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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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brussels under attack throughout the morning and the day. now become to new york for more good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. brussels under attack. >> at least explosions rocked the european capital. a suicide bomber reportedly targets the crowded airport. >> we heard the explosions, so i dropped down. >> ceilings collapsing. witnesses running for their live. >> smoke. water dripping from the ceiling. >> another blast rocks a metro station. just days after a major suspect in the paris terror attacks is arrested. americans in europe told to shelter in place. nypd set to ramp up security here in new york. the hunt is on right now for who's behind these blasts.
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good morning, america. to our viewers in the west. who are just joining us right now. we have been live across the country all morning long on the latest on the terror attacks in brussels, belgium. around 8:00 a.m., that was the scene at the airport as it unfolded. two attacks. two explosions at the brussels airports. . you see the passengers running for their lives. there's the damage right there. another attack at the metro in the city this morning. >> at least two explosions hit that airport. another rocked that metro station. at least 31 people killed. 187 injured. all airport and public transportation in brussels has been shut down and the terror level at its highest, maximum, the u.s. embassy is advising americans there in brussels to shelter in place. >> alert levels here in the united states have been raised as well. there's the scene at penn station in new york city. the president is expected to
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address the attacks shortly from cuba. full coverage right now beginning with abc's alex marquardt who's on the scene at the brussels airport. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. dramatic scenes here this morning. these are the long-feared attacks that intelligence officials knew were coming. were dreaded. that first attack coming take at z zaventem airport. one was a suicide bomber. the other suspicious package. now, thousands of people have been filing out of this airport over the course of the past seven hours, some looking very somber, some wounded -- wrapped in blankets. witnesses inside describing scenes of pandemonium, of carnage, bodies on the floor. debris everywhere. absolute chaos. the first explosion occurred at 8:00 a.m., the heart of the morning airport at brussels' zaventem airport.
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>> next to meless that a meter, it was a delta airline ticket office. first explosion, there was a second explosion. >> reporter: witnesses described the ceiling caving in and blood all over the departure hall. ten minutes later, a second blast, louder than the first, bringing down lights. water mixing with debris. >> i dropped down on top of my girl and then there was a second explosion. there was a guy next to me, he took his girlfriend and dropped on the floor. >> reporter: at least 11 dead. 08 injured. >> we were looking at each other, speechless, and couldn't do anything. anything. then, the explosion was in front of the armed soldier. >> reporter: air traffic control warned the planes circling in the air. >> there have been explosions in
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the terminal hall. that's why we don't allow any aircraft anymore. >> reporter: moments later, an explosion at the maelbeek metro station. close to the eu headquarters. people on stretchers, clothes badly torn. >> i just stepped off the metro when we heard a loud, muffled sound, more panic set in. >> reporter: when the explosions cleared, at least 15 dead and more than 50 wounded. these coordinated attacks come as the belgian capital has been on high alert. following the arrest of paris terror suspect salah abdeslam last year. just a short time ago, there was a third explosion here, that we understand from the belgian authorities was a controlled explosion of suspicious package, it's not clear right now whether that was an explosive that
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didn't go off or a suspicious package. what police will be looking into whether this was tied to salah abdeslam from the paris attacks, in november, that left 130 dead. he was of course arrested in very dramatic fashion after a four-month manhunt, arrested in his home neighborhood of molenbeek on friday. and we don't know how much he's revealing to interrogators right now. but what belgian officials have made clear he was in the words of one minister planning to restart something from here in brussels. over the past four months, they have found large caches of ammunition, weapons and what has been made clear over the past few days is that his support network, his logistically network was much bigger than initially thought. so, authorities will be looking into whether that part of that network carried out today's attacks. >> at the same time, alex, you talked about brussels being on edge and on alert right now. so much that country, belgium,
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also shut down right now. >> absolutely, paralyzed, george, and panicked. the airport not only has been shut down, planes, of course, not taking off or coming in. but the entire brussels transit system, after the attack on the metro that happened shortly after the attack here, they shut down the metro the buses, the trains, this is a city that has been paralyzed. george. >> alex, thanks very much. we'll stay at the airport right now. janet williams from orange county, california, she's right now, she saw the aftermath of the explosions. i think we're connected by face-time. tell us what the scene is right now. >> reporter: right now, we're in a big hangar, waiting for a place to sleep now. it's freezing in here right now. but, we're safe and sound. they brought us food and water.
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we arrived in the airport about 7:30 this morning, shortly after that, we got over the loudspeaker announcer for saying general people to evacuate and then we're told later not the terminal we were in and a few minutes after that, a gentleman that worked in the airport came running through the terminal said, immediately, everyone evacuate immediately and pandemonium started immediately. there was a lady on the floor hurt, i don't know if she was stampeded. and out into the open. standing back behind where the two bombs had gone off nirlly. they bussed us all into a big hangar, we sit here waiting to be told what's next for us when it happened, you were in a
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separate terminal, you didn't hear or see the explosions? >> we did not. but, some flight attendants in our terminal, they were trying to get us evacuate. at that time it was confusion. i asked them what was going on, they told us that two bombs had exploded in the luggage holding area. they were trying to determine what was going on. there was a lot of confusion. there were two people that came on the loudspeaker, the second woman that came on, very broken up in her speech, they were all very panicked, even terminal workers were panicked. so, it didn't set a good pace for us leaving because we all panicked, too, but we all got out okay. we saw broken glass on the outside of the terminal when they bussed us over to this
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hangar. >> have they given you any indication of when you might be able to come home. >> we're on our way to liberili africa we're still trying to get to our final destination. they're busing people to military stations and just got word while i was waiting for you to talk to me, possibly where we'll go, they had local police here, watching over us and now, they have left. so, they want us to be under a watchful eye, so they're going to send us all in buses to a military station where hopefully, we'll have beds for the night. this isn't a place to sleep tonight. >> okay, janice, stay safe, stay warm and thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you so much. >> so much confusion in all of the term analysis when this happened. we're going to turn to martha raddatz with the latest on terror activity in europe and martha, i'm struck by the fact
