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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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gunman in a double shooting that left a young man and woman critically injured. they were sitting in a car. someone opened fire. right now, police have the street blocked off at prince a block away from the bart station. emergency crews found the female victim in the car. the man got out of the car and was found in the middle of the street. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is there gathering new information. we will see her in a report at 6:30. good morning, at 6:00 a.m. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is wednesday, march 16. glad you are with us. mike? welcome back. nice to see you. good morning, everyone, a look from the camera, it is calm. and clear morning. tomorrows are running the same as yesterday. 40-50 at 7:00. you can head outside for lunch take the sunglasses, low-to-mid 60s and the coast will be the low 60s but the rest us in the
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low 70. mid-50s to low 60s this evening. the pollen is high. >> a couple of issues. near san jose an accident is a sig-alert. that is severe remark alert southbound 280 before lee a big-rig and overturned vehicle partly blocking the last lane of traffic. heads up. the sensors are not indicating slowing but we will follow that. >> we have an important alert in palo alto for parents after a man exposed himself to a young girl and started following her home. our reporter has the sketch you need to see. and the worry the man's behavior could escalate. matt? >> yes, he did this during the daylight. in palo alto police are concerned. this could escalate the he could become even bolder. each is a sketch police want you
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to see the suspect described as white map between 25 and 30. average height. skinny. suntanned skin and scruffy black hair to the bottom neck. the girl was walking two dogs on monday before sunset and the man stepped to pet her dogs, stood up and exposed himself. the girl walked home but the man followed her from a distance. she told her parents who called 9-1-1, the detectives scoured the park, elementary school and zoo and museum and found nothing. people in the neighborhood are obviously concerned about their kids. >> scary. they are not going out alone i am always with them. >> remind children to be alert until a trusted -- and tell a trusted adult about anything that does not seem right and they are hooking for similar
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incidents in other nearby communities. >> c.h.p. is investigating a deadly accident on highway 85 in los gatos and one person was fund dead on the winchester boulevard off-ramp and mercury news said c.h.p. received two calls of a person in the roadway at 10:45 and one person one driver hit the person. no word on the identity or why they were on the off-ramp. >> a man accused of killing an off-duty police officer if his home is in court. the hearing was continued until this afternoon accused of murdering officer gus vegas the grandfather of his son. if convicted the 30-year-old could get 50 years to live. >> santa rosa team andy lopez will have a park named after him. the 13-year-old was shot by a sheriff deputy three years ago.
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lopez was carrying a p that was thought to be an ak-47. a memorial for andy has been set up there for years. >> today is four years since the disappearance of sierra lamar who disappeared in 2012. she was walking to the bus stop. her body was never been found. investigators say they found her hair and d.n.a. inside garcia torres's car. he has been charged and the trial starts next month. >> a man is accused of stealing items in construction sites in piedmont. the city surveillance video hoped them catch him, our media partner obtained this picking photo. he was initially identified as a possible suspect in local burglaries by analyzing data from the --'s automatic license
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plate reader cameras. >> some in marin are fuming saying they have been late to work because their buses never showed up. our media partner said this is a shortage of transit drivers so higher canceled runs. officials are working to fix the problem including getting the word out open social media with a bus is a no show. golden gate is struggling to fill driver openings created by retire. >> san francisco is lowering their towing fees. the city signed a five year $65 million contract with tow companies last night and the new deal cuts first-time tow fees from $491 to $380 and now low income residents towed for the first time only have to pay $294 and all storage fees are waived the first 48 hours. >> redwood city is trying to delay the close ire of the --
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closure of a community that is a source of problems b private residential uses were not allowed on the site but the city and residents say it is not fair because the community is a source of affordable housing. the city now is asking the straight to allow currents residents to stay for 15 more years and during that time, no new residents would be allowed. >> breaking news, president obama announcing his pick for the supreme court this morning. you are look at front runners, the ones we expect to be announced, judge sri srinivasan, or judge garland, both serving now on the court of appealed in washington, dc. republicans have said this morning, they will not vote on a nominee until after the election. the president is going to make that announcement at 8:00 our time and we will be following that. >> as for the next president of the united states, the confetti is flying for ohio governor john kasich vowing to push on in the
