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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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>> abc7 starts now with breaking news. >> the breaking news is a community college in saratoga is closed right now. there was a bomb threat. sky 7 is overhead. this is west valley college at fruitvale off of highway 85. >> a strong police presence is in the shot. we spoke with school officials and say say the student found a threatening letter at 9:00 this morning and turned it over. the college tweeted they deem this threat "credible," and made the decision to evacuate and notify the students and fact u through alert system and the campus audio system. classes are canceled for the day. students on campus are being sent home. we want did show you a video
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posted by a student on instagram a short time ago and we talked with him about using this, you can see he thought people walking out of class calmly which is the website is telling people to do right now, proceed to your car or bus stop l stop and evacuate. we are tracking the breaking news with the abc news app. can you get it downloaded and enable push alerts for updates on the mobile device. >> there is a tweet, as well, west valley college sent out after 10:00. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. >> san francisco police crews are finishing up tear down the homeless tent city. the work started before dawn if you joined us. homeless people were told to get out. the mayor issued the order a week ago, and gave residents three days to clear out. that deadline came and went. this morning, 50 workers moved in and we were the first crew on the scene. the reporter joined us now at 13th and harrison.
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amy? >> the last of it is being loaded up right new. look behind me at what is happening. we are right across from the best buy on 13th street near harrison in san francisco. the last few people who were digging in and holding out have been convinced to leave here and go to a shelter. if you were in this area most of the tent city you have seen here is gone. crews from the department of public works have bagged and tagged people's things to be picked up later or have therein out garbage and cleared the sidewalks on and around division street. official say the encampment was a health hazard and had to be dismantled. it was a surprise for people arriving to work this morning. some had mixed feelings thousand handle this situation. >> everyone that lives here here knows they will move somewhere else. obviously can you not allow them
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to is a public health risk to everyone. i don't have a solution. >> this started at 5:00 this morning, and many of the homeless were asleep and did not appreciate being woken up like this. an evacuation order was put in place a week ago so officials say they felt like the homeless here had plenty of notice, and they were going to have to leave. they have been working with getting people the services they need, and some are receptive. some are not. they plan to move around the corner or say they will head over to golden gate park. they cannot come back here. look at this picture, they have barricades in the middle of the sidewalks they have cleared. they have created or left enough room for people to walk but there is not enough room to pitch a tent. >> thank you. a rally was held this morning outside the federal courthouse in san francisco. four police officers are going
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on trial for the death of a city college student. new video of protesters demanding justice for the student named alex nieto and mario woods and perez-lopez. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and seeking unspecified damages. officers shot him 48 times kill ing him back in 2014. officers thought he was pointing a gun at them. he was carrying a taser. his family said he was licensed to do and needed for his job. >> we have new details of a home fire in oakland. crews are seen here freeing a dog rescued from a home near interstate 580 that caught fire at 10:15. the dog was found inside the home. two people went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. crews say the fire started in a front bedroom but they have not determined why.
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>> health investigators are trying to figure out how 140 students from all over the country got sick after they all attended the same event if oakland. officials are not jumping to jacks. our reporter just spoke with a kid affected. they are saying the writing is on the wall. >> the woman i talked to said they all got sick after a dance competition at oakland's paramount theater. today, health officials are distributeing these flyers around the campus with how to stop this extremely contagious virus from spreading. i hope with the student who got sick. around 140 college students from all over the country got the stomach bug after an event if oakland back february 20. they participated in the berkeley bollywood dance competition held where prince performed this past weekend. this is the facebook payment. they went to an after party at the empire room in san francisco. students were in town for other
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universities and some were sick on the flies home. otherses had to be hospitalized. health officials have seen 29 people here with the norovirus symptoms and three confirms cases. they are not hinging this to start of the outbreak but they are still investigateing. >> happening today, a san francisco supervisor will draw a tough line on gun safety. he is expected to intremendous douse a gun storage and triggerlock law at the meeting today. it would mandate that every san francisco resolution democrat with a gun keep it in a locked caper in their home. the other option disabling the gun with a triggerlock accused by the california department of justice. last month, a federal agent drove off with a leaded handgun on the car in the evening ill side neighborhood. in a matter of minutes reports are expected to file criminal charges against a trio of san francisco deputies, all accused
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of forcing jail inmates to fight for their entertainment. the district attorney is expected to announce charges at 11:30 this morning. one deputy is in longer with the department. the other two deputies are work in positions where they do not come in contact with any inmates. >> now the race to the white house. it is super tuesday. candidates are making the last help minute stops today. voters are heading to the polls in key states. stehpanie has more from alexandria, virginia. >> there is a reason why it is called super tuesday, it is the biggest vote day of the career, lead up to the general election. voters in 12 states and the united states territories are at the polls today, with 1,610 delegates at stake, both marco rubio and ted cruz rallying to stop donald trump from seeping up. marco rubio is making stops in minnesota and his home state of florida. cruz, also trying to get support open his home surf, texas. the latest cnn poll shows
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hillary clinton could beat trump if against each other. but loses to rubio and cruz. trump dismissing the polls. >> they will not get the nomination i have not focused on hillary clinton and the one person she does not run against is me and i have that on good knowledge. >> both hillary clinton and bernie sanders make the rounds, hillary clinton is in florida and sanders takes a break to place his vote if his home state >> i was working on my wife. >> polls show that donald trump and hillary clinton could win big at the end of the primary day today. especially here in virginia. >> thank you, the special come of super tuesday is tonight at 7:00. that will preempt "jeopardy," and "wheel of fortune," which will be on at 2:10 a.m. set your dvr now.
