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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  March 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this is abc7 news. it's sunday, march 20th. good morning and thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. carolyn has the day off. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen she's tracking the potential for rain. good morning. >> the hi, chris. some spring showers in the north bail for you by cloverdale, generaller and sea ran. you see the flow from the southwest to the northeast. but really it's confined not far north bay. we go further to the south and east and around penngrove and highway 101, a few alight returns, maybe a few scattered showers. more showers offshore. as the system moves into the coast, it will continue to weaken. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. meaning it's a light one. it will bring light showers from a tenth to half ininch total
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with the two systems. so as we look outside in had fran right now, you will notice we do have some sunshine. it's mild in the 50s. in fact a little muggy. mid-and upper 60s today with the chance of showers. i'll time it out for you in a few minutes. chris. >>s lisa, thank you. you can use the free abc7 news app to track the weather powered by el nino and receive push alerts to receive breaking information. we have resource toss plan for the storms at blakeing news in downtown oakland. police are investigating a fatal shooting after a man was found dead this morning. the media partner, the oakland tribune, reports the man was found just after 34:00 a.m. police are still trying to identify the victim. gnome arrests have been made.
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now to dublin, police say a sex ring was being operated out of an apartment complex. neighbors told us they didn't know what was going on, even after police and fbi agents raided the building on friday. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has more. >> here from the new luxury apartment building across the street and the bart station a sex trafficking business operating out of an apartment. >> honestly? i'm flabbergasted. i don't know what to think now. something like that can be happening right next door to me? >> dublin police followed i am on a tip about prostitution back in august. undercover officers and the fbi investigated. and on friday morning they stormed into six locations around the bay area with search warrants. they arrested 45-year-old curtis ng and 49-year-old shelly yu they are charged with pimping, pandering and conspiracy. five young women, mostly from china, were rescued and taken to a women's shelter. two clients, middle-aged men who were visiting the brothels during the raid, were also arrested. >> this was very sophisticated
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as far as the operation portion of it and arranging diffferent locations. >> the locations included sam mateo, hayward and san leandro. police say the apartments were stashed with condoms and suitcases filled with lingerie, the bedrooms had mattresses on the floor and incense. >> it is very surprising. s this is more of an upscale building. >> you also think you are living in a nice area, an upscale building. a security building. it's concerning because how did they get in and out of the building? >> this investigation could lead to more arrests and more victims. in dublin, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. in san jose a car went out of control and slammed into a about building and a garage. it happened yesterday afternoon on miles court. the neighbor said it came been five feat from where he was standing. >> i heard a car revving up and i was getting out of my car.
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i turned around, and it missed my car, swerved between the two and hit the building actually where i lived. >> he said the car then took off again into the garage door at the home where it was originally parked. no one was hurt. the driver told witnesses there was a problem with the car's gas pedal. the chp has yet to release the name of a woman who fell 80 feet off the san thomas expressway in san jose. it happened around 2:00 p.m.ed yesterday on the winchester boulevard on-ramp to the expressway. the woman was on a scooter and all of a sudden began wobbling. she hit the wall and tumbled to the ground below. she was not wearing any identification. about. >> a walmart in milpitas had to be evacuated after their solar panels caught on fire. it happened early yesterday. witness video showed smoke pouring from the roof, but there were no reports of injuries. investigators are checking out the extent of the damage. if you see news happening where you live, take a picture or video using the #abc7news, and we may use it on air.
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police are looking for a bank proper who may be connected to several other robberies in the dublin area. a security camera captured this photo on tuesday. it was' safeway. police said he approached the u.s. bank teller and demanded money. police believe he's connected to robberies in the central valley and bay area, including pleasanton and concord. it's going to be more of the same for bart riders for at least another day as the agency deals with an unexplained power outage. the outage took 55 trains out of service on wednesday and bart is trying to recover using shorter trains. the problem is on the tracks between north concord and bay point, but engineers can't figure out what's causing a power surge that fries a particular part of a train. >> developing news in santa rosa, the public works department is trying to fix an early morning water hadmain break.
