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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> yes, we have several officers here on the scene investigating the shoot that took place before 1:00 this morning. it happened near the parkside terrace apartments in san jose. police say they responded to a call of "shots fired." she found a woman with multiple gunshot wounds. she was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. a suspect, a man, was taken into custody police are looking into the relationship between the victim and the suspect. police have part of the come hex -- complex and parking lot taped off as they continue the investigation. >> thank you, matt. you will keep tracking that. it is 6:00 a.m. right now and i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. meteorologist mike nicco has the warm forecast. it look like records will be break be today? >> absolutely. we will see fog we are starting off with clear conditions. the coast is clear, also, of all of the rip current activity from
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yesterday. we have a breezy condition at the golden gate bridge, east northeast at 16 so watch out for that with a cross wind and temperatures in the mid-40s to 50 at 7:00. nearly 70 by noon. everyone in the 70's but for the cost at 4:00, and back in the 50s and 60s by 7:00. mild across the board. sue? >> we are looking at the southbound 680 through walnut creek. this is starting to slow toward highway 24 where we have wood debris if you are in the lanes and it could be causing delays headed out. give yourself extra time. so for the drive from highway 4 to 24 is thering good with continue -- ten minutes from here to there. back with the bay bridge coming up. >> we are tracking a lot of breaking news this morning including the deadly crash in germany a head-on collision happened between two passenger trains in the town of bad bad which -- town of bad aibling southeast of munich. several people have been killed
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the janet o is in the newsroom. it is an all of crash but it could have been worse. >> any other day the train would be packed with students heading to school but they are on break. we received new images showing hundreds of rescuers at site and dozens of plans and helicopters transporting the injured. formals say it is the first incident like this to happen in the region prompting emergency personnel to scramble to the remote area. right now we know at least nine people were killed. including the driver of both trains. and a conductor. tooly 150 are injured. 15 have critical injuries. dozens more have serious under woulds. officials say all survivors have been rescued at this time. investigators are now trying to determine if this crash was a technical or human error. >> that you, janet of it is primary day in new hampshire. voters are making their choice for president in the first in the country primary contest with
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-- front runner donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are expected to come out on top. the big play others are pushing for all of the last minute votes they can get. >> we will keep working literally until the last vote is cast the. >> i want this job because i rough this country. >> i need your vote. >> of the loss in iowa donald trump has the most to prove today after this the candidates turn to nevada and south carolina. asuper bowl 50 is over and the crowds are gone, san francisco is starting to tally the wins. and losses. supervisor is preparing a compensation package for street surrenders with permits who are asked to move from super bowl city asking for $500,000. that will be for money made during the super bowl. he said that the restaurants in the i didn't are not included in the proposal. >> the city that lefted the super bowl is now looking for a new mayor this morning. santa clara mayor mathew said he is stepping down immediately. he made the surprise
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announcement during a press conference yesterday. he was just supposed to tack about the super bowl. matthew said he is proud of job the city did and wants to spend more time with his family of the city council only has 30 days to name a replacement. >> a lot of people took public transit during the super bowl. caltrain carried 50 percent more riders last weekend than normal and bart set a saturday ridership record. it carried 419,000 passengers just on that day. three of the top 10 days for part happened during super bowl week. v.t.a. did not set a record they carried 10,000 fans to levi stadium. >> a man shot by daly city police is expected to survive yesterday on st. francis plaintiff. neighbors saw a man chasing a woman with a knife. officers ran after him. went through the back yours of several hopes. he was confronted by an officer and he was shot. police are not give out any more details. >> san jose police are now
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formally banning the use of choke holds to control then resisting an officer. officers can only use the move to protect themselves or someone also from possible enjoy or -- possible injury or death two years after the auditor call on the department to develop a clear and concise chokehold policy. our media partner reports that the department has always banned chokeholds. this through move makes the rule official. >> the napa county coroner is investigating the death of ain't mate at the napa county jail. a spokesperson said that he was found unresponsive by a correctional officer on sunday. investigator say no immediate sign of foul play. the 44-year-old was booked into the jail open saturday after he was arrested on a state parole violation warrant. >> marin general hospital about to get bigger according to the marin independent journal with the planning commission approving new 250
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feet building part of a new parking garage with 415 spaces with construction underway. the property costs $534 million and the any building is scheduled to be comement by 2020. >> san francisco's housing crisis could leave a group of nuns homeless after the landlord doubled the rent. >> a prank with an alligator could need to champions in -- charges in florida for a young man. stay tuned.
