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lamar missing in 2012 while walking to her school bus stop, a man was charged with kidnap asking murder but she has never been found. investigators say they found her hair and dan in his car. the trial is scheduled to start in april. we contacted sierra's sister and she said authorities have not reached out to the family about the fining. we expect to learn more from the sheriff later today. >> thank you, matt. happening right now, president obama is waking up in the south bay ahead of a pair of fundraisers for the democratic party. air force one landed at must field just after 7:00 last night and the president's motorcade whiffed him away and this morning he attend a fundraiser in palo alto and at 1:15 another fundraiser in agent -- agent torn. this means big traffic. the president is staying at
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sheraton where security is tight right new. there is no public appearance planned. all the city of berkeley has released a report showing that nearly one in 5,000 stairwells and outdoor structures need repair. the inspections follow the balkan come listen that killed 96 june. we are here with what the property owners have to do. >> now the property owners that need corrective work done have to apply for a permit and complete the work in 90 days. the city of berkeley has released the results and according to berkeley site found 400 balcony need to be repaired. they called for mandatory inspection after the deadly balcony collapse in june with six young people dying at library garden apartments near the campus. most of the victims were from ireland. 22-year-old ashley donohue was from rohnert park. the city council sent notices to property, balconies and decks and contractors and structure a.m. engineers checked for
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hazards like dry rot so far, 2,000 properties have been inspected, and most are okay, 402 need work. the new recommendations call for inspections every three years rather than every five years. later this month, the city council will talk about the progress of the project that is requiring this work, called the exterior elevated elements program. >> thank you, new developments in oregon this morning, armed protesters at a federal wildlife refuge say they will surrender to the f.b.i. this morning. the four remaining occupiers say they will leave the compound at 8:00 a.m. and surrender to agents outside the national refuge in eastern oregon, and they made the announcement hours after the arrest of the father of the protest leader, ammon bundy who was arrested last in. the group seized the refuge last month in opposition of federal land use policies. >> federal investigators will arrest the scene of a plane
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crash that killed a tulare county sheriff deputy and pilot helping arrest a suspect yesterday afternoon when they crashed into the side of a mountain. this is along highway 190 roughly 80 miles southeast of fresno. the 52-year-old deputy scott ballantyne was 26-year veteran of the department. the pilot was 45-year-old julio chavez spent years in the military before joining the sheriff. that happened about 15 months ago. >> department of justice will reyou have a new use of force policy proposes to the san francisco police commission by the police chief suhr in the wake of shooting of mario woods by five officers. the proposal outlines policy and procedures for using people more spray, batons, and prohibited chokeholds. it also introduces tasers as a viable option saying prohibit officers from firing on a suspect vehicle unless there is a threat.
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there are two public hearings before voting on a final version in april. >> parents, make sure you saw this sketch, in santa cruz police say a man who tried to lure a boy into his car is still on the loose right now. this is what they believe the suspect looks like: 12-year-old said this man stopped him last wednesday and asked if he wanted it get into the car. the boy ran away. and told his parents. today, caltrain hopes they can remove the old span of the bay bridge with money for the $140 million needed to finish removing the old span that is still hanging over the bay. the money covers more pier employs in october and november and 13 smaller implosions. they will continue to remove sections of the bridge using barges. >> a sacramento judge is scheduled to hear arguments in the lawsuit filed in an attempt to stop california's disputed highway speed rail system.
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central valley formers want to stop it fromming. on their property. the tons plan to argue that the plans no long comply with promises made to voters when they approved the bonds eight years ago. say the excite must catching perfect big waves a day away now. the maverick surf competition is. coming to half moon bay and only men are taking part this year. our reporter cornell barnard said there is a push to include women in the water. >> for 15 areas, top surfers from around the world have come to challenge the giant waves at mavericks but a woman has never been invited to compete at the main competition. >> to be honest, it is a little bit sexist. >> she is a bay area surfer, turned film maker. >> it is about capturing the life of the big wave surfers. >> documentary called "it airport pretty," profiles top women surfers who can charge waves like these in mavericks,
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million now, only for fun. the coastal commission may require women to be included at future competitions. >> it mas more sense to have women compete but it does not machine they cannot surf the same way. >> 26-year-old of santa cruz was chosen as an alternate but a knee injury is keeping her on the beach. she knows she will be compete with the guys one day. >> i think as leg as i work hard and make the smart decisions i can be successful and push myself and maybe one day i will be in the of develop. all the founders say women have always been welcome but it requires an invite and so far men have been the only ones to make the no onal cut. she said not for long. >> i know the women athlete want to be chosen for their ability. >> a new step for women riding the waves. everyone wondering, will we get the big waves they hope for?
