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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  KGO  March 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the airport was packed a million people there today. >> the screams you would not imagine. >> dozen dead. many more injured. including several americans hurt in the attacks in brussels. isis claims responsibility police look for a possible suspect. >> i am regular. kristen will be here this afternoon. we have a lot of new information to tell you about including the surveillance video police have released. first, the latest on those hurt. several of the injured are men including three mormon missionaries from utah.
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all are in the hospital now with serious injuries. as for the people responsible, belgium police confirm that they are searching for the manant right side of the screen, who is wearing the hat. we have team coverage of all of latest on the terror attacks in belgium and we start with that story. >> 34 are dead, 100 injured including wounded three american missionaries from utah and a united states service member and four of his family members, the belgium prime minister calling it a black day for the country declaring three days of national mourning. >> the first set of explosions rocked brussels at the airport just after 8:00 a.m. at the height of rush hour. witnesses describe the terrifying moments. [ inaudible ] >> the belgium prosecutor saying one of the explosions was carried out by a suicide bomber.
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>> police are hunting for the ma on the right, identifying him as a suspect from the brussels airport attack. >> an hour later, another power ful most that maalbeek subway near the headquarters of the european union and western embassies. >> we are...people started running. >> people were shocked and first responders carried wounds on the stretchers. clothes were ripped. the world reacting from president obama. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible >> the french president hollande >> he said terrorists have struck in belgium, aimed at europe but the whole world is concerned >> the attack striking in heart of brussels, days after the dramatic raid on friday. police arresting the last suspected pair of suicide bomber, salah abdeslam. the interior minister warning it
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would activate other cells to carry outry spring attacks, with the fear realized today. the threat level is raised to the highest deliver meaning the threat of another attack is serious and imminent. >> chilling new details coming in, we have learned there was third bomb at brussels airport which did not explode, and security services found it and destroyed it. the airport remains closed until at least on thursday. >> back to you. >> the united states embassy in brussels sent out a security alert to united states citizens in belgium mentioning another attack could occur with little or noment and people are warned to avoid all public transportation. next, a shelter-in-place was there this morning and now has been lifted and that happened before 9:00 a.m. our time. at home, many agencies are ramping up security and asking all of us to be vigilant. janet joins with the changes happening here, 5,500 miles away from brussels.
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>> the brussels attack have a ripple attack. san francisco police say there will be an increased police presence in transit areas and san francisco international airport, the major airline amtrak pledged to have extra officers and review guidelines for facility inspections and active shooter incidents. this morning, bart said they are taking extra precaution by deploying more security throughout the system. the san francisco department of emergency management issued a statement requesting that the public to remain vision length. asking if you see something suspicious, alert authorities. we asked people what, exactly force they look for? >> we all carry laptops, bags, we all carry multitude of things so i would say behavior. maybe take your eyes off your cell phone for a minute and look around. >> a bag unattended or someone acting suspicious. our uniform is a deterrent from
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crime being committed and having officers around helps the passengers and people feel secure. >> san francisco police department said having more officers deployed also allows them to be more proactive in looking for any suspicious actist. many people we talked to today said that while being vision length is important, they do not want to let fear get in the way of living life. in the newsroom for abc7. >> thank you, janet. 431 flights in and out of brussels canceled today because of the attack. that has created a ripple effect with travel centers an the world matt is at sfo with the reaction of law enforcement and passengers. matt? >> reggie, there are no direct flights but terrorist is obviously on the mind of many passengers today with many flights taking off to neighboring european countries this afternoon. >> you cannot go anywhere at sfo without seeing san francisco
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officers, homeland security or police dogs and that is before you get through the security gate. an airport spokesman said passengers can expect heightened vision lens and increased paw trillions, united states travel association prosecute said oakland we condemn those with wish nothing more than to make us all fearful of going about our lines in peace." that fear is unfortunately real for many. >> it is sad. sad know that is happening. and probably kids like my daughters who are traveling and getting hurt and killed and it makes it fearful to travel. >> this morning, scary moments on a san francisco-bound flight. a man was removed from united 662 while at gate in san diego. a passenger at sfo told me the man was saying the word "bomb," over and over again. he talked about the tail of the plane falling off and he was removed from the flight by law enforcement officials. the entrance to the bart station
