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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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>> good morning at 5:00 a.m. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we are here to get you ready for wednesday. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> nice to see you. the fog is limited. but where it is, it is thick. santa rosa is quarter-mile at river road and 101. coming in elsewhere but later than yesterday. san rafael is clear south on 101. temperatures 40 to 50 and milder this morning heading to unanimous we will transition to hazy sunshine and 60. low-to-mid 60s this afternoon. above average. low-to-mid 50s this evening. sue? >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where no metering lights and i like this advantage you can see the cars strolling through with no delay. this is looking good. road work through the san ramon valley northbound and southbound 680. we have reports of a bart delay at continue minutes from west oakland. we will check with bart with a full report next report.
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>> a south bay mother is now facing murder charges after her 12-year-old son drowned in a bathtub. at first she claimed it was an accident but later confessed to killing her son. john it o is tracking the story at santa clara police department. janet? >> yes, the police arrested the long-time silicon valley finance and product manager, 51-year-old who will enter a plea on february 1. accord to the san jose mercury news on john 8, she told police that she was home alone with her adopted son and she found him in the bathtub. the 12-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead two hours later. the mother's story chained after interrogation and she reportedly confessed to the detective she held her son down until she was "lifeless." police have yet to say if there is a history of calls to the residence or abuse in the case.
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>> thank you, developing news from oregon that the week's long stand off in eastern oregon is still happening this morning despite the fact that one person is dead and eight others are arrested after a confrontation between militia and the file. group americans of driving to a meeting yesterday and the police pulled them over. officials say that everyone oh paid orders to surrender except for two people. thoughts were fired. the spokesperson, finicum, was killed and ammon bundy was arrested. there is a news conference this morning at 10:30 the our this couple is under arrest for assaulting an officer in san leandro. police say miranda king and the man confronted the officer when the officer pulled over a family member. the officer grabbed king by the arm when she tried to interfere. she was arrested for trying to kick the officer in the groin several times. police say they arrested spencer for raising his fists in a
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threat being manner. >> first, a man fell 80' down this hillside trying to do his job in oakland and firefighters had to free him after he was stuck in the mud. the mud slid down the hill after all of our recent stores causing major headaches for a home owner our reporter, alan wang, tells more. >> i saw the hillside and the trees all going down toward the creek. all the hillside after the oakland home slid away on friday morning exposing his foundation. a city engineer determined that the foundation is still holding but it is not putting his mind at ease, especially since the insurance company doesn't cover natural mudslides. >> we are certainly afraid that without an infrastructure under the house we will have some problems. >> he hired a geological survey team. the slide done which is 100' long and 40' wide appeared stage
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but on tuesday afternoon, a surveyor was swallowed up to his waste in mud. he could not pull himself out and hold on for a try to get out. firefighters dipped a 630 foot ladder into the mud which is like quick sand. when we dug an his feet and there was in more mud to trap him he climbed out. a soil engineer said the water gushing from the slide zone could hold the key if the water is tested and contains chlorine there is a serious leak. man made or natural, the concern is that the slide could affect more than just when home up here. a federal judge wants oakland police to work faster when it comes to disciplining officers would break the rules. the judgment said that city lowers have not done enough to carry out punishment and outside arbitrators have reduced or dismissed penalties according to our media partner. the city knees to fix the
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disciplinary system before it will be free of the decade of court oversight. >> member of a san francisco neighborhood are outraged after fining out a sex offender rehabilitation facility is opening its doors nearby. the center is relocated to the former out of the closet location at church. 400 students, half kids, study at san francisco ballet academy studio near market and church. the meeting is now scheduled for february 8 with the neighborhood association and now the opening is delayed until after the meeting. >> berkeley police are investigating two separate arm robberies an the campus area. the newspaper said that a couple was robbed at the intersection of o ford and hertz avenue on january 20 and two days later on packer street, four different 19 year old woman were approached by two men one with a gun. the suspects did not take
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anything and ran away. >> the heads of several san francisco averages will talk of plans to weapon the city safe during super bowl 50. much of the celebration takes place around super bowl city at the foot of market street. san francisco police and firefighters have already developed detailed lands for dealing with figure that could happen. city will activate the emergency operation center on saturday when super bowl city opens. >> we been watching crews getting levi stadium ready for super bowl 50. the super bowl logo now is all over the stadium including on the new grandson. -- the new grandson. the sod has been replaced several times since opening. the nfl is running tests to make sure the field is ready for game day. >> safety, strength, everything the team will put through as well as the shows. >> the new grass came from the central valley and is part bermuda grass to be soft, and part ry. grandson to make sure it grows in winter.
