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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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. a k  this ish news. take a look atd)qg winds in san francisco, large trees crashing down onwu
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to join thousands of fans.
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let's begin/.áck with rick in s jose. >> reporter: the excitement continues to build for next sunday's super bowl as both teams flew into san jose this afternoon. the denver broncos arrived first around 3:00 p.m. they are led by peyton manning who is likely playing his final game. the broncos do have some local ties. running back cj anderson went to corral. and vernon davis receiver played three seasons with the niners and jarred allen grew up in loss gats to. the fans were not allowed near
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the runway but they showed up anyway. how excited are you? >> i'm really excited because maybe this is peyton manning's last chance to actually try and get in the super bowl. >> we're going to do it. this is our year. this iswáutq our year. go broncos! >> reporter: yeah. the broncos are going to need all the support they can get. right now they're six-point underdogs.8 marriott. we were not allowed to talk with the players or the coaches. right now the nfl is saving their ability for tomorrow
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for the media center. here's a live look at super bowl city from the visa everywhere cam. thousands have visited the city since it opened at the foot of market street in san francisco yesterday. denver bronco fans belted out cheers for their team. panther fans were a little quieter. both teams have fans who live right here in the bay area. >> came down to show some support for the broncos. we live in the bay area but i'm from denver. >> it's fun to see all the people. everyone's wearing their jerseys for all the different teams. >> police kept a close eye on the crowd from high above in herman plaza. sergio? >> reporter: eric, the big game,
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super bowl 50 is going to be played just a few blocks away. with all the pregame festivities being hosted up in san francisco at super bowl city, this is a special treat for santa clara residents. ♪ujhs >>jfuui sisters ann and snnanc thundered on stage. santa clara tokcw< get two freeemk@ tickets logging onto the city'sb%h websu uyno. i plan to do that, maybe next
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weekn maybe i'll take my family out there. i have heard that traffic is horrific. but we're going to try. >> reporter: this is one of several musical events that's part of the runup to super bowl 50, but most will be in san francisco at super bowl city. here in the south bay there will be a few events through the week now that players from the denver broncos and the carolina panthers have arrived in the bay area. this is an afternoon that turned out to be kind of cold and breezy. but the show must go on. the wilson sisters are going to wrap up this concert around 6:00 with a massive fireworks display. for a full list of super bowl events and activities in the bay area, go to our website abc 7 other news now, new details in the capture of two dangerous escapees in san francisco. they returned to orange county jail early this morning.
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this evening we're learning more about the suspects and what may have brought them to the bay area. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with that. >> reporter: one of the suspects surrendered to police earlier this week. but two of them made it here to san francisco where they were arrested yesterday. before the arrest, police were watching a home nearby very closely. fugitives returned to the orange county men's jail in santa ana early sunday, the same facility they managed to escape from eight days ago after sawing their way out of a cell to freed freedom. the pair captured near golden gate park after a woman recognized their van. police were notified and the chase captured on police radio.
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authorities confirms to abc 7 news that police were watching this apartment house in san francisco's richmond district where the two suspects may have tried to make contact with a friend or relative living here. >> never occurred to me that criminals might be here. >> reporter: neighbor susan alan says plain clothes police showed up. >> they had a long black thing, i don't know whether it was a gun or battering ram. i have no idea. they wouldn't let me come out of the hall. the police lady said go back inside. >> reporter: no arrests were made. the man who police spoke with had no comment for us when we called. neighbors say they never saw the two men here. both captured only blocks away. and now back behind bars. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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5:00, new details on the demolition of that multimillion dollar home in san francisco. what the homeowner says caused it to slide. plus, the final sprint.
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new details on a landslide that,6 caused a multimillion dollar home in san francisco to be torn down.
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>> reporter: the day before the iowa showdown it's an all out push to win over undecided voters. >> hillary clinton is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: the final pull before the caucuses shows donald trump leading the gop race 5 points ahead of ted cruz. >> donald trump can do practically anything.
