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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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us tonight. >> the bay area is on heightened alert for super bowl 50. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee is live to explain the plan. vic? >> reporter: ama, you know that adage, police still say that the best way to stay safe is be alert and tell them, tell police if you see anything suspicious. now, today, the city's police and fire chiefs briefed reporters on the measures and one thing is for sure. there are going to be a lot of cops here, on the streets, both in uniform and those you won't notice. bomb-sniffing dog time off has been cancelled as time off for officers. first responders have been training for emergencies on the bay and the security screening devices are set to be placed at
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entrances to super bowl city. bags up to 18 by 18 inches had been permitted, they'll be checked for explosives and contraband. >> everybody is going have pass through a magnatometer when they get in. >> mingling with crowds, lots of plain-clothed shops. still, the best line of defense, you and me. >> there is no substitute for a million people coming to san francisco and if they see something, say something. >> reporter: in the city's transportation agency is providing eyes and ears on the ground. >> we'll have folks out, on the streets, about 70 traffic controlled officers, up to 40 other ambassadors. >> reporter: the fire department was struggling with a lack of ambulances and slow times but the chief says that changed, she now has per diem, emts and
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paramedics. >> there is a fall back, if you will, to fill in. >> reporter: city officials have been planning for three years. now is the time to implement what they have learned. and everyone hopes this isn't a prelude to what may be seen. a tourist, attacked and robbed at the top of twin peaks overlook. the two robbers sprayed her with mace. >> she got to the bottom of the hill there was no conversation. the suspect pulled out a can of mace and sprayed her face. >> neighbors tell us they're concerned crime could increase and this is the same location where french tourist was robbed recently. police say there have been a rash of burglaries and robbery attempts at the overlook and increased the number of uniforms and police officers patrolling that area as a result.
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if anything happens to impact safety, trust abc7 news to let you know immediately. we will get prepared now. down load the abc7 news app. >> this ad banner near super bowl city isn't sitting well with the city attorney. dennis herrera sent a letter to verizon asking to take it down or face a restraining order. the ad violates the advertising ordinance. the super bowl 50 committee says it will modify the banners but a spokesperson told abc7 news this involves removing some, but not all, of the banner. some say the super bowl is one reason they're seeing more homeless in their neighborhood but one city supervisor says you can't blame the nfl. >> reporter: it's hard to ignore tents in public spaces in san francisco. like this encampment under the
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101 freeway near cesar chavez street. >> they pushed everybody out of downtown for the super bowl. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner doesn't want san franciscans to be used to them. he has written a letter to city department heads asking what the strategy is to deal with this crisis, and plans to expand shelter access. >> i do not say we should bull doze tents tomorrow. the goal is to have enough shelter so people can come out of the tents and off the streets. >> reporter: those we talked to say it's difficult to get into shelters. >> paul boden is with a group and expert on tent cities. he shared this photo of the opening of the san francisco first homeless program in 1982
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and says 34 years later, the homeless are still being criminalized. >> the way you address homelessness is that you build affordable housing. if people are unobstructively living in a city, leave them alone. >> reporter: the supervisor says the tents are not humane or legal. a salinas couple pled not guilty to killing two young siblings and abusing a third. tammy huntsman and her boyfriend are accused of abusing to death a 3-year-old and her 6-year-old brother, shawn, in november. huntsman and curio are accused of abusing the childrens '9-year-old sister. details in the san jose
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murder case, police have a suspect but no victim at this point. steve hlebo was charged with murder. david is live with the latest on this investigation. david? >> reporter: you can imagine how difficult it has been for kyle myrick's family, who has been searching for him. this charred building is where detectives say they believe that myrick was attacked, inside, they found both a body part and blood. >> i am not a murderer. >> reporter: that is what 39-year-old steve hlebo told us on monday. today he was charged with the murder of 28-year-old kyle myrick, a co-worker at gp sports. myrick disappeared friday afternoon. homicide detectives say they found a severed ear, and a pool
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of blood leading to an exit where his pickup truck had been parked. he told us from jail he has no idea where myrick is and claims co-workers are putting drugs in his coffee. >> i think he knows what he did. of i want him to be a man and stand up for his wrong. >> reporter: the prosecutor believes this is a murder case with no body. >> i am every confidence in this case based on the investigation so far. the investigation is ongoing. we're going to get more information. and we're just hopeful, at this point, really, to focus on finding the body. >> reporter: detectives say he told a family member he killed myrick and dumped the body in the ocean. the two worked together four days at gp sports. >> all we want is kyle to come home.