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you were there in brussels soon after the paris attacks and in the neighborhood where the most recent arrest took place. >> reporter: we certainly were, robin, in that neighborhood and police were fanned out then. the city at that point in november, right after those paris attacks, was virtually shut down. there were armored personnel carriers out in front of the hotel, in the square, very, very few people on the streets. because at the time in november, in brussels, they thought there was an attack that was imminent. now, clearly, that didn't happen then, but is this part of that? did they just wait all these months to attack and what is the tie-in with the arrest of salah abdeslam. look at those pictures, just horrific images. these terrorists went at our heart of our fear, airports. where people have invested
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billions on security. they struck the part of the airport that's most vulnerable, to make people feel unsafe wherever they go. and at the metro. so, right now, robin, what they're doing is fanning out in that city once again. gathering any information they can from the suicide bomber, in particular, they'll identify that person if they can, find out who they person know, go back to that pattern of life and find out as much as they possibly can about who these suspects are. but it's nearly impossible to track everyone, to track all these kind of terror suspects. >> all right, thank you, martha. >> robin, as we said heightened sense of alert here at home, as well. abc's kayna whitworth at the l.a.x. >> reporter: george, good morning. so the police here at l.a.x. are obviously closely following all
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of the events as they have unfolded here in belgian. because they know what's going on, following the situation, you'll see increased security as you're walking through which i have done. i have walked through most of the terminals this morning and you're seeing extra police officers. you're also seeing some extra dogs on hand as well. there are some bomb units on this level, but police officers are telling me that's business as usual here at l.a.x. obviously the safety of their passengers is paramount and it is every single day. but as they monitor the events in belgium and as they unfold, they're willing to make any changes they're need to in their deployment strategies. again, the safety of their passengers is paramount. at this point at los angeles international airport it is business as usual. >> thank you very much. with more on the security
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measures here in the u.s., pierre thomas is with us also, former commissioner, former police commissioner ray kelly. you have been talking about the police presence here in new york. similar to l.a. >> right, you'll see that throughout america. interesting to note new york city is the only transit system that actually searches bags. and they may very well ramp that up today. one of the things that you want to do increase the sense of security, give the public a comfort level a greater comfort level in trying times. you may in fact see additional searches of bag. >> pierre, what's the latest you have been hearing. >> again the top law enforcement officials have been briefed. they want to know as much as they can. security across the country i'm
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being told will be ramped up today. a show of force. law enforcement wants to be vigilant. to show people they're up and running. . the concern is copy-cats. they don't believe we have the kind of networks here in the u.s. that you're seeing in europe. they're more concerned about lone wolves. that's the concern today. the fbi has about a hundred people they have under close surveillance that could be easily inspired. >> you talked about the same thing about the knocks on the door. >> right, exactly, you want them to know that we're looking at them, you know, it's not going unnoticed. these are people may be the subject of some investigations. there are people you don't want them to know you're looking at. it's just a sense to, you know, whatever you do you have to disrupt, you have to operate under the premise that there are plots, plots directed at iconic
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institutions, iconic locations. so, disrupt, disrupt. that's what you're trying to do now. after an event like this. >> thank you, ray. president obama in cuba right now. we're expecting to hear from him shortly. our jon karl in cuba with the president. the president has been briefed earlier this morning. jon, what do we expect from him. >> reporter: this will be his first comments on this attack. obviously, we'll hear him condemn what happened. the contacts that the u.s. officials have had with authorities in belgium. striking george the president is speaking on this after we have heard from the other presidential candidates. we heard right here from "good morning america" from hillary clinton and from donald trump. hillary clinton's statement was, somewhat an implicit rebuke of the president to a certain extent. he talked about the need to strengthen our resolve and
7:16 am
intensify and broaden our strategy against terrorists, against the isis threat. back in november, the president came under criticism for what critics called a muted response to the attacks in paris, also happened with the charlie hebdo attacks. >> jon, the president is about to talk. we're going to pause so all of our abc stations can join us. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. president in cuba set to make a historic speech. i want to bring john karl back in on this right now. jon, this is the kind of thing that president always travels with his national security team, always on duty, this wasn't expected here. waking up this morning to the news. two deadly terror attacks in
7:17 am
brussels. 31 dead, 187 wounded. you said the president after he addresses the attacks this morning is going to continue with the trip? >> reporter: there's no indication that anything is changing on his schedule. this was to be a historic day and is an historic day here in cuba. the president here in cuba. also, addressing the cuban people on live television, something we haven't seen a u.s. president ever do and now very much overshadowed by events in brussels. the president will begin his speech by talking about the terrorist attack in brussels. he was awakened early this morning, way before dawn, he's been briefed steadily without. when the president travels, he has his national security team, the full contingent, the ability to communicate. he has his national security adviser here, his secretary of state. but the attention here is for to
7:18 am
continue on. this afternoon, a baseball game here in cuba. no indication that any of that is going to change. >> right now, the president about to speak in havana, cuba. we'll keep an eye on the screen right there as the president comes to the podium. thank you. thank you so much. please. thank you very much. president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that i have received, my family have received and our delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor to be here today.
7:19 am
before i begin, please indulge me i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in brussels. the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we'll do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality, or race, or faith. in fighting against terrorism. we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of those around the world. to the government and the people of cuba, i want to thank you for
7:20 am
the kindness that you have shown to me, michelle, malia, sasha, my mother in law. in his most famous poem, jose marti made this offering of friendship and peace to both his friend and his enemy. today, as the president of the united states of america, i offer the cuban people -- >> there you see president obama in cuba speaking to the cuban people beginning to his remarks.
7:21 am
asking the people to indulge on his remarks about the belgian terror attacks. say tig the united states will do whatever is necessary to help the belgian authorities to track down and get those responsible for those attacks today and saying it's a reminder again that the world must unite against terror. i want to bring in richard clar clarke. we're getting a better sense of exactly what happened in belgium this morning. richard clarke, it looks like a suicide bomber at the airport, a separate attack in the metro coordinated attacks, the timing about an hour apart, reminiscent of the terror attacks in paris four months ago. >> and probably planned by the same people who planned those attacks four months ago. in the four months since the paris attacks, french and belgian police have been cooperating tracking down this cell and the support network behind it in brussels. but they failed.
