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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> bart is trying to figure out a mysterious power problem that shut down service between two stations, if you ride bart, brace yourself for packed trains and big delays this morning. we are here to get you through it. >> i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. >> sue is tracking the impact on bart. will more be in their cars? >> maybe and a lot of people on the bus bridges. they are cramming the buses already. we put it in yellow because they are experiencing what bart is saying is ten minutes delay on
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pittsburg bay point lane with 33 trees in service. we will monitor golden gate transit because they have had delays and chance haitian with bus route in train one -- ace train one on time. mike? live doppler hd shows over the mountains, green, that is just from the radar being ben and slamming into the mountains. for republican to worry about any time of arrival delays into sfo. we starting off milder this morning, a lost mid-40s to mid-50s. and mid-to-upper 60s already by noon. hopefully you can enjoy lunch outside. at mid-50s and let 60 by 7:00. >> passengers are bracing for a tough commute.
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tiffany is at north concord bart. >> good morning, natasha, the mystery power surge knocked out 24 cars and bart spokesperson said they cannot afford to lose more so they have a bus bridge between this station and the pittsburg bay point station. it is similar to the power surge problems a few weeks ago the bart said trains running from north concord to san francisco and oakland are shorter so riders should give extra time this morning. >> i have to tell my sister-in-law, leave early, it is still down. the parking is full, too early for all of this. >> riders say the bus bridge took 15 minutes to go 20 stations this morning, and that bus bridge is expected to run bus bridge is expected to run throughout the morning commute. >> appreciate it. what are your thought on bart?
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many of you are sounding off. we went to hear from you. post your video message to bart on social media #dearbart. this video from the 2013 bart strike when riders voiced their opinion. >> new bus drivers work for golden gate transit on monday after a high number of canceled runs. some commuters were last strapped and late for work. you can blame it on the driver shortage. they are canceling runs for the time being while trying to get more driver on the roads. >> the man suspected of a kidnap asking murder in morgan hill will be in court, the defense is trying for get access to garcia tore relate d.n.a. that was found on sierra lamar's jeans. have the gays say they found her hair and dan inside of
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garcia-torres car. her body has never been found the trial will begin april 25. the teen disappeared while walking to her bus stop four years ago. searches for sierra lamar ended last year but on saturday volunteers will search again. yesterday, the family and friends gathered at a favorite restaurant in treatment for dinner to mark the 4th anniversary of her disappearance . a man accused of killing an off-duty atmosphere could get life in prison. the victim, gus vegas was killed if his home. the suspect is the father of the officer v. gas' grandson. vega is due to court next month. >> a man accused of groping women in a pack store is off the street this morning. max davidson grabbed several people include a
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democrat-year-old girl. he exposed himself to customers on castro street. he is a transient. moraga has declared a state of emergency after a human sinkhole. crews cannot get to the sinkhole for assessment. katie marzullo tells us how much work needs to be done. >> local state of emergency in moraga so the town could be able to get costs so the sinkhole is not a money pit. >> i will send a letter to the governor asking for a "safety emergency," to make us available for state funds. >> the city council has waived the bid process for repair. >> we need to make that happen without going through the normal process. it is too lengthy. athere is no way to know weapon the intersection at rheem boulevard is become to normal. >> we are investigating to see how the road to be eroded.
