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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> a wall of flames takes over an east oakland neighbor. residents run from help, with no time to salvage precious belongings. thanks for joining us. >> that huge fire started at a buddhist temple so we'll show you what it used to look like an what's left. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is showing us the spiritual celebration that may have ignited this. >> reporter: and reggie, we're getting a sense of what this temple means to the community. you see all these people gathered here.
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we have watched as people stopped by to see what is left of this cambodian buddhist temple on east tenth street. not much. it doesn't look good. not much is left here but the monks promise they're going to rebuild. they spend the morning rebuilding whatever is left. the buddhist temple is gone. so are two other homes all because the monks here left candles from the annual celebration burning overnight. >> one of the probable causes that we believe is approximately 100 to 1,000 untended candles were burning for the annual celebration. >> reporter: look at the huge fire that roared through east tenth street in oakland just before 2:00 this morning. firefighters say it destroyed the temple, two homes and five vehicles and three sheds. four monks were asleep inside, it grew big enough to wake them up.
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next door, family of six barely escaped with the fire chasing them out the front door. they jumped from the porch. >> extremely scared. and my daughter got down, she started to cry. >> reporter: they didn't grab a thing. >> we only came out with our clothes what we went to sleep in. other than that, nothing there. now we have nothing. >> reporter: firefighters say it took them almost an hour and a half knock down the fire saying it spread quickly because of the wood structures. one man who lost his pickup truck to the fire felt frustrated this happened because of candles. >> contain your celebration and put it out before you go to sleep. >> reporter: three people were taken to the hospital. one victim tripped and has a leg injury. another has a minor burn. firefighters say they're all expected to be okay. live in oakland, amy holly field, abc 7 news. fremont investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire that required a dramatic rescue.
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sky 7 was over the scene and the firefighters saved man who had not left in years. we have the latest. matt? >> reporter: and the homeowner is inside the paramedics took him inside to let him stay there. for a few hours as they try to determine where they'll stay the next few years. a garage fire doesn't usually require a rescue, but fremont firefighters came across an unusual situation. this house on hugh's place was filling up with smoke and the homeowner could not get out of his bed. in fact, 64-year-old alan kias had not been out of his bed in four years. >> a large patient, 600 pounds plus. literally took two crews to get him out. they actually abandoned firefighting to get him out. so we put him in the large tarp to get him out. it was difficult for us.
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took six firefighters to him out. >> would there have been any way you could have walked out? >> no. >> so if firefighters saved your life? >> yeah. >> reporter: they got to work on the fire on the garage keeping it from spreading inside. alan and fiancee and dog were not hurt. no one should stay at the home until they're certain it is safe and the utilities are turned back on. even they admit this is a unique situation and allowed alan to go back inside to his bed until red cross is able to book a room at a local hotel. >> i'm all right, you know. like i said, you know, just trying to cope with -- i like being in my home. >> reporter: firefighters say it started with an electrical issue. the good news, they have insurance and they're hoping to only be out of their house for a few days. reporting live in fremont, matt keller, abc 7 news.
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>> we're glad the family is okay. a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza where there's a backup. look at that. after two separate incidents that made a mess of the morning commute. sky 7 hd was at the bridge following a motorcycle accident around 8:30 this morning. paramedics as you can see tended to the rider who had minor injuries. that accident briefly blocked the three left lanes. about 15 minutes earlier an accused car pool lane cheater was taken into custody after leading the highway patrol on the chase. that driver took off and spun out near yorba linda island and tried to run away. officers took that man into custody. happening today, san jose mayor sam liccardo is asking this fired police officer to get his job back. he was fired for tweets that were against black lives matter
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and his attorney said it was in response to threats made against his family. local naacp leaders are fighting his reinstatement saying they plan go to court today to challenge that decision. new details now on a string of recent armed robberies at the stone ridge mall in pleasanton. two juveniles have been arrested in the mall parking lot. sunday afternoon, a man grabbed a woman's purse and kicked her in the back. shoppers are urged to be on alert. people will be gathering outside bay area apple stores to support the fight with the fbi. we're also hearing from bill gates. again, about just where he stands on the hacking of a terrorist iphone. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson is following in from the newsroom. >> five protests are planned outside of flagship apple stores in san francisco and palo alto.