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>> we are back on pat tuesday at 6:09. in the valley we are in the mid-to-upper 40s but the hills, 61, los gatos at 63. calistoga is 63. alameda and san francisco at 55. san pablo is 53 and redwood city is june and everyone else in the 40s and danville is knocking on the 30s. at 40 right now. our chance of rain the next week, not impressive, look the at gosselins but friday and saturday i will show you that coming up, here is a look from the east bay hills in the
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low-to-upper 70s today back in the 50s at the coast in san francisco and the rest of us are in the low 70s on wednesday and thursday. sue? good morning, mass transit is the thing, it is looking good this morning, 6:10 and bart has friction trains on schedule. muni is re-routed around super bowl city so be aware of that, and the caltrain has no delays. i an getting word from golden gate transit bus that 54 is canceled and the next one is leaving at 7:27 i will update that, that is bus 54 golden gate the bus will take southbound 101 through novato and into san rafael and beyond the second center and we are moving at the limit with 20-minute drive into san francisco. new reports of an accident up and over the altamont pass, and the big-rig will update that when we come back. >> the next store did not happen here but it is so crazy we had to let you know a florida man
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threw an alligator into a wendy's drive-thru window and now facing serious charges. >> this is all just minute as a jack but now he is in jail facing assault with a deadly weapon. wendy's has not commented on the 3.5' alligator hurled through a drive through when, poor thing, and it was "a stupid prank," and her son does these kind of things because he thinks it is funny. said. he cop wait? >> absolutely he is not bad he did a stupid prank. >> she called her son stupid. >> the man faces charges of unlawfully possession and transportation of an alligator. >> and the state could have you filing your returns early, filing your returns early, relaxing
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> imagine remodeling your home, knocking down a wall, and finding a human skull. that is what happened to a home
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in san francisco height district. worker found the skull on friday. the medical examiner things it was probably used for educational purposes or maybe as an artist prop. >> new video from the cruise ship that was rocked by a powerful storm in the atlantic. not exactly the vacation anyone was helping for, the anthem of seas face 100 miles per hour winds, waves up to 30' high. the ntsb weighing whether to investigate the voyage after the storm alert was issued four days before it left on saturday. the cruise lip said there were no serious injury or major damage to the ship and i rode they all got fully refunded and had a three day of alcohol the next day at sea. >> crazy. voters say they ran out of gas and had to call for help. the stranded boaters sailed beyond the investigation in the harbor yesterday can did not notice until 10 miles north near
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for the ross turned back but ran out of gas. the coast guard has a crew and arrived in eight minutes and got them to safety. >> new details in the death of a heroic school principal who pushed self students out of it way of an oncoming school bus struck and killed in the accident two weeks ago in end indianapolis. now police say the driver of the school bus never hit the brakes before the crash. two, ten careered ons she pushed out of way were hurt but survived. the driver left her seat but does not say why. no champions have been filed against the drivers. low income works are being offered an earned-income tax credit for first time like the federal program designed to help the working poor. the credit range from $200 to $2,600, a single worker has to earn $6,500 a year or less to qualify. >> san francisco housing crisis
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could lead nuns to help the needy on the streets. we were in the ten door line where nuns have fed the homeless for eight years now from the building and they live here. their landlord raised the rent 50 percent to $5,500 and now is threaten, to evict them. a man who eats at soup kitsch said they are a tremendous benefit for the community. >> they will be sorely missed and it will cause an overblow to somewhere else that get food each day. >> the nuns are fighting the eviction with only a month before they move out. all the new ronald mcdonald house of stanford is ready to open, the 52,000 square for thes expansion will be a "home away from home," for families while the children receive treatment at the children's hospital. dozens of interior designers provided services and material at in cost. the house will be one of large
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of the of the 333 ronald reagan am mcdonald houses in the world. >> and now, what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, next on "good morning america" an exclusive, one-on-one interview with the reality star opening up about her 11 months in prison and what her hive was really like behind bars only on "good morning america" next. >> see you at 7:00. >> now a close encounter between a young canadian girl and a caribou. the video recorded over the welcome during a vest at a park in quebec, the caribou look through the window there, open car when and ate the carrots. the general trillion animal looks around for more snacks and then just walked away. she looks delighted. >> i am the only one her filed? >> sweet. >> really up the weapons at the safari park. >> in canada it is not lions can
