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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am natasha zouves. it is friday eve and mike nicco is bringing good wet for the president. i thought the nfl had far reaching power with the weather and the have been but the president, 70s, again today. we have high clouds. and 27,000' so you may see the radar returns if you are following live doppler hd on-line or with our weather app but they will not reach the ground. it is too dry. we have murky sunshine today. temperatures are running in the mid-40s to low 50s. through the day planner our lunch special is mid-to-upper 60s and 70s away from the cost at 4:00, and back to the mid-to-upper 60s by 7:00. >> metering lights were turned on half an hour ago at 5:30 and stacked up if the drive take you from 80 or 580 or 880, at least from 80, 20 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco and 580 is the same. we do have an accident in san jose north 101 before oakland road and you can now see the
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traffic is stacking inbeyond 280 is give yourself extra time and another transit bus cancellation updating for you in a few minutes. >> president obama is waking up up this morning in milpitas before two party fundraisers, one in atherton and they are planning to seek compensation to the extra public services. amy hollyfield is where the president is today and it look like there is all kinds of security behind you. >> natasha look behind me this is the president's security watching offer him at his hotel in milpitas and it hand like this all night and this costs money. president obama has had police watching him since he arrived at moffett field. he will attend a fundraiser in atherton and that city wants organizers to cover the cost of police protection. atherton has asked to be reimbursed for previous presidential visits and has been denied but they will ask again.
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local dignitaries say they will not be attended the fundraisers. >> i am not actually in that tax bracket. so i don't expect to be attending. i was invited to one but i don't expect to be one of 9 big contributors. >> the president was taken from moffett field to a hotel in milpitas last night and will attend two private fundraisers today, no one events are planned , and leaves this afternoon for los angeles. >> you can stay on top of president obama's visit with the news app and we sent out a punish alert about seven minutes ago about it so you can download it for free with push alerts. >> the santa clara county sheriff is expected to release more information about human remains found near gilroy. we do not know a last details and not even if the bonds-to a man or woman. we did know that remains are
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found yesterday afternoon near castro valley road and santa teresa boulevard. if you are familiar with the area, that is near the gavilan college golf course. of course, when something like this is found, thoughts turn to sierra lamar. morgan hill teen missing in 2012 and our media partner contacted her sister and she said authorities have not reached out to the family about yesterday's discovery. >> alameda police are hoping someone has seen this man, 73-year-old john beck of alameda last seen yesterday morning parking his car near the oakland city center but he has not been seen or heard from since. family members say he did not show up for a edge asked hearing in federal court and they are concerned that something happened to him. >> a big victory for neighbors in san francisco's triangle, with sex offender rehand center scrap the hand to open. on monday neighbors spoke out against sharper future's proposal to open a center at 100
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church street. they say as a relate they are seeking an alternate location out of respect for the community. >> a bay bridge contractor is smacked with a discrimination lawsuit according to a lawsuit. james brown an iron worker, black, said that adams and smith hired him in august, a month later, he claims the foreman dropped a noose next to him and another co-worker tossed him a rope and told him to put it an his neck. brown said that he complainted and his hours were drastically cut and he was told he wasn't needed anymore. brown is seeking damages and a court order requiring the company to improve will play he training. "no comment," from adams and smith. >> an 30-year-old woman who crashed her car into a gym killing a woman inside will not face charges. the alameda county district attorney has declined to press charges. the family of the victim,
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49-year-old keith baker is sigh the driver and the gym. the lawsuit accuses both of negligence in the crash. the driver said she accidentally hit the gas rather than the brake while parking the mercedes s.u.v. outside of the gym. >> dog owners in the east bay are alert after two pets were injured by tacks, someone is leashing hundreds of the sharp objects in a fenced off play area in the dog park in hercules. january 30, dog owners noticed the tacks spread all over the park picking up piles enough to fill up several sandwich bags. on saturday they found they were in the pack again. >> in my dog is hurt i would be angry, i don't like the idea of any animal being hurt. i cannot manufacture adults would do this or kids. >> police do not know who is dying this and they hope the public will help catch whoever is responsible. >> a new permit could be required for certain fireworks shows in california, with the of the following this show in san
