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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. all the concern is this is the safety of our students. >> a new tenant in a neighborhood has residents in san francisco outraged. >> a mom accused of skilling -- killing her own son. >> daddy is bye bye. again. don't cry. >> emotional farewell for a man arrested in a stand off and what he said before turning himself in. >> good morning, it is 6:00 am. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is the middle of the week and we are here to get you through the week. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> now, good morning, everyone, no need for umbrella. right new our fog is very widespread fog. isolated more so. from the camera you can see the fuel fog is -- the tule fog is
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lurking. fog will come in after the 7:00 hour and turn to hazy sunshine by noon with temperatures around 60. high clouds. hazy sunshine. mid-60s by 4:00. low-to-mid 50s and a chill in the air at 7:00. how is the commute, sue? >> busy. we have a stall and an accident approaching the san mateo bridge on the span itself. it is looking good. let me show you where the accident is, southbound 880 before 92 we are see slow traffic from 238 toward the toll plaza so give yourself extra time at continue members -- at ten minutes delay. eastbound 80 multi-car accident blocking the slow rain and slow traffic westbound so give yourself extra time through the san pablo area because it is. asked up at the bay bridge toll plaza and we will look at that in a few. >> a south bay mother is under arrest for the drowning death of
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her 12-year-old son. she first claimed it was an accident but, laters confessed to murder. janet o is tracking the story at santa clara police department. janet? >> the santa clara police arrested the 51-year-old mother on murder and expected to enter a plea on monday, february 1st the long time silicon valley finance and product manager told police on january 8 she found her adopted son in the bathtub after a hospital. the detectives questioned the mother and she allegedly confessed she held her son down until he was hiveless. police have not rehaiti add motive in the case and the mother is currentliening held without without jail. >> san francisco residents are
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outed raged after learning a sex rehab facility is opening a door at the follow out of the closet location at church neighborhood and we were at the ballet academy studio at church, a politic away. parents and dancers are not happy they were not told about the center. a public meeting is scheduled for february 8 much the opening is delayed until after the meeting. ought company c.e.o. is under arrest for suspicious of assaulting an officer. the couple con. frommed an officer after he pulled over a family member for a traffic violation. according to investigators the store grabbed king by the arm when she tried to interfere. king was arrested for try to kick the officer in the groin several times. they arrested spencer for raising his fist to the officer in a threatening manner. >> a man is under arrest after police found a loaded gun and
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drugs if his car during a trash stop. the gun was reported stolen from pleasanton. the officer will found two glass yours with two owns of marijuana. and $1,000 in drug money. police say the driver has a prior federal any conviction and was booked in jail and held on $50,000. >> a federal judge wants oakland pose to work faster disciplining officers would break the rules saying the city leaders have not done enough toker out punishment and outside arbitrators have frequently reduced or dismissed penalties. the city needs to fix their discipline system and meet other reforms before it is free of a decade of court oversite. >> in the week lop stand off in eastern oregon, a person is dead, eight others are arrested after a confrontation between the members and the f.b.i. group members were driving to a meeting yesterday afternoon and
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police pulled them over. officials say that everyone oh paid orders to surrender except for two people, and that is when shots were fired. the group spokesman, robert finicum, was killed and protest leader ammon bundy was arrested. authorities are holing a news conference at 10:30 this morning. >> a man fell 80 foot while trying to do his job in oakland and then he needed the help of firefighters to get to safe be dry and flatter ground. this is home video taken when firefighters passed the ladder to the surveyor on oak hill road yesterday. a home owner hired the team to listen about a mud slide that emerging during a rainstorm last evening much the surveyor thought they were work on sturdy ground. >> he said he stepped on clay and it started to sink and the water started gushing. >> he step wrong aand was stuck and started sinking further than he thought was possible. >> sky 7 flew over the mudslide