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>> 4 not toot waves if love to see that, we are from 25-35 and up to 40' waves at pillar point on friday morning. look at this, 54 degrees to 61 so it will be comfortable temperature-wise. right now thives are only 6'. look at this, a high surf advisory from noon until 8:00 on saturday. thinking about going to the coast and outside of that area, we are going do have swells building up to 11-13' and sneaker waves and rip currents and beach erosion is the least of our concern after what happened in pacifica yesterday. enjoy, the roof cram the lights on the bay bridge show tree positiven is high. mold spores are low. here is a look at 280 at 17, 44 degrees, in san jose, europe up into the 60s if san francisco and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 70s more of us in the secretary tomorrow, and 70s lingering through saturday, but i do have a chance of rain coming up in the forecast.
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sue? >> we will check on the toll plaza this morning, so far, so good, no metering lights yet. we will check closer to 5:30, and that is going to be the average time they town the lights on. receipt now the remark is flowing nicely into san francisco at only 12 minutes from golden gate field into the city, and san mateo bridge is lacking great, in problems here, the tail lights are headed on plat section across to san mateo and foster city and it is looking good overall and our traffic map is grand which green is good on roadways. areas of road work to be aware of, northbound 280 and various stretches, but, also, between this area, and eastbound direction, there is slowing, as well. we check back with the south bay commute in a now minutes. >> a secret that been using to save a few bucks is coming to an end with bart
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stopping cheap parking. stopping cheap parking. >> a set of super bowl stopping cheap parking. >> a set of super bowl here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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dude, dude, dude. gooey, flaky, happy. toaster (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is an insider secret if you were going to the raiders or a's go you could find cheap parking at bart coliseum station. that could be changing. the board will consider a plan
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to charge between $7 and $30 for parking on game days. you have to pay for parking for big of develops at the coliseum or the arena. right now bart only charges $3 to park between 4:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. monday through friday and it is free outside of the hours. >> caltrain plans to electrify the system is getting a boot from the obama administration much the white house were whats to earmark $125 million for the protect. the new trains would let caltrain carry 100,000 extra passengers a day. and cut pollution. the president's 2017 budget still has to be approve by congress. >> a man visiting the nfl experience in san francisco last week found a pair of tickets to the super bowl. he tried to fine the owner but no such luck. our reporter showing how the man turned theory into a tool to help children. >> it started friday at festivities for the super bowl, the family were enjoying the nfl
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experience and buying t-shirts and he saw this black unmarked envelope on a counter thinking it was a promotional material, he took it, and opened it up later at lunch. >> i open up the folder and the envelope and it was two super bowl tickets. >> i tried to figure out who i should invite to the game i. withed to go and the fiscal year three hours i tried to figure how much money i could get out of it. >> you he found out. the tickets were 14 rows up, great seats worth thousands on the resale mark kept friday night, he started getting an about doing the right thing. >> i did not know on i called, i called you, the san francisco lived, i called moss scone security center. >> i thought he bought them. >> we put he and his wife on the look news on friday night, and, still, no one responded. he is a head master of city academy. to fully understand the story you have to know that city
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academy senators the children of the ten door line, kids from mostly ingrant families -- immigrant families, 85 percent live below the poverty lynn. three decided to leverage the tickets and posted on his facebook, if someone would give a scholarship for a student for one year they could have the tickets. >> a check for $8,500 i give you these two super bowl tickets and in 20 minutes they were gone. >> guy andly wife bought them, super bowl sunday was the 60th birthday, a win-win for him. >> this was really a blessing could spend a fair bit of money but know that all of it is going do a great cause. >> and a great predicament that ended magnanimously. >> applause. love that step. it is great. >> lovely. >> this morning, pros and celebrities tee off for first round of the pebble beach pro-am. all the defending champion has
