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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. donald trump standing his ground overnight firing back at fox. >> i was not treated well by fox. you know, how much of this do you take? >> and megyn kelly. >> i think she's highly overrated. >> ted cruz taunts trump daring him to a one-on-one debate offering more than a million dollars to charity. tonight's debate stage now set. trump still promises he won't be on it. >> breaking news. state of crisis. the dangerous zika virus spreading. the world health organization saying alarmt level is extremely high. it could become an explosive pandemic. more than 20 cases in the u.s. we're talking to one of the nation's top health officials. are we on the verge of an outbreak. breaking overnight, new
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arrests in that massive manhunt as three escaped inmates remain at large. now an exclusive look inside the maximum security jail, the fugitives sawed through it to break free. authorities now warn they could be anywhere. ♪ you like me now super bowl bound quarterback cam newton criticized for everything from his end zone celebrations to his fashion choices saying he's being attacked because of the color of his skin. now, the so-called superman is letting his playing do the talking as he gets ready for a huge showdown. ♪ and good morning, america. let's keep that how you like me now going. it applies to cam newton. who else does it apply to? donald trump right now. no question about it. what a scene last night. donald trump toe to toe with bill o'reilly on fox news. all signs he did not convince him to take the debate stage. >> take a look at these poll numbers gaining momentum in iowa now at 32%. is trump, though, taking a risk
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not showing up at tonight's debate. >> or is he keeping his momentum going? that is the big question now. he'll hold his own event in des moines and tweeted out a couple other candidates will join him there as well. both stages set. just four days until the iowa caucuses. it's "your voice, your vote" and we begin with tom llamas in des moines. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george good morning. this gop debate fiasco has turned into a price fight now. snard cruz booked a venue in iowa to debate trump one on one and a super pac says they'll pony up $1.5 million and donate it to a veterans group if trump shows up. overnight the gop drama starring donald trump taking wild turns. >> i don't think not showing up at the debate tomorrow night is good for america. >> reporter: first trump appearing on the very network whose debate he's boycotting.
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>> i was not treated well by fox and i said, you know, how much of this do you take? i have zero respect for megyn kelly. i don't think she's very good at what she does. i think she's highly overrated. >> in your christian faith -- >> reporter: host bill o'reilly turning to the bible suggesting trump channel his christian values and appear at tonight's debate instead of hosting his own event at drake university. >> you know it's called an eye for an eye also. you can look at it that way. >> that's old testament. no, no, no. >> bill, you are taking -- >> if you're the christian, the eye for the eye goes out. here's what it is. turning the other cheek. right here. >> you're taking this much more seriously than i am. >> reporter: asking trump if he's being too sensitive. >> a lot of people thought when you started to run that this was a joke, that you're a buffoon. you know it all. but now -- >> i don't think they thought i was a buffoon. what kind of a statement is that? >> reality guy -- >> not a nice way of expressing. no, they thought i wouldn't run. >> reporter: overnight another development. >> in a one-on-one debate mano a mano.
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>> reporter: the cruz team sending this letter to the trump campaign announcing the duel which reads in part, we owe it to the men and women of iowa. >> so, we have a venue. we have a time all we're missing is a candidate. >> reporter: the trump campaign calling this a desperate attempt to gain more publicity and that the cruz campaign is failing in iowa. i caught up with cruz after his late night rally. you think donald trump is afraid to debate you personally. >> actions speak louder than words. i would welcome him in sioux city saturday night. we have a venue, a town hall and at the end of the day i don't think he's afraid of megyn kelly. i don't even think he's afraid of me. i think he's afraid of the people of iowa. doesn't want to answer their questions or defend his record. >> reporter: and as for that $1.5 million in superpac money going to a veterans' charity if
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trump shows up. the campaign says it's dirty money and they also said they're open to a debate in the country where cruz was born. canada. amy. >> thank you. a lot to talk about on the democratic side, as well bernie sanders and hillary clinton now neck and neck in iowa. a new poll out this morning showing sanders at 45%. that's within three points of hillary, meaning they are statistically tied. abc's jon karl has the very latest from des moines. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. with just four days to go until those iowa caucuses, the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is getting heated and personal. overnight before an overflow crowd in mason city, iowa, bernie sanders took this shot at hillary clinton. >> my opponent is not in iowa tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. >> reporter: the clinton campaign hit back noting that
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hillary also met with nearly 50 african-american ministers from across the country while in philadelphia. clinton called out sanders for his recent attacks on her high speaking fees. >> senator sanders has started to get increasingly personal with his attacks even compared me to dick cheney last week which, you know, is kind of a low blow. >> reporter: earlier in the day sanders was back in washington traveling to the white house to meet with the man he hopes to replace. >> the president and i discussed this morning a number of issues. >> reporter: sanders emerged from the 45-minute meeting predicting he can pull off an iowa upset over clinton. >> if there is a large turnout i think we win. >> reporter: while president obama's pledged he'll remain neutral in the race clinton is doing everything she can to embrace him. >> i don't think president obama gets the credit he deserves. >> thank you all. >> reporter: but there are signs of bernie sanders' momentum everywhere in iowa even at this clinton event in a bowling alley. >> 60% bernie, 40% hillary right
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now. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is hoping for a boost from bill clinton. the former president will look like a candidate himself. he has 13 campaign events in iowa between now and the caucuses. that's even a busier schedule, george, than hillary clinton. >> my goodness. that's what he loves. jon karl, stand by. i'm here with matt dowd, our political analyst. yesterday you posed the question on donald trump, would his refusal to go to the debate be seen as a sign of strength or weakness. 24 hours later? >> his supporters are sticking with him through thick and thin in the course of this. i don't think that's a problem at this point. it's interesting, everybody that opposes donald thinks it was a bad idea. everybody that supports donald thinks it was a good idea. >> at a minimum he's owning the news cycle but poses a bit of a question for fox news, for trump and other candidates. no empty podium at the debate tonight but how do the moderators and other candidates handle trump with him not on the stage.
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>> this is going to be a fascinating conversation because i think they may talk about trump more now than they did if he was at the debate. i think ted cruz is more disappointed than fox news that donald trump isn't at the debate because i think ted cruz is now behind donald trump. ted cruz needs to start worrying about marco rubio. rubio is starting to gain momentum in iowa. if he isn't careful marco rubio could come up and finish second. >> you talked about the momentum for bernie sanders in iowa right now. but that latest poll out this morning shows hillary clinton with a small lead, basically a dead heat, right now in these final days and he had that meeting with president obama yesterday. he pretty much had to do that after seeming to put on the scale for hillary earlier in the week. >> the president says he's neutral in this race and couldn't turn down a meeting with bernie sanders. but while hillary clinton has been embracing obama out here it is bernie sanders trying to pull off a replay of what obama did here in iowa eight years ago,
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owner jazzing young supporters. and pulling off an upset win in iowa over hillary clinton. >> matthew, the clinton campaign has to worry about deja vu. thought they had a lead going into the caucuses eight years ago. >> if they let bernie sanders win iowa he will win new hampshire and then this race totally resets in a different territory than they ever thought. >> matthew dowd and jon karl, thanks very much. to amy. some major developments in that weeks' long standoff in oregon between armed anti-government protesters and law enforcement. overnight police making more arrests as one of the jailed leaders calls on remaining militants to stand down and go home. abc's neal karlinsky is in burns, oregon, with the latest. good morning to you, neal. >> reporter: good morning, amy. even though it's harder to get a handle on what's going on out there at the compound we do know for certain their numbers are
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definitely beginning to dwindle. this morning, jailed militant leader ammon bundy speaking out through his attorney and making an about-face telling his remaining supporters holed up on federal land to give up and go home. >> i love you. let us take this fight from here. please stand down. >> reporter: overnight the fbi taking into custody three more protesters, each facing one federal felony count of conspiracy. police tightening their grip on the remaining militants now sealed off by heavily armed fbi s.w.a.t. teams at roadblocks eight miles out as we found out when approaching. >> we can't let anyone through this way. >> reporter: police spoke out wednesday but gave no details about how lavoy finicum ended up shot to death by law enforcement, following a traffic stop and sweeping series of arrests along a rural road. the action leaving the occupation's leadership behind bars but at a deadly price. >> didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life.