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it's college avenue between north street and monroe avenue. witnesses report hundreds of gallons of water flowing into the street just before 2:00 this morning. a traffic detour on college avenue is expected to be in effect until about noon today. >> lowest point total of the season for golden state. >> it's an outcome dub nation hasn't had to deal with very often this season. last night the warriors lost to the spurs. abc7 news reporter tiffany wilson watched the game with fans and has their reaction to the dubs' seventh loss of the season. >> going in fans knew it would be a tough game. the warriors haven't won a regular season game in san antonio since 1997. throughout the game the crowd was relatively quiet. >> usually by third, fourth quarter we have a handle on things so i'm not concerned right now.hope. dub it nation held on to hope and reveled in the experience with friends despite a
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lackluster experience on the court. >> when i'm with my friend, it's always fun. >> watching the warriors is a source of pride by anthony. >> i used to be made fun of by my brothers all the time when i was younger for being such a big warriors fan because obviously we know that our history doesn't the have the success they are having the last few years. now they are on the bandwagon and i'm kind of rubbing it in their face. >>s he already has this 8-year-old believing gold. >> do you want to be a splash brother when you grow up? >> yeah. >> second half, more nail biting. >> it's kind. an ugly game. >> and stress eating. >> a lot of chips and guacomole and salsa. in a few big trays drew cheers, and then disappointments. final score, 87-79. >> it's all right. we will come back and still be in the finals. it's already. >> and the fans think 73 season wins is still within reach. >> do you think it's possible with this loss? >> i absolutely do. it will be interesting. but it will be a very exciting game and i think we will beat the 73 record. >> the warriors are 62-7.
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in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> abc7 news viewer jeremy sent us this photo of his daughter before the game, but her sad face probably sums up the feelings of warriors fans last night. you can send us your dubs photo using the #dubson7. and abc7now. we may use them on air or online. and abc7 news anchor reggie was at a fundraiser last night. it supports families who have children with cancer. two of these signed steph curry jerseys went for $25,000 at an auction. that money will be used to sponsor kids with cancer to go to camp. >> a lot of people out in oakland right now for the running festival. >> the south wind and high dewpoint and it's really mild. mid-and upper 50s with sunshine but it's raining in parts of the north bay. how far south with the rain reach? and there's another system behind this one and we have a
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spring-like forecast to talk about, as well. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, attacks against donald trump. the new backlash across the country against the presidential frontrunner. [foreign language] >> this is president obama. >> and later a light moment for president obama as he prepared to make his historic trip to huber ball today. we will have a live report from havana. >> today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep
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this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. we are looking live outside from our abc 7 roof camera. you see the flag atop the ferry building is moving around with the wind out there. lisa argen returns with the full accuweather forecast in just a few moments. >> with two days to go before the roast in arizona andity, wither hearing more about the campaign about trying to prevent donald trump from getting the nominations. >> overnight live skirmishes from this donald trump rally in tucson. watch as this man is pulled stott ground, punched and
9:14 am
kicked. then just minutes later trump's campaign manager confronts another protester and appears to grab him by the collar, as seen in this video. this morning he is defending him, saying the individual he was speaking with was pulled from behind to the man from his left, and mr. trump does not condone violence at his rallies. in arizona protesters lining up on the highway lead towing trump's rally, using their own cars to bring traffic to a standstill. >> three are in still. >> in charge of security, controversial sheriff joe. >> the next president of the united states, it's not going to happen, not in this town. >> and in new york thousands of anti-trump forces gathered in front evidence trump tower. and trump, not even there. >> go out on tuesday and vote.
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>> rising tensions just two days before the next primary. big prize, winner-take-all in arizona. >> we are going to build the wall and we are going to stop it. it's going to end. >> immigration is taking center stage on both ends of the aisle. >> the so-called immigration problem we face today at this tick moment is a trumped up and exaggerate problem. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. a documentary about a deadly disease that affects 1 in 10 asian americans made its debut in the oakland area yesterday. a documentary follows two living with hepatitis b, including alan wang. he was born with it, but has been treatmented and is now living a normal and healthy life. his goal is to get more people screened. >> hepatitis b is called the silent killer. people haven't spoken enough about it. it kills 800,000 people a year.
