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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ha good morning, america. donald trump lines up another big endorsement from a former rival as republicans ditch the personal insults at last night's debate. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> marco rubio and ted cruz still focused on the front-runner. >> the president can't just say anything he wants. >> we are pledging our support to you. not the other way around. >> trump faces new questions about growing violence at his rallies. >> when they see what's going on in this country they have anger that's unbelievable. >> states of emergency. deadly floods drown the south. the national guard rescuing more than 3,000 families. a black hawk helicopter swooping in to save drivers as the mayor says this storm is worse than a hurricane.
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the actress speaking out now. the woman behind sean penn and the drug lord taking on hollywood. scared to be alone with the kingpin and told us about the moment she wanted to die. the canadian prime minister comes to washington charming babies and even sasha, malia and justin fever takes over the white house. good morning, america. happy friday. a little bromance between the president and canadian prime minister. >> a romance going on with america, i think. >> yes, absolutely and justin trudeau and sasha and malia obama also attended and the president got choked up as he talked about his daughters and how much they've grown up. we'll have what he said. >> his daughters looked stunning and so grown up. really remarkable. oh, no, it happens like that but we have a lot more coming up on that state dinner. first right to the big republican debate overnight.
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the remaining four candidates taking each other on ahead of the critical primary votes tuesday. trump racking up another big endorsement and jon karl starts us off, good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. for donald trump's rivals, last night may have been the big chance to take him down but for the most part they didn't even seem to try. >> dr. ben carson was respected by everybody. >> i've come to know donald trump over the last few years he's a very intelligent man who cares deeply about america. >> his debate with remarkably tame. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> personal insults at the last debate disappeared. donald trump tried to look like the unifier this time. >> the republican establishment
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or whatever you want to call it should embrace what's happening. we're having millions of extra people join. >> one place trump was challenged, his most recent controversial comments about muslims. >> last night you said islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> reporter: marco rubio said talk like that is alienating america's muslim allies around the world. >> if you go to any national cemetery especially arlington you'll see crescent moons there. >> trump didn't back down. >> in large mosques all over the middle east you have people chanting "death to the usa." >> reporter: some of the strongest criticism came over his praise for brutal authoritarian regimes including vladimir putin of the russia and the china government that mowed down protesters in tiananmen square. >> that doesn't mean i was endorsing it.
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i was not endorsing it. i said that is a strong, powerful government that put it down -- >> i think that the chinese government butchered those kids and when that guy stood in front, that young man stood in front of that tank we ought to build a statue of him over here when he faced down the chinese government. >> reporter: ted cruz ended with what seemed like a dig at donald trump. >> what an incredible nation we have that the son of a bartender and the son of a mailman and dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage competing and asking for your support. >> reporter: afterwards donald trump called the debate elegant. a reflection perhaps on the fact that it didn't appear to do anything to change his position as the overwhelming front-runner for the republican nomination. george. >> okay, jon, thanks. let's take it to senator marco rubio who joins us from palm beach. thanks for joining us. you're getting a lot of good reviews last night but did you do anything to slow donald trump down?
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>> well, i don't know if it's about tear donald trump down. i think it's like any debate an opportunity to convince people that i'm the right choice to be president. there are still significant number of undecideds across the country in illinois and ohio and north carolina and the other, missouri and other states in play but also in florida so i think it's an opportunity to do that and an opportunity to get people supporting other candidates to give you a second look and also an opportunity to reinvigorate your own supporters. that's what the debates are about. that's what it was about. felt good about the night we have, see if it pays dividends. but i feel positive about it. >> anything you wish you would have said? >> well, look, i give credit to the moderators. it was a policy debate. it was very policy oriented and a lot of topics we could have talked about that we didn't get to, two-hour debate. i give them credit. substantive debate and i'm glad that it was. it was timely and appropriate.
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i wish i would have given out my website because every time i do people go on and donate. >> according to most of the polls i've seen over the last several days still down by double digits in florida. one report that you're not even advertising. how can you make up that ground in the final four days? >> well, we're not down by double digits. i've always acknowledged that it was going to be a tough fight here in florida. but we're making real progress. i love all the trends that are happening and i think a couple of things are happening. number one is there is a significant number of voters that are now making up their minds and i think they'll head our way, i hope so anyway and feel strongly they will and a lot of kasich and cruz supporters that realize neither of them have any chance to win in florida and if they don't want donald trump to be our nominee voting for them in florida is a vote for donald trump. >> even if you win florida on tuesday night, get every single one of the delegates by our calculations you'll need to win 78% of the remaining delegates to get that. that can't be done. your best hope is a contested convention.
