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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  March 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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no rest for windshield wipers today. here's what it looked like on i-580 at richmond. it's been raining all day and at times a downpour. our sat waited ground meant more downed trues. we were in contra costa county as crews cut up trees. no homes were damaged. and abc7~news was in san mateo county, where mudslides were a problem on highway 84.
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and crews were cleaning up a muddy mess on edgewood drive near interstate 280. i'm eric thomas. a live look outside from the mt. tam camera shows you wet and gray skies. meteorologist drew tuma is here now with a look at the rain totals and live doppler 7hd. how much longer will the rain be with us? >> still tracking scattered showers. a damp day across the region. some spots, one to two inches of rain in the last 24 hours. live doppler 7hd right now, the showers becoming scattered but they're still around, on the peninsula, some light showers, a similar temperature in south san francisco and north bay. dodging drops through evening. you notice some lying rain. have a flood advisory in effect for santa clara ask santa cruz county not 5:45 p.m. in this region where smaller streams and creeks may overflow their banks. the storm impact scale, this is a one, a light storm.
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the next six hours, future weather, by 2:00 tonight the heaviest of rain is out but tomorrow morning we can't completely rule out the chance of an isolated shower, but there's a major shift coming. >> thank you. now a weather relate story that seems to change by the hours two homes in moraga threatened by a hillside, two families evacuated. cornell bernard is live with more. >> reporter: this situation is not get anything better. this hillside continues to slide away; putting two homes in jeopardy. take a look at this incredible sight. the family living here forced to leave after the foundation and floors of this home buckled and the back deck collapsed completely. east bay mud owns the open space behind the homes. many homeowners blaming the utility for not doing more to prevent landslides here.
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neighbors are pitching in to help two families move clothes and belongings out of their homes that are now too dangerous to live in. >> we all just want everybody know they're in our prayers and blessings and we're trying to get there are stuff moved as quick as possible. >> impressive. never seen earth move like that. >> his home is hanging by a threat. a small landslide which began tuesday below his house has claimed much of the hill and ripped his home's foundation away, leaving it in shambles. >> it's been a slow motion process. >> the house next door, also in bad shape. the landslide is swallowing earth blow the home. >> fallen five feet overnight and getting precarious. >> nearby homeowners are worried they could be next. >> we're watching in fear. >> he says east bay mud owns the hillside and blame the utility for that doing more to prevent landslides.
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>> to think that a utility would know something like this was a possibility, and to not warn the community about it, seems really negligent. >> reporter: east bay mud says a recent study never warned of more landslide danger here. >> we're certainly working with the home owners. what we're focused on is the immediate situation. these slides occur throughout the bay area, and it's difficult when mother nature has plans that don't align with ours. >> reporter: back live where earth continues to fall away frommer in huh house. east bay mud plans to bring geotechnical experts to decide the best course of action to keep the area safe. neighbors don't know when or if they will be able to return to these homes. >> thank you. take a look now at what happened to these people as they rap into
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flooding on valley ford road in western sonoma county. they eventually made it out safely. and you can see the russian river. a garbage truck wents off the road and plunged 75 feet down an embankment in napa county. a driver suffered minor injuries after the wreck. in morgan hill, 175 people were evacuated from the thousand trails campground. we were at the campground and you can see rising water from the creek rising over the bridge, causing floods concerns. up to 50 people are using a nearby shelter. sky 7hd flew over the creek and reservoir on fridayment look how much water was flowing a couple of days ago. the water district says the reservoir was spilling for the first time in year and it's at more than 100% capacity.
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classes resume tomorrow at near lay dozen schools in marin and sonoma counties, heavy rain and flooding concerns closed the schools on friday. we have a list of the schools reopening on our web site,. weather is delaying flights at san francisco airport the faa is reporting arriving flights delayed an hour and a half and no delays at san jose or oakland airports. it's a snowboarder and skier delight in the sierra. this is video knock north star. a recent storm brought up to ten inches of fresh powder overnight. they passed 400-inches of natural snow for the season. if you're driving, chains are required on both highway 50 and interstate 80. you can track the rain where you live on our free abc7 news app. to get the latest weather conditions, road closures and flood updates download the app
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and enable push alerts. now to the campaign trail. things are getting testy. new protests against donald trump as his rivals on both sides of the aisle are take can aim at his message. gloria rivera has the latest from washington, dc. >> get them out of here, please. get them out of here. get them out. get them out. get them out of here. get them out of here. >> reporter: calmer crowds but plenty of protests against donald trump. >> right in front of the cameras. see that? >> reporter: the g.o.p. fronter in continuing to take heat after recent violence during rallies. >> not beneficial when you have a candidate like donald trump who is telling his protesters, punch that guy in the face. >> reporter: this video went viral, showing a trump supporter punching a protester as he was escorted out. now the billionaire considering paying the man's legal fees. >> they man got cared away. 78 years old.
