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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: for many years, residents have had to endure heavy flooding and sewer back ups every time it rains. now, abc7 news learned the epa, the environmental protection agency has contacted the neighbors and told them they've begun an investigation. this is raw sewage rushing into hems, basements, garages and contents, soaked. walls, and floors, damaged. >> how many waste, bacteria, toxins and disease. >> sandbags are a constant part of the landscape here. a blue collar working class neighborhood. blaine bachelor lives here. >> it's similar to what's happening in flint, michigan. they have lead in water there. we have raw sewage in our homes, here.
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>> reporter: since donna moved here, she's had respiratory problems. >> coughing constantly. just being inside of my home. my home. >> reporter: old timers say it's been happening for decades. this video shows with light rainfall, sewers back up. people here are frustrated and angry. they've filed a lawsuit against the city. san francisco puc says the sewage system here is old, and the area, historically, has been vulnerable to floods. they say they're looking plans. >> the city has given up lip service. oh, we'll look into it. >> now, the federal environmental protection agency launched an investigation. the epa wrote to neighbors, it's shares your concern and we're working with the san francisco bay regional water quality control board to evaluate concerns you have raised. the agency said in a statement
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to abc7 news, in part, epa will seek additional information from the public utilities commission in the next few weeks. >> we're expecting a storm tomorrow. we caught rain drops falling today in alamo square. spencer christian is live with what to expect tomorrow, spencer? >> spencer? sorry. we don't your mic on. sorry. we'll get back to you in just a moment. the san mateo county district attorney is getting involved in the case of an apartment building in danger of falling off of a cliff. the apartments are yellow tagged meaning everyone who lives here had to move out this week.
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melanie? >> what is once a gorgeous property has little value now. the owner filed for bankruptcy less than a year ago. the district attorney says the town must let winters out of the lease and taxpayers could end up footing the demolition bill. with a ocean view, these properties packed a punch. >> pacific ocean is a relentless form. this investment is now worth nothing. >> the guy is the owner, miller thoms. >> i'm the owner of 310 and 320 esplanade. >> 310 is uninhabitable. 320, vacant since 2010. the days, numbers. >> the best thing is to take it down.
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>> it's going to cost a half million dollars. >> thom is financially responsible but he declared bankruptcy in march, 2015. >> you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. >> it's not just 320 esplanade. >> does 310 have to come down? >> yes. >> if he doesn't pick up the bill? >> then, it may end up with taxpayers. >> people aren't going to like hearing that. >> well, what is the option? just let it sit there? and fall on to the beach? >> reporter: the district attorney is getting involved. a tenant says thom won't let him out of the lease. >> we can step in to make sure our consumers are protected. >> reporter: two beach frort properties that could end up costing taxpayers. we're learning about the
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details in a shieding home in san francisco. it is on casitas avenue near the mount davidson cross. neighbors noticed weekend. >> it slid down about a foot. >> he hadn't even moved in. five homes have been ordered inspected. a major security operation is getting underway as super bowl approaches. we got a preview of how the fbi and others will operate. abc7 news reporter david louie is live with the story.