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how do you answer donald trump's argument whoever has the most delegates going to that convention should be the nominee. >> the majority, almost two-thirds of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee. if you have someone your front-runner and nominee who has a significant percentage of the paparty rejects you won't win a general election. i think i'm the only candidate left in the race who can unite the republican party and also grow it and so i think that is the reason why ultimately we're going to be the nominee. it's not going to be a traditional way. will take a long time most people anticipated to get there. but it's important and i feel really good about it, especially after tuesday when we win florida what it is going to mean for our campaign. >> senator rubio, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, george. five big states on the ballot tuesday. >> a lot at stake. one of the questions talked about last night in the debate, the physical violence seen at some of donald trump's rallies. well, now one reporter is saying she was assaulted by trump's campaign manager. abc's tom llamas has that story in palm beach for us. good morning, tom.
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>> reporter: amy, good morning to you. in just a couple of hours donald trump will receive dr. ben carson's endorsement here at his mar-a-lago resort this as the trump campaign is dealing with several incidents involving violence. overnight, donald trump on the defense at the republican debate grilled on this violent exchange at his rally in north carolina wednesday night. >> when they see protests in some cases, you're mentioning one case which i haven't seen, i heard about it which i don't like, when they see what's going on in this country, they have anger that's unbelievable. >> reporter: the ugly moment going viral. >> get out of here, out. >> reporter: as trump is speaking a demonstrator walking out gets sucker punched. police say the man who threw the elbow, 78-year-old john mcgraw. he's now charged with assault and battery. but before getting arrested, mcgraw said this to "inside edition." >> the next time we see him, we might have to kill him.
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>> reporter: the protester who was slugged speaking to abc affiliate wtvd. >> if it was the other way around it would have been a different story. >> reporter: this morning another video posted by a student attending that same rally. the student attacked by another trump supporter. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: the trump campaign saying they discourage this kind of behavior and ensure the safety of any and all attendees but it follows weeks of trump suggesting to his supporters they get violent. >> we're not allowed to punch back anymore so if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of him, would you? seriously. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> reporter: and now trump also dealing with accusations his campaign manager, corey lewandowski assaulted michelle fields a reporter with breitbart. >> you don't grab a female reporter the way he grabbed me. >> reporter: fields showing us the bruise where trump's campaign manager grabbed her.
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if you had a chance to talk to donald trump right now, what would you say to him? >> i would just ask him to just put himself in my shoes and imagine if i was his daughter. >> reporter: lewandowski flat out denying it happened but this is an audio recording of the incident. >> [ bleep ]. >> yeah, he just threw you down. >> i can't believe he just did that. that was so hard. >> reporter: i asked trump about it after the debate. your campaign manager has been accused of assault. your campaign has flatly denied it. what do you say to that? >> i wasn't there. i don't know anything about it. i can say this, i was walking and we have tremendous secret service around and he was within that whole grid and the secret service people said nothing happened. >> reporter: now, ben terrace who you heard in that is a reporter for "the washington post." he says he saw the whole thing go down and says michele fields is telling the truth. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. to matthew dowd in austin, texas, you saw in the debate last night that donald trump's
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opponents did not lay this at his feet. but is this any kind of a danger, these incidents of violence to donald trump's campaign? >> well, it seems like a danger to a lot of people at the rallies. i don't think it's actually going to be a political danger in the course of this. i think donald trump said last night, listen, i discourage this. i don't want this. i think there is some accountability he and his campaign have for creating an environment around these things happen. i think going forward they have to do everything possible to stop this kind of thing from happening. sometimes it does, george, as you know, these things happen but politically it's not going to hurt donald trump right now going into tuesday. >> he praised that debate as an elegant debate, remarkably civil. his opponents mostly pulled their punches last night and i guess they're responding to the criticism of last week's debate. was it an overcorrection? >> i was fascinated. we went from some combination of "game of thrones" and a comedy central roast to "downton abbey"