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>> we are the ticket to all super bowl activities and we have put together a list of events, locations, and a schedule with the information on >> mike, the big question: how are the models looking for super bowl day? rain. some time that weekend. the key is, trying to figure if it is saturday or sunday, and it is flip-flopping. that is a great question and we will watch it. right nows though, it look like a lot of sunshine friday and it will be cloudy on saturday and showers are possible on sunday. we hope it flips back to saturday as we closer. here is a look at our roof camera and you can see how clear the sky is this morning, with late arriving fog turning interest hazy sunshine inland and temperatures are 52 to 65, along the coast, riff -- rough. 57 to 64 is the temperature spread and around the bay we have high clouds and sunshine and above-average temperatures at 63-68 heading into the south bay. shear how it looks from the east bay hills, and it will be cloudy
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as we get to 7:00 or 8:00. we will have increasing clouds tomorrow and still from 60 in san francisco to the south by at 67, and rain friday and the temperatures are back in the upper 50s to low 60 and dry and cooler on saturday and another chance of rain on sunday in the seven-day forecast. >> good morning, everyone, a nice shot of 9 bay bridge behind mike that looks nice with no delays this morning. we tack about bart we had 30 trains, 10 minute delays out of west zika because of police activity is were withed up, and now it is recovering and we will check with them. right now continue meant delays. and muni, again, re-routed around the super bowl city closures so expect the delays. i saw a last empty muni buses. is with surprised at market street, the golden gate ferry adding more boats next week in the midday and light night but are selling out and loading up with a last folks taking them. parking is at a premium. we will check back with the
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healdsburg accident on 101 just ahead. >> food beens are a lifeline for many neighbors in need. next, a big step that ad if bank is taking today aim at saving lives. >> a horrible crash at a school >> a horrible crash at a school is lead -- leaving a >> a horrible crash at a school is lead -- leaving a again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> the abc news app on the go on your schedule news that lives without live.
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>> happening today the public can see hundreds of documents and other items links to the 2013 boston marathon bombing. 600 documents were part of the trial of convicted bomber who received a death sentence for killing three people. the other suspect, his where, died while trying to escape from police. the soon-to-be unsealed documents include search warrants and d.n.a. reports. they will be available to people would submit a request to the court clerk. >> a horrible crash in indianapolis and so many are shocked and school is canceled at this location where the principal was killed. show is now hail add hero by students. she pushed the students away from an out-of-control school bus and got hit herself. the crash happened yesterday afternoon. the bus jumped the curb in a school parking lot the driver said she saw the principal push students out of way, two ten-year-oldsts were hit and they are in stable condition.