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it is not safe to have traffic. the hole opened on sunday and severed a pg&e gasoline affected 2,500 serious attorneys and swallowed a traffic light. drivers now are forced to take detours through parking lots. >> all of businesses i was not sure the paing hot was open. >> must take it if stride. >> it is manageable. it is not that bit of a crisis. >> a big hole. it could be a while. >> police are asking everyone to life slowly and safely in the area. >> financial help is getting closer for street vendors and artists affected by super bowl 50. the board will look at legislation to reimburse those who lost money during the festivities last in. that is when the plaza and market street were shut down. it displaced 100 space reserved for artists and vendors. the city with give them $100,000
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>>ing up on 5:07 and now the peninsula and what to expect when you step outside, 44 at woodside, and upper 40s in foster city and palo alto. peoplemont and san mateo and san carlos in the low-to-mid 50s and same for hayward and oakland and mountain view and san jose and los gatos and concord and san francisco, much more mild this morning. it will spring board us to warmth this afternoon and a lot of tree pollen. oak and pine are the main problems if you have allergies. 2ity at 1, it is 49 degrees. temperatures topping out in the mid-to-upper 70s away from the coast and topping out near 70 and low-to-mid 70s on friday and cooler ahead of our next chance of rain can comes in on sunday. that is next. first, the commute. sue? >> good from novato, 22 minutes from highway 37 to san francisco. everyone is moving at the limit. we will look at the golden gate
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bridge where we just saw the zipper truck moving in the northbound direction so you four lanes now southbound for the drive from marin county and two lanes in the northbound distribution. now, bart, no service between north concord and pittsburg bay point because of equipment problem on the track and this is a bus bridge expensing 10 minutessedly on pittsburg and bay point line so give yourself plenty of time and 36 trains in service. we will look at road work and closed ramps on the peninsula coming up. >> a clerk grabs a woman's child. you have to see this. >> a deal to make the roads >> a deal to make the roads safer that can
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benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. children in san francisco can enjoy a new park. the city is breaking ground at 17th and folsom turning a parking lot into a beautiful new green space. the new neighborhood park will feature outdoor performance and classroom space and kids' play area. part of a $5.2 million project. funded by a grant from the california rec and parks department. >> san francisco is considering charges to park at meters at night. the agency is is --
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impact for nighttime meters a way to help close the budget shortfall projected for two years because of a decision to cut towing fees by $100. >> there will be automatic emergency breaks to be standard on cars in the next decade. tests have proveen the brakes can prevent car accidents. many offer the safety on some models. michael finney said that will change. >> mike and linda were driving for hours on the highway and mike said he zoned out. >> the next thing i remember is the car alarm going off and linda yelling, mike, and i looked and suddenly we have a concrete aboutment ahead of us. >> the accidents with avoided because of the collision prevention system in their dodge kicked in.
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"consumer reports" tested the safety features and anticipated a front crash. emergency breaks applies as the vehicle approaches an object without the driver touching the pedal. this system is already saving lives. >> we would have been at the least seriously injured probably killed. 60 majority off safety technology that is optional costs from $500 to $3,000 center. >> manufacturers of all new cars have voluntarily agreed to include the systems as standard equipment by the area 2022. until that time we will continue to evaluate them as they are introduced. >> consumer reports changed the car rating system give bonuses to those who include the safety technology standard on all
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vehicles. >> in addition to testing collision prevention they are finding out how well they work and 36% say it has saved them from an accident and you can find out which cars have the advance safety picture by going to of the. >> and meteorologist mike nicco will like this, president obama is picking can chance to win the men's national basketball champion. texas a&m and michigan state and what is funny, president obama's choice may not be popular in kansas because he has not correctly predicted the natural champion since he picked north carolina the first year in office. but this is his last year in office so...the last chance. >> make it happen. >> a absolutely. be the smartest man in the country. >> mike is bias for kansas.