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this week in the course of seven days we saw that i think what you'll see out of this, donald trump in the category of the bar isn't very high, this was donald trump's best debate in the course of this. he stayed restrained. he stayed disciplined, calm in the course of this even when pushed by ted cruz he stayed this way. i think it's good for donald trump going into tuesday and this, george, we don't know if there will be another debate after this. this may be the last debate. >> good you got all of amy's favorite shows in one answer. >> so true. >> way to go, matthew dowd, thanks very much. all right. we move now to some deadly flooding down south. six states under flood watches this morning. both louisiana and mississippi. in states of emergency as more water is on the way. abc's steve osunsami is in greenville, mississippi, with the very latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, amy. the forecast calls for as much as another inch of rain and if you take a look all around me
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that's an inch the families here just don't need. this is one of several neighborhoods in this city that is now under water aftering insult to injury, the drains are full which means none of this is going anywhere any time soon. families across the south are waking up to a fifth day of historic floodwaters surrounding their homes. since monday five people have died. three of them drowned. the water now stretches over several states. this is new video thursday evening of what it looks like near shreveport, louisiana. subdivisions still soaking in the water. >> we got you. >> reporter: this morning the national guard is sharing these pictures of their excellent work this week. they've helped rescue more than 3,500 families at one point using black hawk helicopters to rescue drivers caught in the flood. in mississippi the governor declared a state of emergency. here is a driver that should have turned around and didn't and when she finally woke up to the floodwaters she ended up driving deeper into them nose first.
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in greenville he said this is worse than a hurricane. >> last time we had water this high was in 2008 when gustav hit us. >> reporter: the silver lining is that the water here was a foot higher last night. but many of these homes like this one behind me sit on a wooden foundation and they're ruined. amy. >> it's just a horrible situation. steve osunsami, thank you. rob is tracking the storm. not good news? more rain coming and historic event in monroe, louisiana, over 20 inches in 48 hours, 1 in 1,000-year event. hattiesburg and north of greenville 1 to 2 feet of greenville. tropical connection. this is a mayan express from the el nino waters filtering into this area of the gulf of mexico and in through the midsouth. more flash flood watches and warnings that extend through the middle of next week. how much more do we expect ask
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even parts of texas will see more rainfall today. 2 to 4 inches in jackson, mississippi. some more in the way of flooding for the next 48 hours. >> thank you, rob. we move on to the new headline about el chapo and the actress that brought him together with sean penn. kate del castillo is here to speak out. >> she's speaking out about sean penn too. he never told her about writing an article until they were already in front of el chapo telling "the new yorker" she thought they were making a movie. overnight kate del castillo, the mexican star who facilitated that meeting between sean penn and joaquin "el chapo" guzman talking about how she and penn traveled deep into the jungle to meet him. [ speaking foreign language ] >> according to the article he many contacted the
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actress back in 2014. guzman reached out because he wanted to do a big movie and he wanted me to star in it. i immediately said yes. the correspondents continues for months. guzman sending a handwritten letter to decas till you from prison. i hope to say hello to you in person some day. hopefully soon. less than a year later guzman got his wish and del castillo traveling with penn and two others to meet with him while on the run from mexican authorities. according to the article the drug lord doted on the actress even escorting her to her bedroom at the end of the night. del castillo saying she believes el chapo might assault her when they were alone. instead he said thanks for giving me one of the best days of my life and left. in january when the druglord was captured. they claim they tracked him down
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following actors and producers and when del castillo heard that she wanted to die. her name quickly leaked after that. >> he said it was one of the best days of his life. how about that? the celebration of nancy reagan's life. so many lining up to honor the former first lady who will be laid to rest in just a few hours. former president george w. bush and first ladies including michelle obama will be among the friends and family gathering at the ronald reagan presidential library and abc's matt gutman is in simi valley, california, with more on the story, good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, lara. nearly 10,000 people have filed past her casket and 1,000 more expected at the funeral today. former heads of state, celebrities including diane sawyer what will read from the bible. mr. t will even be here. who can forget those iconic images of her sitting on his lap
