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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> two other attackers have been identifies as brothers and we know one of the apartmentses with raided last week as authorities conducted a raid. all the brussels airport is closed today and it will not re-open until at least tomorrow. all the number of dead is at least 31 this morning. with 260 people injured. >> at 6:00, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we will have more on the attacks in brussels but, first, remark and weather the mike? >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows it is quiet. no rain. a few high clouds. a gorgeous sunrise. if you capture it #abc7now. and now, starting off cooler. 38-52. nice to be outside, 60-64. up to 70 inlisten at 4:00. light jacket weather this
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evening. >> rough if petaluma, southbound 101 an accident blocking the left lane by san antonio road and traffic is now stacked to east washington for 45-minute delay and there is not a real good alternate unless you take 116 to 121 to 37. give yourself plenty of time and another accident in richmond westbound 80 left lane is blocked with 20-minute delay back to mcbraid. become to look at both of these with an update if a new minutes. >> back to the breaking news, terrorist suspect is in custody and another is on the run. a report held a news conference and we were watching it live. tiffany, what happened? >> a lot of new information, european forces initially told abc that the suspect had been arrested in connection to tuesday's terror attack but a belgium prosecutors denied that. shear pa we have learned.
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this picture shows they of the suspects at the airport, the map on right is still on the run, belgium tv reported that he was in custody. the man in the mill is belgium been is identified and the man on the left is not identified. the subway suicide bomber is the brother of bakraoui and not been found. one last a bag with bombs at the airport and ran away. airport and ran away. raids in brussels turned up 15 a person not identified is in custody and the belgium prosecutors downgraded the delegate poll from 35 to 31 but increase injury toilet to 260 saying the numbers will hookly rise.
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we helped that public transportation if bell upwill re-open -- in belgium will re-open. at sfo, security is tight we were in the bathrooms with an alert for all united states citizens traveling to europe to be extra cautious. matt? >> yes, natasha, can you not come to sfo and not think of what took place yesterday at brussels. as a show of support, the international terminal changed colors to match the colors of the belgium flag. people heading to europe have a new wanting from the state department. they issued an alert to united states united states citizens saying groups plan near term attack throughout europe targeting restaurants and transportation and sporting events. security is increased at sfo with more police and surveillance video with brussels happening before the security check points so expect more focus on soft targets where the
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public can access without security like the departure lobby and budget average claim and bart entrance. >> we look at any open door or packages unattended and add having like always, if you see some, say something. >> if you are traveling to europe the state department said you should exercise vision lens in public places or using publicking from. avoid public places. travel alert expires in mid-june >> several airlines waving rebooking fees for brussels passengers because of the takes, american, tell tax united, air canada and european carriers have issuedry becoming policies. the dailies vary by carrier but passengers can make one change without being charged. travelerses would flights were canceled are entitles to a full refund. >> the presidential candidates
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weigh in on the attacks. crew cruz said police in american cities should officer paw trillions in muslim neighborhoods and donald trump said that he is planning to been muslims from entering the up. bernie sanders is advocating a worldwide coe his with muslim nations and united states support in destroying isis and hillary clinton said the flow of foreign fights and funds to isis needs to be shut off. >> muslim areas say increasing monitoring of pus hims is not part of the solution. we spoke with the leader of a local community who condemned the attacks and razz californiaized islam. >> they will say what they need in the course of an election but islam has nothing to do with this and we need people to step up to the late and counter this ideology. >> islam rejects all forms of terrorism and the muslim community started an educational campaign last in to stop muslim
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view -- youth from being radicalized. you can show expert by sharing this image. stick with us for continuing coverage of brussels under attack and get latest updates by downloading our free newsup by enaing the push alerts. >> a federal vallejo firefighter is awarded more then $2 million in a wrongful term in addition if retaliation. the man was targeted by two higher rang the officers after reporting regulators in procedure during a fire back in 2011. he said the department retaliated by not allowing him to retake an exam he failed as an apprentice. >> a regent at uc will decide whether to aprove declaration condemning antisemetism. pro israel groups have demanded more be done to protect jewish students after continuings have beening mid between palestinian rights and jewish groups.