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yesterday and you can see how it is eroded next to the home. the city engineers say the home foundation is holding. they will conduct month tests. >> berkeley mess are investigating two separate armed robberies around the campus area. the school newspaper said that a couple was problem at the intersection of oxford and two days later four, 19 -year-old women were approach by four men. one had a gun. they did not take anything the >> crews are getting levi stadium ready for super bowl 50. the super bowl logo is everywhere include on the new grass. since opening in 2014 the sod has been replaced sever times and the nfl is running tests to make sure it is ready for game day. >> safety, strength and everything that the team will put through as well as the shows >> the new grass came from the central valley and it is part
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bermuda grass to be soft and part rye so it grows in the winter. >> we your ticket for all things super bowl and we have a list events, locations and the schedules. the information is on a photo making its rounds on social media sparking outrage. this is what making people upset, all ahead. >> could president obama be eyeing another job in washington? a position that hillary clinton a position that hillary clinton said he could be a goo
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>> it is wednesday. the last couple of days i have followed a storm for super bowl weekend and there is not a lot of consistency what it rains saturday or sunday. the latest model puts it into sunday. that can change again. something to thing about. san francisco was so foggy yesterday but the high clouds limited the fog formation and the tule fog is lazy arriving at 7:00. inland, 62 to 65 and rough time for small craft, and above average at the bay at 63 to 68 and looking clear from east bay hills camera. we are in the mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow and rain on friday and dry on saturday and heavier rain on sunday.
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that is. coming up. >> behind you, the red brake lights at the toll plaza tells the story, and the metering lights were turned on at 5:26. we have a sig-alert northbound antioch bridge lanes blocked. it was a carfare. c.h.p. is on scene. it is remote area. can you not get northbound on antioch bridge now. approaching 92 southbound 880 lane is blocked here. traffic is stacked to 238 for solid 15 minutes. northbound 101 peninsula second lane from the left blocked with an accident in the northbound direction. we will follow that. update on the san pablo dam accident in the east bay. guys? >> heroin drug abuse is hitting crisis levels around the country. the senate job jack is hing -- the senate judiciary committee is holding a special hearing to talk about what is be done.
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many communes are -- communities are trying to the problem. >> and another debate, with a new hampshire newspaper and msnbc staged the debate on thursday, give days before the voters go to the polls for the new hampshire primary. o'malley said he is in. hillary clinton said she will take part if other candidates do. what about bernie sanders? so far, no word from his camp. all of this despite the fact that the democratic national committee has not sanctioned the debate. >> a spanish bullfighter would trained with the baby in his arm is getting criticism this morning. you will see the picture here. rivera posted this photo on instagram in ring with his baby daughter, in his left hand. the any to sparked an session from a -- an investigation from a child protection agency and he said here is carry on the family tradition his grandfather fought
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bulls like this with his dad and francisco's father did it with him so you can decide if that is a good choice or not. >> serving up healthy food for free in a bay area city with an effort to help those would rely on a special diet but maybe cannot afford it cannot afford it >> growing buzz on the potential
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today, the public can now see hundreds of documents and other items linked to the 2013 boston marathon bombing after an order by a federal judge. 600 documents were part of the trial of convicted bomber who receives a both sentence for killing three people. the other suspect, his brother, died while trying to escape from police. the soon-to-be unsealed documents include search warrants and d.n.a. reports available to those who submit a request to the court colleague. >> chances in an indianapolis community are canceled. the school principal was killed. she is hailed as hero by students. she pushed the students out of
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way of the out-of-control school bus. she got hit by the bus herself. to happened yesterday afternoon. the bus jumped a curb in a local school paing lot. the driver said show saw the principal push the students out of way before she got hit. two ten-year-old students were hurt and they are in stable condition. >> pope francis is urging iran's president to do more to fine solutions to the violence in the middle east. the poe met with the president for 40 minutes which is long by vatican standards. the president gave the pope a hand made carpet and asked him to pray for him and he is there to promote stronger economic ties. >> one of the rome museums was cover up the new statues before a tour by the iranian president. the museum said it was continue out of respect for the iranian culture, but italian lawmakers say it is disrespectful to the people would live in italy. >> federal offices in washington, dc, will re-open today, after being closed on