7:22 am
a week ago today, they stormed an apartment thinking it was empty, the police were shot on their way in. then, friday, of last week, they raided another apartment and found the ring leader of the paris attacks from four months ago. after that second raid on friday, they said they now have evidence that other attacks were being planned, that's what happened today, and that the support network was much bigger than they had been thinking for the last four months. george, there's no way around this, the belgian police are going to be criticized for not being able to stop this attack when they knew for a very long time that the cell was out there, planning attacks. >> we have seen some of that criticism, secretary clinton on the program earlier saying this is a call for a reminder that we need some relaxed laws on how belgian authorities carry out
7:23 am
raids. i want to bring in martha raddatz. after those paris attacks four months ago, you spent time on the ground in this neighborhood in molenbeek where the terrorist cell was apparently able to continue despite the attacks, despite the increased focus by belgian authorities. >> they clearly have support from some people there in those neighborhoods were they searching. 24/7 for days and days and days. that has supposedly continued for months. as we have been reporting this morning the terror network was apparently bigger than they thought in belgium. so, they had more people. they should have been tracking and were not tracking. they'll try to do that again now, but the idea that in this intense hunt, not only then but now, after the arrest of abdeslam, they learned some things and they were still not able to stop this attack. now, when you go to an airport
7:24 am
and you have a big suitcase, people aren't going to stop you, outside the security that's not suspicious. same thing at a metro station, they're not going to stop you with a bag. if you look around, everyone looks suspicious at an airport and at at metro station. so, these are very difficult things to look at. george, we have the military campaign. i was just at an air force base in the persian gulf and saw that military campaign which indeed has stepped up. i was also there last year, they're carrying out many more strikes. they say the intelligence has improved. we also lost a u.s. marine in iraq this week. in the fight against isis. so, there's a presence on the ground in the skies, going after these targets. but they talk about the root of the problem, the roots of isis are deep and wide and that is the real problem. >> that's the problem, martha. i want to bring in matt olsen,
7:25 am
as well. what we may be seeing here precisely the reaction to kind of progress that the u.s. military says is being made in syria and iraq, you see a strategic lashing out in europe. >> that's right, george, there has been progress on the ground in iraq and syria. these groups, as isis comes under that kind of pressure, the concern is they'll take steps to show their relevance and to carry out the kind of attack that we saw this morning in brussels. i think as martha raddatz said quite correctly, it's hard to stop one of these attacks at an airport or a train station. these are very vulnerable targets. >> right now, richard clarke, the pressure is going to be increased on belgian authorities to try and get more information from the man they now have in custody that attacker from paris, abdeslam. >> they have him in custody and
7:26 am
they have been questioning him from friday. they undoubtly got some information. if he knew these attacks were going to take place and he didn't tell them, that's going to be real problem. donald trump said it recently do you use torture? torture doesn't work. let's get that straight, all of the experts in this business know that you can torture people, they'll give you information but that information may not be true. >> okay, richard. i'm here with our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas on the situation on what will happen here at home. are there copy-cats out there? >> we know for a fact that law enforcement has been tracking hundreds of individuals here who have been monitoring and communicating with isis via social media, that has been the big concern. the fbi has arrested over 70 people, many of them trying to go to syria initially. in recent months, they have
7:27 am
found person after person planning to attack inside the united states. that's the active threat. copy-cat people here. radicalized online who identify with isis. >> they want to also prevent these lone wolves. >> what happened in france and belgium now, the fact this man was wanted for four months after paris, they were looking for this man for four months, could not find him, that's unacceptable. it speaks to the terror network that supported him and european authorities have to step up their game. >> thank you, pierre. jon karl in havana, cuba, right now, we saw the president obama in that speech, a few sentences saying we're thinking of the people about belgium. but the president seemed pretty determined to strike a note of business as usual.
7:28 am
>> it was striking to me how short his remarks were on this. just a few sentences, strong words, called the attacks outrageous, called for global unity in the fight against he called the scourge of terrorism. he went right on with the rest of his speech. as he did speak this morning with the prime minister of belgium and offered all assistance everything necessary that the united states could do in helping with the investigation going forward, but, once again a very measured response. as you remember, we saw this back in november with the paris attacks, the president gave an equally measured response and was criticized by many especially his political opponents here in the united states. even further back with the charlie hebdo attacks when he decided not to go to paris and participate in that march, very muted response, business as usual, promising to fight terrorism. >> thank you, jon. i want to go to john cohen as
7:29 am
well. former homeland security. talk more about the beefing up of security presence at potential soft targets here in the united states? >> george, we're going to see an increased police presence at master transit facilities, rail stations, tour sites, government buildings. the idea is to have a presence to dissuade people from carrying out attacks. we also mainly see active shooter attacks in this country. the type of defenses that are needed for that and an explosive is different. we're going to take a quick break.
7:30 am
in the aftermath of those deadly terror attacks in belgium this mornings, we're learning right now that three american mormon missionaries were hurt in those blasts. at least 31 people reported dead. 187 at least wounded. we know there were at least three explosions. two at the brussels airport, another one at a metro station and security around the world is ramping up right now as we see those scenes from the brussels metro right now. we have team coverage of the very latest. >> we want to go to alex marquardt who's on scene at the airport in brussels for us. alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. still very strong police presence here outside the airport. after those attacks. those explosions went off here at 8:00 in the morning n the
7:31 am
departure lounge of zaventem airport. the death toll is rising as expected. we understand the total is 34 in both those attacks. 14 killed here in the airport and 20 in the metro station, downtown. among the wounded and there and around 100 or more wounded. there are three americans, as george mentioned, they're believed to be mormon missionaries. here at the airport, one of the blasts was from a suicide bomber according to belgian authorities. the second from what one official called a suspicious package. the explosion downtown on the metro, that was on a train that was leaving the station of maelbeek in central brussels. it exploded in the second car as it pulled away. as a reaction the brussels authorities have raised the terror alert level to four, the highest alert level in belgium.