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they're still voting for him. >> reporter: trump even getting candid with abc about his lead. >> did you ever imagine then that on the eve of the iowa caucuses you'd be leading pretty big in every state? >> the truth is, no, i didn't. >> reporter: nearly all candidates are also making the rounds on the sunday talk shows. >> a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. >> reporter: and hillary clinton addressed the state department's recent announcement declaring that 22 e-mails sent frome private server contained top secret information. >> there is no classified marked information on those e-mails sent or received by me. >> reporter: her opponent bernie sanders telling the crowd it all comes down to voter turnout. >> we're going to win this thing and pull off one of the great pj!%mqì% >> repporter: the÷a7ç candidate nonstop television ads. a abc 7 kgnews,u7": a
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leo special surprise for hisuñ %ajs livetu isolated showers are winding down by
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abc 7 news was at children's fairy land in oakland for the read zone. it's part of super bowl 50 festivities today. the mayor was joined by a gold medal list and a singer in an event celebrating literacy. families also got a cooking demonstration. >> get down, get down, get down. >>ejqñ five-year-old gideon robn proposed to his the granduu1ñ gesture took plac a san diego hospitalmáz
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gideon is undergoing therapy. staff try to make the place ry+y but sarah found the key to gideon's fault. >> she's a nicej=k girl. >> she gave you legos? >> yeah. that's all i like. i want to make her@kz# laugh. k% a funny boy. >> the only thing you can do whenéiy you're here is try to m the most fun of it as you can. >> nurse sarah accepted saying she would love0bu y for gideon her hospital husband. that's something there. find out more about the weather. we've had isolated showers out there and hail spots, right? >> yeah. it was hit or miss. we're still tracking some light showers very scattered in nature. we'll get you right down to street level. a light showers moving through hercules at this hour. this cell moving through fremont uua greens, i saw on my twitter$wtñ page sayi there is some hail associated
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from this light storm. there is a little bit of a punch still as these storms move t:úuogjip&hhlc% light rain right now8.y. pleasanton. as this weak cell moves in, you can see right around hamilton it's mixing in with wet snowflakes at this hour. this picture coming in from r facebook. hail moving through. out there right now it's chilly. most spots are in the upper 40s to 50s. you can thank a very active wind out of the northwest. look at these wind gusts. 28 at oakland. these winds are going to continue to whip over the next 12 to 18 hours. we have a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. northwest winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour. gusts could get as high as 50 miles per hour.
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the threat is downed trees and isolated power outages. 41 miles per hour wind gusts at sfo. 41 at oakland. it's not until tomorrow morning that the wind really relax. by lunchtime on monday those windfall back to about less than 20 miles per hour. monday going to see a lot of sunshine once those wind die down. by monday afternoon, calmer conditions and lots of sunshine on the way. as you take a look at tomorrow, we are windy first thing. the wind starts to relax by noon. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures pretty winter like in the 50s and just a few clouds. we're tracking a rainmaker moving in on tuesday morning. it's a light storm with minimal impact,less than a quarter lynch -- inch of rain. this thing wraps up by lunchtime on tuesday.
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most spots ending up with less than a quarter inch of rain. tonight clearing skies. it's school ocool out there, 30. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you there's that chance of rain on tuesday morning. watch what happens as temperature goes up and up. one week from today on sunday i think some spots around the bay are touching the lower 70s. >> wow in time for the bowl. thank you very much. speaking of the super bowl, they're a95cxhere. >> they're here.'0ub> the hype has officially gun. both teams arrived today. they're
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one week from tonight the panthers and broncos face off in super bowl 50. it just got real for the players today because they have officially landed in the bay area. this afternoon the broncos had less distance to travel and arrived first. the panthers touching down around 4:15 p.m. i'll be covering the broncos. colin rush will be covering the panthers. meanwhile the rest of the nfl has their eyes on the probowl in hawaii. irving over team rice in the second quarter. complete highlights tonight at 11:00. warriors had no time to rest today as they faced the knicks in the big apple.
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barnes started off where he left off yesterday. three-pointh three-pointer. free t. ne. tanthony. right now 33-31 warriors in the second quarter. college hoops, took the buffalos five minutes to get their first points. when they did it rained ?:+b3 confetti. rc@wz %gbar÷ of his four team cs by as many as 17. corral falls 70-62. they're now 4-5 in pac-12 play. instead of two teams it's now four with two eastern conference divisions playing the western conference additions followed by the two winners for a million dollar prize. first up, metropolitan and atlantic divisions.
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pk subban scores. they're both online. former shark john scott who was selected by fans, considered a bit of a joke but he got a goal. pacific wins 9-6. so then the atlantic and pacific play for a million dollar prize. ducks, ends up with a goal. pacific division wins 1-0. john scott named the game's mvp. australia open has come to a close with angelique kerber upsetting serena williams. six australia open. novak took the first set easily.
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djokovic just dlwins his sixth australian open title. a great two weeks of tennis doudown under. super bowl is now real to the
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coming up on abc 7 news, a
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warning tonight for firefighters after a popular device ignites a fire in an east bay home. and a top secret google product now revealed. panthers quarterback cam newton is known for his colorful personality and his wardrobe is no exception. he sported these zebra print jeans as he boarded the plane to d come to the bay area. shortly after he was seen wearing them the pants were out of stock. the pants cost $849. >> i actually went online to buy a pair for drew. they were sold out. >> i would wear them. >> versace, right? .
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thanks for inviting us into your homes . we leave you with a live look tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the final push. just 24 hours to go until the iowa caucuses. the new poll. donald trump in the lead. our team right there with him. >> how do you close this deal? >> his daughter and wife hoping to help seal the deal. also, hillary clinton with a razor-thin lead. bringing in the former president and chelsea. but can they stop bernie sanders' momentum? also tonight, the storm moving across the country. powerful rains, blizzard conditions. here in iowa, they're preparing for a hit. will it affect the caucuses? and the virginia tech student accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. his friend also under arrest. the dramatic takedown. the fugitives, armed and dangerous. >> code four,


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