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monday and tuesday because of the snow and the white house and other officesry open three hours late today at 7:30 our time. the commute could still be tougher than a lot of roads and highways that need to be cleared. air travel is back to normal with only 250 domestic flights canceled or delayed this morning. >> you that is a relief. i am relieve we did not have to deal with anything. >> it is so beautiful when it falls, and the next day and next day it gets more dirty and more dirty. >> dirty snow. >> i tame the el nino rain any day. >> we will get more and more snow coming to the sierra. the timing is this weekend. we will show you ma is going on, on wednesday, live doppler hd shows the next three hours you can see it is completely dry. look at this, from the exploritorium downtown the financial district looking from this morning and we will talk
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about what is happening moving failure, warmer, and that will translate to warmer afternoon, and probably our warmest afternoon this week, we will is more clouds and mild conditions tomorrow and wet and cool on friday through sunday. we will will talk about the storm impact trail, from "1" light to "5" severe. the first storm is very light, a "1". a third to two-thirds of an inch of rain where light rain. no flooding. no trees or power lines or any of that to continue people. by 4:00, friday morning, i expect it to affect the commute in the north bay and from 7:00-9:00 the rest of us until noon and it tapers trying to squeeze in the dry window all day on saturday. there could be drizzle. and on sunday, a stronger storm comes in where heavier rain and faster wind. right now, my seven-day forecast shows sunday is a "2" and the latest computer models say it
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could bump up to a "3" but i want do see more consistency. sue? >> we have two separate issues with the sig-alert and we will head first to the antioch bridge and then, also, to the northeast pay and we are sending sky 7 eastbound san pablo dam road with aing is alert from c.h.p. and westbound 80 also is jammed, too, mostly because of those looking. expect slow traffic from high four westbound direction. we will check when it is in the area. the antioch bridge we have a sig-alert and lanes are blocked with an early car fire trying to remove the car. lanes are blocked. southbound 880, an accident is slow things approach the san mateo bridge copy. we have a san mateo accident that will update in a couple of minutes. >> president obama could have a new job if hillary clinton gets to the white house. the campaign event in iowa
6:21 am
hillary clinton lit up when a voter asked if she would consider apinning obama to the supreme court. >> she said, she loves the idea. she added she would need a democratic senate to get him confirmed. in 2014 president obama said being a justice is a little bit too reclusive for him. patients would rely on a special diet but cannot afford healthy meals can get it for free in redwood city. second harvest food bank is opening the food pharmacy for low income patients that have diabetes, so they have nutritious food at no cost to those would need it. this is 0ing at 11:00 away on fifth avenue in redwood city. >> do you wonder how the astronauts take showers in space? the answer is coming up. >> snow, rain, in sight, and a beautiful time to go to the park, with the big unveiling for park, with the big unveiling for one
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule, news that lives without live. >> you heard the saying the best thins in life are free. this is our ingraham picture of the morning, sent by a viewer, a photo taken at rodeo beach, can you share your foe dough -- photos at #abc7now.
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today michael is answering a question from a viewer about tuition insurance for private schools. >> i am them about my kidding going to private school and you can pay extra money but is it a scam or worthy? >> it is not a scam, it is fought a bad idea, either. if you are investing $10,000 or $0 in the a private school and you have to withdraw your kid because they get sick or you have to move for a be., you are happy you have it. the insurance usually costs around $400 and if a life event happens, that takes vericy out of school you are sometime stuck with tuition. most private californias will suggest you ought to get them. you have to decide. you want to take the chance, or not. >> thank you. if you have a question is record
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it on your smart phone or tablet or post it on sole media # #askfinney. he could be answered here. >> you could be take s showers because of the drought but we found someone not showering with water but he does not love in the bay area. this is british senate -- british astronaut show how he bays gravity makes it impossible to take a shower like we do on earth so he dampens a cloth and sort of bathes with that. hmm. all the cloths are returned to earth as waste. >> they do exercise up there, is that really sufficient over a long month and month and month. >> did it feel funky in the international space station? >> probably. can michael finney answer that.
