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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> next what happened how theç victim (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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now at 11:00 the search for groper police say this man inappropriately touched a young gibld=9 board a public bus. thanks for joining us. >> abc seven news reporter is live in san jose tonight.ç tiffany. >> reporter: dan, police say the suspect boarded the bus right after his victim got on this +9nq=a9ñ that man is described as a heavy set fill pin know or hispanic man in his 50s wearing glasses and with noticeable çfreckles. take a good look at this man. he's accused of inappropriately touching a 17-year-old girl shortly after 11:00 a.m. tuesday. fi
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south beach and sat down next to her. >> he did several things that made her uncomfortable, put his arm around her several times and touched her face. >> the victimmy repeatedly told the suspect to stop. he did not. >> at one point he tried to put his hand on her shirt. >> he continued untild8 the suspect got off the bus. no one on the bus was aware. >> reporter: riders are disgusted by the suspect's alleged zvaction. >> i think it's crazy. >> it's not okay to invade someone's space. >> reporter: çathena is 17 yea old the same age as the victim. >> i've had a few men give me certain looks. >> reporter: police are encouraging parents to talk fo their children about what to do if a stranger makes them uncomfortable. vasquez said she already has a plan. >> say no, get the attention of someone close to you,ym make it known. >> reporter: now that she knows
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this man's fate. >> be on the look out, now. >> reporter: police hope all riders will &od the same. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. in just a few hours a major road closure is coming to the peninsula. this is new video just in.ç cal trans will shutdown part of highway to demolish an over pass. you can see the preparations are underway. starting at 1:00 a.m., two÷ú hos and it goes until 7:00 a.m., all southbound lanes between broadway will be closed, one lane heading northbound will also be blocked off. traffic traveled÷ú on the over pass will be rerouted to a new bridge over the weekend. today bart moved between two east bay stations that have been shutdown the last three days. but there were nov: passengers board. this was all part of a tests so the transit agency can figure out what's behind a mysterious power surge that's been damaging trains.
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>> it's not inconvenienceñc$pá all, i enjoy riding bart. things happen. >> it's killing my sleep. >> reporter: riders have been dealing with this for days. >> reporter: they're trying to diagnose what's causing azv spi on the track. the initial surge damaged 50 cars and forced closure between north concord and pittsburgh bay point an industry expert is now
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we told the transit agency that are helping÷ú with the buses to expect through tuesday even, uber is doing it too. the ride share company has expanded itsko cardboard option into the east bay until bart is back on track. >> to give themñi their whole t bart station. >> reporter: bart will be fixing damaged train cars over the next couple of weeks while waiting on the necessary parts that can take months to order.a katie, abc 7 news. >> get updates on bart any time abc 7 news app downloaded for free. new look at that sinkhole up. the team is overhead today. crews have made the sinkhole bigger in order to prevent a cave in as the workers can safely get insideç to make repairs. the sinkhole in center street brought down the traffic pole and then severed a gas line.v:
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engineers are still in the investigation phase and it's not clear when the repair work will actually begin. sheriff's deputies inh1(v)o shot and killed a child molestation suspect after a 12-hour stand off. the deputies arrived at home yesterday to arrestç home. the s.w.a.t. team helped chemical agents inside the house. >> he exited a window of the residentsym carrying a fierearm which time he raised the firearm and as the deputies saw it, they fired and ultimately struckzv t subject. >> they say the victim was the man's foster child. peninsula couple have been awarded $8 million in the wrongful death case of÷"át)j baby daughter in 2010. jury found 7 month old was suffocated by a mattress pad
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made by even flo.÷ú they're defending its products. once again, here is abc katie. >> you walk in the room and she would light up. >> reporter: she stopped÷ú breathing at day care. her father dave was out of the country. >> i'm like running through the streets praying that -- don't leave, don't leave, abby,é@ñ do leave. >> reporter: she died at the hospital. they were told she had been asleep on her back in another room at the day care. the coroner called it sidsym unl the police report she had been sleeping on her stomach. >> putting a baby on their stomach is not a crime. it happens. she should have beenzv able to breathe on that mattress. >> reporter: the mattress pad inside, the attorney said the jury found it was the equivalent of a plastic bagéo >> put your baby on that product, the baby cannot breathe and the baby will die. >> reporter: he hopes the legal victory will lead to change. >> what we need -- the law orym
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regulation that says, babies need to be able to breathe through the top layer of a mattress pad, period. it's crazy that ÷úpeople, oh, we'll just all go home. >> reporter: they awarded them $8 million. >> those no amount of money that will bringym her back. but if somebody doesn't have to go through this, i think it's worth it. >> reporter: at trial çevenflo cited the fact that all treating emergency providers determined she died from sids. in a statement the company said in part, i]evenflo stands behi the decide of the mattress pad and remains confident it was not the cause of her tragic death. we're extremely disappointed with÷ú the verdict of the jury d considering all options, including an appeal. abc news 7 news. the family started a petition to make these mattre
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mattresses safer. there'sy it calls for a 339,000 foot store. a petition square foot store,zv petitioners say any benefits will out weigh traffic and other issues caused by this store. they have nearly 1,200 supporters so far. if approved the store will open in 2018. also new tonight commercial crab fisherman have something to celebrate. they announced today the commercial search season will open one week from tomorrowym south of the so know moe county line. recent tests there show that the acid levels off the coast south of those areas do not pose ag# significant health risk. the season has been delayed since november, state officials estimate the delay cost state's economyç up to 9$90 million.