9:16 am
can you imagine if the zika virus killed close to a million people a year how many people would be lined up tell doctors offices? >> the festivals will be shown around the world. there will be a memorial service for a dog who died two days ago in san francisco. roscoe said he was recording an incident between a safeway security guard and a man accused of shoplifting at the store. that's when the guard went after him and then kicked roscoe. roscoe ran away and was later hit and killed by a car. today they plan to hold a memorial for roscoe in front of the store at 3:00 this afternoon. one of san francisco's most well-known landmarks turned dark for an hour last night. organizers started earth hour ten years ago as a way to do something small to show concern for the environment and climate change. the lights went out at the
9:17 am
golden gate bridge. more than 360 landmarks around the world took part. here's a look at time square in new york where the lights of dimmed. bay area commercial craft fishermen finally have a season to be happy. abc news was at fishermen's wharf yesterday. the traps are empty now, but this time next weekend could be a different story. the health department said the bay area commercial fishermen can start laying crab traps next saturday. it has been suspended because of a toxic algae bloom. 9:17, the time. weather-wise you are tracking some rain on the way? >> that's right. we have two systems. one today and one tomorrow. they are both pretty weak. a 1 on our storm impact scale. we rate the storms from 1 to 5. this will be just a trace to a tenth of an inch, to perhaps a half-inch by the time both about systems move through late tomorrow. the winds of breezy out of the
9:18 am
south. that's allowed for the atmosphere to stay rather warm and moist up to the north. and a couple cells holding together nicely in sonoma county. along the coast we have moderate rain bodega bay, fort ross. this is moving to the north and east so we around going to get a whole lot across the bay. we are looking at santa rosa some scattered light showers. there's some mist and drizzle around forest knowles. and off the k coast there is still some returns. with will see some lights shower activity on the peninsula, the coast. this is sfo right now where no problems exist, but very mild numbers. 59 degrees half moon bay. gusty winds in the higher elevations. as a result temperatures climb into the mid-and upper 60s. vantage point from high above
9:19 am
the sutro tower camera, plenty of cloud cover. some peaks of sun with the cool spot santa rosa could see some scattered showers. 54 for you. it's been running kind of cool in livermore in the low 50s. low 50s by the dealt all with the breezesy winds and 58 novato. 57, i should say, and 58 in napa. how much warmer? anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees warmer due to the southerly winds. the dewpoints are high. had feels a little muggy out there. you head a little further north and you will run into some mist and drizzle. scattered showers mainly north this morning, but the chance of showers everywhere today and tomorrow. then we had will lack for sunny and warmer conditions the rest of the week. feeling much like spring with numbers above average. so the next couple of hours the focus, once again, still north from cloverdale, the santa rosa. but you will see some showers slipping into the city, programs around golden gates park and half moon bay, pacifica. this is 6:00. you can see not a lot of
9:20 am
activity in concord, livermore, san jose. maybe a spritzle. and through the evening hours a lot of cloud cover. the next system is a little bit later to make it into the north bay, 11:00. so your commute doesn't look too bad in the morning. by 1:00 a few more showers. by evening it looks okay but the showers are still hit and miss throughout the rest of the the overnight hours. the first system very light precip. in fact maybe nothing at all. the focus is to the north. the quarter of inch in novato, maybe half-inch santa rosa. we have a winter weather advisory for the west slopes of the sierra nevada. very windy conditions and through tomorrow we will see 13 ininches kirkwood, 12 inches in donner. snow levels continue to lower. in the 40s there now. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, a 1 on our storm impact scale today. tomorrow very lights scattered precip around the bay, mainly in
9:21 am
the north bay and a chance for showers on tuesday. look at the rest of the week, though, chris. you know it's spring with those temperatures. >> yeah. a fitsing start to the spring season too with the showers. >> hopefully it won't last. we want more rain. >> thank you, lisa. a reminder when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now. that will help us finds your content and use it on air or online on coming up, the bay area tech help him had legend's special honor.
