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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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aftermath of the storms as what is coming next in the forecast. >> we're going to start in moraga and that is where we find laura anthony tonight. >> reporter: this is a slide that made the homes unsafe to live in. it happened this weekend, but some say east bay mud should have seen it coming long before then. >> looks like it's deepened a little bit. it's hard to keep track, now. >> reporter: this is tim's home. the back has been compromised by a slide during this weekend's heavy rains. he, his wife and kids have been out since friday. >> looks to me like pylons, the foundation pylons have fallen off. >> dennis owns the house next
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door. >> you think, oh, whatever happened to us? then, now, here it is, happening to us. >> >> reporter: the land is an east bay mud water shed. east bay mud and regional parks closed the trail, but saw no threat at the times of the homes above it. >> the area was assessed and there is no evidence. so we acted on the information that told us the issue was here, along the trail. >> there is no initial contact. it's infuriating. >> reporter: east bay mud plans to shore up the hillside but
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told us it's not safe to do so until it drys out. a section of ring boulevard will remain closed several days as crews prepare a sink hole that opened yesterday afternoon. hundreds remain without gas service when a light pole fell, rupturing gas and power lines there. interest there is no estimate as to when service will be restored. our live team coverage continue was abc7 news reporter wayne freedman. he is live where there is more than enough water, wayne? >> reporter: where has the water come from? good news is that it's not doing harm. in fact, in marin county they cannot bank another drop. in marin county, phoenix lake is
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like any in this region now, not only full, it has run them over. more water since 2011. inside of the water district, they saw a stack of numbers that tells the story of a reservoir. >> that is a significant theme for us. we'll be in good shape for a while. >> reporter: if not another drop fell in marin, the county would not run out for two years. that makes it possible to appreciate a place like cascade falls. >> when is the last time you heard this sound? >> a few years. >> reporter: this man with a camera has been on a quest since the waives came back to document every water fall, and there have
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been a few. >> i'm trying to share what we have here in our backyard here. in our homes. >> what kind of image did he capture today? a portrait of a part of the state now in the drought. from mill valley, wayne freedman, abc7 news. for the first time in four years, the sacramento river is spilling into the fremont weir. this is north of sacramento and that water flooded over the weekend but folks didn't seem to mind. >> it is amazing how much water is across the road. >> the weir is a concrete wall. this system is 93 years old. the state's largest reservoir is now 79% of capacity.
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that is a 10% jump since thursday, very encouraging. anderson lake is now and you look at pier 16 you're not seeing a lot of clouds. looking nice. >> right now, we have mainly sunny skies. but taking a look at our rainfall totals from the weekend and through the not much rain fell in mountain view. and most locations received a soaking. we're going to have sunny skies
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and a big warm up inland. we're using san jose here, we'll see low to mid-70s and 76 degrees by thursday. and dropping into low to mid-70s throughout the weekend. sunny skies, and a big warming trend. >> crews are keeping a watch out for debris and earlier, they had to clean up several one train was derailed >> there are new allegations of a uc berkeley staff member, this
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time, the assistant coach of the basketball team. this comes less than a week after the dean of the law school resigned after a former co-worker sue forward harassment. lyanne? >> reporter: abc news learned the person is not affiliated with the school. the president of the uc system knew about the case. what she didn't know was not told about the dean of the law school. in this letter, napolitano seems irked and says i learned about it through the media and i am confident you're taking steps to address the campus to keep me a president. the allegations of sexual harassment came to light in the summer and the investigation began in august. the office of harassment
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concluded he violated the sexual harassment policy. >> we acted immediately. >> today, cal basketball coach says he's focusing on the team. >> i'm the captain of the ship and have to make sure everything flows right, goes right. >> this morning, he tweeted the focus should be on the basketball team. my time to exonerate myself of a fruitless claim by a reporter will come. last week, the dean of the law school resigned after a former administrative assistant filed a claim against him for sexual harassment, something he admitted doing. the university never fired him. uc president expressed her
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unhappiness and demanded senior leaders are current in training. the state requires they take a two-hour training course every two years. >> i believe they'll be stronger after this one wroerpt outrage, this cannot go on. new at 6:00, police are looking for a person who shot and killed a man a couple hours ago at 4:00 near 8th and campbell streets. the victim is a man in his 20s. witnesses are trying to piece together what happened. words of condolences coming in tonight following the death of a chp officer hit and killed by an suv near truckee.
