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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thunder and lightning moving through several cities as we speak. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is thursday, february 18. now, to meteorologist mike nicco tracking the storm. mike? >> the storm had a history of dropping lightning. we have not seen any in the last five minutes. from broadway and oakland through piedmont up to orinda, back to grizzly peak boulevard is where strong storm is extending to ban crest and -- bancroft and another heavy cell pulling away and over sfo to millbrae and milbrae avenue a heavy cell. expect ponding on the roads out of the shower as they roll through. they will continue moving east. all the way down to 237 the next 45 minutes you have a chance of wet weather, the possibility of thunder exists until noon and we
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will see the showers taper as we head into the afternoon and evening. cooler today in the mid-50s. frances? >> we will take you to the san mateo bridge where conditions are changing, a few minutes ago a ton of rain on the camera and now looking find with a winter weather advisory issued by the c.h.p. with southbound 880 the slow-and-go making the way through hayward near highway 92. a new crash reports northbound 87 the second accident in the same spot causing slowing moving at 28 miles per hour approaching 680 with a shot in san jose 280 and highway 17 showing the readies are still wet but so far looking good in the intersection >> back to the bra news in -- bk news in the north bay, heartbreak for a family. they could not get to the baby during the fire overnight. amy hollyfield is if vallejo.
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amy? >> look behind me you can see the apartment unit where the baby was found. it has severe fire damage. it started there. because of the death they are treating this as a crime scene. a man and a woman and a tour-year-old -- four-year-old escaped the woman suffered cuts. show was ice thatten to the hospital. the fire was spreading when the firefighters arrived. they went to a third alarm. ought fire department got on the scene we had one second-story unit fully involved and another unit starting to catch fire. fire units property the fire under control and complete add primary search. >> four units were damaged. the fire started at 11:30 last night at this mastermind building if vallejo. 13 people have been displaced. no one else was hurt. because of the death the fire department and the police department will investigate
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waiting for a search warrant before they go inside. to figure out the cause. >> you can stay with abc7 for continuing coverage of the fire on air and online at follow us for up-to-the-minute updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> back to the weather. live doppler hd shows green throughout the area and heavy patches closer to san francisco to the east bay. power outages are a problem throughout the area. matt? >> good morning, reggie. a tree want down on rainbow drive in cupertino cutting service and left the area with the tree removed and now it is up to pg&e to get the power back on. it is fought raining right now it was raining earlier this morning and check out the video
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from highway 17 on the way to highway 85 in los gatos a nice shot of rain before a lot of cars were on the road. this is near saratoga high school, and 281 customers lost tower. traffic control was done this morning as pg&e and tree crews worked on the problem. they get the power become on. we while they tried to do repairs workers were hit with a good downpour. there were a handful of outages and pg&e work are said the business of the part of the morning is over for now in the south bay. >> we checked with pg&e and hundreds still have in power. 75 customers in the north bay are in the dark. 570 in the south bay. 320 in the east bay.