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david? >> reporter: hi, dan. the logistics has been the biggest challenge according to the fbi. and after what they called ga zillions of meetings, they say they're ready, with local and state agencies. while no threats are known, the elite merge team has been training for a solid month for any possible incident at super bowl events. athat vehicle can be intimidating. >> you're not going see a police state where officers are hovering over people but we're going to be present and not too far from any large crowds or anything we consider threatening. >> reporter: the fbi knows what it must guard against. >> achilles heel is an active shooter or lone wolf terrorist event on a soft target. >> 90 k 9 teams will be on duty. the fbi set up a joint operations center at a secret location to monitor threats and
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coordinate response to all nfl-sanked events in san francisco and santa clara. dozens of local and state agencies will join them to watch for rogue drones operating in the air space. one vulnerability could be to fiber optic cables. >> it shouldn't affect the game at all. we have redundant systems. >> reporter: the fbi says bomb technicians will have remote control robots using thermal cameras and sensors. 12 bomb squads will be standing by. it will be a 24 hour, seven day operation. >> it's a significant target and we've dedicated time, effort and preparation to make it a safe event. >> reporter: in santa clara,
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abc7 news. vandals seem to be taking those super bowl statues as a scrabble challenge. the letters on the alamo square statue have been shifted to say superb owl. count on abc7 news to let you know about all of the information and enable push alerts to receive notices on your mobile device. >> police say they're on high alert for human trafficking. a girl walked into a police station to report she'd been kidnapped and forced to commit sex acts. the men face charges including kidnapping, rape and pimping. a tragic accident happened in richmond this afternoon achlt two and a half year old girl died after she was hit by the family pickup truck. sky 7 hd was over the scene of
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the accident on beck street around 2:30. police think the child was chasing after a parent leaving when she was hit. the parent stopped and is talking with investigators. more than a dozen san francisco high school students are now suspended after going to a racist theme party last weekend. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman joins us live with details, wayne? >> reporter: 14 students, we're told this, is the last place st. ignacious high school you may expect a controversy. the kids that go here are privileged but on saturday night, a few of them made a mistake and the school has gone public about it. for anyone family with the values of the high school, this just doesn't fit. >> under lying prejudice. >> david and his son responding to actions of a few students that generated embarrassment to
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the school. >> it's contradiction to who we are. >> the principle suspended 14 students for attending a so called wigger party, combining the word "white" with the "n" word. >> the kids appropriated the worst of black culture. and it is a gathering that we cannot tolerate and will not tolerate. >> there were students from five different high schools but st. ignacious went public. some students consider the suspensions to be too severe a punishment. >> the word is politically incorrect. but a culture in our current generation that we have become completely desensitive
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>> i am sure all of the kids there weren't exactly there for that reason. >> it is a tough lesson at the school you w.a history stretching back 160 years but not the only lesson. >> do you forgive your friends? >> yes. you know? >> what do you say to them? >> i forgive them, you know? a golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. if i had known to do something like this, boy want someone to forgive me. i do forgive them. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. well, this week the san francisco board of supervisors approved mario woods day. >> yes. to commemorate a man shot to death by police officers. hear from people who call in an insult to police and from those who defend the idea.
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plus... >> it's our hope to develop a single test. >> details on the bay area efforts to quickly det
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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the lead singer of lady antebellum helped kick off the new arena. it would be called chase arena for two decades. construction hasn't started yet
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but a neighborhood group hopes it never will. >> we believe the arena is far from a dead deal. any announcement about naming rates for an arena in mission bay is premature. >> terms of the name weren't disclosed but rights should help pay for part of the $1 billion arena. a pioneer in the bay area's rock music scene has died. paul catner, co-founder of jefferson airplane and jefferson starship helped define what became known as san francisco sound. he died after suffering a heart attack earlier in the week. he was 74 years old. turning now to other news today, an indiana truck driver is recovering after being shot in oakland. >> yes. the 72-year-old was sleeping in his truck across from the coliseum when robbers attacked
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him, suddenly. >> lya in. -- he was used to sleeping in his truck, he's been doing that 43 years. he'll never forget that night, and remember what people in the bay area have done for him and his family. jerry matson barely remembers making that 911 call after being shot in the stomach. >> i said do it quick. the lights are about to go out. >> the former marine had been sleeping in his rig when someone tried to break into his truck. he lunged towards the man, the gun went off. >> his wife, a former nurse, flew in from indiana, worried about the possible outcome. >> his liver, spleen, is he going to be paralyzed? >> the hospital gave her a small stipend, forcing her to sleep in the rental car.
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an employee of the st. francis foundation read bit on facebook and quickly contacted her boss. >> i was just imagining if that were my family, 2800 miles away, dad shot. you know? so i said why wouldn't we? >> st. francis has the largest burn unit in northern california special yieizing in skin grafti it. >> it never would have healed without putting skin onto the area. >> the foundation took care of his wife. a donation allowed hadder to -- her to stay at the fairmont hotel. this is now her home away from home. >> it's nice somebody cares. yes. >> he says he's done driving trucks. >> you can walk down the street and get shot. that is the free world. >> his story is getting a lot of traction. he's not the only truck driver
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who had been shot. there is a growing movement to allow them to carry guns. now, most don't because laws vary from state to state and county to county. >> thank you. >> it's time to check on our weather and the next storm heading our way. >> yes. more rain and a nice break. >> we have wet spots now just outside of the studio, little pockets moved through the bay area already. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the areas of green indicating pockets of moisture moving in our area right now. over parts of the east bay, right around the bay, on the peninsula and here in san francisco, areas of spotty sprinkles and perhaps more. we also have a high surf advisory at 4:00 a.m. saturday. wave heights above average. of course our storm impact scale, we rank every storm this winter.
