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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, a violent attack at one of san francisco's most popular tourist spots. tonight a tourist is recovering after she was pepper sprayed by a robber. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> it happened on the top of twin peeks and it comes of course as thousands of people, tens of thousands get ready to con -- converge on san francisco for super bowl 50. >> we go now live to super bowl city with the safety concern that today's attack is now raising. cornell? >> ama and dan, the woman who was attacked today was not hurt and was not hospitalized either. the crime comes just days before super bowl city fan village is set to open at the foot of market street. it happens on saturday. tonight police are sending a friendly warning to visitor to
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be careful. >> the view from twin peeks is amazing at sunset. a big favorite for locals and tourists and apparently criminals too. >> you say it is a robbery. and for a tourist it is not good. >> a female tourist was pepper sprayed and robbed. >> grabbed her purse and ripped it off of her. they jumped into a car, a four-door dark colored sedan. it happened that fast. >> the victim told police her attackers were a man and woman in their 20s. >> i think it is terrible, but sadly it is something that has been happening in the twin peeks area for quite some time. >> they investigated the car break ins near the parking lot and an elderly french tourist was robbed of his camera. the crimes appear to be unrow -- to be unrelated. the new fan village super bowl city where hoards of people
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will be converging. police say have fun and take it all in, but protect yourself and your stuff. >> don't put anything out you are not willing to lose. keep it close to you. keep it hidden, if you can. if you have a backpack, strap on your backpack. >> and be a good witness. if you are a victim and see a crime happen, tell police about the details. it is all hands on deck for bay area law enforcement agencies charged with keeping super bowl fans safe. all of the time off for san francisco police has been canceled. they will activate the emergency operation center. bomb detecting dogs will patrol the venue. it is a potential magnet for trouble. >> there is no substitute for people coming to san francisco and if they see something, say something. >> visitors will be screened at all entrances. the fire department says staffing shortages have been
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dealt with. tonight san jose is prepared in the event of a mass casualty situation. they set up these triage tents in the parking lot. a hospital spokesperson says the tepts are there just -- the tents are there just in case there is an over flow of patients during the big game. >> organizers for super bowl city say they will comply with the city attorney's order to remove part of a gigantic verizon advertising sign that was deemed illegal. a spokesperson says the verizon ad being put up so four embarcadero center will be removed. the city attorney's office says it violates the city law because they are just too big. >> statistically san francisco hosts they qifl lept of 18 super bowls every year. even if it were in our power to say we will let you break
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the law this one time we have to do that for everybody. >> abc7 news brought up the question of the legality last week when an architect told us they violated the voter approved ordinance. >> count on abc7 news to let you know about the on going impact. get prepared now and download the abc7 news app and enable the push alerts. court documents are revealing new evidence about a man accused of killing his co-worker. he appeared for the first time since his arrest over the weekend fnlt lilian kim joins us live from san jose with the new details tonight. lilian? >> reporter: court documents describe what police have described in the empty building. evidence of a violent attack that co-workers never saw coming. 39-year-old steve livo made an appearance in court. four days after he killed his
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co-worker. the two have been assembling all terrain vehicles. but what exactly prompted the attack is unknown. according to documents submitted in court police found a severed ear and blood on the walls and floor inside the vacant building next door. prosecutors say they have a strong case without it. >> at this point we are confident in the charges we have filed. >> how is everything working out? >> workers are devastated. he was well liked and willing to do any job. the owner said he never failed a drug test and never exhibited unusual behavior, but he did say he seemed off the day of the attack. >> he looked tired that day and said he hadn't slept. he was a quiet guy anyway. >> they hoped to find him alive. they searched his home after discovering the crime scene. now friends and family say it is up to them to find him. >> take a look.
