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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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charges he is facing.
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, activist action just steps away from super bowl city. hundreds of protesters hit the streets in san francisco to call attention to the city's homeless crisis. >> plus, super gridlock. super bowl road closures combined with that protest made the evening commute a slow crawl for bus passengers. >> but the show goes on. thousands of football fans packed into super bowl city tonight. we are now just four days away from the big game. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. let's get to abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow who is live with our developing story. melanie? >> reporter: ama and dan, it is incredible the difference it makes. things are relatively quiet here, but earlier this evening if you were in this city or if you were trying to get out of the city it is a different
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story. your san francisco super bowl city experience depended on where you were at rush hour. outside super bowl city hundreds of protesters marched. sfpd was directly alongside them. >> what we are really about is advocating for the rights of home res people. >> block by block protesters made their way around super bowl city. >> we hope they can hear us a little bit. we have been screaming all night. >> catching the attention of people working out. >> the city has a much bigger priority than putting on this fiasco. >> inside super bowl city, a different tone. tonight's headline, matt nathanson. >> this is my 170th matt show. >> i would like to think we
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are throwing a big dinner party for the world. >> it included pictures with cheerleaders. and pictures with family. >> a good atmosphere. it was fun to wait in line. >> buses were backlogged for more than an hour. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> abc7 news was at sfo as excited fans arrived. a father and son from charlotte, north carolina said they spent $8,000 on the trip. >> we bought our plane tickets the day after thanksgiving. we put that whooping on dallas we knew we were going to super bowl. that was it. >> sfo predicts the busiest day is the monday after the super bowl and anticipates 30,000 additional passengers that day. fans are getting up close and personal with the envelope envelope -- the nfl players all week long. it was the fifth night of the
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nfl experience. hern and durn were among the players signing autographs. the interactivey vent opens at 3:00 and continues every day through super bowl sunday. a lot of fans are having a great time there. and download our abc7 news app for all super bowl related news incidents and alerts. open the app and enable push alerts to get instant updates so we can get you informed. >> embers spread a fire tonight. abc7 news was on ellis avenue where it started in the house under construction about 8:15 of the one of those embers flew two blocks over and set another home's roof on fire. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping one woman with shelter. to -- tonight a south bay administrator is facing molestation charges. jose gonzalez had an inappropriate relationship with at least one of his students. gonzalez is the interim vice
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principal at james lake high school and that's where we find katie with the new details. katie? >> gonzalez has worked here since 2008. police say he may have acted inappropriately. >> it shows jose gonzalez with the comet volleyball team. >> he was the girls head volleyball coach and and the varsity coach. >> he had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student. >> he had access to a lot of students and an ability to have a position of trust and leadership and authority. >> school leaders learned of the allegations last friday. they put gonzalez on paid administrative leave and sent this letter to parents. >> the initial investigation had credible information and that's why we reported it to
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child protective services. >> the incident with the female student happened last july or august at his home. >> that's scary. i also have a daughter that age and i wouldn't trust him to come back. >> they arrested gonzalez at his home last night on a misdemeanor charge of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years of age. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. counseling services are being offered for students and faculty at the high school. in san jose, abc7 news. a woman in fair field is in critical condition after she was robbed and attacked in broad daylight in a mall parking lot. they were outside the macy's where this happened and the woman has significant head injuries. he was arrested an hour after it happened and they say he hit a woman over the head with a hammer and robbed her as
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well. and a man may receive a reward in the capture of fugitives who escaped a jail. vic lee talked with the man who spotted them outside a mcdonalds. >> i routinely come here because i live in the area and i'm homeless. >> the 55-year-old man was about to get a cup of coffee when he noticed the white van, the one the two fugitives stole. >> the windows were steamed up with heavy, heavy condensation. i thought there are two people in that van. i used to live in a gmc van and i looked at the plates. no plates.