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sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: the group's supporters claim finicum was murdered while surrendering. >> they shot lavoy literally murdered him and was ambushed. >> but an alleged witness in the convoy says that's not what happened. >> he charged at the law enforcement. he was not on his knees. there was a miscommunication. >> reporter: this morning investigators here are still sorting it all out and conducting a full investigation. out at the compound we have an understanding there are only five militants left raising hopes this long siege may soon be over. george. >> thanks, neal. we turn to the latest on that zika virus linked to a severe birth defect. the alarm level is extremely high and spreading explosively around the world. at least 21 zika cases in the u.s. and we're joined now from the national institute of
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health. >> indeed, it is because the outbreak in south america particularly in brazil and the caribbean certainly is expanding at an alarming way and the association and, again, geographically with this birth defect when the virus infects pregnant women although the evidence for that not definitive. it's highly suggestive that there is this association with microcephaly and have you two things, a brand-new pandemic in progress and evolving in the western hemisphere. at the same time that you're seeing these disturbing sequela in pregnancy of infants born with this very, very difficult disability. yeah. >> spreading in the u.s. as well. ten states right now, how severe is the threat to pregnant women here? >> well, we're going to see people who visit the areas, the regions in south america and in the caribbean who will come back to the united states and be ill having been bitten by mosquitoes in the region. that's a big difference than
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people who are spreading the virus locally in the united states. so, thus far, we have not seen local spread except in puerto rico and in the virgin islands. >> finally i know you met with president obama in the white house yesterday. what's the action plan to address the spread of this virus and are the olympics in brazil at risk? >> we spent over an hour and a half with the president in the situation room talking about the plans of the cdc for the kinds of control, the research agenda both at the cdc and the nih, better diagnostic, really an accelerated aggressive approach to developing vaccines with regard to the olympics, what the brazilians are doing and planning is probably the best way and the immediate manner to curtail this is that very aggressive vector control and by vector control getting rid of mosquitoes from the standpoint of insecticides but also getting rid of the breeding grounds of mosquitoes, standing water in
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pots, tires, things like that and the brazilian government is taking a very aggressive approach to do that. >> dr. fauci, thanks for your time this morning. >> good to be with you. >> this is so serious and all of you can get the latest on the zika virus on our site, on yahoo! now to cecilia vega here with today's other top stories. you're starting with another health crisis, this contaminated water in flint. >> that's right. michigan's governor overnight releasing stark new details about the severity of the water crisis in flint saying about 200 children have elevated levels of lead in their blood. it comes as investigators say the lead level in the city's water supply has been trending better but that it is still too dangerous to drink. new details in that los angeles bound american airlines flight forced to return to london. the jumbo jet making an emergency landing after passengers and crew members suddenly got sick. one flight attendant collapsed in the aisle. investigators found no evidence of hazardous substances, airflow
7:15 am
contamination may be the cause. and take a look at this, a trucker in jeopardy dangling from an icy pennsylvania hillside is alive thanks to this group of strangers who formed a human chain. more than half a dozen people there holding that big rig steady until they could pull the driver from the smashed cab. and we have an anniversary to mark, the space shuttle "challenger" disaster was 30 years ago today. there will be ceremonies nationwide to honor the seven crew members who died when "challenger" exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. and easy victory for serena williams, means she is now headed to the finals of the australian open for the seventh time. and finally, what is more fun than watching your favorite hoop star nail a spectacular shot just check out the cavaliers j.r. smith's backboard pass to lebron james there to slam it in. not that unusual for lebron but
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set this kid off into a major happy dance that made everyone watching smile right there with him. that is like me on friday after work. >> i've seen you do that. >> yes. >> oh. >> that was fantastic. >> we'll continue the sports theme. to the super bowl and panthers quarterback cam newton lightning fast on the field and a bit of a lightning rod for critics as well this morning speaking out and abc's ryan smith has the details. >> reporter: he's been called everything from a showboat. >> that's an extended celebration if you're an opponent. >> reporter: to immature. but this morning cam newton, the end zone dabbing quarterback of the carolina panthers. >> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> reporter: is saying the reason behind some of that criticism is the color of his skin. >> i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can
7:17 am
compare me to. >> gets up, skipping along, takes a bow. >> reporter: newton saying wednesday his on-field exuberance is nothing new and that despite the criticism he's staying true to himself. >> i'm doing exactly what i want to do, how i want to do it and when i look in the mirror, it's me. >> reporter: his comments lighting up the internet. some claiming hypocrisy, the end zone dances of white quarterbacks are celebrated. not maligned. while others saying of newton, a prerehearsed dance is never classy regardless of race. the panthers coach saying he identifies with his star player. >> some people want to tag me as a hispanic head coach. i just want to be tagged as a head coach. i don't think he wants to be known as an african-american quarterback but as a quarterback and a great one at that. >> reporter: for newton he says there's another reason his critics have him in their cross hairs. >> the only thing that changed is we're winning. >> newton stressing he doesn't live for critics or to suit an image, that nobody has changed him. his fans hoping he doesn't
7:18 am
change on the field. a super bowl win would make him the third quarterback to win the college national championship and super bowl, guys. >> he's really a target but fun to watch. >> fun to watch and a lot of people say, hey, he's just being himself. >> reminds me of joe namath. >> got to love that he chose number one too. >> to rob. tornado in florida? >> yeah, two of them. this is the video from one in broward county around ft. lauderdale. damage, as well up to 100-mile-an-hour winds flipping cars, shredding up rooftops and threat for more today. flood watch in effect west palm, seeing almost 5 inches of rainfall. there you see the moisture. eventually clearing out tonight.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. starting off with a few low clouds and high clouds and quiet this morning. sprinkles are possible in the north bay as clouds increase today. two weekend storms, post likely friday and saturday. saturday a scattered shower is possible and weak storms next week. look at today's temperatures, we are mild from santa rosa at 60 to san jose at 67678 much milder tonight. temperatures in 50s with light rain in the north bay that will >> it is cold again in the northeast. more snow coming to new york. no, flakes, see you in 30 minutes. >> coming up on "gma" we've got an exclusive look inside the jail those prisoners escaped from as the manhunt grows.
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this morning phone systems, how well do they work. our experiment coming up. friends on the adventure of a lifetime. they've had to be saved at sea nine times. so is it worth it? they'll join us coming up. i like your style ♪ ♪ hooked it just a little bit ♪ (window breaks, car alarm sounds) ♪ don't open that cellar door ♪ ♪ epic comeback starts right here ♪ lucky shot. ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmm increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base.
