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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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between the counter or anything else. >> terrified subway passengers braved the darkness as they headed for safety. belgium's allies reacted swiftly. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> these could just as well be attacks in france or germany or elsewhere. >> police have launched a series of raids following today's attacks. investigators are hunting for a suspect linked to two suicide bombers. >> here in the bay area, people with family in belgium are reacting to the bombings. a vigil will be held tonight outside of san francisco city hall. that's where we find melanie woodrow with the latest. >> reporter: city hall will be lit up tonight in tribute and we're just now starting to see a
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couple of people arriving here in anticipation of that vigil that will be held here, as well. as word spread of the terrorist attacks in brussels, he said his phone began lighting up. >> i started getting a lot of nexts. when that happens, you know something bad has happened. >> reporter: he's a member of the belgium club of northern california. he said many have loved ones in and around brussels. >> it's very real to me and to my family. >> reporter: his sister, who works for the red cross, sent him this picture of ambulances ready to deploy. >> attacks like this have the risk of shaking that foundation in belgium. >> reporter: friday, the main fugitive in the paris attacks was arrested in belgium, less than a mile from where his sister lives he says.
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outside the stock exchange in brussels, there were efforts of solidarity. >> my heart is with all the people in belgium. my family and friends and my belgian friends here in the bay area. i've not heard from everybody, and i'm sure some of them may have some family affected. >> reporter: many were gathering at san francisco city hall this afternoon. >> it's very difficult to be far away from your family at this time. >> reporter: a vigil will be held at 7:30 tonight. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." there are no specific threats in the united states, but security is stepped up at airports across the country, of course. "abc7 news" was at sfo today where the airport was under what's called heightened vigilance. that means more officers are on patrol, including some with dogs. everyone has their sixth sense, so if it doesn't feel
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right, you see somebody pacing back and forth, someone who is just loitering around in areas where it doesn't seem right, you can notify an officer. we can make contact with somebody to see what's going on. >> authorities want to be notified if someone leaves a bag behind orb if yo see any unattended packages. the san francisco police department is also increasing patrols with the port of san francisco. as major cities tighten security, here on all bay area mass transit systems. >> alyssa harrington is live at tonight. >> reporter: with the additional safety measures are things you can see like extra police officers. passengers at b.a.r.t. stations and other transit agencies are being asked to do their part. if you see something, say something. riding one of the bay area's
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public transit systems, you probably notice more law enforcement. extra police visible at b.a.r.t. and amtrak. the terror attacks in brussels sparked heightened security and left some feeling vulnerable. >> maybe take your eyes off your cell phone and look around. >> just feel safe in america now. i don't know if we start letting the refugees in, i don't think i'll feel safe then. >> we are prepared. we're ready for this type of thing. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is in the process of installing more cameras. >> we can't go into complete lockdown. having metal detectors for every passenger who boards b.a.r.t. is just not practical. so we have to find a different solution. >> reporter: vga officials monitor the situation, urges
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anyone who sees something suspicious to say something. amtrak is working with law enforcement partners to gather and share intelligence. while there's no credible threat, the department of homeland security and the fbi are working closely with local law enforcement. they're still urging people to travel and live daily life. alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." bay area congressman eric sprewell spoke from washington, d.c. today. he said we must redouble our efforts in understanding who isis is inspiring, and what threats the u.s. could be facing. >> we're not going to let this attack paralyze us into fear. but it also will not go unanswered. people in the bay area should go about their daily doings, and i think let law enforcement do our job and if you see something unusual, pass that along. >> after isis claimed responsibility for today's attacks, bay area muslim leaders
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condemned radicalized interpretations of islam. >> they have their own desires, political or whatever. but islam has nothing to do with this. we need people to step up to the plate and counter this ideology. >> "abc7 news" spoke with a leader of the amdeeia muslim community in silicon valley. he says islam rejects all forms of terrorism. the eiffel tower in paris is also bathed in red, yellow, and black. four months ago, the town hall in brussels was lit up with the colors of the french tags after the terror attacks in paris. bystanders in belgium turned to social media as attacks rocked the city. one image showed people trying to get out of the airport. another showed passengers trying to get off the train. the natural need to communicate
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did end up creating some problems. the deputy prime minister of belgium tweeted that standard mobile connections were overloaded. he asked people to use facebook and twitter via wi-fi connections. then a post on the belgium government's facebook page asked to limit use to avoid slowing connections. you can count on "abc7 news" for continued coverage of this breaking situation in brussels. we'll bring you updates throughout this news cast and on residents in pacifica are fighting eviction tonight after an apartment building was demolished. up next, what the city is doing to make sure no one falls victim to a hazardous hillside.
