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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning and happy monday. i'm reggie aqui. >> natasha zouves. we're here to get you up and going. mick uniq mike nicco is helping with gorgeous weather. >> here's a look at the next six hours, absolutely nothing on live doppler 7 hd. you see the colorful sunrise is about to start, hashtag it abc7now if you take a picture of it. enjoy a mild evening, 56 to 62. sue has been tracking some accidents. >> thanks, mike. a couple of hotspots. overall, traffic, you can see where the red and orange, that means slow traffic. this orange on your map up here means fog. that could hamper your visibility. let's check on a couple of things. this big rig where the trailer separated, it's off to the right hand shoulder and in a ditch, a 40-minute backup now.
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san francisco, three to four vehicles involved. debris in lanes and two lanes blocked, northbound 280 near monterey boulevard with an accident there. we'll update the walnut creek accident in a few minutes. >> sue, thank you. breaking news overnight in fremont. investigators are looking into what caused a horrible crash. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live where the street just reopened almost eight hours after that accident, matt. >> reporter: yes, the street is about to reopen as they have a street sweeper coming and sweeping up all the debris here. all that's left behind is this damaged tree and a sign that was knocked over on the road here. this happened just after 10:15 last night. police say a witness told them the driver of this lincoln continental was apparently racing another car when it lost control and hit a tree. you can see how badly the vehicle was damaged. the engine was separated from the car. a tow truck just removed the car from the scene. police told me the driver had
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several broken bones and was in critical condition at the hospital. but he is expected to survive. no word on if police are looking for the other driver. as soon as this street sweeper is done here at the scene you can expect paseo parkway to be open in both directions. if you drive the bay bridge, there is more trouble this morning in the tunnel where chunks of concrete could break off. according to "the chronicle," caltrans found 12 locations inside the east bound tunnel between san francisco and oakland where concrete was in danger of crumbling, ranging from a few inches to a few feet in size, caused by corrosion. last month a tire-sized piece of concrete fell onto a woman's car on the lower deck. she was not hurt but her car was damaged. caltrans says it removed any lou loose pieces and that drivers are not in any immediate danger but that they still have more
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tests to conduct. the transbay transit center in san francisco needs cash and has reached out to goldman sachs for a loan. officials have been forced to take out a short term loan, putting the public on the hook for $37 million in fees. the "con more money will be needed no complete the first phase of construction. the coroner will conduct an autopsy on the body of a 22-year-old woman, stacey aguilar of san jose. her body was found saturday in hayward. police are not saying how or where but they're treating this case as a homicide. aguilar was last seen february 13th leaving a party with her boyfriend. abc 7 news spoke with aguilar's mother who lives in mexico. she tells us police have spoken with her other daughter in san jose but didn't give many details. police will hold a news conference at 2:00 p.m.
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police are trying to find a man who exposed himself to three teenaged girls at mission and wilson streets. you're looking at surveillance photo of the man. the girls left the business while the man stayed inside. police say he had distinctive shoulder-length black hair with light brown tips. a brazen killer is behind a shooting in san francisco across the street from a police station. the gunman fired into a car stopped at an mcdonald's drive-through around 2:45 yesterday. witnesses say he fired into the passenger window several times. you see the bullet holes. then he just ran off. the passenger in the car died at the hospital. the driver was not harmed. >> i told you, it's a run for cover. i knocked people down, i dove on the dirt. >> right in the afternoon, there was a lot of car traffic, a lot of pedestrian traffic. the shooter certainly was not hindered by that or us being
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down the block. >> police plan to check out surveillance videos from local businesses in the hope of identifying the shooter. protestors are planning to gather in 30 cities cross the u.s. and around the world tomorrow in support of apple's battle with the fbi. demonstrators are standing with apple after a federal judge ordered the tech giants to hack into an encrypted iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. protests are scheduled at a.m. stores in the u.s., uk, hong kong, and germany. in washington, dc protestors will rally outside fbi headquarters. in the bay area protests will be in san francisco, at the store on stockton street, also in palo alto, marin county, and santa rosa plaza, all tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. a blue ribbon panel will hear from witnesses about racism in san francisco's police department. the district attorney set up a group of three retired judges after some officers exchanged a series of racist text messages.