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that is what basketball is about. >> 5,000 of us in the bay area. it all starts to three hours and 43 minutes. but who is counting. here is a look at what is going on with live doppler hd, only thursday be not friday. here is a look at golden gate bridge with northeast wind at nine miles per hour. this is no fog. warm sunshine. spring fever. hard to stay inside and watch the gays. cooling treads on friday and minor chance of rain on sunday and tuesday. temperatures are 70 at half moon bay and 70 in san francisco and then you realize these are coolest temperatures today. fairfield and antioch and morgan hill at 77, mild tonight with
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temperatures in the mid-40s to low 50s with marine layer fog developing along the coast. storm-impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, we have moved the timeline on sunday it will be month sunday than monday. during the mid-morning to afternoon hours you can see the light rain falling and monday morning, dry, monday afternoon dry, tuesday morning, another chance of wet weather. here is my seven-day outlook, what you will see after we look at the rainfall totals which are around .15" to a third of an inch, we will see 50 degrees on monday and tuesday and wednesday next week. >> bay bridge was nasty yesterday but here it is better. we have a traffic alert as the graphic reminded me with bart situation with no service between north concord and bay point because of equipment problems plagued with on bart so there is a bus bridge and
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ten-minute delays with in delays here and we will opinion tore the bay bridge. elsewhere, green is good. the roads are looking mild. if you have to be up at 5:17 traffic is looking good. new overcrossing in affect, the old overcrossing is demolish this weekend and expect southbound 101 full closure tomorrow night and sunday. or saturday. we will look at the seven things you need to know with the bart situation. >> wash the video closely. you can see the mom with a baby the store clerk a day at work she will never forget. this mom starts to is a seizure and she noticed manage is wrong, and acts quickly, snatched the baby out of the mother's arms before the mom falls to the ground. both the mom and the baby are just fine. other customers came to her rescue, and she is being called "a hero," and said no, no, no,
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she fells bad she could not catch the month, too, before she fell. >> amazing. a florida woman is fighting to keep her petal gator if her home. mary said she has had rambo sin he was four and decided to take him home from a willed life facility when they did not know what to do because he is sensitive to to sunlight and has been with mary for 11 years and has now grown to 6' long. to is an alligator florida requires you have 2.5 acres of land. they do not have that rambo lives inside the house. the case thousand is "under investigation." >> what is going on? >> this is an arctic fox that cannot hold become after he hears someone chuckle.
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archer laughs and falls over and looks tired because the owner said he does this a lot if he is tired and he is falling asleep in the middle of laughing. >> i want that dog of the my dogs give me attitude. >> we clearly need an arctic fox. pretty sure they are not legal. >> -board facing a ban because of fire concern. >> tech bytes hoverboards are banned. the united states ban affects all hoverboard imports into the unbecause they could infringe oning is way presidentent, and have to be halted for right new. >> make sure you always get your destination on time, a new planned arrive asks users what time you want to arrive and calculates the time to deport. >> "time" magazine has the list of 30 most influential people on
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the internet including presidential candidate donald trump, and a seconder star and 87-year-old fashion lover whose instagram has 1.8 million followers. impressive. with outfits like that, who can blame 'em? >> the rainbow skirt... >> a team 59 rutgers has a way to use gestures as the password. you can draw your password in any shape or with any number of fingers and free form jess toos were faster to use and harder to guess, presented at a conference in san jose in may. doodling passwords could prevent criminals from accessing information. >> bravo to a bay area team winning top prize at a national science competition innovation award at the science search one of three teens awarded $150,000
5:21 am
for the inventions. she attended high school in cupertino and made a device that degrees chronic lung diseases. she said it cost $35 to build and relays more expensive medical equipment in developing nations. >> the economy is booming but not if you ask a bay area food bank, the help they need from you to feed families in need. all the lucky student who will all the lucky student who will set a
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these are the seven things you need to know before you go. number one, a bus bridge is set up between the north concord and pittsburg bay point bart stations as crews work to resolve a power issue. the surge knocked out power to 24 cars. >> number two, we are following your thursday morning commute. 42 bart trains in service with ten-minute delays on the pittsburg bay point line and monitoring golden gate buses do see if in are cancellations and ace train one on time. >> three, we are talking about above-average temperatures today in the mid-to-upper 70s but i am looking ahead to our next two chances of rain with an hour-by-hour look at how much to expect and put a storm-impact scale rate on it. >> four, leaders had moraga have declared a state of million as the town continues to deal with a major sinkhole allowing repairs to start as soon as
5:25 am
crews can figure out what caused the sinkhole. >> a stunning change for seaworld, announcing they are helping their breeding problem for orcas after criticism over the handling of the orcas. but they will continue to care for those they have. >> judge merrick garland will meet with democratic senators hoping to put unbearable election year pressure open republicans who refuse to consider any supreme court justice candidate nominated by president obama. >> you can celebrate the luck of the irish with the deals for st. patrick's day if you wear green a free short stack of pancakes at ihop, half of shakes at sonic and shamrock shake at mcdonald's. >> i am eating all day. >> a local food bank needs your help, with action saying they are short on food with donations fell in 2015 causing agency
5:26 am
employees to scramble to help the most needy lawing soon yours on a fixed income. the food bank director said that the decline is shocking. donations dropped 50% from last year. though will take anything you can give. >> the san francisco unified school district will several their 1 million breakfast of the school year today. every student get as free healthy start to the day and the student of the 1 million year get as golden ticket and the program is society up to give students proper nutrition and energy before before class. what is the golden ticket begin to get you? that is all that matters. >> after a scary indidn't on running trail a texas woman decided to create something to protect herself. >> she escaped unharmed but the next day show sewed a pocket to carry a knife.