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planting that kiss on his forehead. saluted by firefighters and saluting the woman who helped create ronald reagan's legacy all of that anchored by their devotion and love for one another which will be exemplified when love letters written by ronald reagan to nancy will be read out loud. so important was it for her to be physically close to him that she asked they be buried side by side as if they can hold lands. hands. >> that is beautiful. thank you so much, matt. and george will be anchoring abc's live coverage of the funeral beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> a lovely farewell it should be. to rob and serious heat. >> past couple of days, record-breaking, do some sunning and bikers and taxi drivers out, as well. 79 degrees in new york city. 82 for a record in philadelphia. cooler the next few days but looks like a nice weekend. 123450 1234507
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>> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. biggest storm of the week is coming this morning with periods of heavy rain and breezy conditions am day. two more weaker storms this weekend and dry and sunny and 70s next week. breezy with leveest rain and most widespread through 9:00 and more scattered from noon to 4:00 and faded away by 7:00. the storms on saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon will be
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ooh. glad we're cooling down. was getting kind of sweaty yesterday. >> you're not complaining, are you? >> we're not. coming up on "gma," hulk hogan's $100 million lawsuit over that sex tape. a portion of it played in the court for the first time. did gawker slam the credible of a key witness. a terrifying home invasion. escaped prisoner holding a family hostage. how they managed to break free and fight back. lowe's presents how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. woman like every other woman in
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the world. >> in the film her character is a super powerful strong woman. that relates to daisy herself. we see her speaking out now and she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. >> reporter: in a follow-up post the leading lady adding, i'm a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances just like rey. i will not apologize for how i look, what i say and how i live my life 'cause what's happening inside is much for important. >> it's true, all of it. >> reporter: she says she's more accustomed to positive messages depicting her and the character she portrays as powerful role models for young women ashe told our robin roberts. >> you are front and center and it's wonderful to see a female character in "star wars" being one of the major story lines. what do you think that says for young girl ideas. >> it's really exciting. the way i think about it, if i had a little sister i would be
7:22 am
so pleased for her to see the film. >> reporter: she removed the meme and original comment and is now encouraging kindness towards the creator of that original post. writing "it was not my intension for anyone to send messages to that poor person that posted the original picture so please refrain" and finished with that old saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all and pointed out kindness won't cure the whole world but a good place to begin and she's rumored to in be the running for "lara croft: tomb raider" series. >> i can totally see her in that. >> thank you. we move on to another star jessica alba facing tough questions this morning, a force behind the honest company and now tests commissioned by "the wall street journal" says the laundry detergent has an idea they promised to avoid. rebecca jarvis has the details. >> reporter: the honest company under fire again.
7:23 am
>> honest ingredients, honest results. >> reporter: the popular household empire co-founded by jessica alba emphasizing nontoxic ingredients but according to a report in "the wall street journal" their laundry detergent may not be so honest afterall. >> we're so transparent. about what goes into our products. >> reporter: one of the primary ingredients to avoid a cleaning agent called sodium laurel sulfate called sls and while the label says free of sls, two independent lab tests commissioned by "the wall street journal" found a significant amount of sodium laurel sulfate in honest's detergent. the honest company striking back. standing behind their detergent and their mission to create safe and effective products. a rep for the brand telling abc "the wall street journal" has been reckless in the preparation of this article, refused multiple requests on data on which they apparently relied
7:24 am
and has substituted junk science for credible journalism. >> reporter: a war of words continuing. "the wall street journal" telling us "the journal's report is accurate, fair and meets the journal's established and trusted high standards. we took great care in preparing this story relying on two tests with two different labs and numerous experts." last year the company felt heat after parents claim honest sunscreen was ineffective. but defended the product saying it was safe and effective. if sls is found within the product this mess may be a hard one to clean up. >> the wall street journal is a big, powerful organization and they wouldn't approach this casually. if it's found out that there is sls in this product the honest company is going to have some explaining to do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis. abc news, new york. >> yea we'll have to see what the next round of tests find. >> all right. we want to turn to that parenting alert about sharing on
