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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, outrage in a san francisco neighborhood as people are saying a sex offender rehab facility qil be opening its doors and tonight they are trying to keep the doors shut. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the rehab center is relocating to the out of the closet location. >> abc7 news reporter is in the newsroom with what is being done to stop the opening. >> there is a change .org petition with more than 350 signatures. while the opening of the facility is being delayed, it is not likely to be stopped all agent to. stopped altogether. >> having a sex offender rehabilitation facility nearby is not on point with san francisco's ballet academy. >> the concern is for the safety of our students. >> some 400 students, half
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children study at the studio near market and church street. the clinic for parolees is relocating to the former out of the closet space at church and dubois avenue. >> they come very well recommended and they are considered absolutely one of the best service providers with a good reputation. >> nonetheless, scott wiener says the opening day of february 1st needs to be delayed so out reach can happen. >> nearly no out reach especially given the proposed date. >> the first thing that popped into my mind was they are not supposed to do that near schools, and this is a school. they received approval in late december. it meets the zoning requirements for the neighborhood. the company says it has not had a negative incident in 20 years. >> here the out reach didn't happen. it became public and people are understand bree -- under
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blee upset. >> the opening is delayed until at least after the meeting in san francisco, abc7 news. new at 11:00, police arrested one person in san francisco tonight as firefighters worked to put out a fire. 2 started around 7:40 on anderson street. police didn't say why the person was arrested. a neighbor told us there was a rental dispute. in oakland a man is safe after being stuck in a pile of mud. he was surveying a mudslide near sequoia view drive when he was trapped. firefighters rushed to the scene to pull him to safety. alan wang joins us live from the oakland hills with the details. alan? >> ama, that man was not injured. he was surveying a hillside that collapsed during last friday's storm. the owner of this home thought his house was sliding down the hill if you look behind it you can see why.
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>> ace was looking out the window it was going toward creek. >> it slid away exposing the foundation. a city engineer says it is holding, but not putting beth's mind at ease especially since his insurance company doesn't cover natural mudslide. >> we are afraid without an infrastructure under the house we will have some problems. >> he hired a geological survey team. it appeared to be stable. one of the surveyors was swallowed up in mud. >> he was holding on to a tree root. >> the mud has the consistency of quicksand. >> when we dug around his feet and no more mud he was able to climb on to the ladder and
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climb out. >> a steady flow of water could hold the key. if the water is tested and contains chlorine there is a serious leak. the concern is that this slide could affect more than one home. in oakland, alan wang,abc7 news. >> looks so precarious. abc7 news was in pacifica where residents were moving out of an apartment building. not everyone is going quietly. they put yellow tags on all three apartments. they set up a shelter for those folks. while some are moving out others say they can't afford to leave. >> this is my community, my friends everything here for me. >> sky 7hd shows the extent of the erosion. jackie spear along with state and city officials will have the scope to get some
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financial help for those people. >> a firefighter had an unexpected reunion with co-workers. the kayak flipped over in lake merced and two rescue swimmers were able to get him back on the kayak and guide him safely to shore. he was not injured, but maybe a little embarrassed. >> they unanimously said san francisco police shot and killed woods. the video of the incident raised money about what happened. they were hopeful leaders would improve it in their honor. the police officer's association does not agree with the move to say three officers who died over the last 12 years in the line of duty didn't get days dedicated to them. >> they have learned a joint task force has woken up a
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hiewnl suspected it drug trafficking ring. 48 suspects taken into custody over the past three weeks. police say the traffickers were mostly undocumented dealers from honduras and selling drugs at u.n plaza and market street. they lived in oakland and commuted on bart. >> they would come across and sell narcotics together. they live together. >> police searched their houses where they found drugs, handguns and $75,000 in cash. more arrests are coming. >> less than two weeks until super bowl 50 and the business community attacked the city supervisor over her comments over the big game and accusing her of political grandstanding. she asked the nfl cover all taxpayer spending on the super bowl events. they said kim approved a resolution supporting the event and is pandering to voters while running for
