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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we have break news in san francisco. you can see sky 7 is over san francisco general hospital. evacuations have been lifted. there was a gas leak. pg&e and mess and san francisco fire are on scene. a contractor broke a gas line there. they believe it started at 22nd and san bruno avenue. they have called the area "safe," with no reports of injuries. >> we continue with breaking news on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> i am reggie aqui.
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>> i am kristen sze. this woman is facing murder charges after police say show intentionally drowned her 12-year-old son in a bathtub. neighbors say they truly stunned by the santa clara mother's arrest in light of the role she played in the neighbor. our reporter is at the county jail in san jose. janet? >> kristen, she was active in the community and june-year-old tara palajac is a long time silicon valley finance and product manager held at the main jail in the psychiatric ward for a crime she confessed to. >> palajac is accuse evidence drowning her 12-year-old adopted son. he died here at the family home in santa clara mid midtown villain january 8. the neighbors near tara palajac was a homeowners chief financial officer. bill young is the president of the hmo. >> you would never picture someone doing this. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> police say she initially
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called and said she found her son unconscious in the bathtub and tried to give him cpr but after interrogation she confessed to hold him in the water physical he was lifeless. young is among the many wondering, what happened? and why? >> she seems to be a very nice person. just seems to be very professional. >> palajac is expected to enter a plea on february 1. for now she is on suicide watch. >> because she is on suicide watch our interview requests have been denied which is a standard protocol for inmates whorehoused on that floor. >> new this morning, fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a semi trailer used for sewage to scratch fire in vallejo on sonoma boulevard at broadway street. fires knock down the flames in half an hour. this is the further fire in five
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weeks. all the final touches in super bowl city which will open in 72 hours. a giant banner is now hanging on the ferry building welcoming the fans to super bowl city. on streets below stages are being set up and there could be record cash brought in for those involved. major closures are meaning a challenging commute if you work and live in san francisco. we have coverage in a week and a half. our reporter will have more on the financial impact in a moment, but, first, amy hollyfield is on the embarcadero . >> yes, i am here with the traffic issues. ferry officials had to add an extra ferry ride last might and this morning because of the extra demand for ferry tries. not a problem, right?
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well, there is one little problem with all of the new ferry riders: what to do with the cars. >> it is the new pay area race, trying to get a packing place at the larkspur ferry terminal. by 7:50 this morning the primary lot was full. commuters say it is very unusual.: this ferry, i take it each day, and i don't know what going on. you tell me. all the super bowl is what going on. san francisco street are shut down around super bowl city and herman plaza and people are turning to public transportation >> well, they are leaving people behind which never happens and say, take a later ferry because the super bowl people are here the. >> this is day three and many riders got here earlier today than the last two days and it is still did not always pay off.
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>> 20-40 minutes earlier. >> still no spot? >> still nothing. >> this is an overflow spot that filled up after 9:00. officials add an extra ferry ride last might and this morning to meet the demand but they cannot create more parking. >> we can accommodate many more passengers. however, we cannot accommodate their cars. >> figuring it out is worth it, we drove from the terminal to the san francisco ferry building and hit traffic because of the street closures. our trip took 49 minutes. the ferry took is 30 pitches. officials say just changing when you go or how you get to the ferry. >> catch a ride, ride your bicycle, get dropped off, take one of our free shuttles. >> the shuttles pick people up in the north bay and they are unutilized. we have the next on she told me that earlier ferries are not so crewed and the later ferries are not so crowded as
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mid-morning with a ton of people. if you have flexibility, change when you catch that lovely ride. >> great next, amy hollyfield. all the visitors being kept safe is a top priority. several agency heads will meet and figure how to accomplish that with detailed safety plans with the effort focus obscuring the area around the foot of market street where a lot of events are held. the city will also activate the emergency operations center on saturday when super bowl city opens. we expect to get more detail when the leaders meet at 1:00 p.m. and we will update you with later abc news. >> and the challenges part of working with the super bowl, show super bowl 50 will be most profitable sporting event ever in the united states, and our
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reporter is joining us live to break it down. >> whether you are rooting for the broncos or the panthers there is more than one super bowl winner. the nfl and other game related organizations are expecting a bigger than ever payday. >> super bowl 50 is expected to rake in super profits. according to an article this career's super bowl is on pace to be the country's most profitable sporting event. ever. the game is especially good for business for severalers. first, it is not just any super bowl but this is have been 50. a milestone for the nfl that has been promoted and planned for, for years. the game is being played in silicon valley, one of the wealth of the places in the united states and home to some of the biggest tech companies. some executives are on the host committee. an spell a sponsor. google and twitter will promote. a president fans are expected to visit the bay area, and usually the festivities last a week. this year, the celebration is ten daze long.