7:32 am
the u.s. embassy calling on u.s. citizens to shelter in place. there's going to be a much bigger police presence, a very strong show of force. what it also means that authorities are afraid there could be more attacks. this level 4 means that there's a possibility of another imminent attack. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. we're live across the country. right now, in the west on "good morning america." joining us now is allen, who flew in to brussels from washington. you said you narrowly avoided the blast this morning. >> i typically through that area, across the street where i normally stay. i used the lower level, the arrivals level, i did avoid that spot. >> what did you hear? >> i was sitting in the restaurant near the front of the building i was at and i heard
7:33 am
one kind of thud which could have been falling off the truck or something like that. but, within ten seconds, what was certainly an explosion. >> so, the first was a thud and the second much louder and more powerful explosion. >> yeah, because it was -- yeah, because it was further away, the first one was further down the other side as we now learned. >> how much of the destruction were you able to see? >> not much. i mean, you know, i certainly didn't run outside to look too much. we're pretty much taken away from the area to be sheltered in case something would happen. all i could see was the smoke coming out of the one door. >> so, where are they holding you now. >> we're not being held. there's a hotel here across the road. >> okay, alan merbaum, thanks
7:34 am
very much. we're going to turn to abc's david kerley, he's at reagan national airport and david the tsa administrator ironically is in brussels right now, is that correct? >> yes, striking. he was at a be here in washington, d.c., instead decided to go to meet with his counterparts and he did land before the explosions. he has a detail with him and he was taken to a secure spot. peter neffenger, the head of our tsan brussels together, having to deal with the aftermath of this. here at the airports, robin, we're seeing what is happening. . the escalation of at least the appearance of law enenforcement, additional officers, additional canine units. i just saw three officers in
7:35 am
tactical gear walking through the airport and we have seen many other officers working the crowds here with the dogs. the dogs sniffing. >> you've been there for a few hours, you're seeing a slight difference since you have been there at reagan national? >> reporter: absolutely, additional officers, if you had a dozen here it's gone to 16, 17, 18 officers, whatever the number may be, there are additional officers, but people are coming and going and getting on their flights and traveling normally. thank you. we'll take another short break. we'll be back with our live team coverage of these deadly terror attacks. back in a moment. sound of faucet turning on sound of water running sound of water running sound of teeth being brushed
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we're back now live in the west with our continuing coverage of those deadly terror attacks in belgium this morning, at least 31 dead, 187 wounded
7:40 am
including at least three americans right now, some mormon missionaries. this comes right in the middle of the presidential campaign. candidates are speaking out right now. a short while ago, i spoke with donald trump. you put out a tweet earlier this morning saying we need to vigilant and smart. if you were in the white house right now, what would that mean specifically. >> it would mean specifically we would strengthen up our boards. our country has a lot of problems, lot of people in our country right now that probably and definitely have the same feelings and the same feeling of hate as the people in brussels. >> you got several fronts in this war right now, what would you be doing against isis in the middle east, in syria and iraq and what more assistance would you be providing to europe? >> i would be hitting isis right now, with chopping off of the heads. you got to hit isis so hard. >> you said several things about
7:41 am
the kinds of interrogation techniques that you would for. what kind of interrogation techniques you would be using? >> i use maximize, i use water boarding and expand the laws so that we can beyond water boarding. >> shortly after a response from secretary clinton. does this suggest to you we need a new strategy against isis? >> i think we have to intensify and broaden our strategy, george, this is a horrific attack right in the heart of europe. and it shows why we need to be in solidarity with our europeans allies and why gnat toe is indifference penceable. >> we just heard donald trump saying he would expand the laws here at home if he was in custody here, he would be water boarded? your response in. >> that is just another one of
7:42 am
his claims that doesn't bear up. you know, our best and our bravest intel and military leaders will tell you torture is not effective. it puts soldiers and increasingly our own civilians in danger. you know, an open recruit chl poster for more terrorists. it's wrong and it doesn't work. >> the debate is joined there. i want to bring in tom llamas. we're also hearing from ted cruz and john kasich. >> that's right. senator ted cruz may have had the toughest talk. very critical of president obama. ted cruz saying moments ago, saying that isis has declared war on europe. he said that the president right now instead of watching baseball games with the castros in cuba should either come back to the united states or head straight to brussels to stand with our allies, he also criticized the president for not going to paris when those attacks happened as
7:43 am
well. even governor john kasich who has been a voice on optimism on the republican field also going after the president saying on twitter, the president must return home immediately and get to work with our allies to respond with strength against the enemies of the west. clearly on the republican side, some of the candidates talking about the attacks in brussels but also using this as a moment to attack the president and his stance and his positions on isis. >> implicit criticism also from secretary clinton who suggested we should have been doing more overseas, pushing the europeans harder. >> the president made his very short remarks. but secretary clinton's remarks went further than that. some suggeomething that she's finding common ground with the republicans on this day.
7:44 am
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back now live with the latest on the deadly terror attacks in belgium. you see the aftermath of the blast right there. moments ago, i spoke with an
7:48 am
eyewitness who was at the brussels airport rushing to catch his flight when the explosions went off. >> yes, in terminal b i was on my way to liberia, just past the security when we saw where the bombing took place and we were being rushed and pushed away to the exit. >> what did you see and what did you hear? >> well, i didn't hear the bomb go off, but what i did see at the entrance there was shattered window there was some damages to the front. and police officers and fellow officers with guns, just making sure that everyone is okay pushing people to the exit. >> how extensive was the damage that you could see. >> it was extensive. but there was construction at the time because they made
7:49 am
changes at the airport. i know this airport so i know where security check points should typically be. but this time around it was not there it was somewhere else. it was construction. but i was pretty badly damage. >> george, we want to go back to abc's alex marquardt, he's on the scene at the airport in brussels. alex? >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're getting more details about these two attacks that took place this morning, within just an hour of each other, the first one 8:00 inside the departures al at the airport. there were 14 people we now understand killed inside the airport. among the wounded, we don't have an exact number on the wounded, there were three americans, they were mormon missionaries all three from utah.