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>> super sized showdown before the big game kickoff with an issue over super bowl money that has some san francisco leaders going head to head. >> but, the reason ly can get where they need to go, sooner. sooner.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. all the first thing that hopped into my mind they are not supposed to do that near schools. >> people in san francisco are upset they were not told of a new neighbor and they are worried for the children. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we are glad you with are us. meteorologist mike nicco has forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone. grab the sunglasses. you need them. know the fog as we expected is not so widespread this morning as yesterday. look how dry live doppler hd is and how great the visibility is expecting the sun to come up in half an hour. when it does we are in the mid-40s inland to low 50s elsewhere. it will be bright are at lynch and warmer -- at lunch and warmer and mid-60s in the afternoon and low 60s at 4:00. and dressing for mid-50s at 7:00. we fine out if the commute is positive. >> not in some spots with a stream of headlights to the
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macarthur maze for 35-minute drive from golden gate field to san francisco, that is the when direction, and eastbound, we have a sig-alert near san pablo dam road and c.h.p. is on the scene. multiple lanes are blocked in the eastbound direction. look at when, rubber neck -- look at westbound, rubber memberers and a jackknifed big-rig in san mateo the mountains before highway 280 eastbound 92. blocking both lanes the take one through pacifica if you need to come up and over from half moon bay. we will check another sig-alert in antioch area coming up. >> developing news, a rehab facility for sex offenders is moveing into a san francisco neighborhood and it i piers someone forgot to temperature the neighbors. even the supervisor said they did not get enough notice. amy hollyfield is in the area with the pushback. >> the neighbor is paying attention now. there is a petition.
6:32 am
there are 350 sicks. a neighborhood association meeting is scheduled now to talk about this center and what to do about it. it would take over the old out of the closet space at church that is across from the safesway and it is a chin take rehabilitates sex offenders. those would live and work in the area are concerned, because they do not family comfortable with this especially the san francisco ballet academy. the supervisor understands why they feel they deserve to have been told this was happening. >> it breeds distrust so people say, wait, you did not tell me about that, what else aren't you telling me. so important to do good outreach. >> he points owe the company has a stellar reputation and sex offenders do need to be rehabilitated somewhere. having a center here, though, has been postponed until at least the neighbor association can hear more about it at a meeting scheduled for february
6:33 am
8. thank you. >> san francisco supervisors have unanimously aranned a resolution to declare july 22 mario woods day of remembrance. the san francisco police shot and killed woods last in. officers say he lunged at them with a knife but video captures the whole thing and raceses questions of what happened. his mother thanks the superviseers for honoring her son but the san francisco police officers association is angry. members say three officers who died in the line of duty over 12 years dope have days dedicated to them. >> developing new from oregon federal and state officials will hold a briefing this morning after a shooting last a militia member dead and several arrested our reporter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> yes, eight people were arrested. one person was killed in the shotout. it is not clear who fired first, but the militia member some say
6:34 am
was murdered with were whats in the air. these people, including the leader, ammon bundy, were arrested during a traffic stop on a remote section of highway in eastern oregon yesterday. two others were arrested in byrnes and the other turned himself in, in airs. the spokesperson, linkedin, would not surrender. he was killed in a shoot out. the f.b.i. stopped them as they drove to a community meeting on a highway in rural oregon. robert finicum's daughter said he had his hasn'ts up and was shot three times. >> they unloaded and shot him like a budge of times and they killed him. >> they have been occupying a willed life refuge since the beginning of the month, and supporters are painting him as a martyr and three said he would rather die than go to jail. "good morning america" will have more on that part of story and what robert finicum told the anchors about his intentions.