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tigers and bears. it is pair buy. >> the par -- it is caribou. >> the parents are ating like it is fine. >> good tinge her hand was not painted orange. >> cute. >> warm weather today. >> that is disturbing, also, and cute. some of us like the warm weather but we need a lot more rain. i am try. the winds are the big difference, not existent so it is cooler outside than it was yesterday. quaterback a heavier coat in san jose, running in the low 40s looking at 280 and 17 and this afternoon we will warm about another 30-35 degrees and push it into the 70s record high territory. a few more high cloud than yesterday and you need the sunglasses. slight chance of rain across the north bay on friday, valentine's day another warming trip begins. we will look to the south milpitas and sunnyvale and santa clara cool los gatos at 77, san jose 76, another record high, a
6:20 am
record high in mountain views and 74 in redwood city and not so warm at coast but, still, flirt with 70 everywhere and low 70s in downtown and south san francisco and upper 60s to nearly 70 from sausalito to bodega bay. 70 to 73 across the north bay and the state department in san rafael being a record high and 74 in oakland, record high, for third day if a row and no record highs inland east bay although we are close with 70 to 73 degrees. my seven-day forecast shows what the cold front will do is more likely knocking the temperatures down friday interest saturday and a better chan of that bringing rain but the is back in the 70s and even the coast, by upon. >> good morning if you go across the san mateo bridge getting busy and i suggest you get up and going, and 6:20 in the morning, a 20 minute drive from hayward toes for store city and a last brake heights and out of israel valley we have another accident involving avows -- a
6:21 am
volkswagen bug and a big-rig. it is off to the side of the road on the shoulder. you are seeing delays now from 205 and tracy up and over the altamont pass a good 40 minutes. if the drive take you from antioch westbound we are seeing the slow traffic and it picks up to pittsburg and slows again for the concord side of things, for about a on-minute drive from antioch through pittsburg to concord. we will have mass trend it opens coming up, and a look at events happening this evening to prepare for. >> right now, we will look at the gorgeous view of the sunset sent in from a viewer, take him, thank you for this photo. if you want to show your great photos post them on social media #abc7now. >> ever thought of starting your own business, michael finney has stipulates on fine the funding you need to get started. >> if you just bought a new honda it could have a serious honda it could have a serious flaw, an engine
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news that lives without you live. if you bought a newly redesigned honda signatures it could be under call after the engine in some cars could stall while they are being driven. the recall affects 2016 civics with four cylinder engines. part of the engine could be missing or improperly installed.
6:25 am
dealers will inspect the evening ins and fix the problem if necessary we do have more dill on this on >> honda has add more than two million cars to the recall of takata airbags with certain honda and acuras in 2005 toes with disneed to have the airbag replaced because they could explode. honda will contact the owners. replacement parts available in the summer. >> society back for facebook, regulators in india blocked free basics a controversial facebook service that gives people free but lipped access to the internet on mobile devices. facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg is disapitched but is committed to breaking down barriers to connectivity in india and around the world. >> starting a business is hard work, right, so is finding the money to get your idea off the ground. today, "7 on your side" is tackling a question about finances. >> where does a person go to
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fine a business loan these days? >> local beens, mom and bad dappings are the must popular, small business manage through the federal government have programs and now there is crowd funding and you post an idea on a website and see if you can get investors or donation and with peer to peer a bunch of people chip in and give you money and then you pay them back with interest. if have a question more michael finney record it on your smartphone and send it to e-mail on the screen or post it to solve media with #ask15any. it goes straight to him and you can have the questions earned right here. >> if you need gas this morning it could make the commute better we are finding gas prices here in the bay area for under $2 a gallon. a fiery end to a lunar new year celebration in the south bay with damage last behind after a part got out of hand. >> you can stream our newscast
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live, get breaking news, and first personalized alert on the first personalized alert on the smartphone or tablet by
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on 6:30. we glad you are with us on tuesday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> bright. sunny. warm.
