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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> did you knowledge that you are living in a safe area, a nice area that this is a security building. >> right under their noses police say a sex ring operated out of this dublin apartment complex. good evening. i'm eric thomas. many neighbors say they didn't know what was going on even after police and fbi agents raided the apartment yesterday. leslie brinkley is live in dublin with this incredible story. >> reporter: eric, it's quite a story. a man and a woman renting out nice apartments and then running their business out of them. as you walk in the living room, police say they'd have a lobby and even a receptionist. in the bedroom were brothels. here at this new luxury
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apartment building across the street from the dublin b.a.r.t. station, a sex trafficking business operated out of an apartment. >> that, honestly, like i'm flabbergasted. i don't know what to think now. something like that could be happening right next door to me. >> reporter: dublin police followed up on a tip about prostitution back in august. undercover officers and the fbi investigated. and on friday morning they stormed into six locations around the bay area with search warrants. they arrested curtis string and shelly yu charged with pimping, pandering and conspiracy. five young women, mostly from china were rescued and taken to a women's shelter. two clients, middle aged men visiting the brothel during the raids, were arrested. >> this is very sophisticated as far as the operation portion of it and arranging different locations. >> reporter: the locations including san mateo, hayward and
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san leandro. the apartments were stashed with condoms and suitedcases filled with lingerie. the bedrooms had mattresses on the floor and incense. >> this is more of an upstale building. >> you think you are living in a safe area, a nice area that this is a security building. so it's concerning because how did they get in and out of the building? >> reporter: thi the investigation into this sex trafficking ring could lead to more arrests and more victims. in dublin, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. in san jose, a car went out of control slamming into a home and business. the driver's neighbor says it came within five feet of where he was standing. >> heard a car revving up. i was getting out of my car. turned around and it swerved, missed my car. swerved between the two and hit the building where i live. >> the car then took off again
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into the garage door at the home where it was originally parked. nobody else was hurt. no one was hurt. the driver told witnesses there was a problem with the car's gas ped pam. the chp has yet to release the name of a woman who fell 80 feet off the san tomas expressway. a witness told officers the woman was on a scooter and all of a sudden began wobbling. she hit the wall and tumbled to the ground below. the victim was not wearing identification. in milpitas, a walmart had to be evacuated after solar panels caught fire. it happened early this afternoon. witness video shows smoke pouring off the roof. there were no reports of any injuries. investigators are checking out the extent of the damage. if you see news happening where you live, take a picture or video and use the #abc7now and we might use it on the air. in dublin, police are
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looking for a bank robber who may be linked to other robbe robberies. police say he approaches the u.s. bank teller and demands money. police believe he's connected to robberies in the central valley and bay area including pleasanton and concord. rain could interrupt or dampen your sunday. let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. >> dry for the time being. partly cloudy skies. overnight tonight clouds are going to thicken. 8:00 in the morning, a little light rain around santa rosa. the start time for the oakland marathon after 8:00 a.m. will be dry. just overcast skies. we advance the clock into 11:00. rain beginning to move south of the golden gate. this light storm a 1 brings widespread scattered showers to the region. the rest of your sunday, what to expect and tracking another storm for monday.
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that's in the full accuweather forecast. it's going to be more of the same for b.a.r.t. riders for another day as the agency deals with an unexplained power outage. that outage took 55 trains out of service wednesday and b.a.r.t. has been trying to recover using shorter trains. the problem is on the tracks between north concord and bay point. engineers just can't figure out what's causing the power surge. drivers on the peninsula can expect a major shutdown tonight. caltranswill close part of highway 101 in burlg game to continue demolishing an overpass. the work began last night. the southbound lanes between millbrae and broadway will be closed from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. lowest point total of the season for golden state. something w nation hasn't had to deal with. the warriors lost to the spurs tonight. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson watched the game with
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fans. tonight was just a setback in the hunt for 73 wins. >> fans say it is still a possibility to reach 73 regular season wins and break the chicago bulls record. now the team needs to win 11 of the last 13 games. going into tonight's tip-off, fans knew it was going to be a tough game. the warriors hadn't won a regular season game in san antonio since 1997. throughout the first quarter the crowd was relatively quiet. >> we're doing okay. >> usually by third, fourth quarter we've got a handle on things. >> reporter: w nation held on to hope. despite a lackluster performance on the court. >> when i'm with my friends, it's always fun. >> reporter: it's a source of pride for anthony. >> i used to be made fun of by my brothers for being such a warriors fan. our history hadn't had the success we've been having.