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15 on the peninsula. there are no outages in san francisco. people did not let the rain keep them from getting outside, everyone was carrying umbrellas in sap -- san rafael. a perfect night to -- a movie. >> in walnut creek the rain fell hard during rush hour. over all, people we talked to welcomed the wet weather back. >> it is good. we need it around this time of the year. >> traffic was horrible. this were a ton of accidents. it is hard to get such a dry spell. i welcome the rain. all the rain started tapering off in walnut creek last night. you can track the storm on go with the help of our news app and keep tabs on live doppler hd with breaking news updates by downloading the app for free and enable the push alert. >> santa rosa people are looking for suspects after a body was
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found. you can see the map. police received reports of gunshots at 7:45 and they got there they found an unidentified victim lying in a roadway with a single gunshot wound. no suspects have been identified >> uc berkeley students are on edge after two sexual assaults on campus last week close to people's park. both victims describe the attacker similarly. the man is still on the loose. students are trying to city alert. >> i look around behind me, of court, and i don't use head 15s. i try to put my phone away. >> police are sharing their sexual assault cases with city police to see if any similarities will lead to a single suspect >> the cam man hailed a hero for stopping a terror attack has another honor to add. >> if can you get by on a couple of hours of sleep it could be
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>> i have not seen lightning in the last continue minute but brief heavy downpours move through half moon bay along 92 and in seven minutes it will be in san carlos and six minutes in belmont. the storm is interesting with a little bow so there are winds with the beginning of this system and they are lighter as you taper down so san leandro will have half rain. you will have fast are rains than san lorenzo and it will be in san ramon in 25 minutes but in van drove in five minutes and hayward in 17 minutes. the storm is moving through lafayette and headed to walnut creek in the next minute, and it should be in danville in five or since minutes and it will clip the southern part of we concord,
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pleasant hill and head over toally ton. you can see over the next six hours we will have a taper but it will take until lunch so get ready for pond on the roads and breezy conditions and brief heavy rain through the commute north of the dumbarton bridge. frances? drivers have been doing a good job because we have had only a few citizens, a couple of early overturns that have cleared and mostly, now, it is not looking horrible. you can fine the typical delay backed up into the maze right now, and i will show you 101 northbound in san jose, 880 across the screen, it is flowing well through palo alto with an accident at university that has been cleared to the shoulder. i will fine the urge slow-and-go traffic westbound 4 out of the antioch to hercules at 44 minutes and the drove time on when 80 to the maze is almost 30 minutes the guys? >> the bay area university banning students frommizing hover bars on campus. >> a shocking crime caught on
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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look at video, an employee is recovering after a violent attack caught on camera inside of a store in fresno. can you see two women joining by children shoplifting, and when an agent confronts them they start swing at the agent as the concern stand there looking on. the women and the kids grab their shoes and grab the purse and they just book out of the store. the agent is expected to be okay. aman -- a man hailed as hero another honor, oregon governor presented a distinguished service award to alek skarlatos years, the national guard specialist and "dancing with the stars" alumni helped subdue a gunman on a paris-bound train in august. >> i am so very, very rudd to know you and it is my grave privilege to bestow upon you the distinguished service medal. >> alek skarlatos grew up in
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sacramento county and lifelong spend friends, spencer stone and anthony sadler were traveling with him and helped him take down the gunman. >> san francisco state university has band hoverboard on the campus. according to the university president she said banning the hoverboards will be sure student safety. students received an e-mail on monday about the's change that added hover bars to the left of banned items on campus. an a that clear has a new mayor after the city council appointed gilmore for the testimony of former mayor jamie matthews who kid suddenly 61 expectedly after the super bowl. gilmore was a city council since 2011 will serve the remaining two years of malt use -- matthews term. >> remember blue steel? insurance's new password -- prince's new passport is everything you would want. this is his passport, good
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pouty lips, the special stare account lighting, prince posted this photo on twitter, he is veteran years old! >> what? >> where do you go before this happened? >> my password does not good. >> you way to goes prince. >> now, the inwe have been seeing right now, this is viewer showing palm trees in fremont in the wind. >> you can share your photos with us at # abc7new. >> and frances?
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>> give us your passport picture? >> one, two, three, reveal. >> yes, frances! >> surprisingly bay area drivers have been doing a good job not getting into too many accidents, san mateo bridge has winter weather advisory but it is not too bad. both hands on the wail just in case. 680 at walnut creek southbound traffic, a lost brake lights to highway 24. an early crash northbound but the drive time is slow highway 4 to walnut creek, nine minutes and a love -- a lot of brake lights. we saw a lightning strike in a report. what are you tracking now? >> lightning hitting and a tree here in the bay area and that storm is in longer producing lightning but right over alamo and heading to danville and toward blackhawk so expect brief heavy rain. the best radar is near mcarthur boulevard, 580,
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heading out of piedmont south on skyline boulevard to san leandro skyline boulevard to san leandro and san lore l'oreal and another great cell, purple is showing up, we could have small hail on 280 to the west of redwood city hadding to redwood city but watch out, small hail out of the storm heading to redwood city and belmont. it is going to be a brief heavy downpour. and sun is breaking through the clouds if san jose. you got a good soaking overnight with a small chance of joining us with thunder and rain. warmer conditions next week. storm impact scale, yesterday was a moderate and today is
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lighter. we have two chances of rain. today and tomorrow. both a "1", at up to half an inch of rain with isolated gusts at 25 to 30 miles per by noon into 4:00 they are isolated. by 7:00 they are gone. heavy snow in the sierra until 4:00. the snow showers tomorrow. grab the sunscreen. you will need it. my seven-day outlook shows tomorrow evening, we see clearing. the 70s on sunday through next week. now the ski resort? >> if you are headed up there we will see great snow and you are probably not surprised you will need chains highway 89 to squaw valley. the base has dropped from last week at 108" and heavenly is 90" and chained required on highway 50. and interstate 80, 80 is open.
