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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it d a car but did not hurt the driver. at the time caltrans called it an isolated incident. but it's now saying the problem is bigger than they thought and it's possible it's still more extensive that they have discovered. they're still looking into it. they say they've been tapping on the concrete to see if it is hollow. they say they'll need a more sophisticated testing method. they have removed loose material from the tunnel wall. they think that will solve the immediate threat. the issue is still being looked at. the extent of the solution is still unknown. it may require them to shut down some lanes overnight while they fix the problem. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. developing news in alameda county. the coroner will conduct an autopsy today on the body of a 22-year-old woman, stacey aguilar. she was missing from san jose. her body was found in hayward
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and police are not saying how or where but they are treating the case as a homicide. she was last seen february 13th leaving a party with her boyfriend. abc 7 news has spoken to her mother. hayward police plan to hold a news conference at 2:00 this afternoon. the search is on for a brazen killer behind a shooting in san francisco. it happened right across the street from the northern district police station. the gunman fired into a car stopped at the mcdonald's drive-through at fillmore street and golden gate avenue around 2:45 yesterday. witnesses say he fired into the passenger window several times and then ran off. the passenger in the car died at the hospital. the driver was not hurt. meanwhile police are trying to figure out if a shooting four blocks from that mcdonalds has anything to do with the drive-through murder. police found another shooting victim at eddie and buchanan
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streets. the victim's condition is still unclear. new this morning, apple ceo tim cook is thanking his employees. as we've been reporting, apple is fighting a judge's order to help the fbi unlock one of the san bernardino shooters' phones. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is showing us what else cook is proposing as the deadline approaches. >> reporter: reggie, apple's ceo says going forward a commission should be formed to discuss how technology and civil liberties are reconciled. tim cook says this case is about much more than a single phone or investigation. the data security of hundreds of millions of people is at stake and the request sets a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties. cook says he's received messages from thousands of people supporting apple until the past week. apple hired the high profile attorney who helped strike down the ban on same-sex marriage.
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he appeared on "this week" yesterday to discuss the case. >> this is a pandora's box. we're not just talking about one magistrates. there are hundreds of magistrates. there are hundreds of other courts. and there's no limit to what the government could require apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> reporter: last night the director of the fbi wrote an op-ed saying this litigation is not about setting a precedent, it's about the victims and justice. researchers say technically the government can use brute force to crack the iphone with acid and lasers but one wrong move could permanently destroy the data. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. an emergency meeting will take place today for people displaced by this massive fire in san francisco's mission district a year ago. it drove dozens from their homes at 22nd and mission streets last january. the building inspectors just ordered the landlord to tear
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down the building for safety reasons, demolishing that building eliminates the right of tenants to return to their homes. many tenants say they're now priced out of the rental market in the mission. an uber driver suspected of going on a shooting rampage in michigan saturday night was reportedly picking up and dropping off passengers between attacks. 45-year-old jason dalton is accused of shooting and killing two people and injuring others. one couple said they took an uber after hearing about the shootings, thinking it was the safest option. >> i half heartedly joked at him and said, you're not the shooter, are you? he said, no. and i said, are you sure? he said, no, i'm just really tired. >> wow. dolton is expected to be arraigned today on murder charges. the u.s. supreme court goes back into session today for the
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first time the death of associate justice antonin scalia. this is video of the court where justices will begin hearing oral arguments at 7:00 our time. scalia died last weekend. he was 79. his funeral took place on saturday. chief justice john roberts is expected to mention scalia's death today. the panel is now evenly fit 4-4 between conservatives and liberals. president obama has vowed to nominate a replacement. republicans believe that should be next to our next president. after hillary clinton's and donald trump's wins over the weekend, the candidates are gearing up for crucial votes. tomorrow the republicans will caucus in nevada while the democrats are in the south. abc news reporter kenneth moton reports from washington, dc. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton and donald trump are leading the polls in the next contests. their rivals are working to gain
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some ground. this week, there was a contest switch. it's the democrats' turn in the deep south while the republicans are out west in this morning donald trump is still riding high. had he scored all the south carolina delegates. >> i didn't know i was going to win by that much. >> reporter: nevada caucus winner hillary clinton is favored in south carolina. she's already focused on the super tuesday states like texas where she rallied over the weekend. >> some people may have doubted us. but we never doubted each other. >> reporter: it was another big rally for bernie sanders in greenville, south carolina. he got celebrity help from act danny glover. tomorrow sanders and clinton will hit the stage for a town hall in south carolina. republicans spend the day rallying in nevada where the latest poll shows donald trump
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leading by 26 points. abc news, washington. in san francisco, bernie sanders supporters held a fundraiser yesterday. they asked people to give $27 to the campaign. sanders is building his war chest on these small donations. >> she's been six years in the senate, four years at secretary of state. she's been in the situation room. she understands tough choices. >> she's talking there about hillary clinton. her support is strong at several bay area fundraisers. she was there meeting with donors. the california presidential primary happens of course in june. you can now drive a new suppress lane along westbound interstate 580 between livermore and dublin. we flew over i-580 open last week.