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election season after super tuesday win in his home state. donald trump and hillary clinton solidified their lead yesterday heading toward what appear to be inevitable nominations but you never know this race. >> you have been waiting for the right moment, now's the time to come join us. >> big win for hillary clinton. florida, ohio, north carolina and her childhood state of illinois. widening the lead against bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump build on his moment u with inwiths but denied a victory in ohio by beyond kasich the whom state governor. >> we will go all way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> the other home state win wasn't there, marco rubio dropping out after being trounced by donald trump in florida. now only these republicans remain in the contest, kasich, cruz and trump, the republican
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frontrunner. >> we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. all the question remains will the republican party come together before the convention? if it does come to a condition tested convention, according to republican rules only candidates that have won at least four states are eligible to be nominated. that means only cruz and trump so for have qualified. >> relief for homeless people in the south bay. a vacant hotel is now open to help get off the street. >> a daring prison break caught on camera while guards did nothing. nothing. it did not go as planned,
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>> now in the south bay we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s but cupertino at 41 and los gatos cracking the 52 san francisco is june and half moon bay is 41 and lafayette is 43 and calistoga is 42. a look at walnut creek where it is 43. the season for sneezin' is back, tree pollen is high with oak and
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pine. 47 in san rafael. temperatures are going to be warpest today, tomorrow, and friday. i have cooler weather and rain on the way for the weekend. sue? >> walnut creek traffic was starting to slow and we will check in a couple of minutes. good news for san jose commuters, the early sig-alert accident southbound 280 has been cleared from the lanes. i am happy to report that. the road sensors are show green and northbound 101 before ellis, there were a couple of tires in the lanes. the cars hit the tires. and now they are off the center divide and right shoulder with an accident. also, another accident on the shoulder at shoreline, two separate accidents on 101. we will check back in with the mass transit options, multiple business cancellations again this morning. >> we are getting new video this morning crazy video of a prison break in canada caught on camera
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look a inmates trying to skill a wall at at montreal prison trying to chile the rope to board the hijacked helicopter, the helicopter takes off, they did not manage to climb in time but they are dangling from the rope. the whole time the prison guards watched, and they never get outside or acted. we can tell you the inmates and accomplices were arrested a few hours later. the pilot of the hijacked helicopter was not hurt. >> they took that to the next level. >> the fight over trains spilled with oil moving through the east bay is taking center stage in benicia. >> a former san francisco homeless man looking forward to homeless man looking forward to a payday for helping to
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> oil company wants to move 70,000 barrels of crude oil by rail to a local refinery in benicia and rely less on shipping. the benicia city council took up the issue. the meeting went late into the night and ended without a decision. members of the benicia for a
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safety and healthy community say bringing crude oil by rail could have a negative impact on the entire community. >> every mission impacts, the traffic impact and the risk of catastrophic explosions here in benicia that could destroy the economy and the culture of the community for generations. >> planning commission unanimously rejected the plan valero. there will be more public comment. >> vacant hotel in san jose will be converted to a homeless shelter with a unanimous vote of $1.8 housing plant to turn the plaza hotel into short term housing. the housing nonprofit will manage the building under a five year lease agreement. the shelter will open later this year. the hotel has been empty since being bought in 2008. >> this man did the right thing and will get a big payday, a former homeless man here in san francisco who helped capture two
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dangerous fugitives. the orange county board of supervisors agreed to give matthew hay-chapman $100,000 reward. we talked to him in february after he spotted the two jail escapees in a van. >> i notice people sleeping in it because the windows were stealed up because of the condensation and i in the, there are two people in that van. >> after he pointed the guys out to the police they were both arrested in san francisco. matthew said he will use the reward money to help his son and disabled daughter. >> an amazing story and the odds that it would be him... >> wow, life changing. >> nice to see they are rewarding him. he stopped a major fugitive hunt. >> we have a lot of sunshine. you will fedded sunglasses. coming up on 6:19. and live doppler hd show no cloud cover whatever and it is
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still. we look in sutro tower back to the lights of the east bay shoreline and more warming and sunshine and cooler on saturday although the spring begins and that will open the door to two storms through the end of the month. no atmospheric river, though. hopefully that will change. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast into san francisco and san mateo and the rest of us are 70 to 74 degrees this afternoon. tonight, fog is more likely in the central valley and offshore breeze so that could statistic through the delta and fill in the bay. however, i am thinking it is not a great chance but it is there. mid-40s to mid-50s from palo alto to richmond at 53, storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" is severe, on in the south bay and 456 an inch in the north bay. on sunday, the rain will hit the north bay during the commute when we have steady rain.