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social media specifically a new study revealing parents may want to think twice before they post about their kids that we first saw in "the new york times" and has us talking. >> before you post that photo on facebook, be sure you ask for their permission. that's the social media rule kids want their parents to follow. alex sid led the research and heard from kids from 249 families. >> they weren't necessarily saying parents shouldn't be posting go them at all but wanted to have some control over their image. >> the study finding children are embarrassed what their parents are posting. mother of three respects her children's wishes when it comes to hitting the post button. >> i do ask my kids for permission most of the time because they're so aware and they will say is this going on facebook? it is a topic of conversation. >> reporter: social media and the role in the family evolving and where parents are on social
7:26 am
media, the rules are changing. >> i think it's great that parents share pictures of their family. i don't think it's a bad thing. i think it's a changing thing and as my children have become aware, they voice their opinions and i can't ignore that. >> we asked you. do you think you post too much about your kids on social media and 86% said no, not at all. 14% say, we do. >> we didn't ask the kids. >> i think 100% of kids would say, please, yes, you do. joining us is ericka souter. what do you think? >> i was surprised at first. this is a complete role reversal. we as parents are trained to think we want to stop our kids from posting certain things but -- >> we do. >> and we do. but, when the roles are turned and kids are horrified or they
7:27 am
feel it's negatively affecting their life it's like an eye-opening moment. you're like really. >> what do you think these kids are worried about. >> their whole identities are locked up online and can't separate what's reality and what they post. they want the world to know everything is cool, fashionable and funny. if this parent posts a goofy picture -- >> or a throwback thursday. >> that's such a beautiful picture. no, it isn't mom. these images can be horrifying and friends and enemies alike can be brutal when there's a horrible picture online. >> how terrible for a parent if you think you caused it. >> kids always get embarrassed about their parents. so you put it out to the whole world, sure. >> i never knew what a dork i was until i had teenagers. the heart of the issue, though, is really about trust. >> right, it's trust not the way we think about it because kids know their parents don't hate them or want to hurt them but don't just our treatment.
7:28 am
we're not cool enough to help them cultivate. >> so true. >> online persona. part of the problem. we have no idea what their social contest is either. we're just posting pictures because it's cute naked in the bathtub. >> don't do that, mom this don't do that. we're also not fully aware of the image they want to put out to the world. >> you are when you have teenagers. they make you very -- by the time you get to the tweens did you really need to respect their voice? >> yes. >> you do. they want to be independent and first step in that. we'll get right outside to rob for a look at the gorgeous weather. >> check it out. hey, huge, amazing crowd out here. who's got a birthday, raise your hand? birthday? birthday? yes. all right. welcome to "gma." we have to check out some of the flooding north of new orleans. flash flood emergency in hammond and north of lake pontchartrain.
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heavier rain in the last few hours and with more flooding expected across jackson, mississippi and out west, looking at a couple more storms coming in with heavy rain and mountain snow. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. biggest storm of the week is coming this morning with periods of heavy rain and breezy conditions am day. two more weaker storms this weekend and dry and sunny and 70s next week. breezy with leveest rain and most widespread through 9:00 and more scattered from noon to 4:00 and faded away by 7:00. the storms on saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon will be we are in trouble here. i think we need batman. commissioner gordon, light it up. there it is. check it out, 75,000 legos made this 6 feet by 6 feet and waiting the new "batman v superman."
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david making this happen. your boy superman up there. you're a little obsessed with legos. >> this is the new stuff. superhero economy biggs and let's call batman. >> i love it. everybody loves legos and superman and bat man so we love this exhibit. >> i was waving at you? >> yeah, hi, everybody. we went to see the new movie. we went to see it yesterday. >> i saw lara and she was so focused on the movie she didn't even see me. >> i really thought -- i'm a batman girl. i just -- no, no, henry. >> i'm a superman girl. >> it's great and we are not allowed to say anymore than that. because it's -- i got a big ending. you know what else is big. "pop news." you hear this song, some sweet as sugar news for you, "people" magazine reporting adam levine and his new bride are expecting their first child. the maroon front man will marry in mexico last year.
7:31 am
he was joking to ryan seacrest he plans to have more than 100. good luck with that, the hottie. meanwhile, congrats on the first who will surely be genetically blessed. real congratulations to you both. >> what if you found out that your cat meowed in how you say a french accent. phonetics experts in sweden are researching whether cats meow differently depending on where they're from. so many questions about this study starting with why, but it will go on for the next five years as scientists break down what they refer to as and this is a scientific term, as the meowsic or melodic music they make and how they vary around the word. we have three samples to interpret. number one. perhaps from the himalayas.