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i i don't condone violence. >> trump keeps taunting demonstrators, accusing. the of being from the bernie sanders campaign. >> send them back to bernie. >> sanders fighting back. >> he's lying again. first of all, calls me a communist. obviously that's a lie. then he says our campaign organizing disruption his rally. that's a lie. >> hillary clinton in the battleground state of ohio sunday, not calling out trump by name. >> thank you. >> but his own republican rivals are. some even waiverring on their pledge to back the nominee if it's trump. >> i'll be honest, it's getting harder every day. it is. if donald trump is our nominee he will lose. >> is donald trump fit to be president? you're not going to get know answer a yes or no question. i hope he changes his rhetoric. >> reporter: no sign of that, just two days ahead of the next set of primaries. abc news, washington. >> still ahead at 5:00, the
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community support shown today for a long-standing school in san francisco. plus, watch out and slow down. how our wet roads caused this truck to get stuck on tracks. a clerk in santa rosa fights back after an arm
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craig: laquinta! take a look at this individual slow from a viewer. a smart train narrowly missed a pickup truck that careened on to the tracks this morning. the sheriff's office says extremely wet weather combined with excessive speed played a partner accident. there will no injuries and alcohol and drugs were not
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involved. deputies say the smart train was traveling slowly and was able to stop in time. santa rosa police released surveillance pictures of man involved in an armed robbery today. officers responded to bill's market on hopper avenue just after noon. you can see the clerk tried to fight off the man. the suspect tried to steal bottle of alcohol and threatened to shoot the clerk when he roached him. the gun was not fired. police say the suspect smashed a glass bottle over the clerk's head. the vic suffered minor injuries. the suspect got away. police say he is armed and dangerous. supporters of saint mary school in san francisco cook their case to keep the school open to church parishioners. we were at the old st. matter cathedral on california streit as parents of students demonstrated. the archdiocese says enrollment is dropping. 8 students will have to find new schools. >> we're really trying to stay
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here. >> a sad moment. i've been here for five years, and i really get attached to this school. >> st. mary's is suspending school operations in june. its cultural programs, preschool, and saturday language school will continue. still ahead at 5:00, an orphaned baby kangaroo gets a new home and a new name. >> after a damp morning, live doppler 7hd tracking ask therred showers this evening. getting down to street level, san francisco, daly city, san leandro. behind the storm, sunshine
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police in we were australia have adopted an orphaned baby canning kangaroo. the station asked for the public's help to find a name. this video was posted on the department's facebook page announcing his name. the four-month-old is active. he is in mason's t-shirt.
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>> we want to thank our abc news community for sending weather video and pictures to us. this shows the lexington reservoir saying sunday el niƱo california day trip. chrisy sent it this video of the water flow at creek in walnut creek, and this instagram user says sonoma na valley vineyard looking so green thanks to the rain. take your video and tag with the hash tag "abc7now" and may show them on air or online. drew tuma will talk about how scattered the rain showers. >> that's the theme of the evening. scattered light showers and that's what live doppler 7hd is tracking at this hour. we'll get you right down to street level. notice the light green on the screen of that's light rain around danville, even walnut creek. heavier showers have lessened going into the evening. live doppler 7hd showing parts of san francisco and san leandro
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and oakland, light rain. we'll widen out the view and show you this storm over the past six hours. notice earlier this morning there was heavier rain. going into the evening hours, dryer air has worked in the system and showers are breaking down and moving out. we till have a flashflood watch in effect for the north bay through 6:00, and as the showers leave, the flashflood threat will listen. look at the rainfall totals. impressive. over the past 24 hours, over two inches of rain in oakland, over an inch and a half in san francisco, almost four inches in ben lohman, mountain view, san jose, a third to have inch of rain and redwood city soaked, over an inch of rain. temperature-wise upper 50 to around 60 degrees. so, the next six hours, as the storm starts to depart, it's going to be a light storm. a one on our storm impact scale, perhaps up to a quarter inch of
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additional rain and very light winds. future weather, going hour by how, watch the time stamp. by 9:00 this evening the steady rain us out. we're tapering to isolated sures. monday morning, we can't completely rule out the chance of an isolated shower. there's a hint of green but most locations, overcast skies. we dry out completely monday afternoon and will see fair amount of cloud cover monday afternoon. that will keep temperatures limited to the upper 50s to lower 60s. a high surf advisory in effect tomorrow. ways as high as 18 feet could occur, and the biggest risk will we rip currents along the shore, and certainly going to feel like beach weather the next couple of days. look at san jose for the week ahead. average high this time of year, ripped 66. we'll be below that tomorrow but temperatures will be on the rise, and by thursday, this warmth peaks with temperatures
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more than ten degrees above normal, and san jose, and thursday, future tracker temperature shows you sunshine, warm wind, everybody above normal. upper 60s to upper 70s and a cry forecast is going to dominate the next seven days. overnight we have the scattered showers, upper 40s to lower 50s and a fair amount of cloud cover. monday morning, can't rule out an isolated showers. much of the day, mostly cloudy skies and upper 50s to lower 60s. hearings the seven day forecast. tomorrow the isolated chance of a shower and then look what happens. sunshine returns. warmer temperatures come. that warm peaks on thursday and by saturday, spring arrives at 9:30 p.m. in the evening. so, really our weather pattern is a complete 1 180. >> with one hour less sleep. >> shu is not happy about that. >> you have been waiting to see if your school got invited to the big dance, well, up here?
