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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is friday. it is 6:00 a.m. >> regular i didn't is already on the weekend. >> it is the 18th. now a check on traffic. >> sue? we will have bus bridges north concord to bay point and yesterday taking 10-25 minutes. the pittsburg/bay point is report continue meant delay. the bar schedule is looking good with 42 trains in service. we have issues with buses canceled.
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today is national transit driver appreciation day give your because driver a high five and we will explain more on the cancellations in a bit. mike? >> wish there were more to high five. good morning, everyone, the golden gate bridge shows the fog moved because of the wind at 14 miles per hour. if you are driving into the cloud there is enough moisture you may need the windshield wipers. 44-54 and milder and sunny-to-partly cloudy at the coast and the clouds stay stub on keep you in the 50s, up to 70 by 4:00, and around 60 at 7:00. grab a light jacket. bart riders can expect more bus bridges to get where you need to go. how are the riders dealing with
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the delay? >> i am catching a bus with the commuters this morning and we are on one of the buses, not is many people headed to pittsburg with three folks headed home or going to work in the opposite direction. the bulk of the people are headed from pittsburg to concord . we heard the transition has been smooth and they are used to the new normal. bart riders say the buses are clear and running on time. we heard from an employee there are seven buses running. it is efficient. this has been a frustrating situation. we are getting off at pittsburg/bay point and keep you up to difficulty on how the ride is become to concord. we saw a few cars so it looks like traffic is getting heavy.
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i could take longer thank ten minutes from concord to pittsburg and pittsburgh to concord will take you longer expecting up to 25-minute delay. enjoy the ride. behind the scenes bart engineers work around the clock to figure what is going on with the train. they have isolated the electrical problem to a single interlocking track between pittsburg/bay bay point and north concord. >> this device is switching device and this is it. it costs $1,000. when we get them. >> when it fails the considers stop powering. the cars will take months to fix. >> updates are free by
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downloading. >> authorities have closed a highway because of a stand off at byron. the sheriff said a man barricaded himself to a home last night at 10:00 p.m. if you are in the area, stay away. >> united states military helicopter crashed in afghanistan which went down over night. all personnel survived. the taliban claimed responsibility for shoot down the helicopter and the military is deny this. >> the coroner is would being to identify a body found in the water yesterday afternoon near the san pablo bay trail. no information has been released >> friends and seem of sierra lamar continue the search for her. lawyers for the man suspected of killing her asked for time to
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evaluate d.n.a. evidence collected by the prosecution. the d.n.a. found on her pants matched it will people including gore sea torres who was charged. this is important because her body has not been found. value materials search for her near the reservoir tomorrow. >> police are increasing patrols in response to an attempted kidnapping in berkeley. a 9-year-old said a man got out of a green van and tried to abduct her in south berkeley monday morning. police are trying to determine if this is connected to a series of attempted kidnapping in the full that involve add green minivan. >> a by caused serious problems for police this week. the ten-year-old boy pointed a laser beam at a c.h.p. helicopter. the source was a him on blackfield driver at 8:30 p.m. pointing a people at aircraft is violation of law.
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the laser was taken into evidence. asan jose state university students fell they are living back in the civil rights time when they had to fight for rights after a verdict this week in a case where these white students harassed a black roommate and put a bicycle long around his neck and two of the three were sentenced to 30 days in jail. students are disappointed in the lack of leadership at the university. they hope a big change comes when they fire the first ever chief diversity officer. >> helpfully it will be a breath of leadership in assessing the campus and working with faculties and issues in the classroom and the student expense in campus lie. all the four finalists will meet and talk with students and staff today. >> dangerous mosquito linked to birth defects is on the peninsula, the zika virus. all the actress who earned the
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interview with joaquin "el chapo" guzman is speaking to abc chapo" guzman is speaking to abc about the
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>> we have a traffic alert
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because of the bart situation ongoing between the pittsburg and north concord and a ten-minute delay. we are alonging good. -- looking pretty good northbound san jose, stacking up to the expressway so take the expressway to 87 northbound to avoid this. it is a good solid 45 minute delay to get beyond the scene. mike has the forecast. >> we will start in the not by where we have temperatures running from novato at 46 to napa and american canyon at 50 and vallejo and dib ron at 51 and petaluma at 50 usually a cooler spot and low-to-mid 70s until san carlos at 49 and san ramon at 46. brentwood is 49. pier 15 shows the marine layer of clouds. oak and pine with high amounts of those.