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francisco during opening night of super bowl city. the national park service said it believes the fireworks are responsible for debris that washed ashore, much of it at acquatic park. water quality officials are now looking into creating a clean water act permit for fireworks over the water. >> if you ride bart there is a debate underway this morning about how much money should be spent on the extension of bart to san jose. our media partner reports that the palo alto city council is tackling a saleses tax ballot measure and asking only 20 percent of the tax be spent on the south bay extension project. palo alto is joining other peninsula cities saying most of the funding from the two previous transportation tax measures has already gone to the bart project. palo alto would like to see some of money go to caltrain improvements. the next time you visit point reyes national seashore there could be big changes, the group environmentally -- environmental grounds want to kickoff the land
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100 years after arriving. >> frantic effort to rescue dozens of people stranded in the ocean. >> at look at the golden gate bridge with wet weather and bridge with wet weather and traffic on the sides of
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>> almost 6:10 on thursday. love to watch the dancing lights but we have to move on but they are live on our website. tree pollen is high today. cedar and elm and pine, watch out. hazy today but not a "spare the air" day. >> southbound 101 no fog and 53 degrees. 60s at the coast and the rest of us in upper 60s to low 70s and same for friday, our coolest afternoon, and watch out for the big surf developing today through saturday. now, one more push of near record warm temperatures heading into the city, 72 on sunday, and look at 59 by thursday and that transition will be wet. sue? >> we have issues with the golden gate buses three separate bus cancellations, route 54, at 7:1, is route 4, 6:53 and route 72, out of rohnert park the 6:28 departure. the good news is all of the
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routes have buses to physical up toll plaza up the next 10-20 minutes. check ahead if you take the golden gate bus. overall we are looking good, slow out of central valley, two citizens one in san jose and one in industrial. >> i want to show you new video from the united states keg coast guard as they prepared to rescue dozens of people stranded off the coast of hawaii. you can see the big planes taking off heading 1,400 mile south of islands and that is where 42 people were stranded after the fishing trip caught fire. overnight all 42 were rescue asked doing fine. no word on what starts the fire. >> all right you have to see this. when you think of wedding crashers this is probably not what comes to mind, these elephants did not want to miss the party and they all headed in one direction. one by one they politely lined up outside of the resort in africa, and slowly made their
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way into the reception and you never see the bride and groom because the thank was on uninvited guests and tried not to be too disruptive. word is they were actually determined by a wild man go tree and decided this was the most direct route so they want through the wedding. >> i would be freaking out. if i saw that happen in my hotel lobby. amazing. athis only we have a better leak at how many people came to san francisco for our super bowl at how many people came to san francisco for our super bowl fests,
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> today the concord city council will discuss whether to release a report about possible misconduct involving the development of the concord naval weapons station. the focus is on a developer competing for the project and that developer is accused of improperly lobbying city council members. >> here is the reason why you, me, we all need to go to the gym. being lazy it turns out could shrink your brain. researchers at boston university
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say inactivity action sole rates the process of brain shrink agency. middle age people out of shape could have smaller dreams compared to those who exercise regularly. previous studyies have shown shrinkage caused by smoking and obesity and high blood pressure so we will have to work out today. >> san francisco stepping up efforts to get discarded syringing off the city streets. there will be a rapid response team to specifically target the civic center and u.n. plaza areas. this is after increased complaints. there are currently 10, 24 disposable offices in the city including eight at the civic center and ten door line area. >> super bowl host other say 1.1 million visited events in san francisco including super bowl city and the nfl experience. that is 10% higher than the million expected. along with the visitors, they behalfed some businesses, including the roadside burgers and we noticed across from super bowl city, the lines were out the door every day.