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won two of the past three years. the field also features five other players in the top ten including two top ranked players. the amateur fields including a last names you know, bill murray, steve young, justin timberlake, the first players tee off at 8:00 a.m., see how j.t. does. >> j.t. wins no matter what. >> true. >> he has other talents. >> we give them winning weather. >> absolutely. the interesting thing is tomorrow and through the weekend the waves will break and what they look lick on tv and the warm weather, too, the rest of the country is going to be saying, really, the super bowl in the 70's and pebble beach is in the 60s? come feel our pain when we pay our taxes. >> we are very happy to live here. good morning, everyone, pebble beach, teeing off at 54 degrees
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this morning. mid-60s throughout the afternoon with murky and hazy sunshine. here a look at the,six hours at home and you can see a few showers passing to the north in mendocino county and quiet for us and you can see that from the east bay hills camera, and my highlights murky sunshine and warm today, and we will have a few more high clouds than year, warmest highs moving forward sunday, monday, and tuesday and we snap it with a code front and that cold independent could bring a good chance for rain. fingers crossed. today, we are in the mid-to-upper 60s loan the cost and san francisco and san mateo and san rafael and richmond and vallejo. everyone else is 70 to 72 degrees. the high clouds hang around tonight, and keep us mainly in the mid-to-upper 70s inland and low 50s elsewhere. leader is what will happen on when at 4:00, nothing but as we head spot afternoon, evening, and overnight hours, a pretty healthy chance of rain and we will break out the storm impact scale where we tell you from "1" to "3" whether it is light or
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severe. because there is light wind it will be a "1". my seven-day forecast shows 60s coming back by wednesday. until then, enjoy the patchily 70s. >> in san jose, now, home of the san jose sharks and the shark tank where they have a game at s.a.p. center at highway 87. right now it is light but expect delays around game time and 280 and 17/880 overcrossing to cupertino, it is six minutes from this location at 17 overcrossing. good news there. overall, traffic is flow nicely this morning and take time if you headed out from antioch to hercules, just under 30 minutes, and 80 from highway 4 to the maze is not a bad ride under 20 minutes and there is highway 87 from 85 to the airport, seven minutes, not bad. we are back with the road closures due to super bowl city are picked up usually with the details in the next report. >> looking forward to that. >> wine lovers you have a treat today. >> a huge wine retailer is ready
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to on the first bay area store in fremont, total wine is hosting the grand opening this morning setting up shop at the pacific plaza shopping center with family owned company prides itself as the largest united states independent retailer of fine wine. you can check out very self at 9:00 a.m. >> local winemakers are really in need of a boost in the drought the government said the 2015 wine harvest in the north bay was down 23 percent last year representing a drop of more than eight million cases of wipe. the wipe industry flames the drive weather, all the drought, and they say the quality of wipe, though, was not affected last year. >> a giant on the field and off the field. giants brandon crawford stepped up to the late and dozens of bay area schools come up winners. >> free at last. free at last. >> those passengers cannot hide their excitement at being on dry land again this morning and a step to make sure their rough sea adventure does not happen
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again. and a plan by amazon for zombie apocalypse. >> tough times for twitter rolling out a new feature including a new timeline that shows the most popular tweets first and if you do not like it you can turn it off. >> the federal government has taken another step to the truly driverless car and now said that the computer that criminals the sell driving car will be considered the driver. >> good news increase google, developing such technology. >> most of us never read software terms and conditions. >> the folks at amazon snuck if a clause to allow their lumber yesterday program to be used in the event of zombie apocalypse. just fun that was had bit lawyers, developers and obvious fans of 9 walking dead. fans of 9 walking dead. >> folks need to get out
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule news thatlies where you live. >> giants all star brandon crawford will announce the winners of the $100,000 in education grants. 29 bay area schools are awarded part of the grant to support sports, arts and community-based programs. crawford will congratulate the wins and take photos with them and a reminder that the 23rd annual giants fanfest is saturday at at&t park and you