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>> federal offices in washington, dc, will re-open today. they were closed monday and tuesday because of the massive winter storm that buried the city. a white house and other offices will re-open with three hour delay so at 7:30 our time. it will be a tough commute. to get around, the crews say there is a lot work to be done to clear away all of the snow. >> pope francis is urging the iranian president to do more to end the violence in the middle east the pope met with him for 40 minutes yesterday which is pretty long by vatican standards. he gave the pope a hand made carpet and asked him to pray for him. he is in italy to prepare most stronger economic ties days after the united states and europe lifted sanctions. >> one of the rome museums covered up the new statues before a tour by the iranian president, the museum said it dan out of respect for everyone enculture but some say it disrespected italian culture. >> people can now fill
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prescriptions for healthy food at the redwood city free clinic, the samaritan house and second harvest food bank say the food pharmacy for low income diabetes paints is the first-of-its-kind in california models after the preventive food pantry at the medical center offering nutritious food at no cost to patients. the grand opening is at 11:00 at the redwood city free clinic on fifth avenue near kramer lane. >> the warriors could be the best team if the lead as far as local communities and proving it with the new uniform. >> clay thompson and another showed off the chinese new year uniform. they will debut on february 3rd against the wizards. chinese if you year is february 8 this year and they are celebrate the year of the monkey. >> it looks nice the keep it all the time. i'm a fan. february 8, get ready. >> like it. like the way they are play, too. >> get ready for february 8.
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wow. will it rain? i will know that. it looks dry. >> all the parades and three million people expected to come for the parade. >> amazing. we will keep an eye on it. here is live doppler hd no need for the umbrella, and you need the sunglasses, and brighter than yesterday. the fog is having a late start and being lazy this morning. you can see it is hazier than an hour ago. warm in the beginning and ending this afternoon. more clouds and milder told and get ready for wet and cooler condition on wednesday. storm impact trail to give you an idea of what to expect, "1" is light and "2" and "3" but nothing major to severe this is bought big that comes in on friday, a "1" because two-thirds of an inch of rain and light
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rain with no flooding or power outages the for the bay is most likely to be affected and as we get later in the commute at 8:00 or 9:00, it will slide to the south bay and you can see by noon that is our best chap of rain. it tapers to the evening hours and that will last all the way through saturday morning. into saturday evening. but on sunday morning and the better part of afternoon hours, that is the rain rolling in. if you head up to the sierra, snow helpful is 8,000 feet on friday and it dropped and it is heavier on saturday and sunday. my seven-day outlook shows the storm coming in on sunday is a "2" because of the heavier rain and faster wind the when it passes, it will be dry on monday. sue? good morning, everyone. nice dry from san rafael, southbound 101. no delays. from novato highway 37, through industrial san rafael. looking good into southern marin. we do have issues north in santa rosa our map is looking very nice on wednesday morning as far
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as speeds on the road. we do have an accident clearing with the tow truck on the scene southbound 101 partly blocking the slow lane and heads up, the on on our map represents fog that could be slowing your drive. in the santa rosa area, heads up in the north bay. we do have a ramp closure for a few more minutes westbound 580 to 980 and that is expected to be picked up at 5:30. >> four days remain in the open enrollment period for health insurance through cover california. "7 on your side" helped maybe the enrollment processesser last night with specialists joining to take your calls and questions. one viewer wanted it know what would happen if she lost her health insurance in the middle of the year. >> whether it is a family member you lose or change income or changing jobs, they qualify as life changing events that
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qualify for special enrollment so the january 31 deadline does not apply. >> penalties for no hint start at $700. get on it, guys. >> toyota claiming the top spot in car sales. here is america's money report. >> topping america's money, toyota is still number one, selling just over 10 million vehicles making it the top soler for the 4th year in a row. vacation wagon overtook toyota in the first half suffered from the emissions scandal. all the oprah affect continues for weight watchers stock jumping 18 percent after a new ad aired with oprah saying she lost 26 pounds. >> stock soared last october weapon oprah but the 10 percent stake in the company. >> last people losing weight. that is america's money. >> people at pacifica watching their apartment building slowly slide into the ocean could get badly need help today. it is one of the seven things
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you need to know straight ahead. >> the new job that could be waiting for president obama waiting for president obama after his presi