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the fast track indicates how many people are riding in your vehicle. the price varies based on demand for the lanes and the number of riders in your vehicle. am i right that we're heading into another warm day today? >> yes, today is the beginning of an another warming trend. you don't necessarily feel it this morning about you will this afternoon. lake merced, 49. everybody else about 50 to 51 degrees. same thing in pacifica. palo alto, 41. american canyon, 37. petaluma, 41. pittsburgh a warm spot at 53. whether you're going to do some sailing or canoeing, kayaking, running, it will be mild this morning and sunny this afternoon for walking the dog. you can see the winds barely blowing.
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69 in san francisco, the rest us in the low to mid-70s. how much warmer will it going to get? i'll show you coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. here's overall we're looking good. we see some slow traffic now from tracy into the dublin area. roadwork, the posy tube, one lane open in the northbound direction. the left lane is blocked off due to some construction there. and that will be picked up at 6:00 this morning. and once again, we've got one lane down, eastbound 580 from 35th to grand due to roadwork there. we'll come back with a look at your north bay commute coming up. >> thank you, sue. you're in a hurry, you're about to honk your horn, but you don't had the next, the plans to let the driver ahead of you know you're a rookie. you're a rookie. today a bay area law ♪
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! you may face delays if you're driving along mission street in san francisco. the location of some bus stops may also change. that's because crews will begin painting the pavement to designate transit-only lanes. this week's work will takes
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place between chavez and 30th street. it's part of a project to speed up the rides for the 65,000 muny customers who take it along mission street every day. you might notice you're saving even more money when buying gas. gas prices have fallen by another nickel over the past two weeks. weeks. the national average unlegislat unleaded is down. we're paying about $2.47 a gallon in san francisco. low pump prices may be sweet news for us but not so great for state projects that depend on revenue from gas taxes. case in point, the highway 101 widening project set to open five carpool lanes south petition
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petaluma. now officials are looking to fill the financial gap. recent caltrans estimates show the amount of gas tax revenue is $800 million lower than expected. dog mom, baby on board. how about something that says student driver? that could be a decal you'll see when you're white knuckling your steering wheel and screaming at the car in front of you. a new bill would require teens who have their learners permits to receive learner decals. happening today, a push to improve graduation rates at csu campuses. steve glaser is introducing the bill. if passed, the students who agree to take 15 units per semester would get benefits like tuition wavers. less than 20% of cal state students are able to graduate in four years. more than half of first time
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freshmen finish within six years. >> my parents said, you better graduate in four years. >> exactly. spring training in arizona today. san francisco plays its first game march 2nd. the giants will open the regular season on the road in milwaukee on april 4th. giants fans, this is another even-numbered year, so the giants have won the world series in 2010, '14. maybe this year will be another even. oakland athletics pitchers and catchers began spring training saturday. the rest of the team is due to arrive on thursday. oakland plays its first training game march 3rd. they play chicago white sox april 4th. they look to return to the post-season for the first time since 2014. >> stay on top of what's happening at spring training with sports anchor mike shumann. he'll have live reports starting tomorrow on abc 7 news at 6:00
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p.m. >> excited for the warm-up. >> maybe it's coming from arizona. we should thank shu for that. >> we should thank him for everything. today we start to crank up the spring warmth. east bay hills camera showing how clear the air is. a little bit of a breeze out there but nothing that's going to be too aggressive. springing into warmth today. a weak weekend weather system that right now we do not have on our storm impact scale because it's just not strong enough and there's not enough consensus whether it will actually come together to bring us rain. we're keeping an eye on it. you can see these high clouds streaming in. it's going to be a bright day but also a colorful morning and possibly a colorful sunset too. and this is the leading edge of some warmer temperatures. let's see what it does to our highs today. how about 69 half moon bay, san rafael 68, richmond 69.
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everybody else, 70 to 73 degrees. overnight it's going to be cool. the heater may run a little bit. mid-40s to near 50 around the bay and out towards the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast, couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. steady through wednesday. thursday, closer to record highs. i think we'll stop just short. coolest day, saturday into sunday with 60s back in the forecast. hi, sue. good morning. let's go to the golden gate bridge, southbound commute from marin county looking grave from november at to into the city with a 21-minute drive. right now, three lanes southbound. we're waiting for that zipper truck to give you four lanes. it should be coming out momentarily. southbound past civic center, 101 looking really nice, about a 20-minute drive from november at to into san francisco. a stalled mid-span on the bridge that's partially blocking a lane here, not seeing any slow traffic.