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2 accident or 280 and 17 in san jose cloudy here, also. temperatures are dropping a couple of degrees because of the early clouds and the breeze culminating with rain sunday and monday and tuesday. reggie? >> another reason to believe breakfast is the most p meal of the day. a study shows when it comes to school breakfast for kids, two is better thanking in. the risk obesity is double among students would skip the meal. this debunks the misconception that school breakfast fronts to child hood obesity >> this mosquito looks different, black and white stripes, were more dangerous than those we usually see carry yellow fever and most worrisome, the zika virus. it was only found in tropical areas but now it is found in menlo park. it is centered in the university
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heights neighbor. officials heard from residents wore not happy. >> it is frightening. you do not expect this if be here but you expect that in other parts of the world not in menlo park. >> the mosquito are silent, prefer to feed specifically on humans rather than other animals and active in the day not just at duck or dawn. officials you want you to get rid of stand water in flower pots or toys, river they can breed. >> a man accused of fight for isis said he made a big mistake. isis said he made a big mistake. >> a proposal from a
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what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ walnut creek correct, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> north korea has fired a ballistic missile into the motion after the north korean leader kim jong-un joined tests of ballistic missiles which according to the pentagon violates resolutions of the u.n. and said the united states and allies were not in danger.
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>> the mexican actress think she got the interview with joaquin "el chapo" guzman because he likes the drug war character she plays on tv. she talked with diane sawyer about the meeting. they exchangeed text starting in spot. he wanted it know if she wanted to produce a movie of her life and she said she found herself alone with joaquin "el chapo" guzman. >> my heart started pounding and i said, this is now or never and i may not have another opportunity and i thought it could be my last words. >> find out what those words were tune in to "good morning america" and watch see the interview. >> a man from virginia made a bad decision when he followed a girl to iraq and was recruited by isis, say he ended up in moss
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you will where isis members tried to convert him. >> i did not support their ideology and that is when i decided i needed to escape. >> he was captured this week and the u.s. government wants him back. officials say this is a rare chance to learn about isis operations from someone on the inside who doesn't need to be coerced to talk. >> construction worker who fell 53 stories to his death in los angeles did not have per mission to be that high. he only had clearance to be on the first three floors. he took off the hard hat and was not wearing a safety harness because it was not required for the bottom floors. he fell and struck a passing fire yesterday in the middle of the business of the time but it is not clear what caused it only the second day on the job. the building will be the tall of the building west of the miss.
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>> senator feinstein is calling for more strict standards for survivors to return after the earthquake hits many are damaged so badly they are unlivable. show believes keeping people in homes make communities more resilient in the face of disaster. >> california is hing water cutbacks for millions as the rainy winter lessen the five career drought. water resources will provide farmers with 45% of the water requested this year the third such increase in recent months. >> now, the traffic, this are several problems? >> back to mistransit because bart is now saying there is a delay in the east bay direction from san francisco. ten minutes. and ten minute delay on the pittsburg/bay point because of the bus bridge.