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to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. >> before you go, one, this woman faces accusation of grouping her 12-year-old son in a battle tub. the mother told the police it was an accident and later confessed. two, congresswoman jackie speier is in pacifica discussing efforts for helping residents force out of their farms because of the cliff erosion. city inspectors yellow tagged the esplanade complex on monday. three, are you enjoying the dry weather? even the fog is nice and the commute has been easier, starting in the north by on thursday evening, a couple of storms coming in, and it looks like the greatest impact right now is friday and sunday and i will give you the hour by hour look coming up. >> four, checking in on the wednesday morning commute, san mateo bridge is looking good,
5:23 am
light early this morning with an accident in the healdsburg area and well update that in a couple of minutes. >> five, a lawsuit filed moments ago asked the city of flints, michigan to replace all lead pipes to assure people have safe water to drink. the plaintiffs are asking lines to be replaced at in cost to the customers. >> the rewards to bring three escaped convicts to justice is now raised to $200,000. investigator say the trio could be hiding nearby because of their ties with local gangs. >> with the big game a week and a half away now, super bowl 50 could be the most profitable sporting event in united states history with the price of tickets and advertisements to a fin day celebration rather than seven could lead to a final upthat is jaw dropping. >> barack obama could have a new job if hick anything wins, at an event in iowa hillary clinton was asked if show would consider appointing obama to the supreme court and she said she loves that idea.
5:24 am
she added she would need a d senate to get him confirmed. >> back in 2014 president obama told the new yorker not suspects being a justice is too reclusive for him. >> a sudden transformation is happening right now at this lake. after record low water levels over the summer, the lake new has 10' more water than it had last week. that is great. supplies gushed into the parched lake over the weekend, and generated by the storms we have had a hopeful signs for those who dealt with historically dry conditions the last six months. >> looking good. the snow pack is the important thing. we are above normal. everything is looking good for a good year. >> officials have removed five mile per hour speed limit for boats implemented when the water levels were so slow. the first weak of december levels sank 349' above sea level. >> a car was overturn by a giant
5:25 am
wave in chile. watch this. he was driving a government car as the storm battered the cost and now he opened the door as passerbys rushed in to help and and the waves reached 16'. >> unbelievable. all the drone footage capturing a container ship trapped in a frozen lake michigan. the ship was stuck after it was entombed in ice. a tug tried to help the ship break free but it does not work. the ship had to wait for warmer weather's it could go on. >> after a crash in san jose, a caltrain worker is hospitalized. what is to blame? >> a showdown over opening of a sex rehab facility. sex rehab facility.
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♪ sex rehab facility. ♪ ♪ sex rehab facility.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. glad you are with us. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. meteorologist mike nicco has the wednesday forecast. we have warm temperatures. >> it will feel almost spring like. remember the clouds we talked about limiting the fog formation, that is what we are seeing. live doppler hd is dry right now. check this out, we can actually see from the east bay hills back to san francisco. i still think we will have tule fog pushing into the neighbors as we head to the back half of the morning compute. at 7:00 we will say fog is running. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s high clouds at noon and an 60. low-to-mid 60s at 4:00. you will need the sunglasses as you head out this evening, dress for mid-50s. sue? we have metering lights at
5:29 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is now starting to stack up to the macarthur maze. very slow as you make your way across the eastern portion of the span. we had a stall at the tunnel. that is why we have slow traffic interest san francisco. from the central valley we see slow traffic. coming across the bridge that is the stall we told you about, the bay bridge and you are looking at speeds of 20 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass and it picks up through him and into the dublin/pleasanton area for 40-minute drive. we will look at the mass transit and how to get around the san francisco super bowl street closures in a bit. >> new this morning, drink driving could be to blame for a crash in san jose that sent a caltran worker to the hop. you can see the ford mustang loued into the street sweeper at southbound 280 at 10:30. officers arrested the driver. they say he appeared to be drunk. three lanes were shut down as
5:30 am
