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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and killed him. >> there was law enforcement here in hesston that end spot right away. he took fire but he went inside of the place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero. >> ford was living in kansas but has a lengthy criminal history in florida starting back in 1996. this includes burglary, fleeing police and battery. five of the victims are in critical condition this morning. investigators don't know the shooter's motive. before you go to work you may want to swing by the gas station, a group is warning the bay area drivers prices are about to spike. janet is in milpitas. they are talking about prices closer to $3 a gallon? >> the prices will be just under $3, and two jump by 37 cents the
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next few days having to do with the type of gas we use to fill up. according to a consumer watch dog group in sacramento they made the prediction yesterday saying the surge comes as refineries make the switch from the winter blend to summer blend. it costs more to make but it is more environmentally friendly. prices usually go up this time of year but not normally by this much. refineries are taking advantage of the situation and 37 cents is more than enough to cover any extra expense. the average price in the bay area and what it could look like with 37 cent increase. in san jose it is at $2.34 and could jump to $2.70, and oakland could jump up to $2.71. in san francisco it is now at $2.50 and could jump up to a little more than $2.80. experts recommend you check out independent gas stations and
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both lotions such as costco to find cheaper gas prices before they make the big jump. >> san francisco homeless are facing a deadline today to pack up. people living in a large tent city were given 72 hours under 101 to clear out. there are tents still there. at division and harrison street. several homeless people say they will not be moved out. officials are not being heartless but it is a health hazard and needs to be cleaned. >> the roading in vallejo following a water main break shows a jeep's front tire in the sinkhole. it broke at 2:30 at an elementary school with in word on the cause of the water main break. police are trying to determine why a man was in the road in south san jose when he was stuck
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and killed by a car. it happened at 7:15 last night on the ramp southbound 87 to northbound 85. emergency workers tried to save the victim. he died at scene. >> hayward man accused of killing his girlfriend, stacey aguilar will appear in court today, police arrested the suspect two days ago, after she disappeared after leaving the party with a boyfriend a week ago. the body was discovered saturday afternoon in the canyon of the east bay hills. >> san jose teacher is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student, yesterday the police say they arrested 29-year-old zach drew at a charter school. police were alerted to the potential relationship after a concerned parent contacted them. >> a teen is accused of sexual assault on another teen on school rot on monday at dixon high school called "isolated,"
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during school hours. police arrested the accused student on tuesday. there is no risk to other students. >> the search will be resumed for a man who sexually assaulted one woman if her home and tried to assault another. on saturday, february 13, detectives say the man sexually assaulted a woman who lived at the apartments and the following saturday he broke into another woman's apartment down the street. she managed to scare him off. >> it is a concern when i walk by myself in the morning and in the evening. >> do you feel it is safe? >> of course not if there is a rapist around. >> guess what happened? there will be a community safety meeting march 10. >> san jose police need your help to track down the men in the surveillance video.
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they are wanted for breaking into a storage unit on sunday around 6:00 a.m. officials say the suspects broke a lock, damageed the surveillance camera and took two bicycles. call san jose police if you have information. >> expect a morning of donald trump striking back after a debate full of insults aimed squarely at him. last night this happened when the republican presidential candidated had a last chance to debate before super tuesday. here is how they took the opportunity to throw it down. >> this open, republican front researcher donald trump is calling the going debate "good," that he enjoyed spending the night under attack and hitting back. >> going front are youer donald trump with ted cruz and rub. >> he is a cloak art deficit this give is a liar. marco rubio the establishment favorite unleaded the opposition playbooken trump.