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that is the forecast. >> sue, your turn. >> you have the overall theme. here is a look at the next three hours on live doppler hd, you can see it is bone dry. we will have a few high clouds this afternoon. that will not dim our sunshine to keep us from breaking records. the day mapper 42 to 52 and nearly 70 at noon so find outside to eat and you will enjoy it. 64 at coast, 72 inland. delightful this evening at 58 to 64. sue? go back to san jose highway 87 northbound beyond the s.a.p. center, big black sabbath concert so it will be busy. if you are headed there, right now it is looking good with headlights in the northbound direction. we have a couple of incidents back to san jose and this is 85, northbound, after bascom, or four cars involved and the
6:31 am
red sensors can be seen. an involve accidenting a big-rig i will talk about next report the. >> new video in the last few minutes of the head on crash between two passenger trains in germany. we have been tracking this all morning since 4:30. this is the first look at wreckage. it is in a remote country side 40 miles from munich. nine people are dead at the scene. dozens were injured. students normally have packed the train but school was out this week right now investigators are confident starting to come through the debris and they are trying to determine the cause of the train collision. two of three data recorders have been recovered. >> as the bay area adds up how money the super bowl made or lost at least one supervisor in san francisco is ready to write a check. he wants to reimburse some people hundreds of thousands. we are joined live from janet o. who is included? not everyone made money and we are talking about the vendors
6:32 am
who were affected if all of this, vendors such as street artists and shoe shineers who had to relocate when the super bowl city was set up. the san francisco supervise is proposing a compensation package totaling 500,000 dollars, and the money made from the super bowl will be set aside for the fogs, valid city permits and those who ultimate timly suffers financially, with high end restaurants experienced a dip in business because locals stayed away. however, they will not be examined for their losses. >> a left people in the financial district were told to telecommunity and we are usually busy and that is our client base so that hurt our business. >> san francisco mayor said the city look at what businesses did not do well, and why. instrument owners are now speaking out offering constructive criticism hello
6:33 am
saying if they have another super bowl >> work to tear down super bowl city in san francisco, still going strong. this is a look over super bowl city from the visa sky camera, and streets around the foot of market will remain closed until friday. sky 7 was over herman plaza as crews removes concert venue and corporate showcase and tear down work is going on, along howard street outside the moscone center which is where the nfl experience was held. >> new proof that the super bowl was a big game, listen to this, fans bet more than $132 million on the game. and $132 million was taken in by sports experts. pan officers everyone favored to win by 5.5 points and were
6:34 am
betting on anything and everything from how long the national anthem would last by lady gaga to who who wins the coin toss with carolina jersey star steph curry would wear at the game. >> heads up if you hit the road, gas has dropped below $2 a gallon in some bay area cities. amy hollyfield is in mill valley at one of the gas stations. are you sometime seeing crowds? >> it is very crowded. gas is very cheap. i bought this water at the store at the gas station and did some math, the water costs more than twice what they are charged for gas. there is a large crowd. look at the cars trying to get around the gas truck that is bringing more gas to the station, and there have been lines all morning of people. it is very busy. a gallon of regular is $1.95 at this arco station in mill valley. drivers say they are thrilled. some are even remember how old they were the last time they
6:35 am
remember seeing this low twice. >> last time i remember gas this cheap was 2003, maybe? i first got my driver's license when i was 16. that is the last time it was this cheap. >> we go through 2 1/2 tanks a week to get to the city and back is it is helping out. >> we have a couple of things working in our favor. oil prices are low. we have a lost winter grade gas left we have to use before we switch to summer gas happening across the country. we are down an agency 25 cents since last month. i specific with the employee at the gas and things it will go down another crept -- crept cent or two. enjoy. >> the fact that water is more expensive than gas is amazing. we are helping for cheap gas so if you see the low prices let us know posting the rice and