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his parents are suffering and looking for evidence. whatever it takes for kyle to come home, that is what we want. someone stole bart equipment this week. bart says that that happened at the concord station in a storage room between monday afternoon and tuesday morning. the door to the room which is usually locked had been propped open. we have details about a fire in san francisco's vernal heights neighborhood. police say the man started the fire after being evicted. the suspect is still in the county jail. the district attorney will decide what charges he faces. >> east bay municipal utility district is apologizing tonight, following a report that uncovered errors in the list of water use abusers. wayne, the utility is admitting it made a mistake. >> well, they're calling it an
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error of omission and in this case, it has to do with shame on the shamers. it appears they use more water than others. today, more than a little explaining to do. >> we take customer privacy very serio seriousy. >> now, the shame is on them after releasing a list of 4200 customers that used excessive water and we've learned some were excessively wrong, or lacking context, the district said today. >> all of the names on the list are accurate. the customers that are on the list have exceeded our water use ordinance and assessed a penalty. what that list doesn't show is the time period of the billing. >> reporter: east bay mud says it released it after inquiries
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and a port in alamo north topped the list. the list also showed steven bird, the stormer ceo of safeway averaging 7200 gallons per day and including former warrior, also fixing a leak. >> it is a breech for me, my address, my home address was posted on the internet. and you know, to me, in terms of security and safety that is a big deal. when you give a company your information, you're expecting it to be private. >> in accordance to public law, state lay, we're required an order to release that information. >> with the address and everything? >> address and everything. >> east bay mud is the only water district to produce such a list and plans another next month with apologies in between.
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from oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. the super bowl prove it's not just going to be temporary for san francisco. >> the permanent benefits for the city for hosting super bowl city. >> some spots getting close to 70 degrees. we're tracking another mild day. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. the concept of carpooling is simple, here at uber headquarters there is a team dedicated to making it work well. turns out you need lots
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. the warriors are at least three years from opening their new arena and it has a name. the chase center. the warriors confirmed jp morgan chase bought the naming rights to the building but they're not revealing how much. two lawsuits are trying to block the arena. >> next week, tens of thousands of people will descend on market street, headed for super bowl city. and just about everybody will have a smart phone. >> we know from experience that reception can be a nightmare. today, a tour of the area to see what they've done to prepare for the masses and devices. we're live from super bowl city tonight. >> reporter: we're live, look at you. look at me.
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we're streaming the abc7 news has pretty good quality. it requires a lot of band width and imagine, thousands of people doing it here, next week during super bowl. carriers are now saying triumph. anyone stuck in a parade without cell coverage is wondering if super bowl 50 will be different. >> i have a difficult time on a normal day so i can only imagine what this is going to be like. >> i'm hoping it gets better and hoping they'll make changes in order for it to improve. >> they say it's a new era is very advanced because they're using new technology.
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it's a robust network. >> the site on wheels will be able to handle a thousand users simultaneously. they have seven of these. >> we expect during concerts that a lot of customers will gather. this is the sharingest at and two spent $25 million, each with small cells and hidden antennas throughout the area to ensure networks are ready. there are now permanent fixtures to enjoy the super bowl. a mosquito born virus threatens to spread and is threatening unborn babies.
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the federal governor just released a warning about the zika virus. >> the cdc has issued a travel alert, urging pregnant women not to visit 24 countries where you can see zika is becoming a pandemic. here, 20 cases have been confirmed across nine states and that california patient lives in los angeles. but traveled to el salvador and since recovered. the virus is spread by mosquitos, a species that can be found here in northern california. for most people, the infection is mild. 80% don't feel any symptoms. if a pregnant woman is bitten her baby will have higher chances of being born with micro cephaly. now, consider with the super bowl in town, experts say it can
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bring more carriers to the region for mosquitos to feast on. >> i won't be overly concerned but these global events are a way they're spread around the world. some feel it might have been the world cup in brazil that brought that infection in. >> in brazil, 4,000 babies have been born with the defect, troops sprayed insect yi side and are bracing for the summer's olympic games. the health advisory focuses on flu and noro virus your best protection is avoid traveling to mosquito hot spots. >> thank you, kristin. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. spectacular day around the bay
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area. yes. drew tuma has when a change is coming. so live doppler 7 right lot of folks have been asking it's been a wet winter. since december, look at this. we have added 488 gallons of water. so good news there, but we want more rain. we're 60 in santa rosa. 57 san francisco. and 54 in danville.
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a beautiful picture. stepping outside, a nice evening calls for patchy fog and mild day thursday. and then another chance of rain on 1 to 5, 1 is light. five is severe and tomorrow, picking it up late thursday into friday. most showers are still in the north bay. into afternoon, they sink south and there are quick moving
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systems out of there. going south and east, we'll see less in terms of total rainfall. the system going to pick up the surf once again. the biggest risk with waves 16 feet high. just want to show you a chance sunday, looks like the southern half has the best chance right now to pick up more rainfall. everybody is going to drop into 40s, tomorrow, first thing, we'll see fog. you can see everyone topping out into the 60s. accu-weather forecast show you tomorrow, mild. a chance of showers saturday, but showers likely sunday, that bigger story, the temperatures, going to feel cooler than it did much of the week.