fans head hope from the sharks game. it re-opened at 1:00 a.m. >> is sex offend door rehab community is moving into a san francisco neighbor and someone forgot to discuss it with someone living in the area. though did not get adequate notice according to a supervisor. amy hollyfield is there over the push become. >> supervisor said that sex offend doors need rehabilitation, they have to go somewhere, but he agrees, the neighbors should have been included in the discussion. this is the building where the center will move into, the old out of the closet store at church across from the safe way. company is called sharper focus and set for opening day of february 1 until the neighbors her. now there is a petition to fight this. there is a nearby ballet all the school is a block away
5:31 am
and we are a school with man children and ages from legal children, and teenagers, and children coming and going throughout the day. some are teens who are taking public transportation from school. >> supervisor said that the company has a good reputation and has never had reports of a bad or dangerous situation. he did agree that more outreach should have been do you and now this is a neighborhood association meeting february 8 with the oning of the center delayed until at least after the meeting. now the developing news in the south bay, a santa clara mother is accused of drown her 12-year-old born. police say the mother an accident and now charged murder when she admitted holding
5:32 am
her son under the water of the bathtub. and our media partner said he was killed january 8 at their home the she is held in the santa clara county jail and returns to court february 1. >> a south bay man is expected to make his first court appearance today to answer charges that he kill his co-worker, the suspect proclaims his innocence during a jailhouse interview on monday and he was arrested after the co-worker, kyle myrick, vanish on friday. the body was not been found. detectives found blood and other evidence near their workplace. steve hlebo claims he does not know where he was on friday because someone drugged his coffee. >> developing news from oregon, federal and state officials are will hold a brief after a shooting last a militia member dead. we are in the newsroom with the latest. >> eight people were arrested and one killed the we got the mug shots, these five which including militia leader ammon bundy were arrested during a
5:33 am
traffic stop yesterday in eastern oregan. two others were arrested elsewhere. the or suspect continued himself in, in arizona. robert finicum was killed during a shoot out with law enforcement , and it is said that he had his hands up. [ inaudible ] this is a brand grab. it shows how far the federal government goes, they kill people. >> the take down on a rural highway in eastern oregon and police and f.b.i. stopped the men traveling to a community meeting with followers. the group was occupying the wildlife refuge in eastern oregon for a month. they were protest the prison sentence of two local ranchers and demapped federal land be town over to local criminal. >> sheriff will hold a press conference at 10:30 this
5:34 am
morning. >> thank you. san francisco supervisors unanimously approved a resolution declareing july 22 mario orders day remembrance, san francisco police shot and killed woods laugh month. officers say he lunged at them with a knife. video of the incident raises questions of what happened. his mother thanked the supervisors for honoring her son and the san francisco police officer association is now angry and members say three officers who died in line of cut over the past trillion years do not have days dedicated to them. >> this morning, congresswoman jackie speier along with state and city officials will give an undate on the el nino damage if pacifica. we were in pacifica yesterday, where residents were move out of an apartment build on top of a crumb being cliff. on monday, city inspecters put yellow tags on all 20 apartments on esplanade. the red cross set up a shelter for the residents. the congresswoman will tack about efforts to get them
5:35 am
financial help at the 10:30 am press conference. >> sky 7 is showing you where apple just got approval to build a huge new campus in north san jose. the city council unanimously green lighted the plans last night. apple wants to transform what is vacant land north of mineta san jose international airport interest work space for more than 16,000 employ ayes. the protect could exceed more than 4 million square feet which is twice the office space of apple's new spaceship campus build in cupertino. san jose stands to benefit from increased tax revenue. >> we will see if drivers are learn how to navigate all of the street closures around super bowl city in san francisco. many drivers had an easier time getting in and out of the city yesterday compared to monday. many commuters say they plan to work from home to avoid the gray lock caused by the closures. others are taking public transportation. trains were more crowded than yesterday and a lost bets were
5:36 am
said out. super bowl city opens on saturday at 11:00 through super bowl sunday. >> members of san francisco's business community are now attacking supervisors kim over comments regarding super bowl evens happening in the city. kill was -- kim wants the nfl to cover taxpayer spending on the super bowl events but she approached the resolution in 2012 and now is just pandering to voters bile running for senate. kim said it is clear that taxpayers are subsidizing costs for a multi-billion dollar corporation. >> i believe our taxpayers do not want their public dollars spent out for a part for rip. they expect their dollars to be spent to build affordable housing, to seven the homeless and run the muni bus lines >> the board delays a vote yesterday on kim's demand for the nfl to pay up. >> abc is your ticket to all super bowl activities.