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can get players' autographs and wander everywhere in the ballpark include on the field the fans will be there from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 3m and it is free. >> 6,100 people are glad to be become on dry land this morning. all of passengers endured a massive storm in the middle of the atlantic and they still talking about their terrifying ordeal. >> 18 hours. on a will rather coaster you could not get off of and strapped in. >> scary but the crew and captain were great. >> wind speeds added to it, 12 hours of complete torture. >> rib caribbean anthem of the seas docked last night and the coast guard will inspect the ship to make sure all the repairs are done before leaving port again. >> pope francis arrived in mexico foam for a six-day visit touch on a hot button issue this political season: immigration
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staking a stand on the border to show solidarity with the my grants trying to cross and will hold a cross border mass on wednesday. the "wall street journal" said that 200,000 people are expected to attend on the mexican side and about 50,000 across the rio grande in texas. >> if you look for a restaurant job, there is an app for that, a san francisco-based start-up has an app to make match prospective workers with openings in their neighborhood. this is called insta work with dozens of jobs from cashiers to cooks to general manager all around san francisco. if you are interested, create a profile and send an application straight to the business. >> something that instruct me as i was watching mike nicco's forecast update be it looks like one day is close to 80 on the forecast? did i see things correctly? >> mid-to-upper 70s are possible on monday can tuesday of next week and, sunday, yes, going to be warmer-than-average
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on valentine's day so thumbsup. mission district is the cool spot at 53 and the warm spot is west portal at 59, and in the financial district or through the ferry building, 55, and upper 50s around belmont and mid-50s, and san leandro and richmond and pacifica anddown city, 50, and the rest us in the mid-to-upper 40s. walking the dog, good, playful warmth, and tree pollen is high, if you are hiking and the beaches are rough, a record high is possible today and lake tahoe is 57 degrees. sue? >> it will not last long at that rate. hopefully we get more, bart is running 28 trains on time, and muni is re-routing buses around the foot of market and moscone but that will change because super bowl city is being cleared and tonight they will open up the roads so muni, tomorrow, will be become to third normal rut. that is great news for commuters trying to get across town. those road closures are lifted
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tonight. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, and that is san rafael and traffic is moving light all the way to the golden gate bridge. back with a look at the toll plaza coming up. >> if you want to know more about abc news anchor and sports director larry beale here is the chan, join us tonight at 7:15 when larry answers your questions live at . you can submit questions now using #abc7now. some activists who want to protect the california salmon are concerned about a new bill by senator feinstein making it easier for more water to be diverted from rivers to families in the valley. credits say the salmon counts in california are already at record lows in our drought and the salmon association said it could only harm the salmon and the salmon fishermen. >> if you have opinion waiting - been waiting to get your hands on the new tesla model, the c.e.o. announced that
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reservations for the comparatively low cost model will start march 31, on-line, and it will be in stores the finance day. it will cost you $1,000 to make a reservation. the model 3 has a base price of $35,000 which is half the police of the model s and fans are chomping at bit on twitter and many are expecting to sell out the first day. >> story coming such so cool, a teen has a way to create artificial organs by using a simple cotton candy machine. this is used to make spun sugar and it can vessels that gets oxygen to and removes waste from the organize agains. vander belt said they just got the candy machine from target for $40. >> incredible. >> this has to do with candy, if
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you watched the super bowl you could remember this with tyler and skittles. a copy sold for $7,000 on ebay. not impressed? what if i told you the copy is made of the candies, 20,000? skittles said the money goes to tyler charity for abused girl. >> power of a community united, at 5:00 a.m., a rehab clinic decision that has a san francisco neighborhood breathing a sigh of relief. >> dog owners are on alert and >> dog owners are on alert and what someone is again! again!
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