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thieves attacked her yesterday. she told police that the brazen purse-snatchers were a man and woman in their 20s. let's check on the morning commute with sue hall. >> thanks, reggie. reports of a motorcycle down. 80 westbound in the hov lane, by gillman. there is a live shot. you could see golden gate fields at the top of your screen and the university overcrossing. traffic is jammed through the area with an hour and 12 minute drive from hercules
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123450. good morning. tracking sprinkles across the north bay. and that is the case as the rest of us see increasing clouds.
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a beautiful sunrise. a beautiful glow coming from the sun this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s at the coast. a rough surf this afternoon. sprinkles across the north bay. low to mid-60s for most of us. coming up, the sailors attempting a daring voyage but they have just been arescued for the ninth time. are they putting crews in jeopardy. the news
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that pair of sailors standing by are on a daring adventure from norway to the u.s., but they've had to be rescued nine times at sea in the past seven months. do they think it's all worth it and they certainly have their critics. we'll let them respond. we're going to talk to them in just a bit. >> looking forward to that. right now gop contenders getting ready to face off in tonight's debate. all but donald trump. overnight he says he's definitely not going to show up. will not be part of the fireworks. new polls show he's on top in all the early states. also this morning, the world health organization announced they're forming an emergency committee to address the zika virus. just moments ago one of america's top health officials told us the cdc is planning an aggressive approach. also this morning, so many of us rely on those digital apps like siri to answer our question, tell us where to go.
7:31 am
how right are they? well, we have a really fun experiment coming up this morning. you'll have to wait for that. >> define fun. >> funny. >> okay. looking forward to that. but we are going to begin with new developments in the california prison escape. police made several arrests connected to the case but the three fugitives are still on the loose. this morning kayna whitworth takes us inside the jail for an exclusive first look at how the prisoners may have escaped. good morning, kayna. >> authorities say more arrests in this case are imminent and as you mentioned we were granted exclusive access inside the jail and on to the roof where we learned more about the details in these court documents things like deputies finding two pairs of inmate issued sandals on the roof and a blanket in a tree. this morning, abc news, the first, taking you inside the maximum security jail where these three allegedly violent criminals escaped seven days ago. overnight, authorities making
7:32 am
multiple arrests in connection with the search. >> so are these people affiliated with this gang? >> some of them are. not all of them but certainly that's where we've been placing the focus. >> reporter: but jonathan tieu, hossein nayeri and bac duong remain at large. authorities say they cut and moved aside the barbed wire and anchored their ropes and repelled down the building. court documents shedding new light on the elaborate escape. authorities say the prisoners went from a door to the plumbing system and fashioned a rope sling to pull themselves up into the ventilation tunnels. how the escape happened without being noticed still unexplained. >> they had to have tools to do that and so we're still investigating where and how they got those tools, because it's very obvious it's not something that they could have manufactured inside the jail. >> reporter: the sheriff believes that this man was the mastermind.
7:33 am
>> was calculating a way to get out of the jail. >> reporter: jonathan tieu and bac duong stand accused of murder and attempted murder with gang ties. new photos showing tattoos and markings. investigators now pressing vietnamese communities for information hoping the $200,000 reward will help. >> there's fear in the community, i also wanted to reassure them that we're doing everything we can to get these individuals back into custody. >> reporter: the sheriff saying this is her worst nightmare to have someone escape from her jail and moving forward her biggest question is how these inmates got their hands on the tools they used to cut themselves out. amy. >> all right, kayna, thank you so much. and now to a new twist in the case of that illinois cop who staged his suicide making it look like a murder. officials believe he actually stole thousands of dollars from a youth police group and his widow has been indicted. alex perez has the story.
7:34 am
>> he was my best friend. >> reporter: this morning the widow of fox lake illinois police lieutenant joe gliniewicz free on bail. >> did you want to say anything to the people who supported you? >> reporter: melody gliniewicz is saying nothing after being indicted in suburban chicago wednesday accused of conspiring with her husband who officials believe embezzled thousands of dollars from his police department's youth program. police say in september, the officer nicknamed g.i. joe killed himself staging his suicide to look like a homicide. >> do you need a second unit? >> go ahead. >> reporter: even radioing for help fearing his alleged misuse of funding would be exposed. but prosecutors now say melody was in on the scheme alleging the pair misspent more than $10,000 belonging to the youth program which joe ran for approximately 20 years including financing a trip to hawaii and more than 400 restaurant bills. the couple even posting photos
7:35 am
from some of those outings on social media. >> money from this explorer account that was supposed to be used for explorer purposes was being used for personal reasons. >> reporter: in the days after her husband's death, melody defended him. the community initially embracing her as she grieved but her attorneys now saying she too was deceived. melody is a victim of her husband's secret actions and looks forward to her day in court to show the world her innocence. melody is charged with misuse of charitable funds and money laundering, if convicted she could face up to seven years in prison. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> all right, our thanks to alex for that. coming up, so many use features like siri to answer our questions. how do they really stack up? we'll try them out next.
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back now at 7:39 with a closer look at virtual assistants like siri. how well do they really work? "the new york times" put them to
7:40 am
the test and our gio benitez has the results. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the future. >> library computer. >> background on actor anton caridean. >> reporter: today it's the butt of jokes. >> siri, how do you perform cpr on a dog? >> i found four places named starbucks. >> reporter: just about all of us have virtual personal assistants on our smartphones, apple has siri. google has google. microsoft has cortana and amazon, alexa so technology reporter brian chen created an experiment. he asked the virtual assistants to complete 16 tasks in categories like music, productivity, travel and commuting, dining, entertainment and sports. >> apple was really good at productivity things like calendar and e-mail. google is much better at commute related tasks like mapping. microsoft was actually pretty
7:41 am
mediocre across the board and alexa is really good at music so despite them all claiming they're pretty good at everything they're all pretty focused and concentrated on certain tasks. >> reporter: so we decided to conduct our own experiment putting three virtual assistants up against each other with one of chen's questions. about the super bowl. >> hey, siri, who is playing in the super bowl? >> super bowl 50 will be played on february 7th. >> reporter: but she didn't say who so now we test cortana. who is playing in the super bowl? so this basically came up with a search option, okay, google -- >> denver broncos will take on the carolina panthers. >> reporter: we got our answer. microsoft and amazon have not commented. google tells us it's graded answers questioning about the best flights to your destination, find out where your next meeting is or fire off a quick message to a friend. and apple tells us siri has gotten faster and smarter. and that she has but, guy, i wasn't supposed to be here this morning. but it didn't quite work.
7:42 am
my personal assistant couldn't get me there. messed me up. >> or did you oversleep? >> yeah. >> but we did get "gma" producer cameron brock out there. he's at a smarthome to show us another device. i'm so sorry, man. >> it's siri's fault. >> it's okay and, you know, good thing is that i automatically get here. so, this thing controls like everything in the house with this tablet. does the blinds, it will actually turn on and off the tv. and using my voice, i can control the music, alexa, turn off the music. and the light, alexa, turn off the floor lamp. >> hey. >> that alexa is a smart gal. >> yeah. >> not smart enough to get gio to work. >> didn't work quite well with the directions but i use it every day with my calendar
7:43 am
through siri. >> thanks, gio. now, get home. coming up, everybody, those two determined sailors trying to cross the atlantic. joining us exclusively opening up about the dangers and their adventures at sea. tyra banks has a big announcement saying she's a mom. we'll tell you all about it coming up. >> for a long time it's so funny when i was 23 years old. coming up. >> for a long time it's so funny when i was 23 years old. medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. it's the only light greek yogurt with zero preservatives.