5:27 am
now she has patented the idea and calling it "booby that carries upper spray or a blade. show hopes they are a way to be prepared. just in case. >> just looking blade. we have another full 90 minutes of news including the bay area man facing charges for posing as a united states veteran. >> our big story is part of bart is shut down in the east bay. stay tuned.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:39. we have big issues with bart this morning. it will leave many of you riding a bus. here is what you need to know.
5:30 am
sue? >> if you take the bart train between north pittsburg or north concord and pittsburg, bay point, it is a bus with if train service between the to stations. they are experiencing ten-minute delays on the entire bay point pittsburg line so give yourself plenty of time, fewer trains and more crowded trains. 5:30 and a look at san mateo bridge, we will check back with the bay bridge to see if the metering lights are turned on next report. >> check out the lack of clouds and radar return on live doppler hd. it is dry. and mild. you can see the air is looking clean from sutro tower, 42 do 52 , mid-60s at coast and mid-70s inland and upper 60s to mid-70s at 7:00. we will look at the activity planner if you are outside today. i will let you know what to expect. reggie and natasha? >> it is very early. the fed become we are getting is
5:31 am
so far, so good on bart. general concept us for early commuters. we expect the change as the morning goes on. tiffany is at north concord bart and talking to passengers as they get off the bus bridge being provided. how is it going? >> here is the good news, riders say the bus bridge is working this morning. this is the bad news, it is only 5:30 in the morning and the buses are getting crowded. bart set up the bus bridge between this station and the pittsburg bay point station after a power surge knocked out two dozen cars. bart crews are working with pg&e to get to the source of problem, but it is similar to a recent power subject that affected cars through the terminal. some say bart is doing their best and the understanding but others are fed up. >> i hate bart, but it is what >> i hate bart, but it is what it is, better than driving.
5:32 am
>> a bart spokesperson is here and i will bring you the updates when she arrives with the status. >> you heard that woman. this is ongoing issue and we know a lot of you are frustrate and sounding off and we want to hear from you. you can post your video message to bart #dearbart. people have plenty to say back in 2013burg the bart strike. >> we will keep close tabs all morning and we will tell you abut the problems when we get them. you can get updates on bart with the newsup downloaded for free bart is also everyone welcoming people about another closure which is scheduled for next weekend. passengers in the east by have to use, again, the bus bridge while bart replays track and wood time on the fremont line. the construction will shut down
5:33 am
service between san leandro and bay fair later if march resulting in safer and more quiet and reliable ride. >> sierra lamar disappeared after leaving home four years ago and today the man suspected of the kidnapping and murder will appear in court. we are in san jose. matt? >> natasha the trial for sierra lamar's accused killer, garcia-torres will start next month april 25 but today a hearing as defense tries to get d.n.a. evidence in the prosecution. in court documents the defense attorneys say the evidence is material, relevant, and necessary to the defense. the attorneys say there were 11 other partial hits and they want did see them. the hearing is a day after the four-year anniversary of the last tomorrow sierra lamar was seen threing her home. sierra lived in fremont before moving south. friends and family geared at favorite restaurant, her mother
5:34 am
said that get togethers like this help her coach. >> it doesn't get less painful four years later but it does help see her friends organizing this and the parent. i an blessed. >> sevens for sierra ended last year but on saturday volunteers go back to an area near the reservoir outside morgan hill where they believe it was not searched thoroughly first time around. today, the hearing is scheduled to start at 1:30 this afternoon. >> a follow-up to a story we brought you ten months ago, marin county man who raised money by posing as a decorated war hero now is facing federal charges. the man was exposed, greg allen of a new closed gym who trained young men interested in joining