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those are the judges, not the officers, we're talking about. all of the judges are outside the city. they'll look at the more than 3,000 arrests made by the 14 officers involved in the scandal. witnesses who will y ranking city officials. supervisors will meet to discuss whether to raise the legal age of tobacco purchases. some city leaders want to ban the sale of cigarettes to people under the age of 21. if approved, san francisco would become the first city in california to raise the age to 21. the law would go into effect on july 1st. a billionaire who closed off access to a popular beach says he will reopen it if the state pays him $30 million. the "mercury news" reports a lawyer for the man is demanding that amount for public access to martin's beach at half moon bay. he bought beachfront property
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there in 2008 and closed off a popular access road. the state land commission says it doesn't agree with that high price. if you are still using the hottest, sometimes literally, hottest christmas gift this year, stop. the u.s. government has issued a new warning about hoverboards. plus bartenders showed off their skills in san francisco. but it wasn't just about the amazing drinks. how the competition will help breast cancer patients and survivors right here in the bay area. when you see news where you live, take a photo or some video live, take a photo or some video and share it with us using
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welcome back on this monday morning. it is 6:10. check out how chilly it is in danville, 39. low to mid-40s elsewhere. even a 51 out highway 4. 47, san jose. mountain view, 46 in oakland. san francisco, november at novato, 51. you can see there's no fog in san rafael, low visibility of 3 miles in petalumpetaluma.
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details of the accuweather seven-day forecast on the way. highway 4 to walnut creek, southbound 680 at the junction, we'll update that. walnut creek toward the caldecott tunnel is looking great. tracy to dublin very typical, unfortunately very slow. bumper to bumper on southbound 680. one of the lanes on the transition ramp to 24 is blocked. we just saw a tow truck get through this. so hopefully that will be cleared soon. the left lanes toward 24, continuing south on 680, those begin to pick up. but it is still backed about 40 minutes from martinez and concord southbound on 680. the orange up in the north represents fog that could be affecting your drive. san francisco, multi-vehicles northbound 280 near monterey boulevard, a couple of lanes blocked here with debris
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throughout all lanes. look at this, traffic is now backing towards daley city. take 101 if you can. we'll update that big rig accident in the cirrus point area on highway 37 when we come back. some of the best bartenders in the country spent their weekend in san francisco raising money for breast cancer research. abc 7 news was at the competition in san francisco's mission district last night. 20 female bartenders stirred and shook cocktails against the clock. that fundraiser targets breast cancer survivors and people who know someone with the disease. >> it's a super generous community, raising over $450,000 in the last five years to fight cancer. >> the bartenders completed to make rounds of cocktails. the judges were on hand to rate the drinks on prep time and shrink. natasha, i am available next year. >> we're already throwing our hats in the ring for that. rising rent may be pushing out a uniquely san francisco
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church. this morning the congregation is this morning the congregation is vowing to push on. made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira.
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♪ the san francisco church dedicated to late jazz legend john coltrane will soon have to move. the co-founder of the st. john coltrane african church says he's received an eviction notice. he says his landlord hasn't been accepting his rent for two years. now he's looking for a new location. >> we really need a building where we can expand. this is an eight count. we are not out. >> no comment yet from the landlord. an extensive report on diversity in hollywood shows a, quote, white washed industry. coming just days before the oscars, the study out of usc is set to be released today.