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officer nay than tailor was directing traffic when hit by a nissan path finder. he died yesterday. he worked for the highway patrol six years and spent three in the san jose area office. last week he was interviewed we by our sister station. a concord bank robber should be easy to fine. take a look at the pictures of the suspect taken at wells fargo last friday. you can see they got a great shock. >> yes. they did. available soon, leases that can be furnished. >> other benefits of thinking inside of the box. next. >> we woke up and the truck was
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just gone. >> what a family gained when they lost everything. >> christmas comes in march for one oakland family. i'm michael finney. an apparent mix up that has a surprise
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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one san francisco company is addressing for the real estate problem by thinking inside of
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the box. >> by leasing office space in shipping containers. melanie? >> this is a great example. campsite leases space in the building behind me. and have access to a large, empty parking lot. they decided to bring in this container, now, they're taking it to other start ups. soon it will be on top of two more. >> this is less common, >> in the cycle, you can't build enough buildings. >> he decided to repurpose shipping containers.
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>> they're funky and quirky. >> making it a good fit for san francisco start ups. this shipping container is from china. wong says it likely carried everything from clothing to toys, now, air conditioning, heat, wi-fi and adjustable desks. areas are covered with sound insulating leases range to $3200 a month, wong says they're designed to be earthquake ready. once this will be 30 feet up. and the company is working to build in other parking lots. maximizing space in a city that needs it.
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>> lift is now partnered with the metropolitan transportation commission to organize carpools that had been separate from individual rides. drivers will get an incentive for carrying carpoolers. lift is now compiling a wait list of people interested in taking part in the program. uber is testing it's own pool. in 10 days we received a big dose of el nino-inspired weather and are stilldaling with the aftermath. now, the story of pot hole problems that have resulted. sergio? >> reporter: they're all over the place. caltrans came through and started filling in pot holes. now, crews are finding out across the bay area.
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marcos reyes showed us his parent's blown out >> they just can't do anything about it. >> his sister was riding in the car when their mom got the blow out. she noticed they weren't the only one was the problems. >> stars have been stopped and coming out. >> we spotted plenty of through the path, the highway patrol is helping out caltrans. this cruiser conducted a rolling road block to keep crews safe if
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on the preparation. >> traffic will still be affected so be patient. and damage will take more than temporary asphalt. on napa county, a huge chunk of the road collapsed. the return of rain means return of water falls. this is a gorgeous view of sky 7 hd today. hikers are now blazing the loop. >> the drought is not over, but we have made a great dent. >> yes. it's great to see them falling. there is more than a trickle of
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rain. we have clear skies now. bright and sunny. it's 56 degrees here in san francisco, 60 in mountain view and 57 in morgan hill. more clouds are in the sky but it's dry there. napa, 57 as does novato. concord, 60. 67 in livermore, bright skies from our emeryville camera. we'll have a warming trend that will peak thursday and friday and will have spring beginning. the weather is calm. and rate heights up to 15 feet
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and a danger of sneaker waves. and there is a few patches of fog disappeared quickly and we'll have high temperatures beginning to climb a bit. the average high about 64 degrees. and this is a pattern with temperatures climbing above average level, then, leveling off tonight, more into inland valleys. highs mid to upper 60s around 68 degrees in san jose. peninsula,
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on the coast, upper 50s. 66 in sonoma. uniform temperatures, just about 65 degrees everywhere into union city. and mid to upper 60s in antioch. 66 in livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. mid to upper 70s thursday and mid to upper 60s on the coast. and into the weekend, clouds increase and sunday sunday, a slight chance of showers and monday, a chance of rain. and saturday night is the official beginning of spring. >> many bay area women are making money off marijuana. >> it's a predon't nam nantly male industry.
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we they had to change that. >> meet the local women hoping to cash in on a billion dollar opportunity. abc7 news introduces us to the women of medical marijuana tonight at 11:00 right here on abc7 news. and talking about things that grow, next on abc7 news at 6:00 how does your garden grow? where do your flowers
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the future of a historic rotation in san francisco is turning over a new leaf tonight. >> the san francisco flower mart is now expanding. >> reporter: the san francisco flower mart is a local institution with world wide acclaim. when martha stewart visited here, she said she found the most beautiful flowers. the developer said it bought a two acre site next door. now, it owns seven acres on brannon. flower vendors battled when killroy bought the property and considered putting the flower business underground. these are artist renderings,
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vendors are excited the land will allow an expanded loaded area for trucks. >> it's just easier at street level than underground, i think. you know? you're carting product in and out, loading, unloading. i think it's easier. >> reporter: the flower mart tweeted it's excited about the plan and this will be the second largest market after the ferry building. >> thank you, kristin. >> moving into a new place is mostly about the actual moving of your staff. >> one family doesn't have anything to move. thieves took everything. how they're coping, next. and the best features of the new bart cars coming in. and... >> do you remember when your house looked like this? the game developers conference,
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there is crime that goes on, but i didn't think someone would be so bold to take the truck.