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>> apple is going head to head with the f.b.i. on capitol hill over whether the company should be required to help unlock an iphone as part of the government terror investigation. we are in san francisco outside the apple store. kristen, we talked to people outside the apple store and they have mixed feeling. you think about which side is right. apple c.e.o. is protecting personal privacy and fighting to protect the information of millions of iphone users. what is the argument the company attorneys will make as he answers tough questions at a congressional hearing. the f.b.i. said national security is a higher priority and they are requesting apple unlock the iphone of one of the terrorists in the san bernardino shooting. apple said they would have to create new software to do that. here is what some have to say about the issue. >> i am against the government forcing apple to unlock.
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>> it is a hard fit. we have civil liberties is a tough one. a very tough choice. >> one for the supreme court. definitely. >> in a separate but unrelated case this northbound, a judge ruled that apple does not have to unlock the iphone involved in a narcotics case. >> and a journey to space makes history and astronaut scott kelly is marking the homecoming. >> and a rest for the rights that will stake center stage and the oscar performance of lady gaga inspires and who now is stepping forward to join her in shining a life open those who survived abuse. >> a look outside from the south beat camera with a lot sunshine and blue skies but that will set be changing quickly with meteorologist mike nicco and the
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>> at the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. on one screen. the weather and traffic and news that histories where you live. >> happening today, east bay taxpayers could be left with a multimultimillion dollar tab. officials will vote whether to close chabot near san leandro, to clean up the lead pollution left behind by bullets. the club cannot afford the clean up and giving thumb's up to the closure that happens, the cost would be pass ton taxpayers and
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that could carry $22 million price tag. >> in half an hour, five san francisco board of supervisors are planning to rally outside city hall. they are protesting new dog leash restrictions in the golden gate recreation area limiting where the dogs can room. under the new reals, crissy field would lose half of their current off leash space. officials say the goal is to protect natural resources and billion the need of all visitors. >> this morning, model turned actress is sharing something personal. about being abused as a child coming forward after the performance by lady gaga at the performance. ♪ it happens to you ♪ you won't know ♪ how i feel >> thing iser was joined by several survivors of sexual assault dug her performance "until it happens to you." now, jamie king said she was
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inspired to relegal what she has again through, the 36-year-old star posted this picture of herself at age of 14. she said the abuse began when she was just 12. and thanked everyone who has helped her over the years. all the astronaut who was made a name for himself tweeting the most captivating shots of the and the solar system is coming home happening over command of the international space station yesterday. scott kelly is seen here. it is a couple of hours he will board a capsule to bring him back to earth touching down in kazakhstan at 9:30 tonight. how is he spending the last day on the space station? by tweeting, of course. he sent out stunning photos showing the last sunrise from space, a magnificent look at the sunrise over the earth. >> a below -- beloveed musician is coming to oakland. again. a chance to see prince.