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super bowl city and the nfl experience open this weekend. finally, the ads, super bowl commercials are another celebrated game-day tradition. this year, one 30-second ad is $5 million, and it is estimated that the advertising revenue alone will top $400 million. >> i check on ticket prices and they are an aveage of $6,000 each, and the prices will only go up as the game is closer. >> you are buying mine? >> abc7 is your ticket to all of super bowl activities we have put together a list of the evens, their locations and schedule for you and you can fine all of the information on . >> this is a major development concerning peyton manning who will start, of court, in the super bowl 50. the nfl has announced it will do what it calls a full investigation of the allegations that manning use the
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performance-enhancing drugs. he has denied the allegations. if they arose after al-jazeera reported his wife received shipments of hgh from an indianapolis antiaging clinic. the nfl said the investigation will start after the super bowl. >> congresswoman jackie speier is speaking about how to get help for people displaced by coastal erosion. residents were move out of an apartment building now is at the very edge of a crumbling cliff. this is after the city yellow tagged all 20 apartments on on esplanade avenue on monday. all the federal government has to recognize that el nino is just like a super storm sandy but it happens over a greater portion of time. >> she said the state has do 30
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million in disaster mitigation funds to pull from the federal government which california does not have to declare a state of emergency to access. the red cross has set up a shelter to help those residents. >> part of i-80 eastbound is back open after a big-rig crashed this morning. sky 7 was over the crash around 5:45 a.m. and highway patrol closed off three lanes of the freeway for two hours and the truck driver suffered minor injuries. >> a san francisco cab driver is accused of driving drunk with a young boy in the car. the highway patrol tweeted this photo of the cab being towed away on highway 101 in redwood city last night. a san mateo county sheriff deputy said he pull the cab over for driving erratically. the c.h.p. said that a little boy in the car was not in a car seat and had a seatbelt wrapped around his neck. he now is in the care of child protective services. the cab driver is identified at 63-year-old ronald glaze of san francisco with no worth on the
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relationship to the child. >> new warning about a mosquito-borne illness affecting nine states including california and the risk factor is especially high in the bay area. >> law enforcement weighs in after a stand off in oregon that turns deadly and what they are revealing about the overnight arrests. stay tuned.
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>> president obama is calling for urgent action against the zika virus causing serious birth defects. the type of mosquitoes that carry the virus have been found here in the bay area. so far, the virus itself has not shown up. in los angeles a girl contracted the virus during a trip to el salvador. lie most nonpregnant women she is fine. she does not infect anyone else. i asked our chief health medical editor to evaluate the risk of the super bowl. >> i would not be overly concerned but the global gatherings are a way in which infection is spread an the world. with zika virus some feel it was the world cup in brazil that brought the infection in. >> be being out of mosquito season here in north america helps. 19 zika cases have been confirmed in nine states.
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>> in oregon, the fbi and police have set up a containment zone an the wildlife refuge after a violent night ended in a death and the arrest of several militia men. law enforcement wrapped up a news conference the past hour say there are still people holed up at refuge. the area is surrounded and roadblocks are society up. eight people are under arrest including the group leader ammon bundy and his brother. lavoy finicum was killed if a shot out with law enforcement outside the compound last night. investigator say the occupiers have had ample opportunity to leave after the stand off began in early january. >> san jose state universal has a new president this morning. the board of trustees appointed the new doctor a few minutes ago with 25 years of teaching and administration experience including the role as president of southern connecticut state university. she will take over at san jose state on july 1. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast.
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>> good morning from the top of the broadcast center. i am getting spring fever with temperatures 10-11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday with another warm day in the forecast before possibly the storm door opens with wet weather this weekend. an update is ahead. >> a win-win for oprah, the more she loses, the more she wins. stay tuned.
