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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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people. 7 ne
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developing new at 11:00. heavily armed swat officers rush into east bay home. police make an arrest in triple popular san francisco tourist spot. good evening. >> the shooting happened early sunday morning at the top of twin peak in san francisco. two people were killed. now tonight san francisco police confirm they have made an arrest in richmond. >> katie is in the newsroom with developing details on this including the new reaction from the father of one of the young men killed katie? >>reporter: police say the suspected killer is being booked no jail. they will identify him after that has happened. family of the victims learned late tonight that the arrest had been made but say it's no consolation. >> nothing to bring my son bac back. >>reporter: he remembers his 19-year-old son radiant smile as prayer candle now light his
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picture. >> i know my son from the bottom of my heart i know that he, that he was very well like liked. >>reporter: renee moore and bun-year-old julio both from santa rosa were shot and killed around two sunday morning on san francisco's twin peaks. an 18-year-old man survived the shooting. but remains in critical condition at last update. >> as we were reversing our cary we hear the popping sound. >>reporter: couple visiting for the holiday weekend became the shooter next target. >> we lock eye when he turned around and pointed the gun at me. >> all i seen was the gun with this big clip in it and i instantly just looked down and pushed the unlock on my car and i said babe get out of the car and i just opened the door and ran out. >>reporter: tonight police made an arrest in richmond. you can see the heavily armed s.w.a.t. team entering a home open san pablo avenue while family gather in grieve.
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>> nothing like i have experienced before. >>reporter: they have not released the suspect's identity. this is 7 news. we broke news of the arrest in the twin peak homicide with push alert from the 7 news app get updates on breaking news as it happens any time. down load the app for free and unable push alert. surveillance camera in san francisco captured nearly every moment of a van break-in. happened in the middle of the day. still the thief got away. group of terrorist shared these pictures. man broke into the van this weekend near the embarcadero. the tourists notice it's a problem in the city. >> the the glass on sidewalk. there must have been break-in to cars around here. >>reporter: in this break-in the grabs the goods and hospitals into a waiting white sedan parked behind the van and drives away. the tourist say he made off with thousands of dollars worth of items. let's take you live outside with the exploratorium camera
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record heat across the bay area but the warm weather is not over yet. here's sandhya. >>reporter: we are heading into another day where we likely see record high pressure tomorrow let's check out how warm it got today and it was warm all right. san francisco 77. broke the previous record at 76. sfo oakland airport both in the mid 70's. sfo a tie. 80 in san rafael surpasses old record of 78 and richmond also a new record for today how warm in your area. plenty warm. 85 in santa rosa. 76 san jose. downtown oakland 79 degrees along concord 75 in livermore. live doppler 7hd is keeping an eye on this system here. that's what is going to bring us rain and we'll be rating it on our storm impact scale. 1 light 5 severe to help you plan and prepare. back to let you know when the rain will arrive with much cooler weather coming up. >> thank you sandhya. >> video shows a suspect being arrested after police say he tried to run over an officer
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with a motor sichblingt happened at gerard street in silver avenue in san francisco portola neighborhood early this evening. officer wasn't hurt. suspect took off running. officers chased him down and took him into custody. police not said what started that confrontation. we have new details tonight on the house party that ended in a violent beating leaving one man fighting for his life. happened over the weekend in orinda. alan is talking to neighbors and joins us live from the scene. alanoy
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 . when joe gordon walked by the house in orinda friday night he says the party here seemed to be under control. >> we had our eye out ear open. we were nearby and thought if we hear something we'll call it in. >>reporter: then around two okay saturday morning police were called to this parking lot across the street. that's where they found an unidentified 21-year-old man laying unconscious in critical condition. more party guests had spilled out into the street. >> it was kids older kids i would say late high school early college but it was dark. >>reporter: contra costa county sheriff's office posted this picture on twitter of the map they are looking for. they say he's the suspect who beat the victim. both men are believed to have been guests at the 5 bedroom 5 bath home rented out on air bnb. meant to accommodate a maximum of 10 guest but neighbors say the renter held a big party instead. >> which is probably something probably didn't want in the first police but it happened and now tour wondering what the liability is to that party that took place. >>reporter: we tried contacting the homeowner but nobody was home. contra costa county sheriff's office has taken over the case because this could become a homicide. investigators would like to hear from any one with information about what happene happened.
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in orinda, abc 7 news. newly released photo the latest clue in the disappearance of alameda man. take a good look now. posted on instagram. show photo show land's end last tuesday the same day john beck disappeared. family says it shows beck he was going to federal court in oakland when he disappeared. he has been ordered to pay the u.s. government 113 million dollars for an alleged get rich quick scheme. now to the battle that is brewing over the nation highest court tonight. three californians are among handful of names being mentioned to fill the supreme court slot left open following the weekend death of justice scalia. republicans rally to block any nominee from the president as lillian explains it's all setting up historic high court show down. >>reporter: state attorney general harris is frequently mentioned as possible supreme court nominee. problem is she has no judicial experience. from liberal san francisco and sight firmly set on the u.s.
