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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> that is a special fas trak near the third set of toll lanes where solo drivers have to pay. i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. >> your regular old fas trak transponders will not work for the new lanes and c.h.p. will get you if you try to cheat. amy hollyfield was in livermore along 580. amy? >> they will get you, kristen.
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what we would do is take our new transponder, switch it to 2 because this are two of us in the car and we do not have to pay to drive in the express lane. what if i was driving by high school and i did not want to pay and i kept it on two? the c.h.p. said they have a plan for that. it may seem like an easy thing for a solo driver do cheat, ease into the express lane and switch the transponder to show you have two or three people in the car you can drive for three. some are tempted. >> i will not pay. >> we will see. >> they have to catch me. >> c.h.p. officers say they are confident they will. >> you can always try but most time we cap you. >> officer reed explained how it works. while driving in the express plain on interstate 580 every half mile you pass through electronic checkpoints that will read your trend bonder. officers are sitting there watching the lights that will
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flash. >> as you move through it will give us a "1" or "2" or "3" and if we see you have a "1" we are okay but if this is a "2" or "3" and you are only in the car you get pulled over and then the transponders. checked and it will she where they entered the corridor, where they exit, and what their trend ponder was set to at time. >> do not think of switching it at the last second. >> as we pull you over if you set it back to "1" we can check that in our system to catch the cheaters. >> c.h.p. said it will have officers out every day patrolling the express lanes and they are trained to make this split second detection. consider the penalty if you are caught. >> violations are $500 in alameda county. >> ouch. so if you want to drive in the express lane you need one of these, your old one will not
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work. i checked with caltran and asked when will these open they said they are running tests and they do not is a date. it will be by the end of the month. c.h.p. is in full education mode happening out the flies. you will need new transponders. they went everyone to be ready. >> you have do a great job of educating us, amy. >> transportation experts and leaders from oakland and san francisco are joining forces today to talk about a proposal to build a new transbay tube. the bay area council of economic institute said a tube under the bay could make the commute 40 minutes shorter estimating it would take between 10-$14 billion to make the proposal a reality. the meeting between the two cities and alameda transportation commission is set for 12:30 this afternoon. >> maverick surf contest is to difficulties away and the excitement from fans, surfers and rescue crews is ramping up. our reporter joins us from the
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harbor at half moon bay. people are headed interest town, yet? >> not yet. another big wave surf contest is being held in hawaii today which was supposed to be held and the surfers are going from from there to here. they are ready for the contestans and the crowds. >> it was not maverick sized this morning, but to some of the 50 or 60 surfers these are barely considered waves. >> it is fun. that is why i am here. >> big waves are coming. >> the subcontest has been called for friday. >> i'm excited to watch and it will be fun to specific state. >> you will not be there? >> i will not be in the water. >> mavericks is the busiest day of the career for the harbor patrol. we were here in october when they organized with other crews from the coast guard, cal fire and state parks and titans of maverick water rescue family for the contest. last in, a review of the real
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thing, huge waves were break at mavericks january 7, and big wave surfer wiped out, breaking his arm. deputy harbor master helped treat him that day and said they are ready for what comes away on friday. >> we will havens plays standing by here for the athletes and anyone else that happens to node their services. >> man competing are in hawaii today and the big surf contest phone as the eddie was canceled because the swell wasn't big enough. do not expect that decision to change anything here. >> it is going to still be big, solid, and, hopefully, this wave from hawaii is coming to us. all the beach and cliff are closed to the mavericks on friday so if you want to catch the contest pick a restaurant, go there, and they will be streaming the contest on their tvs.