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take five minutes. take the dog for a walk. help me find my brother. >> a plea for his family desperate to bring him home. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> abc7 news was in pacifica as jackie spear toured an apartment building teetering close to the edge of a crumbling cliff. residents were ordered out saying they can compete in state disaster relief. a walnut creek resident called police after spotting a man looking into several mailboxes. officer responded and arrested alexander philips from pleasant hill. they said he had stolen mail and packages from homes and is on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. in one alameda county neighborhood horses are welcome, but how many is too many? >> good question.
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alan wang spoke with both side who took their issue to a special commission meeting. >> horses are welcome in this neighborhood outside of hayward, but claude davis says the alameda county ordinance for horse owners has been stretched too far. >> the smell is awful. >> the zoning laws allow for two horses per acre, but over the years the county let some have as many as 10 horses which has prompted complaint about manure runoff during storms and illegal horse boarding. >> now they say the county has made a mistake. >> five residents asked for conditional use permits to have between five and 10 horses on their propertied. >> it involves our entire community creating tension between neighbors. >> both sides blame the county for misinforming the horse owners and bending the
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ordinance. >> how were these people misinformed? >> i don't know. >> and so far the alameda county zoning board has allowed three of the five zoning requests. and that means they have 180 days to remove the extra horses from that property. abc7 news. >> only on abc7 news we take an exclusive look in uber's bay area headquarters for a big announcement. >> and helping people trying to get around during the super bowl. >> and they haven't even broken ground yet, but tonight we know name of the upcoming soon to be built arena. >> and for the first time president obama delves into the diversity debate surrounding hollywood. >> we are gonna go from mild to wet. >> thanks, cabbed yaw.
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first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. i am sharing this with you because i care. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear guerrmo ♪
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jose and all of the bay area this is abc7 news. >> an announcement from uber could help ease the pain of extra traffic leading up to the super bowl. >> the company is expanding the discount carpool service from now until the big game. >> jonathon bloom got an exclusive look behind the
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scenes to look at how the service works. >> the super bowl will mean traffic jams and crowded buses and surging uber prices. >> in a week like super bowl we will expect a high demand because of all of the people coming into the city. >> they are the official transportation network of the super bowl. >> this is the first time they are ride sharing with the super bowl. >> that means drop off and pick up locations. and now a new partnership with cal train. >> we will call it pool train. you can take uber pool to and from any station. >> it is normally only available in san francisco. but super bowl week they can use it to share rides to and from cal train. >> while the concept of carpooling is simple there is a whole team for the complicated task of making it work well. it turns out you need more than drivers and passengers.
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you need lots and lots of data. let's take all of the requests happening and let's on demand and search owl of them to figure out who is going the same way. >> it is a tech company and it has turned carpool into a math problem. >> which am i more sensitive to? >> it is a slightly lower trip and fare. >> we pick up the third passenger before dropping off the second. >> that's one step toward what they call the perpetual trip. carpools chained together so there is at least one person in the car meaning the driver is always getting paid. jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> the warriors are three years away from opening a new arena, but already they have a name, the chase center. the warriors confirmed that the jp morgan chase bought the naming rights.
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they are not revealing how much. insiders speculate that they are worth more than $10 million a year. they agreed to get their name on the brooklyn nets. levi agreed to pay $11 million to put its name on the home of the 49ers. in 1996 pacific bell agreed to pay $2 million a year to put its name on what is now at&t park. home of course of the san francisco giants. president obama is weighing in on the hot topic in hollywood. he told our sister station how he felt about the uh sh -- about the academy nominating only white artists. >> the industry should do what every other industry does. look for talent and provide opportunity to everybody. i think the oscar debate is an expression of the issue are we making sure everybody is getting a fair shot.
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>> president obama thinks california is an example of the incredible diversity. [no audio]. weather just be careful. high surf advisory thursday at 4:00 p.m. until friday and current wave heights 7 to 9 feet. certainly a possibility of rip currents and sneaker waves.