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>> they were moving in but they're out all of their belongings after thieves drove off with the moving truck. the truck still hasn't been found. >> and neither has any of the family's possessions. >> reporter: jeremy, his wife and their 17 month old son, had just moved from san diego to san francisco two weeks ago. and they packed everything into a moving truck. >> our clothes, our furniture, electronics. >> reporter: they arrived at erin's parents' home, and planned to spend a week here, then move to this apartment at ucsf where jeremy, a neuroscientist had just been hired. for the next four days, they moved the truck to different parking spaces. and march 4, they moved it right
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here. in front of a house. >> saturday morning my son-in-law says jim did you move the truck? i said no. i did not move the truck. and so he says well, i think it's missing. >> it was just how can you move a 16-foot truck in the middle of the night? >> it's been two weeks. they've moved into the new apartment. the truck is still missing. the bare apartment is testimony to that. nevertheless, the two are grateful. >> our family and friends helped us out. >> the bed, donated by friends. the dining room table, from erin's parents and toys were given to them. but the priceless things like baby book erin so lovingly put together that is irreplaceable. >> no one needs that but me and my son, my family. and that just hurts. absolutely. to rip that that way from me. >> just a shame. the moving truck hasn't been found. it's a budget truck with
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oklahoma license plates. if you spot it, please call police. three former san jose state university students may be facing jail time for using racial slurs against their roommate and putting a bike lock around his neck. the judge ordered 30 days jail time for a weekend work as part of the sentencing for the defendants. one roommate told the judge he was sorry and had no idea the impact it would have on williams and his family. two other defendants are seen here and another not at sentencing. >> i want to thank everybody for support and prayers and outcries that the community let us know they're impacted. as we are. >> the family is seeking $5 million in damages from the university and the defendants.
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an oakland man is trying to get the city to remove what looks like waste from a pot grove. abc7 was littered with bags of marijuana waste. the owner says he has no idea how the bags got on to his property and says the city won't pick up the waste because it's on private property so he doesn't know how he's going to get rid of it. a new kind of bart car is on the way to the bay area, all the way from new york. bart says the new cars are quieter, cooler, more comfortable and spacious. they have racks and exterior door. a total of 10 cars will be delivered and passengers will be able to ride the new cars starting in december. another push for self driving cars leads tonight's bay area business watch. the head of google's self driving car program will testify before the senate commerce committee, expected to ask the u.s. department of
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transportation be given authority to change rules to make it easier for a cars to drive on the roads. today, the dow ended up slightly and the nasdaq had a day in the green. program that turns old muni buses into mobile showers is expanding in san francisco. abc7 news caught up to this blue bus in the tender loin area, donated by muni with two showers, a toilet, stops at different spots to give homeless people a place to shower. about 40 uses in each location. today it stopped near st. anthonys. and they'll roll out a trailer with three showers. >> our partners at exploratorium threw a party for one of their favorite mathematical numbers,
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it's pi-day. activities seeing a million pieces of pie, and eating pie. >> the regular pie. >> yes. >> california voters decided to make exception from the sales tax. >> what taxing candy and not taxing feminine products have in common. >> i saw your story and it moved me. how one woman and michael finney helped create christmas in march.
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the most expensive lobbying battle in california history is underway. pharmaceutical companies including johnson and johnson and pfizer spent $50 million against the california drug price relief act, that would limit how much a state can spend on prescription drugs. there are conflicting opinions whether it will raise or lower drug prices in california.
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the state assembly member trying to lift the sales tax on feminine products wants to add sales tax on candy. assembly member christina garcia claim it would generate $1 billion per year. in 1992, california voters passed a bill that exempted the items from sales tax. a tiburon company says gaming market is slightly lower this year. >> reporter: where were you 30 years ago. >> i did not exist. >> i was just born. >> nice. >> popped out of my mom. >> reporter: the gamer's generation belongs to a new
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generation. . >> i think walking into a meeting on this game, they'd say get out. >> katie and duncan built a game about hamlet in their spare time and publishing themselves. it means there are no rules. >> we can do whatever we want. there are zombie outbreaks on the moon all the time. >> it started in a living room. now, it's a full scale conference. >> back when games came on cartridges, if you wanted to imimei immers yourself, you plate on this tv. >> we see physical jumping and throwing the hdmd off. we saw one pee their pants. >> when you're in the moment it's real. >> i'm scared of heights.