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>> kristen, we should take advantage of the weather,
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because it will change. >> yes, enjoy it while it laughs and check identity what is going on. meteorologist mike nicco, you need the sunglasses? >> that is a sign to grab yours before you head out because we will have our brightest and warmest day as we move failure. >> back in time i show you we woke up to high clouds and that is what kept the low clouds and fog from forming in too many areas and it kept the tule fog at bays also. you can see the clouds are moving off to the east and they have thinned out considerably now. you can hardly see any on live doppler hd. there is no wet weather to worry about now. another point at 23,000 miles out you can see the clouds moving through the southern section of the central valley and all the snow is still showing up in lake tahoe. can't wait to see the forecast. there is a lot more coming. san jose a warm spot today and you will jump up to 67 degrees. dry and above average the next few days. heavy rain is possible on
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sunday. and turning more dry next week. we will take a look at the temperatures and there you go, san jose, and morgan hill and santa cruz, 67 degrees. vallejo and san rafael at 62. and tonight, we will see the patches of fog, as we are starting off clear and we will have high clouds rolling in as we head through the overnight hours and a cool spot, livermore and napa at 43 and fairfield and morgan hill at 42 and richmond and san francisco on the other side at 49. and from emeryville you can see the light wind on the bay right now and a little deficit haze hanging in the area but as we head through the evening, it will be mild at 5:00, with 60s out there and a light jacket, and as you head through the 7:00 hour, a light breeze at 9:00, and level 50s and around 50 at the high clouds come in. storm impact scrape, hopefully you found this resourceful as we have been telling you what the storms are going to do. like the one coming in on fridays it will be light, with
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wind and light rain maybe quarter to two-thirds of an inch of rain and you can see the light rain is possible across the for the bay on thursday but the bigger picture will come in on friday, and the mol keep flip fronting on sunday's forecast and time there is a lot of rain and same as little. we were keep it at two. notice the snow level is 8,000 on friday afternoon, and it lowers considerably and heavy necessity is possible on saturday morning and again on sunday. the water tables are getting filled. >> meteorologist mike nicco, thank you. united states stocks are sliding again after another rocky morning and the dow drops 130 points right out of the gate, climbing oil prices helped the numbers rebound an hour ago but that did not hold. now, it look like the doug is down about 84 points and the nasdaq, down, at 44 and the s&p, down, and that is the trend so far today. >> you know what shares doing well, weight watchers?
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up 2 percent. the diet company is still feeling the oprah affect after the queen of talk revealed she lost 26 pounds on the program while eating spread every single day. oprah has a stake in the company sent the weight watchers stock soaring more than 20 percent. >> i love bread. i love bread. i now just manage it. if you want to eat bread in moderation you want to try to go for something that is a whole grain sprouted bread. you flip it over and look at ingredients, look for that. white bread? no. >> abc senior mold contributor said that to lose weight you feed to cut between 500-750 calories a day. had you go. no matter what form the calories come in you have to watch the rallies. >> now all i want is...bread.
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>> coming up, one man show that is looking cheering crowds mesmerized. >> we have a great opportunity if someone you know is look for a job at the abc7 hire event from noon to 4:00 and
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>> coming up at 4:00, why people are looking at thousands of homeowner whose may not be wasting water after all but got shamed over it. >> super fast bind and a demand for data is creating the best hotspot in the bay area because of the sudden demand. that is abc7 news at 5 o'clock. our a utah man is leaving company many people in awe with what he does with fireworks. wow, he is an aspiring circus performer and artist. he is beyond "aspiring." >> he is swinging fireworks around his head, by the way, do a cheer crowd in salt lake city, utah, and our advise? don't do it, kids. or adults.
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just watch it on the tv and be glad it is not your head the fingering are swinging around. >> don't be on a hoverboard while you are at it. have a great day.
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>> 14 questions, three lifelines, $1 million, and it all boils down to six simple words: "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good. having had her first child at age 50, our first contestant is here to win money for her 12-year-old son and her retirement. from briarcliff manor, new york, please welcome celiane silverstein. [cheers and applause] hi, celiane. >> hi, how are you doing? >> good to see you. welcome. come on over. well, you got in the pool late, huh? >> i sure did. [both laugh] >> you h


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