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senate which leaves two appellate judges as perhaps more palatable choice from his california. winn and water ford from the 9th circuit court of appeal. >> both of them have stellar record and both of them would be interesting in addition to the court not only because of the ethnic mix but because of their background and their histories. >>reporter: but senate republican suggest they may not hold a hearing no matter who it is within an hour of scalia death senate majority leader said the vacancy shouldn't be filled until we have a new president. democrat fired back including governor brown who tweeted couldn't senate majority leader have the decency to wait until the funeral before playing cynical politic. such obstructionism must not stand. >> i think both sides are willing to roll the dice here and the out come is going to be very dramatic and it's going to be a battle royal. >>reporter: white house says the president will go by the
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same criteria he used when he nominated sotomayor and indicating an to the supreme court. in the past it's taken 25 days to withdraw, confirm or reject a nominee. in san jose, 7 news. the mother of newborn is if police custody tonight. still ahead at 11:00. the trail of blood inside had california subway restaurant that led to her arrest. and bay area firefighters step into action to save a 6 day old horse but tonight they need your help. and parking lot problems on the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge. blame game under way tonight. >> here's what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks. sharing is caring so sharing this with you because i care. >> megan train or is like if the sassy girl you used to work with at express just randomly with at express just randomly had a sinking career
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>> newborn boy is in critical condition. his mother is in jail accused of leaving the baby in a restaurant toilet. workers at subway sandwich shop east of los angeles discovered the baby partially submerged after hearing his cries. police tracked down the mother by following a trail of blood. she's a homeless woman wanted by police on drug charges. >> there's a plea tonight to help save a young horse's life. pulled from a ravine but has
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life threatening injuries. wayne has the story of survival and hope for help. >> around fremont fire station number 4 they get plenty of calls. >> you never know what you are going to run into when in the fire service. >>reporter: but he never had one like this. look closely at the picture. tiny 6 day old horse injured and dying at the bottom of a steep ravine. >> all i know swas separated from the mother at some pipe and might have fell down. >>reporter: all through the rescue sarah of animal service ins fremont cradled the horse head in her arms. >> he was laying in a creek in a pool of water. he was soaking and shaking. he was in shock at that point. >>reporter: how long had he been there. >> at least two days. >>reporter: how long would he have survived if you hadn't come upon him. >> the vet was surprised he survived at all. >>reporter: he did. since they rescued him on valentine's day guess what they call this the colt. >> he's valentine. >>reporter: about you this is hardly a story book ending. not yet any way. little valentine has a broken
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pelvis from the fall. >> every time he gets up and lays back down the fracture rubs against a major artery and if it rubs the wrong way and it run tours that artery he could bleed to death. >>reporter: so sarah is going above and beyond spent last night with her and will again tonight. pwhaw she and her department really hope for is a donation. 7 to continue,000 dollars for an operation to save him. >> he has a will to live. the vet was shocked that he made it through it. >>reporter: so now he just needs. >> funding. >>reporter: for horse that began life literally at the bottom with nowhere to go but up. from pleasanton, abc 7 news. >> the if you would like to help out contact the tri-city animal shelter we have a link to are their web site on ours. live look from the golden gate bridge camera with traffic on the bridge moving very smoothly tonight. but that was not the case earlier. people trying to get to vista point caused a serious bridge back up golden gate bridge
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spokesperson says the district would rather close this during times like this to prevent congestion on the bridge but the chp manages the area and would not approve it. more than a year after backing an innovative product on kick starter thousands office people are waiting for their promised reward. we lock at one of the biggest funding campaign ever. michael finds out if the promise lived up to the hype. that is tomorrow night right here on 7 news at 11:00. the itchy nose scratchy throat. allergy season already upon us. unseasonably warm weather caused mrnts to bloom early. they think it's spring because the soil is moist from winter and the temperatures feels more like april. blooming tree like the cherry and plum have heavy pollen. >> it's pretty dense out there. >> yes. >> beautiful weather though. changing a little bit coming up. >> sandhya has what is in store for us. >>reporter: yes. if you do suffer from allergies
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which i know many of us do, you will be happy to hear that hopefully the rain will wash the pollen away by wednesday. we see clear sky and patchy fog around fairfield where visibility is down to 6 miles. most areas in the 50's and 60's. san francisco 64 degrees. typical high for this time of year in the low 60's so it loo looks more like a high pressure but half moon bay you cool off nicely at 48 degrees and here's a beautiful view from our east bay hills camera. visibility from the vantage point is terrific. record high are likely again tomorrow much cooler midweek and rain and wind are arriving wednesday and thursday. let's first start with tom morning when you get going if it's back to work for you temperatures will start out quite comfortable in most years but bit cool in half moon bay. 45 degrees upper 40's to the mid 50's for the rest of you and then by the afternoon get ready to feel the heat again. asterisk here by san jose indicating a record is likely. 80 degrees there. gilroy 80. 79 in santa clara. 78 santa cruz.