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>> one of the fugitives got out. he recognized him from the papers he would read every morning. he says he has a photographic memory. >> i tell myself, that's got to be the guy. >> >> they are right there, you know, and i point and he sees me across the street. i go with my cane and there is body language and boom, that's the guy. he bolts. the officer on foot bolts after him. another officer comes over in his cruiser and i said they're that way. >> a chase ensued. a stranger to the neighborhood ran up to the last place he wanted to be. >> that's all i saw. >> and then he lead him to the van. inside hiding jonathon too,
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both fugitives busted. thanks to this homeless man who says he was only doing what was right. >> he said he may qualify for a reward and he he will use it to start a new life. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the 49ers have agreed to a sleep over after the team had to can sell the original outing. the event was scheduled for may 14th, but now it will be held a week later because of a concert. 29,000 girl scouts are competing for the chance to spend the night at levi stadium. >> a big award for our top sellers. if they sell 50 cases they get to do a sleep over on the 50 yard line. we thought that would be really exciting. >> 50 cases? well that's 600 boxes.
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they said the sleep over will not be moved again. this will be the first sleep over at levi's. >> the news continues and coming up the out of control car that ended up on top of a southern california garage. >> and the corporate sponsors are paying big bucks to be part of super bowl city. so why are you -- thousands of people working for free? >> super bowl 50 goes to the dogs. >> i am sandhya patel. the showers have long passed and we have a major shift in the pattern coming in time for super bowl sunday. all of the details coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and ama. here comes a preview of the tonight show. please turn off your phone.
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campbell and all of the bay area, this is abc news. >> as you well know just about everything connected with the super bowl is sponsored by a corporation. big companies paying big bucks to be part of the action. but thousands of people working to make super bowl events run smoothly are not getting paid. we wondered is that legal? when you get to super bowl city it is hard to miss the volunteers. they are everywhere wearing bright orange jackets, giving directions, snapping photos, helping visitors with crazy electronic games. it is also hard to miss the corporate sponsors. >> brought to you by verizon. >> reporter: admission is free and lots of logos to remind fans who is paying.
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despite all of the corporate money more than 500 people signed up to work for free. >> when i heard that the super bowl was going to be hosted in the in the bay area i got on-line to see what opportunities existed. i just wanted to be a part of it. >> reporter: volunteers commit to three, four-hour shifts. in return they get backpacks and uniforms. some are so dedicated they started working months ago. >> i started as a screener. i started screening the first batch of volunteers. >> marianne has put in more than 200 hours. >> it is a great statement to the fbt volunteerism is not dead. >> even if they are not having a great time, he says these types of events walk a legal tightrope because of california's strict labor laws. >> there is a question about whether it is a civic activity or a corporate activity. if it is for a corporate benefit they are running the risk of running uh foul of the
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employment protections and the volunteers should be getting paid. >> the army of volunteers is organized by the super bowl 50 host committee. it is not the national football league or the corporate sponsors. they tell us they are careful to stay within the labor law. >> we are not a money making machine. we are a nonprofit. >> there is a clear boundary between the corporate sponsors. >> they take issue with requiring volunteers to sign a wide ranging waiver agreeing to final and binding arbitration instead of a lawsuit if there's a problem. >> they are volunteering their time, and on top of that to have to give up their rights if something is particularly unfair. >> the host committee did not respond to our questions about the waiver. we'll keep on top of it. >> an out of control car landed on the roof of a southern california home early injure today. take a look at this. if you are wondering how it will will -- how it got there,
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he had a medical issue and launched his vehicle on to the roof of a home in the palace varde estates. a crane had to remove the car. >> that's crazy. hard to believe that could even happen. >> a little rain. >> and still a warm upcoming. >> that's right. >> it was disappointment to say the least. this was not going to be a disuh pontment. this was not going to be a disappointment. it was gorgeous. send your weather pictures with the # abc7 news. live doppler 7hd is showing you the last of the showers pass through ukiah a short time ago and now we are looking at cloud cover. there is is a look at the spotty showers. most areas didn't measure and the places that did a few hundredths of an inch.