5:35 am
the the he wore purple heart and bronze star, but they were fake. he will appear in court next week. >> a driver arrested for an accident that left a six-year old boy permanently injured could be arraigned by tomorrow. police captured this man daniel morris yesterday morning in hayward. we protect the news at midday. c.h.p. said morris was driving a stolen ford and he struck the boy in castro valley march 7. the six-year-old had to have his last leg amputated below the knee. he was walking to school with his brother and grandmother. the family is relieved someone has been arrested. >> i hope he stays in jail a long-term. he literally ruined
5:36 am
grandson's life. >> sad stories the ford was one of five stolen before the crash from the dealership in livermore. police are still looking for the man's accomplices. >> a man wanted for a double shooting is now accused of trying to kill a pacifica police officer. he was spotted walking on highway one yesterday morning and an officer tried to take him into custody and he put up a fight, firing at the officer. the officer did suffer minor injuries in the scuffle but managed to arrest him. he was wanted for shooting two machine last saturday and now faces three charges of attempted murder. highway patrol troopers firefighters and the public saluted fallen officer taylor as the procession drove along i-80 from sacramento to truckee the men flags hung from the fire trucks displayed on the route the taylor was hit by a car
5:37 am
while directing traffic at an accident. he worked for c.h.p. for six years three in san jose area office the. >> state of emergency is declared in moraga clear way for half a million in idea funding to fix a giant sinkhole. it opened up sunday at the intersection of rheem boulevard and center and it severed a pg&e gasoline. the state of emergency means the town can access $500,000 for emergency repairs to the sinkhole. they can bypass the bid process. crews have to figure the cause of the sinkhole. until then drivers have to keep out. >> big road closure in marin because of a mudslide. the sheriff had closed 30 miles of the road with road conditions unsafe even for them, and here is why: the mudslide made a
5:38 am
mess of things on machine. this is near the lake am pipe dam. c.h.p. has closed the road since that time and now said that the conditions are even worse than initially thought. >> marin gets the prudent of the storms. speaking of the north bay check out our microclimates from petaluma at trump to tiburon at 54 degrees. we are warmer in san francisco at 55 and we have 50 in el sobrante and alameda at 54 and redwood city at 52 and san jose at 50 and san ramon, cool, at 45. garden if you can handle the allergies, if day swimming and watching upstares and a if day with a ton of son and walking the dog our warmest afternoon, if san rafael, looking south on 101 where it is 50 degrees under clear skies and temperature today from 71 in san francisco to the south bay at 79 degrees, notice, tomorrow, more 60s and low 60s as the winds shift onshore and that is the case on saturday which will be dry but sunday is lacking wetter with a
5:39 am
look at that next. sue? >> metering heights are on at 5:29 with bart issues continuing this morning. we do have ten-minute delays of pittsburg by point line and bus bridge in place between north concord and pittsburg bay point. commuters are asked to lobby extra usually because it will be more crowded. there you go. stack up to the overcrossing here and we will look at what awaits on the span and it looks great beyond the metering lights with slow traffic from the central valley for 35 minute drive into tracy and over we are green. green is good. we will check with the slower drive times when we run. a game plan from the white house to have the going give supreme court nominee merrick garland a chance. >> you will not believe how fast >> you will not believe how fast this smash-and-grab
5:40 am
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5:42 am
>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> strange to think a balloon did this. look at this video showing a massive flaring of the exxonmobil refinery in southern california. a balloon hit a power line.