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we're back now with those friends on the adventure of a lifetime. 71-year-olds steve shapiro and bob weise. attempting to sail their boat from norway to the coast of maine. it hasn't been so easy and had to call rescue teams nine times in the last seven months. they're joining us in just a moment but first a look at their journey. for steve shapiro and bob weise, everything that could go wrong -- >> well, there goes my boat. >> reporter: -- has. a broken ladder today. since setting sail on their epic journey from norway to the u.s., seven months ago rescue crews have swarmed in to help them nine different time, a dead battery near denmark, propeller problems off the coast of scotland. in ireland they ran aground and just this tuesday their boat tipped over causing a fire.
7:48 am
>> it's not fair to all these rescue services to spend a fortune. >> reporter: despite the opinions of fellow sailors. >> you're not capable. of managing a ship. >> reporter: for this pair it's america or bust. >> as i told one of the coast guard fellow, he said, you guys could sink. and i said, you know, there are worst places to die than at sea. >> joining us now from cornwall in the uk, bob weise and steve shapiro. after nine emergency calls you've been described as a catastrophe waiting to happen. authorities have asked you to stop. why haven't you? >> well, first of all they weren't emergency calls. we left a very accommodating group of scots in inverness and border control like our homeland security people advised us to be in touch. >> sir robin knox-johnston has
7:49 am
said this is no longer a joke. it's costing between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds every time a lifeboat is launched. these guys are costing us a fortune. they need to pack it in or i hate to say it, or get the hell out of our waters. >> he ought to revisit history and realize we've won the war. >> the point is -- >> the contributions are mutual. >> it costs them money but if they're not out looking for us, they're out practicing and we give them good practice. so it costs money. >> you're both 71 years old. why make this voyage now. >> this is a very simple question and i've answered it and people aren't satisfied with the answer. i bought a boat in norway. i wanted to take it home to maine. the only way i could get there would be to sail it. it's not an adventure. i'm not trying to prove anything. i want to take it home and enjoy my boat. beautiful boat. very solid and we're enjoying it.
7:50 am
>> for me the opportunity was great, steve and i went to college together and hooked up on facebook in march and we've had a great journey since then and i think we'll continue. >> we are wishing you the very best and godspeed. bob weise and steve shapiro, thanks for being with us. >> thank you for letting us confront popular opinions. >> good morning, america. >> did he just blow him a kiss? >> he did. they reunited on facebook. giving a lot of the rescue crews good practice. >> yeah. one way to look at it. >> you can tell they're from maine. >> yes. >> straightforward. >> when we get back at the top of the hour we'll take you inside oprah's secret call with her fellow weight watchers, why she's saying this time around her weight loss is completely different. >> so, i don't deny myself bread. so, i don't deny myself bread.
7:51 am
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for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. new this valentine's day at jared, kay and zales. welcome back to "gma." three or four days past the blizzard. in the big cities you look like this, big piles of dirty snow. the melting coming to a bit of a slowdown with cooler air rolling into the area. temperatures below freezing tonight and i think saturday morning, as well. maybe a dusting of snow across new york city. that should be about it on friday. this weathercast brought to you by kay jeweler's.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be. ght to you by panera bread. food as it should be.
7:56 am
good morning. i'm abc 7 news morning anchor natasha zouves. let's head over to mike nicco with a check of your forecast. >> good morning, everybody. a few sports across the -- sprinkles across the north bay. tomorrow, 60 to 67 degrees under increasing clouds. light rain across the north bay. the rest of us get it tomorrow. our storm impact scale, light, number one. that is friday, sunday, tuesday. sue. >> a lot of red on the traffic map at this hour. 7:56. an accident at southbound 101 before 92 slow and go across the san mateo bridge and the nimitz freeway as well. natasha. taking on victoria secret.
7:57 am
did they steal her line. and another update in 30 minutes. and always on our news app and at the news continues now with good morning america.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we have oprah's secret meeting overnight. a private call with weight watchers members where she reveals that she was at her wit's end dealing with her weight. she says this time is different when it comes to dealing with food reminding her fellow members to never give up. parenting alert this morning. the challenge that just landed a 14-year-old in the hospital. so many teens posting photos and videos trying to outdo each other using duct tape. the bizarre viral trend that could put your kids in danger. ♪ i'm on top of the world baby surprise. tyra banks is a mom revealing overnight she's just welcomed a son by surrogate calling him the best present that she's worked and prayed for. meet little york this morning. ♪ the final countdown and an all-star lineup for
8:01 am
the super bowl from alec baldwin for amazon. >> ah, brilliant. >> to christopher walken for kia. >> are you looking for these? >> to you'll never guess who's behind this one. ♪ happy birthday mr. super bowl ♪ >> the celebrities headed for the big game extravaganza. ♪ bang bang ♪ into the room all that and wayne brady here live in times square as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ let me take you there and good morning, america. robin on assignment today but it's great to have wayne brady here. he is here this morning. you know he's doing "kinky boots" on broadway and this morning, he's going to do a little bit of that, also make a special breakfast rap. >> looking forward to that. >> r-a-p. >> oh. breakfast rap. i had visions of bacon. got it. i was thinking eggs. all right. and then we have a story that all parents need to hear. it's a big headline about kids and some possible frightening side effects from
8:02 am
antidepressants. dr. jennifer ashton is here with important details every parent needs to know. and also this morning we're counting down to valentine's day with a special edition of "deals & steals." tory is here with sweet savings for your loved ones starting at just $9. you go, girl. >> all right, that is all coming up. let's go to cecilia now with the morning rundown. good morning, guys. the big story, will he or won't he? donald trump still insisting that he will not participate in tonight's gop debate on fox news. trump telling bill o'reilly last night he was pushed away by fox news anchor megyn kelly, still enjoying a wide lead in the polls, trump's closest competitor is upping the ante. ted cruz has challenged trump to a one-on-one debate. trump tweeting, "okay, can we do it in canada?" and three more members of that armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon are now under arrest. they turned themselves in overnight. the group's leader ammon bundy speaking out from his jail cell is urging the remaining
8:03 am
militants to leave the refuge and go home. and overseas authorities in austria are investigating the mysterious death of a young american who had been working as a nanny. abc's alex marquardt is in vienna with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, investigators in vienna mystified about the death of 25-year-old american lauren mann. a police spokesman told us the case is being treated as a a murder but the autopsy concluded that she suffocated to death. she was found dead on tuesday night of this apartment she had been living in. this is the front door of her apartment here on the second floor of the building. after she didn't show up for work, firemen forced their way in. you can see now it's been sealed off. there's also a light fixture down here. when they went in, they found that all the lightbulbs in the apartment had been burned out. mann had been studying in austria and working as a nanny for the past three years. her host family said she was very reliable. and when she didn't pick up one of the children from school they
8:04 am
got concerned and called the police. mann's body was found half naked on her mattress with a pool of blood but a preliminary autopsy showed no external wounds. mann's neighbor told us the neighborhood is very peaceful and safe. >> it was absolutely surprising, something you would never expect. >> reporter: friends have been questioned and the police are looking for more. but for now there are no suspects and no arrests have been made. for "good morning america," alex marquardt, abc news, vienna. >> and our thanks to alex. well, we should all be so lucky. barbie is well into her 50s and still sporting a perfect body that somehow never manages to change, at least not until now. barbie has a whole new look just unveiled by "time" magazine. actually three new looks, curvy barbie, tall barbie and petite barbie, the most dramatic transformation in barbie's 57-year history with the new shapes are available online today. a candidate for the dumbest criminal ever.
