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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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more rain moving through the bay area right now. the green on live doppler 7 hd shows you where the rain is falling right now and as you see right here, it's pretty gloomy behind us. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry biel. >> i'm kristen sze. ama daetz has the day off. a short time ago the rain was really coming down. abc 7 news was in the mission district in san francisco where people were trying to take cover from all that rain. >> and here a live look from our emeryville camera. see the gray skies over the bay. little bit of sun shine, perhaps, sprinkled in there. a couple pockets. a live look from mt. tam where it is pretty windy up spencer christian with our accuweather forecast. >> there are breaks of sunshine
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here and there. live doppler 7 hd. the rainfall doesn't cough the entire bay area but we have a line of steady locally heavy showers moving on shore now moving from monterey bay through the santa cruz area up toward morgan hill and out toward mt. hamilton. just south of san jose. looks like a little bit of a break around san jose right now and up through the santa cruz mountains to the peninsula we have pockets of showers redeveloping as well. these are some of our rainfall totals for today's storm. over half an inch as you can see up north in mt. st. helena. quarter inch in santa rosa, quarter in napa as well. south bay and east bay locations received only a few hundredths of an inch so far. the totals may grow as we have showers pushing through the area. 6:00 this evening, we'll continue to see widely scattered showers becoming more widely scattered, becoming lighter into the late evening hours but still possible for some heavy downpours to pop up here and there. larry? >> all right, thank you, spencer. we'll get the full forecast from spencer just a few minutes. all this wet weather we've been having is helping fill up
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bay area reservoirs but not all of them as you can see. abc 7 news reporter laura ant n anthony live in martinez. >> reporter: despite the relatively wet weather in contra costa county in the water district, the watch remains conservation and they're offering incentives to back that up including rebates for those like this customer behind me who ripped out his lawn. the el nino winter has left its mark in some places in the east bay, but not so far at the main water storage facility for central contra costa county. the los vacaros reservoir. this group of college students was there to picnic today and told us it looked a lot different than last time they came in 2013. looks low to you? >> very low from first time i came here. >> about 50% at this point. >> reporter: unlike other northern california reservoirs that directly benefit from runoff from the high sierra, los
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vacaros is a holding pattern at least for now. >> it is a little bit digit than reservoirs like shasta because it's filled by water we pump up from the delta so it's not dependent on runoff. >> reporter: until the contra costa water district learns what its federal allocation will be, its drought management program will stay in place along with its 28% state mandated conservation rate. >> at this point in time we really want people to remember it's important to keep conserving. >> reporter: continue ustomers doing that, conserving 35%. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a very, very close call for the driver of this honda accord, what's left of it. fire officials say the man was driving south near kidrock road in sonoma county when a boulder crashed through his wind shield into the passenger seat. he veered off the highway and crashed into a tree. fire officials say amazingly, hard to believe when you look t
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that wreckage, the man was not seriously hurt. abc 7 news in walnut creek as crews were cutting down an enormous tree that fell during last sunday's storm. the 75-foot tree nearly missed the house as well as a car. the cars have been blocked in the garage all week, nothing was damaged. keep track of the weather where you live with the abc 7 news app. the app is free to download. enable push alerts to get breaking news on your phone. to president obama's historic trip to cuba. >> the commander in chief shook hands with cuban president raul castro then the pair spoke together at a joint news conference. >> abc 7 news reporter marcie gonzalez in havana with more. >> reporter: a historic handshake in havana. with the national anthems of cuba -- ♪ -- and the united states playing -- ♪ the presidents of both nations
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meeting. >> this is a new day. >> reporter: putting decades of isolation and tension in the past and working toward a more amicable future. >> absolutely confident that if we stay on this course, we can deliver a better and brighter future for both the cuban people and the american people. >> reporter: in this impoveri impoverished communist country, the president is discussing potential business opportunities and the trade embargo. >> translator: stands as the most important obstacle. that's why its removal will be of the essence to normalize bilateral relations. >> reporter: president obama telling abc news in an exclusive interview, he believes it will be lifted but not before he leaves office. president obama also discussing concerns about human rights. with political dissidents still regularly arrested for speaking out against the castro regime, some cuban-americans called president obama's visit a slap in the face. >> showing solidarity with
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castro, throwing a lifeline to those castro -- >> reporter: here in havana, we're hearing a lo t of optimis about what this could bring. tomorrow, president obama will talk directly to the cuban people in a nationally televised speech. marcie gonzalez, abc news, havana, cuban. cuban-americans in the bay area are talking about president obama's historic visit to their homeland. >> san francisco's small but passionate cuban-american population have stng opinions on this big political change. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in the mission for us. >> reporter: kristen, it's hard to find them but there are a few spots in the mission where cuban-americans hang out. the one behind me is an obvious one. radio havana social club. most of the cuban-americans we spoke with today here in the mission did not want to go on camera. those who did applauded the
