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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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head. it happened near japan town. >> the male victim is visiting from the united kingdom. right now the male victim is listed in life threatening injuries a t the hospital. >> reporter: the 44-year-old tourist was with his niece who was in san francisco to visit him. both were approached by a man and woman last night at around 8:30. >> we have a male black, 5'10" with a muscular build. hooded sweatshirt. the female was black, 5'4", green and gray wool scarf. >> reporter: that scarf was left behind. police are hoping they can identify the woman by any dna material left on it. the man who was jobbed w robbed stabbed in the head. property crimes are up 20% last
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year in san francisco. >> i know our police department is doing everything they can to investigate. but i think we need to raise awareness that when people come to the city, they have to be aware that they're targets at times. >> reporter: several websites warn tourists about these crimes. this site posted, amazing views but you'll get robbed. another targeted area is lumbard street. in san francisco, leanne melendez, "abc7 news." it's happened again in san francisco. a thief stole a federal agent ice hand gun from a car. immigration and custom enforcement or i.c.e. will only say they reported the missing weapon to police and federal authorities. you recall a theft that was used to kill this woman, kate steinle in san francisco back in july. an undocumented immigrant is
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accused of the murder. a violent sexual predator will live in hotels across contra costa county following a judge's order to release him. he was convicted of sex offenses against young boys between 1989 and 1995. he will stay at five different hotels and no stay can exceed five days. bates must be released by march 21. african-american leaders will gather sunday night to discuss what to do next after a police officer dismissed for his threatening tweets was reinstated. officer phil white is back on the job but not the street. david louie is live with police headquarters. an arbitrator overturned his dismissal. >> reporter: yes, that's big news here. at first he was suspended, his tweets condemned. then he was fired.
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now the african-american community here in san jose is using -- raising issues about mistrust and lack of transparency over his reinstatement. >> i'm a little concerned about the transparency, but i'm glad to know that they did take the necessary steps to review his reinstatement, but i don't know what the parameters were. >> reporter: it's unclear if or when the arbitrator's decision to reinstate officer white will be released. but he talked with his attorney who told "abc7 news" that white's tweets, seen as inflammatory by many, were taken out of context. white was provoked by a threat of harm and a comment of "we know where you live."
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legal analyst steve clark. >> you're never off duty, and what you say, particularly when it comes to these types of comments, really is something that should be kept private. it does have a very divisive effect on the community. >> reporter: the city's independent police auditor says white will be under a magnifying glass. >> every utterance, every contact with a civilian, is he going to follow the law? >> reporter: david louie, "abc7 news." a new state deal would make records of police misconduct public. under the proposal, the public would get to see the records of serious instances of use of
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force. >> it is an important tool to restore trust between the communities in law enforcement. it could be a mistake, it could be a mistake, we don't know unless we have the information necessary. sandhya patel is tracking the storm. sandhya in >> it's just enough rain to dampen the roadways. right now it is dry out here. light rain in the east bay and inland parts of the east bay. street level radar, me pleasant
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hills, concord hills. around fairfield, we're seeing some light showers beginning to depart. san mateo bridge camera captures what your commute is looking like. rainfall totals, most areas under 0.2 of an inch. some areas didn't even measure. san francisco, 0.16 of an inch of rain. concord, fairfield, 0.11. this is verifying as a one, a light system, spotty, light rain. and it's going to be locally breezy. i'll let you know if there's anymore rain in the forecast coming right up with the chinese new year parade forecast also. >> thank you very much. two charter schools in
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livermore are known for their high performance. but the corporation that runs them have been accused of mismanagement. laura anthony is live now with the story. >> reporter: this building behind me was supposed to be the new home of the livermore valley charter schools. but that hasn't happened yet because of a dispute with the city. it's just one of the issues tom came here to sort out. state school superintendent tom tollicson emerged from a two-hour meeting. >> we had good discussions with the charter, with the city, with the school district. >> reporter: among the allegations, that the corporation failed to submit an audit, repay a debt to a
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community college, achieve ethnic balance, and charge expensive tuition to foreign exchange students. and a charge two chinese high school students were reported missing by a time by family members. >> there was an allegation that some students were missing for a short period of time. and then reassured today that those girls are safe and they're back here in livermore. >> reporter: what about late payments? >> those things will ultimately bear themselves out, and we will resolve those issues. >> the school has been great. >> reporter: but some told us allegations against the corporation are concerning. he said he would return in a couple of months to see if the issues here have been resolved.