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now they're on the bandwagon. >> reporter: he's already got his 8-year-old bleeding gold. >> do you want to be a splash brother when you grow up? >> yes. that's an ugly game. and stress eating. >> a lot of chips, guacamole and salsa. >> a few big tres drew cheers. then disappointment. >> that's all right. we'll come back and still be in the finals. >> reporter: they think the record-shattering 73 wins is still within reach. do you believe it's still possible with this loss? >> absolutely do. it will definitely be a very exciting game. i think we will still beat the 73 record. >> the warriors are 62-7. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. jeremy sent this photo of his daughter before the game but her sad face probably just about sums up warriors fans tonight. you can send your ws photos using #ws on 7 and abc7 now and
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we may share them on air or online. abc 7 sports director larry beil will have a full breakdown of the game coming up in sports, including a report from abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann in san antonio. abc 7 morning news anchor reggie aqui was at a fund-raiser that supports families dealing with children that have cancer. two of those signed steph curry jerseys went from $25,000 in an auction. that money will be used to sponsor kids with cancer to go to camp. the attacks against donald trump are taking a different turn. >> he literally represents the worst parts of america and is bringing out all the garbage. >> still to come -- the new backlash across the country against the republican front-runner for president. and the lights go down in the city. the hour-long blackout across the globe tonight in the name of climate change. plus -- [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> and later a light moment for president obama as he prepares to make an historic trip to cuba tomorrow.
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daley city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> now to your voice, your vote and the race for president. now pushback against donald trump just days before voters in arizona and utah head to the polls. abc news reporter elizabeth herr shows us the republican front-runner remains confident.
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>> reporter: a protester wearing a kkk hood sparked a fight during donald trump's rally in tucson, arizona. >> the other guy is wearing a ku klux klan outfit. he thinks it's wonderful. these are bad people. i'm telling you. >> reporter: earlier in phoenix, protesters blocked the main road leading to the rally. some chaining themselves to cars. in new york, thousands of protesters clashed with trump supporters outside the trump tower. >> he literally represents the worst parts of america and is bringing out the garbage. >> reporter: but the front-runner predicts we'll win the republican nomination. >> you know the expression, to be the future of the republican party, you have to go through trump, right? right? >> reporter: ted cruz is trying to put the brakes on the trump bandwagon now that the republican establishment is backing him. >> we should appeal to the values that unify us, that bring us together that we believe in. >> reporter: john kasich still
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in the case, disagrees. >> i don't frankly care about polls. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders toured the border area in arizona, dismissing any talk of the democrats uniting behind hillary clinton. >> some of the largest states in the country like california, new york state, oregon, washington state, they have not yet cast a vote. >> reporter: vermont senator continuing his campaign in phoenix saturday night. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. the father of a northern california man who helped stop a gunman on a french train. he may have saved lives. his father brian stone is one of three men indicted yesterday. investigators say he helped facilitate faulty insurance claims for sacramento area buildings set on fire. two others have also been charged. a documentary about a deadly disease that's affected 1 in 12 asian americans had its oakland
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premiere today. abc 7 news was at the new parkway theater for a screening of "be about it." it follows to fathers living with chronic hepatitis b including alan wang. he was born with hep b but has now been treated and is living a healthy life. his goal, get more screened. >> it's been called the silent killer because people haven't spoken up enough about it. it kills 800,000 people a year. can you imagine if something like the zika virus killed close to a million people a year how many people would be lined up at their doctor's office. >> the film will be shown at festivals around the world. one of san francisco's most well known landmarks turned dark for an hour. they started earth hour ten years ago as a way to do something small to show concern for the environment and climate change. the lights went out at the golden gate bridge, city hall, the bay bridge and coit tower