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i'm sandhya patel. temperatures trending higher this week. i'll show you how warm it's going to get coming up. celebration in cuba, as president obama takes part in a little baseball diplomacy. coming up, some bay area little leaguers who had their own havana moment. we'll explain. and -- >> i'm about to put you in a fish tank. what? >>
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breaking news in phoenix, arizona. look at these pictures now. this is a recycling plant that has caught fire near the sky harbor airport. as you can imagine, the fire and smoke can be seen for miles
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around. a lot of cardboard is around. you can see the enormous dark, black smoke pouring into the air over phoenix, arizona. back here in pacifica, possibly another nail in the coffin for the last of the apartment buildings hanging over a crumbling cliff. wayneman joins us live now. wayne? >> reporter: good evening. that evacuation order has been in effect since january 25th, but the thundering and the rumbling continues. that's the apartment building over my shoulder. it is a condemned building, but the people evacuated still want back in. it's the apartment building on legal and physical precipice. do you feel unsafe in there? >> not at all. >> this is where i live. >> reporter: jeff and bart, they are two of 20 people who live
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here. this morning, another city manager announced plans to ask the city council to uphold the decision to hear it down. >> we are trying to move it forward to protect the public's safety. >> reporter: it is the latest and longest battle where both the owner and city have knocked down two other cliffside apartment buildings based on recommendations. still, this had been a hardship for former residents. some are living in a nearby motel. jeff bowen is living in his car and is out of work. the city says it's concerned about your safety. >> can you believe that? >> reporter: tomorrow, he intends to appeal the eviction notice. >> the basis is there was no imminent emergency or danger of the bluff collapsing wholesale. >> reporter: but what is imminent? when measured as a blink in
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geologic time. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." the santa cruz county board of supervisors claimed a local emergency from the extreme weather. storms have caused an estimated $11 million in damage. this is the first step toward a possible state disaster declaration, which can trigger emergency funding to cover storm damage. officials are urging legislators to act on pending bills to increase transportation funding. the bay area woman kidnapped and assaulted in what police called a hoax is suing the police department for definition. police later apologized after
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the fbi arrested a former attorney for kidnapping her from her home, holding her cap ty and repeatedly assaulting her. police have arrested a man accused of groping a teenager on board a public bus last week. he is 70 years old, now charged with sexual battery. a 17-year-old on the bus repeatedly told him to stop touching her, but he did not stop. police say they received a lot of tips after they asked people to help identify the man seen in this bus surveillance video. the uc berkeley school of law's interim dean began her appointment today. melissa marie is widely suspected and renowned for her quality of scholarship and engagement of students. the 40-year-old yale law school graduate received tenure in 2011. she succeeds the former deal who resigned march 10 following
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sexual harassment allegations. the law school says it could take up to a year to find a permanent dean. oakland police are investigating a shooting that caused a driver to flip his car while trying to avoid gunfire. it happened in the intersection at 27th street around 2:00 p.m. the driver heard gunshots and ducked inside his car, then sideswiped a parked vehicle, which caused his vehicle to flip on its roof. officers found no gunshot victims. they believe the shooting took place on a nearby street. an 18-wheeler hauling fresh manure overturned today on todd road in santa rosa. department of transportation workers helped shovel the manure off the roadway and into an empty dump truck. the driver was not hurt. a neighborhood icon will
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stay in its home. you can see the store front in this picture. the studio and its tenants faced eviction. the building was bought after a fund-raising effort by neighbors. the artists have created murals around the mission for nearly 40 years. there's nothing like baseball to unite two cultures. >> president obama and cuban president raul castro took in an exhibition game between tampa and the cuban national team. >> and an announcer captured the moment a wave hit. first time maybe. the game capped off the president's 48-hour visit to cuba. the rays won that game by the way, 4-1. the president's attendance at today's ball game was especially important for one group in oakland. >> jonathan bloom has more on
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the kid's team that used baseball to bridge a political divide. >> now, please rise for the national anthem of cuba and the united states. >> reporter: it's the first time this century. an american major league team playing baseball in cuba. an american president in the front row. >> in the words of sam cook, it's been a long time coming. >> reporter: roscoe bryant knows there's a lot that separates the u.s. and cuba. but in baseball, there's common ground. >> it's one big brotherhood. the cubans are passionate about their baseball. we here in the bay area are passionate about ours. >> reporter: that's why his youth team, the oakland royals, became the subject of a documentary. when they got special permission to travel to cuba and play baseball with the teams there. >> home run in cuban is home run.
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pitcher is peacher. >> they were pretty damn good. they were pretty special what they did. >> reporter: the end of trade restrictions will mean big changes in cuba. the oakland royals hope kid's baseball doesn't get swept up in those changes. coaching kids in cuba doesn't pay very well. the tourism industry just might. how are you going to keep a coach like nicholas coaching for $14 a month when a doorman can make $200 a week? the royals hope the love of the game keeps the teams going and they can't wait to play them again, maybe here in oakland. ♪ and the home of the brave in oakland, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." >> in oakland and around the bay area today, lovely weather. >> it would be a great day for baseball. >> i was just going to say,
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hopefully you'll have another day to look forward to. it's definitely feeling like baseball weather out there and only going to get warmer. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about somewhat is ahead. right now on our radar, we are tracking an isolated shower, and it's really not affecting any area that most of you live. blue skies right now, we do have a little bit of green showing up. step aside so you can get the full effect of how brought and sunny it is. 57 in san francisco. low 60s oakland, san jose, and a lovely picture from san jose where they're seeing a few leftover clouds from the system that went through earlier. 61 in santa rosa, 63 livermore. here's a live look where they had a few showers earlier today. but it is now nice and sunny and people are enjoying this great looking weather. patchy fog tomorrow morning, warming trend into the weekend and remaining mild for easter.