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transit is canceling several routes starting monday, including 4, 24, and 54 southbound four at 6:49 a.m. is canceled, 24 at 6:51 is canceld and 54 from novato at 6:36 and 7:18 runs are canceled starting monday. that is after "happy transit bus driver day," was tweeted by officials. that is rough. ace train is looking good. irony? is that it? >> good morning, everyone. our visibility has improved and santa rosa is up to a mail but that does not mean the marine layer clouds are gone. walnut creek is clear and temperature at 49 degrees. spring is start and cooling trend this weekend and a chance of rain on sunday and monday and
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tuesday but it is light. temperatures today are different than yesterday. especially the closer you are to the coast at 60. mid-to-upper 60s north bay valley. through the bay shore. napa is at 70. fremont and palo alto and south low 70s and low-to-mid 70s inland drizzle is possible in the upper 40s to mid-50s. storm-impact scale "1" is and "5" is severe and we will rank it at a "1" with light rain cross the north bay the best chan in the daylight with scattered showers across the rest our neighbors in the afternoon. at 7:00 to 11:00 it moves in and falls apart. south bay up to half an inch in santa rosa at lake tahoe we have rain but moderate snow on monday and light snow on tuesday and our seven-day forecast shows 60s until the sun is back on
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thursday. >> this is the lake tahoe report and this is a great base and easy ride with no chain requirements if you take 80 to 89 to get to squaw or alpine it is over three hours. 50 over the summit to heavenly is great at three hours and 20 minutes. donner has great base and sugar bowl at 185" the biggest base of most of the lake tahoe resorts. great time to get there. that is the lake tahoe report. injury. >> another storm is coming but right new we have the beautiful right new we have the beautiful blue skies across the bay area. san francisco. to shay your pictures post then
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#abc7now. >> a republican to go back to sleep, "world sleep day," to celebrate getting sleep and raising awareness of sleep issues. we all have a lot to say about that. >> we have information for home owners before you file taxes. >> and if you rent your him through airbnb the city of san through airbnb the city of san francisco wants you to pay up.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> what is your biggest usation? a study shows that slow internet is what many of us are stressed out about. waiting for videos and websites to load is the same stress as watching a horror movie and it was tested on volunteers wi heart rates jumping by 38% waiting for loading. the company behind the study is in the business of selling network equipment. not web page loading is your
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most stressful event you are having a good day. >> this man is wanted for a bra tall attack in south bay bar and they are ramping up efforts to find him months after the crime. >> problems for bart riders this morning as the transit agency works through dozens of carried knock off line by electrical issue and waiting to be prepared we have bus bridges running and more information from jane. >> spring actually starts on saturday but i have a cooling trend with height rain on sunday and monday and tuesday and hour and monday and tuesday and hour
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> if you take bart be prepared. bus bridges and packed cars are the new normal. part is working to fix the problem that shut down service between pittsburg and north concord but there are long delays across the system. this will go on indefinitely. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular -- reggie aqui. >> at least it is friday. sue, board is saying it will go on for how long? >> weeks. and weeks. with delays on pittsburg/bay point at 10 minutes. from san francisco to the east
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bay direction. there is an equipment problem so it is 10 minutes there. in san jose northbound 101 before 880 an overturn still in the lanes and a solid backup at yerba buena island at an hour so i suggest the capital expressway to 87 northbound showing slowing and c.h.p. has not given an estimated time of opening. we will look at the bay bridge commute in a few. >> sue, you go first so no worries. the marine layer is back as we talked about yesterday so cooling trend and the onshore breeze is developing and fog long the coast spilling into the bay and our lower elevations of the north bay. we have flight arrival delays in sfo so call ahead if you expect someone to come in. it is not foggy so we will go
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cloudy at mid-50s do mid-50s and stay in the mid-50s at the coast and cloudy conditions and the rest of us are sunny from the low-to-mid 60s at noon and mid-60s to 70 at 4:00 and grab a light jacket. you need it this evening. >> we are helping you get ready for the rush if you are taking bart in the east bay, our reporter is on one of the bus bridges to she how it is going. janet? >> people were expecting to on the bus and taking the bus to martinez bart station but they did not expect the news crew here. check this out, the bus is completely packed. each bus holds 79 people. all of the buses were at federal capacity -- at near capacity lie up from pittsburg/bay point because this was no train service. bart riders say it is the new
6:32 am
normal and they may have to get used to it. part said it could take 22 weeks to add a part to fix the problem. riders appreciate that the buses are frequent and on time and it is cleaner inside of here than the bart. the transfer will take ten minutes between the two stations but you can see highway 4 is jammed. expect a longer delay as the morning progresses and later in the day to transfer between each dangerous at 25 additional commute time. >> no one is screaming. it seems like everyone is calm. for put it in context, 58 cars have been damaged on the pittsburg/bay point line.