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to open letters to open demonstration, the battle will soon spill on to the streets the group organizing the protests says hacking into farook's phone is opening a pandora's box. >> in fact, they're actually asking apple to do something that would put millions of people's safety and security at risk. >> reporter: a new poll shows 51% of americans favor apple unlocking the iphone. some family members and victims in the san bernardino attack are joining the fbi's legal fight as well. >> the questions that the family members have, the victims, they include why did this happen, how could this happen? why were they targeted? are they still being targeted? >> reporter: tim cook said creating new code to break into the phone would jeopardize the secure data of millions of customers. the leaders of twitter, facebook
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and others support cook. bill gates supports the fbi. >> apple has access to the information. there's not -- they're just refusing to provide the access and the courts will tell them to provide the access or not. >> but speaking to bloomberg this morning, gates said he's not in favor of full government access and headlines touting his support for the fbi are misleading. the fbi says this would be a one time attorney called that totally bogus. and the "wall street journal" reports the justice department has a dozen other iphones that they want apple to extract data from. in the newsroom, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. supporters will gather at 5:30 at apple stores including the flagship stores in san
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francisco and palo alto and other locations. you can head to our website for more information. it is looking like another picture perfect day outside. >> yeah. >> take your lunch break outside. >> no rain in the forecast. some people will be disappointed about that. look outside this is from san jose. nothing but sunshine. all that sun is bringing another day of warm temperatures. possibly even hitting records again. >> and mike mikko is up on the roof with hopefully sunscreen on his face. >> yeah. waiting on the sunglasses from reggie too. all kidding aside, it is a very bright and warm day. temperatures already seven degrees warmer than they were just 24 hours ago. look where we're going to end up this afternoon. nine to 13 degrees above average. with that asterisk means that's a tying -- that 76 is a record tying temperature. now, if you're going to be out, we'll be in the upper 60s to low 70s. by 7:00, temperature are finally back to average, some low to mid 50s by 9 clock.
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i have a couple of chances of rain in the forecast that will knock the high temperatures down a bit. >> you know i can barely remember to bring my wallet and keys. the santa clara board of supervisors will discuss building a new jail in san jose. it will sit next to the current jail and it will include improved visitation areas. if approved construction would take 2 1/2 years to complete. the republican presidential candidates are in nevada today for the caucuses there. front-runner donald trump is looking to cement his hold on that gop nomination. so he'll be in sparks, nevada this is the lat chance for senator to stop the winning streak of trump. on saturday, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in their battles to pick up
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delegates. and the work getting under way, getting it ready for the oscars. and a tragedy as they rush into the burning home. the hurdle they encountered that made the situation even worse.
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could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. all beds on sale. right now, find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. only at a sleep number store. developing news out of washington state. this is what the left of a -- is left of a home in port orchard. it exploded into a ball of fire. cadaver dogs are going through
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the home, looking for the sign of the two homeowners who are still unaccounted for. that explosion blew out windows at a nearby school and it was picked up by seismographs in tacoma. a young girl has died after a family tragedy in phoenix. a gunman shot his own family members. and set the house on fire before taking his own life. abc 7 news morning anchor is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: well, officers had to wear breathing gear and dodge bullets. they could hear the victims calling from inside as they entered the burning home. we brought you the aerial live this morning. you can see the sheer emergency presence there. the whole area shut down. this in northwest phoenix. before 4:00 a.m. our time, one of the injured called 911 to say that a family member was firing at other family members. we know that five are dead in all including the gunman. a little girl was initially taken to the hospital but did not sur vooi. -- survive.