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scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. my seven-day forecast shows we have 70s away from the coast through saturday and cooler on sunday but coolest with the rain on pond. sue? we have a couple of things to talk about, first, mistransit, bart is running 52 trains on time. now we get to the golden gate buses with multiple cancellations including 54 at 7:19 and 72 out of rohnert park and 6:28 and 4 from mill valley to 6:49 bus all canceled and there are other cancellations, too, so check with golden gate transit for the bus. santa clara, ace train one in santa clara is five minutes late and ace train three is rolling on time and it looks like ace train 5 will be on time, too, with areas of slow traffic we have a couple of issues in the south bay an early accident has
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been cleared and northbound 101 before ellis is off to the shoulder and northbound 101 we have another accident northbound direction at shoreline. a lot is going on. sue is a dog lover and i am, heads up, a week from today march 23 is "national puppy day." look at all of the puppies. look at tim's dog snowed a milk bone container. there is an adoption event hosted by us to help dogs find forever home. this is dalmatian watching dalmations," and you can have your dogs on the screen. on wednesday at 4:30 we will be live streaming our puppy camera all morning on abc7 with puppies
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right here at our station that you can take home and adopt. hopefully we will get the guys their forever home. >> michael finney is clearing up confusion for anyone who has dealt with mold in their apartment. and getting the medical care comes down to your ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast,
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>> another reason to be nice to your doctor, two new studies find difficult patients tend to get worse medical care from their physician according to dutch researchers. those who make a scene, distract doctors from doing their job. it could lead to diagnostic mistakes. the study shows 15% of parents treated in doctor's offices are aggressive, disrespectful, everly demanding or distrustful. >> now time to ask finney. what do you do when there is mold on your house and the landlord does not want to fix it? >> great question. landlords are responsible for assuring the rental unit is livable. here in the safety california a unit is unlivable if it contains nuisance and under state law mold is considered a nuisance.
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it is complicated but ask your landlord to fix the model right away and let them know i told you about the state law. good luck. >> if you have a question record it on the smart fin or tablet and head to abc question can be answered right here on the morning news. >> we are tracking breaking news, amy hollyfield is in berkeley with mess are investigating a shooting that seriously injured two people. >> also, continues ran very high in deck over vacant land with some residents so upset this morning. >> here is a look at our temperatures, look how they compare to agency, 4-9 degrees warmer and this is not the warmest day this week. i will show you that and the i will show you that and the rain that will end the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, glad you are here coming up on 6:30. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am natasha zouves.
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>> so nice to have you back. a quick check on weather and traffic. >> she looked from and well rested. >> that will under soon. >> good morning, everyone, a look at live doppler hd you can see a cloudless sky and this is how it looks at 101 and 880 over san jose the sun is making inroads into the dark sky. tens are running in the low-to-upper 40s in most neighbors and my 12-hour day planner is average and low-to-mid 60s at noon on the way to low-to-mid 70 at the coast hanging out in the low-to-mid 60s. sue has the commute. busy. solid stream of headlights. this is your commute, you are looking at 40 minutes from golden gate field interest san francisco, and check this out metering lights on at 5:29 so give yourself plenty of extra time and take bart, looking good this morning for the drive. traffic map shows slowing from the central valley over the
6:31 am
sunol grade and apporach to the san mateo bridge and a couple of accidents in mountain view coming up. >> appreciate it. back to brag news we are tracking in berkeley, a young man and woman shot on the quiet neighborhood street this morning and our reporter is at the scene as police search for a suspect. >> i checked with police and they are still looking for clues in the shooting, look behind me you can see they are focused here on the area where prince street deadens. they have canvassed the neighbor. a resident get a knock on the door at 1:00 this morning asking if they had seen or heard anything. two people were shot here, a man and a woman in their 20s. the call came in at 1:00 a.m. a politic east of the south berkeley bart station. we saw several evidence markers on the sidewalk indicating several shots were fired. we are told the victims are in
6:32 am
critical condition. at the hospital. they were sitting in a car when they were shot. no arrests have been made. police say they do not have any descriptions of the suspect and at this point they say it is too early to tell the motive behind the shootings. >> breaking news from the white house now, president obama is set to announce his supreme court nominee in 90 minutes from now. tiffany is in the newsroom. we get word of possible frontrunners. >> yes, two of the frontrunners senator on the united states supreme court appeals in washington, dc. judge sri srinivasan has ties to the bay area and appointed to the court by president obama in 2013. he would be the supreme court's first asian-american justice. the chief judge garland has been on the short list before and judge paul woff frd would be the third african men.