6:33 am
adding to the 80 already damaged in the tube, so 138 are missing and there are only 869 cars so 20%, so 100 in every five cars are out of service. for only two incidents. >> we tracked the give behind the bart twitter account. he is not becoming down. this is taylor huckabee slamming rider criticism open social media say the system is outdaylight asked saying paying employees poorly does not atraffic accident talent. >> being honest allows people to been together to fix them. does it not government any good to say nothing. there is a tendency to be overly cautious. >> bart has been mentioned on twitter 1.2 million times. that is ten times more than normal. you can join in often the conversation by posting #
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#dearbart. we could use your comments right here. this is new surveillance of a man who stabbed someone outside of bar and they spent months trying to figure who he is and now they hope you can help. >> what started this? two guys burned into each other inside the willow den bar and that led to an attempted murder in the middle of the street on lincoln avenue. this is surveillance from the night november 15 last year a sunday morning after 1:00 a.m. the suspect is in a white temperature shirt walking out and get into a confrontation with another man. the security guards say the both ended up in the middle of the street square off and you can see the man in the white t-shirt pull something and chase the other man before making a
6:35 am
stabbing motion. the victim was stabbed at least once. police call this attempted murder and need your help. the suspect is described as hispanic man 25 to 30 years old and a' 10", 180 pounds with a scar on the top or back of his hold. the victim was treated at a local hospital and his identity is not released. >> antioch police are investigating the shooting of a teen after 8:00 p.m. on ban beyond way the victim is between 15-18. he was taken to the hospital. we are working to get more information on shoot. >> two men accused in the murder of a young mother from san jose are slated to enter a plea, pedraza is charged with kill his girlfriend 22-year-old stacey aguilar after a house party in
6:36 am
hayward. her body was found dumped in a rural area of fremont. pedraza's friend peres is charged as an accessory. he helped throw her body down a hill. authorities say pedraza is in the country illegally and has a criminal history. >> several groups are joining forces for a rally at city hall demanding an end to police violence at look. three coalitions take part one three coalitions take part one called justice for mario -- just for for alex nieto who was shot 48 times and another immigrant shot for refusing to drop a knife. >> vandalism in san leandro has neighbors worried who will be hit next. vandals have lit 120 cars since
6:37 am
december. this is surveillance video of an attack in january. they struck on wednesday again the third time on this street so far this year. >> we are searching for a motive. hopefully that will come out when we identify the suspects responsible. the attacks usually happen between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning and the washington manor and marina districts are hit and san lorenzo. >> an assistant track coach in san jose is under arrest for having sex with two students. the 21-year-old enoch garcia works at the high school and the victims are 17 and 14. the school calmed police enand the investigation began. enoch garcia was arrested the next day. 4,100 university students can
6:38 am
4,100 university students can get a second dose of a virus >> apple employees would rather quit than create' wear to unlock a terrorists' 15. apple will row new argues of unlocking the iphone of a shooter. "new york times" interviewed the employees who say though would rather lose their high-paying jobs than do something they find repulsive. a judge ordered apple to up lock the phone. >> apple will have a low key unveiling on sunday on the apple campus in cupertino rather then a big really out. apple will unveil a smaller iphone and ipad pro and suggesting they will show off new straps for the apple watch.