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president's move. president barack obama, the first sitting american leader to step foot on cuban soil in almost nine decades. >> become friends, it's a good idea, you know. >> reporter: this one block on mission and 24th is san francisco's version of little havana. a hungout for the city's small number of cuban-americans. antonio lopez is now 61. he was only 10 when he escaped to the u.s. he thinks it should have been made a long time ago. >> my mother still in cuba. she probably is dead already. i don't even know about her. i have brothers and sisters that wouldn't know each other. >> i believe he's doing the right thing. >> reporter: one of the most famous cuban-americans in san francisco is the city's district attorney george gasgon, his father fought for the revolution. >> once it became obvious it was not a democracy, he was disenchanted and we eventually left. >> reporter: he was only 13 when he came to the u.s. he's only been back once, three
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years ago when he took his wife and their children. he saw relatives for the first time. >> they have enough money to pay for food and necessities for half the month and then the other half of the month, they're really struggling. >> reporter: his mother, like many older cuban-americans, is unsure about the bold move but gasgon is from a younger generation. >> more openness, more transparency there is in cuba, the better it's going to be for the cuban people and american people as well. >> reporter: this, he says, is a good first step. vic lee, abc 7 news. so are you thinking of heading to cuba, perhaps? coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, what you need to know if you want to take a vacation in cuba. a big development right now involving b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. just started running trains between the north concord and pittsburg bay point stations. this just happened. running one train every 15 minutes during the evening commute and plans to do the same
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tomorrow morning and evening as well. a bus bridge will replace the trains before and after the peak hours so crews can continue to work on a serious electrical problem on the tracks that knocked down 60 train cars last week. >> we are systemically laying out every possibility and then one by one eliminating them and it's a long and tedious task and it doesn't produce results as quick as we want and as quick as the riders want. it's our only way of trying to uncover what's happening. >> so still no timetable on when the system will be back to normal. >> let's hope soon. big changes taking effect for drivers along san francisco's mission street. they include muni-only red lanes and no left turns between see sar chavez and 15th street. workers finished putting up the signage for the new restrictions. the most significant change for drivers heading toward downtown will be mandatory right turns at five intersections between 16th and 26th streets. >> we are suggesting to drivers
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if their destination is not mission street, that's one of the reasons for the right turns. we're suggesting it's better to go an van nuys where we have the traffic capacity. >> merchants fear fewer cars on the road, the traffic, and parking spots that are limited bill scare away customers. travel times will be improved from noo. hulk hogan notched another legal victory stemming from a sex tape this afternoon. a florida jury awarded hogan an additional $25 million in punitive damages against gawker media. it comes after the same jurors decided on friday that gawker should pay $115 million. hogan spoke just a short time ago. >> nice to get back to normal with all my family and friends in the area and it's just been unbelievable, everywhere i go, everywhere i show up, people treat me like i'm still the champ. >> hogan sued gawker saying he
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was humiliated after it posted a video showing him having sex with the wife of his former best friend. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, apple rolls out a brand new iphone. we'll show you what makes the new iphonese different. and the shocking statements stirring up the tennis world. reaction and the new apology. season 22 of "dancing with the stars" is about to get under way. i'm abc's brandi hitt in los angeles. our first look at the afternoon commute here. as you can see, the downtown san francisco is all jammed up. gray skies above. traffic on the right hand side moving toward 101 south is moving a little bit more quickly than the oncoming wic
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there is outrage in the pro tennis world today. an executive of a popular u.s. tournament really caused a lot of controversy when he said women are riding on the coattails of male players. as you might expect, top athletes including serena williams are firing back. >> these comments are sending shockwaves throughout the world of tennis. >> in my next life when i come back, i want to be someone in the wta because they ride on the coattails of the men. if i was a lady player, i'd go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and
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rafael nadal were born. >> reporter: the director of the tournament in indian wells has sparked a fire storm with the comments he made before the women's final and top athletes wasted in time in firing back. >> being on your knees. we as women have come a long way and we shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point. >> reporter: the comments igniting an international discussion about which sex contributes more to the success of the sport of tennis. the top men's player, novak djokovic, denouncing moore's comments, also said this. >> showing that we have much more spectators in the men's tennis matches and i think that's one of the reasons why maybe we should get awarded more. >> reporter: it's a bitter battle of the sexes in the sport of tennis. now erupting on twitter as the controversial comments play out both on and off the court.