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>> reporter: a top secret preview of paranormal activity. >> you believe you're there, into a house, it's horrifying. >> systems will make their debut, meaning almost nothing will stand between the player and story. >> there is no escape other than closing your eyes. >> in san francisco, aabc7 news. how to escape. >> yes. >> christmas came late for one oakland family, or early depending on your perspective. >> one santa rosa woman decided to play
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a sdwroenl car ended up crushed this morning. police responded to suspects breaking into cars. the two suspects were arrested and one has a long criminal record and the other refuses to identify himself. >> bald eagles are returning to southern california for the first time in 50 years. >> so majestic. you know? we're not in alaska so it's awesome when we see them.
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>> a pair of adult eagles have been spotted around irvine lake. a higher water level and more fish would mean more eagles. the drought kept that from happening but maybe, this year will be different. >> christmas came three months hate for one oakland family. >> a generous viewer stepped up after watching the family's >> i saw your story and it moved me. >> we first introduced you to tiffany and her children in january. she'd purchased $600 worth of toys on lay away. the retailer gave the toys to another family and her children were left without most gifts on
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christmas morning. but that didn't bother them. >> i'm all right. i still appreciate what she did and she is a good mom. >> mary surprised tiffany with a shopping spree at target to buy the gifts her children never got. toys are us did refund tiffany her money but mary said she wanted to do something to reward the children. >> the family touched my heart. i wanted to be able to pay my good fortune forward. >> very grateful. i can't believe it. but very, very touched. >> it didn't take long for her to find something she wanted. and a something she and her mom
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could enjoy. a foot spa. the family had a memorable time. shania got a karaoke machine. mary made sure tiffany bought something for herself as well. >> you're going to be stylish. >> the shopping spree had an impact on 10-year-old shania. >> it might give someone money if it happens to them, too. >> now to see the reports online go to abc7 and click on the sections tab. >> yes. see how happy they are. that is wonderful. >> let's touch base on the forecast once again touching story. we have mainly sunny skies right now, and taking a look at our
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rainfall. most locations are near or above 100% for this time of the year. oakland airport lagging behind only 87% but there may be more rain still to come. statewide we're at 92% of am ridge, well above 16% this time a year ago. to highs tomorrow, statewide, mild in the northern half of the state. warm down south. and here is the accu-weather forecast. upper 60 inland by thursday. temperatures remain above average and clouds gathering over the weekend and a chance of
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rain. >> thank you, spencer. >> lots to talk about. serious stuff and highlights in sports good news bad news day for stanford hoops. lady cardinals are back, bad news, men's head coach fired after eight years. details, next in s
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stanford's head basketball coach has been relieved of his duties after eight days effective today. he thanked the community for being such an important part of his life, his wife and their four children. this season, 8-10. and dawkins ahead at duke. and so search for a new head coach begins immediately. the stanford women getting
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another ncaa invite. they've won it twice and will host jennifer azy and her lady dawns. we know, anything can happen in march madness. their announcement today, in the tournament for the first 19 years the former cardinal player will be facing stanford and her former coach. >> it's been six years in the maik making and to see us here and have this turnout is just fantastic to the university and our program. you've got a great history
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together. our friendship goes way beyond basketball. >> cal bears will face the fighting larry beils. and and done. that would give the bears a run in this year's tournament more urgency and team. >> making magic happen in march. it's exciting to be in a position i used to watch people in. it's refreshing to know. i don't know how it's going to feel. i know it's going to be tough.
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>> warriors hosting new orleans and win 60 on the season and hoping to pull it off on steph curry's 28th birthday. what do you get a guy that seems to have it all on your birthday >> i'm thankful every day for all of the blessings i have in my life. it's an opportunity to reflect on what's happening and all that. so kind of cool to go play the
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game. >> our morning reporter said kevin durant. best birthday present. and fighting rainbows changed their name to the fighting larry beils for the tournament. >> how perfect. >> thanks, shu. >> authorities blow up a ship today for illegal activities and hope it's a message everyone heres, at 9:00. >> the bay area's local painkiller doctor. more people than ever are abusing prescription drugs. here is tonight's prime time line up on abc7. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. wow. look at. that i'm ama daetz. >> isn't that stunning. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a librarian from frederick, maryland... an educator from atlanta, georgia... and our returning champion, an ediscovery professional from nashville, tennessee... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show. gordon felt really good on friday when he won all that money. and as you can tell in his introduction,
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he's feeling really good when he woagain today.oney. so, philip and amanda, welcome aboard. delighted to have you with us, and good luck to all of you as we start you off now in the "jeopardy!" round. and here are the categories in play. a good year. those three letters, r-d-r, will come up in each correct response in that order. and finally, thanks to mimi sheraton, you get to deal with 1,000 foods to eat before you die. sounds good. gordon? 1916 for $200, please, alex. philip. what's shark? that's right.


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