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>> welcome back. take a look at this overturned school bus. it was carrying 21 next of an indiana high school basketball team and six adults. another car on the road sideswiped the bus, which ended upside-down in a ditch. the driver of that car lost control after spilling a drink on herself. she then hilt the bus with the team inside. they were headed to the state semifinal game. all people on board were able to escape, despite the bus being upside down with its roof collapsed. they were all taken to the hospital, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt. apple fans, it's that time of year again. the tech giant is unveiling new
9:25 am
products tomorrow. earlier this month apple sent out invites to the event with the message "let us loop you in." it's rumored that a new i-phone, ipad and straps will be revealed. the new i-phone is expected to be a four-inch device called the i-phone s.e. that's for "special edition." a red curtain dropped at the silicon valley comic-con yesterday to reveal two steve wosniaks. one was a wax statue and the other one was the real one. the statue is courtesy of san francisco. this video was provided to us by comic-con. he then joined the wax statue of steve jobs for selfies. comic-con wraps up today. >> the faa and alaska airlines is trying to find out how one woman's phone burst into flames on a flight. she was flying on thursday.
9:26 am
the flight was just 90 minutes away from landing and over the pacific ocean when, with no warning, her i-phone 6 caught on fire. >> there were like eight-inch flames coming off my phone. i flipped it on the floor. it got under someone else's feet. the flames got higher and a bunch of people stood up. >> flight attendant quickly put the fire out. no one was hurt and the flight landed safely. >> we have much more ahead. searching for siera lamar. why researchers are optimistic this morning, even four years after she disappeared. >> and president obama is traveling to cuba today.
9:27 am
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it. >> it's great to have you with us. i'm chris nguyen. carolyn has the day off. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking live doppler hd. good morning, lisa. >> hi, chris. we have a line of showers in the north bay. yellow here. southwest ward along the coast. this continues to push up into a north and easterly direction. so heels berg and santa rosa getting your head wet. and a few spotty showers from yountville and sonoma. as we go further south the line of showers begins to fall aparted. not as impressive. we will continue to see more
9:30 am
moisture pumped up to the north bay. scattered showers in the east bay. the south bay not so much. that's why it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. a weak system today, anywhere from a tenth inch of rain to half-inch. this combines today's system and tomorrow's system. two wet weather systems to be talked about. it will be innovating the bay area in the afternoon with mild temperatures. mid-and upper 60s. we will track them for you in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. president obama is going to cuba today for a historic two-day visit. the trip comes 15 months after he announced the restoration of diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba. abc news reporter marcy gonzales is in havana with more of what we can expect. >> hi, chris. president obama will the first u.s. president to visit cuba in about 930 years. he's scheduled to arrive in about four and a half hours.
9:31 am
his visit is bringing a lot of excitement and some controversy. along with the sounds and sights of cuba, a touch of americana. signs of optimism and support ahead his trip to the island. >> the president will be joined by the first family as he takes first steps in trying to normalize relations after decades of tension between the u.s. and the authoritarian castro regime. today the focus in part on potential trade and business opportunities, and along with a castro, president obama will meet with political dissidents. >> and to encourage them to continue to fight for human rights that we enjoy in this country. >> but with political arrests ongoing, opponents say president obama is going back on his word that he would not travel to cuba until after human rights were
9:32 am
improved. and critics had question whether the people will benefit from his visit and the thaw between the two nations. >> he needs to be able to speak to the cuban people, call for free elections, calling for a more liberal economic system that will bring prosperity because communist has never done anything good for anybody. >> and president obama will give a nationally televised speech on tuesday. just before that much-anticipated baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. we are live in havana, abc7 news. chris, back to you. marcy, aim sure it's been an eye-opening trip for you. are you getting a sense how the cuban people are feeling about the president's visit? >> yeah, chris. absolutely. this is still an oppressed society so we wouldn't expect to hear a lot of opposition. but everyone we have spoken to say they are genuinely excited
9:33 am