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>> raymond moore did apologize saying his comments were in extremely poor taste and erroneous. the founder of the wta billie jean king took billy gene king took to twitter today. the san francisco company tweeted this thank you video to its followers. it highlights the most popular tweets of the decade. twitter has 320 million users including world leaders and celebrities. the 140-character format has impacted everything from politics to sports, culture and entertainment. co-founder jack dorsey sent out this tweet today. it reads "happy tenth birthday twitter" with #lovetwitter. owners of older kindle e-readers are urged to update their software now. if you don't do that update before tomorrow, your kindle won't be able to download books or connect to the internet either.
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affects kindle models made in 2012 and earlier. if you wait until after tomorrow you'll have to manually add the update using a computer to regain access. professional businesswomen of california will be changing the game at san francisco's moscone center tonight and tomorrow, the theme to power women through networking and skill building. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the 27th annual event founded by congresswoman jackie spear. he's one of several keynote speakers including author and tennis pro venus williams, larry. abc 7's ama daetz will host the sessions, i'll be there as well emceeing and several other abc 7 colleagues will be speaking as well. >> i don't think ray monday moore was invited. >> no. abc 7 news your help to celebrate national puppy day. share pictures of your pup online using #puppieson7 leading up to our big adoption event on wednesday with our perfect pet partners. join us for that starting at 4:30 a.m. on wednesday.
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we'll have live streaming our puppy cam. you know how popular puppy cam is going to be? that's going to get a zillion hits. all morning long on abc7 on wednesday. tell you how you can make one of those adorable puppies part of your family. and the cuddly spencer christian is here as well. >> what a transition. >> somebody can adopt spencer. >> may be barking up the wrong tree. >> we'll take you out for a walk right now. >> thank you, i could use it. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we got some scattered showers around the bay area and most of the rainfall is light at this point, however, there are pockets of heavier precipitation mainly in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. view from our emeryville camera. degr 60 degrees at oakland, mountain view. san jose. 57 at half moon bay. here's a view of the golden gate bridge where it's also cloudy. traffic moving along nicely.