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>> we are losing so much with mexico and china, why understand because you are ties are made in mexico and china sow start a trade war against your own ties. >> you don't know about business. >> on the tabs runs, i want to release my returns but i can't while i am under an audit. >> he doesn't want to because there is something in there that is bad. >> political analysts say the marco rubio won the debate and trump lost but that may not be enough to impact the momentum headed interest super tuesday. >> democrats will hold a primary in south carolina tomorrow where hillary clinton has such a big heed bernie sanders is not even campaigning there. the california dome state convention is today in san jose. 3,000 are expected to attend with vice president biden and senator boxer. >> we are coming up on 4:37 on
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friday. in glen park it is the cool spot at 51. the warm spot is the ferry building at 56. in the financial district, bell monday and pacifica, 54, san leandro at 55 and 47 in santa clara and petaluma at 45 and walnut creek is 51 and pleasanton is 48 and milder as we expected with high clouds and thicker and sfo partly cloudy and 52. tree pollen is out of control and weed and grass, absent, mold is low and particulates are moderate. no "spare the air" day. from emeryville you can see how couple the air and water is right new. temperatures are jumping up nearly 70 with a chance of light evening showers, a brighter day tomorrow and mostly cloudy on oscar sunday. sue? >> we will look at the road work, over all the traffic map is light, green is good on the roadways for friday morning and we will look at mike mentioning
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a couple of minutes, the ramp from when 24 to westbound 580 the transition is closed for road work and they have a detour but it is a cuff copies down and mike was saying a 10-delay delay to get around and get back on 580. in san jose, reports of an accident northbound 101 the expressway on the shoulder and i a not seeing slow traffic. we check back with the bay bridge commute in a few minutes. >> surf is definitely up on the north shore of hawaii with a new record. >> warriors continue to roll and steph curry makes history steph curry makes history against the magic with a
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los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, bart police report the theft of catalytic converts at bart station in berkeley now at 23 stolen around the system just which month. authorities say the converters are targets because they contain precious metals. >> bart stations will be remillionses. this includes new elevators and
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bathrooms, and this is a rendering. bart is working to replace the barriers at 19th street oakland station and plans for new bicycle racks. in san francisco, the powell street station is getting new ticket vending machines and new lighting among other improvements and the balboa will have new pathways and barriers. most should be finished by 2019. >> two fraternities are objecting do a crime alert report that wants four female students may have been drugged at the houses with no victims coming forward to report the crime. here is our reporter with that story. >> the campus crime alert wants two female students may have been drugged and two others may have been drugged at another from fraternity house but in victims have come forward in the allegations. >> lot of other baggage so it is hard to...come forward when this
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amendments. >> without any victims, the berkeley police say this is no official christmas. off camera a leading member of the sorority denies the alleges and said they were not questioned by police before the christmas alert. >> university is required by the act to provide information about these allegations even if they have not been substantiateed. >> it can damage permanently the representation of a house when they cannot prove it happened. >> we will err on the side of safety. we will get the information out there. >> one fraternity said they will complain about the report. >> the enormous ship is become but not for long it is already headed tout sea again this morning. we were at port of oakland yesterday where mega ship franklin is dodged in the harbor the largest container ship ever to dock at a united states port
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and this is the second trip to oakland. it can hold 18,000 cargo containers and leaves for see at at 7:00 a.m. and will then go to asia. >> these are what you would call national -- gnarly waves best surfers took advantage in hawaii at the competition to take advantage at 23 years old, the youngest person ever won the invitation. a giant storm is expected to condition rate more of the rare huge waves today in hawaii and along the west coast, as well. >> steph curry just broke an n.b.a. record, now hit a three in 128 straight games, and orlando magic coach said he is not sure if will streak will build because steph curry is too good. the record setter came in the first quarter and -- what in
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the...laming from half court and nails it and then you can only just laugh because that is how it rolled. warriors won again 130 to 114. they could be challenged tomorrow when they fake on western conference rival the oklahoma city thunder at 5:00 right here. >> i want to interrupt you and talk over you. sorry. >> we want to see your photos on social media hash dubs on 7. we could feature them. >> go ahead. >> sorry. guys, the oscars are almost here two days ago. >> you don't have to be a member to cast a vote. we sent out our ballots. meteorologist mike nicco, you will be filling out one. >> it look like a manifesto. >> this said, didn't not see any
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of these so that is good start. >> if this doesn't win i am done >> fill these out with us so we have a link on website on the home page. >> okay, we grow on stallone. i am rooting. >> sent tal piece 40 years ago the original rocky him with the rented tux and the bow tie. >> he did not have a ? -- have a tux. >> exactly. >> february has been frugal, we have had only five measurable days of rain, hopefully we will get more wet weather today. the next six hours, nothing to worry about you have radar returns but that is just the mid-level clouds rolling in ahead of the next storm and you can see it is hazy this morning, with extra moisture in the air
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because of storm. clouds increasing and not is warm, evening sprinkles to possible a light shower and warmer next week with a chance on thursday looking better than today. a few 70s hanging on in antioch and livermore and otherwise, 64 to 68 and maybe 69 degrees around the bay and inland and low-to-mid 60s along the coast. here is what will happen tonight. you can see temperatures are mild, again, upper 40s to low 50s in most neighborhoods and at noon you can see the clouds increasing bringing us a cooler day shading the sunshine and the sea breeze and the green starts to move in to the northwest corner along the cost at 5:00, and it spreads down the coast by 7:00, and we will just get a chance of sprinkles and maybe a bit of drizzle in the evening up until midnight and as we head to tomorrow morning, it fades away. look at the rainfall amounts, .02" in santa rosa, and .0