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if the proposal passes, uc is the first public university to affirm opposition to anti-semitism. >> more help for the homeless if san francisco son the way and where the mayor lee will open more beds for those in need. >> a fight over the humpback whale off the california coast and why they could be removed from the endangered species list. >> it is "national puppy day" and we have all these little guys, adorable and adoptable puppies. stay tuned.
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back at 6:10 on wednesday. the temperature in petaluma is 42 degrees. i am not sure why it wrong temperature. san francisco at 51. redwood city is 49. lafayette is 44. brentwood is warm at 54. san rafael is 47. under clouds. southbound on 101. tree pollen is u.v. index is
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high. walnut creek is clear and the 42 south loan 680 and temperatures are average today and above average on thursday and friday. i let you know about easter weekend next. left lane blocked southbound near san antonio i don't, north marin county and big backup at 50 minutes into petaluma. i suggest 16 time clearing. in richmond, debris causing an accident with traffic stacked town highway 4 for a solid 40 minutes or even 45 michigans from -- 45 minutes from here to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> sue? >> environmentalists are questioning a plan to remove most of the humpback whales from the endangered species list. according to our media partner.
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last week, a draft plan was to remove or downgrade presentations for hump bake whales including those that we see migrating off 9 california coast. officials say they will still be protected under the protection act with populations rebounding, though, after 46 years of protection. >> tributes from across the world to honor the victims of the brussels attacks. >> next, the first network board of directors since sinning -- of directors since sinning -- sin
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>> tributes to brussels all over the world with many famous building lit up in black and yellow and red lights representing the belgium flag. the eiffel tower, the tre fountain, and new york city, the belgium colors, and a french cartoonist is making a tribute. you have been sharing this on the bottom, two dates november 13, the date of the paris attacks and march 22nd, yesterday's attack in brussels. the artist said france and
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belgium are more than ever united in the fight against terrorism. six young children have been arrested include colleague children for a huge campaign of vandalism. they used bb guns to shoot out weapons of 58 cars. the oldest arrested is 20 and three are under able. all six face charges of felony vandalism and conspiracy. >> san francisco mayor lee will announce a second homeless center in the city and the hotel is going to open its doors to those in needs. it will host 93 people for throw years. the hotel is beginning to be re-developed but in the meantime the mayor has approval to use it. the nonprofit community housing partnership manages the new center with one in the mission district now. this new one will open by june 1. >> hulk is talking about the big courtroom victory against gawker.
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he was awarded $115 million over the publication of a sex tape and $25 million in punitive damages. he said he was willing to do whatever it took to take down gawker. >> we doing what was right and even if we would have everyone would have none what gawker was all about because i exposed them. what he do and how they look at the world which to me is very, very scary. >> more of the interview watch "good morning america" right here starting at 7:00 a.m. >> now over to meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. mike? good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 hd is showing bone dry. a few high clouds. the colorful sunrise, you can post yours. on the right side of the screen the nearly full moon is about to go away.
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warp sunshine, cooler highs, and the transition is a few sprinkles on sunday evening. now, to the cool end with half moon bay at 60 and most of us around 63 to 68 degrees and 69 in san jose, and morgan hill, and antioch is the warm spot around 70. tonight, patchy fog, and in the north by, temperature is 42 at santa rosa and tule fog in the central valley and antioch at 47, san jose is 48 and richmond-san rafael is warm spot at 52 and 51. my seven-day forecast shows let 60s at the coast and the good news is the high surf advisory expired and low-to-mid 70s around bay and inland until monday and tuesday after the cold front brings us a chance of sprinkles. not during the morning, we do future have to worry. sue? 50 bart trains in service right new. we have a ten-minute delay on the pittsburg/bay point line. the shuttle is in place running
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15 minutes. golden gate transit has cancellations including mill valley at 7:04, and 71 at 6:25 and and 7:43 out of not running this morning. check the schedule for the follow-up routes. ace train is hooking great. we have an accident if richmond. 80 worker, a 62-minute delay will show up in red. it is not friend. 62-minute delay and the toll plaza. add a few more minutes. a petaluma accident is in northern marin county south 101 in a few. >> look at this little guy, fox, up for a puppy day".