6:33 am
the nominee, if confirm would switch the balance of the scout after conservative judge scalia died. some republican leaders have already vowed to ignore any nomination during the election year. president obama say it is their duty to give his nominee a hearing. >> i intend to do my job between now and january 20 of 2017 and i september them to do their job. >> this vacancy will not be filled this year. we will look forward to the american people deciding would they want to make this agreement through their own votes. >> you can expect a major political battle in the months to come. president obama will reveal the nominee's name from the rose garden at 8:00 a.m. as a matter of fact time. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> moment that announcement comes down we will send out an alert on our app, if you do not have our news app you can download it right now, free in your app store, by enabing the
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push alerts. they are still trying to figure out winners in the missouri primary ending with the two frontrunnerring extending their lead more. first, donald trump, winning in florida, north carolina and illinois but not ohio. democratic candidate hillary clinton nearly swept the table beating bernie sanders in four primaries including delegate rich florida and ohio. bernie sanders you haves to continue on. >> now the biggest winner on super tuesday and that was he governor john kasich, his home state came through keeping the campaign alive. the first state he has won. and marco rubio is out. he could not get enough momentum in his home state of florida so he suspended the campaign. here is the delegate count. the trump has 621 and ted cruz 396 and kasich 138. a republican nominee would need 1,237 which is impossible at
6:35 am
this point for kasich and after last night it is looking less likely that anyone including trump will get that number before the convention so it makes it interesting. on the democratic side, hillary clinton doubles bernie sanders delegates and the democratic need as majority of 4,700 delegates to be nominated. you can get election updates as they happen with the news app, free and download it right now and enable the push alert. >> santa clara's public justice committee days up a report by the sheriff smith proposing sweep changes to the troubled county jail. she including peeving up training to coach with an increasingly mentally ill population and increasing minimum qualifications for guards. the reforms are after inmate michael tyree was beaten to death in august. three fares have been charged with murder. more concern for commuters on interstate 80 after a driver said someone shot at her car.
6:36 am
this happened during the evening commute. we were over the scene. no one was hurt. there have been eight shootings along 80 in the east bay since november. police think they are gang-related shoot, but innocent people have been injured. >> controversial high-rise project got the green light and the city council voted in favor of the deal. according to the "san francisco chronicle" demonstrators were so loud that members were forced to leave the chambers and continue their discussion in a conference room. protesters contend that protect protect vied state laws because it does not offer enough affordable housing. our in san jose, city officials are considering a prepare am to tie annual rent increases of farms to inflation. that is good news. the amount wrote be a third or less of the hikes allowed under the rent control law. the city council will take up
6:37 am
the proposal next month. apartment owners complain the plan would lead to housing shortages and less apartment maintenance. >> a man accused of spraying racial slurs on a school district office will be if court. he is expected to enter a plea. an employee of the san leandro school district fount the pointing on the office doors "white power," and disbarraging comment about lack people the when asked why? he said he hates christianity and african americans and believes the white race is superior. >> controversial high school mascot will get a makeover on her facebook page. the principal announced the school direct agreed to change rebel guy. the principal said she is fine with the mascot fame but wants to change the look of the mascot . >> here is a look at what is going on with the tree pollen which is out of control and the
6:38 am
sneezin' season. the sacramento river has so much rain falling over the weekend it turned muddy and you could follow it all the way through the delta and a bit of mud as it blows out the golden gate bridge to the ocean, and that is a powerful current. now, the temperatures if you wake up inland east bay, low-to-mid 40s through the san ramon valley for livermore and money 40s out highway four and elsewhere, we have telling in the mid-to-upper 40s until the north bay and low-to-mid 40s and san francisco is the warm spot at june. the activity planner walking the dog cool to warm and in the bay if you are kayaking it is rough on the ocean and co-workers want to swim. a little bit warmer tomorrow. the some are storm camera at pier 15, warmest tomorrow and warmer-than-average on friday and temperatures are declining as the next system draws near. i will give you a timetable on that coming up next. >> our busy drive times right
6:39 am
now, the 580 consider door, tracy to dublin over 40 minutes and antioch to concord, highway 4, westbound over 20 minutes and san rafael into san francisco under 20 minutes. and slow trash from the central valley a couple of problems in santa clara we had the early accident on the right hand shoulder before north 101 and north of that another accident clear to the shoulder we at shoreline and if you travel along the bayshore freeway it looks like it is 20 minutes from 880 to palo alto. we will look at the bay bridge backup in a few minutes. >> san francisco improvements are paid to part of lombard street to make it safer for pedestrians and drivers. we told you of the proposal yesterday. the transportation agency approveed $12 million safety overhaul. it laws building islands for