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57 degrees at this hour in santa rosa, napa. fairfield, 55. 63 concord. 57 livelivermore. looking toward treasure island. scattered showers continuing through the evening and overnight hours. isolated showers tomorrow but will not be very widespread. that's why we call them isolated. sunnier and warmer starting midweek and going into the weekend. now this current storm ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale, so storm of light intensity. producing maybe up to another quarter of an inch of additional rainfall before it finally fizzes out. scattered showers and isolated downpours from this storm as it weends do winds down. 10:00 tonight, isolated pockets of showers continuing overnight, even in the early morning hours as the rush begins as this continues to weaken and lose intensity. there could be wet spots for the morning commute but should quickly dry out later in the day as the storm ends and we're left
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with just a few clouds lingering. even as the weather becomes calmer, the surf remains rough. we have a high surf advisory in effect until 4:00 a.m. wednesday. surf heights, wave heights could reach 15 to 20 feet. large breakers, sneaker waves possible. see the current wave heights 11, 12 feet. bare that bear that in mind, the coastline is not the safest plait ce to b now. overnight, showers lingering. low temperatures in the early morning hours generally in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow as the showers wind down, we'll see breaks of sunshine ear and there. call it partly, mostly cloudy with highs reaching into low to mid 6 0s in the mildest locations inland and around the bay. accuweather seven-day forecast. check out the sunny skies through the weekend. milder pattern of high temperatures by easter sunday, giving the bunny something to hop about. mid 70 inland sunday. low 60s in the coast. we have lovely early spring weather coming our way this first week of spring. >> the bunny is very cute on
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your graphic there. >> thank you very much there. specialize in cuteness. >> nice job. cute radiates. >> adoption wednesday for spencer. >> there you go. >> you have a better chance with -- up next, get ready to dance. the season premiere of "dancing with the stars" kicks off tonight and we'll have a preview. >> abc 7 is committed to gender equity and proudly joins pbwc in changing the game for women in the workplace. to learn
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singer adele is the latest high-profile victim of online hacking. ♪ >> private photos of her were reportedly stolen and posted to a fan page on facebook. according to the british newspaper, "the sun" the leak includes pictures taken during her pregnancy, an ultrasound
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scan and newborn photos of her new 3-year-old son. the pictures were obtained through adele's boyfriend's e-mail. representatives have not yet commented. three pro football players, grammy award winning singer and network news meteorologist. >> you must be talking about the cast. a new season of "dancing with the stars" means new stars and new dancers as we begin season 1 22 in the ballroom. >> season 22. wow. brandi hitt takes a look behind the scenes in l.a. >> reporter: 12 new celebrities are ready to kick up their heels. for shineeason 22 of "dancing w the stars" and game on for von miller. >> a natural groove. all the rhythms and dances are going to be fun. >> reporter: taking on steelers wide seaver antonio brown and '80 quarterback, doug. >> i need a lot of help. >> reporter: there are also several hollywood blasts from the past. >> a girl waits her whole life for this moment.
4:25 pm
>> reporter: "full house's" jodi sweeten is all grown up. donald trump's former wife, and the fact of life's" kim. >> what is happening out there? >> reporter: don't forget boys ii men rodney morris. and geraldo rivera promising nothing. "america's next top model". then there's abc's own ginger sze. >> raw and windy conditions. >> reporter: and brand new mom to son, adrian. >> a dream come true. i'm a huge fan of it. i hope by the end of this i just make them proud. >> reporter: there are also changes at the judges' table tonight. julianne hough out this season and lynn goodman is back. >> sources tell me ginger zee is a very good dancer. we'll see. the two hour season premiere starts tonight at 8:00 on abc 7.
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>> wouldn't rule out the football players, either. they tend to do well. >> antonio brown could be pretty good. i saw him practicing a couple l weeks ago. wide receivers do well. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues with apple's new release today. >> a look at the new products and what apple ceo tim cook is saying about the battle with the fbi. all bets off. at least in one state. new rules for fantasy sports. and a change in security on the campaign trail. we'll have a live report. the abc 7 news app on the go, on your schedule, on one screen. all the weather, traffic, and
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here's a look at today's headlines as we approach 4:30. abc 7 news in san francisco near moscone center as a brief downpour hit around lunchtime. scattered showers expected to continue throughout the evening. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian says downpours are sweeping throughout the south bay. we has a live look coming up in a few minutes. president obama sat down with world news anchor david muir immediately after his historic meeting with cuban president raul castro today. that exclusive interview coming up at 5:30 p.m. if you're thinking about traveling to cuba, abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has
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tips coming up. the presidential candidates set for a primary showdown tomorrow. live in new york with more. >> reporter: larry, hillary clinton making a profound speech in front of a gathering of pro-israeli lobby, three republican candidate also addressed the convention, the only one missing as you mentioned bernie sanders. major policy speeches coming ahead of very important primaries happening tomorrow. democratic front-runner hillary clinton the first of the presidential candidates to address the american-israel public affairs committee convention. >> thank you. so much. >> reporter: she didn't wait long before blasting her likely republican rival when it comes to who's better at defending israel. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on