8:05 am
he broke into an alabama business carrying a crowbar and there he is staring straight into the security camera. he steps away then he comes back, yep, getting even closer to the lens. police now searching for a name to match that very well-known face. amy, that was for you. i know you like your dumb criminals, amy. but we turn to you now with that big headline for parents this morning. >> thank you, cecilia. that just made my thursday. appreciate that. right now we do have an alarming report that is getting a lot of attention this morning suggesting that children who take some common antidepressants may be more likely to become aggressive and have suicidal thoughts than was previously believed. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here with the latest and, jen, tell us about this study. what did think find? >> so, this is the actual study right here, amy. this is what we call a meta analysis, so these researchers looked at many other studies, many other reviews, they teased through what they thought was data really done with a good method and what they found was
8:06 am
that in adolescents and children taking antidepressants, there was a doubling in their risk of aggressive behavior and restlessness. really one of the first times that those two particular end points were studied in a cumulative manner like this. now, there can be flaws with the methodology here, so you really have to take this with a grain of salt, but it brings up what are the risks in this age group with this medication. >> so as a doctor, what do you tell parents in light of this new study if they have a child who is suffering? >> listen, it's a very complex decision-making process. i encourage people, think like a doctor. you want to ask four questions, what are the risks of taking this medication, what are the risks of not taking the medication then you have to ask the flip side, what are the benefits of taking the medication and what are the benefits of not taking the medication and then you have to factor in alternatives like exercise, psychotherapy, a holistic approach and weigh that for the individual. this is not cookie cutter.
8:07 am
>> and let me play strong devil's advocate there. there are people who believe children should not be taking these type of medications at all for any reason. how do you respond? >> you can't throw out the baby with the bathwater. here, in fact, we reached out to the american psychiatric association last night that said in the right patient, these medications can be life-saving so this has to be individualized and wrap this in to a mental health professional team approach, parent, child, medical and psychiatric team and make that decision on a case-by-case basis. >> thanks so much. always available taking questions online on twitter. >> over to lara now. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." another big parenting alert this morning. this is about this duct tape challenge the kids are trying. it could be very dangerous. and we're also going inside oprah's secret meeting with fellow weight watchers. and then we're counting down to the super bowl with a look at some of this year's really amazing ads. and an old friend, wayne brady, starring on broadway and with us this morning. hello, my dear.
8:08 am
we're excited to talk to you. i understand you're doing a little breakfast rap. no eggs included. >> yes. >> we'll get into that coming up. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. (music) woman: i'll never remember all the projects, presentations, or meetings i gave up my nights for. (music's drums intensify) but days like this, i'll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. ♪ this is my fight song ♪ take back my life song (music)
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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at and we're back now with a parenting alert. it's about that latest viral trend that could put your kids in danger. it's called the duct tape challenge. it nearly killed one teen, and "nightline's" juju chang here to explain. hey, juju. >> hey, george, you're a parent, and you know what, this is a recipe for potential disaster. take a common household item in this case, duct tape, add a bunch of teenagers looking for a thrill or a bunch of likes online and, voila, the duct tape
8:13 am
challenge, which then invokes every parent's rant, it's all fun and games until somebody nearly gets killed. >> ha, ha. >> reporter: at first glance it seems harmless. yet the latest viral challenge among teens attracting millions of clicks turning dangerous. the duct tape challenge popping up all over the internet wrapping a person in duct tape and challenges them to escape, in most cases sitting in a chair but not always. >> no, i just regret doing that challenge that day. >> reporter: 14-year-old skylar fish took the challenge with his friends earlier this month standing up. >> i wanted to try it because i thought, oh, might be fun. but now i know it's not a good idea. >> reporter: but skylar's head hit the concrete causing a brain aneurysm. life-threatening injuries requiring 48 staples and maybe costing him an eye. >> i'm so thankful everything played out the way it did after
8:14 am
the accident happened because if it didn't, i wouldn't have my son right now. >> reporter: it's not the first dangerous challenge to become a fad. remember the cinnamon challenge, consuming a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without fluid, which some doctors say can cause long-term even permanent lung damage. and the kylie jenner challenge prompting teens to suck their lips into small glass containers. despite her protests, risking bruising and injury in the hopes of creating fuller more kylie jenner-like lips. skylar hopes his near-death experience will prevent others from putting themselves in a sticky situation. there are literally tens of thousands of these videos on youtube, and i was surfing around and found adults doing the challenge for charity. but skylar's mom is trying to warn everybody, stop and think, skylar spent roughly two weeks in the hospital before going to rehab. >> okay, so you already sparked a conversation on the couch right here.
8:15 am
ericka souter, editor of is here, as well. you know, kids have been doing dumb things forever but the internet does make it different. >> it does. it makes it a global phenomenon so kids aren't just competing with each other in their small towns or among their circle, but sharing the video and want likes and want other people to do it and try to one-up each other and create this frenzy and excitement that we didn't experience as teens doing silly stuff. >> it's egging each other on. every time i do these stories i have to look at my teen and say, really, do you see? >> does that work just saying, oh, look, something bad can happen? >> there are a couple of things, parents need to -- one of the things that helps is if you talk to your kids. parents told us that when they have a conversation with their child and it's not talking down to them or yelling at them, it's more of like, look, this is going on, this is scary, this can happen, their kids respond better and more likely to make better choices. doesn't always work but can work. >> i was telling you harper likes to ride an air mattress down the stairs these days and
8:16 am
i'm sort of torn. it's a tiny stair. let her have fun. of course. no postings. she's not allowed to post. >> kids think they're invincible. and that's part of the problem. they don't look at mortality the same way but that's why i think stories like skylar's can be helpful. they're cautionary tales. i looked at this challenge and thought, well, this isn't so bad. not as bad as the cinnamon challenge or surfing on the street but you can see what can happen. if you share what happens, if you show them there can be real consequences to silly things they do. >> duct taping your whole body. what can go wrong? >> everything. >> everything could go wrong. >> and if they ask, don't buy the duct tape. >> don't buy the duct tape. lock it away. >> that's a great nugget. a little takeaway for you. >> thank you, ericka. >> thank you. from duct tape parenting alert to oprah back in the headlines this morning for her secret meeting overnight with her fellow weight watchers. we told you how she has shed 26 pounds while enjoying bread. now we're getting an inside look at her secret strategies.
8:17 am
abc's abbie boudreau has the details. >> i don't deny myself bread. i have bread every day. >> reporter: overnight the queen of talk hosting a phone call exclusively for weight watchers members. oprah revealing how she dropped 26 pounds using the program since she became a part owner last fall. weight watchers' stock rising after the media mogul joined the company. >> i was really at my wit's end. i've actually done no carbs, vegan, protein shakes and green drinks all in one day. well, what's different for me this time is i've made the decision that it's not a diet and everybody has watched me, i've gone on a diet and then gone off the diet. the difference for me is i have made the shift to this is the way i'm going to live for the rest of my life. >> reporter: sharing her personal battle with food. >> beating yourself up, that no longer exists for me, and that's the beauty of this program. >> reporter: giving tips to members about putting yourself first. >> i get it in first. there is no me if you don't do
8:18 am
it first. the idea of putting yourself first is a foreign concept to a lot of women. >> reporter: and how to stay on track. >> rather than throwing in the towel, give yourself credit for every time you don't. every time you make a move in the direction of being accountable to the points, you build strength, and strength times strength equals power. >> reporter: oprah's celebrating her birthday later this week sharing words of encouragement. >> the ability to move freely inside your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. i'm going to turn 62. what i know more than ever is you have nothing without your health. >> reporter: reminding people to never give up. >> and the fact that we all have the courage to come together in community to say no matter how many times i've been challenged by it, i refuse to give up until i get it right.