6:40 am
pedestrians in the middle of street and more sidewalks at intercessions. it comes with a price. the changes mean lombard street will lose 46 packing spots. >> the san francisco board of supervisors has sided with man's best friend or access at popular dog spots voting in favor of a resolution opposing plans by the national park service to reduce areas where dogs are allowed off leash in the golden gate national recreational area. in san francisco, marin and san mateo counties including crissy field and half of the current off leash space. so far, no response from the national park service. it is not over. the vote does not happen for months. >> this video gist crazy. on monday night, this man walked into 9 liquor store pulls out a gun and tries to shoot the clerk several times before reaching over-the-counter grabbing a
6:41 am
handful of cash but the clerk fights back and tries to take the gun away from the robber with the eyewitness holding the reason down until the police arrived. hangers are look out for a typo that could let them take over your commuter. >> the bay area company with the promising cancer treatment, canceled human trials after a devastating side effect. and a look at america in at 7:00 . next on "good morning america", a big night in the race for president, hillary clinton winning four out of the five of the states and governor john kasich won big if his hope state of ohio and donald trump joins of ohio and donald trump joins us this morning and it is all
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♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >> palo alto police hope you will recognize the man if this sketch. he is wanted for exposing himself to a young girl this week and following her home. our reporter is along the road where the disturbing incident happened. >> matt? >> yes, this was bold. and shocking. it happened here before sunset as the 13-year-old girl was walking her dogs. take another look at this sketch. can you sigh who palo alto police are alonging for described as a white man between
6:45 am
25 and 30 years old, average height, thin, with suntanned skin and black hair to the bottom his neck. he exposed himself on monday evening and the man followed her. the mother followed him for a short time while she called police. detectives scoured the park, elementary school and zoo and museum but found nothing. police are investigating if this indepth is connected to other kisses in the area. now an important health alert for millions of americans who are battling pain. the centers for disease control has new guidelines how the painkillers should be prescribed. up to one in four people who take painkillers long term will become addicted. our chief health and medical editor said there are alternatives. >> this does not apply to people of pain from cancer or end of life but tens of millions would have pain and they are saying,
6:46 am
first line treatment should be aspirin. depend on the type of pain, you should try wheatless or exercise therapy for people would have pain from different types of arthritis and other types of pain there are behavioral therapy of the. >> the doctor will break doing the new guidelines to fight painkiller addiction coming up at 7:00. >> drug called a miracle in the fight against rare cancers is now being investigated after patient deaths in australia. it was seen as a major breakthrough because it targets cancer without killing healthy cells. a span said that patient studies have stopped after adverse events but would nature saw how many dade or suffered side effects. >> contra costa county could have their own energy program in an effort to lower coughs and provide more access to clean energy. the county supervisors are
6:47 am
spending to pave the way with the study. customers have to choose to opt out or they would automatically be enwill woulded in the -- would be enrolled. >> hackers are taking advantage of a typo many of us have probably made. >> and now to the nasdaq with that story and more in the money report. jane? good morning, quiet start today not big surprise because it is decision day for the federal remember. we will find out this afternoon if they raise interest rates. we do not expect that to happen. the economy could be moving the market down just slightly. many of us have missed the in .com and a new scam aims insnowfall ma wear when you
6:48 am
mistakenly time "om," in sites. and readers have received e-mails from turbo tax would will have prices up after march 17, but you can buy the software investigation or download it early in the season and it does not matter when you file. uber eats has a stand alone app in san francisco with a meal order and delivering service has been around, and they charge a delivery fee of $5 an hour. back to you. >> i say they do not start delivering until after our morning show. >> what? >> we need it delivered right here. to the deck. >> let's do something about that. >> if you woke up and scrolled instagram you could wonder, what is going on? >> the good news is you are ought alone of the the bad news is instagram has made a big
6:49 am
change. they decided to rearrange the order of posts based on what it thinks you would line to see first rather than in order. that is what facebook did and since they own instagram it is applying the same they say it is difficult for users to keep up with their photos they want to see much the change is not so popular among users this morning and of course it has implication for ads and the way they are served and targeted. >> you can still filter director face. >> and that is all that matters. >> out of my head, instagram, i don't need you to decide for me. >> mike has a strong opinion. >> you did not see that coming. >> that is why you have facebook? why not leave them different? >> no filter needs today. how is the weather? >> very nice.
