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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this, is a live look from sky 7 hd. we'll get a look from wayne freedman on the ground in just minutes. an update on a shooting that led to a manhunt in berkeley that forced people to stay inside of their homes, officers say a suspect walked into headquarters and turned himself in. neighbors heard several shots and the victim remains in critical condition in a trauma center. we're hearing from the grandfather of the 6-year-old boy severely injured in a hit and run. the man accused is now in custody and reese arrested -- arrested him this morning. the 6-year-old was pinned against a pole. his grandfather talked to us about how he is doing. >> he's hurting. they cut, they amputated his leg
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below the knee. they're trying to save the knee. until this date, they have five operations and possibly two more. the ford fusion was one of five stolen from a dealership just hours before the crash. the man charged with killing six people in michigan while driving for uber is now suing the ride sharing service he filed a hand written lawsuit, asking for $10 million. dalton claims he's in prison because of uber, saying the company treats drivers, quote, like crap. he faces charges for a shooting spree in february. uber released a statement saying it's hard to know how to respond to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. >> a special council meeting
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will be held in moraga to declare a state of local emergency. a traffic light poll severed a line. local officials are looking for more money to help patch up the hole and pipe. the death of a 2-year-old foster child in san jose is forcing officials to take a look at what may have gone wrong. abc7 news reporter janet oh is live with details. janet? >> reporter: the 2-year-old child was living with her father, who recently got out of jail and struggling with drug problems. officials are looking at her living situation to see if it had anything to do with her death. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports kelly nguyen lived in her father in a transitional home for recovering drug addicts.
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she was found unresponsive. the death is not being investigated as a homicide. santa clara county department of family and children services is now waiting on the medical examiner's report. the coroner confirmed an autopsy has been performed but the cause of death has yet to be determined. >> the important thing we can do is make sure we carefully and thoroughly understand. it's our responsible to do that. >> county officials say it reports all deaths of children, including those with medical conditions. the 2-year-old suffered from a disorder that caused disabilities and developmental delays. a social services manager tells me no child would be placed with
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an adult or in a home, if considered to be unsafe. since may, 2010, no children in foster care died due to abuse or neglect. a man accused of killing an off durty police officer pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity today. robert vagua may get life in pris pris prison. in reno, a highway patrol trooper, along with firefighters and the public saluted fallen officer nathan taylor today. fire trucks hung the american flag from an overpass, and people waved. taylor was directing traffic near truckee which he was hit, and died on sunday. he worked for the highway patrol six years, three of them in the
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san jose area office. now a live update on the hours long delay on the bart station. wayne? >> reporter: no end in sight. if you look you can see bus that's had been bringing people together. very slow going here. we have a mystery, power surge that damaged cars and disrupted schedules. we're hearing comments like this. >> it's tough getting home. >> reporter: you're looking at a commuting nightmare that continued throughout the afternoon and extends through tonight. bart closed its track due to an electrical problem taking out two dozen cars today. here is bart spokeswoman. >> something is occurring that is sending a surge in voltage only certain cars and damaging a piece of the equipment.
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and at this point, we can't allow for anymore cars for damaged. >> it's similar to a problem in oakland, engineers are still looking for a cause of that one. in place of the trains, bart has installed a bridge. thus far, customers remain philosophical. >> whose fault is it? it happens. >> you're stuck in it. >> and a lot of other people. you try to be positive about it. and keep going. >> reporter: bart stresses it affects only the cars but the cars were a different story. and bart says service will be affected tomorrow because there will be fewer cars on the tracks. so service will slow down, fewer cars, more buses and a big mess
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at the station. >> today marks four years since the disappearance of sierra lamar. her body has never been found. they found her hair and dna inside of a car. a new park by honor a teenager shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. a deputy shot the 13-year-old, andy lopez in 2013, lopez was carrying an air soft rifle that resembled an assault rifle. today, supervisors agreed spend $1 million on the mark and agreed to name it andy's unity park. on monday, we told you about a couple that came to san francisco in a budget rental truck that was stolen. the truck has been found, and
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abc7 news looked inside to see if the thieves left anything behind. vic lee is live with the strit you'll see only on abc7 news. >> reporter: well, the truck was found and gave the couple hope that maybe, some irreplaceable items were inside. they came here, very early this morning at 8:00 when the gate opened. >> it was packed to here, to the gills. >> we're hoping to get that. >> the thieves took almost everything in the truck. >> yes. they can sell the crib. but not the mattress. >> the truck was stolen march 4 from the driveway of the parents' home in the sunset district. this after she, her husband, and 17-month-old son had just
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arrived from san diego. they planned to move into this apartment police told them yesterday, the van was abandoned in pacifica. today, the couple came to the budget yard in foster city. the truck had been towed. they hoped sentimental items would be still inside. a few things were left. even some of austin's toys. but erin feared the worst. her gut feeling was right. >> i knew it was not here. >> disappointing not to have the sentimental stuff. >> the baby book, mementos from his mom who passed away. >> disappointed but grateful to viewer who's have offered household items and moral support. >> it's been overwhelming. we just want to say thank you. for the support. >> my favorite picture. >> the thieves missed this picture.