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pe -- i cab drivers did well, as well. >> slower now. >> back to the regular february. >> which is slow? >> our slower time of year, yes. >> here is the thing, businesses that rely on regulars are harder to find did not do so well during the super bowl festivities and they are hurting, including lunch trucks and the spots in the ferry building. >> it was harder to get to the ferry building with embarcadero blocked off. >> and streets at the five market street are set to open tonight and muni will resume their normal schedule starting to. >> we are looking forward to that. >> now a check with amy and what is coming up at 7:00 a.m. amy? >> good morning, coming up next, the cruise ship passengers finally back on land after the nightmare sat sea, the royal caribbean ship arriving safely back in new jersey overnight
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after getting stuck in hurricane-force winds. some of the passengers are with us in the studio this morning. >> thanks, amy see you at >> now, i had the on of emceeing the man for babies kickoff for the man of dimes yesterday. this event was the first step in organizing teams an incredible group of people here. everyone has a story behind why they care so much about premature delivery and big. all of them pledged together to try and raise $375,000 during the april walk. so many colleagues will be taking part in the walks in april and may and we are excited to see them. >> hope to see you out there, and the one in san francisco happens at the the end of april, and we hope you can join us. >> sue has welcome traffic news. >> we have a couple of hotspots
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this morning so we will head to the san mateo bridge and it looks good on the flat section but the trouble is, just before our shot this morning before the toll plaza with a more down if the h.o.v. lane and the high occupancy vehicle lane and the driver is needing an ambulance, so, we will keep our eye on this so expect delays from before the toll plaza. slow out of the central valley and that is dip california with a couple of accidents to update you on and san francisco, north 280, i am seeing that new in the clearing phase stages and san jose north 101 at oakland, look at the backup before 280 the we have the toyota lake tahoe report but here is mike. >> looking to the future for six hours you can see there is a slight chance of sprinkles well to the north, and we have a gorgeous sunrise developing across the south bay, 280 at 17 and wonderful pink as we march for the backs hear on in the month of march. high clouds and war sunshine
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today, and nearly record warmth again next week and winter runs and it brings rain. that is end. today's temperatures show who is not in the 70s: vallejo, san mateo, san rafael at 69, and richmond at 68 and san francisco is 67 and half moon bay at 66. the rest of us is 70 to 72. tonight is a mild one because of high clouds and we have mid-to-upper 40s inland and into the south bay and upper 40s to low 50s around the bay shore and to the coast. bringing the storm impact scale back we rang our homes on how they will impact you, "1" is light and "5" is severe and the strongest is a "3" which is strong and this is light on wednesday into thursday morning next week with quarter to half an inch of rain and light winds so it will be a nuisance. at 4:00, it is quiet and rain develops in the afternoon and the dark of the grow, heaviest rain is falling on the evening commute and it tapers to lit showers during the overnight hours into thursday morning.
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the lake tahoe report the four day forecast is nearly record warmth looking a lot like last year but on wednesday they get winner -- winter in the form of snow. for us, 60s and 70s, and wednesday is just 60. coming or going to lake tahoe for valentine's day that would be nice, mike said it is warm so we are seeing a light diminishing in the drive up there but not a problem. no chains required at major freeways or highways headed to the north shore or the south shore, and squall valley is three hours and seven minutes. not much further to alpine and heavenly three hours and kirkwood, all is easy to get to at this hour and it looks like the weekend according to mike, as well, toyota tahoe stay tuned. >> we want to share this great
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photo from instagram from a photographer, professional photographer who was taking a picture of a picture. you can see the artist is painting the same scene and he was so impressed he decided to say you are super talent tasks for sharing your photos with us you can post your michael funny is agree down the reason it is so expensive when your car is towed. >> if you plan on going on vacation, get your plane ticket vacation, get your plane ticket now we have not seen
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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i am wondering...what is it with that? >> i know, it and really, relative expensive. there are several fees including the local jurisdiction contacting with an independent to company and a lot where the car is stored, and those companies get paid and there are the administration fees that go to coverage costs like salaries of parking control officers. >> thank i, michael. if you have a question for michael record it on the smartphone or tablet and send it to the e-mail on your scene, or post it to social media with # askfinneysowe. it could be earned right here. >> window womanner who fell 11 stories from a window should not be alive the. >> no one survives a fall that fall. >> but he did, an astonishing fall in november of 2014 and we have the exclusive interview with our reporter tonight on
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abc7 at 11:00. >> this morning, we have new details of the investigation following last year's deadly balcony collapse in berkeley and how many other balconies in that city may also be at risk of collapse. collapse. >> and a secret that i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours?