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it says films and television are, quote, white washed, and are, quote, white washed, and that, quote, an a third of speaking characteristics, less than a third were from any minority group. abc 7 is your oscar station. chris rock will host the awards show on abc 7 on sunday. join us to see the big talking moments and who wins. are these safe or not? hoverboard owners face that question this morning following a message from federal officials that there is no such thing as a safe hoverboard. hoverboards have become one of the most popular items across america. people have landed in the hospital after taking spills on them. the consumer product safety commission is also concerned because of 52 fires possibly sparked by hoverboard batteries. those fires have already caused $2 million in damage.
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>> it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know do not comply with the standard. >> and in a confusing move, hoverboard maker swagway tells abc news it never advised people not to use its products. instead, swagway says it's cooperating with federal officials on investigating potential safety problems. let's check in with robin roberts for a look at what's coming on "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, robin. >> good morning, everyone. new developments in the horrifying kalamazoo shooting, the alleged gunman an uber driver. this morning we hear from one of his passengers that night. you'll see that only here on "gma." >> thank you so much, robin, see you at 7:00. a judge is having a difficult time believing that rapper 50 cent is in a financial pinch. >> some instagram pics show him
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spelling out the word "broke." he filed for bankruptcy after being hit with $30 million in judgments. theticked off, saying she feels he's hiding assets from the court. >> maybe he can ask kanye. maybe not. >> all right, sue. let's talk to you. there's a sig alert to talk about. >> yes, a sig alert. chp lifted it. let's get back to what's happening at 24 junction southbound 680. one of the lanes blocked at the transition ramp. that has things all the way stacked up. i don't know if you can see this at home on your tv, but the left lanes closer to 24 are getting by pretty well. it's stacked up in concord, 40-minute delay from concord to the 24 junction. fog in the north bay. this was a sig alert. chp issued it because four lanes were blocked.
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they've now lifted the sig alert. we still have lane 4, which is towards the right, third lane, fourth lane from the left i should say, that's the one left from the slow lane, there you go. it should begin clearing out here. you can take 101. i'm not seeing any delays into san francisco. north bay, accident with a big rig, the trailer separated and went off into a ditch. a one-hour drive from 80 in vallejo towards novato. here's mike. sue, thank you very much, welcome back. good morning, everyone. look at the colorful sunrise. we'll talk about high clouds and warm days ahead. february going to end drier than average. we're watching this weekend for a week weather system. that could open the door for much weather beginning. we've got to wait at least a
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week before that happens. mid- to upper 60s along the coast. we'll touch 69 in san francisco, richmond. san rafael, 68. everyone else, 73 degrees. tonight, upper 30s here or there, places like petaluma or danville. 50 around san francisco and richmond. best chance for record high, 76 tomorrow and wednesday in san jose. i'm forecasting 75 and 76. average high only 63. my accuweather seven-day forecast, get used to high clouds and sunshine, temperatures above average, even with that dip saturday. natasha? >> thank you so much. the new bay bridge certainly is one of the beautiful things in the bay area. this great shot shows the bridge and the moon. share your pictures, most them share your pictures, most them on social media with the hashtag
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abc7. have you ever tried to return food or drink at a restaurant only to be refused? this morning, michael finney this morning, michael finney breaks down what to do if
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less less is dull. but more... find fantasy shows. more is amazing. more says "like that? get a load of this." dig thrillers? here's a whole thrill ride. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. cause when it comes to the things you love,
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you want more of it. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. turns out vaccinating american teens against hpv appears to be paying off, with fewer cases of the infection now
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being reported. the hpv vaccine debuted ten years ago to fight the sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer, which has fallen in teenaged girls by two-thirds. this comes as immunization rates remain low, only about 40% of teenaged girls. good news, your morning cup of coffee could help cut your chance of developing liver disease. a medical journal reviewed nine separate studies of the effects of coffee. researchers say two cups a day could cut your chance of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver by 40%. experts warn that coffee will never completely balance out the negative effects of excess alcohol. while we're on the subject of coffee, if you've never grabbed a cup of coffee or tea or decided it wasn't good or you just didn't like the flavor, abc 7's michael finney has information you'll want to hear.