4:31 pm
wednesday. >> reporter: without mentioning his name, clinton taking straight aim at donald trump who said he wants to be neutral when dealing with israel and the palestinians. >> hello, everybody. great to see you. >> reporter: trump responding at a news conference before addressing the influential jewish lobby. >> she doesn't know anything about my policy. she wouldn't know anything about it. >> reporter: earlier trump met privately with gop lawmakers hoping to improve his relationship with republican leaders. as violence at his rallies continues to create more controversy. >> these are professional agita agitators. they block the road, they use foul language. these are not good people. >> reporter: ted cruz and john kasich also expected to address the aipac convention. this as abc news learned senator cruz's campaign released new robo calls in utah and arizona featuring mitt romney. >> this is the time for republicans across the spectrum to unite behind ted. he is the only republican candidate who can defeat donald trump. >> reporter: and the latest polls still show donald trump
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ahead in arizona which is a winner take all primary. ut uah and do will also be voti tomorrow as the gop establishment remains firm on trying to stop trump from sec e securing the nomination. live in new york tonight for abc 7 news. larry, kristen, back to you. >> ray, before you go, a couple questions. donald trump just wrapped up his speech at the convention. we saw from the clips you showed, he seemed to be a little l more understated. family members have asked him to act a little more presidential. how did the speech go? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, larry and kristen. in fact, it was donald trump's first address that he made actually using a teleprompter. what he mentioned in his comments is he completely lashed out at president obama and also hillary clinton for supporting the iran nuclear deal. hi also said in his speech that he will be the biggest defender and supporter of israel. larry and kristen? >> he also mentioned bernie sanders did not speak. what is the reason he gave for not speaking and how is that
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being received? it's a very influential group. >> reporter: yeah, that's right kristen and larry. bernie sanders was one of the only candidates who didn't address the aipac convention. he did send a letter to the group earlier this week thanking them for the invitation and also sending his regret to the fact he he's not going to be able to make it. he did have two campaign rallies scheduled for today. one in idaho and one happening in salt lake city tonight. b bernie sanders, of course, is focused on idaho and utah as he's looking for a big upset during torn's primaries. back to you guys. >> ray, thank you, live in new york. the supreme court rejected an effort to have colorado's pot legalization declared unconstitutional. the suit was filed by nebraska and oklahoma arguing that colorado's law allowing recreational marijuana use by adults runs afoul of federal laws. arguing legalized pot in colorado is spilling into nebraska and hooklahoma.
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launched a manhunt to a new suspect linked to the paris terror attacks. they're looking for information about this man. officials say he traveled to syria in february 2013 with paris terror suspects abdeslam who was arrested on friday after four months on the run. he was found living 500 yards from his childhood home. prosecutors are trying to track his exact path after he ran from the attack scene. the military has deployed u.s. marines to a small outpost in northern iraq to provide protection for an iraqi military base where u.s. advisers are present. this announcement comes a day after a member of that unit was killed by rocket fire. staff sergeant lewis carden of temecula died saturday and several marines were wounded in the attack. all bets are off seriously. at least in new york. that's the deal. fantasy sport site fandual and draftkings made today what the state attorney general. the two sides will stop
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operations and put the legal battle on hold until at least september. this will give the state legislature there a chance to come up with a new bill that legalizes daily fantasy sports or the state's appeals court could rule on a pending appeal. >> daily fantasy sports operators are free to go to the legislature and the governor if they want to change law but my job is to enforce the laws of new york and draft jng kings and fan dual agreed to abide by the laws. >> new york's attorney general sued the companies last year arguing they promoted illegal gambling. we have breaking news involving apple. the justice department has asked to postpone tomorrow's court hearing over its demand that apple help hack into a terrorist's iphone. the feds say they have new leads about how to access an apple iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. according to the fbi an outside party demonstrated a possible method to unlock that phone. testing is required to see whether it will work and not compromise the phone. still no word right now whether
4:36 pm
the two parties will actually appear in court tomorrow. that would undoubtedly be a relief for apple ceo tim cook who released new versions of apple products today during a presentation at headquarters in cupertino. big announcement, a smaller iphone, se, about the size of the older 5s but have the features of the newer iphone 6s. apple received a lot of requests from users splas errs especiall chinese market for screens are smaller phones and more portable. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, things are really heating up across the world. it's not all bad news. the good and the bad of climate change. spencer christian, from our south beach camera in downtown san francisco, clouds over the bay and rain drops on the lens. shower are still hangs around. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. looks like the showers may have passed in san rafael. looking at 101. oncoming traffic is north bound.