7:50 am
downtown n the brussels metro, there was a second attack around 9:00 in the morning, there we understand around 20 people killed. and that explosion went off in the second car as the train was leaving the maelbeek station. there's been a tight police perimeter. in the wake of these attacks not only has the airport been shut down, the metro station, the trains, the tram, nothing is moving. the only way to get in and out of belgium right now is by car, this is a country not only gripped with nervousness and fear but physically paralyzed. >> alex, thank you. we'll take another short break. and our live team coverage will continue in just a moment. today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. see when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, 7:56. we have just learned that three mormon missionaries from utah are among those injured in the brussels terror attack. they are increasing patrols at sfo and the san francisco office of emergency management asking the public to remain vigilant and to look out for each other. we'll check on our morning commute with sue hall. good morning, sue. at one point, we had three separate sig alerts. now, we are down to one, this one at teddrink eastbound 80. westbound through dixon also remains very, very slow, mike. >> sue, thank you very much. here is a look at live doppler 7 a.c.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 clnk a.m. brussels rocked by deadly terror attacks. explosions ripping through the airport and a subway station. scenes of sheer panic. all of europe on high alert. the threat level being raised here now in the u.s. the latest live on the ground right now. we do say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. we're live for our viewers in the west with the latest on those deadly terror attacks. three explosions rocking belgium during their morning rush hour, two of those explosions at an airport. one at a metro station. passengers running for their lives in the european capital. >> here's what we know right
8:01 am
now, at least 31 dead, at least 187 injured. americans in belgium told to shelter in place and here in the u.s., police are ramping up security. we have team coverage of all the latest. we're going to begin with alex marquardt who's on the scene at the brussels airport. good morning, alex. >> reporter: we understand the death toll has now climbed to 34, that would be 20 downtown at that metro station in the center of brussels and 14 killed at this airport. hours later, there's still a strong police presence. we have seen a number of hearses that are clearly here to take away the dead. we have been speaking with eyewitnesses who describe scenes of carnage, of pandemonium, of debris everywhere and we understand now that among the many wounded here in brussels were at least three americans, all of them mormon missionaries from utah. the first explosion occurred at 8:00 a.m., the heart of the
8:02 am
morning rush hour at brussels' zaventem airport. >> next to me, less than a meter, in less than a meter, it was the delta airlines ticket office, first explosion, seconds later there was a second explosion. >> reporter: witnesses described the ceilings caving in. ten minutes later, a second blast, louder than the first. water mixing with blood from the victims. >> the ceiling went down. i dropped down. on top of my girl. there was a second explosion. >> reporter: three americans from utah suffered serious injuries. residue from the explosions engulfing the airport. witnesses described it was a a war zone. >> we were looking at each other
8:03 am
speechless and couldn't do anything. anything. then, this explosion was in front of the armed soldier. >> reporter: air traffic control warned the planes circling in the air. >> there have been explosions in the terminal hall. that's why we don't allow any aircraft anymore. >> reporter: moments later, an explosion at the maelbeek metro station. panic when commuters heard a loud boom as the train left station. first responders ran through the street outside with people on stretchers, their clothes badly torn. >> i just stood off the metro when we heard a loud, muffled sound, more panic set in. >> reporter: when the explosions cleared at least 15 dead and more than 50 wounded. these coordinated attacks come as the belgian capital has been on high alert, following the arrest of suspected paris attacker stlau abdeslam last week. president obama in cuba this morning, addressed the attack. >> we will do whatever is
8:04 am
necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality, of race, or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> reporter: belgian authorities will immediately start looking into whether today's attacks are connected with the arrest of salah abdeslam on friday in that dramatic raid. the belgian foreign minister said over the weekend he was looking to restart attacks from brussels. the u.s. embassy has asked u.s. citizens to shelter in place. after belgium raised its terror alert level to 4. the highest level indicating they fear a serious and imminent attack. >> that's the fear, alex. thank you. joining us is an eyewitness who said she was next to the
8:05 am
explosion when the first blaths went off. thank you for joining us on the phone. first, no injuries, you're okay if. >> i got a bump on my head but that's the least of my worries right now. >> can you tell us where you were when the explosion went off and what did you see? >> my boyfriend had taken me to the airport. i came to visit him, he's a contractor for nato right now. we were checking in. i was checking my bags and having a normal conversation with a attend about. told me she liked my jacket. all of a sudden, just a huge explosion. just, dust everywhere. i really didn't know what was going on first. i guess i was confused. all i remember, he was
8:06 am
screaming, he came running towards me. he was on top of me. it was very busy. the airport was packed. there were a million people there today. it was scary. i mean, the screams you wouldn't imagine. he mentioned this earlier, it was very loud the first explosion, after the second one, everything kind of went silent, i don't know if it was the sound of the blast affected my hearing. >> how close were you to that explosion, do you think? >> i would say no more than 40, 50 feet, because it happened right between delta -- i was right next to american airlines where i was flying out of, it was 40, 50 feet. i have no idea i don't know how i anything more than a bump on my head. i'm very grateful for that.
8:07 am
it's loud. i can feel in my head and chest. it's still kind of ring zmrg your boyfriend is okay as well? >> he's okay. he's got a few cuts on his hand. again, we're very, very lucky. and feel very blessed that's all we have. considering other people are in to hoff pain right now. >> unfortunately, did you see the other people who were injured more seriously? >> he kind of shielded me from that. i'm kind of a sensitive person. it's just -- it's heartbreaking, it really is. so, unnecessary and yeah, there's a lot. like, i mean, he said before, we're not going to be looking for that many survivors, it was bad. the whole wall was blown out from the front end of the airport and the ceilings were in shambles. things were just falling down. you had to dodge stuff while we
8:08 am
were running out of the airport. >> and where are you right snow. >> we finally made it back, he has an apartment here because he's stationed at nato right now, we had to walk a few miles and we finally found a cab to take us close -- another bomb went down near where his apartment was. we had to walk quite a while and he went out now to try to get us some stuff. there's nothing in the apartment. >> how are people reacting right now there in town in. >> you can see, even if they don't say anything, you can tell people are walking with heavy hearts, lot of people are upset that their city got attacked. i don't blame them. it's just very tense, you can kind of feel it in the air that people are walking around very heavy-hearted and upset and
8:09 am
scared. it's scary. four bombs went off today. maybe there's another one. we don't know. >> yes, we're thinking of you, everybody back home, thinking of you and thank you. take care of that bump on your head. >> i will. i will. it's not bad. it will be okay. i didn't realize it hurt until a year ago. >> you could be in some shock. you should get checked out. you could be in shock. take care of yourself. >> thank you so much. >> all right. can't imagine not being traumatized seeing something like this. moments ago, i spoke with another eyewitness who heard the first explosion and then witnessed the aftermath. tell us what you saw and heard. >> about 8:00 a.m. i was dropping off my luggage and i heard the first explosion with a lot of dust and the ceiling of the airport started to collapse.
8:10 am
then the second explosion, same smoke, same noise, same people screaming everywhere, just about few seconds, everybody ran out and we quickly saw injured people and a few people laid on the ground, near the entrance, and we saw a lot of people really badly injured with a lot of blood and we know it was even worse inside. but we couldn't see anything because of the smoke. >> you said the second explosion was on the other side of the terminal, how far separated were the explosions? >> it's not that far, maybe 30, 40 meters. basically in the same big room. but i heard the first and saw the smoke. on my left. two seconds on my right. really close to each other. >> how far were you from the explosions? >> less than 20 meters from the explosion. one of my ears is a bit damage.