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at sfo had a big law enforcement presence as officers kept their eyes on similar places targeted in brussels. for most travelers life must go on. in changing the plans, that were miles the terrorists have succeeded. >> it does not make me stop because then we would never go anywhere. this is what they want, to scare us. >> at sfo, the spokesman said there are no changes in passenger security procedures but that could change if the t.s.a. feels they are war ran ranked. >> thank you. facebook has activated their safety check feature in the wake of the attack in brussels, and here is a look at the page which you can see says "brussels explosions." it features out lou users to mack themself as "safe," so family and friends know they are okay helpful when cell phone service could be limited. >> look at this post, a foe of
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people draw messages of support in chalk right on the street. you can show your support, too. we are sharing this badge on the news facebook page where you can see in the yellow heart a picture of two people embracing. if you go to our page send your thoughts and prayers to those affected in brussels. we will bring you updates throughout the newscast and on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. president obama is being up his historic three day visit to cuba after taking time this morning to address the attacks in brussels. after talking briefly about the tragedy in a keynote speech to the cuban people he changed his don't and focused on progress to renew relations between the united states and cuba. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friend to the cuban people. >> the president referenced the
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milestones as the internet becoming more available in cuba and the doors gradually open to bring more american tourists there. president obama holds next to argentina, his visit 8 be the first by a united states president to that country in more than 20 years. >> the race for 2016 going to several key states, the arizona primary is a rise and caucuses happening in utah and idaho. last my the candidates faced off over who supports extra more, before a pro israeli crowd in new york and hick said donald trump changes his mind like the weather. while donald trump accused hillary clinton of being soft in her support for jewish state. >> with the content, the can daylights look to build on the delegate counts. for the republican, trump has 680, cruz 424, kasich 143. the republican candidate needs only 1,200 for the nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has 1,630, double the 870 of bernie sanders. the democratic candidate needs
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under 2,400 to clench the nomination. >> commuters can ride a shuttle train between bart concord martinez and pittsburg/bay point the first train service since a surge damaged 50 bart cars last week. until now, commuters had to rise shuttle buses or drive to catch the trains to san francisco. that disrupted a last riders' routines. >> it has been rough. i have been getting up at 3:30 each morning to get to work on time. i'm exhausted. >> bart has brought in outside experts and high-tech equipment to find the cause, but know luck so far. >> california businessmen joined forces for an annual event a look at moscone center at big names making a difference. >> new twist in the apple
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encryption flight. stay tuned.
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>> the storm-impact scale, today's storm is level "1" light rain. keep an umbrella handy and drive safe. track the storm on the news app. download it now.
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>> i know we are watching right now and this scene is so horrific. before going about the day and then running for their lives. our prayers are with brussels as is our solidarity. >> that is house speaker paul ryan express condolences on behalf of the united states house of representatives to the people of belgium. 34 people were killed in explosions across brussels this morning, several americans are among those would were hurt. >> and now other news, apple will not be in court today to argue against opening that locked iphone that belonged to one of intern don't terrorists. in comes as the f.b.i. may not need the help after all. prosecutors asked the judge to delay the hearing yesterday and the f.b.i. has revealed "outside party," showed agent a possible way to unlock the iphone.
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apple objects to a court order to create software to hack into the phone. >> inspirational morning a the professional business women's conference. we will talk to amy hollyfield who has been there throughout the morning. thousands of women are gathering from all over california here now in san francisco. looks live we are having problem with the live shot so, instead, we are going to a new dispute in pacifica on the heels of el nino-influenced storms with people who were firsted to move are asking the city to do something. and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> reggie, and everyone, welcome to a sunny to which the broadcast center. i am keeping the umbrella close because there is a chance of a stray shower and i will show you the best chance and when that happens before the big warming trend hits
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>> benicias san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> thousands of women at san francisco's moscone center for the pbwc professional business women of california conference. we are a proud sponsor of the event and amy hollyfield is there to show how it is going. >> good morning. what an inspiring morning it has been. before we got started the conference founder, congresswoman jackie speier took a moment to recognize the tragedy that happened in brussels. >> i would like all of us to take a moment and pause for the people of belgium and the people across this planet that grieve with them for losses they
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incurred today at hands of isis. >> the conference is sold out. 5,000 people, mostly women, are here at moss scone center to learn and be inspired. we were a mud sponsor of the event and several anchors and reporters are making appearans here throughout the day. the line of speakers is impressive with tennis start venus williams telling the crowd she plaintiffs the theme: changing the game. >> growing up i always had the mentality of feeling to try something new and i encourage people to go outside the we box and try something new. if you are comfortable you are not pushing your sole of the put yourself in uncomfortable position because it means you are growing, you are changing, and you are lending and getting to a new please.