7:32 am
number two. [ oh ] >> obviously a cat from long island. >> and number three. >> meow, meow, meow. >> please send me your thoughts on this one. >> yodeling maybe. >> that's what i think. >> sound of fluffy. >> is that a girl? >> doing this because they think that it could shed light on how cats in hospitals and shelters should be talked to and treated. i am not making this up. finally, may your weekend go better than this woman's photo shoot. >> oh, no. what could go wrong what could happen? >> wait for it. >> wait for it. >> oh. >> that's "pop news." i bet you'll have a better weekend than she will. >> slo-mo. >> nobody is going to give her a
7:33 am
warning over that. >> george, did you enjoy the video or not? >> i enjoyed the video. >> well, okay. >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, george. coming up celebrating nancy reagan this morning with an exclusive look at the former first lady's life. and the gymnast overcoming all the odds getting back on the balance beam after a major setback. her story coming up. you don't want to miss it.
7:34 am
happy friday. it is 8:27. i'm abc7 news morning anchor reggie aqui. developing news in san francisco. police are investigating a deadly crash. they say a pedestrian was hit by a car on powell streed and broadway. a search for the driver is now underway. sue hall is in the abc 7 traffic center this morning. >> good morning. that area is still closed.
7:35 am
the broadway tunnel is affected as well. westbound, eastbound you could get through. they are looking for a white van. right now 60 b.a.r.t. trains and the sfo direction running 20 minutes late recoverying from an earlier problem. muni not reporting any delays but rerouting the 30 x around the broadway tunnel. race trains running on time.
7:36 am
7:37 am
hire is a look at live doppler hd. from sausalito across oakland across the hayward and san mateo bridge and toward back toward [ inaudible ]. but the three cells off shore along the cold front. potential storms which means over the next two and a half hours the rain heavier and the winds faster. >> thank you for the warning. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and on our news app and on join mike, sue, natasha and me week days from 4:30 to welcome back to "gma" and look at those lovely pictures of ronald and nancy reagan all ahead of mrs. reagan's funeral later today and roger sandler is sharing photos from his personal archives and reflected on these intimate images so take a look. ♪ >> there were two sides to mrs. reagan.
7:38 am
first of all, she's very, very sharp. very aware of public events. mrs. reagan had this uncanny ability to look down the road, to have a perspective that if president reagan had this kind of speech or pushed that kind of policy what the effect of it would be. she was glamorous. she had great taste. it was something that she told me that you couldn't help but have having gone through the heyday of old hollywood. it was a tremendous love affair. they were very touchy, feely, unabashedly so. mrs. reagan in my viewpoint accommodated her husband. he loved the ranch but the ranch was an oasis for them even more so than camp david where he could kick back, relax, do work. she most preferred traveling with him and he felt more at home if you will on the road when his wife was with him.
7:39 am
i mean, here's a loving wife whose whole life was devoted to her husband and her husband's well-being. i don't know how this woman existed once he was in the throes of alzheimer's. it naturally took a great toll on her and how she was able to last for those 12 years is -- i don't know. i don't think anyone knows. >> what a touching look back and i will be anchoring live coverage of it starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern. back to rob. >> what a crowd and excited it's friday. georgia bulldogs for amy. from all over and somebody -- gorgeous weekend for a lot. cooler across the northeast. still above average, sunday morning chilly temperatures not the record setting 80 yesterday
7:40 am
up on i-95 but a decent look at the weekend. rain and snow moving into the west. a marching band here too. it's crazy in times square. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco heavy rain this morning, scattered and heavy showers this afternoon. temperatures are in the upper 50s. my seven-day forecast shows the freezes will taper and rain is going to hang around for saturday afternoon and this weather report is brought to you by purina and also "star wars" fans feeling the force, the highly anticipated release of "star wars: the force awakens." that happens in early april. some never before seen footage for the first time the entire cast got together. take a look. >> this would be the first gathering of this original cast, new cast, this core group of people making this movie and wanted to document but the most important thing was to hear it.