6:35 am
police have surrounded the area. all suspects face federal conspiracy charges. conspiracy charges. >> one of the militia >> don't cry, baby, don't cry. >> cry, baby girl. >> this void i don't shows him before he turn himself in arizona and facebook said he needs anthony to get back to the girlfriends and asked for donations to cover the legal fees. he said in the post and i quote, "i want the country to live by 9 constitution and i want the government to abide by it." congresswoman jackie speier gets an update with official on el nino damage in pacifica. we were in pacifica yesterday where residents are moving out of the apartment building on top of the crumbling cliff. on monday, the inspect veries put yellow talks on all 20 apartments at esplanade with the
6:36 am
red cross setting up a shelter. the congresswoman will tack about efforts to get help at 10:30 am press conference. >> afternoon we will see if drives are lending to navigate the street closures around super bowl city in san francisco. many drivers had an easier time getting in and out of the city yesterday. many say they land to work from him to avoid the gridlock. others take public transportation. the trains were more crowds than usual yesterday and golden gate ferry said a last boats were sold out. the super bowl city opens on saturday at look through super bowl sunday. >> supervisor kim has been attack over examines on super bowl evens in the city. kim wants the nfl to cover all taxpayer spending on super bowl even it is. the chamber of exercise said kill approved the resolution supporting the event in 2012 and now is pandering to the voters
6:37 am
while running for senate. she said it is clear that taxpayers are subsidizing costs for a multi-billion dollar corporation 689 -- i believe our taxpayers do not want to spend their tax dollars on a party for rip they expect it to use for affordable housing, run the bus line and serve homeless. >> board delayed a vote on her demand the nfl pay up. >> we are the ticket to super bowl activity and we put together a list of the events, their locations and the schedule with the information at >> a bay area newspaper found discrepancies in a water waster list distributed by the utilities district. according to our media partner, the incon isis families in the list contain the name of 42,000 customers would went over the water limit. many of the customers say the list is an invasion of privacy. federals say it will take two
6:38 am
weeks to figure out how many customers were mistakenly put on the list. >> rain is in the forecast for the welcome but not today. >> fought today. today is all clear. there is the look at lake tahoe, i want to show you the sierra snow pack because the latest measurements came out and we are doing well and everyone is before am but the south at 97 and a statewide average, it is 117 percent of average and the snow year is behind and we have until april 1 to make up the 35 deficit and better than last year at 27 percent. getting to lake tahoe will be okay with a mix of snow. it will not stick. we will have moderate to half snow on saturday and heavy snow on sunday. from our rooftop, 63 in san francisco and the warm spot is the south bay at 6769 enjoy the sunshine. >> sue? >> headed for the sig-alert
6:39 am
eastbound 80 non-commute direction at san pablo dam road along 880 from the hayward area and headed to 80 westbound and eastbound. several cars got and it. they blocked multiple lanes eastbound. i am seeing slow traffic eastbound and westbound rubber neckers. you are looking a 30 minutes from highway four to the scene of the accident and it picks up at the east shore freeway. another saying letter is the antioch bridge northbound lanes are blocked and c.h.p. is on the scene and we have jack knifed big-rig from the half moon bay eastbound 92 before 280 and that is some time before they get it out of there and use highway one to get identity of the half moon bay bay area and we will check with sky 7 in a few. >> this is a win-win for oprah, the move she loses, the more she wins. >> oprah always wins.