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>> thank you. >> uc berkeley engineers created a new fitness monitor. find out what this one does when abc7 news continues. >> join us tonight at 7:15 as mike shumann answers your questions. you can ask mike just about anything. >> abc7 news app on the go. one screen. also, weather, traffic, and
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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. uc berkeley engineers created a wearable system that can analyze your sweat. >> just provides us with wealth of information about their body condition and wide spectrum of chemicals. >> the sensors are fitted inside of a sweat band, measuring sodium, and skin temperature, and data is received and processed in realtime and can be synced with a smart phone app. it can monitor health and warn about problems. >> if you want to be like bill, you can end up with a virus. the meme is popping up and the bbb warns it has built in permissions that would edit content on your facebook page.
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facebook had revenue in excess of $5 billion. it makes $13 per user, frup $nine in 2014. >> stay right here because only abc7 news was allowed inside uber's headquarters tonight. >> we got behind the scenes to see how the carpool option works in a few minutes you'll know, too. >> are we making sure everybody is getting a shot? >> a child, bundled up may not be safe in a car seat.
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ahead on 7 on your side, how to bundle
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i think oscar debate is just an expression of this broader issue. >> president obama tackles oscar equality during an interview. the man whoe broke the color barrier in politics takes on the issue. >> david ono in los angeles spoke with the president today at the white house. >> i met the president this afternoon in a reception room. he has spoken about pushing our country towards a better understanding of differences. the same theme hollywood is grappling with. >> what are your thoughts on the push to make the oscars more inclusive? >> i think that california is an example of the diversity of the country and it's strength. i think when everybody's story
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is told, then, that makes for better art and better entertainment. and makes everybody feel part of one american family. >> i met with the president's senior advisor who gave me perspective on the viewpoint. >> the president is ensuring everybody has an equal opportunity to compete, and achieve their dreams and so thinking about how we approach this is something everyone should do. >> that is where my conversation with the president went. it's the academy's problem to figure out today, the oscars are just a micro >> i think the oscar debate is an expression of a broader issue of making sure everybody is getting a share shot. >> it is largely known the
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president is a huge movie fan. it's been reported his favorite movie of the year is "the martian". new at 6:00, the women seen on video throwing a dog pleaded not guilty today. the is shown carrying the pug and tossing him at her boyfriend. the dog rolled several times but was not seriously hurt. chin went into hiding after the video surfaced but was arrested. today, she posted bail in a courtroom and ordered to return to court friday. >> two people who work for bowers transportation have been arrested for allegedly stealing from the company. documents claim the two shifted money to a subcontractor. both face felony grand theft charges. an announcement from uber
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could help the company is expanding it's carpool service. >> yes. today, how the service works and a story here on abc7 news. >> the super bowl will mean surging uber prices. >> we're going to expect high demands. because of the people coming into the city. >> this is have been partnering. >> now, a partnership. >> we're going to take uber pool to, and from, any station. >> for super bowl week, people can use to it share rides, to
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and from cal train. >> the concept is simple, here there is a team devoted to the complicated task of making it work well. turns out you need data. >> to say hey, take these requests and let's search all of them to figure out hey, who is going the same way? who is going back? >> uber has always said it's a tech company. >> they're saying which am i more sensitive to? >> the goal is a slightly longer trip and the routes get more complicated. >> we pick up the first passenger and second passenger and then pick up the third passenger. >> that is one step towards what uber calls a trip. there is one person in the car. meaning the driver is getting
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paid. the super bowl means one thing. more data. >> it's a grand platform and we're excited to have this win, win, win. >> an east bay teenager struggled for years before a doctor diagnosed him as dyslexic. >> cheryl jennings introduces you to an agency that got in the education he needed and deserved. >> you should not be able to pinch any fabric and chest clips should be at armpit
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there is a new law that acknowledges a learning disorder, dyslexia in the education code. >> it will help children get access to special education. medical experts tell us one in five children suffers from dyslexia. a teenager was in that situation while his mother fought, hard, to get him help. >> it's so incredible. this young man is inspiring. you're going to hear about a
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long mother who wouldn't give up. it has been a long journey. >> in school, reading i noticed it was difficult. >> this 18-year-old durel struggled to learn to read and worked hard. he's an artist and wants to be an engineer and maybe own a riddo game company but it's been a difficult journey. his mom noticed in second grade he was put in special education classes and she kept fighting to find out why he had trouble learning. >> the school would say go to the doctor. the doctor would say the school. >> her battle continued as durel kept being moved forward, never learning how to read above third grade in spite of his intelligence and hard work. >> ninth grade, tenth year, this guy 3.8 #, 3.5, but can't read.