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, we are coming up on 6:30. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. friday eve. and great weather this valentine's day weekend. >> the warm weather will stick around but it will drop off next week. first, getting you out the door, whoa, what is the grind on the radar? high clouds at 27,000 feet, not reaching the ground. and colorful sunrise in san jose. 43 to 53 now. mid-60s for lunch. mid-60s to 70 this afternoon. and mid-50 to 60 at 7:00. sue? we have a trouble spot. at 6:30, we have an accident before the san mateo bridge toll plaza. it is blocking h.o.v. plain at the toll plaza and this shot is after the scene of the crime but it is solid. we will look at our sensors backed up to 8980 westbound 92, and it is unfortunately involved
6:31 am
a motorcycle and ambulance headed to the scene. back in a little bit with an issue on the bay bridge when we come back. >> right now the santa clara county sheriff is investigating the discovery of human remains. it is raising the question again, could this be connected to missing seen sierra lamar? those remains were found near gavilan college south of gilroy. our reporter is there. matt? >> good morning, when i arrived this morning, reggie, i spoke with the sheriff deputy who said high is out here watching the area. another sheriff patrol car is down embankment with the lights on a specific area. we have confirmed with the santa clara county human remains were found in castro valley road half a mile away from 101. it is not known if the remains are male or female and when something like this is found, thoughts turn to sierra lamar the teen went missing in 2012 while walking to her bus stop. aman was charged with kidnapping and murder but she has never
6:32 am
been found. her hair and dan was found inside the car, and trillion was scheduled to start in april. our media partner contacted sierra's sister and she said authorities have not reached out to the family about the finding yesterday. we secretary to learn more from the sheriff later today. >> thank you. the city of berkeley has just released a report showing nearly one in 5 balcony stairways and other outdoor structures need repair. the inspects follow the balcony collapse that killed six people in june. our reporter is here with what the prosecute owners have to do. >> now that the prosecute owners need corrective work done have to apply for a permit and complete the work in 90 daze after that. the city has released the results of the exterior elevated elements program which is behind the mandatory inspections and according to berkeley they found 400 balconies to be repaired or
6:33 am
replaced. the city of berkeley calls for mandatory inspection inspections after the deadly behalf cone clops. sex died at the apartments near the uc berkeley cam pice, and most of the victims were from ireland. 2-year-old ashley donohue was from proper respect. the city went noticed to owners of properties, and contractors and structural engineers checked for hazards like drought wall. more than 2,000 properties have been inexpected mostly are okay. 402 need work. the new recommendations call for inspections every three years rather than fivers. there is a criminal investigation into the we cause of the come land. >> thank you, we have if you developments in oregon this morning. armed protesters at a federal wildlife refuge will finally surrender to the f.b.i. this morning. they will leave the compound at 8:00 a.m. and surrender to agents in eastern oregon.