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it was closed because of so man spin accurates. chains are required. and on 88 to >> if you sign up to a legality program have you thought about your personal information being exploited? >> what comcast customers can expect after the nation-wide outage on president's day. stay tuned.
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good.
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(dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> if you are a comcast custom, expect to get a credit on your bill. it was inaccessible for 90 minutes across the country. thousands of customers expressed their discontent. a spokesman said that the customers receive a credited for a day of service which will be about $2. >> if you have fought been to a k-mart store recently you are not alone. they have been struggling so they are launching a new plan to stay relevant. they will start stocking shelves with merchandise from bankrupt companies or mass liquidation, a way to offer customs "brag worthy and extreme value deals." the plan would put k-mart in
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competition with big lots that offer extremely discounted items. >> now, "7 on your side" is tackling privacy issues when signing up for the store loyalty programs. >> safe way has their cards and what kind of privacy information are they checking? should i be concerned? >> that is a great question. when the loyalty programs first started, 15 years ago, i was super concerned about there and i talked to safeway and the other companies issuing the cards and yet we get to today and there is very rarely a problem with them. that said, you do not have to give your real information to get a card so you can make up a name, make up a 15 number, keep roar same phone number and do not give them a last information much that is the best way to stay save. >> why didn't i think of that?
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make stuff up. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smart phone or tablet or post it #askfinney. >> too honest? >> i know. >> google responds after apple refuses to help hack a terrorist's phone. stay tuned. i have been tracking showers with lightning and thunder and with lightning and thunder and they weaken
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at sleep train's presidents day sale, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! sleep train's presidents day sale ends sunday. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are tracking rain and thunder and lightning. >> from emeryville we have seen a lot of activity including lightning. we will get to meteorologist mike nicco. >> we saw it on the air and it was impressive we have live doppler hd, danville is about to get a heavier downpour moving through off the mountains through downtown and heading out to blackhawk. down crow canyon road to hayward and on to the san mateo bridge
6:30 am
we have right to moderate rain with ponding poll. around menlo park back to alameda and 280 we are seeing a good shower with the storm weaken and not showing the light hail tendencies. north of 237 the next hour, we have a chance of showers and as we head into 9:00 after the morning commute, that is when it will shift to the north bay until the afternoon. the temperatures are cooler today with the rainfall on the san mateo bridge. frances? it has been pretty good. >> it is just changing, mike. we have several looks of the crash at eastbound 92 before 880 blocking the lanes. but the remark is heavy southbound 880 move through hayward and westbound 92 approaching the san mateo
6:31 am
bridge. you can find the rain where you have the accidents, and a budge much crabs are reported but probably the same one, westbound 580 near highway 13, we will keep you posted and the bay bridge is backed up to the maze. >> breaking news, from the north bay, a baby has died after an overnight fire. >> our reporter is in vallejo where firefighters are on the terrible scene. amy? >> good morning, imagine trying to escape the burning hell, managing to get out, your four-year-old child out but not being able for get to the baby. firefighters say a man, a woman, and a four-year-old made it out but the infant was found dead in an apartment complex in vallejo at 11:30 last night. the fire spread to they other units with smoke-and-water damage so four afternoons are damaged. 13 people displaced. in other injuries were reported.