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>> we recently went to a cafe for the first time. i happened to not like it. the lady told me i had to keep it. is the customer always right or should i have accepted the fact that she wouldn't swap out the drink for something else? >> look, you did the right thing, what are you going to do, wrestle with them? a restaurant or store is allowed to do a lousy job. what you're allowed to do is not go back there. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, and send it by e-mail or post it on social media. you might see it answered right here on abc 7 morning news. a huge piece of concrete landed on a car. what officials are now saying about more pieces of loose cement. it's the first morning commute for the new express lane
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on westbound interstate 580. what you can expect as you head out this morning. check out our chances of rain in the next several days. there are none. there are none. record heat
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the sun is coming up, good morning, guys, i'm natasha
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zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui. we'll start with mike nicco. it's going to be a dry week. >> i think so, get ready for warmer than average temperatures. completely bone dry on doppler 7 hd. look how gorgeous and calm the bay looks. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. we'll be in the mid-60s at noon, mid-60s to 70 at 4:00, milder in the evening. good thing it's cool this morning, we have some issues to deal with, sue. >> a couple of traffic issues. if you can take a ferry, that would be a great way to go, no delays there. southbound 680, the transition ramp to 24, one lane continues to be blocked. tow truck has been on scene for a while but traffic is now stacked up for a 40-minute drive from highway 4 to highway 24. elsewhere they'll have to block off some lanes to clear out this accident, northbound 280 at monterey boulevard. expect delays, take 101.
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highway 37 at pierce point, a big rig accident. the search is on this morning for a brazen killer who was behind a shooting in san francisco right across the street from the northern district police station. the gunman fired into a car stopped in the mcdonald's drive-through at fillmore street and golden gate avenue at 2:45 yesterday. witnesses say he fired into the passenger window several times, then ran off. the passenger in the car died at the hospital. the driver was not injured. police are trying to figure out if a shooting four blocks from that mcdonald's has anything to do with the drive-through murder. police found another shooting victim at eddie and buchanan streets around 8:30 last night. someone drove the person to san francisco general. that victim's condition is still not clear. new this morning, apple ceo tim cook is thanking his employees for their support. his company is battling a federal order to help the fbi unlock one of the san bernardino shooters' phones. abc 7 news reporter tiffany
6:32 am
wilson is showing us what else cook is proposing as he faces that friday deadline. >> reporter: reggie, tim cook's company-wide e-mail paints this as a battle between government overreach and the protection of civil liberties. he tells employees, "this is not about one phone but rather the privacy of hundreds of millions of people." he notes apple has received an outpouring of support in the past week. he thanks employees for helping apple keep customers' data safe. he says the government should create a commission to discuss implications for national security, private, and personal freedom. he warns that if apple is forced to write code to break into the phone, the technology could get into the wrong hands and be used to access everyone's encrypted information. yesterday the director of the fbi said, it's not about setting a precedent, it's about the victims and justice. apple explains why they are obtaining to the government's order and answers other public
6:33 am
questions in a post. you can find a link to that post in our website, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. a large piece of concrete that nearly hit a driver in the bay bridge tunnel wasn't an isolated incident. caltrans now says it found a dozen more vulnerable spots. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more. amy, caltrans still insists the problem isn't urgent. >> reporter: yes, reggie, imagine driving through the tunnel and having a piece of concrete land on you. caltrans told "the san francisco chronicle" they found 12 spots where concrete could break off but they aren't too worried about it. we just shot this video within the hour. you can't see obvious problem areas. caltrans found them by tapping with a hammer on the tunnel walls and listening for hollow sounds. a chunk fell off last month and hit a car.