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>> serving up what football fans and food lovers want with special eats coming to super special eats coming to super bowl city
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i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks. >> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. santa clara mother is in jail this morning accused of unthinkable crime. she drowned her 12-year-old son. janet o is outside police hours
6:43 am
how this came to light. >> yes, reggie, first off, santa clara police have yet do release a motive in the case. june-year-old mother is currently being held without bail. she is expected to enter a plea february 1. police say the drowning took place at her home near forest avenue in winchester boulevard. a long-term silicon valley finance and product manager told police on january 8 she was home with her adopted son and she fop him in the bathtub unconscious. the 12-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead two hours later. the mother was questioned and she allege through confessed that she held her son down until he was lifeless. we are still lending the circumstances around the case and we will continue to keep you posted on the latest developments. >> thank you.
6:44 am
a joint dark force already by san francisco police brock up a huge expected drug trafficking ring. we were the first to bring you the story. officers arrested 48 suspects over the last three weeks mostly undocumented dealers from honduras selling drews at u.n. plaza and market street. they lived in oakland and commuted to the city on bart. >> come across together. sell narcotics together. they go back home together. they live together. >> police searched the houses and drugs, handguns and $75,000 in cash. they say more arrests are coming a re-opening celebration for the south side of san francisco's delores park. the department of recreation and parks is holding a light up party from 4-7:00 p.m. tonight. you are invited to bring glow in the dark accessories other than the glow sticks because they
6:45 am
damage the grass if broken. the park has been closed for two years at the cost of $20.5 million to make it a reality. >> a rough start on wall street right now and we will check on what is going on. we saw the dow jones industrial average down 130 points and a look shows it down over 90 points right now. >> you jane king has that and more in the money report. >> good morning, the government is going to try to figure out how many americans are now part of the ondemand workforce that is known as the gig economy such as be uber driver, selling stuff on the internet or renting a room that -- on >> and lyft is attempting to have the drivers drying faster routes and shutting customers more efficiently than uber. they are integrateing waze mapping technology into their app to shorten the ride times
6:46 am
and providing detours so everyone gets to the destination faster. >> starbuck transactions are 20 percent mobile made in the stores or using their mobile order and pay. the executives say they announced six million digital transactions each month. that number will grow. >> we have apple and boeing out with disappointing results and we have the federal reserve meeting that wrap the up dow down 80 points and s&p 500 down, as well. >> if you are look for a job or snow someone who is we have a great tune, the abc7 job journal hire event is today in santa clara which runs from noon to 4:00 at thibility more -- at the biltmore more tell. >> imagine at the tam you only
6:47 am
need your smart tone, you can withdraw using your phone with chase bank. customers will be able to withdraw by tapping their phone on the a.t.m. like apple pay. the a.t.m. will roll out later this year. >> a lot people are tag about this, oprah dropped 26 points and gained millions of dollars along the way. >> she would. the rest of us lose weight and are miserable but she mays we money. she revealed she ate bread each day and still love the weight. what? the tweet sanity weight watcher stock soaring with shares jumping 20 percent closing at $13.29. >> oprah owns weight watcher shares and hopes to inspire others in her message. i love bread. i love bread. i now just manage it. >> you want to eat bread in
6:48 am
moderation, a whole grain spouted spread. you look at ingredients look for that. >> keep notes. white bread is a no- we will have more bread diet tips coming up on america america at 7:00. >> i love bread! >> en was saying, bread. i love bread. i love bread. >> she made dough by eating bread. >> good one. >> i thought about that. >> so good. >> i want a forecast! >> it is a fish forecast. good morning, everyone, having fun and hopefully you are, too, on wednesday. the co-mute is a-okay as far as the weather. high clouds on live doppler hd kept the fog from forming and the tule fog is still handing out in the central valley but it
6:49 am
could be a late public after 7:00, running 43 woodside and opinion low pack at 44 and everyone also 47 to 49. san carlos is 50. mountain view and fremont at 49. san jose and mill valley at 48. concord at 50 degrees and the exploritorium camera looks inviting and calm and a lot of you are taking ferryies and it will be dry and above average the next few days, light rain on friday and heavier rain on sunday and turning more dry next week. at 4:00, friday morning, the north bay through 7:00, 7:00-9 through the rest of the neighbor and neighborhood affected by light rain and through the noon hour and it tapers for friday only. trying to get saturday in dry and that is good for outdoor activity and sunday is looking like a very heavy storm coming in. that will linger until the afternoon hours. storm impact scale of "1" to "5" sever.