6:32 am
because there was a death the pestle gin the firefighters in the investigation and it is treated as a crime cent and waiting for a search warrant. when they get the warrant and daylight they will go inside to fine the cause of fire. >> we are so sorry for the family. people across the bay area are waking up to stormy weather. matt keller in cupertino. matt? >> good morning, reggie we talking about trees, a lot of trees were down overnight and pg&e is dealing with the fall intermediate a tree in a power lynn here in cupertino on rainbow drive and the neighborhood is now in the dark about 400 customers without power and they estimate they will get the power back on at 8:00 and another tree in power lines in saratoga near saratoga
6:33 am
high school, 281 customers lost power and the witness said the electricity is become on in that neighborhood. while they were trying to do repairs workers go the hit with a good downpour with other outages in the south bay. these were the biggest. the ted cruz had a lot of outages. pg&e has remembers but it was nice to get the downpours before the morning commute at 4:00 in campbell highway 17 headed to manage leg with few cars. and c.h.p. website shows only one accident in the south bay. >> a last foes are waking up to falling trees and this fell on a packed truck last night crushing the roof and smashing the witnesses. >> if the north bay, a driver flipped his white truck on highway 101 near
6:34 am
the driver suffered minor injuries. >> power is restored to more residents and 75 customers in the north bay are still in the dark, 570s in south bay. 320 in the east bay and 15 on the peninsula, with no outages in san francisco. pg&e crews have been working all night to get power back on in concord and man had to sloop by candle night after high winds knocked owe the electricity leaving the neighborhood in the dark. [ inaudible ] pg&e spokesperson said the biggest problem during the storm is the wind. it can knock the branches into lines and cause the lines do twist together. >> can you track the weather with the free abc7 newsian and follow live doppler hd and get breaking news updates by enabling the public alerts. >> the man accused 6 killing two
6:35 am
person at twin peaks will be arraigned today. police arrested richard contreras on monday. he shot and killed a 19-year-old rene mora and julio peraza, 21. an 18-year-old was shot. he is recovered from life threatening injuries. contreras is held without bond. >> a public viewing tonight for richmond police officer gus vegas shot killed last week if his home. the suspect, robert vega faced murder charges yesterday with the arraignment rescheduled for march. he is the father of his six-year-old grandson. the viewing is held this evening from 7-9:00 p.m. and a public memorial is held tomorrow at the richmond memorial auditorium at 10:00 a.m. follow by a private burial. a gofundme account is set up to help the family with ensure interests. we have details on
6:36 am
>> the 17-year-old girl shown kneeing a male student twice in the face at sonoma high school is facing a battery charge. the school district said the fight began because of a post online. the girl will be referred to the sonoma valley youth and family services program. if she refused she could end up in juvenile court. >> google c.e.o. is supporting apple c.e.o. tim cook against the f.b.i. tweeting that his company builds secure products do keep your information he said requiring companies to be able hacking of customer devices is different. and the google droid service is offering endescription to safeguard your data. privacy advocates took a stand supporting apple last night as they protested the judge's order to force apple to unlock an
6:37 am
encrypted iphone. investigators are trying to access data on the iphone and one of the two san bernardino shooters. senator feinstein said the employer, the county, owns the phone. >> i believe very strongly that this, that apple should voluntarily agree to it. >> apple will likely follow an appeal with the court this week the all the woman known as the serial stowaway appears to be at it again. marilyn hartman is due in court in chicago for showing up at o'hare airport and that is against the temperatures of her probation. police caught her trying to sneak on to a plane at o'hare last area. hartman has stowed away on three flights in past including at mineta san jose international airport and sfo. >> fell california state senator yee will be sentenced next week after being charged with
6:38 am
racketeering in chinatown. he solicited and accepted bribes for political help. he pleaded guilty in july and faces up to eight years in prison. say the state is keeping the commercial crab season closed until more testing can be done. it was put on hold when the crabs testifyied positive for a tax indeedly to people, the fears of someone dying are being sick outweigh the economic damage of the crab be industry. officials declared last week some finishing areas safe to open for recreational crab fish we -- >> this morning, you can see the thunderstorm that rolled across san francisco and the marin head laps and hit emeryville and now is rolling through danville in a much weak are state. it was impressive to see it. now, one of the storms moving through the south bay is just north of 237 and south of the
6:39 am
dumbarton bridge, the best radar returns are between redwood city and palo alto to fremont. the strong of the part of the storm is pulling away from hayward to castro valley will hit pleasanton in 10 minutes with brief and heavy rain around dublin and stone valley we and the carquinez bridge and benicia bridge getting light rain as highway four from concord to hercules. notice storms we just tracked are falling apart and will continue to full apart but they will bring gusty winds and locally moderate rain but the hail threat is identify after seeing hail in san rafael and san carlos. they do not look strong enough now. over next six hours north of the san mateo bridge and heading into the north bay is where we have the best chance of scattered showers. the benches are poor because of dangerous surf. dodging drops if you run and walking the dog it is wet this morning. the storm is moving through
