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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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deal with the grief. >> something we never in a through area would have in the we would see. my family is handling it and it is amazing. the outpouring and support is great and it is helping us get through it. >> they filled the church and the lobby with pictures remember ing officer's life serve as a liver for 15 years. the only thing he loved more than being a police officer was his family. he was gunned down in his own home. he was the father of his grandson is accused in the killing. there is a procession at 8 this morning.
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>> the c.h.p. is expecting delays along the 16 mile procession route between richmond and vallejo running from sky view memorial lawn on when 780 and westbound 80 to richmond and to the richmond memorial ought term. the public memorial begins at 10:00. you are urged to get to the richmond memorial early because parking is going to be limited. the memorial for the officer is follow by a private burial. >> berkeley police need your help to get a map accused of sexual assault east streets. in the last week he has attacked these women. he has not been caught. but the image has. janet o is showing a new video this a much needed break in the case for the first time. we see the face of attacker. look at him. he is described as african-american, or east indian man with curly hair or dreadlocks. he is 5' 9" to 6'. he was captured being chased by
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one of the victims through uc berkeley's unit two parking lot on tuesday night. police say so far they know of three victims who were sexually assaulted by the same man. the victims all asian women were walking home near people's park and they had never seen the suspect before. >> a last time you hear of the situations it is someone that the person knows so to hear it is someone completely random is...scary. >> berkeley police have sent out a community alert and they are actively working to catch this guy. if you want to see the image again or share it with your friends head to our website, >> a store in walnut creek will be closed today and this is why: the driver of this white s.u.v. slammed into the the s.u.v. is the only thing holding it up. firefighters and contractors shored it up to stop it from
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completely falling down. no one was hurt. >> breaking news right new, united states military officials are confirming american war planes struck isis in libya hitting a camp believed link to the two terrorists attacks in tunisia. follow us for further details on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the video we will show you takes your breath away, a federal investigation is headed to pearl harbor after this happened in hawaii, trying to figure out what caused this helicopter to crash. this tour helicopter caring five people crashed in the water yesterday near the uss arizona memorial. a family of 4 was on board with the pilot. as you can see there were people who are sightseers close to the crash site and a few rushed in the water to help out including a man visiting from redwood city
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>> i juneed in. two others did, there were three people in the water, a woman in the water, not hurt. >> you wonder how anyone could survive. a 15-year old boy was critically injure asked two adults everyone rushed to the hospital in stable condition and the at summer has been released. the pilot was treated at the scene. >> a ski resort is expected to open after being forced to close because of high winds snow, and three after launches. one pushed a bus into a garage door and another trapped these employees in their vehicle on the way to work. none was hurt. alpine meadows grove was closed for several hours a woman would lives 50' away from the first avalanche stepped in. >> you missed the excitement but no one was hurt so that is all that matters. >> she slept in. the storm dropped 2' of snow on
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the slopes. >> san jose police officer fired after threat being black lives matter protesters is getting his job back. the officer white appealed the firing and an independent arbitrator ruled in his favor. he'll be assigned to a desk job. in december of 2014 he tweeted "threaten me or my family and i will use my god-giving and law-appointed right and duty to kill you." a leader of the group originally called for his removal and called the conduct "outrageous." he is toxic to the department and this department has enough other issues going on then having him on the job is a black eye for the department. >> in a statement the president of the police union said it is our hope the comments that were center of the personnel action are never repeated. >> police in east palo alto are asking for your help to find a teen who could be in trouble. on saturday a 15-year old was drop off affluenza teen petaluma target shopping center to spent time with her boyfriend and the