8:11 am
it's okay. i'm very lucky. >> describe the extent of the damage you saw in the terminal. >> the terminal, the ceiling was really collapsing and there was a lot of glass around. so, i saw a lot of people slightly injured because of the glass explosion. there was a lot of blood on the heads, on the face, and on the clothes, of course, i saw about 40 people slightly injured around me. right next to me. but i couldn't see everybody from the other side of the terminal. we quickly heard that people were dead inside. the police told us that maybe 20 minutes after it happened. >> in those moments immediately after the attack, we're seeing some of the video right now, what did they tell you to do? >> nobody told us anything, when the first explosion happened, i quickly saw the face of everyone
8:12 am
just like, they were ready for something like this to happen, they were like, oh, my goodness, it's happening. everybody went out. no panic movement. everybody was taking care of each other. but people were really shocked of course. >> that was david curnelle at the brussels airport. kayna whitworth is live at l.a.x. with the latest on airport security here in the u.s. >> reporter: so, officials here at l.a.x. are closely monitoring the situation there in brussels. and they're telling us right now there's no specific to los angeles international airport, but with that being said, we're also told to expect increased security personnel. they're very visible out here today. as i was walking around, you're seeing more police officers, they're walking in pairs. some have a kay anyone with them. again, they're trying to tell us, they're trying to function as business as usual. but they're ready at any point
8:13 am
to change their deployment strategy should the situation change in belgium. they're also doing random vehicle checks. now, again, that's something that's normal here at l.a.x. but it's something to keep an eye out for here today. random vehicle checks in all different areas. at the airport and just outside of the airport. officers also reminding everyone here, if you see something say something. they're constantly reminding all passengers here f they see something say something. of course their safety is paramount here at l.a.x. and all airports across the country. >> it sure is. kayna, do you know what kind of impact this has had on air travel today? >> as you look at the big board, even flights to london, flights are moving on time here. as of now, passengers even again flying overseas, right now, are
8:14 am
doing okay. >> okay, kayna whitworth, thank you very much. the latest on these terror attacks all morning. back in just a moment. ♪ if you're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. my psoriatic arthritis i'm caused joint pain.o golfer. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage.
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8:19 am
>> reporter: good morning, george. all day long, there has been a strong police perimeter all around this airport. when we came in we had to come in by foot. the entrances to the airport were blocked. as you can see, there's more traffic now, rather somberly we have seen hearses that have been coming to the airport presumably to take away the 14 killed here at the airport. we also understand that there were three wounded in that double explosion this morning, who were americans. all three of them from utah. they were mormon missionaries. now, the two bombs that went off here, we understand one was a suicide bomber and the other came from what a belgian official has called a suspicious package. the second attack about an hour later, downtown, in the brussels metro, that took place on a train that was leaving the maelbeek station that's in the
8:20 am
central of the city. belgian authorities will look into whether this connected to the salah abdeslam, the last surviving attacker from the paris attacks. what we learned from his arrest if he had a larger network. >> martha raddatz, we were just looking at that footage on the police on the roofs there in brussels. looking for possible other cells, possible other accomplices and it's leading to big questions, after all the intense focus on brussels since those attacks in paris, how they could miss such an extensive network? >> clearly whatever intelligence they had was insufficient. right now, they're trying to solve this crime that happened this morning and try to stop the next one. they were unable to stop this.
8:21 am
they knew something was imminent. i was there in november and the city was shut down looking for terror suspects. they're scrambling to do this but they don't have the intelligence networks they need. i'm sure they would say that themselves. one thing with intelligence is gather more intelligence. part of the channel here, part of the problem is that you need to get people who are in that community who know the terrorists and that is a very difficult task. >> clearly not getting a lot of cooperation from the community there, that molenbeek section of the city of brussels, as we see those visions of the aftermath of the explosions right now. thank you, martha raddatz. we're going to bring in ian mccafferty. thank you for joining us right now. you were a station away. what did you hear? >> yeah, i jumped off the metro just one stop before where the explosion took place. i was just walking up the stairs, coming to the ground level as there was a loud, kind
8:22 am
of large blanketed sound and a cloud of dust up in the air. it shooing the metro station and that was just as we were walking out. some people really picked up the pace then. of course, you have to realize in brussels there's a lot of construction, noise that we can't contribute to a source. it was only until we got to the top of the stairs and the soldiers eagerly evacuating the metro station. more panic kicked in. >> you heard only one thud. there were reports earlier of multiple explosions. you heard only one. >> just to clarify, when i first heard this noise it wasn't entirely clear that it was an explosion. we have only since found out afterwards. this is how these situations tend to unravel. you figure out what's going on a
8:23 am
little bit later. at time there was mass confusion. this was one loud thud and the shake. after that we were quickly -- the station was quickly evacuated. >> did you see any of the injured, any of the casualties? >> we saw the extent of the evacuation of metro station along the street. the area we were in, from the city center towards the european quarter, where the european commission and whatnot are located, obviously this is an area that's very densely populated with a lot of commuters, the timing of the blast was such there was a lot of people in the station at the time. lot of people out on the streets, lot of confusion, some running, some crying, some standing in disbelief, in these situations you try to make sense of it by looking at the reactions of the people around
8:24 am
you. no one knows what really is going on. >> how would you describe the feeling in brussels right now? >> right now after what a potential terrorist attacks? obviously there's a high degree of concern and consternation, you know, we have in this area here and the european quarter, all of the buildings are closed, people are advised to stand in. they're advised to stay away from windows. so, there's a sense of lockdown right now. i mean the most important thing for all of us is to get in touch with friends, loved ones to make sure everybody is okay. it's very upsetting to hear about the tragic loss of life that happened this morning. >> i can imagine you're going through right now. >> all right, george, let's turn to brian ross who covers isis for us. what does this type of attack, brian, tell us coming on the heels of the terror arrest in
8:25 am
belgium? >> well, what it tells us, robin, this cell was rooted, supported and organized by isis central command in syria. a part of the training is, if one person is captured alive in the cell they're told to assume the cell is compromised and they'll soon be arrested themselves and trigger the kind of attacks we saw this morning. the fact that abdeslam was taken alive, he would talk and reveal their whereabouts. >> we talked about how isis infiltrated there in europe and people want to know what about here in the u.s., what are the chances of something like that happening here on our soil? >> reporter: well, i think that's a less of a chance because it's harder for these groups to get in. what we have seen in the u.s., the attacks linked to people, sympathetic to isis are
8:26 am
essentially self-motivated, self-radicalized, much less of the indications of the direct connection to the central command of isis. >> that is true. all right, brian, thank you. we'll take a short break right now. continuing live coverage of those deadly terror attacks across belgium this morning. two attacks. one at the airport. one at the metro city. there's the scene of the destruction at the airport. we'll have more on the latest.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm registry akey. we are tracking the latest out of belgium. at least 34 people are dead, 180 injured after three explosions. those attacks causing concern here in the bay area. san francisco department of emergency management asking the public to remain vil lent and to look out for each other. they are increasing patrols at the transit centers locally and there will be more security at key locations. we are going to switch over to your morning commute and sue hall. good morning. good morning, reggie. metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge. a slow crawl all the way to the city, just under an hour and just past the tunnel.