5:37 am
we have put together a list of super bowl even haves, their location and the schedules with the information on >> a bay area newspaper found discrepancies in a water wasters list that was distributed. there are inconsistencies in the list contain the names of 42,000 customers who allegedly want over the water limit. many of the customers say the list is an invasion of privacy. officials say it will take at least two weeks to figure how many cuss fors were mistakenly put on the list. >> recent storms are not enough to ease the drought but though are bostonning the water levels. we have mad more snow this winter than in the five confers. official say the water content the sierra snow pack is at 115 percent of the predrought average. they say it needs to be at 150 percent by april to put any kind of dent in the drought.
5:38 am
mike? >> yes, the further north you go the more we have seen 129 percent across the north and the central is including lake tahoe, at 116 percent, but the snow year runs to april 1 so we are only 65 percent so we need a lot more to make this year average. last year it was 27 percent and so brown. south on 101 in san rafael, no falling but a little bit around santa rosa so be came. check out the temperatures, well above average, with the south bay being the warmest at 67, and 66 at east bay, and north bay is 65, peninsula is 64. inland east bay, and san francisco, at 63 degrees. inland east bay, walnut creek at 48 degrees, and clouds, with no fog. as warm tomorrow but more clouds, and written coming to on friday, and a break on saturday and more republican on sunday. hour by hour look coming up. >> we had the usually bart delay of ten minutes which now is
5:39 am
cleared and it looks like everyone is become on track. we muni downtown re-routed around super bowl city so be aware could be delays, also, around howard and third and four county because of the nfl experience. larkspur ferry is adding more boats so you can get to super bowl city. the midday and later in the evening no delays but i tell you that 9 packing lot is filling up early so you may want to take the shuttle they provide which is a gray what to avoid parking had and bart is a great way if you come from the east bay, caltrain, you can avoid the delays. we have a new accident reported in walnut creek 580, 24 junction and that will be updated in a couple of minutes. >> we will talk about mom's mental health with a new recommendation for doctors treating mothers-to-be. >> also, shape up to be a beautiful day to respond time at the pack, the big unveiling today for one of san francisco today for one of san francisco
5:40 am
today for one of san francisco here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we know the miami doctor who assaulted an uber driver last week and she is speaking in an exclusive interview this morning on "good morning america" telling her side of the story. video shows the neurology
5:43 am
resident hitting and screaming profanities at the uber driver. she got into the car that was not hers, the customer who did order the uber started recording. she spoke about the incident. >> i see a person that is not me. i am ashamed. i still can't watch the entire video. when someone brings it up or tries to ask me what was happening at this point i can. >> she is on leave at the hospital as they conduct an investigation. uber has banned her. the driver is not pressing charges because he doesn't want her to potentially lose her license. you can catch the full interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> fascinating. a joint task force led by san francisco police has protecten up a huge suspected drug trafficking ring. we the first to bring you this story. officers arrested 48 suspects over the last three weeks.