6:50 am
on friday, the appetizer is light, a third to two-thirds an inch of rain and height wind. the if -- next storm on sunday is a "2", moderate. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a sig-alert sky 7 up and over the accident involving several vehicles. we will give you a perspective. the traffic that is flowing is in the westbound direction and the traffic that is stopped is in the eastbound direction. down to one last lane the backup is past mcdonald's now and the eastbound direction, the non-commute direction is expect delays, bumper-to-bumper traffic as they get it cleared, only the left lane getting by, this is eastbound 80 an san pablo dam road. another sig-alert for antioch bridge and jackknifed big-rig on 92 at 280. >> stanford could be the oprah
6:51 am
of universities with $801 million in cash from donors the past year, and they handed over an impressive $622 million in art. stanfords received another $200 million. the contributions come from 83,000 alumni, parents and students and friends which is good news because 75 percent of all stanford graduates leave school without student loan debt. >> incredible. >> if you are going do have an extra cup of coffee, this could put you at ease. i was thought calming coffee could lead to stroke or heart failure and now researchers measured chronic consumption for telephone months and found that not true. no difference if people was found 20 those who consume coffee or tea or chocolate and those who avoid caffeine could miss out on good cardiovascular benefits. >> it is no surprise that super bowl city is going to feature
6:52 am
amazing food. restaurants in the area are all respected and this is what we all want all morning. >> can you have street tacos, chowder, vegetarian options and each pop-up is located across the embarcadero from the ferry building. a chef said it is a good opportunity to show off california's world-class food. >> the climate is perfect for growing straight off the bat so you have amazing produce in california that other parts of united states and the world do not have. >> super bowl city is go up fast, free, and open to the public from saturday through super bowl sunday. >> we are back with seven things you need to know before you go. you need to know before you go. stay tuned.
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here are seven things you need to know before you go. >> jackknifed big-rig with the cab separating from the trailers and this is eastbound 80 causing a backup eastbound and westbound because of rubberneckers. >> two, a santa clara mother is accused of drowning her 12-year-old son in the bathtub. our media partner reports that the bother first told santa
6:55 am
clara police it was an accident and later condition guessed -- later confessed. congresswoman jackie speier will be here to discuss residents forced out of their apartments because of cliff erosion. >> four, check out the beautiful sky developing pause of high clouds, that kept the fog too a minimum. we will have a warmer afternoon inland at 62 to 65 and the coast is 57 to 64 and rough for small craft and around the bay, 63 do 68. above average. >> san jose city council gave the green light to apple for a bigger new campus in north san jose. the shiite near highway 101 and 87 could bring 16,000 jobs to the area. >> more commuters are taking public transportation to deal with the threat closures around super bowl city in san francisco and were more crowded than usual and ferries said more vote -- bets were sold owe.
6:56 am
>> super bowl 50 could be the most profitable sporting of haven't in united states history from the price of tickets and the nine days of celebration that could be jaw dropping final numbers. >> i i am ready to get my "eats" on. >> steve you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, that stand you in oregon turning deadly. a shoot-out erupts between the fbi and anti-government protesters. one of the leaders of the group killed. his supporters say the rancher was murdered with his hands in the air. our team on the scene right now. he's out, donald trump now saying he won't show up to thursday's debate taking on fox and megyn kelly. >> this is a lightweight. this is not a reporter. this to me is just a lightweight. megyn kelly shouldn't be in the debate. >> ted cruz challenging him to a personal showdown. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> the trump campaign speaking out to "gma" this morning. that dangerous zika virus is spreading. an emergency meeting in the white house, president obama in the situation room.


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