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a high surf advisory until 4:00 a.m. wednesday, even though the advisory expires tomorrow morning, the surf will range from 15 to 20 feet and slowly come down. but just be careful along the coastline. here's a look at how much warmer it will get. san jose's temperature trend tomorrow, 69 degrees. the average high is 67. you'll notice that the numbers will rise above normal, continuing to rise above normal for thursday, friday, saturday before we drop down below average early next week, down into the mid 60s. as far as how we're doing in terms of season to date, we're doing good in some areas, but not so great in os. oakland airport, 88% of average. livermore, 102%. san jose, 103%. santa rosa with almost 30 inches of rain, you're at 97% of average. we're doing better than we did last year and the year before, but we have a long ways to go.
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the rain chances are fading, so slight chance on monday. that's about it. as of right now, we'll keep an eye on it. speaking of going down, tomorrow morning starting out cool. upper 30s in the valleys to upper 40s. some patches of fog around first thing when you get going. in the afternoon, make sure you have your sun screen. a mild day in the south bay. cupertino, 70 degrees. 9 in san jose. 60 degrees on the coast in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 63. daley city 61. upper 60s for napa. 65 in san rafell. head inland and it's going to be 66 in livermore. 67 in concord. accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures in the mid 70s as we head towards thursday.
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numbers will remain within a few degrees through saturday. mid 60s to mid 70s easter. we are going to see those temperatures drop a couple of degrees, but no raindrops. slight chance on monday. models are trending drier. it is going to be cooler and you'll notice it when we drop down into the upper 50s next week. >> thanks, the new samsung phone is put to the test. and then on 5:30 -- >> coming up, the deadly terror attacks, the airport, the subway, the americans caught in it. the virginia woman hiding with a ticketing agent, next. >> thanks, david. and then new at 6:00, the best of human kindness in brussels,
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how it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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you've probably seen the commercials, samsung is promoting its new phone with a celebrity filled ad campaign. >> michael finney is not here, but there is important consumer news about the phone. >> that's right. consumer report just completed its testing of the s-7 and the larger s-7 edge and here's what they found. >> reporter: samsung's ads tout that a new s-7 phones have long battery life, a great camera in low light, and they're water resistant. claims on the galaxy s-7 and the s-7 edge, running them through the same tests it does for all smartphones. consumer reports dropped the
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phones in a pressurized tanks, which simulates submersion in five feet of water for 30 minutes. both phones passed. and next, the low light camera test. both phones do create clearer images than the previous s-6 and the iphone 6-s. although the colors aren't as accurate. and another feature tested, battery life. >> both phones delivered more than 24 hours of talk time. the edge performed a little better, because it has a bigger battery. >> reporter: another plus, the s-7s had expandible storage, which is not available on iphones. >> the battery life, the camera, the water resistance, all of these things helped propel it to the top of our ratings and ahead of iphone. >> reporter: these can be a bit pricey. the s-7 costs $650 and the edge
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goes for $750. >> pricey. consumer report also test the new apple iphone as soon as it goes on sale. >> you did a nice job in michael's absence. up next, a very happy ending. >> a little boy who was in trouble and a quick thinking
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coming up on an expanded edition of "abc7 news," we'll have reaction in the wake of today's deadly terrorist attacks. and what annie liebowicz was doing here in the bay area today. and thousands come together to celebrate women. how they're empowering one another. all that plus much more coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:30 today. >> ama, thank you very much. after this tough day of news, we're happy to share a story about a young wife saved in the south bay. >> the police department shared this photo of a reunion between
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2-year-old eduardo and the officer. the last time they saw each other was last week and eduardo was not breathing. >> the officer got to the boy's home and immediately started cpr on him. the boy started breathing before he could be taken to the hospital and is now doing just fine. the family says the officer saved his life and they got a friend for life. >> what a nice reunion today. abc 7 is getting ready to celebrate national puppy day tomorrow. >> yes, we've been getting great pictures from our abc 7 now community. so share yours with the #puppieson7. and tune in form for our adoption event with our perfect pet partners. we'll be screaming live our puppy cam all morning on >> a lot of adorableness. "wold news tonight" is up next,
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a special one-hour edition. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. stay down. >> and in the subway. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocking the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing agent. while here at home tonight, images from the subway in new york city. amid questions about our own security. the tense moment at an american airport, the passenger jet met by authorities. and the fbi tonight, we


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