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sunnyvale on the peninsula 77 in redwood city. palo alto mountain view 78 frees. san mateo mid 70's. low 70's half machine bay. so another warm day downtown san francisco expected to hit 75 that would be a record for tomorrow. 72 in daly city. north bay san rafael you see filtered sunshine 76 degrees. so once again that would be a record along with sonoma, 78 santa rosa, 75 vallejo, east bay downtown oakland 78 richmond 75 those would be records if they reach those levels 77 fremont castro valley inland spots 77 in livermore 76 degrees in concord. look at the storm impact scale. 5 is severe. one is light. we used this all winter long to show you what you can expect. obviously we haven't seen measurable rain since february 2nd. so in case you have forgotten it's coming back wednesday it's coming back wednesday morningpd,yl(/zgmswm through thursday on the storm impact scale. light rain. about two tenths to half inch for most 80's. wind gust 30 to 40 miles an hour primarily along the coast
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which is why we are not making it a two on our storm impact scale but it could change. here's the time line. 10:00 a.m. wednesday few showers ahead of the system. continuing around noon time very light, though. and then we head into the afternoon hours. steadiest of the rain at 3:00 o'clock. moves on shore during the evening rush hour. continues in the east bay. south bay. 7:00 p.m. so it could be a a bit dicey wednesday evening commute and thursday morning commute not any better. second phase comes through but we definitely and desperately need the rain. 4 a.m. thursday you look at light rain. 5:00 a.m. for the commute and then we head towards the latter part of the morning into the afternoon and the showers will taper by around 1 or 2:00 o'clock this will translate into some snow in the sierra but before we get to that here's estimation of the rainfall. two-tenths to half inch in the mountains it turns to pretty good snow. 1 to 2 feet above 6000 feet. winter storm watch wednesday afternoon to thursday afternoon up to continue inches at the 5 foot elevation.
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definitely one of the situation with gusty winds carry your change. resorts love it. 7 day forecast we need the rain and snow. tomorrow is a record heat kind of day again. 1 on the storm impact scale for wednesday into thursday. and then we get a slight chance of rain in the north bay friday that's not looking very promising but look at the temperatures dropping. good 15 almost 20 degrees by wednesday in the 60's the weekend is dry. 60's, 70's amma and dan but not expecting repeat of the record warmth. >> thanks sandhya. all right. as we continue tonight. can't afford a test la perhaps? >> still ahead at 11:00. there's now a new option for
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>> forget the red wagon or 10 speed. tesla introduced the dream ride of any 5-year-old. this video shows the model s
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for kids. >> it's 500 dollars and just like the full size version it's fully electric. the s comes with working headlights sound system and three color options. all right doesn't go very fast, though. tops out at just 6 miles per hour. isn't that cute. >> pretty slick looking. look at this. >> great for the little cell phone. for your 3-year-old. >> charge only goes to theen of the driveway. recharge it. >> and we have sports. >> lawyer action. chilling before they get back to work after the all star break. first time all star green thoroughly enjoyed his experience and larry looks ahead to the second half of the season with green next in season with green next in sports
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warriors are chasing grea greatness beginning the second half of the season friday in portland. notie easy as they hit the road for a long trip with back-to-back. they are on pace to break the 20-year-old record. not something you would think they would talk about nightly and larry asked green about the record at the all star game. >>reporter: the second half
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t-48 and 4 is ridiculous. 25 and 5. you have the record. thinking about that at all really? >> not thinking about the record at all. but you use the next couple days to get work out in and also rest up so just really tell put this behind now and gear up second half. >>reporter: trust me they are thinking about it. spring training around the corner believe it or not with pitchers catchers reporting on sunday. completely revamp the roster compliments of general manager bean. make it tough on fans every year loyalty never rerd warded. players shipped out before paid the big contract and fans losing faith in the team. he's looking forward to training camp here. >> it's a fun challenge. this year not only by myself but for the rest of the guys. a lot of new guys together again and it's a fun challenge for all of us to be able to fine our way if spring training
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and see how we mesh together and it will be an interesting year and hopefully a really good one. >>reporter: meanwhile the giants pitchers catchers report wednesday to scottsdale and the team is the polar opposite of the a's. 27 of the 40 man roster homegrown draft choices including the entire infield. first baseman bell signed 184 deal avoiding arbitration for second straight year. why doesn't he get the long-term deal like his teammate crawford. >> right now i can honestly say i'm focusing ongoing out there this year an having a good year and i'll let the rest take care of itself t.there's not much i guess not whole lot i can say to that point but if it happens it happens. if it doesn't then i'll keep on moving. >>reporter: u.s. women and olympic qualifying action against puerto rico in texas. game belonged to crystal dunn. gave the americans a 6 nothing lead. scored goals 4 and 5 in the 85 and 87 minute. dunne 5 goal national team record as united states the
11:31 pm
hits puerto rico. score of 10 to nothing. another win this friday and clinch a bert for team usa. this is brought to you and warriors in the play off run. march madness baseball getting busy in sports. >> superbowl just tended. >> the 7 news continues now on line on twitter on facebook on all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> our next newscast is 4:30 tomorrow morning hang
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david spade -- derek hough -- and it's mashup monday with music from "panic! at the sisqo" with cleto and the cletones. and now, you've got it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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