8:28 am
you're going to find a stall in middle lanes. that's the reason for extra slow traffic. we still have a sig alert in the area. left lane closed eastbound. left lane in the left-bound direction
8:29 am
warmer than average through
8:30 am
easter. >> in about 30 minutes and always on our news app. we are going welcome back to "good morning america." we're live across the country right now with the latest on that breaking news this morning. there you see new images inside the airport in brussels where an ek explosion set off by a suicide bomber. two explosions went off at 8:00 a.m. another explosion in the metro of brussels, belgium, right now. >> u.s. citizens in belgium have been told to shelter in place this morning as the terror alert in belgium raises to the highest level, level 4, there's concern about possibly more attacks to follow. >> we want to go right to alex marquardt on the scene at the brussels airport, been there in the moments after the explosions this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right the belgian authorities have just revised their death toll saying that 11
8:31 am
people were killed here at zaventem airport in that double explosion this morning. at least one of those explosions caused by a suicide bomber. the overall death toll 26 including 15 at that metro station downtown. but with around 90 people wounded, that death toll is expected to rise. this is a city that has been paralyzed not just by panic by physically. the entire transit system of the city has been shut down. after that attack of the metro, the entire metro, entire tram and the entire train system. now, this is not just a european city, this is the capital of europe, and that's no exaggeration, this is a city that's home to some of the biggest institutions the european union, nato and all of the embassies. america has three different ambassadors here. this is an absolutely crucial country in the way that europe functions. the u.s. embassy has put out a
8:32 am
warning to its citizens to shelter in place. that comes in light of the raising of the terror alert level to 4 until this morning it had been a 3. the second highest. it's now at its highest level indicating belgian authorities still fear an imminent attack. >> we want to speak to another eyewitness at the airport and saw the bomb itself and the explosion. can you tell us, first of all, how are you and what did you see? >> are you there? >> now, i'm in the airport. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> yeah, i'm still in the airport with thousands of passengers. we were told that have to be here and no one knows how long we can stay here. i came to the airport in the
8:33 am
morning, at 7:00, and i saw a lot of police and armed soldiers, much more than usual, you know that after the paris attack attac attacks, about what the government members were making statements, there were so many soldiers in the streets and in the airports. but today, it was something more. you know, and i was tending in the departures hall, on the first floor, in front of the brussels ticket office, buying my ticket to geneva. next to me, less than a meter, it was a delta airlines ticket office, and the first explosion was there. i saw, you know, everyone was in a state of shock. i saw the big black item.
8:34 am
i don't know if it was a bag or a suitcase. but it had a flame and in a second, everything was in smoke. and it was a shock and on the right side -- on the left side, crying and old people were on the floor and in three seconds there was a second explosion. it was such terrible sound and. we didn't see anything around us. we were waiting for the third one. you know. and don't know what to do. >> and was there anybody helping you, anybody there. >> no, no, no, no. no one was there. we were alone there. you know, it was something like's, we were looking at each other speechless, and can't do
8:35 am
anything. anything. and then, then, the explosion was in front of the armed soldier. because we saw them, because they were patrolling the whole area. and then in the approximately in 15 minutes, they came and told us to leave the place. we're still in the airport since then. back here and nobody knows how long we can be here. >> hopefully, you'll get some help soon and they can tell you where to go. >> you're saying you saw a flame coming out of a suitcase, did it explode. did you see it explode? >> yes, yes. i saw the explosion, the sound of the explosion, at the same time, and the flame, and then
8:36 am
nothing because everything was in the smoke and can't see. >> how close were you? you're okay, you weren't injured? >> yes i'm okay. no, no. >> you're doing the best you can to help those who are in. >> we were together, some 20 people around us, there were many injured, there was a blast and i'm a journalist working here, working here for eight years, and the first what i did when i realized i was alive, i took a picture and put on facebo facebook, even my colleagues find out what was going on in brussels. >> letting your colleagues know and people know. that's how social media, that's
8:37 am
how we're able to determine so much that's going on. so, you're still there in the airport. other people are there? >> yes, yes. >> you're not being told when you can leave or how you can leave? >> no, no, no, no. it's something that's a very big hall near this airplanes land. a lot of clouds. now, they came out here with food, blanket, water and coffee. they're telling us, they don't know the threat is imminent still. >> thank you for sharing what you whent through today. we're thinking of you. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thank you. you take care. >> thank you. >> possibly some important new
8:38 am
information there. about the black bag. because we heard at least one of the explosions at the airport was caused by a suicide bomber. this is happening right in the middle of a presidential campaign. tom llamas is covering that for us. >> george, good morning. with these attacks still so fresh, donald trump is saying those types of attacks reinforce some of his most popular and some of his most controversial policies, stronger border, need to be tougher on immigration in this country and we need to be careful when it comes to syrian immigrants. he posted on twitter earlier this morning, do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. it's from a different world! u.s. must be vigilant and smart. now, he's also called brussels a total mess even before these attacks. he says it's a total mess because of the immigration problems there. he's also mentioned abdeslam, the paris attacker now in
8:39 am
custody, when asked if he was open to torture. what he would do to abdeslam who's in custody now. he said doing whatever to get the information out of him. at a point like when you have prisoner like abdeslam, you have to do whatever you can to get information out of him. after the paris attacks, he says that proves more people need guns when those gunmen shot and killed those innocent people at those cafesened restaurants in paris, if he said if more people were armed they could have fought back. he refused to use the term master minds. he called them cowards. john kasich also checked in. he said we have to take war of terror to closely in the communities to europe. we want to remind our voters
8:40 am
today's a voting day in arizona and utah on the republican. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. we'll take a quick break and come back with all the latest on these
8:41 am
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now we're back now with live coverage of those deadly terror attacks in belgium this morning, at least two explosions at the belgian airport. also an explosion at the brussels metro station, at least 26 people reported killed. dozens injured as well. the entire country is shut down right now. airport and public transportation. we're joined now by an eyewitness evan lamos at the train station when the explosion occurred. thank you for joining us. we're going to show some of the video that you shot earlier this morning at the subway. tell us what you were able to see and hear >> i was on the metro between the arts-loi and the maelbeek station. we felt a small blast of wind and some thudding sounds which were apparently some explosions. the metro immediately stopped. the power turned off and the
