. also allegedly high on drugs. now police and the victim's parents are asking for any on one's help who may have seen the suspect or white gmc truck he was driving. take a look at the pictures.
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>> he's my baby my only child i really want him back. >>reporter: choking back tear tears. kyle's mother kelly sperry asked for help as she stood next to pictures of murder suspect's truck released by san jose police. >> maybe jog somebody's memory, officers arrested the co-worker steve looeb around 2 in the morning on saturday. >> i had nothing to do with kyle's death. >>reporter: he left camden avenue friday evening around 6. >> i got in that car and i drove around for hours. essentially. smoking cigarettes and driving the car because i was hopped up on drugs. >>reporter: police and volunteers searching the santa cruz mountains and proshted associated with looeb. >> there has been information that suspect looeb may have disposed of kyle's body in the ocean. >>reporter: evidence of a crime was found in a burned out building next to the motorcycle shop. he says he's being framed.
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>> does any one know why i'm being set up? does any one know why there's drugs in the coffee at work. >>reporter: he's scheduled to appear in court wednesday. any one who may have seen him or his truck is asked to call police as they try to narrow the search area. in san jose, katie, abc 7 news. two families wait to go find out if a body that washed up on a beach is one of the u c santa cruz students who was swept out to sea. both sharon and zula were hit by a large swell at do you know beach last monday. several agency looked for them last tuesday. coast guard later suspended the search. san pablo man faces 4 50 years in prison after being convicted of molesting his girlfriend's daughter. abuse began when the girl was 5 years old. jose florez guilty of 45 charges including producing child pornography. jurors found the girlfriend
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guilty of being an accessory to child abuse. the bay area news group also reports the victim gave birth to florez daughter when she was 11. tenant at cliff side apartment building in pacifica have been given the order to move out. city inspectors say the el nino related storms have made the area unsafe. lillian is live in pacifica with the latest tonight. lillian. >>reporter: each of the buildings 20 units were yellow tag this a.decision made by city8&4÷ inspectors who have ben monitoring the buildi.ñ for quite some timeo. began moving out as soon as they got notice. others are choosing to statement spending the night despiteyh specific instructions not to. wouldn't you rather be safe. >> i would rather be safe yes but i would also rather not be on the street all night. >>reporter: city officials indictment uninhabitable because of large cavity forming in the already unstable cliff. they say they have been keeping an eye on it for years t.but
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the toll of having to move outfm had one tenant pleading with the city council for help. >> how1úñ am i to keep my job ad eat in the process of this it's a little bit unfair. pony up money and resources and come to our aid. >>reporter: council members already dealing with their own list of damaged properties having declared state of emergency in an effort to on the state federal money to repair the sea wall and pier estimated to cost in the millions. this apartment house is believed to be a lost cause. even so some aren't budging. >> i have no where else to go. i just moved in two months ago and i don't have it like otherum people can pick up and leave. i don't have money like that. yellow tag is sometimes people consider it less than a red ta tag. it's not a suggestion. it's an order from the building official that they can not be in there. >>reporter: an order that if ignored can lead to criminal prosecution. in pacifica, abc 7 news. new at 11:00. new development in the shooting
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death of mario woods by san francisco police. mayor ed lee has asked u.s. attorney general loretta leverage to launch her own independent investigation into wood's death. woods was armed with a knife. the mayor said in the letter to the attorney general quote we see answers not just to the facts in mr. wood's case but also answers about how as a police department and a city we can build deeper stronger trust between law enforcements and the communities they are sworn to protect. police not responded to the mayor's request. mean time mayor ed lee dealing with another crisis. three of former political fundraiser turned themselves in today to's political corruption charms. former human rights commissioner retired commission employee miss jones and consultant jackson are all accused of running pay to play schemes. we were at city hall where mayor lee insistsed he ran a clean campaign in 2011. >> we have never been involved
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in any soliciting of any bad behavior. that would be terrible and my campaign certainly didn't do. that ji corruption case arose from undercover fbi investigation. all 3 suspect could make the first court appearance as soon as this week. new at 11:00. sonoma couldn't sheriff's office posted these picture open facebook of 4 people investigators say cashed in lottery tickets that were stolen during armed robbery in santa rosa. they were driving a black mir said suv. monday commute took unwelcome turn for some commuters into san francisco all because of the detour for superbowl city, the alan has more now at the traffic troubles it's all causing. >> the transformation ochlt park dare into superbowl city has begun. and so whose the altered state of rush hour traffic. to oakland. it's taken me 20ment to go about 200 yards. >>reporter: two busy streets
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coming together as one. commuters open south bound embarcadero are being financialed down washington street to the already slow moving battery street to get to the bay bridge. >> it's grit to have the superbowl in san francisco so we just have to make adjustments. >>reporter: zoned commuters say4é there's a learning curve. >> i'm not going to go to california. i'm going to come down an cut across on battery. >>reporter: this man had a special decree depositional to pash at his office located inside the superbowl city zone. but the pass to his parking garage was blocked and sent back into traffic to find another way in. many downtown workers rode the bart or walked. >> drive this mess it would have taken me about an hour, hour and a half to drive something that will take me 30 minutes to walk. >>reporter: san francisco municipal transportation authority expected congestion on the detour route but the rest of downtown looked like a typical workday. the message remains don't drive if you don't have to. in san francisco, abc 7 news. ferry quickly became