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we prepare for the impact, this one is coming down, it's ranked number one. under half an inch of rainfall and here is our forecast animation, we'll see weather wide spread and areas of lighter rain in other parts of the bay area, by noon, we'll see wide spread rain across the area. so morning commute is going to be a wet one and slow one. into afternoon, rain lingers that means a wet, slow evening commute and rain starts to wind down tomorrow evening. you won't end until saturday morning. by that time, it will be pretty wet across most of the bay area. we expect rainfall totals to be generally under half an inch over many locations like san francisco, oakland will receive over four tenths of an inch. napa, nearly six tenths of an inch so another wet storm for
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us. let's resume animation at 10:00 saturday morning. we'll get a dry break and a wave of rain from the south bay on sunday, and that is going to produce some wet weather to our south. perhaps parts of the bay area will feel impact of the system as it sort of pushes on out, before it pushes out, i should say, sunday, followed by a colder air mass and chilly conditions sunday night into monday. tonight, look for rain, rather wide spread, mainly in the north bay and parts of the bay area as well. low temperatures low to mid-50s. then, tomorrow a wet day for virtually all of the bay area and mild tomorrow, in many spots. high temperatures low to mid-60s except in the far reaches of the north bay, highs reaching into the 50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have a series of three light storms coming our way. each ranking number one on our impact scale. one tonight and tomorrow. one sunday, that one is iffy.
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we're going to watch that one for you. earlier today i had the pleasure of visiting the san francisco, new school of san francisco, talking to kindergarten students about weather. they're really knowledgeable so we had engaging banter back and forth and they help immediate with math, too. >> love it. i see the thumbs up. >> work is being done to ensure raiders remain in oakland and next, why oakland mayor
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today, crews removed part of the verizon ad, the city declared it violated law for being big. in a statement, verizon said it decided to remove the sign because of a, quote, honest misunderstanding about permissible signage under the code. now, new at 6:00 we're talking football, the oakland raiders go to las vegas? the casino owner is scheduled to meet with mark davis. >> abc7 news is in oakland today, and the nfl blocked the team from moving to los angeles.
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the raiders lease at the coliseum expires next month. earlier this month, they began working on extending the lease. the mayor is focused on building a new stadium for the team. >> nfl is focused on putting on the 50th super bowl. we're going to wait until that is behind them to reengage on the question of a permanent home for the raiders in oakland. we're excited to be hosting some of the super bowl events here in oakland. >> she told us she she expects oakland to see some economic benefit from super bowl visitors. still head, 100 million reasons to hope. >> the dream of going to college is closer to reality for some lower income students in the east bay. >> the feed back i got from 100% of the people don't believe it was appropriate and it hurts. >> the backlash following
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approve yafl a day to honor a man shot and killed by police. and. >> the label natural on food products may not mean what you think. ahead on 7 on your side, we'll set the re
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this shooting prompted protests against police and tonight backlash they just took in response. supervisors approved a day of remembrance for mario woods, something they've done for any officer killed in the line of duty. >> now, an online petition to rescind that honor is filling up with names. >> this online drive is likely to cause more friction between the board of supervisors and the san francisco police officer association. it's gathered 3,000 signatures asking the supervisors to rescind the vote of tuesday to establish a memorial day for mario woods. on tuesday, a unanimous board
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voted to remember and honor the 26-year-old, he was shot and killed during a standoff with numerous san francisco police officers december 2nd. >> the recognition is not about mario woods, the individual but need for police reform. >> that is not how the police officer association sees it. they are reminded that woods was suspected of stabbing someone and holding a knife, refusing to put it down. the union maintain woods doesn't deserve a memorial. >> they don't have days of remembrance for those people that actually gave their lives in service of the city. so that is one of the things weighing on the members' minds now. >> none of us knew there was no day of remembrance for those officers. >> now, he's introducing a measure but some wonder if it's too little, too late. the shooting of woods led to a backlash that had protesters holding up the inauguration of ed lee this month and calling for the firing of police chief
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suhr. supervisors say they were lobbied hard to reject the resolution. but the union says the supervisors were being inappropriate. >> the tactic that the union that represents police officers has followed is a tactic that says there is no problem here, and the recognition of a problem is disrespectful to police officers. i respectfully disagree with that. >> the feed back i got from 100% of the people i have spoken with don't believe it was appropriate and it definitely hurts. san francisco police and cal osha launched separate investigations after a construction worker was run over by a steam roller today, just after noon in the sunset. the fire department says the injured worker was in his 50s and found lying next to the construction roller. the man was rushed to san francisco general hospital and
