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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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beads of ice pelted a car this afternoon. the storm is moving through the north bay. a live look at the golden gate bridge shows the roadway slick with rain, and our emeryville cam shows heavy, dark clouds, bunched up over the bay. for a look at what to expect where you live, let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> self -- several hours of stormy weather to get through. we're just beginning to see the initial band of rain move onshore. novato, light showers. street level, the pops of green, right rain. it's damp in this year. we have overcast scares san jose, but the nevertheless several hours the rain will fill in, and the south bay will see heavier showers. right now the winds are picking up, gusting to 24 miles-per-hour in concord, 20 in oakland. 20 at half moon bay.
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this storm is a two. a two on the storm impact scale. last night's storm was a three. so not as strong but still impactful. a quarter to inch and quarter inches of rain, wind, 45 miles-per-hour. from now to 7:00, scatters showers. the is the key time frame. 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. when we'll see heavy rain develop and potentially damaging wind gusts near 45 miles-per-hour. much closer look at this storm and more storms on the seven-day forecast, all of it in the full accuweather forecast. >> last night's storm uprooted this flee san san francisco's excelsior neighborhood. it sent a branch crashing through a car's windshield, and in twin peaks, rocks and debris crashed down the hillside. cornell bernard is live. >> reporter: no time to dry out. rain is back for a second round of storms.
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we are here on fullsome straight. rain has been following for an hour, and neighbors are counting on these flood barricades to work. they're filled with water, and they hope it will keep possible flooding away. rain was back in the bay area sunday. umbrellas working overtime. the second storm in 24 hours. saturday's weathermaker was no joke. >> it was like a freight train came through. when the train ended, so did the storm. >> a scary night for many, as el niño made a big comeback saturday. the storm brought buckets of rain and heavy winds. >> blew off shingles from our house, power went out. >> they live in pacifica where the storm hit hard. it brought down niece utility lines. >> it was really scary, actually. we were outside for a little while. we automatically came right back inside. it was too much. >> lisa's niece liked what the storm left behind. a giant puddle.
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the storm churned up big swells on the sea wall, attract onlookers, strong winds blew down this fence. >> first thought to do the demolition tomorrow but pit off to tuesday. >> this limb happened and beach erosion already problem just got worse. the storm, trial run for these flood stop barricades filled with resolved water. it's a test project by the city to keep water out of homes and businesses near 17 until and folsom in san francisco where flooding has happened before. >> there is any water in your place? >> no. no. it was fine. perfect. it worked. >> the next touch for these flood walls tonight when the next storm intensifies in san
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francisco, abc7~news. >> 63 pg&e customers in the east bay have not had power for more than 24 hours. the large tree blocked quail ridge road in lafayette. pg&e had a big mess to clean up before they could start working on the lines. power should be back on within the hour. more than 2,000 pg&e customers are without power. north bay, 880, hundreds without power in south bay, east bay, and peninsula, but most of the next san francisco has been restored. the advice, call ahead you're flying out of sfo tonight or picking somebody up. according to the faa right now some arriving flights are delayed an average of up to two hours. no major delays to report right now at oakland or san jose. there's lots of fresh snow for snowboarders and skiers to enjoy in the sierra. this is video from squaw valley.
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resorts received up to two feet of know snow and more expected overnight. driving will be difficult over the mountains. right now chains are required on interstate 80 and a winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> you can use the free abc7 news app to track weather powered by el niño, enable push alerts to receive breaking weather information anytime. other news now. people are leaving flowers and cards tonight for former first lady nancy reagan. she died at her estate in bel-air today from congestive heart failure. she was 94. condolences were quick to come in upon news of her hearth. president obama and the first lady said we remain grateful for nancy reagan's life and thankful for their guidance. governor brown said nancy reagan will be remembered for her strength and grace. lilian kim is live at stanford where she speak with president reagan's former secretary of said. >> george schultz is a distinguished fell lee here at
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stanford but before that he served as secretary of state for most of reagan's presidency. today he shared photos of him and former first lady nancy reagan, one of them taken at a white house dinner. schultz says he spoke to mrs. reagan over the phone just a few weeks ago and could tell then she wasn't doing well. he said sounded weak, couldn't converse. schultz considered mrs. reagan his, quote, pale and was privileged to know both her and her husband. >> should remember her as a very beautiful, gracious, support for her husband that turned out to be a really giant president. and she was very much a part of it. >> reporter: the last time schultz saw mr. reagan in person was at the reagan library in simi valley a few years ago. this photo is of mrs. reagan, schultz and his wife in front of a piece of the berlin wall. the couple is planning to return there for her funeral.