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have all gone dark in years past but not tonight. more than 360 landmarks across the world went dark. here's times square where the lights were dimmed. bay area commercial crabsmen finally have a reason to be happy. these traps are empty now but this time next week they could be entirely different. the entire bay area commercial fishermen can start laying crab traps next saturday. the commercial crab season has been suspended since november because of a toxic algae bloom. and meteorologist drew tuma is right there with a look at the weather forecast. drew? >> we are going to talk about a little bit of rain headed our way for the second half of the weekend. live doppler 7 hd quiet at the moment. still several hours from first drops hitting the ground. a live look on this saturday night from our emeryville camera showing you low clouds across the bay under partly cloudy skies. a lot spots with our temperatures are comfortably
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cool in the 50s. 55 in oakland. 55 san jose. novato, checking in with a temperature of 50 degrees. with those clouds in place and thickening overnight, it's going to keep a lot of this heat near the surface. a lot of spots are going to stay in the 50s which are starting temperatures for sunday morning. storm impact scale. rain into the forecast on sunday. it's a minimal storm. a one. a light storm on the storm impact scale. light showers. and most spots going to end up with less than a quarter inch of rain. let's time this out on sunday. hour by hour on future weather, 10:00 in the morning, the bulk of the activity confined to the north bay for the start of sunday. into the early afternoon the showers will spread south. by 2:00, it's south of the golden gate. very light in nature. then this front falls apart as we head toward 7:00 on sunday. the rain is out of here but we'll hang on to much of the cloud cover for our sunday. so highs, the south bay will be
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the last spot to see the rain. that means the warmest. near 70 in san jose. 67 in fremont. a cool 59 in san rafael and lakeport going to high of 58. and then tracking another storm for monday. on our storm impact scale, not a blockbuster time by any means. still a 1. a light storm with scattered showers and most spots going to end up with less than a quarter inch of rain. time this out for you. future weather shows you monday morning the early call for the monday morning rush looks like most spots will be dry. fair amount of cloud cover overhas. by monday afternoon, that's when we introduce the chance of widely scattered showers throughout the region. light in nature and still that chance will linger into late monday evening. by 8:00, could see showers developing and crossing through the bay area. add those two storms together, future tracker rainfall shows you most locations going to end up with about half an inch of rain or less. the only exception, the north
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bay where showers last the longest. could get close to three-quarters inch of rain. minimal snowfall. into the sierra, future tracker snowfall, kirkwood, perhaps ten inches of snow. donner, six inches. once you get toward lake level, 1 to 3 inches of snow could be expects. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow a 1. a lot storm on the storm impact scale. light showers out there. by sunday, another storm moves in here. just scattered showers. still a 1 on the storm impact scale. add the two storms together, generally most places less than half an inch of rain. tuesday morning perhaps a lingering shower. afternoon sunshine. by wednesday, clearing skies. and our temperatures take off. by thursday, by friday, it's sunshine and warm. by saturday, one week from today, a spring-like pattern takes hold. lots of 70s on the board. welcome the first day of spring. scattered showers. the second half of the seven-day forecast, we dry out, warm up and brighten out our skies. >> drew, thank you.
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a red curtain dropped at the silicon valley comic-con today. one was a wax statue. the other was the real waz himself. the video was provided by comic-con. the statue of the apple co-founder then joined that of steve jobs for selfies. comic-con wraps up tomorrow. larry beil is here today. and -- >> unless i'm a wax statue? >> larry beil. >> look like the real larry beil to me. >> yeah. wish the real steph curry was in
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san antonio tonight. he's done some amazing things this season. not this evening. smothered and
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♪ good evening. warrior losses have become so rare, it's surprising when they do drop a game. a tough task in san antonio tonight. spurs came in with a perfect home record and warriors went in without an injured andrew bogut. pupil versus teacher. turnovers a problem for san antonio. steph curry with the steal and drive and score. final seconds of the first quarter, livingston forces another turnover then hits the base line jumper. this play tells the story of the first half. curry missing a layup.