about his visit. especially those who work in tourism here. chris. >> thank you for your live reports all throughout the morning from havanna. about >> the man suspected of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar is headed back to court tomorrow. lamar was last season four years ago heading to school in morgan hill, but she never made it. yesterday search crews continued to find any trace of her. cornell barnard has the story. >> you can start here and work your way this way. >> many searchers have done it before. >> i've been here since the first start. >> nicole never new sierra lamar, but she dedicated her free time to finding her. she was a regular girl and going missing, and you feel for the family and i want to be a part of that. >> any luck up there? >> weekly searches were suspended last year, but resumed for a difficult anniversary. 15-year-old sierra vanished on her way to school four years ago. her body was never found. >> our main point is to bring siera home. >> this large piece of property
9:34 am
off uvas road has never been searched before. >> it's right off the road, it's secluded. it's been an area of interest for us for the longest time. >> he said it was a favorite spot for the suspected kidnapper and murderer. >> anton had been seen here because apparently that's the area he liked to fish. >> thinking about sierra and missing her. siera's dad, steve, was not searching, but thanked volunteers enough for never giving up hope. >> we can't thank volunteers enough for never giving up hope. >> couldn't be more grateful. they are like family members now. >> the suspect is awaiting trial. but even after the final verdict is read, they say they will keep searching for clues and answers. >> we want to keep hope alive and also try to bring some closure to the family. >> for them the search goes on. in morgan hill, cornell barnard, abc7 news. new this morning, pope francis is marking palm sunday
9:35 am
at the vatican in rome. rome is the top italian destination travel location during easter week. thousands of catholics attended this morning and many people took home small olive and palm branches, which are symbols of peace. palm sunday marks the start of holy week. >> we've all done it, texting while driving. it may not be allowed in some places much longer. some are trying to crack down on what they call a high risk habit. candice gibson has the story. >> reporter: a new push to make this is criminal offense. >> even headphones are bad. headphones are bad because you are not paying attention to where you are really going. >> so dangerous. >> i've been caught a couple times, about to get hit by a
9:36 am
car. >> a new jersey assemblywoman introduced a bill making violators subject to a $50 fine or 15 days in jail. doesn't matter if you have the right away. the bill states if you are in a crosswalk, your phone has to be put away and you have to be hands-free. >> our abc cameras rolling as one after the other in just an hour, pedestrians caught texting in new york city where it is legal. this is camera-captured mishaps of people distracted while walking. this man nearly runs into a bear. and a robber takes advantage of this guy's distraction. recent numbers show a 10% spike in pedestrian fatalities in the first six months of last year. experts calling cell phone distraction a big problem. >> the smartphone is the newest and one of the most dangerous forms of distraction. >> now lawmakers hoping to stop this increasingly dangerous habit in its tracks. abc news, new york. >> here's a live look outside from our sutro tower camera this
9:37 am
morning. lisa argen will have your full accuweather forecast coming up. >> the abc7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive
9:38 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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welcome back. a quick look outside from our golden gate bridge camera. traffic is starting to pick up as drivers make their way to and from marin. drivers likely wearing jackets to shield them from the breeze. lisa returns in a little bit with the full accuweather forecast. >> a second baby eagle has been born.
9:40 am
this is a live look at the eagle's nest at the national arboretum in washington, d.c. mom and dad, named mr. president and the first lady, welcomed their second eaglette early in morning. the two will end up fledging from the nest this summer. take a look at the older brother. this guy hatched on friday. 9:40 is our time. weather-wise we just saw the live picture from the golden gate bridge. we could see the flag waving around. >> that's right. south winds out ahead of a front that still has to push through the bay area. check out what's happening to the north bay. this is mt. tam. not only do we have fog, we have light rain and the breeze flowing. from around northern marin county to sonoma, napa, lake counties, you have the rain. we will put it all together for you for an interesting seven-day outlook come up. >> lisa, thanks. little ahead, a tough night in texas for the warriors. larry beil has highlights of the match-up between the two best teams in basketball come up
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! >> time right now is 9:43. good morning. we are showinga live picture from our sfo camera. arriving flights into sfo are delayed by an average of about 128 minutes right now. if you have friends or family coming into san francisco and you will out there to pick them up, make sure to check with the airline before you get there. in sports, the warriors will be in minneapolis to take on the timberwolves, and hoping to rebound that last night's disappointing loss to the spurs. at 62-7, the dubs still have the best record in nba history through 69 games.