5:43 am
it resulted in a voltage tip. residents called for the closure of the plant after an explosion in february. >> some san francisco public officials are using a secret app to keep their chats and messages private. the el gram app is popular way to evade public record laws and if you are not familiar it destroys messaging as soon as they are read. california law states that text and e-mails are considered public record if they relate to public business. according to an up named government staff member who contributed to the report, several san francisco supervisors are using the app. robe's nominee to the supreme court will meet with the democratic senators and republican leaders have made it clear they will not fill the supreme court vacancy until after the november election much the she down over filling the spot intensifies the second the president introduced judge merrick garland. the top republican believes the
5:44 am
next president should pick the next just tuesday. >> it is the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and with hold its concept. >> six republican senators say they are open to meeting with merrick garland. at this point, there are no signs that any of the meeting will actually lead to a chemicalmation hearing. >> the man charged with killing six people in michigan while driving for uber is now suing the ondemand riding service. hi-fid a handwritten lawsuit from jail and blamed uber for putting him there. he is seeking $10 million saying uber never paid him back wages over overtime during theers of working there. a source tells abc that he was only employed by uber less than a moment he is charged with murder and attempted murder last month in the shooting spree. six people died. two were hurt. uber release add statement saying and i quote, "it is hard to know how to respond to someone who refused to take respondibility for his own actions.
5:45 am
our heart goes to the victim's families who have to live with the consequences." if your car has been broken into you are not ahelp -- break ins have tripled in five years up 31% since 20 it is fast. the thief smashes a window and walks around in a few seconded with $4,000 in times. this happened in february. if you think only of preventing break ins when parking the car it is too late. >> put it in the trunk or take it with you. especially do not put it in the trunk of vehicle where you park the vehicle. do it before you arrive to your destination. >> last year, officers say this were 70 reports a day of car break-ins. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> you too. >> he isent ready. >> top of the morning.
5:46 am
lovely low >> we cannot wear green as you know but, we like the green. san francisco and livermore and san jose indicative of what all us are dealing with, already more rainfall than we are supposed to get on average. if rain in the forecast. now east bay hills camera, calm, clear, looking into the distance. it will be filled with sunshine and the warmest highs, spring starts on saturday evening and light rain on sunday and tuesday to follow. the temperatures have a lot of 73 to 75 degree temperatures and outlayers like palo alto and san jose at 76 and san francisco and half moon bay at 70 and santa rosa at 76. tonight the marine layer is developing where the flow moving
5:47 am
in and the fog moving through the lower valleys in the north by headed into 101 our foggy morning tomorrow morning can and saturday morning. temperatures are running in the mid-40 to low 50s. storm-impact scale we use this a lot from "1" light to "a" is we veer and sunday storm is light with less then a third inch and breezy from time to time. it will fall during the difficult and we have moved the timeframe up. monday evening into tuesday morning another chance of light rain and what you will notice temperatures are falling from the upper 70s into the mid-60s. sue? good morning, mike, we have the traffic alert for bart this morning. we have delays on the pittsburg by point line of ten minutes and a bus bridge in place between north concord and bay point. so far so good, a lot of people taking advantage of bus, it could be hectic. give yourself plenty of time, shorter trains and less frequent service a headache. we are monitoring golden gate bridge for the buses, they have
5:48 am
been canceling them. ace train one is on time and fremont and ace train tree is on time into lathrop. the busy drives 580 still moderate into dublin highway 4, westbound, same, interest concord with 20 minutes and san rafael to the city is looking good across the bay bridge under 20 minutes. >> cats are not the only pets with nine lives. this is luna reunited with her owner today after unbelievable story of survival starting five weeks ago, she fell off of a fishing boat off the cost of san diego. after searching for days her owner presumed she was dead. until he get a call on tuesday from a navy biologist who found him it is on the side of the road. the one-year-old pup swam to the military training site and dodged bullets and bombs for
5:49 am
weeks before she ran into navy staff. she is malnourished but otherwise just fine. >> having a problem. i cannot pick my favorite dog from the figures people are send us. next week is "that puppy day," and we are celebrating with an adoption day. this is a greyhound of dan noyes, handsome boy. here is a good one from michelle. but this is allen alda, the golden is cute. #puppyon7. we do this because wednesday at 4:30 a.m. we will live stream our puppy camera, so right hour at abc7 news we will have a budge of puppies from area helters on camera all morning and we will show them and helpfully some of you will adopt them and get them into forever homes on wednesday. send director puppy pictures to
5:50 am
#puppieson7. >> the bay area richers are taking a high-tech approach to didding stroke before they happen. how your smart watch could play a critical role. a big prescription from bay area candy makers a hedge to help keep kids healthy. keep kids healthy. >> the new
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> happening today students and families if alum rock march in honor of caesar chavez and walk to the mexican hurt tag plaza for the 23rd year the district has matched for the labor
5:53 am
leader. >> there is concern a very destructive pest could spread in the north by. agriculture officials found glassy sharpshooter egg masses during routine inspections. here is how they look. they can destroy a wide variety of plants and spread diseases to crops likable mondays and grapes. the eggs were found in shipments trees from orange county. >> we love this video, this elephant is so clean and so happy. >> look at the screen, you will see her right there, enjoying the water stream. right? this is at a nature park in thailand, the interesting thing is she goes around the park and deliberately breaks sprinkler holds so he can get the water. the sprinkler is not enough for a big girl like her she needs a geyser affect of the no one tries to stop her look how happy she is.