6:50 am
nice segue. at 6:50, the next six hours you can see it is bone dry. on live doppler hd. and color will sunrise from mount tamalpais and visibility is good. total sunshine, warmer-than-average through friday and rain returns on sunday evening as does weather temperatures and mid-to-upper 60s from santa cruz and san mateo at 69 to san francisco at 67 and half moon bay at 65, and the rest of us are 70 to 74 degrees and antioch and santa rosa leading the charge to 74. tonight, cool again. mid-to-upper 40s in most neighbors and upper 40s to low 50s around most of the bay and to the coast and tule fog could slip into the east bay and form in the north bay and our best chance of seeing fog forming is doesn't through tomorrow morning. storm-impact scale is "1" light and "5" is severe. .1" in the south bay to 456 an inch of rain in the north bay so it is a "1" because it will be
6:51 am
breezy because not too damaging, at 7:00 on sunday, can you see the rain in the north bay and in the morning, scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. my seven-day forecast shows the 70s but the coast, will linger around the bay until saturday and inland and ten degrees cooler on monday with a chance of rain. sue? we have bay bridge backup, but i am encouraged because i am see more and more folks using car pools. that is great a wonderful way to go. if you can. to avoid the massive backup. it is each morning when they turn on metering lights, 5:29 and now if the traveling take you east shore freeway from hercules to san francisco an hour. and that is tough. that is tough. slow traffic out of the central
6:52 am
valley for 35 point drive from tracy to the dublin/pleasanton area and nasty nimitz is slow, too, from fremont to her hard in the northbound direction. >> we all recognize these four views: bad traffic in the bay area. a new study is revealing how bad it is and how much waste. bay area is number three, los angeles is number one and washington, dc, is number two. commuters spend depressing 75 hours sitting in traffic last year. that is almost two full weeks of work. this is interesting, they pinpointed the worst difficults and times to be on the road. tuesday and wednesday and thursday morning commute from 6:30 to 9:30 is considered the worst time on the road. >> the not congested areas are highway 101 in san francisco
6:53 am
from hospital curve across the bay bridge, and the eat shore freeway through emeryville and golden gate bridge northbound and big stretch of 280 cutting through san jose. >> easy solution, get up at 2:00 in the morning. like we do. like we do. no
6:54 am
any are headed out the door seven things you need to know. breaking news, berkeley police are still looking for the gunman in a double shooting that left a
6:55 am
young man and woman help juried. it happened near prince treatment with both victims suffering light threatening injuries. ought fairfield man accused of killing an off-duty richmond police officer is back in court. robert vega accused of killing officer gus vegas. today is four years since sierra lamar disappeared while walking to a bus stop in 12, the trial for the handyman accused starts next month. >> president obama announcing his pick for the supreme court in an hour. the front runners believed to be stanford graduate judge sri srinivasan or judge garland both serving on the court of appeals in washington, dc. >> big wins for republican donald trump and hillary clinton in the race for the white house. both presidential candidates were big on super tuesday but john kasich's victory in ohio
6:56 am
raised the chance of a historic g.o.p. convention fight. >> look how calm for the ferry most of us in the 40s, seasonably cool with total sunshine and low-to-mid 70s this afternoon. >> following your hump day commute with more golden gate bus cancellations you will want to check your website. >> back in 25 minutes with updates on track and weather and the news updates. have a great morning.
6:57 am
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split decision. donald trump winning big in florida. >> we're going to win, win, which, and we're not stopping. >> and john kasich scoring his first victory in his home state of ohio. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> as marco rubio drops out. >> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. the race now entering uncharted waters as hillary clinton moves closer to locking up the democratic nomination and takes direct aim at the gop front-runner. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. >> our team breaks down the winners and losers and donald trump joins us live. and breaking news. president obama announces he's decided who he's nominating


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