4:37 pm
looks like the roads have dried up considerably at this point. doesn't look too slick out there. right-hand side is heading back toward the golden gate bridge and into san francisco and moving
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if you googled today, you've seen it. this winning doodle created by washington, d.c., high school sophomore akila johnson. she was one of 100,000 students nationwide to compete in this
4:40 pm
year's doodle l for google contest. the mountain view based company asked kindergarteners through high schoolers to draw a doodle with the theme what makes me me. johnson's first-place entry reflects her heritage and will be featured on the search engine's main page all day. 2015 was the hottest year on record and the hotter weather appears to be here to stay. the world meteorological released its annual report today and predicting warmer weather, could be drier, wetter than usual depending where you live. experts say the new normal is going to be increases in temperatures. now there is some good news in all this. a new study finds climate change may actually be improving the quality of some wines. the study by harvard university and nasa looked at data from a 400-year span and found higher temperatures in france and switzerland are causing earlier wine grape harvests. early harvests are typically
4:41 pm
associated with higher quality wines. >> bet that leaves spencer so tormented and conflicted. >> don't want it to be 110 debrd degrees but want the best wine. >> this requires further study as a taster. meanwhile, we're getting a good taste of wet weather here. live doppler 7 hd. it's not raining all across the bay area. where it is raining is coming down rather impressively. check out this area of showers along the coastline of san mateo county and santa cruz county. all pushing on shore right and more impressive line of heavy downpours reaching from monterey up to castroville. we have quite a bit of wet weather around us, just not hitting all locations. snow will be hitting the sierra. winter weather advisory in effect for the central sierra until 5:00 tomorrow morning with periods of snow. expecting generally 4 to 10 inches of snow above 4,500 feet. some locations a little higher. perhaps 14 inches, a foot up around dounnar. the bay area, rain drops on the camera lens in the east bay,
4:42 pm
emeryville camera. tree pollen is high as allergy sufferers no doubt have noticed. cedar, juniper, oak, and sycamore. most other pollutants are moderate to low level. tomorrow look for partly sunny skies with lingering clouds and main ev even a couple isolated showers. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s at the coast to low 60s around the bay and inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. midweek, by wednesday we'll see sunny skies and milder conditions then high temperatures will climb into the low to mid 70s inland. thursday through sunday, through easter sunday, and of course the easter bunny is hopingly happy about that. >> so are the kids. perfect for the easter egg hunt. >> absolutely. >> thanks, spencer. all right. a shock for a traveler. her phone explodes on a flight. we'll explain how you can prevent this from happening to you. we have advice. it may look like a normal boat but the research ship is becoming a national phenomenon. why its potential name is a top trend today on social media. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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an investigation is under way after an airline passenger's iphone burst into flames on a flight to hawaii.