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senate. it is clear that taxpayers are subsidizing the cost for a multi billion dollar corporation. >> i don't believe our taxpayers spent on a party to the rich. they want it to build affordable housing and serve the homeless and run our muni bus lines. >> they delayed a vote on kim's demand. >> most drivers had an easier time navigating around super broal city. super bowl city. bart said the trains were more crowded than usual and more boats were sold out. >> meantime in santa clara crews are getting levi stadium ready for super bowl 50. abc7 news was at the stadium where the super bowl logo could be seen all over the place. since the stadium opened the sod has been replaced several
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times. there has been some problems. today they were running tests and making sure they are ready for game day. >> tension strength, torsion, everything the team and the shows can put through it. >> the grass came from the central valley. it is part bermuda and renial rye to grow in the winter time. we compiled a list of all of they vents. you will find that information at >> abc7 news at 11:00 continues with breaking news. the standoff turned deadly tonight. >> and the school bus tragedy and the hero and principal and students and staff are eastbound remembering. mom's mental health. it is to help treating mothers to be and those who have given birth. >> a diet concession is making her millions in one day.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. i'll let you know when rain can appear in will mix. "time line" is coming up. >> and here is what is come up on jimmy kimmle. >> here comes a preview of "the to shite show." >> the tonight show. >> do we take a commercial? >> no. >> it looks like i am out of breath?
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♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. gunfire and a an arrest at a wildlife refuge in oregon. an oralled group -- an armed group seized the land.
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officers arrested eight other people including a man who surrendered in arizona. the group says they were protesting federal management of public lands. tonight a community in indiana is mourning a school principal who was killed after pushing kid out of the way of a school bus that was out of control. it happened this afternoon in inned yap police. indianapolis. the bus jumped the curb. the driver saw the principal push students out of the way. two 10-year-old students were hit, but are in stable condition. classes are understandably canceled. there is a first of a kind call for doctors to train for moms to be for de creation. depression. 20% suffer from depression. many women never get help. >> a government task force suggests all primary care and ob/gyn's start looking for the sign of depression and
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postpartum women immediately. >> we are putting it up in the front and saying, listen, this is a diagnosis. we need to embrace it like anything else. >> she is an ob/gyn. she asked if they have a mental disorder, but not everyone does. 9 prls of pregnant and 10% of postpartum women show signs of major depression. less than half get help. >> people brush it off as being emotional with hormones. >> there is a stigma around mental health. that's why it took some time for 24 new mom to deal with the postpartum depression. >> i would wake up at night and crying i had to go and see -- talk to somebody. >> it talks about the untreated depression not only on mothers, but their babies.
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the task force recommends all adults be screened at least once in their lifetime. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. heads up here. just five days remain in the open enrollment period for health insurance through cover california. michael finney helped make the enrollment process easier today. they joined him to take your calls. one viewer wanted to know if she lost her health insurance in one year. >> changing income and changing jobs qualify as life changing events that qualify for special enrollment. the deadline doesn't apply to them. >> pebble tees for not having -- penalties start at $700. >> just a few word from oprah can apparently boost the company's profits. >> i lost 26 pounds and i have eaten bread every single day.
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>> after she tweeted that message about her success on weight watcher shares jumped 20% closing at $13.29 a share. oprah owns weight watchers shares and the tweet earned her $12.5 million. how can we tweet and make money like that. >> i don't think we make $12. that's impressive. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with more. >> apparently my tweets are not million dollar tweets either. we have quite a bit of cloud cover overhead. that is not allowing much fog to tomorrow. there is a little patchy fog around novato. visibility is terrific as we look across the bay. we will see milder days through thursday and light rain on friday. the fog will be in the usual
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spots, north bay valley and the east bay. it typically spill over from this area and we start to see the dense fog for the morning commute. you will see a mix of sun and high clouds. friday things are going to change on our storm impact scale. one is light and five is severe. we were ranking the storms. it is going to brung us rain. not a who the -- it is going to bring us rain. as far as impacts from the wind, not much. we will see wet weather. your friday commute, your get away could be impacted. thursday night, 10:00 m p.m., we will see the cloud cover. as we head toward friday morning commute the wet weather spread and much of it is light. as you are taking the kids to school be aware that we will have rainy conditions. the rain is still going and it becomes a little more scattered.