5:54 am
>> it will be hot today. mike? >> yes. >> break some sprinklers of our own. >> that could be a way to cool cool. good morning, everyone, temperatures today are from 7-11 degrees warmer than average. check out palm express 92. los angeles is 81. san diego is sunday. mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley. sunshine and 70 in monterey. 57 in lake tahoe. this is how it looks from heavenly camera, quiet. temperature is running 27 degrees this morning the average high is 49. we will get back to that when rain you its over to snow. sunday night into monday. moderate snow on tuesday. we have issues with bart, we have ten-minute delays in pittsburg and by point, north concord to bay point a bus bridge is if place and folks are crowding the buses with shooter trains and it adds up to a big
5:55 am
headache open bart so give yourself plenty of time. we heard from golden gate transit four morning and four evening trips are canceled indefinitely because of staff shortages. ace train has 1 and 3 on time. elsewhere, a look at the dry times, again, heading in to the dublin area on 580, highway 4, westbound, and 101, looking good all way across the golden gate bridge. into the city. >> so many of you are tweeting about this, nike revealing the high-tech self lacing shoes, time for the holidays but only available to members of knee nike plus running app. no word were at price. >> if you want to by them and
5:56 am
send them to me i am soaping. though are similar to the shoes in "back to future," with michael j. fox a couple years ago on jimmy kimmel and speaking of gibel j. fox he and christopher lloyd and torch son, the original cast will be at come inconin san jose along where mar role comics founder, a legend in the industry. apple co-founder is behind the silicon valley comic con and said this show is different from the other comic cons because they feature a section devoted to consumer folk. it sounds like fun. >> rinse harry is celebrating and honoring wounded veterans. >> this morning, the prince whoered is 10 years in the british army is talking exclusively to robin roberts on "good morning america" and is the driving force behind games where hundreds of veteran across the world will compete and show
5:57 am
the true meaning of courage. >> many these guys should be dead and never before have we had so many amputees survivor from unbelievable injuries and i am lucky enough to watch someone who should be dead run the 100 meters, that is definition of inspiration. >> you can watch more of the mission on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> police went you to take a good look at this woman, she is accuses of a brazen theft in santa cruz home and authorities are trying to track her down. >> we are keeping you on top of the major problem where bart. tiffany wilson is live where the commuters are impacted and sue commuters are impacted and sue is helping you plan
5:58 am
what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see?
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♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. you are looking at your opening this morning if you take bart from parts of the east bay,
6:00 am
a bus bridge is going to shuttle hundreds of riders from the normal station to north concord because of a problem on the tracks cause a disruption now between the north concord and pittsburg bay point station and affecting the entire system. >> good morning, at 6:00. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is thursday march 17. sue has been track the traffic alert all morning. sue? we have delays of 10 minutes right new, probably going to increase as the commute ramps up this morning. there are three trains in service right new. there will be shorter trains and less frequent service so our best suggestion is to leave early. give your sell plenty of time even if you travel to the bay bridge, 5:29, metering lights are fund on for a good solid on minute backup to the toll plaza. mike? >> when you leave usually no need to worry about t


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