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>> no. they did not get in. so we're not riding his alumni checks. this sunday, college basketball is done. teams around the nation hope to get the call and the cal bears are tenancying, playing in the south region in spokane against the fight larry
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today alumni from every school in the nation is a loyal viewer of selection sunday to see if their mall matter gets an
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invite. cal bears made a surge, 4th in the nation and now heading to the ncaa tournament for first time since 2013. where? >> the second team out of the pac-12, the golden bears of california. >> in their starting lineup -- >> cal is the fourth seed in the sought region, facing hawai'i in spoke can. the bears are young and not much experience in the post season. they play friday, 11-amp, on tbs. tyrone wallace is the only player who has been to the dance. >> great, haven't been to the ncaa tournament since my freshman year. >> we have been disappointed after a team with this much talent didn't make the tournament, so this is what i came back for, in order to have a chance to make a big run. >> this is a great time of year. you work so hard to get to this point. we put ourselves in position and now having a lot of fun, and it's win or go home.
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that's simple. so i think that's time to play. >> st. mary's ended the year 27-5 but did not get an at-large bid. but they automatically n.i.t. tournament. i 0 no those big dance but it's post season. oregon, the first number one seed for the ducks. kansas, cal could meet them in the sweet 16. north carolina beat virginia for the acc title and putting virginia in over michigan state, ranked second in the country, doesn't make sense in addition to cal and oregon, pac-12 with five other teams making the field. arizona, oregon state, utah, usc, and colorado, seven teams, tied for most in the field. >> the wars have the day off but won the division title because cleveland beat the clippers. the dubs got a handful last night. steph curry, turns 28 tomorrow
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as the warriors face the pelicans. after the game, steph considery's sister called him. >> i'm doing media. hold on. >> we're capable of being beat if we don't bring our "a" game no matter who we play. you can tell the way the energy was and pep in our step and hype and talking, this is a big game for them. so we had to take it. couldn't just show up and win and that's the lesson we learned. recently. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll tee it up because drew won't let me with all this rain, and more from selection sunday. so stick around. see you at 6:00. >> looks like this is the week, though, right? >> yes. my son, the oregon duck, walking around. >> right. >> coming up at 5:00, dance she'll
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coming up at 6:00, a look at storm danger in san francisco tonight from falling trees to hazardous waves. and a new mission to mars launching tomorrow. it's about more than the search for alien life. join us at 6:00. a florida grandma celebrated her double lung transplant by
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doing her favorite thing. >> i haven't been able to dance for a long time because i haven't been able to breathe, and i've always loved to dance. they decided we would do the naanee. >> that was debra morgan testing out her new lungs by dancing to, watch me, whip, naanee, with her doctors and nurses. she is depending on an oxygen tank for ten years now. the 60-year-old underwent surgery in orlando in january. the hospital posted the video on you tube. and the popular dance song was a suggestion by one of her granddaughters. >> good for her. >> great story. >> too bad steph curry wasn't there to her her out. >> riley curie. >> he was better. that does it for us here. thank you for inviting us into
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your homes. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." critics calling donald trump the fire starter. protests, punches, now finger pointing. >> send them back to bernie! >> the fight coming back to trump. he says, bring it on. for some, a do or die primary day on tuesday. the sprint starts now. breaking news, a pair of deadly terror attacks. the explosion ripping through a major capital city. this bus, blown to pieces. and gunmen storming a popular beach resort. the new pictures in. also breaking tonight, the police officer shot on the job. a major highway blocked. severe storms, weather alerts. flood watches in t w


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