4:46 pm
now, these photos here show you the damage. you can see where it's totally charred. we have the details and a look at what you can do to protect yourself. >> i thought the whole plane was going to go up in flames. >> reporter: these images of anna's charred cell phone show the terrifying aftermath of a mid-flight fire scare. the 19-year-old college sophomore on her way to honolulu for spring break says she was watching a movie on her apple iphone 6 when it burst into flames. eight inches high. >> my mom yelled to get the fire extinguisher and at first they were like oh my gosh, like, i don't think they knew what to expect either. >> reporter: the fire quickly extinguished. now this morning the faa is investigating just how it happened. the likely culprit, the lithium ion battery powering her phone. the agency are testing the potential dangers of overheating lithium batteries on planes. cautioning airlines about explosions like this when batteries shift in cargo, self-ignite. while individual cell phone
4:47 pm
battery fires are rare, they do happen. consumer product consultant tony olson telling abc news while the batteries in our phones aren't likely to combust, when they do, it can be catastrophic. >> the problems with lithium ion can happen almost at any point. it can happen when it's fully charged and plugged in, it can happen when it is fully charged and running off the battery. >> reporter: experts say avoid dangerously overheating your phone's battery. turn your phone off as much as you can. close all the apps and tabs not in use. and if you drop your phone, get it inspected immediately. for this spring breaker, a catastrophe at 30,000 feet luxury averted. >> if i get a new phone before i head back or anything, i'm going to keep it off the whole flight. >> we're going to mention one other tip, put your phone in airplane mode. experts say your battery can overheat if it's constantly searching for a signal. apple says it is investigating this incident. federal health officials are moving to ban surgical gloves
4:48 pm
that contain powder. the substance makes the gloves easier to wear but features health risks to some patients. the powder can cause breathing problems, wound inflammation and scar tissue following surgery. it will not have much impact on glove supplies and sales since most powdered gloves have been phased out. wellness report, doctors are not keeps up with high-tech times though it may save lives. >> using digital prescriptions has shown to cut down on forged prescriptions and plus communication, but still many doctors scribbling scripts on paper the old-fashioned way. the american pharmacists association says new york state has a law that helped move doctor's abilities to e-prescribe drugs and hopes other states will fall. trending new standing and treadmill desks failed to offer the health benefits. a new study revealed the desks might reduce sitting time but
4:49 pm
the health benefits weren't as impressive as the makers of the treadmills claim. the manufacturers of the treadmill desks say the study was small and more research is needed to determine the true impact on health. raw milk has been linked to a listeria outbreak. the illnesses happened in 2014 but the cdc is just now determining the cause. two people got sick from drinking raw milk. one of them died. the cdc says raw milk and other dairy products pose a severe risk and can carry dangerous bacteria. it advises only drink pasteurized milk. one-on-one time with your kids is good for them but also good for the participant. author of "no regrets parenting" says any time you're alone with your child it's a chance to talk and kids may open up about things. he says the one-on-one time can be achieved by walking to practices instead of driving or adding lunch to a long drive. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. two bay area cities are among the happiest cities? which to work although the top
4:50 pm
honor goes to -- >> southern california. it's surprising. we have to check the research. according to the job search website, the happiest city in the country for workers is los angeles. >> that commute, right? coming in at number 5 is san francisco and number 10 is san jose. >> for the least happy cities, denver is supposedly the least happy. my sister lives in denver. she loves denver. indianapolis is second. louisville is the third least happy city in which to work. >> they probably forgot to survey her. indeed used data from company reviews to actually determine which cities are producing the happiest workers. >> curious. >> that could be a little off because it tends to be the people who are not happy post those reviews sometimes, right? it could be a little skewed. >> i don't know. >> we're still trying to figure it out. >> yeah. >> all right. a proposed to let the internet name nearly $300 million p, lo research ship has gotten colorful suggestions. british officials asked for inspirational names.
4:51 pm
so far the favorite name among voters is boatie mcboat face. inspirational, i'd say. voting is open until april 16th. it's not clear with the ulk's council will go with that game. the icebreaker will be operational in 2016. >> boatty mcboat face has research britain all over it. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. the dangers on a popular bay area highway. what is making the road more dangerous than ever. that is just ahead. right now dan's here with look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> all right, larry, kristen, thanks very much. coming up, a key player says thanks but no thanks. the ripple effect of a sex scandal at uc berkeley. and the millions of cell phones now at risk for a terrible bug. could it be you? and the wolf now providing a home for a wa
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here's a look at tonight's
4:55 pm
primetime lineup on abc 7. 8:00, season 22 of "dancing with the stars" followed by "castle" at 10:00 then abc 7 news at 11:00. you know, phone companies track your data usage as well as your texts. so then the question, why can't they stop robo calls? consumer advocates are saying enough is enough. and 7 on your side's michael finney will investigate that on abc 7 news pat 11:00. crashes on highway 17 between san jose and santa cruz hit a ten-year high and many of those wrecks are perfectly avoidable. they're caused by drivers who simplery are not paying attention. abc 7 news reporter live in los gatos. >> reporter: good afternoon it you. as more people use highway 17 than ever before, there's an even greater opportunity for something to go wrong. every single l person that we spoke with today for our story had their own story to share about the close calls they've encountered on this highway.