5:44 am
police say the trafficers were mostly undocumented dealers from honduras soling drugs at u.n. plaza and market street. the dealers lived in oakland and they get to the city on bart. >> came across together, they sell narcs together, they go back home together, and they live together. >> police sent their homes and found drugs, handguns, $75,000 in cash. they say that more arrests are coming. >> police need your help identifying four suspected package thieves. home surveillance video shows the group of four people, two young women and two young men walking by this home on january 11. they took two packages that were delivered and again minutes later the same group comes back and a young man holding the con departments of a package, a he is box. the women go back to the porch trying to on the front door and they spot the surveillance camera and they get out of there. >> the high speed ferry needs
5:45 am
repairs sooner than expected and it is reported that officials are setting aside $150,000 for an overhaul of the four engines. the terry is picking up the slack since another stopped running in april. that has ticken -- taken its toll. the work will be done at night and there will be no interruption in service. >> happening today, a re-opening celebration will be held for the south side of san francisco's delores park, the department of recreation and park is holding a light up or flow park from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. inviting park goers do bring flow in the bark accessories but did not bring glow sticks because they could damage the grass if broken. the 14 acre park has been closed for two years for the $20.5 million rennovation. why have map glow in the dark accessories. clearly i need to stock up.
5:46 am
>> if you are an adult that is okay. you should not have one in your possession. >> exit to clean up my freezer. >> does that coach them fresh longer? >> yes, sometimes. when the kids were little but now they are older, we don't play with those anymore. >> memories. >> weather-wise, at look at the next three hours, bone dry and the fog is having a hard time developing because we have a lot cloud cover, and high helpful clouds and that is how it look over san jose, 87, near the julian street exit next to the s.a.p. center and it is quiet, with temperature about 49 degrees and dry and above average today and tomorrow and light rain on friday, and heavier rain on sunday trending much heavier but this is one computer model. i want to so a couple more before it stars to lower the hammer on the sunday forecast. turning dry for the middle and
5:47 am
later part of next week. at 4:00, friday morning, most of the rain cross the north bay between 7:00 and 9:00 it move across the south bay is by noon it is heaviest and the evening should be dry. this is now it is looking. this will change, the timing, saturday at 8:00 in the morning, not much, saturday afternoon, not much, some drizzle, and sunday at 7:00, and all the way through the mid-afternoon potential for heavy rain. right now, the storm impact scale, "1" is light and "3" is severe, on friday, a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain from the south bay to the north bay the open sunday, we have the storm at "2" a moderate but the model are trending heavier with the rain and heavier with the wind. it could jump up to a "3", a strong storm. we will keep an cry on it. sue? >> walnut creek southbound 680 is moving at the limit. we are focused on an accident at westbound 580/24 junction which
5:48 am
is cleared to the right shoulder. i do not she a delay at highway 4 to 24 is ten minutes. that is typical. stacked up at the toll plaza, just bumper-to-bumper traffic for 32-minute drive. from 80 and golden gate field to san francisco we had an early stall in the tunnel. but the damage remains. it is slow on the span. take bart. if you can. the red sensors are here. we have fog in the central valley and north bay that limits visibility. extra caution here. well look at the drive times ifn a few. >> in health news doctors are being asked to focus more on depression and especially in pregnant women and women would have just given birth. a major government task force suggests all primary care doctors and ob/gyns start to look for signs. the task force said 9 percent of pregnant women and 10 percent of
5:49 am
post partum women show signs of major depression but only half get help. >> we are putting this in the front and saying, listen, this is a diagnosis. this is a disease. we feed to embrace it. like anything else. >> the study points to negative effects on treated depression not only on the mothers but the babies. the task force recommends all adults be screened for depression at left once in their live. >> a new app lets you fill up your gas tank while irat home and it only takes 30 minutes in menlo park and palo alto sending the fuel truck to your house filling it up for you. the creates say they have two wholesale supplies that weapon the prices down. and it costs the same as what you pay at the pump plus delivery fee of $7.49. there is also a $20 a in subdescription model if you want
5:50 am