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jury announces he's $115 million richer. >> still ahead on÷ú arkbc 7 new how this can impact future cases. >> starbucks gets served with a lawsuit. the new accusation tonight against the company'sp lattes. and time travel, celebrities and so much more. we'll take you opening night for the first everdcomic-con. >> live doppler 7 hd tracking spring showers for your weekend, hour by hour timeline coming up. let's have a look at what's5 jimmy. >> look at what we did for you. you're just as han some in rey life. >> you have big hands too, i like that.
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tonight a passenger jet hasym crashed in the ukraine border, all 62 people on board have died crashed during landing, as they covered tonight'sym tragedy. officials believe extremely force blt of time could be blame for this. a jury awarded former ç prowrestler hulk hogan $115 million in a sex tape lawsuit. it could have a profound effect on privacy rightsç for celeb y celebriti celebrities. >> it took just under 6 hours for the skrur to make their decision, a critical one that will set a clear divided line
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between the right to privacyç d the first amendment. >> he's exceptionally happy. this is not only his victory today, but also anyone else who has beenmy victimized by tabloi journalism. >> they awarded hulk hogan $115 million in total. $15 million more than thes wrestling super star was asking for, the almost two-week trial exposed the details surrounding the bedroom encounter betweenv: hogan and his then best friend radio shock jock bubba the. he never knew he was being recorded and was humiliated. and his attorney stated÷ú durin closing arguments. >> they didn't have the common decency to call one person that was involved in this before they posted this story, probably tells you as much as you need tç know about gawker. >> he argued publishing a portion is protected by the first amendment and as journalist they can cover the private matters.
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they'rep extremely disappointed by the decision and already are planning to fight it. >> given the key evidence and the most important witness in this case was withhe&çd from th jury. we all knew that this -- the appeals court would need to resolve this case. >> the petition by this jury will set precedent on privacyzv rights for those in the public spotlight. >> all parties are back in court on monday where a hearing will determine punitive damages. >> abc news,d8 new york. a woman in san francisco has filed a federal class action lawsuit claiming starbucks under filled the lattes. it claimsv: it does so by as mu as 25%. they say the cups have lines that are under the size of the drink. the claim is without merit different amounts are to be expected when drinks are made to order. well, the first ever silicon valley comic-con is taking place this weekend. >> abcç 7 news was at the
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convention center in san jose this afternoon right as the event governed the way. >> many we talked with are excited about what's to come this weekend. >> i thinkç san jose and the b area needed this. it's kind of not fair they get all of this stuff and we have a huge following here in the bay area. >> gives me the opportunityp to let my inner nerd out. >> from back to the future, "star wars"" this is theç plac where nerds of all types take in some of their favorite types and sound. >> william shacker will talk about his friendship with theç late leonard or, of course, spock. >> all right, well time to check on our weather. we're changing -- you can change it. >> spring issspringing this weekend. >> and as spring springs, we're going to be actually expecting some rain heading into sunday for the first full day of ym spring, doppler 7 hd tracking
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some overcast skies and you take a look at the temperatures there in thelp 50s. part of the reason the from our camera, you can see it here tonight, so we will go with fog in the morning, spring begins tomorrow evening at 9:30 p.m. storms sunday and monday. take a look at what's ahead over night tonight, the fog and low clouds will be widespread for the morning hours if you have earlyç plans, expect pockets o poor visibility. plenty of clouds will be around as we head towards saturday night, which brings us to our éi utrve been rating these all winter, now we have storms coming in for the spring, we'll continue to rate them. this one for sunday, third of an inch of rain,v: expecting light winds, one on storm impact. here is your hour by hour timeline, sunday morning, so we will see the cloud cover as we head into about 8:00 a.m., the north bayy5ç starts to see ligho moderate rain. by 1:00 p.m. it's starting to
