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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 30, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> developing now at 11:00,
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the statewide manhunt for two fugitives who escaped from a southern california jail leads to a san jose motel, and tonight authorities just announced they are now offering a $200,000 reward. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. federal authorities are looking for the men. >> the two fugitives escaped from the orange county jail last week with this man duong. duong turned himself in this morning. they broke out of a jail in santa ana. >> we confirmed the fugitive inmates were spotted in san jose and may be on their way to fresno. sergio joins us live from the hotel where the fugitives were hiding out. sergio? >> reporter: ama, tonight the u.s. u.s. us marshal service are searching in san jose and the greater bay area. the $200,000 is for any information that may lead to their arrest and here on the alameda is a motel called the alameda. the manager there says the
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fugitives checked out from there yesterday morning. the alameda manager didn't want to speak on camera, but he recognized the youngest of the fugitives accused of mrd and attempted murder. all three described as extremely dangerous us are. they stayed in room 214 on tuesday and wednesday night and checked out on thursday morning. the california corrections agents and the us marshals are still actively canvassing the boulevard. >> the marshall was asking for those people escaping jail in southern california. >> he says agents were in his office minutes before we got there. >> did you recognize the people? >> yes, i recognize because i have seen always on the tv and the newspaper every day. >> had they been guests here? >> no. he faces torture and kidnapping and may have connection to the fresno area so the authorities there have been alerted. >> there is a possibility that they may be destined for that
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area. but nothing specific. we are concerned about the san jose area at this point. >> the oldest of the three accused of attempted murder made it back to southern california. his surrender to police in southern california was caught on video. the other two are believed to be driving this white gmc cargo van. detectives say the trio stole it after their escape from the orange county jail earlier this week. abc7 news. >> let's talk about the weather now. showers continuing across the bay area. here is a live picture from the visa everywhere cam over super bowl city in san francisco. >> live doppler 7hd is tracking the rain. will it affect this weekend's activities? here is meteorologist sandhya patel. >> ama and dan, let's look at live doppler 7hd and we'll look at what is ahead and whether the activities will be impacted. as i take you to san francisco you're in a lull. don't have the rain there, but we have showers from burlingame to san mateo and
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belmont and pacifica and heading down further down the peninsula into the south bay pr sunnyvale to palo alto, santa clara and campbell, you are getting wet. wiper weather in the east bay. oakland, san leandro, you head inland and it is more widespread from concord to livermore. you look at the last batch of showers between row knock park -- roanoke park. we have a high surf advisory until tomorrow morning. el nino-fueled storm responsible for the big waves. watch out for the potential for rip currents. tracking another system for your weekend we are tracking and rating the storms all winter. one is light and five is severe. how this one ranks and who will see rain. that's coming up. dan? >> thank you very much. high surf pounded the coastline in pacifica raising more fear of erosion. a crew worked to shore the base of the cliff during the high surf advisory.
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up above those living at 310 310esplanade avenue have been ordered out of their apartments. we spoke with one long-time resident who said the shoreline is considerably different. >> the whole beach area has inning chaed. i can ride my horse from the golf course out to muscle rock if it was an average to low tide. today there is no way you can do that. >> interesting. with the help of jackie spear pacifica is seeking state and federal aid to help repair the damage. any funding would not help recover the relocation expenses. i will -- el nino-enhanced storms may not be to blame for the damage of two homes. both properties have been yellow tagged forcing out residents. they say the water causing the problem has been treated which means it is likely coming from the city. one homeowner says they are relieved.