11:29 pm
kwai len ard runout jam. clay hits the third. tied at 55. the spurs sign lamarcus aldridge to do that. he goes for 26. spurs pull away late. under a minute to go. curry 1 of 12 on threes. held to 14 points. spurs win their 44th straight at home. tim duncan hardly played. ws fall to 62-7. mike shumann with the wrap-up from san antonio. >> tough loss for the warriors in san antonio. almost a must-win for the spurs as the warriors came in undermanned. namely no andrew bogut. i asked steph curry how much they missed andrew. >> we missed him. we wanted to be at full strength but when other guys are out, he knows what he has to do to step up. same thing -- same thought we have to have, the guys that suit up. know what we need to do in the
11:30 pm
game plan to win. >> missed him and andre. both add a great dimension to our team. especially our bitigs. so good on the glass and protecting the rim. they'll be healthy soon. we know it's going to make us better. >> the hardest part is when you think about the little things. one basketball that goes here, turnover there. miscommunication on switches. that can be the difference between winning and losing. >> mike shumann, abc 7 sports. another teacher and pupil game in the women's ncaa. stanford/usf. result was similar. proctor had 13 for the lady gons all cardinal after that. thompson led with 17. erica mccall for 14 and 10. cardinal in control up 18 at the break. afterwards hugs. stanford rolls, 85-58. they'll face south dakota state
11:31 pm
which upset miami for a sweet 16 berth monday. one big upset in the men's side. 11th seed conzagga rolls over utah. zags with the steal. a game high 22 points for mcclellan. this surprising zags team. they are into the sweet 16. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> larry, thank you. searching for sierra lamar. why searchers are optimistic tonight even four years after the bay area teen disappeared. could it soon be illegal to text and walk? the town considering cracking down on what they call a high-risk habit. we'll be right back.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. police in dublin say there could be more arrests in a sex trafficking ring. they arrested a man and woman accused of running a sophisticated illegal brothel out of a new luxury apartment complex in dublin. five young women were rescued and taken to a women's shelter. live doppler 7 hd not very active right now but tomorrow rain will start in the north bay in the morning and make its way south through the afternoon. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking it and will join us with the hour by hour forecast. happening overnight, caltrans will close down part of highway 101 in burlingame to finish tearing down an overpass.
11:36 pm
southbound lanes from broadway to millbrae will be closed down from 1:00 to 7:00 in the morning. traffic is being redirected on to a new overpass. sierra lamar was last seen four years ago this week headed for school in morgan hill. she never made it. searchers continue their effort to find any trace of her. cornell bern ard has the story. >> they can start right here. >> reporter: many of these dedicated volunteer searchers have done this before. >> i've been here since the first search. >> reporter: nicole never new sierra lamar but has dedicated her free time to finding her. >> just a regular girl and just goes missing. you just feel for the family and want to be a part of that. >> any luck up there? >> reporter: weekly searches remember suspended last year but resumed today for a difficult anniversary. she disapeered on her way to school four years ago this week. her body was never found. this large piece of property off uvis road has never been
11:37 pm
searched before. >> it's just right off the road. it's secluded. it's been an area of interest for us for the longest time. >> reporter: it was a favorite spot for lamar's suspected kidnapper and murderer. >> he had been seen out by uvis because that's the area he liked to finish. >> think of sierra and missing sierra. >> reporter: sierra's dad steve was not searching today but can't thank volunteers enough for never giving up hope. >> couldn't be more grateful and they are like family members now. >> reporter: antolin garcia torres is awaiting trial. even after the final verdict is read, these volunteers say they'll keep searching for clues and answers. >> want to keep hope alive and also just try to bring closure to the family. >> reporter: for them, the search goes on. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. authorities in turkey say two american citizens were among the victims in a suicide attack on the streets of istanbul.
11:38 pm
the morning attack happened on the main pedestrian shopping street. five people died including a couple who held dual israeli-american citizenship. the bomb exploded outside a government office and caught a group of israeli tourists who had just eaten breakfast. terrorism has been ruled out as the cause of friday's airline crash in russia. investigators have recovered both flight recorders. the boeing 737 was coming from dubai and went down in south russia near the ukrainian border. all 62 on board were killed. surveillance captured the moment the crash happened as the plane burst into flames. no official cause but investigators say one likely factor was the strong wind gusting to near hurricane levels. the faa and alaska airlines are trying to find out how one woman's phone burst into flames on board a flight. anna is a college sophomore flying from bellingham, washington, to hawaii for spring break thursday night. the flight was 90 minutes away from landing and over the
11:39 pm
pacific ocean with no warning her iphone 6 caught fire. >> like eight-inch flames coming off my phone. i flipped it on to the ground. it got under someone else's feet. the flames were getting higher. a bunch of people stood up. >> flight attendants quickly put that fire out and landed safely. we've all done it, texting while walking. some lawmakers are trying to crack down on what they call a high-risk habit. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: tonight a new push to make this a criminal offense. distracted walking. >> even headphones are bad. you aren't really paying attention to where you're really going. >> reporter: so dangerous -- >> i've been caught a couple of times about to get hit by a car. >> reporter: a new jersey assembly woman introduced a bill making violators subject to a $50 fine or 15 days in jail. >> doesn't matter if you have the right of way. if you are in a crosswalk your