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a precious picture and a precious moment. vic lee, abc7 news. well, the biggest isn't always the best. >> san jose wants to be both. hear what the mayer plans to do and who thinks this will work, next. i'm spencer christian. the spring like warm up continues and the warmest day will be tomorrow. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. if the judge is not confirmable, i don't think anyone is. >> why people who once worked with president obama's supreme court nominee say he's the person that can win over republicans. plus... >> i knew he was gone, but in your dreams he's with you, all the time. >> up next, how far a father traveled to finally see justic
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two san francisco men women spend decades in prison for the robbery and murder of a tourist. >> the victim's father flew in to make sure his son had justice. ed had six years to mourn his son. >> he's me. trying to take care of people. we joke around. we just, you know, if someone needs help, we're there.
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>> his son was visiting san francisco with friends. october 4, 2009, he and the friends gave a lift to the woman on the right. aerial kittels. she was acquitted in a trial, but the man on the left was convicted of robbing the men, sentenced to 44 years to life. the shooter, william jones, 57 years to life. >> he was a fine young man, father of three kids. those kids don't have a father anymore. >> bailey was shot and killed trying to help a friend being roughed up by the robbers. >> it made the wrong decision. if you're going to take money, take it. you don't have to shoot the person and take the money. >> bailey had some sympathy for the defendants' families. >> they can't control what happens. you know? they're going through the same thing we're going through. the defendants' family, actually hugged mr. bailey afterwards. and that is the first time i've seen something like that, since being a prosecutor here in san
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francisco. >> bailey heads back to afghanistan tomorrow, he works as a civilian contractor after a 24-year military career. and he says he sometimes feels like his son is still with him. >> i know he was gone, but, your dreams it's like he's there, with you, all the time. repo night classes are out because of a power outage. and 1500 customers are affected and the cause is under investigation. pg and e tells us the power should be back on within the hour. happening now, the rule applying to rent controlled apartments it would be less than a third of the current price hikes allowed by the rent control lot.
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the mayor has a plan to make the bay area's biggest. chris nguyen joins us live with the plan. >> reporter: the mayor said his strategy will focus on technology to get things done. >> this is an opportunity to drive into our our neighbors. >> the mayor said the city must innovate. >> we been working hard on building partnerships with key companies that are willing to invest in this infrastructure with us. we don't have dollars to do it. >> reporter: his vision to improve services, safety, and the quality of services. and construction superintendent
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steve mitchell says he stood in countless lines over the years. >> sometimes, the process can be long and drug out. so, this would be a very good thing. and i think the mayor is doing a really good job. >> maybe this idea for applications is part of that. we have needs that are not being met. let's if heing out how to solve that. >> some wonder if they'll be left behind. >> what concerns me is people that don't have access to the internet. and if there is a different community access. >> in the few you tour, the city council will review the man at the end of the month. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc7
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news. time to check on the weather. it's awesome outside. >> 70s. >> that will continue. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area now. you can see on this view, still, our east bay hills camera, blue skies and 64 in san francisco. . 63 in half moon bay. check out this view of the soon to be setting sun it's 68 in napa. fairfield, 67. and another live view, these forecast features, warming trend will peak tomorrow, spring begins and sunday evening, a little bit of light rain coming in to continue into monday.
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the temperature trend in san jose looks like this. the high is 67 degrees, dropping to low 70s next several days and dropping below average into the mid-60s monday and tuesday. behind advancing rainfall, next storm ranks one, it's a storm of light intensity. continuing into monday, and produce about a quarter inch of rain at the most. here is our projection most locations under a quarter inch of rainfall. tonight, look for clear skies. low temperatures mid to upper 40s and tomorrow, sunny skies,
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and 77 in morgan hill, peninsula, 74 in redwood city. in and around san francisco, degrees downtown. day two, tomorrow, napa, a day for fremont and the inland east bay about 77 in antioch and fairfield. friday, mild, saturday, a few more clouds, temperatures dropping off but will be a nice, mild, with highs into low 70s and spring arrives saturday night. sunday night, showers possibly tuesday.