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>> it appears the shooter is the son, and this is family that lives here. it appears this is all family members that have been shot at this location. >> reporter: the spokes woman from the fire department says that the shooter set the house on fire and crews had to extinguish it again after it flared up a second time. one officer is hospitalized with smoke inhalation. they're searching for any family to notify. >> such a sad story. thank you. new this morning, president obama has laid out plans to close the u.s. detention center in guantanamo bay, cuba. he says it's counterproductive in the fight against terrorism because it's being used as propaganda to recruit new members. his plan faces opposition from republicans in congress. the president's plan would transfer detainees to facilities within the u.s. well, another day feeling
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like spring. >> it's so true. meteorologist mike mikko has your forecast. >> yes, yesterday, we talked about the spring showers and it's guiding farther to the south. i'll give you an hour by hour time line when it gets here over the weekend. >> thank you. spring means what? baseball. spring training is under way with mike shumann. he'll have live reports from arizona starting this afternoon
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all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> definitely don't want this in your chocolate. u.s. chocolate maker mars is recalling candy bars in 55
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countries after finding this, a plastic in one of the products. the recall affects mars, milky way, snickers, celebrations confectionery boxes and the minibox. the products have best before dates from june 19th of this year to next year. george lucas' plans to build a mega museum in chicago has hit a roadblock which is music to the ears of system in the east bay. they want to look at the collection of the "star wars" and bring it to their city. if the plans for windy city fall through, an environmental group is suing to blockthe museum planned for the front. >> this is bouncing around. >> his wife lives in the chicago a area. the city is
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be. >> yes, so sunny, mike. >> i apologize for not bringing the sunglasses. try to remember tomorrow. >> i appreciate it. hopefully you have warned everybody else. just warmer temperatures this afternoon. look at those colors as the sun was starting to just breach our mountains to the south. and this is the way it now. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we are at our above the average highs and we have three hours of warming left. here's a look at what's going to happen over the next six hours, absolutely nothing. a few kind of lazy high clouds lazily rolling through our sky. how about that? how about we don't label them lazy. but say they're moving slowly. cool nights, warm days this week. we could rewrite the record books for some of the reporting stations. the heat will be taken out of this and hopefully bring some of us a little bit of rain. for the south
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that is your range. morgan hill, is santa clara, 76. 71 at milbury. that's the warm spot along the coast. 71 in south san francisco. near 70 for daily city. the sunset downtown to lodega bay. and santa rosa, 73. along the east bay, warmest in oakland at 75. hercules at 71. above average in the east bay valleys and antioch at 75. you might want to close your windows overnight as we'll drop into the 40s. a few upper 30s possible in our inland valleys, just like we saw this morning. napa, danville, san ramone. so we have been through an exceptionally dry february. and it's taken all of the benefits that we got from that
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exceptionally wet january. look at us, as far as the season today from october 1st until now. we're anywhere from 75 to 91% of average. so what is going to happen? well, come friday, you can see a slight chance of rain across the north during the afternoon and the evening hours. saturday looking quiet. sunday that's when the next system starts farther to the south. neither are guaranteed much more than a couple of hundreds of inch of rain. maybe drizzle saturday morning. after the temperatures reach the upper 70s it will knock us down to the upper 60s. so it's there, nothing we can do about it. i hope you enjoy it. >> thank you, mike. we're just five days away from hollywood's biggest night. >> yes. come oscar sunday, these sparks will be replaced with sparkles. crews are in for a long week of work turning hollywood boulevard into the most watched red carpet
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in the world. roads are closed around the theater. bleachers are being installed. and the giant statues, the crews are putting a final coat on those as well. >> 74 degrees and sunny that day. >> you know, all the gowns that they'll be wearing. >> not too cold, not too hot. abc 7 is your home for the oscar, comedian chris rock is your host. live coverage starts at 2:00. you have heard of pilates, yoga and crossfit. >> yeah. but what about the
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coming up at 4:00 a real life lesson from some virtual reality avatars. the technology created here in the bay area that's helping to train teachers across the country. and determining those at the top on abc 7 news at 5:00, we report on the best cars of 2017. if you suffer from migrai migraines, it's relief that can last for weeks. we're talking about stopping it without drugs. that's tonight at 11:00.
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finally a northern california mom says the next time you work out, don't forget the corkscrew. >> let's listen to how this mom from redding came up with the wine workout. >> i was getting ready to do a workout and i saw this -- the wine there. i'm like, you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into the workout video. >> that is april's story. she posted this on her facebook page using wine as a motivation. she wanted to show people fitness is something you can do every day and you can use anything, even wine bottles. it has been seen by million of people including "star trek" actor george takei. >> what did he say? >> quit wining and work out. get it? >> have a good day, everybody.
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>> hey, everybody. we're going to have even more fun that usual today, because we've rolled out the red carpet for some of the biggest movie fans in the country. get ready. it's movie week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for more movie week? [cheers and applause] good, good. because our returning contestant is a shopping cart clerk who has spent almost every dime having the ultimate movie experience. please welcome back, from redding, california, sean zink. [cheers and applause] sean, good to see you again, buddy. >> good to see you. >> all right. welcome back to the show. you know, we learned about what you were going to do with this $1 million last time,


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