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family has not seen her since that time. the police discovered the boyfriend, 19-year-old andrew new man convicted on domestic violence and false imprisonment two years ago and cut off an ankle bracelet he was ordered to wear. she went with him willingly and the family is concerned because she is without medication she needs. the couple are in a green 1998 volvo cezanne license plate on the scene 3wpd421. >> facebook and twitter are joining google in backing apple in the 15ings description battle with the f.b.i. and wanted apple to create software to give investigators a says to an iphone that belonged to a san bernardino shooter and apple has until tuesday to comply. c.e.o. tim cook said the plans to fight the order saying it would degrade security and make users more vulnerable to spies and thieves. facebook said it will fight aggressively against requirements for companies to weaken the security of their
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system. twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey tweeted this "we stand with tim cook and apple." the developer of the first antivirus program said he can encrypt it in three weeks. and even better, he will do it for free. he said if three and his people cannot crack the phone, he will eat his shoe live on national tv. not the first time he has said something outrageous. >> heads up for east bay drivers new express lanes are now open in alameda county. the lane run in both directions teen dublin/pleasanton and livermore and just opened this open. the westbound lane will open on monday. the lanes do require the use of a new fast track toll tag with car pool drivers using them for free but solo drivers have to pay town $13. the new transponder includes a switch that lets drivers indicate how many people are in the car, if you try to cheat you could be pulled over. a car pool violation in alameda
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confidents more than $500. >> if you are heading outside, dress warmer, up to ten degrees cooler, and san francisco and mission district, west portal and sunny side, 50, warmest around the ferry building at 54 and the financial district at 53 with a handful of 50s in san leandro, and richmond at 53 and belmont 52, and pacifica 50 and the prosecute of us in the 40s and palo alto at 41, and walnut creek at 42 and petaluma changed to 43 with american canyon. outside today, the beaches and sailing and it will be wet and breezy and a run or walking for the dog this morning is better, and a few tips, first areas to get wet, it is dry looking south on 101, so rain is rolling in this afternoon, and temperatures are in the low 60, and well have increasing sunshine tomorrow, low-to-mid 60s to nearly 70 by sunday. i will have an hour-by-hour look at rain coming up next but, first, mass transit. >> we are watching trains this
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morning, and especially because yesterday we had the 2 1/2 hours delays on ace train and right new we have no delays for train one but keep in mind for the tin ron ferry there is still dock maintenance and bus bridges are in place. bart, though, reporting no delays at this point. also, a shot at 101 and 880 in san jose, north 101, south 101 six miles down the road, a crash is on the shoulder and you can see traffic is still light and not affecting anything. also, eastbound 580 through castro valley road work is scheduled until 6:00 this morning but we have a lot of grown. reggie and natasha? getting your car towed is bad enough, right, finding out how much you have to pay to get it back is worse. you can get a break in one city. >> we are 24 hours away from the start of vote expected to shake up the race for the white house. the last-minute appeal people the last-minute appeal people with want it's always worth remembering...
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in san francisco you get a little bit of a break. starting april 1, tow fees will drop $22 from the current fee of $500. according to the "san francisco chronicle", the new contractor was approved for the tow company the city uses. >> president obama facing a lot of criticism for not attending tomorrow's funeral for late supreme court justice antonin scalia. instead he and the first lady will pay their respects today. this is a look right now of the funeral home in fairfax, virginia, where the body justice schoolia with lie in the great hall today with a private ceremony this morning at 6:30 our time, and it will be open to the public. his casket will make its way by congress for the ceremony, and a funeral mass will be held tomorrow morning at the basilica of the national shrine in washington, dc. >> vice president joe biden said
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it is very possible donald trump could win the going nomination. he said while be surprised if donald trump actually wins the general election. this happening hours before voters in south carolina and nevada get a chance to show who they support. our reporter has more on the 111th hour push by the candidates. >> it has been a full ten days since new hampshire primaries and democratic and republican presidential hopefuls are fighting for their political lives. >> the stakes could not be higher. the presidential hefuls hot on the campaign trail and the democrats, crisscrossing through the state of nevada. all the eyes of america will be on nevada. >> both democratic candidates facing voters in a televised townhall meeting answering tough questions on topers like immigration, privacy, and their records. >> maybe it is that senator bernie sanders was not a democratic until he decided to run for president, he does not even know what the last two