6:34 am
it caused some damage but no one was hurt in the incident. at the time they called it an isolated incident. but they're now saying the problem is more widespread and they blame corrosion. they have removed loose material from the tunnel, so they think it is safe for now. they don't think there is an urgent threat but they plan to do more sophisticated testing. meantime, you might want to consider driving in the middle lane until we hear more about the solution. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. an emergency meeting will take place today for people who are displaced by this massive fire in san francisco's mission district a year ago. it drove dozens from their homes at 22nd and mission streets last january. building inspectors just ordered the landlord to tear down that building for safety reasons. demolishing the building eliminates the right of tenants to return to their homes. many of them say they have been priced out of the rental market in the mission. an uber driver suspected of going on a shooting rampage in
6:35 am
michigan saturday night was reportedly picking up and dropping off passengers between attacks. 45-year-old jason dalton is accused of shooting and killing six people and injuring two others including a 14-year-old girl still in critical condition. an indiana couple says they took an uber after hearing there was a shooter on the loose. they said the driver appeared to know there was a gunman out there. >> i half heartedly joked with him and said, you're not the shooter, are you? >> dalton is expected to be arraigned today on murder charges. the u.s. supreme court goes back into session today. it's the first time since the death of associate justice antonin scalia. justices will begin hearing oral arguments at the supreme court at 7:00 our time. scalia died while visiting a ranch in texas last weekend. he was 79. his funeral took place on saturday. chief justice john roberts is
6:36 am
expected to mention scalia's death from the bench today. scalia led the court's conservative wing and now the panel is evenly split 4-4 between conservatives and liberals. pretty obama has vowed to no, ma'am -- president obama has vowed to nominate a replacement. both donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating big wins. this week it's the presidential switch contest. the democrats will be in the deep south while republicans are in nevada. donald trump is still riding high after his big win in south carolina, scoring all 50 of the state's republican delegates. here is what the winners had to say. >> i didn't know i was going to win by that much. we won by a lot. it was sort record-setting stuff. >> some may have doubted us. but we never doubted each other. >> tomorrow night the democratic candidates will hit the stage for a town hall at the university of south carolina. republicans are spending the day rallying in nevada where the
6:37 am
latest poll has trump leading by 26 points. abc 7 news was at the blackberg bar in san francisco where bernie sanders supporters held a fundraiser yesterday. they asked people to give $27 to his campaign. sanders's war chest is built heavily on small donations. and there was strong support for hillary clinton across the bay area. she was here for fundraisers in south san francisco, piedmont, atherton, and menlo park. good morning, we've got a busy monday morning under way. highway 4 to walnut creek. southbound 680 is very slow because of an accident. once you get past the accident, once you get past the accident, traveling not bad at all. in the north bay, a big rig lost
6:38 am
its trailer, in the right hand shoulder. chp may have to shut down the roadway, be prepared for delays. right now you've got an hour and 15 minutes from vallejo towards novato. take the richmond san rafael bridge this morning. san francisco, northbound 280 near monterey boulevard, an earlier accident. lane number 4 still blocked here. they had a sig alert for a time, that's been lifted, but still slow traffic. delays all the way around. we'll hopefully have nice weather for your morning. here's mike with your forecast. pretty uneventful this morning other than patchy fog in the north bay. visibility 3 miles, not bad. cupertino, 41. 50 at redwood city, san francisco, half moon bay. danville, 39. novato, 38. some of our other cool spots. activity plans for today, kayaking, we showed you how calm the bay water is, a light
6:39 am
breeze. a little warm this afternoon. walking the dog, it will be sunny, be prepared for that. you can see the colors that are unfolding. low to mid-70s today, tomorrow, and wednesday. a few record highs are possible. we'll go in search of a chance of rain, maybe not until the weekend. here's natasha and reggie. you can now drive in a new express lane along westbound interstate 580 between livermore and dublin. sky 7 hd flew over i-580 when express lanes opened in the eastbound direction last week. you must have a new tag to use the lanes between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. it indicates how many people are riding in the car. carpoolers can use the lanes for free but solo drivers will have to pay up to $13. the price varies based on demand for the lanes and the number of riders in your car. forget fantasy football, guys. place your bets on "the