6:39 am
>> house minority leader nancy pelosi will be in san francisco to speak at a ymca luncheon. in four years that luncheon has raised $2 million. each year the ymca serves 10,000 glue 14 branches and 120 communities. the luncheon is at the yerba buena center for the arts. >> two bone marrow drives to save a man committed to helping other. >> c.h.p. officer has a rare blood disease and was tested to become a born marrow donor and he found out he was sick. the irs drive is 8:00 a.m. at san jose c.h.p. office and the second starts at 10:00 a.m. at santa rose we office if rohnert park with more information at park with more information at
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>> metering lights were on at 5:35 with a stall on the west side of the tunnel and the delay from golden gate field to san francisco is 40 minutes. 580 is stacked, as well, and 8980 approach is not bad the best approach. this is how it looks on 80 from emeryville or from golden gate field to emeryville to the macarthur maze, a solid stream of lights. we will have a look at san jose commute and accident on 101 near 880. mike? in san ramon you are coolest at 46. warmest in pittsburg at 53. a lost low-to-mid 50s around the bayshore. in san jose. across the north bay at 46 in novato. 50 in pacifica and san carlos. great in the afternoon. fog this morning. partly cloudy this afternoon. brighter this afternoon and mild and this afternoon. first sign of the last day of
6:41 am
winter showing up it is colorful from mount tamalpais temperatures are cooling as clouds increase and chance of rain, light rain on sunday. it could affect oakland the running festival on sunday with drizzle in the morning and light rain in the afternoon and same in livermore on sunday and less of a chance but mid-60s after the low 70s for the barrel tasting weekend. >> the first ever silicon valley comic con kicks off in san jose with the usual comic book fans and memorabelia with tickets still available. the information is at there are other comic cons if the bay area and you republican drew taking on the hulk. that was last year.
6:42 am
the founder of the event said it will be different because it will feature more tech including virtual reality zone. >> michael j fox will be there and other stars from "back to the future." >> someone in the bay area could wake up a new millionaire a winning ticket for the super lottery plus $9 million pack was sold -- jackpot was sold on snell owner. the store receives $45,000 for selling that. the numbers are 15, 19, 37, 22 46 and mega number is ten. >> donald trump is under attack. how the going frontrunner is targeted by democrats and now hackers. >> changing on twitter to the >> changing on twitter to the timeline and
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>> changing on twitter to the timeline and i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price. it's a deal you'll devour.
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>> we have a new video, a professional fire breather was purchasing for a high school pep rally in florida and look the ball of blames is him he got
6:46 am
caught on fire. this is ricky charless with first-degree buns on his face and his nose got the most damage. seven students were taken to the hospital. he said he was using a new lamp oil and he did not practice with it and what an accident. >> scary. a possible cyber attack is targeting republican presidential candidate donald trump and his family. this is a suspicious package that showed up at his son's home in new york city. the hacker group anonymous posted his private information including his social security number, cell phone number and address. the hits keep on coming after he predicted riots would happen if he loses the going nomination. >> bad things would happen. i believe that. i would not lead it. >> no one should say that because to address or suggest violence is not acceptable. >> that is happening while the
6:47 am
candidates prepare for the contest in arizona, utah and idaho. the full story is on "good morning america" at 7:00 after abc in the morning. >> state lawmakers want to know the lessons to be learned in how first responders reacted to the terror attack in san bernardino with a hearing from sheriff deputies and emergency room doctors. in december a husband and wife inspired by muslim extremists opened fire on a lunch for san bernardino county health inspecters killing 14. the f.b.i. is releasing new information of the santa clara machine accused 6 stabbing four people last november. investigators believe that the 18-year-old mohammed self radical side of. there were no ties to the co-conspirators or foreign terrorists or, ons. his laptop contained pro isis propaganda and visiting extremist websites before the attack.