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we have three pens filled with wagging tails, cute faces. there are alum of -- a bunch of them, and all are looking for a forever home with san francisco representative, alameda, the peninsula, silicon valley. cindy what are you with? >> friends of alameda animal shelter. >> we are talking about adults need homes? >> we have quite a few adults, as young as a year. to, probably, 12 years. so even senior dogs need forever homes. >> absolutely. we have more information if you are interested we have been tweeting out this morning you can follow me or reggie and we point out these are the perfect pet pans. they are featureed by mike nicco
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on friday at 11:00 am and you can meet sent -- featured dog on friday. reggie, how lucky am i? >> bring him down although we are told not to bring him down but i say, break the riles as it is "national puppy day" today. >> are you willing to give up your passwords? your passwords? a lot of us
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>> san mateo police arrested the man on the screen, accuses of groping a teen on board a public bus last week. he was identified as 70's -- 70-year-old charged with sexual battery. a 17-year-old repeatedly told him to stop touching her and he kept going. police receiveed a lot of tips after they asked for help in identifying the man. >> a lumber company is paying $2.5 million because the products violated air safety standards. the penalty involves flooring made in china which the company stopped selling last year. they faced alleges the imported flooring contains high levels of formaldehyde. they did not agency wrongdoing with the california air resources board. >> now, askfinney.
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i told stop how do i report loss or gain on taxes? >> thanks for asking. your stock transaction should be reported on an i.r.s. form called the 8949 and on schedule $with gain held for a area or more are such to tax rates and you pay less and by the way theres up to $3,000 a year can be claimed that can be a if deal. >> to properly report the sales, know the date the storm was acquired, how much you paid for the stock, the date 9 stock was sold, the gross proceeds from the sale and the amount of missions you paid to complete the seem. thanks for asking. good luck. >> if you have a question record it on the smartphone or tablet and head to abc
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or share it on social media and your answer could be answered here on the morning news. >> 20% of employees are willing to sell their work related passwords according to a security company. half of those will to sell say they would take less than $1,000 to hand over their information. the president of the examine said the findings highlight how employees can be a weak link for security. >> our coverage continues on attack in belgium with new information on the search for the suspects and how public transit agencies in the bay area are reacting. >> if you think of taking in a bay area's icon evening views for easter, the open particular spot is closed to the public. >> and temperatures today, we are back to average and this is just the beginning and i will show you how much warmer we are with a slight chance of wet weather on easter sunday.
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>> the puppies have been asleep for most of the newscast. but i can't blame them. we have team up with local shelters to find these little shelters to find these little guys
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>> breaking news is coming from
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brussels. major developments into the investigation and the attacks that killed at at least 31 people, two suspects now identified as brothers and at least one more is still on the run. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> it is wednesday, march 23rd. coverage of the attacks in a few moments but, first, the weather and meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. grab a heavier coat this morning. have the sunglasses many difficult. we have a few high clouds and it will naughty fuse the sunshine enough you will not be squint squinting. sutro tower is existable morning and the day planner is mainly in the 40s through 7:00, and low-to-mid 60s at noon and nearly sick at the coast and the rest of us surge in the mid-60s to 70s by 7:00. a like the jacket this evening. >> usually accident in richmond is cleared.
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this is the residual from golden gate field but ahead of that from highway 4 toward richmond it is super, super slow and should thin out with an hour and 10 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. here is the issue with petaluma, northern marin, before the snow may county line, southbound 101 san antonio left lane is blocked about to be cleared. >> back now to belgium. this surveillance video shows three of the killers in brussels. the man in white on the right here is still on the run. at at least 31 people were killed in the attacks. our reporter is in brussels for us with the latest. >> good morning, that is right, we are learning more of the attackers right new, the prosecutors say two of the suicide bummers were brothers and twoors are on the run.
6:32 am
>> as sun tries over the city of brussels 4 hours ago, chaos erupting in the heart of the rush. the first target was the departure hard at the international airport outside the security check point, two bombs exploding around 8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning, the terminal filled with smoke and people are running for safety. people were panicked and crying. all the explosions so powerful glass shattered, ceiling collapsing and hundreds of injured including nine americans include three missionaries from utah. an hour later, 15 miles away another suicide palm blast. this time near the offices of european union. >> the aftermath was twisted mass of metal.