4:56 pm
it's been called one of california's most dangerous roads. >> i'm always looking forward and backwards to see what's going to happen. >> reporter: and with a combination of sharp turns, blind curves, and dense traffic, some people try to avoid highway 17 altogether. >> always spinning out. driving too fast. running into somebody. trying to cut somebody off. road rage. you name it. it goes on. >> reporter: tony tuscany often makes the drive on the highway from santa cruz from san jose and says he's been seeing more commuters who aren't paying attention. >> don't even do the speed limit, not concentrating. it makes it hazardous for all the other drivers. >> reporter: last year the california highway patrol responded to more than 660 crashes the highest number over the past decade. officer ross lee says more people are using the highway than ever before, that combined with distractions such as cell phones could be to blame for the amount. >> incumbent upon everybody to observe the rules of the road, speed laws, following too closely, keeping distractions
4:57 pm
out of the car. very easy to become complacent especially if this is a route you typically tame. >> reporter: drivers we spoke to are pleading to others to slow to down. >> we see the carnage on the side of the road and it happens so fast. >> reporter: a reminder of how conditions and circumstances can change in a split second. >> nobody wants to go to a funeral, nobody wants to see people crying, realizing the loss of life. >> reporter: caltrans is working on widening certain parts of the highway in an effort to make it safer. in the santa cruz mountains, abc 7 news. we want to update you on some of the repairs being made on highway 121 in napa county. erosion from last week's heavy rains caused that road to crack and cut off a section of the highway. caltrans started emergency road repairs. 121 still remains closed right now and that is until further notice. all right. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 4:00 begins now
4:58 pm
with kristen and dan. they were like, going to pittsburg. >> b.a.r.t.'s test runs are apparently working. a boulder hurdles off a mountainside straight for this car. the bay area man who avoided a disaster. a late development in apple's encryption fight with the fbi. is the justice department giving up on forcing apple to hack its own phone? today we're welcoming a new member to the iphone family. >> meanwhile the small phone for a big world. and the significance that stretches beyond its modest dimensions. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. a bridge between two b.a.r.t. stations is suspended for the next few hours. the transit agency is finally running trains for the evening commute on a problem section of track. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. it's such a strange problem obviously and stranger that it is taking so long to fix it.
4:59 pm
tonight, b.a.r.t. is restoring limited train service during commute hours between north concord and pittsburg bay point. melanie woodrow is live tonight. >> reporter: dan, as you just mentioned the bus bridge has been suspended for right now because there's a frtrain runni every 15 minutes until 8:00 tonight then things change again meaning commuters have to keep track of it all while engineers work to figure out what could be going wrong on the tracks. for many, monday's commute came with a choice, take the bus bridge at the north concord b.a.r.t. station or hop on a test car. >> it's a test train? i didn't know. >> i was kind of like, get on it, and they were like going to pittsburg. >> reporter: over the weekend experts armed with measurement tools worked to determine the exact moment a voltage spike is
5:00 pm
occurring. >> a very short, talking microsecond, spikes in voltage. >> reporter: meaning those experts are exceptionally close. >> we are systemically laying out every possibility and then one by one eliminating them. >> reporter: one team focuses on finding and fixing the electrical problems, another team is working to repair the damaged cars. b.a.r.t. says it fixed 36 cars this weekend. still, commuters say the buses are crowded. >> you know, some people are upset about it. they should be really, really happy that b.a.r.t. is giving us the buses. >> they should have had a better handle on this. >> reporter: whether you're understanding -- >> this is going to take a while to pinpoint where it's at. >> reporter: -- or not, until b.a.r.t. isolates and fixes the problem, your rush hour commute will likely require some flexibility. >> if they can't figure it out, they have to replace it. if they can't replace it, we have to think of something new. >> reporter: from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tuesday only the train will run here. from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.,


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