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popular alternative for commuters today. sky 7 hd over the ferry building tonight as passengers made their way out of the city. ferry passengers are remineed to give themselves extra time to walk to work. we were at the moscone convention center as crew work on the nfl experience. will chose down howard street between third and fourth starting tomorrow. nfl experience opens saturday. get autograph and check out hall of fame memorabilia. get traffic transit resources on our web site listed here. special end zone set up in portion of downtown february 1st to the 9th. for superbowl activity. it doesn't include any major road closures. both teams will practice at san jose state, carolina a panthers stay at marriott hotel and superbowl media day held monday at the sap center. we have you covered with details about superbowl events and road closure information on
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our 7 news app. down load the app and unable push alert to get instance update. new at 11:00. information president clinton head liened fundraiser in the bay area for his wife hilary run for the white house. it was held at jackie spears home in hillsboro. he tells us mr. clinton posed for selfie with every guest who wanted one.$x powerful new documentary on cyberbullying debut at the sundance film festival. >> coming at 11:00. bay area girl who inspired the film and what her father has to say about it. >> celebrity taking sides. big names now joining the debate over diversity in hollywood. one of the most touching moments we have seen lately. documented on video. the story behind this teenager's second chance at life. a little fog for morning commute and winter warmth for the work week. i'll let you know when rain may repair
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know when rain may repair coming up >> first though here's what's come up on "jimmy kimmel live"after the news. >> thanks. look what we did just to make you proud. >> boston i think. don't quote me on this. but it goes more like not. you kind of skim over that vowel. >> like the pay the are not in >> like the pay the are not in the superbowl
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two base jump percent feared dead after parachuting out of the bridge in big sur last wednesday. sheriff's office there recovered video from camera
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attached to a helmet found on the beach below. show as woman identified as kate from ventura jumping off the bridge. >> seen making successful mouth of the creek. several large sets of waves seemed to over take her within seconds. >>reporter: officials believe man from fen land was wearing the helmet camera. he jumped after she disappeared and landed safely. >> sear together arg teen drivn to suicide by cyberbullying is the subject of documentary that premiered at the sundance film festival tonight. audrey pot hanged herself after sexually assaulted at a house party. nude photo of her surfaced at school afterwards. two san francisco filmmaker took up her store to highlight the affects of seener bullying. her father spoke to us fro-&ñty festival. >> start having conversationywqp to understandçb that thisf is nt normalih behavior andb everybod, everybody needs1" to get involvd and everybodysz can makeoç a
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difference. >>reporter: the filmrá maker  hoping to brake down the stigmax andize laetion(i for2 teenager rape9z victims sparked by social media.t.í >> more starsiñ found southe0 at look s racial diversity+h amon oscar nominee.> academy has to get the message we are going to keep sending thee?&/zaçyyóçó messaget the boycott is on. >>reporter: he ripped into the academy at press conference today. increase diversityptñ in the membership by 2020. >> you are going to open up the academy as you say to more minority and more women just do it. it's your academy. it's your board of governors. you set the rules. >>reporter: as call grow louder some peek out against the backlash. >> crying about not having enough icing on your cake. >>reporter: straight out of compton producer took the high road on this show. many said
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film was snubbed by the oscar but he doesn't feel like there's anything to complain about. >> i think older generation got an understanding on why we did that kind of music and younger generation got a history lesson and we got so much praise for the movie and it's like how could you be mad because one other academy or guild or anybody didn't say it. >>reporter: oscar draw near award soap is in full swing? at the producer guild award of the weekend power house miss rhymes talked about the industry diversity issues while accepting the achievement award. she says there's nothing trail blazing putting people of color on s tchl v or movie. in los angeles chelsea edwards abc 7 news. mean time the count down to the oscars is under way. we hope you will join us for the big show on sunday february 28 right here on abc 7. for now though we want to check on our weather and dry pel we are having.
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>> nice little break but we can use every drop of rain we can get. we have the forecast. >>reporter: yes. we are in a dry spell and it's not that uncommon to see that here in january midwinter live doppler 7hd showing now rain but it is tracking fog. visibility dropped even lower in napa down to one mile roo it now so you definitely will need to be careful. 8 miles in santa rosa as the fog will impact your morning commute. temperatures right now cool in our inland valley in the 40's but right around the coast and around the bay in the 50's. here's a live look from the emeryville camera. visibility good from this advantage point. foggy spots in the morning. milder day through thursday. next chance of rain is friday and going to carry over into the weekend. so tonight going into tomorrow morning we'll have the fog around not just in the north bay valleys but some of that tomorrow for the morning commute from the delta spilling over towards the car kind as straits and peninsula sought morning commute will be a bit to see.