6:34 am
they announced this hours after the arrest of c father of the leader, ammon bundy. new developments in oregan, armed protesters >> now, federal investigators are at scene of a plane crash that killed two sheriff deupties. it crashed 80 miles southeast of fresno. 52-year-old deputy scott ballantyne was 26-year veteran of the department and the pilot, 45-year-old james chavez spent years in the military before joining the sheriff 15 months ago. the justice department will review a new "use-of-force" policy proposed to the san francisco police commission by police chief suhr in the wake of shooting of mario woods by five officers. the proposal outlines policy and procedures for using pepper spray, batons and prohibited
6:35 am
chokeholds and introduced tasers as a vie average option for officers and prohibited the officers from firing on a suspect vehicle unless that suspect pose as threat we other than from the vehicle itself. the police commission plans to hold two public hearings before vote on the filial version in april. >> warning in santa cruz, a man tried to lure a boy into his car is still on the loose. this is a sketch of that suspect, a 12-year-old told police the man stopped him last wednesday and asked if he wanted to get into to car. the boy ran away and told his parents. today, caltran is hoping to get money needed to remove the old span of the bay bridge and expected to get approval for the $140 million it needs to finish removing the old span and still happening over the bay. the money covers more biimplosions in october and november and 13 small are implosions in 2017 and 2018.
6:36 am
engineers will continue to remove huge sections of the bridge using barges. >> a sacramento judge will hear arguments in the lawsuit filed in an attempt to stop california disputed high-speed rail system. farmers want to stop it from being. on their property. their attorneys land to argue that the lands if longer comply with promised made to voters when they aroad $10 belt in bond funding. >> fans may have to pay to park at bart coliseum station on game days. the bart board will take autopsy policy to charm between $7 and $13 depending on the event. they now is only $3 fee. it coughs nothing to park outside of those hours. >> caltrain landing to electrify the system is getting a boost from the obama administration wanting to earmark $125 million for the project to let caltrain
6:37 am
carry more than 100,000 extra passengers a day. it would cut pollution. the president's 2017 budget still has to be approved by congress. >> we have talked about the maverick surf competition at half moon bay. it is tomorrow. for 15 years the 24 best surfers away the world have been invited to challenge the giant waves at mavericks. there has never been a woman. the founders have always been welcomed. the commission said they may require organizers to include women in future competition. the female surfers say it is about tie. >> it makes more sense to have women compete but it does daughter mean they cannot surf the same way. >> 26-year-old from santa cruz was chosen as an alternate but a knee injury is keeping her on the beach. announce a look at the forecast coming to town. >> we will start with the activity planner, it will be
6:38 am
warm this afternoon walking the dog want out for the tree pollen and hiking and the beaches it will be rough but it is okay this morning. we will tack about mavericks, 54 friday morning at 8:00, to 61 at noon and hazy sunshine and light northwest breeze at 5-15 and waves at 25 to 35 and up to 40 possible, now, if you are go out there for pleasure, starting at noon through 8:00 on saturday evening, we have swells building to 10-13' up and down the coast with rip currents and sneaker waves. warm colors and cool colors bat battling. more 60s for friday and saturday, and possibly two of our cool of the days in the forecast. i have record warm temperatures and a chance of rain and winter returning. sue? >> the bay bridge had an early car out of gas that has been cleared out of lanes on the incline section. damage is done. the metering lights were on but
6:39 am
from golden gate field to the city is 40 minutes. from 580 to the macarthur maze it is 30 minutes. the best approach is 880. it is 16 minutes. that is even expanding because of the early stall or the vehicle out of gas. san mateo bridge approach a motorcycle was down. that is cleared. to the shoulder. it is solid backed up on 92 to 880 and 880 to 238 for big delays around the nimitz freeway. guys? >> here is a positive way to start the day, breathtaking view of point reyes. >> this is the national seashore at point reyes and home to cattle and beef and a new lawsuit to get them out. the coalition of environmentalists is actually behind this suit claiming the cattle are causing erosion and
6:40 am