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has critical injuries. >> our units arrived on scene were able to render immediate emergency care to the subject. he was transported. >> the man is a contractor working on a city project. his injuries are quite serious. a wrongful death lawsuit dismissed against katelin jenner. an accident pushed a car into oncoming traffic, struck by a hummer, killing the woman inside. jenner settled with the driver of the other car hit. investigators say jenner was speeding when the accident happened but into criminal charges were filed. the world health organization is calling for an emergency meeting next week to combat the spread of the ziya virus, it can cause brain deformity in babies and is expanding it's reach, again,
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today. >> reporter: you know yesterday, in the u.s. there were 22 cases in nine states, today, the cdc reports 31 cases in 11 states, including california. also today the world health organization released a frightening estimate, 4 million cases of zika in the americas over the next year. who general director margaret chan is convening an emergency meeting to prioritize research and make recommendations. hard hit latin american countries are asking women not to get pregnant. el salvador says not until 2018. researchers in san francisco are joining the fight now. at ucsf, dr. charles shu is waiting for blood samples and will use this machine to diagnose infections. the viral chip can identify 44,000 viruss. >> it's our hope to develop a single test usable not only for
6:34 pm
existing diseases, but also that would be prepared for the next disease that is on the horizon. >> reporter: some experts are trying to reassure americans saying zika may not spread as easily here because we have cooler temperatures, making it harder for mosquitos to breeze and have better mosquito control and air conditioning. and that reduces contact with mosquitos. still, pregnant women are advised to wear lots of insect repellent for now. today marks a launch of a program designed to dramatically increase the number of students from oakland who graduate from college. abc7 news was at oakland high school for the event. they are looking to triple the number of low income oakland students to graduate from college. >> oakland has been a town with a lot of crime. but we can prove otherwise and prove we're worthy to go to
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college. >> 71% of oakland public school students are low income with oakland promise, 55,000 college saving as kts will be opened for students and $100 million invested in scholarships. >> well, moving on, soon you're going to be able to do more than just like facebook posts. >> yes. and this leads business watch. five additional reactions being introduced for american users including love, haha, and angry. >> wow. you gave those with gusto. >> facebook stock jumped 14 points today because of a very strong earnings report released yesterday. the dow had a good day, gaining 125 points to close above 16,000. the nasdaq added 38 points. a big like for that. >> well, driverless cars that need a driver. next on abc7 news why the state is looking to require licensed drivers in every robotic car.
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plus... >> i would prefer to buy natural. >> yes. i look for natural. i feel like it's healthier. >> next, michael finney looks into what natural
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a little creepy looking. welcome to pepper world. that is the name the robots, sdi designed to recognize human voices. peppers can be rented by businesses for less than $500 per month. >> actress cary washington is the latest recipient of the hasty pudding woman of the year award. the award is given to a performer who made a lasting impression to the world of theatricals. you can catch scandal thursday, february 11th. >> good choice. eating natural food sounds healthy, right? but what is the truth about how healthy those foods are?
6:40 pm
>> yes. 7 on your side partnered with consumer reports for this coverage and michael finney is here with the reports. >> i've been reporting on this for years and years and years. if you shop for foods labelled natural you're not alone. most of us do. the survey from consumer reports finds almost two thirds of shoppers say that they usually look for foods that way natural. the buzz word in supermarkets is natural. >> i prefer to buy natural. >> yes. i look for natural because i feel like it's healthier. a consumer reports survey finds most people who buy processed foods labelled natural assume no toxic pesticides were used or artificial colorings or gmos and half of them think this
6:41 pm
has been independently verified. >> the problem is the natural labor doesn't guarantee this. there are no government standards. >> in fact, manufacturers are allowed to use artificial ingredients and label them natural. >> the natural labor can be ril more than a marketing tool to fool consumers. >> wesson vegetable oil is labelled pure and 100% natural but made from genetically modified soy beans. dellmont did not respond and this kraft cheese contains a mold inhibitor. >> we believe for processed foods, the natural label should mean organic, plus no artificial ingredients and verification required just like there is for
6:42 pm
the organic label, so consumers can be assured of what they're buying. >> so consumer reports wants the fda to either ban the term or define it in a meaningful way. as a result, the fda is asking the public to weigh in on how natural should or shouldn't be used on food labels. perhaps naturally? i don't know. okay. to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. i hope they put an end to it. >> still ahead here tonight, outlawing some parking laws. >> legislation in sacramento that aims to give drivers a big break from unfairly issued tickets. >> that is next. stay with us.