6:40 am
danville. another chance of rain is tomorrow and warmer with more sunshine on saturday. the rest of the weekend forecast is coming up. frances? >> getting busy. a couple of accidents, eastbound 24, and another in san jose north 101 and big delay on ace train three running 40 minutes late. there was a car stuck on the tracks and it delayed ace train 3. you can see the wet road across the san mateo bridge and a lost brake lights westbound with no major problem but it is slow and included from 880. westbound 580 at highway 13 a crash is reported and as you approach the macarthur maze flooding reports traffic is slow until the maze and slow down and back to the toll plaza. >> a bay area woman flames the santa clara county sheriff for the delegate of her -- death of
6:41 am
her father. how the family and friends went to from lengths it keep him safe and it was newfoundland. -- and it was not enough. who they claim dropped the ball. >> 6,000 youth soccer players are still dismissed after being kicked off the field ahead of the super bowl. they will not be able to return until next month. you may remember the league is sighing the nfl following the use of fold for super bowl set setup. they want the feels to be restored to the pre-game condition or better. the lawsuit will stay in place until the promise is kept. >> will we forget? no. but we will and are look forward to moving forward and working closely with the city should this come up again. >> work is already underway and a lot still needs to be done with dead grass and deep
6:42 am
depressions from concrete blocks. the restoring will be complete bit middle of march. >> a florida teen facing chance for posing as a doctor is speaking to abc7 and what he is saying about the practice. >> health alert for specific an mothers and how your able could increase your risk of a dangerous condition later if -- in life. >> we have seen rain, lighting >> we have seen rain, lighting and now a look at bay bridge.
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>> today's storm is level "1" mean light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safe. track the storm on abc7 news app. download it now. >> the teen who called himself dr. love is facing charges for posing as a doctor. he is speaking with "good morning america" this morning. janet o has the interview you will see only here. >> thed if teen insists he has done nothing wrong although he faces serious charges for impersonating a doctor. authorities say 18-year-old dr. malachi love-robinson opened up his own clinic, met with patients and gave medical advice without a license.
6:46 am
we talked to the teen by skype. he is out of jail and awaiting arraignment. love-robinson said he was home schooled and has a passion for helping people. treatments include photo therapy, food, air therapy, and more. >> i have been studying this field for a while. it may not be eight or nine or ten years but long enough to justify what i do. >> he said he was in the middle of changing the m.d. title outside his office not to confuse people but the 18-year-old faces charges of grand theft for allegedly stealing checks from an elderly let patient. >> if you are one of the rare people would can stay productive on little sleep your genes have something to do with it. republicaners have discovered a
6:47 am
gene mutation allowing some to function fine on only four or six hours of shut eye while the rest of us need seven or eight hours to be rested. this gene is rare. researchers say only 3% of population libly has the gene and if you have it i am very joel -- jealous. mothers would have a baby after 40 face a higher risk of stroke later if life. scientists can not explain this studying datas on 72,000 women and found stroke caused by pleading of brain was 60 percent more likely to occur than those who had a child after 40 and found a higher risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes. researchers say this may make those women predisposed it having a stroke. >> a wanting if you own a toyota rav, being recalled because of a problem with rear seatbelts that cause them to fail. cause them to fail. the videos are ra
6:48 am
>> wall street and jane king with money report. jane? >> pretty quiet. little bit lower so i will tell you the numbers in a minute but yahoo has laid off 300 employees this california and unspecified number in new york. this is primarily in the media division. it includes 128 at sunnyvale headquarters and 46 in san francisco, 60 if los angeles and 90 in burbank. they will phase out the following digital magazines, yahoo food and health and parenting, makers, travel, auto and real estate. employers in san francisco and rest of california will continue to fire but slightly slow than last year. the state employs 650,000 jobs this year and next pushing down the unemployment rate to 5.9%
6:49 am
and california will add jobs faster than the national average mostly in silicon valley. >> google will start offering same day grocery delivery in san francisco. and los angeles. according to the search giant. the service is part of the ondemand delivery service google express delivering dry foods and other merchandise. >> stocks this morning, three updates in a row but we have turned slower down ten and s&p down fur, and nasdaq is down 14. >> we have have seen worse. >> we are tracking thunderstorms and a beach hazard? >> if you are headed to the beaches at 8:00, until 8:00 tomorrow morning, we have the we hazard the form of a high surf advisory and running at 10' with swell up to 17'.