6:33 am
>> i saw two people with heads covered if blood. the manhunt for the man on the right, identified as the suspect in the airport attacks. the other two men, believed to be suicide bombers. >> there are probably more cells if belgium maybe cells were kept separate intentionally from this unit. cells that the first cell did not know about could still be out there. >> the prosecutor now is saying that airport attack could have been much more deadly and the map on the right carried if the most powerful bomb but it did not go off. >> amazing to see how those people. >> new video showing an airport in france evacuated because of a suspicious pack am found.
6:34 am
travelers are outside the airport if southern france which now has re-opened no word on what was in the package. >> sfo has beefed up security after the brussels attack. a new travel alert has been issued warn of possible future attacks in europe. matt keller is at sfo with more on heightened security. matt? the first thing you will notice at sfo is the colors of the international terminal matching the colors of the belgium flag. something else you will notice is the officers security inside and around the airport. more police and k-9 units and more use of video surveillance the brussels attack happened before the checkpoint so more focus on soft targets where the public can access without gone through security. this morning, people heading to europe have a new wanting from the state department. an alert to all united states citizens saying terrorist groups continue to plan near term
6:35 am
attacks throughout europe targeting sports and restaurants and transportation sites. >> we need more human to each other. if you take mass transit you see tighter security with more officers on bart and amtrak in the wake of the attack. no credible attack but police officers make themselves more visible. coast guard is strengthening patrols in san francisco bay, and this picture was shared from the larkspur ferry showing a patrol. san francisco people say if you see something suspicious, remember to speak up and say something. bay area residents are joining the world in showing solidarity with victims of the brussels attack. last nature, we watched a small vigil of unity in san francisco that brought people judgments together now living in the bay
6:36 am
area. they wrote messages of support and were order up of the moment they first heard of news. terror or grief, i am not sure. i canceled going to work. >> many were ting with their families back him to make sure they were safe. >> hillary clinton is speaking at a counterterrorism conference in dan ford say they seek to undermine democratic values but they will never succeed. she was scheduled to be here for the fundraisers locally. the speech is schooled for 11 15. three uc berkeley students studying abroad are doing fine in brussels calculating their families after the attacks to let them know they are okay. a prefer at uc berkeley grew up in brussels and worried of how the attacks will change the city mostly phone for diversity and a laid become atmosphere. images of the attacks are
6:37 am
personal and painful. >> we are devastated. i called my mom and she was crying on the phone and everyone was aware something could happen and still...when you see the images, this is surprising of the impact and the power and the strength. >> you can show your support for belgium by sharing this image by going to stick with us for continued conditioning of brussels under attack, and get hittest updates by downloading our flow news app with the punish alerts. >> three highway overpasses in con cop county and alameda are structurally deficient according to a new federal study, over monument boulevard in pleasant hill and over while people road and i-880 over union pacific railroad. it is important to note that structurally deficient does not
6:38 am
mean unsafe. a federal spokesperson said the everpasses need maintenance or minorry pair. >> big win for donald trump the republican presidential candidate won the arizona primary in the winner take all contest. that means an additional 58 delegates. the primary came a week after trump scored big wins in north carolina, florida and illinois. the victories bring him the biggest delegate lead to day and the big win for ted cruz meeting the 50 mrs. threshold in utah happeneding him the 40 delegates. for the democrats, hillary clinton took home a big win in arizona and bernie sanders when utah and idaho and his delegates will be the same number hillary clinton gets from arizona win. democrats turn their tax to the hawaii and alaska and washington state on saturday. >> hillary clinton has 1,681.