6:48 am
>> this morning, there is new hope for the ondemand food delivery service shut down but the start-up found a buyer a company in brazil with the terms not released yet. >> now askfinney: i have in forgive were debt from a loan modification on a rental prosecute, what are my options for paying tax on the income? that is a great question. generally, forgiven debt from a loan modification is taxable as income. however, you could be able to exclude the debt from income under the qualified real problem exclusion. there is a lot of money online so contact your tax and financial advisors. if you have a question for michael finney record it on
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smart 15 or tablet at slash finney. we have instagram changes and now we hear twitter is making changes. it will change how you view your tweets. now more in the morning money report. people do tut like change? >> they don't and they do not like the change on the social networks. stocks are higher at the highest legal of the year turn p for first time in 2016 with the nasdaq up by two. and a plan to cut 1,600 jobs for a drug wholesaler facing challenges from lower than anticipated generic drug prices. if you like tweets on timeline as they happen in real time you
6:50 am
have to change your settings after testing a timeline showing users tweets they could be interested in they are turning on that feature as default. you have to change it on the setting. >> when you toss in a few bucks to join the office bracket pool but they add up americans wagering $9.2 billion, a record on ncaa brackets this year. it is more than double the $4.2 billion on sports gambling last year in nevada where it is legal. >> heads upping do lovers, next wednesday is national puppy day and we put out the call asking for you to send in your photos. >> with more information next week a spell event in the studio but we want to see what sue has
6:51 am
on traffic. all the east shore freeway at powell street an accident and everything is on the shoulder with motorcycle down and three cars are involved. it has moved east road but this is a big backup behind this scene with 45 minute wait to get to the toll plaza from golden gate field. the other problem is in san jose two separate accidents north we an overturned tow truck is a few minutes away and track is stacked so take it to 87 northbound, 280, in the northbound 280 we have an accident at 111th street and traffic is stacked. tough ride in san jose. the latestinformation was released on the drought and the
6:52 am
highest level of crowd shows it has shrunk to 35% coverage and a year ago it was 40% so we are trending the right way with a couple of chants of light rain but it is born dry with the marine layer. you dry into the clouds you could need the windshield wipers but it is not raining and no drizzle. the clouds are starting to roll in and it will be mostly sunny and mild and spring starts and cool rend and chance of rain sunday and monday and tuesday and we have storm-impact scale "1" is light and "5" is severe, on sunday it is light and the rain will stay in the north by and you can see the shield of green a few showers ahead of it for the afternoon hours. up to half an inch of rain in santa rose and when we are beyond that, wednesday the sun is out and thursday the 70s
6:53 am
come back. >> back with seven things you need to know before you go. need to know before you go. >>
6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go. bart riders have deal with months of relying on the bus bridge between pittsburg/bay point and the not concord station. it takes up to five months to
6:55 am
get the part needed to fix the problem with the tracks. >> we are following the crash in berkeley on the right side of screen the message lights and motorcycle and three cars has traffic stacked up with 50 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco and san jose north 101 at old oakland road major delays. >> marine layer shows barely the top of the antennas. the clouds will hang around but it will be sun glass weather in san francisco and south bay and the north bay is total sunshine. >> breaking news from the east bay, if you go to buy ron, stay away from hoffman road with the area closed because of a stand off. the contra costa county sheriff said a man is holed up. >> a rally against police violence takes place upset at
6:56 am
three men who have died at the hands of police. the rally starts at look. >> raiders owner will meet with the coliseum authority and the discussion is about a new stadium. >> if you need a sugar rush head to 7-eleven because it is slurpy bring your own cup day. you can fill anything you want. enjoy it. enjoy it. >> we bring this. back in 25.
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they say denny's 7-pepper sbut how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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good morning, america. spring on hold. a snowstorm and freezing temperatures targeting millions in the northeast after record-breaking heat as more violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> now members want to stop him with new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man. how mexican actress kate del castillo tracked down the drug lord authorities hunted for years now speaking out in an abc news exclusive about what drove her to find el chapo. >> i love adrenaline. i just like risk.


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