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>> although in are no women competing in friday's maverick surf competition, that could change. next year. the california commission voted back in november to require a contest organizer to create a plan to include women in future events which is a condition that mavericks organizers must satisfy in order to be granted a permit for the next subjecting con -- next surfing contest. >> all the surfers are watching a close eye on the forecast. >> meteorologist mike nicco has look on a to expect. >> most interesting thing i was reading, facebook site, the surfers would rather be hit by football players than crash on a 40' waves that can register on the scale on the earthquake scale. that is tell how strong the waves are and how much respect we should give them. they are small only 5'. but, as we get toward friday, we are going to jump 30-40'. that is how big the breakers are
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from. if you headed that way, the temperature is 53 in the morning and by noon it will be 60. >> have fun. >> sounds good, mike. >> new this morning a police chase that originated in west oakland ended 90 minutes ago in north berkeley, and sky 7 was over delaware street as deputies and officers were taking the driver into custody. police say the man drove erratically intentionally hitting several cars and injuring a woman in his attempt to get away from officers. at one point he drew a gun and pointed it at people standing near. >> he was in custody, we are currently looking for the gun and we have the vehicle. we want to reach out to our community and say thank you, so many people pointed when they were on the corner or stopping cars directly officers say "high went that way." chase went from east to west oakland, to emeryville, and to berkeley and authorities say the police cars were also hit by the suspect. >> we have an update on the c.h.p. officer whose throat was
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slashed in san francisco. he now is out of the hospital. the officer is recovering at home, c.h.p. tweeted the update yesterday and thanks the public for their well wish wishes. the man in custody for that attack pleaded not guilty to attempted murder chances yesterday. the 45-year-old is held on $5 million bail. >> new details involving the body of a cringe woman found at a wal-mart parking lot in salinas last week. he is identified at 22-year-old lauren moss. her body was discovered in a bed with heavy tinting on the whens and was this for a while, possibly months before the store employee found her. her death does not appear to be spin. >> traffic after the moffett field will be stacked up when president obama arrives. air force one will touch down at 7:30 and it will be president obama's first visit to the bay area this year to raise money for the democratic party. the president is spending the night in the south bay and he has two fundraisers in the area
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tomorrow. >> top united states health officials are meeting on capitol hill to discuss the zika virus. this as olympians consider skipping the summer games in rio de janeiro, brazil, hit hard by the virus that calls brain deformity in babies. janet o is in the newsroom with the latest. >> the world health organization is now estimating that as many as four million people across the mothers will be inner -- infected in exyear. it is not just those who are pregnant that could be worried. >> united states soccer star hope solo is choosing not to go to the summer games in brazil tolling "sports illustrated" i would never take the risk of having an unhealthy child adding no athlete competing in rio de janeiro should be faced with this dilemma. >> that is the first, shell not be the last. many of them are so young and have their woke future to look forward to. >> the united states olympic committee tells abc that it is closely monitoring the situation
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with the centers for disease control. a number of cases confirmed at home is up to 66 across 19 states and the nation's capitol. zika virus is video by mosquitoes and believed to be the cause behind a grow number of neurological birth 20s in babies. centers for disease control said that it stays in the system for a week. they do not believe it affects future pregnancies but today the health officials discussing the crisis admit a vaccine may not be available for a few years. >> now, this new concern among athletes an the world comes as researchers in brazil say the virus may will be linked to eye add normalities in babes -- in babies. >> a new bay area start-up is helping people find a job in the restaurant business. find out how you can apply. >> super bowl 50 has set record-breaking numbers with a
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big milestone the bay area helped
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>> the g.o.p. list of presidential candidates could be getting shooter. abc has learned that new jersey governor chris christie is expected to formally suspend his campaign as early as today. chris christie came in 6th in the new hampshire primary which happened last night. next on the presidential primary list, south carolina. momentum could be with donald trump and senator bernie
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sanders. they are coming off what trump would describe as "a huge win." but it is expected from new hampshire, adding some crash credibility to the upstart campaigns. here is the list of results, on the republican side, donald trump is the big winner at 35 percent of the vote. john kasich came this second which is getting a lot headlines. third is too close to call but marco rubio is way at bottom in fifth of the the democrats, bernie sanders ended ahead of hillary clinton by 22 points. these results shaneing -- shaking up the campaigns and the political parties. the g.o.p. is stinging after donald trump's victory. >> if you look for a job in the restaurant business in the bay area there is an app, a san francisco based start-up that matches prospective employees with opening if their neighborhood the we logged on and found dozens of jobs from cashiers to cooks to scene managers. if you are interested all you have to do is create a profile and apply for any position.