6:36 am
location of the station where you are on social media and use #abc7now. we find it. >> police are look for an armed robber who could be behind a string of holdups. this surveillance video from a robbery at a shell gas station two weeks ago. can you not see his face but people hope someone recognizes clothing or mannerisms or anything to identify him. he could be behind a string of robberies. >> get out of the car. get out of the car. put your hands to the side. hands out to the side. don't move. don't of my. -- move. don't move. >> certainly it gets your attention dramatic video showing pursuit and arrest of 31-year-old of antioch, suspected of a series of bang robberies in northern california. police arrested him on sunday morning in lake county after leading officers on a high speed chase. he is held without bail and
6:37 am
faces several charges. >> a sex offender rehab center in san francisco is not opening today as previously landed. at a public meeting last night neighbors got a chance to weigh in leaders of the sex offender treatment business faced concerned residents last night at the meeting. they treat sex offenders on parole or probation and hope to move to the corner of church but many are concerned about nearby schools. >> there are two pre-schools, 2' foot of the location. it could be a moot point when they measure. >> the proximity is measured to make sure that the location meets city requirements. company c.e.o. said the current location is not torn down until made at the earliest and will not try to relocate right away. aprotesters will be at san francisco city hall today taking a stand against google's shuttle program. the supervisors reached a deal to keep it running for another
6:38 am
year most likely with major changes. protesters say the technical workers drive up the rents which contribute to the overvictions. the demonstration is mapped for 8:00 a.m. and city supervisors discussed the program's environmental review. >> caltran is trying to figure out what caused concrete to fall in the bay bridge yerba buena island tunnel. this is the bridge from the emeryville camera and traffic is building. this happened last month in the slow lane of the lower deck tunnel heading eastbound from san francisco to oakland. we were in the tunnel and we captured the spot where concrete fell. it fell on a car and damaged the car. the driver was not hurt. caltran said corrosion or water damage could have weakened the concrete in that spot. the am said that crews inspect the tunnel and did not find anything wrong with it. caltrain said it is safe to drive through the tunnel. >> the port commission is meeting to consider possibly waking fees for crabbers. unsafe levels of domoic acid
6:39 am
closed the crab season. if approved, storage fees for boats and leased rents are waived until april 30. the meeting starts at pier 1 in san francisco at 3:00 p.m. all the wet and rainy january is distant memory. >> it stays dry for another week or ten days and then a few chances of rain but not repeating january. the dry air is cooling significantly. danville is 39. much else is low-to-mid 40s through the san ramon valley and to lasten hill and to livermore and 50 in pittsburgh and warm air is pleasuring out there but it has to make its way to the group, hayward is 52 and san francisco is 55, and pacifica is 64, and san jose 48 the cooler tells. if you are out and about the subis good at the peep is injury and nearly 70s degrees but not so bride, warm afternoon for jogging and sunny and dry for walking the dog. look at this, it looks warm from
6:40 am
mount tam tam and the air is clean par lick lats but a lot of tree pollen so if you have allergies be cave. east bay hills showing off the beautifulcy and temperature are in the 70's but cooler by thursday, and i will let you know that lasts into the weekend. >> getting busy southbound 680 from concord, in were hill, into walnut creek, slow and we had early debris westbound 24 near pleasant hill road and it could be the reason for so man brake lights, at 6:40 in morning and ten minutes from concord and slow-and-go over the altamont pass and we have a big-rig and a vy bug on the right hand shoulder near grand line between grant line and north flynn with slower than normal. northbound 85, three or now cars involved this accident blocking the center divide. northbound 87, near sky port, flee or four cars in lane two,