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>> it puts things in a different light that it is not my fault or the act of god in terms of my insurance company. >> on tuesday firefighters rescued a surveyor after he sliped and fell while examining the slide area. tonight the public utilities commission ruled out one possible cause of a landslide in san francisco. that forced a multimillion-dollar home to be torn down. they expected a nearby cistern may have leaked water weakening the hill. they found no weaks that would cause a slide. download the abc7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notification. a $5,000 award is being offered for the arrest of whoever burglarized one of their vehicles. they stole three handguns and an fbi badge and credentials. it says miscellaneous property was taken. it happened in a residential neighborhood overnight in vaw knee shaw. this is the latest theft involving a gun belonging to a
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federal agent. kate steinly's accused killer used a gun from the bureau land management agency. a man and woman who died were identified as santa rosa residents. donald mackenzie and his long-time partner marcia gastworth were killed. mackenzie was a board member at the pacific coast air museum in santa rosa. the twtwo were on a final approach to the sonoma county airport when the piper comanche went down. uc berkeley is taking an unprecedented step. they are admitting liability in the death of one of the students. ted was a member of the cal football team. he died in 2014 after a teamworkout. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live with the latest. alan? >> ama, what this means is the university of uc berkeley will
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no longer contest the lawsuit filed against it and will now focus more on compensating ted agu's family. he was a walk on defensive lineman who died during a strenuous workout in 2014. officials knew he had a sickle cell blood trait that can be deadly under extreme erkzer they said we have added additional screening of athletes and training of coaches and conditioning staff. determine oversight of the workout plans and more detailed planning of student athletes with identified medical conditions. the medical examiner's office initially attributed the death to a heart condition. the cause of his death has been changed to reflect the sickle cell trait. on the campus of uc berkeley alan wopping, abc7 news. two moderate earthquakes
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hit off the northern california coast. one measured a 4.9 and the other was a 5.0. they hit about 4:30 and more than a couple hundred miles off the coastline. no shaking was felt there. the quakes struck along the san san -- san andreas fault. >> chris isaac tells us what he is most excited about before taking the stage tomorrow night jie. and the special guest getting ready to return to the bay area sooner than we expected. >> and meteorologist sandhya patel will be back with what you can expect this weekend. >> all of that is coming up. first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" on abc7 news at 11:00. >> sharing is caring. your eyebrows seem fuller than the last time that you were
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preparations are continuing before the opening of super bowl city in san francisco. >> you are taking a live look at the everywhere cam over super bowl city where the countdown is on to welcome fans to the makeshift village featuring everything football. cornell bernard is live with the rush to get it all done before the grand opening. >> and you talked to a special guest getting ready for tomorrow. >> and san francisco's own chris isaac. he is thrilled to be performing at super bowl city tomorrow night. the rain has tapered off this evening and the countdown is on for the grand opening and san francisco is ready. that's one song chris isaac will be performing at super bowl city.
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isaac who lives in san francisco tells me he and his band have been doing something they rarely do, reherse. >> we actually came here and we had rehearsals every day getting ready for this because we want to be good. you have to be -- it is a super bowl. you have to be good. >> the finishing touches are being put on super bowl city. a giant fan village at the foot of market street. the locals plan to cheng it out this this week -- plan to check it out this weekend. >> we'll see what happens once everybody else gets into town. >> hundreds of thousands of fans are expected and security check points with metal detectors will be set up around the village. inside you will find gourmet food and drink and this thing called sugar cubes. an interactive exhibit of art and technology. if you peddle the stationary bike they will dance. >> we customized the outfit. >> restaurants are adding extra staff this week. forget about getting a reservation.
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>> we are pretty much booked already. >> traffic was horrible during the friday afternoon commute. detours on battery street pure gridlock. >> we have an hour and 10 minutes. >> siting in traffic? >> yes. >> folks are urged to use public transportation and as far as super bowl predictions go chris isaac has a doozy. >> i am predicting the niners come in the last minute and steal this one. you just never know, do you? >> true, you never know. everything is lit up tonight including this cool projection on the side of the two buildings. 12 stories tall. if you are coming down this weekend leave your car at home if you can and expect lines getting into super bowl city. >> it is going to be busy. thank you. >> here is a full run down of tomorrow's events. the nfl experience opens tomorrow at 10:00 app. the tickets start the a $25.