7:41 am
just as a fan of "star wars" to see them all together was an incredible thrill. >> a long time ago when a galaxy far, far away. >> all right, who's feeling the force? [ cheers and applause ] we all are. lara, juju, over to you. >> thank you, rob. we turn to an incredible story of a young gymnast who has beaten the odds in a major way jumping back on the balance beam after a battle with cancer. "nightline" anchor juju chang is here with the incredible comeback story. >> it's incredible. any time any of us will say you can't do that, that is impossible, all we need to do is think about kate foster. she didn't just triumph over adversity but crushed it and single handedly or single leggedly defines what it means to be a champion. if you think based on watching these images that kate is a talented
7:42 am
gymnast, you'd be right. that's not the whole picture. the illinois teen is not only talented but extraordinary but able to stick picture perfect dismounts with a prosthetic leg. her love of tumbling began at age 7. >> she loved it right from the beginning. that extra practices, the extra time at the gym. >> i never found anything i loved more if at age 12 the unthinkable. kate was diagnosed with leukemia, an infection that ravaged her leg and was forced to choose between life or a limb. >> they told me what was going on. i said you're not taking off my leg, i said. i need that for gymnastics. they said this bone marrow transplant won't work. it's your leg or life. >> she worried her life as a gymnast was over but her coach
7:43 am
had other ideas. >> my coach said something to me that really changed my mind-set. she said that she had never coached a one-legged gymnast before but she was willing to try if i was. >> reporter: so they set off on an uncharted course. she competes with her team traveling throughout the nation and sanctioned gymnastic competitions, every single one of her competitors has two legs, not one and held to the same standard. >> what she's trying to do is a very difficult thing. there are not any one-legged gymnasts out there. >> they don't change the rules for her and they don't say you don't have to do this part or that part. >> kate says she's no hero but others disagree. a recent video her father posted of her competing on beam garnered 5 million views in ray matter of days. kate says she wants to beery doctor and somehow industry involved in gymnastics, the sport that's always inspired her and enabling her to inspire others? people tell me i'm an
7:44 am
spiration but i'm just kind of me. >> she is beyond inspiring. what inspires her to keep pushing? her dad created a motto. he said you're modified. you're not broken and always reminding her you can still do whatever you have on your mind. you just have to do it differently and now kate and her family are role models to others facing amputation. a young swimming amputee credits half of her success to kate's encouragement. >> next time you think you're having a bad day, look at kate. what she wants she will get. that's terrific. we'll talk about "zootopia." it is breaking box office records with its action-packed animation and big stars like shakira and jason bateman who plays a very smart and sometimes sneaky fox. he talked about it all with rachel smith. >> i'm here to ask you some questions about a case? then they should have gotten a real cop to solve it.
7:45 am
>> it's jason bateman like you've never seen or heard him before. >> what did you do? is. >> i may have sold him a very expensive wool rug that was made from the fur of a skunk. >> starring as sly but lovable fox, the quietest disney's zoo. >> i see mostly these kinds of movies because i have two little girls, 9 and 4 and wanted to work in one. >> what did they think? >> the 9-year-old is impressed. the 4-year-old didn't see hit. i'll get her notes when she gets into a matinee. >> flash shall flash, 100-yard dash, buddy, it's nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> hmm. >> too. >> at its heart "zootopia" is a film act friendship and
7:46 am
acceptance of other's differences. >> this ends up being extremely timely with these messages of inclusion and not being a fearmonger and letting people co-habitate without carrying worrying that they're going to infringe on your freedom. >> do you feel like you have the cynicism of nick your character. >> how about you forget you saw me? >> that's a no? i'm a very sort of positive optimistic person. >> good. i feel like there's a but in there. >> but i cover with a lot of snark. i've got a hard candy shell. inside there's a soft chewy center. >> you're a big softy. >> you've got to lick through me. you are not going to cut back -- >> that will be in. >> that will be the tease. >> oh. >> of course, this being disney, you know who will show up. >> good to see you this morning. hello. >> hi, minnie. great to see you, darling. you look great. >> i love you, baby. >> for "good morning america,"
7:47 am