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in livermore, laura anthony, "abc7 news." a heist of rare books if the bay area. how police moved in to catch the culprit. and -- >> he was definitely a one in a million kind of guy. i'm blessed and honored to have had him as my dad. >> an outpouring of emotion. apple's fight with the government ratchets up. how the feds are now hitting back. and trash day on the international space station.
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we have an update on the breaking news story out of vallejo. this video just in, four people shot, including a young child.
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and this happened just before 4:00 on porter street. police say a gunman showed up to a house and just opened fire. two men were hit. one of them has died we found out. a 9-year-old child has a head wound but should survive. a woman shot in the hand is being treated. the shooters escaped. stay with "abc7 news" for breaking updates. well, thousands gathered today to say goodbye to richmond police officer gus vegas. a sea of law enforcement officers joined three mayors and the family to pay tribute to vegas. >> he was that guy that no matter what time of day it was, no matter -- no matter what kind of trouble you got into at 2:30 in the morning, he would come and get me. he was dependable as they come.
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>> melanie woodrow has more on today's tribute. >> reporter: officer gus vegas' family says he died the way he lived, protecting others. >> he never neglected to tell us how much he loved us and how proud he was. >> reporter: a beautiful tribute inside richmond city auditorium. ♪ i miss you >> it was told to me once that you'll know how a man lived his life by who shows up to his funeral. >> reporter: perhaps the greatest testament are his ten children. his son enrico said if they ever felt they fell short, their dad quickly lifted their spirits. this was a man who understood perseverance. it took him ten years after graduating napa valley police academy to become a police officer. >> and in 2001, the richmond
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police department gave him a chance. they saw in him what we saw in him. and the rest is history. >> reporter: gus' colleagues said as a detective he worked cases until there was nothing left to work. then kept working them, earning him the nickname care bear, because he never gave up on victims. >> my daddy. he was divinely appointed by god to protect and serve, and he completed what he set out to do. >> reporter: gus ultimately gave his life protecting his daughter angel and her baby. the family says he did die in the line of duty, in his duty as a father. >> he's my hero. and i thank you, dad.
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>> reporter: officer gus vegas, a super hero to his family and everyone who knew him. in richmond, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." police have arrested a man linked to the theft in which $350,000 worth of rare antique books was taken from a van. this is a photo of 30-year-old joshua anderson being led away in handcuffs. workers knew to delay anderson and a companion, guiding them upstairs while workers downstairs called police. >> that's where we have rare book dealers, so people with a little extra knowledge about what we're looking at, and maybe the thief thought that he learned something or would get more money by going upstairs.
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>> the companion ran out of the back door and escaped. well, a purse snatcher used a different approach on a woman in union city. you can see where the crime happened on this map at the union landing shopping senter. the victim said he reached over from a passing car and grabbed her purse. a house committee wants to hear from apple's ceo tim cook about privacy concerns after a court ruling to break into the home of san bernardino shooter syed farook. he's said the ruling disregards civil liberties. the fbi wants to get into that phone to gather clues about the moments that led up to a mass shooting that killed 14 people.
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the justice department made it clear it could destroy whatever soft fair they use to hack into the phone. yahoo appears to be one step closer to admitting it might need to sell its core business. it has hired two financial firms to look at possible deals. a debate has persisted for years on turning yahoo around. the core business includes e-mail, video digital platforms. the giants and athletics are mourning the death of key figures. jim davenport died at the age of 82. he was considered an original san francisco giant. he played on the 1958 team, the year the giants moved to california. he spent 51 years with the giants. as a player, coach, manager, and
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in the front office. and former a's infielder tony phillips died this week. many fans remember him for making the final defensive play of the 1989 world series when oakland swept the giants. he died on wednesday. phillips spent half of his 18-year career with oakland and he played for the angels, white sox, and blue jays. the risk for pollution is high, and they sometimes break free in storms crashing into houses on the other side of the bay. our i-team has that tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00. >> you can see the skies are still a little gray. remnants of a storm that passed through. >> and it's a little cool, but what about the rest of the weekend? sandhya patel has the rest of
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the forecast. >> i'm going to brighten things up for the weekend. it is still gray and cloudy and people will have their jackets and coats on. live look showing you the last batch of light rain starting to pass through the inland east bay now. and so this front is falling apart. pleasant hill area, concord, bay point, pittsburgh, seeing light returns around walnut creek. don't you worry about this rain. i know previous years the chinese new year parade in san francisco, it has rained. rain is supposed to be good luck. but on saturday, they're not going to see any rain. 58 degrees when that parade gets under way. and dropping down to 54. nice and bright and then clear for the latter part of that parade. so good idea to maybe grab an extra layer for later on. temperatures in the 50s. san jose, 60 degrees.