polluting the waterway with maneuver and harming the endangered salmon. >> great story from a follow-up last week. a man who found a pair of super bowl tickets has turned that good fortune into a good deed. he discovered the tickets at the super bowl response in san francisco. he called police. he searched for the owner came forward saying he would give the tickets to someone would would sponsor a scholarship to a student at city academy a private school in the ten door line where he works. >> a check for $8,500 i will give you these two super bowl tickets and in 20 minutes they were going. >> a blessing. we could spend a fair bit but know all of it is going do a great cause. our guy anthony and his wife bought the tickets. super bowl 50 happened to be own
6:41 am
his 630th birthday birthday -- on his 60th birthday. >> i don't know about those who lost the tickets... >> and now new rules could give a big boost to companies who are trying to get us out of the driver's seat of the vehicle. >> looking for a perfect valentine's day gift? you may notice some new options. what to look out for. >> if you want to know more about larry beale here is a can to ask questions at 7:15 as larry answered the questions on abc7. you can submit your questions right now. right now. go on
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>> pope francis arrives in mexico for a six day visit touch an a lot of hot button issues especially immigration taking a stand on the united states border on show solidarity with the migrants trying to cross. he is expected to hold a cross border mass on wednesday. the "wall street journal" said that 200,000 people are expected to attend a mexican side of the border and 50 the across the rio grande in texas. >> president obama is waking up in the bay area ahead of a big day of fundraising. a town said we it is a big strain and they want someone else to pay for it.
6:45 am
amy hollyfield is in milpitas for us. amy? >> good morning, natasha, this costs money. look at the security here around the hotel. it is very tight. the officers have been here all night. they will not say the name of the person would they are here to protect. obama needs the high level of security wherever he goes but a bay area town wants to be reimbursed for the cost. here is the president arriving last night. he was greeted by local mayors and members of the military and will appear at democratic fundraiser in agent torn and that is the city that plans to ask organizers to pay for the police services provided by the president and has asked before and been denied but they will try again. the mayor of san jose is focus on how important it is to visit here and see the region. >> this is the region that is leading the world and we need officials in washington to see what is happening here in the valley.
6:46 am
the president has twoing vents, one in atherton and one in palo alto, private, and he will leave this afternoon for los angeles. >> thank you, rough start to the markets, a look right now rebounding a bit because a few minutes ago it was down 250, and still around 210. >> jane king is at the nasa zach with our morning money report. a last eyes are on twitter stock. >> yes. we are going do watch deficit are down 8% and had 320 monthly active user flat from the previous quarter. they thought there would be growth so that is bad news. we have known twitter has had problems. facebook continues to grow. and grow. and grow. twitter has been tagnating
6:47 am
>> red roses are still popular but they are using other times to down play the cheese facility report. valentine's day is the biggest day of the year for the flower industry at $2 billion expected to be spent on flowers. >> yelp has the best restaurants to visit in 2016 and you can imagine, several bay area restaurants or the list including a bakery and a cafe and all in san francisco including cheese board pizza in berkeley as french laundry. >> you mentioned the markets selling off and we have seen european markets down sharply, the becomes are getting hurt, asia is down, and we have the federal research chairwoman back on capitol hill today so ill two be very interesting what she said in light how the markets are doing with the dow down 200 points at the moment and the s&p
6:48 am
500 and nasdaq down by more than 1%. >> if you are look for a restaurant job there is an app, a san francisco start-up has a app to match openings with people in the neighborhood and we found dozens of jobs from cashiers to cooks to general managers. all you have to do is create a profile and send an application straight to the business. >> if you have been waiting do get your hands on the model 3 from toes that the big day is here with reservations for the most affordable electric vehicle will start next month, and the model 3 reservations will be accepted in stores on american 31 and online april 1 putting $1,000 found, the news has fans around the world chomping at 9 bit and flooding the page with questions with many expecting this car to sell out on the
6:49 am