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otherwise, roadwork out there. eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn. westbound, slow traffic already starting to build. we'll be back with a look at the bay bridge, coming up. don't feed the deer. that's the vice from san tra can you see police so stop mountain lions from creeping into neighborhoods. wildlife workers tranquilized a female mountain lion saturday night after it turned up in someone's backyard. it had just feasted on a deer. if you are a fellow dog lover then we think you have to see this video. it shows police and fire crews rescuing two dogs from a frozen pond in akron, ohio. authorities are trudging through the icy water here, yesterday morning. they were pulled to safety, dried off by paramedics and rushed to a nearby vet. we're told they got to them in time, both dogs expected to do just fine. stopping drivers before
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they've had one too many. the special training one lawmaker wants to force bartenders to take. want to go for a ride to space in one of these? you can do it for cheap, apparently. what elon musk says you have to do to win one. first, a look at samsung's new smartphone in this morning's "techbytes." new blockbuster phones unveiled in spain. >> both feature 12 megapixel cameras and mark the return of the micro-sd card slot. >> lg unveils a g5, featuring removable battery which can be swapped out for a range of accessories. >> those include a camera for better selfies and an audio better selfies and an audio amplifier from
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>> the legend doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon with three games including the with three games including the next big adventure on the wii
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with three games including the next big adventure on the wii again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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we're getting new details on this crash that killed two women in vallejo. police say the elderly driver
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was speeding when she slammed into a wall, killing the passenger. this happened in a parking lot across the street from city hall on sunday. the driver died later at the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out why she was going so fast. these are firefighters in chicago, spraying water on a burned-out mega bus. they wanted to make sure it wasn't going to burst into flames again. 40 passengers and the mega bus driver all escaped after a fire broke out while the bus was traveling on a highway in wake forest, illinois. a passenger said he heard a boom and saw black smoke when this happened yesterday. the passengers lost most of their luggage. they were going from chicago to minneapolis. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked that fire. starting today in san jose, you can learn more about obtaining patents and trademarks. the u.s. patent and trademark
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office will hold a seminar. santa fe has a patent office at city hall but this new resource center offers different assistance in helping people learn about how to protect their intellectual property. >> who needs a nap? >> me. >> thank you. everyone says yes here on the set at abc 7. uc berkeley may be where we should head later today. they're taking an interesting approach to make sure students feel well-rested. they opened several designated napping areas across campus. the student newspaper says students will now be able to snooze between classes. the rest zones include comfortable lounge chairs. >> didn't that used to be called the library? >> that's what i thought. any chair in the library is nap time. >> i remember napping in the library a lot. good morning, everyone. san jose, a few high clouds over 280 and 17. temperatures starting in the mid-40s this morning. our destination, san jose, 73
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degrees, 10 degrees warmer than average. most of us 7 to 10 degrees warmer. watch out for the pollen. 71 in sacramento, upper 60s in monterey. mid- to upper 80s in los angeles and palm springs. tahoe, 49 degrees today. it's going to get even warmer and drier all the way through. that's my accuweather seven-day forecast. sue? >> so far, so good. traveling from golden gate fields to berkeley, about a 12-minute drive into san francisco. not a problem. at the toll plaza, no metering light yet by a minor backup with the cash-paying folks, otherwise a nice drive into san francisco. a stall on the car keen as bridge has been cleared. we'll take a look at your drive out of the east bay -- pardon me, out of the central valley, looking good. eastbound 580, roadwork should be picked up shortly. mass transit options when we
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come back in a few minutes. >> thank you, sue. lawyers for the company that made the rifle used to kill 26 students and teachers at sandy hook elementary are expected to ask a judge to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit. the families of nine children and adults who died filed the suit in 2014. they say the ar-15 bush master rifle is too dangerous to sell to the public. the parent company of the gun says a federal law shields the gun industry from legal claims protecting them. the pope is calling for getting rid of the death penalty around the world. pope francis says the commandment thou shalt not kill applies to above the the innocent and the guilty. he says what better time to launch a moratorium on executions than right now during the church's holy year of mercy. the pope made the comments ahead of an international conference against the death penalty which begins today in rome. california bartenders could soon have to go through required special training on how to spot drunkenness. a proposed law would require that people behind the bar have
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that training so they can properly cut off a customer who has had too much to drink. the law is called the responsible interventions for beverage servers training act. beverage servers training act. tesla is not open to the public. this is video from the company's youtube page. tesla will give away five tours for four people each. elon musk is the ceo of spacex and tesla. the company posted this photo on instagram showing five first stage rockets in the works. space x plans to run a mission every two to three weeks in the near future. san francisco's massive transbay transit center needs
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cash. next at 5:00, how much a huge loan to finish construction will cost taxpayers. cost taxpayers. and how much is
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. time to get up, guys, it's 5:00 a.m., good morning, i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui. >> good morning, everyone. you can see over the next six hours, nothing showing up on live doppler, you see the clouds aren't even moving on the ferry building. 64 to 66 at noon. you'll need the


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