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super bowl city where cornell is opens at the foot of market street. it is free to get in. and there is the official relighting followed by fireworks and a performance by chris isaac. we will stream both events. the bridge lighting and the fireworks on this year's super bowl game in santa clara will be kicked off with a roar. it will come courtesey of the blue angels. they will perform after the singing of the national anthem. the team is in training in southern california. this year marks the blue angels' 70th anniversary. and abc7 has dedicated part of the weekend's activities to the bay area. >> all right the question is when the super bowl city open up what will it look like? >> sand yaw patel has that answer for us. >> it will be mostly cloudy when it opens. you can't rule out an isolated shower. there is not much more than
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that. the green on the screen is indicating the light rain that is falling around the north bay. petaluma and highway 101 and adobe road. it is all wet around parts of the east bay from dublin to livermore and across 580 and danville and you take a look at parts of the south bay. you are finally starting to see some rain. you had a trace amount in campbell, cupertino. how much rain? .15 in oakland. half moon bay a third of an inch. it is not a whole lot, but it is better than nothing. livermore is just under a 10th of an inch of rain. it is snowing in the sierra, but not in truckee and tahoe. the freezing levels are high so at the lower elevations it is all rain. they do have a winter storm warning and they are expecting gusty winds and snow. if you are heading up to the resorts do expect snow at the higher elevations, up to 10
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inches. they are all in the 50s and a live look from the kgo roof camera. the streets are wet from the rain that has moved through san francisco. there is a chance of rain in the south bay and so your weekend will not be a rainy one. postally cloudy and right around the time you are getting ready in san francisco or any other activities you have planned 3:00 in the afternoon a couple of showers are showing up and heading toward 5:00 p.m. which is why we are putting in a slight possibility of a few drops. here is a look at the forecast. mostly cloudy and mid50s. 2:00 p.m. a slight chance and then by evening it cools down. low 50s and quite a bit of cloud cover. the next storm we are tracking we have a storm impact scale all winter. one is light and five is severe. we rate those storms. the one coming in on sunday is
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a light system. sunday morning less than a quarter of an inch of rain. and then after the storm passes things will get windy, but it is going to be after the system passes through. 6:00 a.m. on sunday, primarily the rain is around the monterey bay. and we will keep it up toward the south bay and monterey bay down toward that area at 9:00 a.m. a rain-snow mix and by noontime it is shifting and the wind comes in. this is going to dump some heavy rain on southern california and some gusty winds there. we will have our share of gusts. 35 miles an hour and cooler weather for your sunday afternoon. tomorrow morning upper 40s to the low 50s. wet streets due to the overnight rain. for the afternoon most will see peeks of sun. a few showers are not out of the question. low to upper 50s for your highs. the accu-weather seven-day forecast on our storm impact scale the current one is a 1. spotty showers on saturday.
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the next event is a one. monday is dry and most of the workweek next week is dry. slight chance of showers on groundhog day and then super bowl sunday. i know everyone wpts to know. dan and ama, right now the forecast is dry. >> thank you, sandhya. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, super sunday just in time for the super bowl. >> the bay area ice cream shop is scooping up this giant sweet treat. >> when it happens where you live. >> our next el nino-fueled storm is expected to bring rain in the next few hours or so. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighghborhood. >> you can see the side affect of the king tides along shoreline highway. >> your story -- >> every time the waves are hitting it it is making it fall to the ground. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> reporting live in concord, choose a
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the raiders' owner was in las vegas. he may have just hit the jackpot in l.a. that's because of the decision that was made by the san diego chargers. they met about a billion dollar stadium proposal in the desert. the nfl doesn't want a steam in the gambling capitol of the world. the chargers said they have a deal to move in with the rams in ingelwood, but they are staying in san diego in 2016 and they will try to work out a new stadium deal there. the biggest challenge in san diego will be winning votes to approve $350 million in public financing that requires 66% to pass. an uphill climb for sure, but if the chargers do not move to l.a. mark davis will be there in a flash. a regular 42-4 and the warriors have six times as many wins as their opponent. the 76ers are 7-40.
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the best team in basketball against the worst. the sixers and the warriors are miles apart from the standings, it wasn't that long ago that the war qlers were bad themselves. the warriors were bad themselves. steph curry knows what philly is going through and believes the sixers could improve faster than people expect. >> if you stay focused on each individual on that bench to try to get better through the losing it makes you a better player. there could be the right combination of guys. >> women's hoops and top 25 match up on the farm. number 16 stanford and thompson was number one. stanford built a 24-8 lead and thompson was one off her career high. stanford rolls 69-53. how about cal hosting
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washington state. christine is a force. 27 points. cal up a does -- dozen in the first half. cowling, a corner three. 72-71 bears. no good. final 74-71. we want to finish with one last note two fans went fishing for a steph curry autograph and they land the big one. they lored two clip board to the loading dock and steph waits for them to drop and signs for them. dad was so excited he shoved his head through the railing and had super human strength when he saw steph curry. they got their autographs and a story to go with it. how many superstars have the patience to wait for items to come from above. it is soot reason why steph is the mvp on and off the court. >> he is tremendous. >> and a good dad to figure that out. >> tha
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all right. >> i'm uh-huh ma dates. >> here is a look at the visa everywhere camera. it is pretty nice. >> right now on "jimmy kimmel live", have great night.
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