9:44 am
abc7 news sports director larry beil has the highlights and post-game reaction in this morning's sports. >> good morning. warrior losses, they become so rare it's surprising when they actually drop a game. a tough task in san antonio last night. the spurs came in with a perfect home record. the warriors went in without an injured an andrew bogut. he was out with a sprained toe. steph curry, steals, weaves in and finishes with a soft flip. the final seconds, first quarter. shaun livingston. the dubs actually up by a point. but this play tells the story of the first half. curry missed the lay-up. the result, a run-out and jam. curry only 7 points, no threes in the first half. warriors down 6. klay thompson didn't hit his first three until the third quarter. and this is a bad shot for everybody not named steph curry. that tied it at 5. -- or 3555. his only three in the game. spurs signed lamarcus to do that.
9:45 am
and curry from way out. he's 1 of 12 on threes. held to 14 points, and the spurs win their 44th in a row at home. warriors fall to 62-7. abc7's mike shumann with the wrap-up from san antonio. >> tough loss for the warriors tonight here in san antonio. almost a must-win for the spurs as the warriors came in undermanned. namely no andrew bogut. after the game i asked steph curry how much they missed andrew. >> we miss him. we want to be at full strength. bo knows what he needs to do to step out and when he's out, that's the same mentality we have to have. the guys that suit up, we know what we need to do and the game plan to win. >> missed him and andre. they add so much to the team. opens especially the bigs. they are so good on the glass and protecting the rim. but they will be healthy soon. this is a good test for us. we know it will make us better. >> the hardest part of losing this way, you think about the little things.
9:46 am
one basketball that goes here, one turnover that goes there. you know, miscommunication on switches. it's like that can be the difference between winning and losing. >> reporting in san antonio, mike shumann, abc7 sports. another teacher-pupil game in the women's ncaa tournament. first-round match-up, stanford and usf. the result was similar. usf led early on the lay-up but then all cardinals. lela thompson, the lay-up and foul. led all scorers with 17 before the half. erica mccall with the runner. went 14-10. afterwards a hug. stanford rolls 85-68. they will play south dakota state, who upset miami, for a sweet 16 berth on monday >> only one major upset on the men's side in the tournament. 11th seed gonzaga rolled over utah. past eric with the finish. a game-high 22. 82-59, with the biggest margin of victory for an 11 seed or lower since 1985.
9:47 am
a double-digit seed is guaranteed. they say on syracuse versus middle tennesee state winner next weekend. that's a wrap on sports. enjoy your sunday, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> in 9:47 is the time. and weather-wise, lisa, you are trucking sunshine on the way later in the week but we have to get through some rain first? >> yeah. actually right now there's sun and rain outs there. it's pretty interesting as we look as live doppler hd and the storm impact scale. we have two systems today and tomorrow. they are both a run. we rate them 1 to 5. meaning they are week. we will see light showers anywhere from trace amounts to a tenth to perhaps a half-inch but that's in the far north bay. most of are you won't see that. as we look at live doppler 7hd you notice the yellow. its a line of showers from cloverdale back wet he westward off the coast. it's all aiming up to the north and east and missing much of the
9:48 am
bay. and what is left of it is really going to fall apart. here's good and good showers, west along guerveville. and dylan beach, bodega bay, and a few light showers eastward into glen ellen, sonoma, maybe a few scattered showers for you. and marin county looking getting wet. and mist is drizzle here. but off the coast you notice the spotty nature of the returns. so not all of this will be making it in across the bay. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. certainly looks like there's rain out there off the coast. 56 in san francisco, 57 oakland and mountain view. we have the gusty southeasterly winds. look at half moon bay at 63 degrees and 10 degrees cooler in morgan hill where you are protected from that. this is tam. you have had some showers throughout the north bay. and that will continue throughout the day. scattered, mid-50s for livermore, santa rosa 57,
9:49 am
concord 58, and napa. so we are much, much milder, anywhere from 9 degrees warmer this morning, 5 degrees warmer in napa, mountain true, and san jose a couple degrees warmer. it looks to be a nice day. no rain here, mid-60s for your high. locally scattered showers mainly north today. a chance of showers throughout the rest of the day today and tomorrow sunny and warmer throughout the rest of the week. so we have a little bit of everything for you. and the morning hours throughout the afternoon hours features most of the activity to the north. but we will see a little bit perhaps in morin, san francisco. 6:00 the peninsula, half moon bay, montara and the santa cruz mountains. perhaps a little bit of wet weather. a break overnight. this is your monday morning where the showers again confined in the north bay. heading up 80 and 50. get weather in the afternoon. scattered showers continue throughout the bulk of the afternoon w he will see some sunshine, maybe thunderstorms in the valley. then we will look at the system winding down early into tuesday
9:50 am
morning. it will be ♪ in the sierra but rainfall really not impressive here. look at this. practically nothing. south bay, peninsula, each across the east bay. but we push in the second system and notice what happens in the north bay. you will see a little bit. a quarter inch. maybe that in san carlos. but overall a pretty decent snow make we're a winter weather advisory through tuesday morning.e3 we will pick up anywhere from just a couple of inches to about a foot in donner. better than that in kirkwood. northstar you will get some too. and today's highs underneath the clouds, the scattered showers, mid, upper 60s. mild with the breezy winds. one on the storm impact scale today and tomorrow. by tuesday we are dry. wednesday, thursday and friday we are in the 60s, 07as. looks very sun in i and pleasant. and then easter is next weekend. so probably dry, as well. but we hope we will get some rain in here eventually. >> i knowed to is the first full day of spring, but i feel like it same so fast, and before we know it summer will be here too. >> exactly.