6:40 am
bachelor." why tens of thousands of viewers are playing along with the very popular reality show. reggie loved the episode with the pigs in the bahamas. >> i understand they were doing this to protect themselves from the pig. >> because the pigs, they were feeding hot dogs to the pigs, and if you do this, they don't pester you for food anymore. >> it's back to work for the boys of summer. >> spring training in arizona today. san francisco plays its first spring training game march 2nd. the giants will open the regular season on the road in milwaukee april 4th. remember, giants fans, this is another even-numbered year. the giants have won the world series in 2010, '12, and '14, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. oakland athletics begin spring training in saturday. the rest of the team arrives on thursday. oakland plays its first spring
6:41 am
training game on march 3rd. they play the chicago white sox april 4th. both teams looking to return to the post-season for the first time since 2014. >> stay on top of what's happening in spring training with abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann. shu will have live reports starting tomorrow. we all know about the pay gap between women and men in the workplace. how about a seller gap? it turns out one sex makes a lot less than the other when it comes to selling items on ebay, interesting. starbucks fans could soon see big changes in the company's rewards program. what you need to know before getting your next cup of coffee. but first, a live look at that beautiful sunrise over the bay bridge this morning from our cam. cam. continue to watch what's
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breaking overnight in fremont, investigators are looking into what caused a terrible crash that closed a busy street for eight hours. abc 7's matt keller has more. >> reporter: you can still see the damage left behind. the street was hit so hard by the vehicle, it lifted some of the roots off the ground. police say a witness told them
6:45 am
the driver of this lincoln continental was racing another car when it lost control and hit the tree. you see how badly the vehicle was damaged. the engine was actually separated from the car. the tow truck just removed the car from the scene at 5:45 a.m. police told me the driver had several broken bones and is in critical condition at the hospital but is expected to survive. the parkway is open in both directions. live in fremont, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. it's happened again, hackers have hit a facebook page that appears to belong to san francisco international airport. here are just a few of the random posts that we saw this morning. this one is about a woman who recorded an image of a ghost-like figure above her babies crib. we first told you about this on abc 7 news. some of the posts are to racy to show you. we've reached out to sfo to get some sort of response and haven't heard back.
6:46 am
this page may not be legit. it doesn't seem to have any actual postings related to air travel. the airport does have another facebook page. >> interesting. do not feed the deer. that's the advice from santa cruz police to stop mountain lions from creeping into neighborhoods. this lion was tranquilized saturday night after it turned up in someone's backyard. the big cat had just feasted on a deer and authorities say that feeding deer draws them into our neighborhoods and the hungry mountain lions are not far behind. "dog mom," " -- coming soon, "student driver"? a new bill could require the dmv to hand out "student driver" decals in their windows.
6:47 am
uc berkeley is taking an interesting approach to make sure its students are well-rested. the school is opening up several designated napping areas across campus. the student newspaper says students can now snooze between classes in comfortable lounge chairs in specified rest zones. sounds nice just about now. >> a lot of of them aren't graduating in four years. we need them to wake up. i don't know if that's the thing they need. yahoo! it set to start approaching possible bidders as soon as today. first, we're looking at wall street, up almost 200 points. >> jane king is live at the nasdaq. >> a starong start to the week. yahoo! will begin seeking bidders for its core business. companies like verizon and at&t are among the interested parties. bids for the core business,
6:48 am
which includes search, mail, and news, likely won't start for at least a month. successful sellers on ebay knows what's important, like price. now a new study shows women receive lower prices than men. women received 80 cents on average for every dollar men sellers received. the starbucks geek twitter account posted a photo of a person holding a flier from starbucks. starting in april, it says instead of earning one star per purchase, people will rack up a less favorable amount. starbucks hasn't commented. our best week of the year last week. we're extending that. the dow is up 205 at the moment. s&p, nasdaq, everything at more than 1%.