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democratic presidents did. it is true. you know it is true. >> on the republican side, john kasich, jeb bush and donald trump face to face with south carolina voters. at issue, religion and comments the pope made criticizing donald trump. >> a moment when you further heard the pope said something about you thought you would ask for forgiveness? >> no, no, no. look, i have a lot of respect for the pope but i would say that...he was very much misinterpreted. >> going into the weekend's con test the littest polls in south carolina show donald trump is still way ahead of the pack and in nevada hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still at a tie. >> republican presidential candidate governor john kasich said he connected emotionally with the supporter during a touching moment at a townhall meeting in south carolina. 21-year-old bret smith said he has been through a dark time but
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told the ohio governor that he found hope in kasich as a policy candidate and asked him for a hug which he gave, and kasich often talks of the need care about those who are left behind and struggling. >> the warriors return from the all star break and go do portland against trailblazers practicing yesterday in oakland before flying for oregon. the warriors will try to extend the 11 game winning streak and they need to go 25-5 in the final 30 games to break the n.b.a. record of 72 wins in a season. tip-off in portland is 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, the warriors take on the clippers. can you watch the game only on abc7 with coverage starting at 5:00 p.m. with tip-off at 5:30. >> i love portland and i have a love for the trail blazers but it is not a problem. >> very good. it is not too far to travel from portland to los angeles.
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>> a couple of hours we will have rain. again. >> in the north bay, sliding through the rest of our neighbors this afternoon, but, this is going to be and sea ranch and toward fort ross and clever detail, a few sprinkles and light rain and yellows and oranges to the north is the cold front sliding through quickly and weaken this afternoon, and bring us our next chance of rain. right new look at the camera, with the dancing lights on the bay bridge and a few clouds gather as the weak system rolls in and light rain, so have the umbrella handy. the dry weather develops tomorrow and it will be warmer-than-average but the weather fought likely. the storm impact scale is "1" with this, height and we will have less than .25" of rain and breezy develops conditions and high surf this morning. hour by hour shows 5:00, scattered showers through the north bay, some will dip to the bay bridge by 7:00. that is remote possibility.
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9:00, we see a little bit of the steady rain moving in the north bay. we will stay through the noon hour. you can see the scattered showers ahead of the line pushing into san francisco and oakland but during the afternoon until 4:00, you notice it is weakening headed to the south bay during the evening hours. we will have converter inch of rain in santa rosa and .0 2" in the south bay, upper 50s to low 60s and tonight it will be chilly upper 30s to mid-50s and 70s return on sunday to the bay. the rest of us, starting on monday. frances? >> a new crash just reported in walnut creek area northbound 680 approaching oh olympic and it could be blocking the left lane, injuries reported so we will keep an eye on this. yesterday he had an injury crash that did not cause too much of a lay. we will let you know if it changes. bay bridge toll plaza it is friday, and just minor delay.
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the drive time right now out of tracy, delay free on westbound 580 to dublin and it is only 28 minutes. >> what was the driver thing a heart stopping video of a school bus inches from disaster. >> potholes are the enemy of anyone would drives and new technology will give you a way to fight become. but first, the tech bytes. >> the tech bytes who has the fastest wireless service? one company t-mobile used the app downloaded by consumers and another researcher said that verizon is tops. based on testing at various sites around the country. >> indiana man is suing smart tv manufacturer with a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of collecting personal data about his viewing habits and selling it to third parties such as advertise others or data breakers. >> there are similar legal challenges in other states. >> a couple in texas is in a legal fight with a company they
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hired to watch the pets. they posted a one star review on yelp and the company responded with a lawsuit and is seeking thousands of dollars because it said the couple violated their so-called non-disparagement clause. clause. >> clause. >> again! again! again! again!