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move into the central bay, parts of san francisco. as we head towards 4:00 p.m. notice how scattered the showerç are, not real widespread, i'll keep an umbrella handy if i were you, showers wind down to introduce a new system. it's aç scale for monday, and is going to be breezy. here is the monday morning timeline, 4:00 a.m. could be a little bit of shower activity.y1 we head into 10:00 a.m. that's where the north bay starts. notice by noon, as we head towards monday, we are going to see some more widespread rain that continues atjf 2:00 p.m., t heavy. but it's going to be wet pretty much everywhere, scattered showers and the two systems combined will bring the highest totals to the north bay,ç tota in the south bay anywhere about a tenth of an inch to about .6 of an inch. in terms of the sierra, initially snowht levels are prey high rs it's rain in the tahoe area, as we head towards monday morning some of this switching
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over to snow. by monday afternoon evening and we'rezv talking about snow shows in the tahoe area. first thing in the morning tomorrow, the fog limits visibility, you'll need to have allow a little more time for your weekend plan. teq)atures in the upper 40s to low 50s, you'll need to bundle up for the afternoon. we'll continue with today's cooling trend, lowest areas will be in the 60s tomorrow.ç and we won't rule out a few sprinkles in the north bay ahead of that first system on the accuweather seven day forecast wi light rain, one for your monday, more rain but this time it's going to be breezy. notice the cooler weather going into tuesday, slight chance lingering tuesday morning. after thatç we'll switch it ba to spring, so go with the milder pattern for thursday and friday, low 60s to low to mid-70s. >> perfect. >> thank you. th thank you. 7 news, food delivery. >> the fast food giant getting ready to roll out the robots.
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the vehicle has passed baby carriage. >> it can hold up to tenzv >> it does look kind of cute. >> it isv: adorable. >> it's nice. >> it's a little slow. >> i'm not sure -- >> there you want to hide. >> i'm not sure it's half hour. you can see it. >> sports çnight, light up the night in texas, now two up on
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the record setting pace. steph is not the only one hitting b
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warriors will meet the spurs tomorrow in the epic game of the century. tonight it was wild west or texasym shoot out in dallas. the mavs one of the few teams to beat golden state. second quarter, well, certainly into theçó first quarter, they' becoming automatic every night. 43-31.
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in the second, shaun livingston, beautiful?; pass behind the ba. ten threes, curry against dirk. turn around, set back, banked three from the impossible angle and it goes warriors are six. former warriorç david lee, nic game. 16 points. dallas down one, nine minutes left. no hez zvstation. 39 and then curry weaving between them, are you kidding me. curry for 32. they finished 30-12 púuejy warriors are now 62-6. how much do they have in the tank. the spurs tomorrow night. andrew bogut doubtful because he sprained his big toe thisç evening. warriors spurs coverage begins at 5:00 here on abc -- here on abc 7. q live with the post game interview. the tournament is filled with so many upsets already and fell victim to 13 seed hawaii,
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shorthanded, ended up bgng done in by a couple of bay area kids. without tyrone wallace and jabari. cal comes back with 11 point deficit bringsym the bears with one. jay lynn brown fouled out with four points. oakland zone, rodrique had 17 going on,v: quincy smith out of antioch city college san francisco with 19. hawaii gets their first ncaa tourny win 77-66. the÷ú bears' season comes to an end. >> it doesn't take away from a great season, 23 wins. i mean, of course you're disappointed, you win ballym gas yourks lose ball games. life goes on and we had a great season.ym taken by 15 middle tennessee state. jay juan. sweet reverse, the blue raiders they led all the way. eí"é(utting the exclamation poin
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the upset right here, middle tennessee, takes them down. 9 # 0-81. a lot of michigan state fans looking like÷ú that. face syracuse next. upset finish, so far, texas tied at 72. paul justice from half court. and good ymnight, game over. drive home safely. the 11th seed, northern iowa upset the long one, look at thiv shot. and never forget this. 75-72. abc 7 sports brought to you by rive
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>> all right, that is our
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report. we appreciate your time. >> larry, sandy, all of us, tha romney. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ray romano and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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