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>> yes. >> will be awesome. >> yes. >> still ahead, the safe way to see what it's like to be a dangerous driver. and... >> chp officers on a mission to save lives. the fellow
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the california highway patrol is on a mission to save lives with a cotton swab that you stick in your mouth. >> how this all started with a drive to help one >> this will take a swab on your cheek, and move it around. >> meter found out he was a match for an 8-year-old girl who needed a bone marrow transplant. >> i got called and found out that my blood counts were low and i ignored the fact they told me to go to the doctor. i felt fine. >> always athletic, he helped chp win the law enforcement run,
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but more testing revealed needed a bone marrow transplant. fellow officers organized registration drives around the state. >> it's a sense of family. >> it hits close to home, making me think it could be me, or someone close to me. >> the testing might make you feel silly, but if they match, it's no joke. >> when you wake up, you'll experience lower back pain. >> i just close your eyes, just do it. >>. are the results go to the national bone marrow registry. >> we're about saving lives. and not just on the freeways. but in causes such as this.
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>> i couldn't be more thankful, you know? for the help they've given me and the awareness, you know? >> more bone marrow drives will be held. we have details on our website, the balancel begins now that president obama named his supreme court nominee. >> the people that think he'll win over republicans to get the job. a local artist depiction of donald trump. it's not a pretty pi
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they say denny's 7-pepper sbut how crazy could it be...
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denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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>> fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the corner stone of my professional life and the hall mark of the kind of judge i tried to be.
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today, the president named his nominee for the u.s. supreme court. >> garland would fill the spot left open by justice skalia, who died last month. >> reporter: president obama picked someone you thought both sides could agree on. law experts say if he is not confirmable, they believe no one else is. in 1997, the senate confirmed him for the dc circuit. >> i'm confident in a normal political climate, that man sails through. and is confirmed.
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>> mitch mcconnell confirmed this shouldn't be filled until we have a new president. >> there hasn't been a vacancy filled in a presidential term in 80 years. >> clinton could end up picking a very liberal justice. >> if you're a republican, you want to confirm this guy before you get to see what hillary is going to do. >> on the committee is oren hatch who happens to like garland. >> so if a majority want to have a hearing, they'll have a hearing. >> the current dean of the law school worked with him.
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>> this means to me is that the judge looks at each individual case and there is no particular pattern of decisions, tomorrow, he will make the rounds to try to meet with senators. the question is will some senators refuse to meet with him? we'll see. a bay area artist found inspiration in donald trump's rhetoric. it is not meant to be flattering. it shows the republican front runner with his arm raised and manure coming out of his mouth, covering up the country. >> his hate is spilling over, in this case, it's the wall, over
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the wall, into the world. >> just in case you're wondering it is authentic. he used real bull manure to make the painting. and we progress through the primary season, trump and hillary clinton are reenforcing their status as front >> you have a faction of the party saying well, perhaps, he can win against hillary clinton. the turn out is big. and republicans may decide he's the evil they're going to have to accept. >> california will cast votes on june 7th, the same day at south dakota, new jersey, many nm and montana. >> students from a bay area high school are making a name for themselves.
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a team from james logan high school made it to the finals in the samsung for tomorrow competition. the team engineer aid solar powered vehicle charging station to harvest energy. >> ford is giving drivers a safe way to see what it does to you behind the wheel. >> this is so you're going. a lesson behind the wheel. >> you can't see where they are. >> driving under the influence in ford's new drugged driving suit. >> this is 4, 5 different drugs. >> everything from marijuana, cocaine, heroin. it is the latest weapon in the
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driving stills for life program. >> they laugh before they can realize that. and this is fun for them, serious cones on a crash course to jail. >> how do you think you did? >> not well. >> you hit quite a few cones. >> vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in teens and there is little on drugs and
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driving. >> there needs to be more studies because legalization of drugs is going to spread across the united states. >> and hopefully saving dozens of teen lives. >> one man's solar power turned into a problem. >> how michael finney helped fix it. >> the holy grail of ivf procedure is being able to identify which embryo is going to implant and make a baby. >> how
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the city of san bruno agreed to sell land to a developer, reaching an agreement to pay $4 million for a site and plans to build a marriott hotel. the land is a former navy site called the crossing. and. >> stun stop shining for one man when the solar in his home
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stopped working. >> he turned to michael finney. i did not know you did solar repair. >> that is it. >> months had gone by and getting his system back up proved to be a challenge. gray skies but, a break in the rain. this screen shows how much power is being generated at any given time by the panels. it was a different story eight months ago. when ray from the alamo found out the power was 0. >> i discovered we'd stopped in july he estimates he saved $250 a month on his bill and a 1 solar came out to look at the problem. ray said they didn't give back
6:41 pm
with the solution. he says five months went by. >> it's terrible. there is nothing i can do. i called, wrote letters. >> we contacted a 1 solar and they told us we have been trying to resolve the issue corrected it. >> i think 7 on your side was able to influence him enough to start moving on it. >> to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. and i'll show you the tools for it. >> i'd like to see video of
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that. >> coming up, what does studying concussions have to do with getting pregnant?