6:49 am
oil is up 6% this morning, that's the helping. we've got a lot of fed speakers come out in the next few days so a pivotal week. i'm jane king, back to you. >> we'll be tracking it, thank you so much, jane. what would you do if you waited a hundred years to meet the president and one day that dream came true? >> one special lady waited a lifetime. take a look at her reaction. >> hey! how are you? >> fine. >> it's so nice to see you. you want to say hi to michelle? >> yes! >> she has got a lot of spirit. >> i love her. she starts dancing with michelle. >> that is virginia mclauren, 106 years old. she dances with both of them. she told the president she was there to celebrate black history month and never thought they would actually get to visit the white house.
6:50 am
she's got some moves too. >> that is so great. >> virginia, get down. >> so happen for her. sue, we have quite a few traffic issues this morning. >> yeah, boy, i wish we had something to dance about. here we go. southbound 680 past north main to 24, one lane of the 24 transition remains blocked. so from highway 4 southbound on 680 to 24, you're looking at an hour and ten minute drive. once past that, 680 towards 580 is looking really good. 24 westbound to the tunnel past the scene. you're looking at an hour and ten minute drive from vallejo towards novato. you may want to consider the richmond san rafael bridge. this accident has been cleared, northbound 280 near monterey
6:51 am
boulevard. expected delays toward daley city. 101 slow in the northbound direction. that would probably be your best alternate. westbound 580 near 98, a possible injury accident as well. we'll be back to update all of this. mike, hopefully better news in the weather department. >> oh, my. much more tranquil over here. maybe this picture will put you at ease and make you want to take a ferry this morning, look how calm, cool, and collected the bay is. that is gorgeous. springing into warmth today, above average highs all week. a weak weekend weather system. high clouds ahead of a dome of warm air that's going to be push our temperatures warmer than average. 70 to 73 degrees. tonight, seasonably cool. maybe a few upper 30s here and there. mid-40s up to 54 for the
6:52 am
us. towards the weekend, it will cool down, but still a little bit above average. tahoe, temperatures well above the average high of 45. we'll get a little bit of snow melt there. here's look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. near 70 tomorrow at the beaches. reggie, natasha? low pump prices may be sweet news for us but not so great for state projects that depend on revenue from gas taxes. the highway 101 widening project will open up five miles of carpool lanes south of petaluma. that's now in jeopardy because of funding. it's back to the drawing board for sonoma county officials looking to fill the financial gap. gas tax revenue is $800 million lower than expected. we're back with the seven things you need to know before
6:53 am
you go. >> take us with you with the abc 7 app.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. whether you're just joining us or about to go out the door, here are the seven things you need to know. >> three major accidents, 680 southbound and walnut creek at 24 junction in the clearing phase. all lanes continue to be blocked
6:55 am
with a sig alert at the big rig accident at westbound 580 and 98th, an accident as well. number 2, the "chronicle" reports caltrans found 12 new locations of crumbling concrete going eastbound inside the tunnel. caltrans still insists drivers aren't in any danger. aren't in any danger. number 3, the big story weather-wise, temperaturesers 7o 73. number 4, an autopsy is expected today for 22-year-old stacey aguilar of san jose. her body was found saturday in hayward, more than a week after she was last seen leaving a party with her boyfriend. number 5, apple supporters are taking part in a series of worldwide rallies as the accupunctur accupuncture cupertino company judge's order to break into an
6:56 am
iphone. number 6, bill cosby's wife is being deposed in massachusetts. a group of women said cosby labeled them as liars after they went public with sexual assault allegations. a billionaire who closed off access to half moon bay says he'll open it for $30 million. we'll be back in 25 minutes. >> see you in a few minutes. "good morning america" is coming up.
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good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins, now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum? the uber driver accused of killing six people, reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. taking us inside the terrifying ride. >> we were driving through medians. driving through the lawn. >> and uber is responding to the attack. amazing escape. a megabus evacuated just moments before it goes up in flames. a reporter onboard shares an account. how they all got out alive. ♪ rocket man out of this world myst


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