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snow showers over the sierra nevada. it is very light accumulations. high surf advisory remains up until 7:00 a.m. even though the system has passed. the swells will continue to build. right now five to seven-foot waves. there is a possibility of rip currents and large breakers. if you are from out of town be careful. especially with the milder weather ahead. temperatures ahead are 40s, 50s and not too chilly and a lovely view. we will show you the view as we look toward the embarcadero. this camera is at pier15. sunny and warmer this weekend with possible records next week. we will look at what's ahead. overnight you will see the clouds around. fog for your morning commute. and i wouldn't be surprised if it it was a little misty in spots. you have to wait until the afternoon, and you will see plenty of sun mixing in with the cloud cover. speaking of sun, you will see
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it as super bowl city. we'll start out with the clouds. 53 degrees. then the sun breaks through. temperatures in the midto upper 50s. it does get cool by 9:00 p.m. i would just pack an extra layer if you are coming into san francisco. super bowl sunday, we are just going to turn things up. it is going to be warm. there is a big shift in the pattern. sun will be out. it is 73 degrees at kickoff. dropping to 58 degrees. so sunscreen and a cap is what you will need. if you are having a super bowl party and it is outdoor viewing keep in mind you will need sunscreen. low to upper 40s. fog could be problematic. you will see some clouds around and it will be on the cool side in most areas tomorrow afternoon. it will be milder than today. 59 in san rafael, santa rosa, 62 oakland, 60 in vallejo. half moon bay 59 degrees. here is your temperature
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trend. we are shifting the pattern. it is not good for our drought, but good for super bowl 50. san jose's average high is 61. tomorrow you are 63. look at the numbers. they are going to continue to come up. we are looking at low to mid70s as we head toward sunday. through wednesday, record highs are possible. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. the temperatures inch up slowly for the end of the workweek and heading into the weekend. it is nothing but sun in the accu-weather seven-day forecast including your weekend plans on super bowl sunday and record highs in the early to middle of next week. there was a possibility of some rain valentine's day weekend, dan and ama? and now even that looks dismal. we'll have to see it shift before we can bring any rain back in. >> still time. thank you, sandhya. still ahead, the super bowl coach taking a break with the help
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can get along. take a look at this. panthers' head coach ron rivera has a new fan tonight. >> the carolina pictures showed this picture of rivera giving a belly rub to the police dog. the police department tweeted on behalf of tessa, the k9 officer, thanking coach for his affection. on to sport. >> yes, larry beil is here. >> the more we see of ron rivera, the more likable he is in every situation. ron is on a roll right now and so is a man named stefan. form he will visit the president. they
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sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ by riverwalk casino. >> steph curry has a flare for the dramatic a night before the warriors will visit president obama. curry made a statement in the nation's capitol and steph was running dc. starting against the knicks and you can tell he was in the verizon center. didn't matter who was guarding him. steph was an equal opportunity destroyer. hit nine of his first 10 shots. green had his 10th triple double. we can berrily squeeze him into a -- barely squeeze him into the highlight. he went for 36 in the first half.
11:29 pm
alt french pastry there -- a little french pace free there. he scored 41. steve curry is not happy. a career high with 11 three's. 51 points and 19 of 21 shooting. a triple double. one there to klay thompson. warriors war 134-121. steph always has the right answer. >> eight straight wins. look out. here comes the water. it is cold. i hope that's what ron rivera gets in about four day. >> which is a perfect transition to our super bowl coverage. 18 players on the denver roster have been in a super bowl before. among them vernon davis. only seven carolina panthers have played on a super sunday. that include ted ginn. but as sherman says, i never have seen experience play in a game. where the broncos think it
11:30 pm
will help is the super bowl hype. both sides are under a my microscope and say the game will be the most normal part of the week. >> it is a big game and how you play that day has a lot to do with your success. it helps with this saw neighed yes, sir and how -- with this scenario and how to deal with this type of thing. >> the ultimate goal is to win a super bowl. we are going into the weeks of preparation. >> you see the size on cam newton. that's a big dude. >> this is a huge day in college football. national signing day. stanford had one of their best recruiting classes in the past decade. the cardinals signing 25 recruits including four-star quarterback kj castello who will be competing for kevin hogan's spot. and max gilliam out of
11:31 pm
thousand oaks headlines cal's 25 recruits. he threw for 40 touchdowns and only five picks this past season. already enrolled at uc berkeley. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks, larry. >> and abc7 news does continue on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. >> our next newscast is at
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channing tatum. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- channing tatum, from "american crime" regina king, long island medium teresa caputo. and music from kopecky, with cleto and the cletones and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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