rachel smith, orlando. abc news. coming up next "house of cards" star neve campbell is here live. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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we are back now with neve campbell, the actress famous for "party of five" now taking on the white house in "house of cards." take a look. >> i am not going to put myself in the cross fire between the president and first lady. >> well, i'll handle francis. >> you said he was on board. >> and i'll make sure he is. >> the point you misled me, miss underwood. >> what is it, you want, money, or do you want more to make a real mark? >> i don't have to choose. i can have both. >> i love it. your character is so powerful. it's incredible and i am halfway through so i can't wait to see what comes next. my favorite season so far probably. have you watched it? >> i just finished it last night. >> what did you think? >> i'm happy. i'm very happy. i'm excited to be a part of it. >> leann, tell me about your character. >> she's a very strong,
7:51 am
successful, intelligent, powerful political adviser and campaign manager and she's invited by the underwoods to come and help them with their campaign. >> when you were shooting this and we have a lot of political theater going on, was some of that still going on and finding yourself invested more in the political process getting anything for your character? >> absolutely. it's a bit of a circus this year. it feels like. and so it's entertaining if anything and slightly scary. but certainly we were definitely watching what was going on and beau willimom is aware of what's going on in the political arena. >> i love seeing you back on something full time. big fan of "party of five." love the "scream" movies as well. you went away and had a few parts here and there. what's it like being back in full swing and what went into that decision for you? >> well, you know, i took time out and lived in england for nine years and a had a son and
7:52 am
wanted to be present for my son and knew i wanted to be careful about the decisions i made and did "mad men" and "manhattan" and good quality roles and shows but choosing a regular role on a show, i didn't want to be doing an entire ten months a year but in a good ensemble and here was the show fantastic, fan of it, great cast, great writing. i couldn't have asked for a better -- >> great choice. i'll say that. what would your character leann, what advice do you think she would have for any of the current presidential candidates? >> oh, my goodness. that's a long conversation. i would imagine she would suggest to trump he apologize for some of the racist stuff going on instead of telling them they should go back to their mother. he might apologize for some of the actions of the people who are following him. >> there's a lot of advice that could go around for a lot of the candidates out there. >> absolutely. so for your longtime scream fans
7:53 am
who do you think is scarier, frank underwood or ghost face? >> frank because he's unpredictable. he has a knife and running around. you know what he's going to do. underwood. you don't know his intentions. >> underhanded and speaking of "scream," 20th anniversary when you start adding it up. i think we're the same age so if you're old i'm old. >> sorry. >> it's all right. better than the alternative. did you know at the time this did you know at the time this was going to be so human, such a cult favorite? >> we had no idea. we knew it was a good script and new wes craven was amazing but when we started we were shooting in santa rosen and none of us were famous except for drew barrymore and we joked about do you think it would be a halloween costume but had no idea there would be. >> and still are. it's crazy. >> "house of cards" is excellent. love your character and love watching you back in full swing.
7:54 am
neve campbell, season four of "house of cards" is streaming live on netflix. coming up, 3 doors down performing live, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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with us now, 3 doors down, the multi-platinum rock group releasing their sixth studio album "us and the night" and making their "gma" performance with their new single "in the dark." ♪ ♪ whenever the lights go down that's when she comes alive ♪ ♪ ooh ooh maybe it's just something that you can only see
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the blue cash every day card from american express. [ cheers and applause ] >> we want to say thank you so much to 3 doors down. >> welcoming us into the weekend. thanks for watching, everyone. the weekend. thanks for watching, everyone.
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good morning. it is 8:59. i'm open opabc7 news morning an reggie aqui. mike nicco is tracking the weather. >> pulling up toward the park and heading up petaluma road and heading into marin county and stretching down to mafl moon bay. and the heavier rain into the santa cruz mountains. so over the next two hours, hour and a half, we'll have the
8:07 am
heaviest and widespread rain but the breezes hang around through the afternoon. >> an accident eastbound blocking the fourth street exit. you could see on your screen. traffic is starting to get by. they just reopened it as we speak so the damage is done and the back-up into san bruno for a 45-minute delay. take 280. >> thank you, sue. time for "live with kelly and michael." we'll back at 11:00 for the abc 7 midday news. our reporting >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today abc world news tonight david mature and from the drama "house of cards" inventive campbell and recording superstar enya. also, we're looking back at some of our favorite people on today's flashback friday all
8:08 am
next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and now, here are your emmy


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