6:41 am
so slow between 880 and 101. golden gate bus route cancellation and we will update that and the backup in a couple of minutes. >> we have signed up for a jim membership or credit monitoring service, it is easy but what if you decide to cancel. tonight, seven-day forecast is investigating why it is so hard to get identity of paid subdescriptions and what you can do about it tonight at electric. >> if you are thinking of buying a home, way, bay area home prices could be reaching a bubble. >> a shocking moment captured on video, a maryland woman run down by a driver during a possible by a driver during a possible road rage
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
this video from baltimore shows a hit-and-run on camera. officials say a man intentionally rammed the car in front of him and backed up on to the sidewalk and hit the woman. >> after that he took off. >> map was denied e-mail after being charged with assault with intent to murder. the woman has broken ribs, a bruised lung and a fractured skull. >> a lunar new year celebration got out of control in the south bay when fireworks sparked a fire at a strip ma'am -- matt keller has incredible cell
6:45 am
phone video. >> this place is trashed. you can see garage in front of the mall evidence ever a huge celebration for lunar new year including fireworks. in the corner, a scorched tree in the corner, a scorched tree and damaged roof from a fire. instagram roasted after:30 last night. firefighters called for a second alarm because of a large column of smoke but it was canceled after they saw it was coming from the tree next to the building. it took 20 minutes to get the fire under control. no injuries. fireworks burn at a thousand degrees and most children injured, or most permanent injured by fireworks are children. fireworks are illegal in the city of san jose for 30 years but that has not stopped people from setting them off all year
6:46 am
long. no word on if the fireworks here were illegal. >> thank you, matt. as concern continues to grow over zika virus medical professionals are would being do make sure it does not spread here. doctors are asking blood dough mores to wait 28 days if they travel to mexico, central, or south america, and it is up likely we will see zika transmission through mosquitoes in california but we need to be cautious with blood transfusions. >> we have to be sure the blood our parents received is safe and as a result we need to take certain measures. >> the olympic committee is advising athletes to heed centers for disease control warnings of going to rio de janeiro for the some are games. the white house has asked congress for $2 million to deal with the threat. >> chances are you get severe jet lag on a long flight. this morning, scientists at stanford say there could be a way to prevent jet lag without medication and without adjusting
6:47 am
your sleep schedule. the solution has to do with light therapy. researchers say they got good rules by exposing people to short flashes of light while sleeping allowing them to transition the body clock to a new time zone prior to trip. this is published in "journal of christian california investigation." >> fights are down 200 points a lofts anxiety of the stock market this morning. right now, the big pardon showing down 25 points. >> now, jane king is at nasdaq with the morning money report. jane? yes, good morning, housing prices in the san francisco bay area already at a record high and could be reaching the bubble stage. the report said that the last time the bay area experienced this kind of home price growing was during the dot-com era and current home prices 16% overvalue. the f.a.a. said there are now more drones regular decembered than piloted aircraft including the small cessnas to the big
6:48 am
boeing, with 325,000 people who have registered drones. target gender neutral apporach to children's toys is seeps into other parts of the business with a new brand of kids whom decor without boy or girl designation debuts in the scores later this month. we have seen quite a recovery starting down him 200 points and we are still lower but only by 13 account nasdaq is positive with a big sell off in japan down 5.5 percent with their oakland -- market. a huge drop. >> many mardi gras! >> that is right, my gosh, super bowl, and now mardi gras, i can't keep up with everything. >> thank you. the question is, what is fat tuesday without an amazing parade.