6:50 am
when you get that, we tack about the rain, south of stop ridge mall it is a healthy shower moving through pleasanton and that will head cross stanley boulevard and move into livermore in the next five or ten minutes and south of dumbarton bridge you can see a better radar return with yellows heading over to fremont and milpitas in the next five minutes. notice you are seeing a weaken ing trend, it was intense through san francisco the thunderstorm we could hear it in the studio and now this is weakening we will turn our attention to the north where the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will take place the next couple of hours much the rain is rolling throughand everyone is wet, arrival delays are only 36 minutes so that is what they are averaging. showers and thunder taper and light rain tomorrow and the weekend is warmer with a drying trend. we have storm impact scale open negligence storm from "1" light to "5" severe, and yesterday was
6:51 am
moderate because of the power outages and less than half an inch of rain with isolated gusts with the storm tomorrow and around 20-30 miles per hour and that doesn't cause damage. in the north bay, showers developing as we head to the end of the morning commute and scattered light showers around noon and the north bay the best chance in the afternoon you can see they taper in the evening. at sierra check out the flakes that are falling here under the winter weather advisory until 4:00 with moderate snow and snow showers tomorrow and grab the sun scene this welcome. my seven-day outlook shows dry on saturday, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s average but above average starting on sunday with spring warmth early next week. >> as rain moved through we have more citizen on the roads and let me get through. one is westbound 580 near highway 13 blocking lanes, traffic is back up. we slowing on 880 but flooding reports on westbound 580 apring
6:52 am
the maze and traffic is heavy to the bay bridge toll plaza and we have reports of an overturn crash to the toll plaza but sit up on the wools and it is backed up to 880. also, in san jose, a crash northbound 101 at the express causing slowing up to 880 interchange ask northbound 87, sluggish, at 21 miles per hour with brake lights southbound 680 in walnut creek toward highway 24 where there is a new crash on westbound 24. reggie? >> back with seven things you need to know of you go but, first, track the rain thrust commercial break. commercial break. stay tuned.
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commercial break. stay tuned. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso.
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>> whether you just joining us or headed out the door the seven things you need to know. all the good news on live doppler hd, the showers are dissipating or moving out of the our neighborhood and we have moisture on the roads through the rest of the morning commute and does it fought look like you are dealing with more with the best chance of showers in the afternoon. much cooler today. >> two, it is a messy commute and it is more messy last half hour with thinouts and overturn crashes. a winter weather advisory for the bay bridge is backed into the maze and lute or for win across the san mateo and overturn on the shoulder headed to the dumbarton toll plaza. >> you may have weekenden up to wild wet, check this out,
6:55 am
lightning on emeryville camera with thunder and count trees and power outages impacting people cross the bay area. >> four, a heartbreaking scene if vallejo, firefighters say a baby was killed in a fire overnight, a four-year-old and two adults made it out and 13 are displaced. >> uc berkeley students are own alert following two sexual assaults near campus in less than a week, both victims gave similar descriptions of the attacker who targeted near people's park. >> students at san francisco state university can for long are use hoverboards on campus according to the school newspaper the university president banned hover bars to ensure student safety. >> a consider legal battle with privacy implications for all us who rely on cell phones apple will appeal a federal judge's order to unlock a suspect terrorist iphone. >> see you in 25 minutes.
6:56 am
stay tuned. showers taper asking we still have a chance of them re-developing this afternoon with a little bit of rain and gusty winds but nothing like yesterday or last night. >> bring the umbrella. >> good morning begins right now. we will see you in a few minutes.
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good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum backstage at "snl." >> by 50%, dead or alive.


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