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but for the afternoon you are goingqq to see a mixj! of sun hh clouds withuí improving visibilityhv from ourób 7 news exploratorium)o camera seew a here'ss a look at the 12 hour day planner. into the 50's.b few-q clouds by 4:00 p.m. and then in the afternoon and evening we see the temperatures drop partly cloudy skies. we rank our storms on our storm impact scale all winter. one light. 5 severe. we have rain come and our next systemtç comes in on friday. it's a one on our storm impact scale. third to 3 quarters inch for most areas through saturday morning. light wind with that but the saturday night into sunday system looks like it's going to bring some gusty winds. here's a look at our timeen lea. thursday 10:00 p.m. ukiah seeing some rain and first system arrives with light rain and wind for your friday morning commute as we head towards friday afternoon it lifts back towardsñz the north bay and then we have a break.
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most of the saturday before saturday night that second storm arrives. this computer model is showing heavy rain and other computer model indicating stronger wednesday but 30's one model i have to warn you that is not going as heavy for the sunday storm system but you will definitely notice that written fall could add up if this comes through and then by sun night it all winds down. as far as tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. it will be thick in pockets and dense fog will make for dicey morning commute and also start out cool. 40 in fairfield. 42 santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. upper2u0's around oakland. 46 san mateo mid 40's palo alt alto, fremont 41 livermore san jose 46. afternoon highs about where you should be or a little bit milder than normal. 62 santa rosa. oakland 60 san francisco half moon bay you get into the low mid 60's from livermore to san jose with mexico of sun high clouds. the temperature trend. yes it's warm near 70 degrees wednesday thursday. temperature will drop a little
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bit friday but it is going to be noticeably cooler saturday through monday. accu-weather 7 day forecast pretty much spell his it out. we keep it dry and mild through midweek. latter part of the work week one on the scale for friday's system. cooler over the weekend saturday night into sunday we have a two on the storm impact scale as we will see wind and rain. all right thank you. >> his parents left speechless. >> up next. teen r
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>> i can breathe again and talk. >> you feel good. do you feel good. >> amazing. it's amazing. >> oh, man this video captivat captivating people across the world. 15-year-old trevor sullivan waking up shortly after a life saving heart transplant in november. gift of life michigan posted
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this on facebook. trevor parents say they were just blown away by his response after surgery. >> any parent that is so moving. >> on to sports. >> we have shoe in tonight and a lot going on. >> golden state warrior for you. polish up the trophy and give it to the warriors right now as they kick out san antonio. beat down. team
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we had the best offensive team again the best defensive team at oracle. san antonio two games behind for best record in the west. peck celebrity tonight. mr.
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october. mr. jackson or jay-z in the house. first quarter spurs uncharacteristically turning the wul over and curry taking advantage. behind the back to the rack. second quarter steff more behind the back moves. curry with 19 in the first. spurs foreg 3. they geté/ it to now steff') the 3 fromk downtowh san leandro. are youcb kiddingwg me? butñ÷ that was just a f(ásku(. still not afraid toky pull the trigger. justñ unreal. up 20. through. take it right to the[ hoop and on a mission tonight. 37 points only 3 quarters. goes over between,000 points for his career. doves we know by 30. >>j. score was in our favor but we worked for everything. nothing easy about beat ago team that good. >> next time we play them we
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know what's coming just one game and i don't think the score means anything. it's great win and we move on. >>reporter: australian open now down to the nitty gritty quarter final with two of the best. serena williams an maria. serena won 17 straight matches  tie it at two. nobody could return that. serena kicked it up a notch when she neededãto. midway through set point. maria on the run. and serena the easy winner takes the first set 6-4. serena rolls through the second set serving for the match. maria able to return it but again the net game too strong. serena wins straight set on to the semifinal. maria has beaten serena since 2004. this thursday ask me anything live on 7 with superbowl 50 just two weeks away.
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talk about what item like to play in one. cover it from the other side and much more submit your question now at this site. or log on wednesday. wednesday night. let the superbowl hype begin panthers broncos on deck and pull for the panthers. >> i'm a big manning fan. >> we'll talk as we get closer our usual bet. >> what's our bet.< >> yourk foundation my hairjf spray. >> mix it up this year. >> all right. >> all rit. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all your mobile devices with our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4
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all right that's our r appreciate your time. >> for all of us thanks for joining us right now "jimmy joining us right now "jimmy kimmel live", the disco and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chris pine -- from "pride and prejudice and zombies," lena headey -- and music from panic! at the disco with cleto and the cletones. and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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