that. in the works, a device that monitors the sang level so you can automatically come out to fill you up even if you are not home. >> interested to see if it takes up. >> 2016 you don't have to fill up yourself. >> lands for 111th hour debate ahead of the showdown in iowa and democrats are on the finance about whether to pant -- on the fence about whether to participate. >> a health care bay area researchers say you enjoy do not is to worry about. is to worry about. stay tuned. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
5:51 am
5:52 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:53 am
>> the california state university system could admit more students and raise tuition. though turn away 32,000 eligible students each year because they do not have room. they do not offer to send the students to other less crowded campuses. the "san francisco chronicle" is recording the board is considering reversing the land to other campuses. they would deal with tuitions including imposing hikes tied to inflation. >> california has the first case of zika, thization mosquito borne virus that leads to brain defects in babies. health officials announced that los angeles county has confirmed a case, a young girl who traveled to el salvador in november. she has since recovered. 19 other cases have been
5:54 am
confirmed in nine states. zika is linked to bibs being born with small underdeveloped brains. president obama now calling for urgent action against the virus. >> if you think of have an extra cuff of -- cup of coffee, it was thought this could lead to dangerous hard racing and stroke or heart failure. researchers at uc san francisco measured chronic consumption for telephone months and now now difference in those who consumed coffee, tea or chocolate compares to those who did not of the author suggests those who avoid caffeine could mix out on cardiovascular benefits. so...have to work out? >> if you weed enough chocolate. haw is not true, by the way. speaking of working out we will need to do more because the bay area is a destination for food lovers and super bowl city will feature delicious items. >> look at this video,
5:55 am
restaurants from the east bay and south bay and san francisco and all represented. deliciousness. and deep fried. it is a varied menu. maybe that was a shrimp roll. there is cloud december, and vegetarian options and each pop-up restaurant is located just across the embarcadero from the ferry building. this is really a great opportunity to show off california's world-class food. >> the climate is the perfect climate for driving so you have the amazing produce in california that other parts of the world and united states do not have. not have. >> he is all doubten >> i need that the i knee that. is that a package of dried oak meal? >> multigrain hot cereal with natural flavors.
5:56 am
>> live it up, mike, living on the edge. >> that is a shrimp po boy. >> yes, that is what it was. >> good morning, everyone, danville is 43 and pittsburg is 48. the rest of us in the 40s inland and the south bay but right around 54 in the bay shore and pacifica at 48. everyone is good on the activity planner, jogging and saling, and garden and low-to-mid 60s in most neighborhoods neighborhoodd low-to-mid 70s in son part of the stay and to heavenly, heavy snow coming this weekend. i cannot wait. sue? >> yes, me, too, it sounds good. now, the lake tahoe report shows from tracy, first, to dublin at 4 minutes which is moderate. we have a car fire at the antioch bridge toll plaza so heads up there, and highway 4s westbound, into concord at 25 minutes, and under maybe, and
5:57 am
checking out this solid stream of headlights with slow traffic on the bay bridge it sex because of an -- itself because of an early problem so 35 minutes from golden gate field to the city and a look at the accident in the eastbound 80 in san pablo when we run. >> if you do not need a car, you can use a smartphone. chase bank is trying to make this a reality, the upgraded machine will allow you to withdraw money without using a card but by using your smartphone, in the long run customers can tap their phone on the a.t.m. machine similar to apple pay. the atms will really out later this year. >> a map caught in a sticky situation, and next at 6:00 am, he got himself into a jam and what firefighters had to do to rescue him. >> leaders occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon are wildlife refuge in oregon are under arrest and how they
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. all the concern is this is the safety of our students. >> a new tenant in a neighborhood has residents in san francisco outraged. >> a mom accused of skilling -- killing her own son. >> daddy is bye bye. again. don't cry. >> emotional farewell for a man arrested in a stand off and what he said before turning himself in. >> good morning, it is 6:00 am. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is the middle of the week and we are here to get you through the week. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> now, good morning, everyone, no need for umbrella. right new our fog is very widespread fog. isolated more so. from the camera you can see the fuel fog


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