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live another stanford, abc7~news. >> thank you very much. here's some responses from presidential candidates tonight. hillary clinton called reagan's character legendary and praised her leadership and alzheimer's research. bernie sanders mentioned reagan's good heart. donald trump said she was the wife of a truly great president and was amazing. ted cruz said she'll be remembered for her deep passion for this nation and love for her husband, and marco rubio said reagan was a true example of integrity and grace. a warning to mac users. still ahead at 6:00, the dangerous cyberthreat targeting apple for the first time. a man whose decades old creation is still used all over the world, possibly bill you today, has passed away. a look at hills amazing
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the man credited with creating e-mail has passed away in the early 70s ray tomlinson developed the system to send direct e-mail messages on a predecessor to the internet and also put the "@symbol" that is used today. he was 74 years old. a warning now if you use an apple computer. this weekend the first ransom ware appeared on some of apple's
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mac computers. years are asked to pay a fee to unlook their information. >> right now scientists from the exploratorium are on a small island in the pacific ocean, waiting for an uncommon solar event. the team is in micronesia where the only places in the world they can watch and record the total lunar eclipse when the sun, mon and earth are in a straight line. they carried 4,000 pounds of gear, spent 22 hours on a play and three days on a boat to get there to the total lunar eclipse happens every 18 months. we'll bring it to you live as it happens tuesday at 5:30 p.m., which means world news tonight with david muir will air at 6:30'm. >> a rare sight at the monterrey aquarium. what marine biologists say they've never seen this close up before. and, we're in the middle of a storm. meteorologist drew tuma is up
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next with the forecast. in sports. nobody saw this coming. no way the warriors could lose to the lowly lakers, could that? they give kobe a lovely parting
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visitors to the monterrey aquarium got a rare show. they watched a wild sea otter give birth in an outside tide pool. she started grooming the pup immediately. biologists say it will help keep the pup warm and buoyant in the water. they were amazed and have never seen one up close like this before. more auditions for wheel of fortune. morning news meteorologist mike nico was at the event. the wheel mobile is touring the anyway searching for contestants with permit and energy. >> what have you done to prepare for today? >> oh, i listened to my wife. she is not going to be up there with you. >> but she is better at this than i am so she said, do this,
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do this. >> okay. '. >> well, yeah. remember, you can watch wheel of fortune here on abc7 every weekday evening at 7:30. let's check in with drew. >> now underway with round two of rain. live doppler 7hd, a little tighter in here to street revel. nowed the pops of orange and yellow. widing occupy the view and show you the lite rain moving to walnut creek. the wider view shows the north bay. that's what is happening right now in petaluma, vallejo. showers around san francisco, currently-milpitas. overcast skies and noise the rain is slowly marching to the east. so the south bay will become wet over the next one to two hours. the wider view, a lot of moisture offshore that will move
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onshore the next couple of hours. notice a few lightning strikes as well. so not out of the question a thundershower could pop up. a flashflood watch is in effect for the entire region. we had a soaking yesterday. any downpour today and tonight could lead to flooding. we also have winds gusting near 45 miles-per-hour, likely could bring down trees again, and also some isolated pour power outages high. surf advisory, waves as high as 13 to 19 feet along the coast. on the storm impact scale, the one tonight, is a two. moderate. compared to yesterday's storm, a three. this one right now not as strong but still impactful with rain and gusty wind. future weather, 8:00 tonight, this is when the heaviest of the downpours are moving onshore across the region. by 9:00, heavy rain across much of the bay area, these are the yellows on your screen. by 10:00, the heaviest rain to
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the south bay, and inland, and then by midnight, theways of the rain out of here. we taper to scattered showers and by midnight a chance to see an isolated thunderstorm pop up. by 8:00 tonight, winds gusting over 35 miles-per-hour. but tomorrow morning, the winds will weaken to generally less than 20 miles-per-hour. that's why on monday the storm is going to get downgraded to a one. a light storm. still tracking scattered showers and a chance a of a thunderstorm on monday. it will be damp for me monday morning rush so a slow go, not out of the question to hear a rumble of thunder. by the. >> not out of the question to see a scattered shower but this system is out of here by monday evening. total rainfall with this one, anywhere from quarter inch to inch and a quarter of rain. some areas will be soaked. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tonight, two on the impact scale. tomorrow morning, downgraded to a one. a break in the rain tuesday, and
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then wednesday and thursday, another storm moves in, and on thursday it's rainy, breezy, scattered showers on friday, and then another chance of rain for sunday. so the seven-day is dominated by raindrops. >> live doppler 7hd going to be busy. thank you. warriors move into l.a., easy win in staples center. >> should have been. it was not raining 3s. 4-30, not going to get you -- if you predicted this you should be out buying lottery tickets root now but a the vaunted warriors stroll into the staples center and got steamrolled by one of the worst teams in the league, the lakers, kobe bryant facing steph curry for the final time in his career. first quarter no, really big signs of trouble. the pass to curry and everything seems fine. then draymond green and steph goes back door, larry nance, jr., promising future.