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>> march. dry and warm. big surprise. like february. but a big time pattern change can bring significant rain to the seven-day forecast when and where coming up. >> these are a few of oprah's favorite things and how you can get a piece of her closet and help
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is not deja vu, another surprise print concert go open
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sale today. >> prince confirmed news of the show this morning sending out a tweet. "live at oracle arena this friday," tickets on sale at 4:00 p.m. today. >> remember, prince just performed over the weekend with two concerts at paramount on sunday the same night as the oscars and he still sold out. >> we know how much he loved steph curry and maybe steph curry will come out. >> and maybe he loves the weather. >> compared to minnesota. >> federal government is dry. warmer-than-average. march is starting that way but the march miracle we have talk about is about to unfold in the forecast. we will start off by looking at the morning that was and you can see the high clouds rolling through, keeping us mild overnight with a lost mid-40 to my 50s this morning. over the next six hours we have a chance of another batch of light clouds with a cold front passing to the north bringing
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the sprinkles to the north bay this afternoon and early evening. that is way up in the none part of sonoma. the rest of us, a last sunshine, dry and warm our first storm in this parade of wet weather that could last a couple of weeks rolling in on wednesday evening through thursday morning and a wet to stormy weekend is looming right now. temperatures today are mid-to-upper 60s at the coast and upper 60s to mid-70s from san francisco, richmond, san rafael and santa rosa to 69 and antioch and morgan hill at 7 pa and from south bench, gorgeous sunshine, we are between the batches of high clouds and through 3:00, 60 at the coast and nearly 70 for the rest of us, and in the upper 50s to upper 60s from the coast to inland at 5:00, and sprinkles in the early evening in the north bay with temperatures falling into the mid-40s to mid-50 tonight with a little bit more fog around than this morning. our storm impact scale is getting quite a work out the next two weeks, (1) -- "1" is
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live, and "3" is severe. up to three-quarters inch of rain. at 5:00 on wednesday evening, nothing, by 9:00, light-to-moderate, and in the north bay with moderate rain going away. by hurricane 4, all of us are dealing with scattered light rain, residual moisture on all of our roads through the morning, and you can see by 7:00 it is fading and by 9:00, a lingering sprinkle and by noon it is gone. rainfall amount is impressive in the north bay at half an inch to three-quarters inch and the rest of us .1" to a third of an inch, the snow pack has dwindled at 85 % and mainly rain to lake tahoe and rain changing to snow and moderate snow on sunday with snow showers on monday. we will start replenishing the snow pack. storm two and storm three look
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"moderate," on our scale with heavier rain and winds are greater and it is something we will keep our cry on because the rain could be heavy enough that sunday we could have to bump it up to a "3" maybe, but right now it is a "2". enjoy the sunshine while we have it. >> it is the ultimate closet clean out, oprah is walk you shunning designer clouds from her closet and right new dozens of items, clothing and shoes and accessories up for grabs on ebay and this morning, "good morning america" got a look of some of her formerly favorite things. [ inaudible ] >> this is classic. custom-made. for oprah. these dresses are going for over $1,200 on ebay. >> this hat? >> that is my favorite. i am bidding on it. [ inaudible ] >> the shot going for more than $1,000!
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>> the starting bid was 99 cents and the cheapest item is a candlestick for $134. proceeds benefit the oprah leadership academy for girls. >> two close friends are melting hearts around the world, the story of how these two furry buddies
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> coming up at 4:00, what is in a maim? a lot. at yosemite national park. the name change taking place today and why so company are soen happy about it. waffles are serious business. so which wafflemaker is the best? find out from "7 on your side" at 5:00. >> a story coming up could be the feel good video of the day. >> absolutely the check it out, it has two cute, cute bears. fun bears. when goldie met murphy shows the bond between the two orphaned bears living in a rescue center in vietnam. both had been kept in captivity at a pharmaceutical farm but you can see life is different now. the two do everything together, play, wrestle each other, and they certainly keep each other company and stand on behind --
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hind legs, too. one good friend is all you need. >> have a great day.
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments, and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy today, right here, right now, on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] all right, as a librarian, our returning contestant is used to keeping quiet, so we're gonna give him something to shout about today. from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back maurice coleman. [cheers and applause] how you doing, man? >> hello, sir. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> looking good, looking good. >> feeling good, my friend. feeling good. >> good. >> nervous but good. >> you should. you're in great shape on the game. we'll jump into that in just a little bit. >> all righty. >> but let's talk more about you. >> shoot. >> we talked about your beautiful family last time, you know, when we started this game, but i hear you love


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