first day. >> very cool. speaking of cars, the feds handed google a big win. the u.s. government traffic safety department said they now consider the self driving car a driver under federal law. google hit a roadblock when california drafted regulations requiring humans in every drier less car and now google no longer has to worry about that federally. >> next time you want a hot dog, go to burger king. it does not go together but this is a brand new thing. they will sell two different types of hotdogs at the 7,000 locations around the world to grab customers from convenience stores and different from what competitors are doing adding salads and fruits, they are doing in the open direction. >> we just got a look at this, it is stunning. thank you for that, mike
6:50 am
>> that is from mother nature. >> at pebble beach, murky sun and fog at 53 degrees. mid-to-upper 60s through the mid-morning into the late afternoon hours. watch out for the bigger surf developing this afternoon. the high clouds over the last three hours are rolling in with is colorful sunrise. can you taste the rainbow? the reflection on water what makes this set out from other pictures. warm today and the warmestize are sunday and monday and tuesday. records are possible, monday, tuesday, and cooler next week with a wet half moon bay at 66 and low end in san francisco at 67, on the high end in antiochism and san jose at 72 degrees. temperatures again at 3-8
6:51 am
degrees above average. tonight we have high clouds and milder than untillal and mid-to-upper 40s inland and low 50s around the coast and bay shore neighborhoods. our storm impact scale is back and the storm next week wednesday night through thursday morning .25" to .5" and we have light winds, and the rain is going to move in after the lunch hour and look at the darkest green dug the evening commute. my seven-day forecast shows the surge of warmth for valentine's day mid-70s and mid-70s on monday and cooler on tuesday but nothing like wednesday. >> good morning, we got a tweet in muni the market actually beale and the embarcadero is fully a saysible and open and that stretch of super bowl city has been cleared. they say muni is become on the regular service tonight morning and there are still closures around stewart. issues with the golden gate bus route 50 out novato, 7:11
6:52 am
selled and the 6:53 is can selled, as well, and the next bus for route four is in another continue minutes. you may want to take the ferry, with though delays at all this morning and early motorcycle down at the san mateo bridge has been cleared, and this flat section looks good and still stacked up behind the tolls. we will have the bay bridge backup in the last report. for now. >> giants all stars shortstop brandon crawford will announce the winners of education grants with 29 bay area schools awarded part of the grants. crawford will take photos of the winners. the fanfest is saturday at at&t park and fans can get autographs and be able to want december -- wander over the stadium. it is free.
6:53 am
it is free. stay tuned.
6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. developing news in santa clara county. investigators are expected to collect human remains found near a college in gilroy year. the family of missing teen sierra lamar said the authorities have not contacted them abut the discovery. >> the justice department will review a new "use-of-force"
6:55 am
policy proposed by the police chief suhr to the commission including equipping officers with tasers and outlanes procedures with force can be used. >> get ready for traffic headaches because of president obama visit in palo alto and atherton. >> if you leave now, mid-40s to low 50s. a warm day ahead and mother nature, i cannot keep up with the color beauty she is putting out for us but you can too at han abc now. >> your thursday morning commute is pretty sky and a big backup behind the bay bridge toll plaza with an early stall open incline and slow and go from golden gate field at 35 minutes from 580. >> hallelujah, streets around san francisco open tonight a dailier than expected and
6:56 am
regular muni service resumes tomorrow morning. >> in an hour, pros and celebrities will tee off for the pebble beach pro-am. fans can see 300 players on three courses. >> i will watch this. >> i will watch this. >> look what is go on outside. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train. good morning, america. breaking news. the fbi closes in on those protesters. >> we fear for our lives. >> after a deadly shooting their face-off coming to a head. >> be reasonable. >> our team on the scene right now. >> deep freeze and repeat. a bitter blast brings the coldest air as the west sisals. >> the democrats debate today. hillary clinton hoping to knock bernie sanders off stride as republicans battle across south carolina. >> you vote for trump. we're going to run the table. >> trump blasts jeb bush. rubio vows to challenge trump. ♪ safe and sound. >> home at


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