6:39 am
bernie sanders has 900. one will need 2,300 to win the nomination. for the republicans, donald trump in first place with 740 delegates. ted cruz in second with 465. john kasich has 143. to win the republican nomination you need 1,200. >> now a look inland east bay at 39 at blackhawk and danville the coolest and inelse in the level 40s and highway 4 we have upper 40s at brentwood and antioch and pittsburg and mid-to-upper 40s elsewhere and napa at 38 and san francisco at 51 and oakland and san carlos, and san jose right now is 47. today, the dangerous surf is again. watch the pollen if you are garden and it will be dry all day. the high clouds we see on mount tamalpais, the leading edge of warm air, warm clouds and the
6:40 am
warm air will bring us in to the mid-70s. a slight chance of sprinkles on easter sunday. sue? 80 westbound at the toll plaza with big delay from highway 4. it should show up red with an hour delay and we had an early accident in richmond cleared from the lanes and metering lights were on at 5:28 and traffic is stacked to the macarthur maze and we check back with the accident in richmond, that has been cleared. and that now is, again, cleared from the lane and causing a lot of delays toward the east shore commute. this should be cleared any time southbound near san antonio and blocking a left lane and c.h.p. said at 6:22 it will be clears so we are waiting to hear. we had a car fire on the peninsula, southbound 280. we will check on that in a
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minute. >> if you have visitors coming to town for this weekend y not want to take them to the vista point for perks. it will be closed. from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day on the weekend with tour becauses and takes and ride for hire services are allowed to drop off and pickup. >> it is "national puppy day" and we are marking the day by trying to find forever homes for our local puppies. at look at puppy cam with the wagging tail with all of the information on if you are headed out the door we are streaming live all morning to watch it on the free news app or look at work we will not tell. our perfect pets are on friday's 11 a.m. >> that is shelby, a beagle mix.
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>> bart employees could see big bonuses despite problems. >> you may want to rethink an >> you may want to rethink an open house if you are
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>> abe has learn that san francisco police have riled out mechanical failure as the cause of the november tour bus crash in union scare that hurt 20 people. the police investigation found that the bus brakes were working
6:45 am
so humor are may is caused the accident. there will an muck this morning. >> residents a pacifica farm,000ing on the edge of a cliff are planning to appeal to the city to let them back into their home. >> they yellow tagged the apartments in january and ordered 20 people to move out. two other apartment buildings were knocked doubt based on recommendations from a consulting engineer. the city manager will ask the city council to uphold the yellow tag the decision for the safety the public. >> news on bart may not sit well with passengers, they are get regular to pay out potentially presidents of dollars in bonuses at a time when passengers are struggling. amy hollyfield is explaining from berkeley. >> we fine support for workers among the riders say they are happy that the bart employees will get bonuses.
6:46 am
according to the "san francisco chronicle" bart agreed to the bonuses during contract negotiations to end the strike in 2013 but the round of bonuses comes as bart has had mechanical problems, not great timing, but others think paying employees and paying for repairs should be separate. they unrelated and it is perfectly great they get the raise and befuss. that is fantastic. great for workers. >> the bonus kicks in if ridership is up. which is it. if it continues through june the bonuses will be paid and that will cost bart $3 million. >> if you take bart in the east bay it is running limits planes between the north concord and martin news and pittsburg/bay point with passengers sweeping trains to continue to oakland and san francisco. bart is still trying to figure
6:47 am
out what caused an electrical surge that pit dozens of cars out of service. the system has hired outside experts. the surge has damaged 50 rail cars forcing bart to close part of the line. >> post your members on social media #dearbart. we are looking for video messages or compensates to share. investors are watching the situation in belgium today. after the attacks caused the sell off yesterday. jane is at the nasdaq with that story and more. >> jane? good morning, a little bit lower today. not a lot of action. it is feeling like preeaster trade and the dow is down 40 and nasdaq is lower. san francisco and san jose both in the top 5 as for as traffic congestion. san francisco has the second worst traffic in the nation with
6:48 am
san jose 5 taking 40% longer than otherwise to get through traffic in the bay area and los angeles is number one. open houses with their big signs, and bright balloons may seem great way to market but open houses rarely lead to a high are price or a quicker sale according to a new report. outside of ultra competitive markets they rarely make a different if >> who takes a bigger bite from your wallet, boy or girls? girls by about $200 a year more and that is mostly for colleagues -- clothes. >> interesting. >> worth every penny. >> there you go. >> monday april 18 is the deadline to file federal and state income taxes if you still working on yours, we can help.