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>> a doctor diagnosed him with dyslexia. she learned about an agency that helps families like hers. it stands for disability rights education and defense fund the case was resolved and the end result is confidential, he says he is getting the help he's needed. >> most parents come to me after years and years of begging for him. donna campbell had been a very driven achiever. he's very bright and incredible. but he couldn't read. generally speaking help can be
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by gaining services. so there is compensation that should have been provided that had not been provided. >> he turns in work, volunteers and is working hard to be a success and a good role model. >> never give up. you can do anything. >> if you see something try and find help. >> we're working on a special report that is going to air soon. that is a huge problem. >> yes. it is. >> keeping kids warm and
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high speed rail officials were defending the project today with no agreement on what it might cost. when on the ballot eight years ago, voters were told it would cost $33 billion. since then, it has reached $68 billion. >> there are a range of uncertainties here. >> owe went on to say he expects the price tag to be lower. his concern is when it will be finished. >> we're talking transportation, car seats are designed to keep children safe but they only work if used properly. >> people don't think about this, especially here. how often do you bundle up your kids? you may have seen the reports about the danger of children who wear puffy coats. consumer reports says it's a
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serious concern. in cold weather we bundle our children but harness may not be secure enough to secure your child. she demonstrates a way to check if the coat is too big to wear under the seat harness. they first put ben in his snow suit and secured him into his car seat so there is no slack. and then, they removed his coat and put him in the seat. >> this added >> you can see how much room
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they put between them and their harness. >> you should not be able to pinch any fabric. >> how to keep your child safe and warm? for a baby, consumer reports recommends putting a blanket on top and for bigger kids, teach them for wearing it over the harness. >> looks like a blanket. >> courts says make sure your car seat is properly installed. go to and select 7 on your side. >> you have been focused for decades. >> just silly to have problems. >> yes. >> thank you. >> "time" for another update to
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the forecast. >> yes. drew tuma is back. drew? >> it's going to feel more spring like, then, we'll track rain friday. live doppler 7 painting a quiet picture. we'll take you live outside, showing you just a beautiful night across the state. first thing in the morning, patchy fog, by noon, it's a mixture of sun and clouds. by 4:00 we're into the 60s. around the bay, upper 60s and by 7:00, cloudy skies. thinking about going to lake tahoe, it's mostly cloudy, friday, and saturday, and heavy snow is likely. the accu-weather forecast shes you it's mild here at home, we do know friday, rain is likely. and a chance of showers, a break
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monday and a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. >> there is a a lot to talk about in sports tonight. >> yes. >> teams are getting ready. and will be playing in super bowl 50. that is if he can play. jared allen with a broken foot from the biggest game of his career.
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good evening, what do you do after winning the game of the century? warriors annihilated the spurs monday night and now have to avoid the let down. they will host the mavericks tonight. steph curry playing so much better than anyone else on the court. it's absurd what he's able to do. he's turning in game. the doves are very conscious of a let down scenario. >> people say it's a let down
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game tonight because it's easy. they've got a built in excuse. but they still have a lot of talent. >> spurs game, a lot of people are starting to come up with the energy. but they beat us in dallas. so we make sure we come back, nice. >> i know we can approve on that. we have had a better record at this point than last year. so it's exciting. >> with steve kerr returning, and luke walton getting wins, that is a job we believe he viewed with the same passion as a root canal. so jared allen has a broken foot and will be on the field for
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super bowl 50 against broncos. if he never made it to super bowl so there is a chance to come home and play in the super bowl. that is what is driving here. >> you can play in the home city to be honest. so that is excitement on a 12 year journey. so try to get that stuff perspective. >> race is still an issue. he received a lot of criticism but here is a guy who should be sell bralting.
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he is scary at times and shows it. >> whether you win or lose, i'm comfortable. you know, with the position i'm in now. and you know, i speak for the masses on it. we can care less about what you say. true fans, you know what is up. they're going to be supporters whatever happens in the outcome. >> serena williams is the top seed and facing in the semi finals going on as we speak. just underway. serena has beaten her eight times. in the quarter finals, milos rammish checking out an unbelievable point right there. going down to his knees. great flexibility. he was too much in the match. and that is match
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there. >> thank you, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00 it's final touchdown. discovery by workers. >> then, at 11:00 how many horses is too many? >> tonight middle airs at followed by goldbergs and blackish. >> that is going to do it for this edition. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. >> we appreciate your time. we hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a financial analyst from huntingdon valley, pennsylvania... a graduate student in physics from port jefferson, new york... and our returning champion, a internet operations technician from mineral point, wisconsin... whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. welcome again to our program, a half-hour of answers and questions featuring a good champion in fred and two excellent challengers in bianca and colin.
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