11:40 pm
phone has to be put away and you have to be hands-free. our abc cameras rolling as one after the other in just an hour, pedestrians caught texting in new york city where it is legal. this as cameras capture mishaps of distracted walking. this man nearly runs into a bear in a california neighborhood while the fast-moving robber in london takes advantage of this guy's distraction. >> a 10% spike in pedestrian fatalities in the first six months of last year. experts calling cell phone distraction a big problem. >> the smartphone is the newest and one of the most dangerous forms of distraction. >> lawmakers hoping to stop this increasingly dangerous habit in its tracks. kendis gibson, abc news, new york. tomorrow president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in 88 years. ♪ cubans practiced the american
11:41 pm
national anthem today. the president's historic visit kicks off a big week in the former cold war foe. nearly a year ago, the white house normalized relations with cuba for the first time in years. he'll meet with raul castro and address the cuban people. cubans are excited about the trip hoping he brings a better future. economic changes are already beginning. today connecticut-based starwood hotels announced it will renovate and run three hotels in cuba. it's the first time a u.s. chain will run a hotel there in more than a half century. >> this is president obama. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the u.s. embassy released a phone call between president obama and cuba's famed comedy character panfil popp the comedian wanted to find out if it would rain during an exhibition game between the tampa bay raise and cuban national game but somehow got connected to the white house
11:42 pm
instead. david muir will anchor from cuba starting tomorrow night. see his reports at 5:30 here on abc 7. instagram has a new user tonight. the pope. yep, pope francis joined this morning. this was his first post. since then the 79-year-old quickly has been accumulating followers. he already has more than a million. birds in trouble. caltrans working with wildlife advocates to help save hundreds of birds who could build their nest beneeths a bridge. the problem, it's under construction. we're on eagle watch. another little eaglet could hatch any minute. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. also on storm watch after a dry start to the weekend. now tracking rain for the second half on sunday. we'll time it out for
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if no cliffs are around, bird -- cliff swallows will build their nests under bridges. a great habitat unless that bridge is under construction. that's just what happened in petaluma. jonathan bloom tells us about a possible resolution between birds and commuters. >> reporter: they may be called swallows but they don't swallow the mud they collect. they spit it out in build these intricate nets. >> to watch them build their colonies of nests is to watch a busy group of architects. >> reporter: but the blueprint has gotten more complicated. it started three years ago when caltrans began construction to
11:46 pm
widen the u.s. 101 bridge over the petaluma river. >> the bridge is home to some of the most congested traffic. >> reporter: it's also home to some 800 nesting swallows who miberate here from argentina. >> their drive to continue nesting there is very intense, and they will do anything they can to achieve that goal. >> when contractors put up nests to keep the birds out. >> that netting has opening that's about a half inch in diameter. it's just enough for them to squeeze their little head in there and get stuck. >> after nearly 100 birds died, wildlife advocates sued caltrans and won a settlement. they'd use solid barriers and let experts monitor the site every day. they'll remove a nest by hand before it's finished. >> any cost of monitoring is far better than the cost of holding this project up because of any lawsuit. >> reporter: caltrans is working. no swallows killed or injured in
11:47 pm
almost two years. and now -- >> we're aiming to get out of that area. that's a preferred nesting location by the end of this month. >> reporter: just in time for the birds to start their construction. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we're on baby eagle watch tonight. this is a live look at the eagles nest at the national arboretum in washington, d.c. they are awaiting their second eaglet. the second egg has begun to hatch and could emerge any time now. they've been taking turns sitting on the egg. that is the parents. here's the older brother. this little guy hatched yesterday morning. boy, is he hungry. what's the weather going to be like around here as we definitely switch subjects, drew tuma. >> not only subjects but seasons. we're into spring and tracking spring showers. live doppler 7 hd. partly cloudy skies.
11:48 pm
here's a little rain with that cold front that will move on shore and bring light rain. for sunday, showers on and off. 66 in palo alto. 65 oakland. 63 san francisco and 62 the high in napa. storm impact scale, light storms. sunday and monday and most spots when you total them together, less than a half an inch of rain. future weather hour by hour for you tomorrow, sunday morning 10:00, that rain moves onshore first in the north bay. light in nature. sinks south of golden gate. by 2:00. scattered showers across the region. this front quickly pulls away. 7:00 on sunday drying out. overcast skies. the next storm moves in on monday. monday afternoon, widely scattered light showers as we head back to work and school. sunday and monday light scattered showers on the storm impact scale. lingering shower tuesday morning. otherwise by wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday nothing but sunshine and warming temperatures back most spots into the 70s.