8:44 am
engine turned off. some announcements over the intercom, some disruptions on on the metro line and they were working to resolve it. two, three minutes someone came from the front of the metro to the back of the metro. i was in last car. they opened the door, install a ladder and had us evacuate out of the back of the metro where we walked back to the metro station where we had come from. >> you said explosions, so did you hear more than one ud thud? >> after the metro stopped we could hear some thudding in the distance, it wasn't really clear to us what it was, it wasn't immediately clear that this was an attack, we just kind of felt this little burst of wind and heard some -- what might sound like thunder in the distance. >> how far were you from the station where the explosions occurred? >> so, i was on the metro in
8:45 am
between the next station and the one where the explosions occurred. so i was on one metro away from the one that if i had taken one metro earlier i would have been on the metro that had the explosions. the there was a loft nervousness at the beginning. there was an attack this morning at the plus else is airport. we were reading about that on the phones as we were commuting to work. as the metro stopped, there was some tenseness and nervousness inside the metro, people were whispering and tauing a about the fact that there was an explosion at the airport. that being said, everyone stayed pretty calm. one person who was jumping over metro seats to get ahead of other people to evacuate. but for the rest, there were passengers helping other passengers to get down the ladder. there were passengers helping
8:46 am
other passengers to carry their kids, their strollers and everyone just kind of calmly and quickly walked towards the exit. >> this was about an hour on on so after the explosions at the airport? >> i i believe so. i'm not entirely clear when the explosions happened at the airport. this was a little after 9:00 in the morning. >> the explosions at the airport occurred around 8:00. >> i'm at the office i'm working for a media organization for brussels. i'm at the international press center. what's the scene like around you in. >> i haven't been out for the last few hours. but, the immediate reaction after i was evacuated, at first, no one really knew what to do, this is an area where there's at lot of office workers, there were a lot of people trying to get to their office, once it was clear there was something really
8:47 am
wrong people were trying to figure out what was happening and what they should do, whether they should make their way to their office or go home. it was kind of a city at a stand still, not a city at panic but stand still and the police quickly locked the area down and evacuated people even further away. >> stay safe evan and thank you for joining us i can't imagine being on metro and getting a message about the bombing apartment the airport. we'll turn back to martha raddatz with the latest on what we know about the terror activity there in europe, martha. >> they're still trying to figure, they have gone after suspects and looking for them in brussels, whether they were people they have since learned were involved in this because of either capturing another suspect or they identified the suicide bomber we don't know. but imagine, robin, that scene at the airport, right there, can you imagine how many people had
8:48 am
large suitcases there? in many ways that's a perfect target for isis, you can roll in any of those bags you're looking at could have contained a bomb. if it was a suitcase, it wouldn't have been at all hard to get that into the departure area. i have been to that very place several times and most recently in november right after the city was in lockdown. but the destruction you see from that bomb or two bombs, that we know of s an indication that was a very, very powerful bomb, if it takes down those cement barriers, if it has -- i'm sure that's not right next to where the bomb exploded, but that smoke very powerful bomb. >> you referred to those suitcases. one eyewitness said seeing what appeared to be a suitcase.
8:49 am
part of the explosion could have come from that. martha, thank you very much. we'll take another short break and we'll be back with all the latest on those deadly terror attacks.
8:50 am
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shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. we're back now with the latest on those deadly terror attacks in europe this morning, in belgium, two attack s one ata airport and one at metro. that's the scene of people evacuating the airport. those explosions happened just after 8:00 a.m. local time in brussels. about 3:00 a.m. here on the east coast. i want to bring in our terror expert richard clarke and matt olsen. let me pick up with you, richard, we have salah abdeslam in custody right now the europeans have him in custody right now, what more can they be
8:52 am
doing to get more information from him about these attacks and the connection he may or may not have had to them? >> george, i think it's highly like when he was arrested he knew these attacks were being planned. he certainly knew the identities probably of the cell, because after he was arrested, the belgian police and the superior minister said two things, one we're anticipating attacks coming in the very near future and two, the cell network is much bigger than we thought it was. so, he said something. or, they found materials in the apartment that they raided that indicated something. they of course like us, under the obama administration, they're not going to use torture. and torture in my opinion, at least, doesn't work anyway, the information you get from it is unreliable. they'll try to persuade him in every way they can that he needs to cooperate more, because
8:53 am
there's clearly a much bigger cell network, they need to find it so there's not another round of these attacks in the very near future. >> matt, we do see at least from what we know about this attack so far, two attacks, different locations, similar methods, very much like the paris attacks. >> exactly, almost exactly like the paris attacks. orchestrated, coordinated. this is the concern we have had after the fallout in syria, these kind of attacks are quite possible given the flow of fighters and the threat we face. >> okay, matt olsen, dick clarke, thank you very much. our coverage will continue right now. staying on these attacks all mo
8:54 am
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we'll have the latest on the brussels attacks all morning long and david muir will have a special one-hour edition of "world news tonight." thanks for watching. -lois pricese. [ifrom grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores.
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good morning. it's 8:59. you need the sunglasses more than the umbrella. we have a few radar returns right along the coast and the higher elevations. that's pretty much where they are going to be through the morning. the higher elevation at the east bay, we may see a storm or two. my accuweather seven-day forecast. a cool one tonight. 30s and 40s. 70s are on the way your signal alert, eastbound 80 is cleared. both 880 north and 580 still jammed at this hour, reggie. >> thank you, sue. "live with kelly and michael" is coming up next. our reporting continues now on our news app and
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right here at 11:00 a.m. until then, have a great day! >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the drama, "mr. selfridge," jeremy piven. plus, film, television, and broadway star jane krakowski. and the latest green cars as we continue our "new york auto show week." also, actress rebecca romijn joins michael at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are michael strahan and rebecca romijn! [cheers and applause] ♪ rebecca:


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