8:19 am
i'm just here to not only share my story, but to try to be an inspiration to other people who want to share theirs. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i love those words, strength plus strength equals power. >> yeah, those are words to take home. absolutely. >> happy birthday to oprah. >> yeah. >> happy birthday. >> let's head outside to rob. >> hey, guys, listen, it's cold out so it's a good day to wear a hat, especially if you're one of the seven dwarfs which it's national have fun at work today. >> absolutely. >> so, what do you do at work? >> when i'm at work i whistle. >> that's shocking. >> what's the song? can you give me a whistle song. let's start. [ whistling "whistle while you work" ] >> nice work and you're here. by the way, snow white and the seven dwarfs available on hd digital and blu-ray available february 2nd. nice little disney plug there. we could see several inches across the pacific northwest. two, actually three storms coming in, we start the snow levels high and drop them. we'll see locally two feet of
8:20 am
snow on top of all of the fantastic powder they've had out there west. denver, you're mild until the snows come early next week. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. starting off with a few low clouds and high clouds and quiet this morning. sprinkles are possible in the north bay as clouds increase today. two weekend storms, post likely friday and saturday. saturday a scattered shower is possible and weak storms next week. look at today's temperatures, we are mild from santa rosa at 60 to san jose at 67678 much milder tonight. temperatures in 50s with light rain in the north bay that will >> all right, guys. that's national have fun at work day. what's more fun than "pop news." turn it over to lara. back inside. >> oh, thank you so much. i was just going to mention that. you are required to have fun in "pop news," everybody. breaking news this morning, great news too, tyra banks is a mother.
8:21 am
the former supermodel and her boyfriend of two years have welcomed a baby boy named york, york banks asla. tyra announcing the news that york arrived with the help of a surrogate sharing her excitement and gratitude with this instagram saying the best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. she also thanked the angel of a woman who carried her miracle baby boy. tyra previously opened up about struggling with fertility issues and her desire to be a mom on "the fablife," so we congratulate you all and i'm hopeful that everybody is healthy and happy. >> congratulations. hey, another surprise this morning for you. this time it's for shaquille o'neal. last night jimmy kimmel gave shaq the surprise of a lifetime revealing he will be honored by the lakers in a shaq-size way. his reaction was a slam dunk. take a look. >> this is -- and you don't know about this. this is a surprise to you. the lakers asked me to mention it. this is the statue of you they're putting up at the
8:22 am
staples center. >> seriously? >> seriously. i swear to god. [ cheers and applause ] >> no. >> i swear to god. >> not a joke, shaq. he's in great company. the staples center also has statues of legendary lakers like jerry west, magic johnson and kareem abdul-jabbar. before kimmel revealed the statue's rendering, he asked shaq which team he would represent if he were inducted into the basketball hall of fame and the four-time nba champ proudly said, the lakers. >> well, what are you going to say now? >> he had a great career with orlando. >> i know. >> the look on his face, the expression on his face was really heartwarming. >> yeah, it was really lovely. so far are you having fun on national have fun at work day? okay, good. take a look at this photo of a fan posing with bradley cooper. this is at the sundance film festival. see, the only problem is bradley cooper didn't go to the sundance film festival this year. the man is a doppelganger who is pretending -- >> the guy in the hat is not bradley cooper? >> wow. his smile.
8:23 am
>> he's been partying, crashing at the film festival. at one party, guys, he tried to use a screen shot on his phone from "the hangover," of course, as his i.d. needless to say, the cooper copy, his jig is up. he better go back to his silver linings playbook. >> nice. >> if he wants to continue partying with hollywood's hottest. >> he was having so much fun until you called him out. >> busted by security when the dope used his phone. >> he'll get plenty of jobs out of it. >> you think so? all right. bradley, be concerned. >> and finally, introducing timo, the cat locked in a battle of wits and physics with this hammock. take a look. >> oh. >> is that a cat hammock? >> it's a cat hammock, and this video was posted by his -- timo has a hard time figuring out how to get on his present. i mean -- >> it's hard being a cat in a hammock. >> oh. >> he has been outsmarted by
8:24 am
that pesky hammock for months. >> he's having fun at work today. >> watch, though. nine lifetimes ahead of him. timo, you got time on your side and his owners say that after months he finally figured it out. >> there we go. >> so cute. >> just a little, you know, note to all of us, just keep trying like timo did, and you too -- >> here's the ultimate test of national have fun at work day. we still have a minute left. >> can you fill it? ♪ >> it's not fair. lara is always getting told to wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. it's too short. >> and now she's getting this. this is what we get. >> what's new, everybody? >> i have a wicked cold. how about you? >> zycam. zycam works. >> terrific. anything else you want to talk about? 30 seconds. can we put the camera on them. you have no idea, america. you know how every day i'm like, we'll be right back.
8:25 am
well, today i have 30 more seconds. >> you have 30 more seconds. counting down to valentine's day and "deals & steals" and josh brolin coming in. we got wayne brady coming in. >> we still have 15 seconds. can you talk slower? >> we still have 15 seconds. >> and we also have some star power super bowl ads to bring to you. >> that's true. >> that should be fun. all the reasons why you should be tuning in. >> and we'll be right back. reasons why you should be tuning in and we'll be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm abc 7 news morning anchor natasha zouves. tightened security around super bowl city will affect people not attending. the golden gate ferry has undergone random security screening. passengers will have to post the game with their bags open. those heading to market street will also face airport-style security screenings. let's check your morning commute with sue hall. >> good morning. and the ferries are loading up and selling out quickly. the richmond san rafael bridge. an early accident, backed up past castro to harbor from the 80 split to marin county, about a 30-minute drive. san mateo bridge, bumper-to-bumper, earlier
8:28 am
problem, and 41 minutes now to get
8:29 am
good morning. thanks for sticking around. check out live doppler 7 hd. the rest of us will see increasing clouds. you could see the cloud deck over the east bay hills. looks ominous. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. a measurable chance of rain across the north bay tonight. the rest of us tomorrow. >> we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes and always
8:30 am
on our news app and at alexa, what is a snack stadium? >> a stadium built entirely of snacks. >> ah, brilliant. marino, new list. i'm going to need an architect, a five-star chef. >> snacks. >> that's funny. >> that's a matchup right there. alec baldwin and football hall of famer dan marino. dan marino is pretty funny. new super bowl ad, that's for amazon. one of many star-powered commercials. we have a sneak peek. >> i always love watching them. a sneak peek at the ones everybody will be talking about but right now you'll be talking about this. great bargains, "deals & steals" with amy. let's get over there. >> all right, guys. yes, we are counting down to valentine's day this morning and tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals," sweet savings on gifts for the ones you love. >> all right, so we're starting first, bringing back some kind of old-school fun with puzzles
8:31 am
so these are from you can upload a single photo or a variety of photos and you can make a fun collage, you can add text to them. so many different varieties and so many sizes, one of my favorites, this picture of you and robin. i love it. >> a moment of pure bliss. >> just sort of pauses or moment of time and gives somebody a lot of fun. big assortment. normally these range from $30 to $50, everything slashed by at least 54%, so $14 to $22 and on this deal, free shipping. >> that's great. i love that. such a clever gift. this is fun. >> this is fun too. this is men, women and kids from iken, watches and what's fun about these, one for you to hold on to, you get to choose all five pieces, put together the color palette you like, there's so many different things, a bezel face, a plain face, make matching ones for everything. whatever it is you like or buy the box set, a really good deal on these, as well. normally depending on what you
8:32 am
choose, 35 to 50, these are all slashed by 60% so a single $14 or box set, 20 bucks. >> yeah, i could see my girls having a lot of fun with these. >> and really fun building them. >> these are adorable. >> this is the heart collection of all leather bags, so isn't this gorgeous? >> nice. >> really fun little wristlets, there's all kinds of clutches, cross body bags, leather key chains, everything is beautiful. not only the pieces that you see here but there are more in the valentine's day collection when you go online. >> if you don't like the heart there's some lips right here. >> like that. >> you got lots to choose from. really beautiful colors and just beautiful quality, as well. normally these are starting at $55 up to $195 slashed by at least 65% so the whole collection, $19 to $59. >> that is a great deal. all leather too. >> all, leather. so this is one that i really love. this is one pulled out for you. these are all hand made in hawaii by katherine weitzman, a jewelry designer. this is her large heart shaker collection.