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el nino's influence continues as that storm is approaching. the waves will go up. right now the temperatures are in the mid40s to the low 50s. here is a beautiful view from our tower camera looking at san francisco. patchy morning fog. mild for thursday afternoon. rain arrives on friday and there is another chance of this upcoming weekend. we are pointing it toward the ferry building and right now it is clear. tomorrow morning there will be patchy fog and the temperatures in the 40s, 50s, high cloud and sun. it is right on through the afternoon with more mild weather and then it clouds up by the evening. temperatures are dropping to the 50s. you know a storm has been coming. one is light and five is severe. the one coming late thursday into friday is a one. we will see rain basically from .05 to half an inch. light wippedz with this system. here is a look at the time line. 10:00 p.m. thursday night. that's tomorrow night. could see a few sprinkles
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going into the north bay. 5:00 a.m. commute time. most are dry, but not in the north bay. as we head toward 9:00 a.m. we will shift to the east bay. friday afternoon definitely wet as we head toward friday evening's rush. you'll want to make sure you have the rain gear with you because we will see the wet weather continuing through friday night before it departs. then there are other opportunities for rain as well for the weekend. as far as rainfall totals, most areas are .05 to quarter of an inch. up to half an inch in santa rosa. as we look at the time line for the weekend, early saturday morning could see a few more showers. as we head toward sunday morning more showers develop, but mainly toward the south. it turns breezy to windy behind the system. our reservoirs could use some rain.
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488 billion gallons have been added since september so deaf -- so definitely good, but still running behind. folsom lake is 72% of average. if you are traveling to the sierra, and we need the snow, snow level 8,000 on friday and dropping to 3,000 so the passes will be impacted. could see up to a foot on sunday night. morning lows in the low 40s to the low 50s. we will see a little fog tomorrow and then for the afternoon, the clouds are thickest to the north and the south. mild day and 60s for most of you. we will bring in a couple of systems. friday and saturday into sunday and then tuesday into wednesday. notice the slide in temperatures. the weekend will be cooler. in the 50s. winter's back. still ahead on abc7 news
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as a san francisco giant are numbered. but if the social media pioneer gets his way he will be in the orange and black this spring. the co-founder of my space is a huge lincecum fan. he offered to pay the free agent's salary if they keep him here in san francisco. anderson made the offer this morning through a tweet. by the way, lincecum's salary last year was $18 million. >> there are fans and then there are fans. that's really stipping up. >> he is not getting anywhere near 18 million. >> do you think this guy will
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pony up? >> i am holding on to my my face stock. i am waiting for the bounce. other sports news, steph curry a mere mortal. clay thompson put on the cape
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the warriors have lost only four games all season. one of those losses came against dallas with steph curry sidelined. the mavs came to down minus nowitzki who was resting. steph was quiet. clay was not. the mavs' owner mash -- mark cuban. security.
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where's your pass? dubs up 12 in a flash. he was at the game watching his boy, powell. clay scored 14 straits for the warriors and buries the threw and then the finger role. third quarter and chandler parsons and mavs within one. a steph sighting. 14 for steph sph more from -- and more from clay. 59-point lead. more buckets with authority. a season high 45. warriors roll 127-47. somebody cool down clay, please. >> do you get a sense when one of you guys are there.
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>> thank you for your time. >> i'll get them back. >> the student section is ready to rock in boulder. colorado and stanford. there is your parent's tuition money. the cardinals were down 14 at the half. roscoe alan for two of his career high. lights out from deep. george king and good to be the king. 91-75. a similar fate in salt lake city, utah. wide open. and an nba move right here. 12 points with 12 boards. uts take control. we'll finish on the positive note. brown went for 27 right there. cal falls 73-64. 10 advice down under.
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now it is 9-0 and he jumps all over the serve. serena hasn't dropped a set yet. first big serve and she takes the first. she has won all six previous that she has played. serena williams keeps going and going and going. >> that's quick. >>
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we appreciate your time. >> from all of us here at abc7 news thank you for joining us. right now on "jimmy kimmel
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live," shaq. enjoy that. >> have fun. and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shaquille o'neal, from "how to be single" alison brie, and music from banners, with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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