6:49 am
getting down, lady in the blue. the cru matched to the new orleans convention center yesterday complete with fans, floats, all the beads. that is "castle," actor nathan from detective drama. here is the king of the castle this year. tomorrow is around wednesday and tomorrow is around wednesday and then going of lent. folks in new orleans, and this is during carnival's samba parade last night, the winner is announced tomorrow. they are not afraid to flash the skin. >> they are so wonderfully dressed they do not need to dance they can just stand there. >> and any big movement...things
6:50 am
could fall... >> and we will have king cake later and give up sweets starting tomorrow. >> and a run. in the sun. >> look at this, high clouds on live doppler hd, offshore, those are coming in later today and it will be a bright day and the ferry ride this morning is going to be cooler and not is breezy as year, with the waves on the babe not as choppy, mostly sunny, fewer records but they are still there, slower breezes mean cooler temperatures tonight and more fog than this morning, and a cooler weekend is on the way and then it is warm again next week and maybe record highs. today the 76 in san jose is setting another record high and it will be slightly warmer in los gatos at 77 and on the peninsula, two areas, mountain view is 76 and redwood city 74, possible record highs and with the clouds along the coast, we will still 30 with 70 degrees, downtown south san francisco in the low 70s, 69 in sausalito and bodega bay and that is as cool as it is, accident in san rafael is a record and santa rosa and napa will not make it,
6:51 am
72 and 73, oakland, record high as 74, and the same warm temperatures shared by fremont and the cooler end, hercules and richmond at 70 and no record highs although we are close at brentwood at 70s and antioch is at 73. tonight you can see the fog along the coast spilling into the bay and mid-40s to mid-50s for north bay, the cold front will swipe the north bay with a slight chance of rain on friday and it knocks us down with temperatures friday and saturday and then the saturdays you are back on valentine's day and more so on monday. have a good one the sigh? >> if you are out and at it, bart is the great way to go where 55 trains on time and if you would take the route 54 from novato, the 7-eleven departure has been canceled and the next departure for the proud is at 7 27 and caltrain is looking good, and up and down peninsula and meter lights were on at 5:28 so it makes for a slow ride
6:52 am
berkeley to the maze an hour and 10 minutes and slit itch on the span. take an on time bart train. up and over altamont pass from grand line to north gasoline, that is cleared, and that should be improving, and a couple of incidents in san jose we will tell you about this, north 85, before bascom with several cars involved. and one in the santa cruz mountains southbound 17, very slow and northbound, too, slow to san jose. another san jose accident and then look at san mateo bridge when we come back. >> back with the seven things you need to know before you go including breaking news in san jose with life threatening jose with life threatening injuries after a shooting
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door the seven things you need to know before you go. the breaking news in san jose, a woman is in the hospital with life threatening injuries and she was shot at an apartment complex on was step -- on wocester avenue. fireworks could be to blame for a small but dramatic fire at a slow strip mall. video shows flames on a tree and the roof of a business, trash and debris, now, this morning, covering the ground. >> investigators are recovering two data recorders from the
6:55 am
trains involved in a head-on crash in germany, nine people are dead. more than 100 are injured. >> san francisco supervisor proposing spending $500,000 to help the vendors who took a financial hit during the super bowl week. this with apply to vendors and artists but not to businesses or restaurants. >> five, the big story today, record high temperatures. again. from 71 in san francisco to north by at 72 and you done out inland east bay at 73 and east bay and peninsula at 74 and south bay at 76. >> your tuesday morning commute, getting busier at 25 minute ride across the san mateo bridge and a couple of san jose citizens to update you on, and one is northbound 85 after bascom, with slow traffic from highway 87 and the other is 87 northbound teen 880 and 101, several cars involved. >> seven, a million people are expected to pack into downtown denver this morning, to celebrate these guys, the denver
6:56 am
broncos the parade and rally start at 9:00 a.m. our time. abc continues online and on twitter and face book and all your mole devices. >> back in 25 minutes and we have news and weather and traffic. we have high temperatures to look forward to. >> a couple of record highs. if you have to work today we will bring them back tomorrow. but not so many. >> we will see new 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. the first votes being cast in the nation's first primary right now. donald trump riling up the crowds taking on his oppon >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. >> candidates battling, even begging for every vote. >> i want this job because i love this country. >> hillary clinton behind here hoping for a comeback. >> i don't think a little snow is going to stop anybody, do you? >> as bernie sanders holds on to his lead by coming to the rescue of a supporter. >> oh. >> the voters still undecided. our whole team on the trail. marco rubio and john kasich join us this morning. we're live in new hampshire. the nation's first primary up for grabs. the double punch of winter weather socking the northeast as snow causes major problems on the roads. a bus full of passengers


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