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with authority. 22-21 lakers after one. the warriors had 20 turnovers in the game. look at this touch pass here to brandon bass for the throwdown. lakers up 11. warriors, they're going to wake up, right? tomorrow, maybe. draymond and curry down 12. kobe's final game against the dubs. final second third quarter, curry air-balls a 3. ruff kidding? barbosa beats the buzzer but 4-30 shooting on 3s is horrid. fourth quarter when they call done nick young starts feeling it, you got problems. jack nicholson with the fist pump. 13-51 lakers stun the warriors 112-95. here's mike shumann in l.a. >> when you shoot 4-30 from 3-point land and have 20 turnovers you're not going to beat anybody. warriors know they won't win them all and maybe they'll use this for motivation. >> we did not compete tonight.
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didn't play hard, didn't play smart, and it wag -- was the lakers' night and they deserved it. i'm happy for. the. a good night for them. >> one of those nights you want to avoid at all costs. but it happened, and we'll be all right. >> 82 games, going to happen. don't say, we're not going focus, but we're human and it's going to happen every now and then. doesn't happen often. sometimes you can't control it. >> a lot of work to set another record. if they beat the magic that's 45 straight wins at home. reporting in l.a., mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> the san jose earthquakes opening the mls season. turner with a shot for the rabids. and no score at the half. second half.
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quinn terra to won -- wondolowski. the only score of the game. 1-0, san jose starts with a win. a great scene, this little girl. she is adorable. the quakes at portland next sunday. >> super bowl 50 was peyton manning's last rodeo and he went out on top. he called the broncos and told them he is retiring after 18 seasons. the five time mvp and two-time super bowl champion will ride off into the land of more tv commercials and probably a spot in network tv. he has ad the lead per passing touchdowns and -- in five years manning will become the second hall of fame quarterback to end his career with a super bowl win. the first to do it was his boss in denver, gm john elway. >> final round of the championship at doral. a nice birdie on 12 to take the lead briefly. adam scott, playing very well.
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tied. this is his approach on 14. want it few feet. and scott birdies and takes the lead in the wind at 12-under. scott shoots a 69, 12-under, beats bubba by a stroke. the victory worth 1.6 million. over 50 initial career earnings. that's a good career. first giants and dodgers game. smardzija, second start on the hill for san francisco, three innings, struck out five. the control was there. really all you can ask for. that was nasty right there brandon crawford, here it comes there it goes. first home run of the spring. it's out. also had a triple. giants came up short, though, bay score of 5-2. warriors will bounce back tomorrow. >> all right. looking forward to that. i know you are, too. next at 6:00, "dead pool finally taken out
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we have team coverage. that is tonight at 11:00. after three weeks at the top of the box office a new movie has taken over, breaking records. disney's "zootopia" is a buddy cop comedy but has received critical reviews. it earned more than $73 million at the box office. the biggest disney animation opening ever and the fourth biggest opening in march. identify london has fallen "was second with 21 million. deadpool dropped to third, and "whiskey tango foxtrot" was fourth. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. more news and the latest on the weather. see you later.
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