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steph curry does more than help the warriors win, he's helping under armor succeed. when the clothing company
6:46 pm
released it's earnings report it included a 95% increase in foot wear revenues. the company credits steph curry basketball shoe for that increase. you're looking at images of some of the shoes. he extended his contract through the 2024 basketball season. >> california drivers could get a big break on unfairly issued parking tickets. the changes would ban cities from issuing tickets to people who park in front of broken meters and prevent valets from taking over loading spaces and prevent towing companies from charging driver who's cars are stolen and dumped. >> this is not designed to be a tax this, is a penalty for people who break the law. and i think cities are viewing it as another tax.
6:47 pm
>> legislation will be introduced last week. the assembly member says he's upset with the street cleaning tackics saying many cities are implementing restrictions just to ticket cars. >> california dmv is considering weather to require licensed dryer drivers to be behind the wheel of self driving cars. google says itself driving cars have been in a few accidents but not due to how the cars operate. consumer watch dogs says humans have to take control enough times to cause concern. >> for common driving situations, that they simply cannot deal with. >> keep in mind cars that drive on their own entirely are not on the market but will be in the next few years. >> cars are going to need
6:48 pm
windshield wipers. >> taking a look at this picture, thank you, mike for capturing this magical moment. live doppler 7 showing pockets of moisture, there are locations getting sprinkles and light rain. we can see them passing over san francisco and the bay area. and we have a winter storm warning for the sierra from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. saturday. 6 to 16 inches of new snow expected above 5,000 feet and over a foot of snow at kirkwood by 10:00 saturday morning. statewide tomorrow, look for lots of precipitation, mainly rain and sunny skies and mild down south. here in the bay area, we'll see rain tonight and tomorrow with high temperatures in the low to
6:49 pm
mid-60s saturday, super bowl city and partly sunny day. temperatures in the 50s and here is the after the. we have light rain on our impact scale. >> larry is here now. >> lots to talk about. >> warriors have big news. steph curry will have friends in toronto with him at the nba all star game. spor
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i work here at my namfive star auto care. in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy, your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california.
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good evening, steph curry will have buddies with him, reserves announced this afternoon. and for clay, it's his second all star game appearance. it will be d raymond's first all star appearance. and has had a phenomenal year, we thought he was a lock to make the squad, he had doubt.
6:53 pm
>> you never know how that stuff turns out. guys have been snubbed. you never now how it's going to turn out. one thing i didn't want to do is get overconfident. and then it didn't happen. that is heart break central. >> no heart break there. >> it will be the chase center, scheduled to open in time 2019 season curry says he's 100% going to the super bowl a week from sunday. warriors are going to be hosting oklahoma city the night before. and oracle arena will be packed. and. >> this will be a good 48 hours,
6:54 pm
a win and a win. >> i like it when you talk trash. quickly. predictions? >> panthers, 24. broncos, 17. >> if that holds true, peyton manning would drop to 1 and 2 in super bowl. peyton telling his teammates, enjoy making super bowl this early in your career. >> when you have been out to start you appreciate these opportunities and it's special. it's a unique opportunity. >> pro football hall of fame class will be announced before the super bowl in the city here.
6:55 pm
this is his fourth time. >> i know i've been up some years in a row but i also know that voters take this process seriously. there is nothing i can do. i guess whatever happens, and whatever good that i did, or bad i did, it goes together. i'm honored and humbled. >> take a look at this hit. what is that? today suspended pending a hearing. he claims he didn't see the linesman skating down the ice.
6:56 pm
that that is unbelievable. >> he did it delib britly. that is absurd. >> a man rescued during the blizzard last week is talking tonight. the act of team work to pull him from his dangling home. >> a slipping hillside home has been demolished. and the danger that remains tonight. >> and here is a look at what is ahead. >> that is going to do it. thanks for joining us tonight. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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