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>> if you have fought been outside yet today, look at it, and get out there. >> meteorologist mike nicco is out there himself enjoying it right now. >> i am. i am wearing a coat today. it is cooler. we have had three consecutive days of record highs and they will take a small break but we turn in the back half of the seven-day forecast and i will show you that coming up. >> also coming you, beyonce, facing some backlash from the super bowl performance and what some are planning to do new in response to the
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>> new this morning a lot of people are talking about not being so happy with beyonce's super bowl half time performance and there is an antibeyonce protest planned on tuesday outside the philadelphia headquarters in manhattan the same day that tickets go on sale for her world tour "formation." organizers say they offended they used racial licks in the performance. >> the bay area super bowl host committee said that they saw record numbers in the unup to the big gay. in san francisco combined 1.1 million people visited super bowl city. the 50th mile walk on market street and the philadelphia -- nfl experience. they have raised $13 million going to bay area nonprofits and charities. 141 nonprofits are recipients of the money. >> stars are taking center stage at pebble beach for the celebrity golf change. big news, including bill murray, timberlake, and harbaugh and
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mark wahlberg. >> and mike shumann will have reports tonight from pebble beach with the highlights of the challenge. can you follow the update on twitter. interesting harbaugh did not play with the 49ers yesterday. >> so funny. >> and back to justin timberlake >> we will go up to the roof and how is it looking, mike nicco? >> looking great. now, at pebble beach, practice rounds this morning on, temperature was 53 degrees expect more tomorrow. right now it is 64 degrees and almost 70s by 3:00 when the hole in one $1 million charity event takes place and round it out at 5:00 with a light breeze and comfortable conditions. did you miss the sunrise? i have it. we look at it, it went right by, and i wish i could go back and look at it. but i can't. i will put it on-line and
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twitter and facebook. you can see high clouds increasing with such a gorgeous sunrise this morning and over the next six hour they will stay high clouds and not drop any rain on top of us and they will help zip our sunshine just a little bit and an onshore breeze is what will keep our temperatures just short of record highs today. we have had three consecutive days of record highs in oakland and san jose. minimal cooling through saturday, and then the long spell of dry weather that shouldent on wednesday will bring us another chance of record temperatures valentine's day sunday, monday and tuesday. here is jose and one of the areas that will be warmer-than-average, but just shy of record high, 73, that leads the charge and most us around 70 to 71 degrees. if you are headed outside you can see it is hazy in some of it has to do with the tree pollen in the air, and we look at our temperatures, 71 to 74 is the range in the south bay and the peninsula is a degree cooler, at
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70 to 73 and the coast is where you will notice a bigger change today, mid-to-upper 60s and, hopefullies without the sneaker waves rip currents, downtown, south san francisco, mid-to-upper 60s and everyone el makes it to 70 and 71 in the north bay. 71 along the east bay shore and 69 in brentwood and everyone else around 70 to 72 degrees. tonight we are in the mid-40s inland to mid-50s around san francisco. my seven-day forecast shows slowly letting the heat out of the this air mass by saturday and it will be coolest but we are still in the mid-60s to 70 and a quick spike of warm weather with mid-70s for sunday and monday and tuesday before we get the rain next wednesday. back to you. >> google is giving away more storage for gmail users on google drive to make the intent safer, asking users to go through the security checkup to
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get extra storage and the free storage offer is good until tomorrow. >> youtube is take on netflix. through the youtube subscription service releaseing three made for youtube movies and a new series and necessity want to know whether young viewers will pay the monthly fee of did, 10 to see their on-line stars. youtube will need 3 percent of the audience to sign up to stay competitive with netflix. >> if you have a "frozen," fan in your house i have news. there is the broadway version hitting the stage in spring of 20189. but you do not have to wait that long for a new t station, the next chapter will air next year as a local day special and we are toll the entire voice cast from the original film is coming back. disney is the parent company of abc7. you can catch the special during the holiday season right here on abc7. >> good because i can't "let it
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go." >> i have heard all i can take of that. >> if you love, love, and you live in the bay area you are in for a great treat. >> the three cities said to b
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>> remember the lost super bowl tickets discovered at the nfl expense? we first told you about it last week l is a happy ending. but it is not quite what you might expect. we will tell you what happened. then, at capacity and wait for el nino, reservoirs are running over. yes, on abc7 at 5 o'clock. >> if you are in love, you will not have to travel far to celebrate valentine's day on sunday because a new survey finds that san francisco is the best city in america to celebrate without breaking the bank. fremont in san jose also are noon the top 20 most romantic cities. collectively, this year love birds will spend $20 billion, which is $146 a person. >> and $87 to go out and eat. if you want to make it half a holiday you may want on get a book, 53 percent of women were break up with a significant
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other if they are not getting anything for valentine's day. >> we are saying that for survey. >> really, we wouldn't. >> are you sure? >> we will find out on sunday. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. i'm glad you've joined us because today we're playing with some of america's brightest young people, who are hoping to convert their brain power into big bucks, and i know they can't wait to get started. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. this is a very special week. with an iq in the 99.69th percentile, it's safe to say our returning whiz kid probably has what it takes to win the million. from tampa, florida, please welcome back john barreto. [cheers and applause] what's up, buddy? >> hi. >> lookin' good again! >> thank you. >> nice! >> thank you. >> i wanted to--i wanted you to


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