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> the abc7 app on the go on your schedule. >> how many parents would go not
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if they saw this video? a high school student who shot this cell phone video shows how close the train came to crashing into the back of the school bus. here is what happened. the driver crossed the tracks and stopped at stop sign. the bus actually is on the tracks at that time but the children began yelling and screaming for the driver to move up. the driver did. but barely. missing the oncoming train by inches. the students complained and they took up the issue. the driver if longer works for district the. >> i should hope not. >> a new report reveals the most traveled bridges that are structuralally deficient in the united states and the top 28 all in california. the interstate 680 bridge over monument boulevard in concord is the highest on the list in our area coming in at number 19. the study was released and overall california is 10th in the nation in the number of deficient bridges which is
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actually an improvement over the last two years. >> a structurally deficient bridge is one in need of repair or replacement and it doesn't mean that it is about do collapse. the full report is available on >> new technology will make the drive smoother, look at ford showing off the pothole protection technology on the 2017 ford sedan. the company said that the shock absorber system automatically stiffens when sensors detect the pothole coming up allowing the vehicle to keep elevated rather than were dropping into the hole. the ford fusion is the first mid-sized car offering that feature. >> we will show you something that will upset a lot of you, possibly the most selfish selfie we have ever seen, a rare baby dolphin in argentina died after people crowded around it to get a good photo. the video show as man taking the baby dolphin out of the water and letting people poke it, they continued taking the selfies
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even after the animal dies. i know there are big graphics on the scene and we could not take them out it came with the video. the dolphin was of a variety a smaller species and people on-line are absolutely railing against the crowd. >> better news for animals back home a baby horse rescued in a ravine right here in the bay area is getting closer to finding a forever home. the fremont police department posted the new pictures of value tine doing well with the dalmatian, the owner came forward and signed over custody to the city so we have been following the progress, and more video pictures and how to help with the medical care go to >> that is great news. we will have perfect pet later at midday is sign in at 11 or check us out online and face book and twitter. high surf advisory and around
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13-16 feet feet with rain currents and large shore breaks. snows moving into the sierra and wet weather from sacramento north, and los angeles is 62, palm springs is 82. los angeles is 69, rather. winter weather advisory from 2:00 to 8:00 for when veteran of the sierra if you are trying to get up there at 2-5" of snow possible and chains needed. today is the only day for snow in the sierra. above-average temperatures starting on sunday. >> good morning, everyone, we will check out the north bay ride with a shot of the golden gate bridge and lane configuration has been changed and we have four southbound lanes at this point and if you are headed through san rafael, shortly, this is what it looks like, south 101 open right-hand side as you make your way to the golden gate bridge and we are not seeing delays, and even santa rosa to petaluma is the driver is 13 minutes and an update on the 680 crash in my next report. >> if you ride bart you may have
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noticed stations are looking clearer these days with the transit agency adding continue new people to the cleaning crews and now there are 137 welcomeers and their job is to keep the stations spotless, four crews are assigned to each of the downtown san francisco stations and their job is to give the staceys a top-to-bottom scrubbing once a month. >> beautiful and icon ice are words to jane the latest photographs taken of the white house president obama reaching down to a young child who is dressed in a suit and tie. the chief white house photographer posted the picture on instagram last night. more than 10,000 people have liked it and hundreds have left glowing comments. incredible. >> east bay drivers are crisissing in the fast lane this morning and next at 5:00 a.m. we are along interstate 580 with what you need to know about the new express lanes that just opened. >> you can hear it, teetering on
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> friday! >> good morning, at 5 o'clock a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> mike, we hours away from rain. >> yes, good timeline. for most of us there is a few scattered showers across the not bay in the northern part of sonoma county, it will take a few hours to get to our neighborhood and through the morning commute we will have a few scattered light showers across the north bay. here is how the day is going to unfold. breezes are picking up, clouds are increasing, and


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