11:49 pm
>> real spring. >> it's here. well, real basketball? i don't know. looked kind of ugly. >> good defense will shut down good offense and a lot of cases. the warriors had a chance to take a stranglehold on the top seed. the alamo was built out of stone. it was brick house for the warriors in the alamo city. sports next.
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the two best teams in the nba met in san antonio. when they squared off in january in oakland, the warriors spanked the spurs by 30. very different story tonight back in san antonio. steve ker versus his venter gregg popovich. the warriors shooting struggles. 9 of 36 on 3s. tied the score at 55. splash brothers combine for 70 against dallas on friday.
11:53 pm
only 29 against the spurs. without bogut, the warriors outrebounded. diaw following up his own miss. ws 9 of 36 on threes. harrison barnes makes it a one-point game. lamarcus aldridge, though, rises and fires. he had 26. under a minute to go. k curry misses another three. spurs win their 44th in a row at home. 84-79. warriors 62-7. here's mike shumann in san antonio. >> tough duty for the warriors in san antonio. their loss to the spurs. they didn't have iguodala, bogut. after the game i had a chance to talk with head coach steve kerr. you were undermanned and yet still had a chance to win this game. >> i'm proud of our guys. everything was stacked against us tonight. we competed the whole way through. it wasn't our night. we didn't make some of the shots we usually make and also played a great defensive team.
11:54 pm
they forced us into some bad shots, too. with all that said and done and we come down to the last few minutes with a chance to win, it's impressive. >> any time it's a tough game you think playoffs. and it was obviously a tough game. well played game. they defended well. we defended well. and both teams executed. couldn't hit the shots we normally make. in that sense it was a playoff atmosphere. always tough -- every game here is a playoff atmosphere. that's how the crowd is going to approach every game. >> on to minnesota for the warriors. mike shumann, abc 7 sports. kentucky and indiana. ferrell went for 18 for the hoosiers. then to thomas bryant for the jam. 15 of his 19 came in the final eight minutes. indiana wins. kentucky's earliest tournament
11:55 pm
exit since 2008. the sharks no longer have the worst home record in the conference but the playoff contenders better hope it stays that way. a back-to-back at the tank starting this afternoon. second period power play. nice no-look pass. then ward goes top shelf with a 1-0 san jose. it's ex-shark dan boyle with the backhand to make it 1-1 after two. henrik lundqvist, 44 saves. the sharks explode. three goals in the third. denied thornton on the rebound. joe pawelski bachks it off lund quist and in. the sharks to a 4-1 win. they'll host arizona tomorrow. to the pitch -- quakes and galaxy. two minutes of stoppage time. 2:03. simon dawkins gets called for a red card. quakes down a man the entire second half. 62nd minute, mike magee taps it
11:56 pm
to zardas for his second goal of the game. nice hair. like to get a streak like that myself going. galaxy wins, 3-1. more than just rain lurking during the third round of the bay hill invitational. adam scott won the last two tour events in florida. probably not going to happen for a third time in a row. splash landing on 18. triple bogey. he's 9 back. they are chasing jason day. 2 under today including this chip-in on 8. minus 15 and two shots ahead of a trio including henrik stenson. after missing a start with rib and foot injuries, baumgartner on the hill. jed lowrie with a ground rule double for the a's lead. gave up five runs. billy butler, country breakfast. two-run homer. his first bomb of the spring.
11:57 pm
baumgarner in, 2 2/3. he said he felt fine. the a's beat the reds, 7-6. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> a chance to get that all fixed before the really season starts. >> balm gaumgarner and the warr. >> thanks for joining us. for drew and schu and larry, have a great night.
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(david) the trial was lost. i didn't lose it. the department has decided you need to take a leave of absence. previously on "scandal"... (david) i just want to know how she did it. olivia. we won this case. quinn is going to live, and despite popular opinion around here, that is a good thing. ready to work across the hall from the molotov mistress? (telephone rings) how are you? fine, except my married ex-boyfriend keeps calling me.


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