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here's another perspective from the emeryville camera. you can see the gray skies. flirting with records next week. overnight, what you're going to notice is there will be fog forming out towards the delta. tomorrow morning, to start your day, there will be pappy fog and then the sun is out. we will see occasional high clouds in the afternoon, but they'll filter the sun. it will be a lovely day for outdoor plans. when you look at the temperature trend, we're going up beginning this weekend, continuing through most of the workweek next week and the mid 70s, near record temperatures earlier next week, around tuesday, going into wednesday. so we'll keep an eye on that for you. the chill in the air, upper 30s, most of the other areas in the 40s. clear everywhere except around the delta where you will see
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patches of fog. for the afternoon, just a beautiful forecast. 60 degrees in san francisco. 64 in richmond. fremont, palo alto, low 60s. 64 in san jose. take a look at the forecast. low to mid 60s tomorrow. sun and high clouds. we'll bump up the temperatures on sunday. notice as we head towards next week. many areas around the bay and inland will be in the 70s. we'll be watching for those records. now it looks like our next opportunity for rain will be on friday. but that is not definitive either. we need the rain, no doubt about it. but what we got today is it. at least for another week or so. so we'll sate to see if we get that rain on friday. >> i'm going to say that rain is good luck, because water is good luck.
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great forecast. "abc7 news" viewer abraham sent us this picture from pacifica. a very cool shot. we could see your picturing on tv, as well. penguins and skulls. yep, it's all about of finney's friday free stuff. and then at 5:30 -- >> the showdown in south carolina. after taking aim at the pope, donald trump taking on another giant. and a major warning about something in hundreds of thousands of homes. how to get your honey back tonight. and no more need for costly delivery division. how the space asian crew will payable to create whatever they
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the release coming at 6:26 a.m. central time. >> you're looking at 1 1/2 tons of trash being taken out in space. a pair of nasa astronauts released the garbage filled capsule today. it's expected to reenter earth's atmosphere tomorrow and burn up somewhere over the pacific ocean. so no need to worry about garbage raining down. today is friday, and that always means one thing around here at "abc7 news." >> here's michael. ♪ >> are you looking for something to do this weekend or maybe next weekend? this weekend, if you live in san francisco, there's a very good chance i can get you some free tickets to the california academy of sciences. depending on which neighborhood you live in, saturday and sunday is being set aside just for you. the free weekend changes every month, based on your neighborhood.
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so just go to our website,, and you can find out which day is free for you if you live in san francisco. by the way, that's a $34.95 value. now, on to the pacific orchid exposition. we've given away tickets for this years and years and people love it. this is the 64th annual exposition. your free ticket is good for friday, february 26th only. the orchid show is held in san francisco. the event is the largest of its kind in the united states. so a $14 value but you don't have to pay a dime. all you have to do is go online to or give us a call at 1-800-546-7177. >> good stuff. when we come back, police officers go the extra mile. >> that's to return a young man's treasured possession. stay with us.
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i'm ama daetz. coming up new at 6:00, finally free, but his troubles are hardly over. tonight, the difficult challenge now facing a man released from prison after serving 18 years for a crime he didn't commit. also, fallout from apple's fbi showdown. while one lawmaker wants to do to make it easier for the government to access data.
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what some central valley kids did to earn an invitation from the white house from first lady michelle obama. that's all coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00. an oakland woman is praising the work of the brooklyn police department. >> barbara leslie posted this photo showing the two police officers holding a baseball taken from her home when burglars ransacked her house eight months ago. >> it's the only item that they've found so far. the officers tracked the 17-year-old down at school to hand deliver the ball, which is the ball from the first home run max ever hit when he was nine years old. >> you can't replace that. >> officer wilson said he went the extra mile because he has sons who play baseball and he knew the ball would have special meaning. and boy, it sure does. >> my son hasn't hit a home run yet, but he has a no-hitter game ball and i know he would not want to give that up.
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>> your son is so passionate about baseball. >> i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump, after taking aim at the pope, tonight taking on another giant, apple. telling people to boycott apple until they help the government break into the terrorist's iphone. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the all-out battle for turnout. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the desperate rescue tonight. strangers diving into the water to save the tourists on this chopper. one passenger trapped. the extreme weather coming this weekend. the dramatic fire whorls and whipping winds in chicago.


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