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we have breaking news from the entertainment world tonight. frank sinatra junior passed away today in a hospital in daytona beach, florida. he had a heart attack. he was a singer in his own right, in florida for his sinatra sings sinatra tour. he was 72 years old. >> researchers at stanford believe they're on a trail of a break through to revolutionizal in veet row fertilization. >> the ability to measure impacts, big and small. >> some of the same approaches we use in concussions, trying to detect when impact may have
6:46 pm
occurred we use almost exact same approach in this project. >> in instead of measuring the impact, it measures a give and take in the walls of the newly fertilized embryos. the research dubbed it the embryo bot. >> the way the measurement works is that you instantly apply pressure to the embryo. you can see this doesn't go very far into the pipett. >> software measures bending in the wall. and what can squishiness tell you about a newly fertilized egg? turns out, a lot. maybe the odds of whether the embryo will grow and develop in a womb. >> i think this technology has potential to be a game changer. >> barry bear districts fertility services at stanford. he noticed that some early
6:47 pm
embryos are squishier than others and wanted to test whether it gave them an advantage. his team started to track success rates with mouse embryo, then, human. >> the correlations we found suggest that degree of coral yates to whether it makes it to the implantation station. >> in the mouse model, it resulted in a 50% increase in pregnancy. >> the holy grail of ivf procedure is being able to identify which embryos are going to implant and make a baby. >> if approved for human fertility treatments, researchers believe it could potentially eliminate need to implant multiple embryos and increasing successful
6:48 pm
pregnancies. researchers are now comparing data from the system side by side with results of the standard selection method. and are hoping to select embryos to impact. >> if it's not going to rain, i guess spectacular is okay. >> clear skies and today, 76 in clover dale and antioch. and tomorrow, highs low to mid-70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. so two and a half to three days of sunny, mild weather
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sunday's storm ranking only one on the storm impact scale. >> well, time for sports. >> you looked like you wanted to read the sports. >> i did. >> the newly acquired denard
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now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ about a year and a half ago, steve kerr made one of the smartest decisions of his life. his 60 and 6 warriors host the knicks. the same knicks who offered kerr their head coaching job before golden state moved in and signed it. the knicks are deep into their rebuilding. the warriors are closing out a six-game home stand tonight. the dubs need to go 13 break 72 wins. >> we play every night. and so that is what playoff
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basketball is going to be like. and we get a taste of that pretty much every regular season game. so how we respond will hopefully prepare us to when it really counts in april. >> yesterday, knicks rookie showed he can make the spot. thank you, mark. today, reaction from steph. >> i wasn't very impressed because he's got a longer release span. right? >> he was joking. raiders have a young quarterback in derek carr and today, they resigned donald penn.
6:54 pm
coach coach says he's going to stay a tackle. penn always wanted to be a raider, now, he can end his career as one, perhaps. collin kaepernick will be examined on friday to see if he can pass a physical, trying to come back from three surgical procedures. his agent asked the niners to trade him. chip kelly says he plans to coach the heck out of him. sharks defenseman is on an offensive terror, 26 goals, now, he gets this. a chia pet, ama? >> chia! >> lovely. >> berns celebrating st. patrick's day, showing up in a
6:55 pm
green suit. and burns mr. chia. >> i just think it means energy here is with the coaches, it's been awesome. and you know, just been a fun group. >> the pet is going to look like a beer. jammed his shoulder and manager says he's concerned about that shoulder. he would leave the game and clients calling 9-6. president obama loves college
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basketball. took kansas this year to cut down the nets. and upset in the cal hawaii game. >> first, very unique, your home state of the uranium enrichment. and so >> there is a possible upset. >> and that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news, thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. from all of us here, thanks for watching. and have a good night. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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