9:51 am
>> thank you, lisa. the sun stopped shining for an alamo man after the solar system at his home stopped working. when he couldn't get it fixed, he turned to "7 on your side" michael finney. it's a break in the rain. but this is no break from generating power on this day. this screen shows how much power is being generated at any given time by the solar panels. but it was a different story a few months ago when he found the power being generated was zero. >> i discovered we had stopped generating power in july. >> ray estimated he saved an average of $250 a month on his pg&e bill converting to solar. not having his solar power was costing money. a-1 solar came out to look at the problem, but ray said they didn't get back to him with a solution. the company kept asking for more time. he says nearly five months went by before he contacted "7 on your side." >> it was terrible.
9:52 am
i mean, there was nothing i could do. i called them, left messages on their phone, wrote letters. >> we contacted a-1 solar and they told us we at a-1 solar, inc, have been trying to resolve his issue all along. once we found out what the problem was, we corrected it. the company not only fixed ray's solar system, it reimbursed him more than $1,100 for his added energy costs while the system was down. >> i just think that "7 on your side" was able to influence them enough to really start moving on it. >> a-1 solar said they are glad they were able to make ray happy. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up, another unique event at levi's stadium today. why hundreds will be here on why hundreds will be here on this super sunday.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> herm are the winning numbers from last night's $80 million power play drawing. 11, 23, 43, 54, 60. the powerball number 3. nobody picked all six numbers so wednesday night'sxd jackpot gros to $90 million. and the winning numbers from last night's 7 million dollars super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all six but a ticket purchased in rohnert park matched five. that winning ticket is worth more than $11,000. wednesday's drawing goes up to $8 million.
9:56 am
happening today, levi's stadium today is hosting the bay area wedding fair. it's a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. you can find many venders. there will be a $10,000 grand prize package for one lucky bride. tickets cost $25. more than 1,000 people are expected to attend with hundreds of wedding venders. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at levi's stadium. >> it may be a good idea, lisa, to grab the jacket on wait out the door? >> that's right. breezy winds and some pretty good downpours in the north bay. looks pretty good here in san francisco. you see the flags flying. southeasterly winds are quite gusty and up on mt. tam we've had the rain drops, the breezy winds and the mist and drizzle in marin county. basically most of the active is from marin and northward. downpours from heels berg to
9:57 am
dylan beach right now, highway 101. watch out in the far north bay. it's been coming down pretty good. we go further south and you see how scattered it gets. off the coast some showers, but not all of it will reach the bay area. we will call it light, anywhere from a trace to nothing to the downpours in the north bay today. it's not going to last. it will become widely scattered. a second system tomorrow, and then question will dry out and it will be sunny and warmer the rest of the week. unfortunately most of the activity up north today. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. for carolyn tyler, i'm chris ngyen, alongside lisa argen. the news continues now online with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m.. as we say good-bye to you, we leave you with a live look outside side from our shaky camera pointed at the golden gate bridge. it's a little windy out there. until the next time we see you, make it a great day, everybody!
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