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>> not me personally but we have the resources, we know the give. tomorrow tax experts will take your calls from 4-8 p.m. and submit your questions starting right now post them on facebook or use # #askfunny,andlookforanswersstart ingtomorrowat4:00onfacebook payme nt. >> canyouwriteoffthepuppyadoptin -- yes. >> so cute. look at you. >> wish should check on him. >> "national puppy day" and we have our six perfect pet partner s with three more joining us, you can want it at you can get your puppy fix on and adopt one or two. that is why they are there. they need forever homes. live doppler hd showing the last hour you can see how quiet with the high clouds for a which areful morning on sutro tower, and the spring warmth and
6:50 am
sunshine runs. dry and extending pattern until we get to easter evening with a chance of light rain and that is going to step our warm highs. right through easter the monday and tuesday, significantly cooler. 60 at half moon bay and the prosecute of us are 63-68 so mid-to-upper 60s and we could get to 70 in antioch and morgan hill for the warm spot, and tonight, tule fog in the central valley so watch out antioch and discovery by with patchy fog across the north bay and the roast of us are partly cloudy because of high clouds and temperatures in the 40s and richmond and san francisco in the 60. 60s are dominating the coast. elsewhere, bay and inland our neighbors in the low-to-mid 70s clouds increasing on sunday and sunday morning the only wetness is dew on the grass, and a cold front moves through with temperatures in the
6:51 am
50s and 60s for monday and tuesday. sue? who are going to san jose northbound 288 at saratoga two left helps are blocked with an accident at 17/80 overcrossing very slow traffic. from 101 to 85 it is 25 minutes. northbound. in the none marin area, early accident, blocking the left lane now it is cleared. traffic is stacked from petaluma for 45 meant delay. that should thin out. on the peninsula we had car fire and a deer spotted in the area southbound 280 at farm hill. they may have to do a track break. we have 15-minute delay to the scene toward woodside. stay tuned. >> i have our puppy cam talking about "national puppy day" all morning and we have brought in pup is upstairs and installed a 360 puppy p.c. so you have
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atibility to spin -- ability to skip it around and you can see the puppies get a chew toy. check it out and we have a live camera you can check until 11:30 at and facebook has linked to the organization where you can get these little guys adopted. i was told by the san francisco spca they are available if a couple of days. couple of days. i get for hold one.
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>> he are seven thing you need to know before you go. number one, belgium authorities say the man in the white on right side of the screen is still on the run. investigator say he and two others carried owe the attacks at the brussels airport yesterday morning. another suicide bomber carried out an attack at a subway station. 31 people died. >> officers security at sfo with soft targets including baggage claim and lobby and bathrooms. you pay notice a heavy police presence at mass transit and other locations. >> following your wednesday morning compute metering lights were on at 5:28 with an early accident under an hour commute from highway four to the toll plaza and add another continue
6:55 am
minutes on to that and san francisco. >> spring is pick. check out temperatures from 63 in san francisco to south bay and inland east bay at 70 and weapon out tree pollen is high and so is the u.v. index, so protect your skin. >> bart is getting ready to pay off thousands of bonuses according to the "san francisco chronicle" employees are expected to get $1,000 basin order ridership numbers up. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are waking up fresh off the bay bridge wins in arizona but the challengers weapon them from dominating entirely, bernie sanders won utah and idaho and ted cruz won utah. >> hundreds of 4th grader from richmond and san pablo are headed to a world war ii home front national historical park to get their every kid in a park passes. it allow themem to visit all federally occupied lands for a
6:56 am
year. >> stunning sunrise popped up hello, beautiful. national puppy day. and we will show you puppies live. awake. almost 7:00 a.m. looking for a forever home. >> adopt a baby. it will change your life. for the better. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking news in the brussels bombing. one of the suspects scene in this hat still on the run. new details about the two other suspects and clues in the surveillance photo with the single gloves two are wearing tell us. >> stay down. stay down. >> and the dramatic moments of survival from inside that airport and on the metro train. the hero physician who helped the injured. >> i cut off so many pairs of pants to find just massive shrapnel wounds. >> and the miraculous teen surviving the third terror attack in his life. we'll hear from him. >> all of europe on high alert. the dramatic warning for americans right now. the attacks taking center stage on the campaign trail. donald trump winning big in arizona.


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