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friday night it is winding down. most areas will see .60 of an inch. the sierra this will mean quite a bit of snow if the snow levels continue to drop. initially the levels will be high and then coming down to 3,000, 4,000 feet. there will be high cloud around and fog around. this is where the commute will slow down. look at these temperature. 67 in morgan hill, 67 gilroy. 68 in loss los gatos sunnyvale 66 and mid60s palo alto, half moon bay, 64 degrees. sunshine in downtown san francisco. in the north bay you will see the mid60s, santa rosa, sonoma, 62 san rafael.
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oakland 606 and inland spots will have a little valley fog, and then you will see the sun coming up out as well. 64 livermore and walnut creek 65 in pleasanton. here is a look at super bowl city. peeks of sun at 11:00 a.m. mid50s and dropping down to the low 50s if you are taking part in the festivities. dry and mild the next two days m . the rain is a one. saturday we do get a break. sunday second storm comes in and that is a two on our storm impact scale. another chance of rain on tuesday next week. cooler weather of course. >> thank you, sandhya. abc news, behind the bark. >> the new app
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wondered why your dog is barking for no reason a british pet store has come up with an app for that. it involves a smart collar that analyzes a dog's sounds, movements and activities and then tells the animal's owner what their pee is thinking through a smartphone app called what's yap. itit is the most advanced there could be hunger and bore dom and confusion. they could come up with something for cats next. that would be harder. >> my cat is saying feed me, feed me. >> and dogs have owners. cats have staff. >> all right, how about a little hockey. an impress sich victory -- an
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i'm pes civic tory. if you think the war wres were the best of the rest, you won't believe what green had to say bever
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avalanche of gold at the tank hosting colorado. the men in teal have their mojo back at home after struggling earlier this season. they snatch up a final win before allstar break. the general manager has to be happy with the way his team is playing of late winning seven of the last 9 coming in. just inside the blue line and off the shoulder of carlton. that's one way to redirect it. 1 h of 0 -- 1-0 sharks. cross ice to marked ward.
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hurdle on the door stetson -- doorstep for the rebound. jumbo joe to little joe. less than a minute later and ward follows the puck to net. it is 4-0 men in teal and they will hit the allstar break with a 6-1 victory. chip kelly found his defensive coordinator according to espn as he hired jim o'neil. y neil served in the same capacity for the browns where cleveland dropped from 9th to 29th for points allowed. it is something to build on with the 49ers. the warriors sent a message throughout the league beating the second best team by 30 points. steph curry lead the way with 37 in 28 minutes.
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they seem to rise to the level of their competition and always find a way to win. there is no more complete roster. spurs the -- had the best in the league. the warriors blew the lid off that one. today green had this scary thought. >> we have so much room to grow. we had 21 turnovers. that's the most exciting thing to me. that's great. that's a great start. we are no where near where we will get. that's encouraging. >> klay thompson and the warriors coo showed off their uniforms in washington against the wizards. johnny's new year is february 8th, the year of the monkey. i'm sure the uni's will be
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worn at home game at some p oi nt. warriors are hosting dallas and a scary thought they can get better. >> steph curry is. >> he is on track for back to back mvp and maybe back to back nba title. a lot of fun to watch it and enjoy it he is playing as well as he is. >> go our abc7 news app.
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as always we uh appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> thank you for joining us on jimmy kimmle. thank you for joining us.
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on jimmy kimmle, jack black. >> see you tomorrow. ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- jack black. from "the boy," lauren cohan. and music from lanita smith. with cleto and the cletones. and now, why wait? here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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