8:33 am
>> so pretty. >> you see those little crystals in there shake. there's a variety of colors of crystals to choose from, sterling silver or 18 karat gold over sterling silver. the six you see right here and really, really beautiful on the inside. these normally start at $185, they're slashed by 77%. >> whoa. >> $42 to $44. >> you can get one for every special someone in your life. >> really beautiful. >> speaking of beautiful, this is just beauty in my eyes right here. >> sweet, these are from brownie points. two different sets to choose from. what i love about the sweetheart set is that it's all individually wrapped, so, you know, if you're buying and not eating it all at once, you can save them as you go. all of their -- these are the most popular flavors, big assortment or they've got the love bites and these are the ones crispy on the outside and really soft and moist on the inside. can't go wrong with either one of these. >> so good. >> and a really good deal, normally $18 to $30, these are all slashed in half, $9 to 15
8:34 am
bucks. >> all right, those are amazing deals. no excuse not to get your sweetie something on valentine's day from here and thanks to all these companies for providing these great dees and you can head to on yahoo for these bargains plus three bonus deals you can only get online and, guys, anyone want brownies? we had chocolate cake. oh, you already have your own tray. i'm bringing more. come on, t.j. >> i'd rather have robach's love bites than george's love bites. let me go this route. >> that makes two of us. >> thank you. thanks, tor. oh, they are soft and moist on the inside. i just wanted to say that. >> you can never have enough brownies. >> very well done there. mm-mm. >> now you can't talk. so now to our super bowl countdown and those star-studded commercials we all love. we are on the road to the big game and this guy is here with a look at some of this year's most highly anticipated ads. t.j., you have some favorites.
8:35 am
>> i do have some favorites but right now i have been given 15 seconds to do my intro to the story. 15 seconds of ad time for the super bowl will cost you $2.5 million. for that amount of money companies are making sure they get their money's worth and bring out all the stops and celebrities. that's $2.5 million. >> roll 'em. >> neeson, schumer and rogen. williams. >> will you get the middle of my back? >> there is no back. >> i define myself. >> reporter: and wambach. >> you have to honor and own who you are, period. >> reporter: the lineup of super ads for super bowl 50 looks to be more star studded than ever. >> having a celebrity in a super bowl ad really kind of helps people come together around the brand because even if they don't care about the brand, per se, if it's a celebrity they lik,e they'll get excited about it and pay attention to the ad. >> reporter: this morning, we're giving the lowdown on the latest commercials generating major buzz and major bombshells. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: marilyn, is that you?
8:36 am
snickers' latest installment of their you're not you when you're hungry campaign sees a husky-voiced marilyn monroe. ♪ happy birthday mr. super bowl ♪ >> reporter: it's a parody of the original serenade to president kennedy in 1962. ♪ happy birthday mr. president >> snickers hasn't yet confirmed who is playing marilyn, but there's been a little bit of talk online that it might be willem dafoe. >> richard, are you looking for these? >> reporter: everyone will be rushing to add walk-in closets to their home and a kia in their garage with this optima sedan ad. >> alexa, what's a snack stadium? >> a stadium built entirely of snacks. >> reporter: internet titan amazon is hoping to secure a touchdown with their first ever super bowl ad. >> even though, you know, they're this huge globally known brand, they've never had an ad during the big game so this kind of legitimizes them more as a consumer brand. they're promoting the amazon
8:37 am
echo, which kind of cements them not just as a company with a website you buy things on but as a producer of actual products. >> reporter: and just who are these girls cruising in a hyundai waving at? >> even though they don't say what it's about, the name of the ad is ryanville, and it definitely is going to have some celebrity appearances. >> you get an audience of 120 million for the super bowl, they're starting to release these, and this is the trend now, release them early. get some buzz. we got great viewership on "good morning america" but we're not getting 120 million, right? we're getting close, but this is what the trend is now. and the sexy ads don't work. those aren't the popular ones. >> keep it funny. >> funny ones. >> and puppy. >> heartwarming ones, clydesdales. >> i love the clydesdales. >> my favorite, though, from the past few years, you all remember this one, it was actually controversial and who knows why? well, we do know why, it was the coke ad in which they were singing "america the beautiful" in all those different
8:38 am
languages. >> oh, yeah. >> this is my favorite in recent memory. >> it was beautiful. >> a beautiful ad and it was controversial. how dare you sing the national anthem in anything other than english. >> there will be another controversial one this year. >> you know there will be. >> i almost feel like they aim to be a little controversial for this very reason. >> get a little buzz going. but, yes, i said 15 seconds but a 30-second ad costs $5 million, a record. >> get your checkbook out. t.j., thanks. thank you. we're going to get outside to rob for a last look at the weather. >> 50 years of super bowls and these ladies have seen every last one of them celebrating 70 years on this planet. we've gottipat and joan and andrea standin, so they decided to come celebrate. why did you decide to come to new york to celebrate your birthday? >> because it's just a good time to have with good friends from 50 years ago, so, yeah. >> you sound like you're from upstate. >> schenectady. >> okay. >> schenectady. >> so, you came down for the warmer weather. >> came down for the warmer weather.
8:39 am
amazed you don't have any snow left. it's just wonderful. it is. >> it is wonderful. >> we're worried about queens, though. >> yeah, don't go to queens. all right, let's chat weather. look at this shot, laguna beach, california. you'll take that. springlike weather with an offshore flow. temps in the 70s before the cold air comes. look at the warm-up in the midwest too. 60 degrees in denver on saturday and warming up acros >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. increasing clouds today. sprinkles cross the north bay. rough surf this afternoon. at the coast. and just cloud over the bay. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60. my seven-day forecast show light rain in the north bay don't. the rest of us get it >> all right. 70 years. this weather report is brought to you -- you're from texas and celebrated your birthday when? >> on monday. >> equal time, equal time for equal folks. lara. >> coming up we have superstar josh brolin with us live.