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half moon bay. my seven-day forecast shows cooler on saturday and on sunday with more clouds and you will be inside, anyway, watching the oscars and the mid-70s on tuesday and wednesday before the next chance of rain and cooler weather on tuesday. so far friday who it is good, early, at 4:48 and folks are not having to get up quite so early and it looks easy on the beautiful eastern span of the bay bridge and no delays here but here is what you will find, a couple of cars waiting do pay their tolls in the cash lanes, otherwise we are looking good, green is good, just a little bit of slowing now out of tracy and up and over the altamont pass, and an accident off to the right hand shoulder so i am not seeing slowing north 101 that should be out of the way and this is eastbound 580 ranch to 980 the last couple of mornings and the westbound 24 to worker 580 is throwing people through a loop closed now with a deinventory in
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place a couple of exits down. >> next, coming up short, we are in longer conserving enough water. >> penguins on small treadmills, there is a point to this. we will explain. but, first, america's money. >> more trouble for major retailer, kohl's is closing 18 stores. >> the list of fors to close is revealed next week and employees are offered work in other stores and volkswagen has a march 24 deadline to say if it has found an emission fix that is acceptable to united states regulators. a judge saying yesterday that time was run out for the automaker to resolve the scandal affecting 600,000 diesel vehicles. >> arby's is going vegetarian on monday, offering the first ever
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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >> seaworld sent a worker to spy on peta after they claimed that seaworld san diego employee tried to insight violence among peaceful protesters while posing as an
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activist. seaworld said they are back with the company. >> this woman is one of two bay area residents honored at white house this morning. she is the founder and c.e.o. of youth uprising, the other is in san francisco nonprofit aim high , both are recognized as champions of change, an obama administration initiative honoring americans who made significant contributions to their community starting at 7:30. >> proof of the power of a simple gesture, a five-year-old of administration with an autograph jersey sent by soccer superstar sending the boy after seeing a photograph that want viral of the child wearing a plastic bag made to look like his argentina national team jersey and he worked with unicef to get boy a shirt and a copy of the barcelona jersey.
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in california, we fell short of hitting water conservation targets in john. state water officials say urban water users in the state used 24.8% less water since mandatory conservation began. but that just missed the 25% in consulted orders by the governor. >> we are .2% under and we want did meet the target and it is because if some places they see a last rain and snow and we have not soon it in so long they think it must be a lot but it is not average. >> this is the first time sin last june that california has missed the conservation target. >> mine, we are not getting a lot of rain to add to that? >> no, some areas morning and i bet more on the nothing side than on getting something measurable. good morning, everyone, if you head to the coast, high surf advisory until 3:00 tomorrow with breakers up to 20' up and down the entire cost
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coastline. low-to-mid 70s in sacramento, and upper 80s from los angeles to palm springs and record high again is possible in lake tahoe at 57 would tie. the agency is 45 and we will be ten degrees warmer than that tomorrow with temperatures holding in the 50s through wednesday and when we get our next chance of rain they get snow on thursday. sue? >> 4:55 in the morning and it is early and traffic is flowing nicely at the civic center out of novato looking good and the rich moan san rafael toll plaza with folks moving through on the fast track and right side is the cash-pay lanes. it will be busy and change later this morning. we have issues coming out of the central valley and it is typical to have slow traffic up and over the altamont pass and that is bumping up.
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this ramp closure or the road closure due to the road work should be lane closure should be pick up in the next few minutes, eastbound and westbound 580 from 35th to the bay in both directions by 5:00. become with a look at the not bay and a couple of incidents in the south bay this early morning coming up. >> a breakthrough in cleveland, a 26-year-old woman received the nation's first uterus transplant at the cleveland clinic on wednesday part of a trial for women born without a uterus or with abnormalities preventing them from getting pregnant. it is not meant for life but enough to produce one or two children, with womb transplants in sweding producing five healthy babies so far. what is a baby penguin called? a chick or nestling but now you can call the newest member by his name, announced yesterday. >> decision was made he would be
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named partner. >> parker is the 6th to hatch at the new golden gate park facility that opened or re-opened in 2008. >> unbelievably i have another penguin story. this is a penguin on a treadmill in the name of science. the study is measuring how faster male penguins waddle, researchers put several penguins on a treadmill and it turns out the heavier penguins lean into the walk causing them to would be tell and fall. yes, a journal conducted the study and fund out that bigger penguinsed with tell and fall more. >> if people are living in tent city, the time is ticking as people are forced to move out.
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>> and zuckerberg is losing patience with some
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am filling out my ballot. >> as we speak. >> you can fill out yours on >> we are celebrating the friday before the oscars and mike nicco has the forecast it could be good one to stay inside. >> it will be cooler. with clouds. but in rain. that is mainly in the forecast today this afternoon. high clouds are streaming in. it is milder outside. check out our temperature on the 12-hour day planner most of us in the 50s. a few 40s. 44 to 54 at 7:00. 60 to 66 with increasing clouds at noon. 56 and cooler at the coast to 66 for the rest of the discuss this evening is when the sprinkles set up 56 for 60. sue? we are headed to san jose


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