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>> we were very proud this morning when our own cheryl jennings was awarded the conference "game changer," award and looked very surprised but we think she is deserving. so congratulations to her and all of the women out there change the game. reggie, back to you. i got to hang out with your co-anchor, natasha zouves. >> i regetted the selfie. love it. >> cute, right? i thought you would like to see us girls together. >> i love you, ladies i am heading to the moscone center after the show. >> residents of a yellow tagged apartment building want to get back in, although it is on the edge of the cliff. the apartment building is right next to the one that was demolished last week. this was yellow tagged in
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january because of erosion caused by el nino-influenced storms. the commission will vote on the appeal tomorrow night. >> and now, what does it look like outside this afternoon? meteorologist mike nicco is on the rooftop and it is g.m. out, is it still cool? >> it is cooler than yesterday. it will be cooler tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow afternoon that warmer wet is beginning to start taking over. you are still giving me a ride, right, to pbwc? i thought so, we will be this and judge natasha. did you see the sunrise? i captured it for you, this is the exploritorium camera at pier 15. get used to seeing this the next couple of mornings, but for maybe inland where it will be foggy and there will not be so many clouds around bay the next couple of days but right now we are seeing a few radar returns over the high elevations on either side of the santa clara valley. and it is right along the cost the next couple of hours into the santa cruz mountains our best chance of a stray shower as we move into the afternoon, it
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will translate over into the east bay hills and into to north bay mountains, and you can see the clouds starting to develop as we look northbound across the golden gate bridge so isolated shower and sunshine today and cooler tonight with more fog in the commute inland and a warming trend tomorrow through saturday and not feeling like spring, again, you can see the green in the north bay and along the east bay hills during the afternoon hours with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s and at the coast into san francisco upper 50s, and, tomorrow, get ready for 30s inland and low-to-mid 40s elsewhere inland and upper 30s, so if you have plans and you can put them out for water, out of the rain yesterday bring them back in the next couple of nights. we will have mid-to-upper 40s. we talk of the storm-impact scale and it will be light because of the isolated shows that will leave us less than .1". we will see how they play out on the future radar. you can see the green over the coast. and the north bay transitioning
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by 4:00 to the east bay hills and notice during the evening commute they fade away, the clouds open and the temperatures drop. if you have that humidifier town it on because the heater will kick on. the radar run is not hitting the reported stations but novato. no storm-impact scale after today. temperatures are back to average tomorrow. low 60 at the coast and upper 60s for the rest of us, and low-to-mid 60 at the coast on thursday through sunday and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 70s. maybe dew on the grass on sunday but it will not be rain. looks like it will be great for hunting easter eggs. >> a beautiful easter weekend.
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>> we are re-capping our top stories, here is what we know about brussels, three deadly explosions ripped through the belgium capital this morning. 34 people are dead. more than 180 injured including three americans, mormon missionaries overseas. we have just learned one of the victims mason wells, there on the scene, has been law this before. his dad said this is his third terrorist attack. it items out he was with his parents during the boston marathon bombing and in france
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during the takes in november. we will track this breaking news story all day long and can you follow us on deficit twitter@ twitter@--on twitter@abc7newsbaya rea. thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, your host of the all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." this season, we're changing things up-- no more easy answers, no more shortcuts, just a single player answering the question, "who wants to be a millionaire?" [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you. welcome to the show. everybody ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] having hosted over 2,000 trivia nights in new york city over the last ten years, today's first contestant is appropriately called "the king of trivia." we'll find out. from astoria, new york, please welcome tony hightower. [cheers and applause] what's up, tony? pleasure to meet you, pleasure. >> this is great. [sighs] >> 2,000. >> well, this is over the


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