8:40 am
he is talking all about his new role with george clooney and he'll talk to our george in just a moment.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ back now with josh brolin. he stars with george clooney in the new coen brothers comedy "hail, caesar!" playing an old time studio fixer to keep movie stars in line. >> never do that. >> shut up. you're going it to go out there
8:43 am
and finish "hail, caesar!" and believe every word you say. you're going to do it because you're an actor and that's what you do, just like the director does what he does and writer and script girl. you'll do it because the picture has worth and you have worth if you serve the picture and you're never going to forget that again. >> josh brolin joins us. take a step back. that was real. >> what do you mean it's real? look, when you get offered a movie like do you want -- that's how they came to me. do you want to slap george around. i said, absolutely. it doesn't matter. i'll take a cut in pay. it doesn't matter. and so, you know, i mean, look at that. it's not real. it's fake. it's all fiction, man. >> no, i heard he had a weallt his face. >> i told your producer that. >> you lied. >> otherwise, how am i going to get on the show? >> it worked. i'm here. >> tell us about eddie. he was a real character. >> eddie was a real character.
8:44 am
>> what's a fixer. >> a fixer was somebody -- he was a hybrid. he was like a mafioso guy that used to run prospect park in new jersey for nick skank, a real name, the guy in there and these guys like went over and bought little pieces of property in hollywood and they went from making $40,000 to $400 million overnight when movies basically started in the '20s and '30s so this guy is the guy i play is more of a hybrid. he cares so much about his job. >> the cleaned up version. >> that's the most violent you'll see him in that movie. he's actually very sweet supply saw you getting shaved. >> on "fallon". >> we did a little more research. into the vaults. check out this tweet. 2012. donald trump, josh brolin, a friend of mine was terrific in "men in black." congrats. now, that is true. you guys are friends?
8:45 am
>> where did you find that? first of all, it was "men in black 3" so he has his years wrong so he may be going a little senile which may explain things but, yeah, we were friends. we are friends. i haven't talked to him in a while. it was the only premiere he ever went to. he said i just bled for you by going to the premiere. i like him, man. i liked him when we spent a lot of time together. i met him through wall street. you know, i was fascinated with what he did with manhattan. i mean he went down to grand central staying and built that hotel when manhattan was a cesspool and turned around the economy of manhattan so i think it's fascinating what's happening now. i'll stay out of it. >> he did lend you 20 bucks. >> i still owe him so we have the connection and we'll see. >> you're about to go to the even bigger screen right now. your first time as a big hero villain coming up. >> thanos. you would know so i'll say thanos. yeah, it's exciting. you know, i'm going to meet with
8:46 am
kevin feigy and the head of marvel when i get back to los angeles when i'm out of the woods of north carolina. it's big. i really was. we were in the back woods of north carolina and there was no trailers, no -- "the revenant" has nothing on us. nothing. >> all right and "hail, caesar!" is so funny. cannot wait to see the whole thing. thanks for coming. >> wonderful to see you? "hail, caesar!" opens friday, friday, february 5th. wayne brady will be here in just a bit. ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
i know, we're here right now with the man who does it all. actor, singer, comedian, wayne brady, now taking over broadway
8:49 am
in the hit show "kinky boots" playing the fabulous drag queen lola, a role "the new york times" says he performs with, quote, radiating stellar heat and humor. >> wow. okay. >> had you not heard that. >> good for me. >> yes, indeed, good for you. >> good for me. >> talk to me how you bring the heat as lola. >> well, i -- i think i just -- because my butt looks so good in the dress and i look good in the heels, but i think the heat is -- i play this part with passion and with a sense of love and humor. because i think those are things that i've got and i have no choice playing a character like lola. you've got to be open. you got to be really open. >> really comfortable in high heels too. >> well, that took a second. not to get gory with you but you know much love to you ladies. i see you wearing these beautiful shoes. now i notice ladies' heels and everything. it's -- it took me a month to
8:50 am
feel confident enough to walk on stage and i lost my pinkie toenail within the first week. >> casualty. >> and i had to ice my feet and in the middle of the night i'd wake up because i'd see my feet pulsing and there was a second when i really thought, am i going to be able to do this show? >> right. the dancing you're doing in stilettos. >> i love it now. i got to tell you i've been on broadway before and done theater all my life. this is the happiest that i've been on stage hands down. >> you know what, wayne, you can tell. >> good, good. >> you can really feel it. share with our audience if you will what is it about this role, about this broadway show that is so special. >> oh, the message of tolerance and love and anyone that hasn't seen it, you know, they go, "kinky boots," there's a drag queen in, i'm not -- well, it's so much more than that. it uses lola as this kid, you start off and see lola as a kid
8:51 am
wearing high heels. dad is a boxer, get those things off and slabbed around his entire life and now he dresses in drag and sings. it's not about his sexuality. he's actually straight. it's more about he feels so comfortable being this person and he makes everyone around him feel good about themselves and that's the message. >> what a great message. >> that's the message. >> love it. >> day and age of cyberbullying. >> you cannot leave this show without smiling. i mean, you can't wipe it off. >> clapping and singing the songs with us. that's why i love it. i saw it four types before i joined the cast. >> just to make sure you were going to nail it which you have. switching roles you're so funny and also a terrific host. still enjoying do the day job, so to speak "let's make a deal." >> it's a great job. a host is a host. luckily i do so many things that i love hosting and in "let's make a deal" i get a chance to improvise. it's not a job -- if somebody
8:52 am
said i want you to be a game show host i'd run away. this job is not just that. it's crazy. you're in the middle of whack-a-doodles and everyone is dressed as basketballs and i get to give out money. big shoutout to jonathan and we get to make up the songs and make folks happy. >> i'm glad you mentioned it. had you did an awesome like rap-off with the cast of "hamilton." >> chris jackson, my boy, chris. >> love that video and just to wrap it up because we have 20 seconds, we hear you are a mad freestyle rapper. >> well, you can see that on "whose line is it anyway ♪ >> so you agreed. you got anything. >> you have audiences members that will hold up signs. i haven't seen these words. >> you will create a rap and we will rap, i promise. okay. hit it. times square. >> i don't know if you folks are here or aware here i am on tv i'm in times square ♪
8:53 am
♪ i was just listening to it's not toffee i'm the complexion of coffee ♪ ♪ didn't want to do that yes i fuss i look good but i'm no george stephanopoulos ♪ ♪ do that now you look you're a fox please give me this crap man you can't beatbox ♪ ♪ you must know nightly i wear stilettos the next morn had to do that it's the great white way but now it's groodz ♪ ♪ when i had to do that that's supercalifragislistic- expialidocious ♪ ♪. i'm done. >> that's what i do. >> the man can wrap and i am being wrapped. everybody, you don't want to miss wayne brady in
8:54 am
again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know
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♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by american express open. powder supporter of small business on their journeys to growth. >> got to hand it to wayne brady. he really brought it. >> to get stephanopoulos into a rap. >> two thumbs up. >> have a great day, everyone. >> bye.
8:57 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:58 am
mmmm, yoplait.
8:59 am
good morning. i'm abc 7 news morning anchor natasha zouves. let's head over to mike nicco for a check on the forecast. >> thank you very much. good morning, everybody. increasing clouds today but still mild from 60 in sanaa rosa and san francisco to san jose at about 67. sprinkles possible across the north bay. better chance of rain across the north bay. for the rest of us tomorrow. the storm impact scale is light on friday, sunday and tuesday. sue. >> slow traffic out in marin county from novato. it is a solid 45 minutes from highway 4 into san francisco, 80 westbound. 55 minutes is an improvement. metering lights are still on. thinning out at the bay bridge toll plaza. b.a.r.t. a great way to go. >> it is time for kelly and michael. i'm see you at 11:00.
9:00 am
our local reporting continuing on abc 7 news app and make >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the movie "hail caesar," josh brolin. and one of the stars of the hit series "american crime" lilly taylor and your comments and questions on another edition of "inbox." all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause] ♪


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