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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." good afternoon, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. the search is on for two toddlers who have been missing for days out of san francisco. it began when their mother left them with a virtual stranger. alyssa harrington joins us live with the details. >> reporter: ama, police are very concerned, because these two little girls have not been seen seasons monday and their mother has not been able to give them a straight story about what happened that day. these two little girls were last seen monday at a carl's junior near market street in san francisco. here's a street shot of surveillance video with their mother earlier in the day. she said she lent them with an
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acquaintance, this woman. the women planned to meet a jew hours later, but the woman never showed up. jones called her. >> arrangements were made to meet her the following day. the following day in the early morning of march 22, ms. jones went to the carl's junior at the arranged time only to find they were not there. ms. jones indicated that she spent the next day and night searching the tenderloin and south of market areas and unable to locate either her children or the aacquaintance. >> reporter: jones went to the police last night. >> she was booked on child endangerment charges. >> reporter: 2-year-old michaela jones was in a pink tank top. their mother remains in custody. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, "abc7 news."
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turning now to the latest on the terror attacks in brussels. an urgent manhunt is under way for a man suspected of being one of the bombers, you see him there. we're learning more about the attack. authorities say najim laachraoui was in custody in turkey but released. >> molly hunter is in brussels with the latest on the investigation into the attacks as well as the suspects. >> reporter: with one dangerous terror suspect still on the run, police are chasing every lead more than 36 hours after those deadly attacks. turkey detained one of the bombers last year, but then deported him and he slipped through europe, making his way to belgium. so far the belgium prosecutor identified two of the suicide
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bothers. khalid was killed at the metro explosion, ibrahim at the other. >> he said if i give myself up, i will end up in a cell. >> reporter: the brothers had criminal records, but nothing related to terrorism. authorities say their focus now is tracking down this fugitive, who authorities say left behind the most powerful bag of explosives at the airport, which, for nataltunately only detonated after the bomb squad arrived. president obama weighing in from argentina. >> you do not have power over us. we are strong. our values are right. you offer nothing except death. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter says america will destroy isis. this as secretary of state kerry plans to visit brussels to pay
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his condolences on friday. molly hunter, abc news, brussels. >> the brussels airport will remain closed until saturday. authorities want to maintain a security perimeter until late friday to continue their investigation into the attacks. every day the airport is closed, some 600 flights are being diverted or canceled. increased patrols and security is taking place at airports around the country. they're focusing more on soft targets outside of the security checkpoints like the check-in counters and baggage claim areas. terrorist groups continue to plan attacks in europe, targeting sporting sites, restaurants, and transportation. the brussels attack was a major theme of a hastily arranged counterterrorism speech by hillary clinton in stanford
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today. >> eric thomas is live at stanford with the story. eric? >> reporter: and isis and the attack on brussels started the speech and ended the speech by hillary clinton. but in the middle, the democratic presidential hopeful found time to take jabs at her republican rivals. >> secretary hillary clinton. [ applause ] secretary of state stressed her experience in foreign affairs, especially when compared to republican front-runner donald trump. >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: she said defeating isis will take cooperation, working closer with nato to provide soldiers and training for anti-isis forces, not pulling back from nato has donald trump suggested. in other words, she says we have to rely on what works. >> one thing we know that does not work is offensive,
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inflammatory rhetoric that demonizes all muslims. >> reporter: she specifically criticized ted cruz for wanting more police patrols in muslim communities. former defense secretary william perry, who worked in the bill clinton administration, and is now a stanford fellow, called it a strong speech. >> hillary clinton was very strong, and i fully agree with her, to win this fight, we have to work with our allies. >> reporter: but the republican national committee was quick to respond saying that president obama and hillary clinton have been wrong about isis at every turn. >> stay with us for continued coverage for brussels under attack and get the latest updates by downloading our free news app. new details today about that possible third party that might unlock a terrorist iphone without apple's help. according to a tel aviv newspaper, an israeli company is working with the fbi. apple is fighting a court order
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to build software to open syed farook's cell phone. a beautiful day outside. a live look outside right here. >> spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. spencer? [ no audio ] >> well, i can see his lips were moving, but clearly there's a technical problem. we'll come back to spencer. a weather related note, a powerful spring note has shut down denver's airport. heavy snow and wind reduced visibility, and it's just not safe for aircraft to take off or to land. passengers already at the airport have been asked to stay there until conditions improve, because nearby roads are also impassable. we have new details this
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afternoon on that union square tour bass. police found there was nothing mechanically wrong with the bus that plowed into cars, buildings and people last year. the blame was squarely put on the driver. b.a.r.t. has added a second shuttle train. you still need to change trains at north concord. shuttle buses will replace the trains between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. still trying to figure out what's causing a series of electrical surges that have damaged cars. b.a.r.t. is on track to issue bonuses to nearly 3400 workers. b.a.r.t. agreed to issue the $1,000 bonuses to end the strike in 2013. but this comes as b.a.r.t. struggles with mechanical
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problems. the bonuses kick in if ridership is up, and it is. it will cost b.a.r.t. more than $3 million. balloon made an unexpected landing east of napa this morning. this is video of the scene from sky 7 hd. the highway patrol says nobody was hurt. unclear why the pilot made the unscheduled landing. still ahead here on "abc7 news" at 4:00, there was a heated meeting today at the uc board of regency. the issue stirring up controversy. plus, the issue that could keep an 8-year-old autistic boy from his first communion. and a major restoration project is under way on alcatraz island. how it's helping to preserve part of native american culture. as we approach 4:10 on a wednesday afternoon, a live look at the commute, this is highway 101, on coming traffic is north bound. south bound going back over the golden gate bridge into san francisco, both sides moving nicely at this hour.
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a controversial proposal some say restricts free speech will be voted on tomorrow by the university of california board of regents. "abc7 news" was at ucsf mission bay this morning as the university committee approved the policy statement on intolerance. that sparked tensions because of a clause that opposes anti-zionist speech. the committee amended that part to condemn anti-zionist speech only if it's also anti-semitic.
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>> you can't say you're a jewish pig so you can't be on the committee because you're jewish. >> the university of california admits the policy is not enforceable. some pro-palestinian group say it will suppress criticism of policies. an important piece of alcatraz history was brought to life today. >> kristen sze has a look at an important project. kristen? >> reporter: this is the view that greets visitors when they first get off the ferry and arrive at the rock. but soon, they're also going to see a mural depicting the history of native americans on the island. today, a team of artists worked on this, including a native american who occupied the island. >> it's awesome. coming back of here and doing some of the painting on those walls is awesome, because 50 years ago, we were here doing
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that. >> reporter: oakland resident elroy martinez and about 80 other activists took over alcatraz in 1969, protesting federal policies which tried to pressure american indians off reservations. the occupation ended in 1971 after president nixon agreed to a new policy of self-determination. since then, the quarter master warehouse has sat idle. but now the national parks service is spending $7 million to remember nate it. officials want to preserve native american heritage through the mural. and the restoration of graffiti that the protesters left behind. >> and alcatraz has a lot to tell about the american story. that's why preserving these buildings is so important to our future as a country. >> reporter: this is similar to the restoration of the homes that chinese immigrants carved on to the walls of their
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barracks on angel island. the updates should be completed by this july. larry and ama? >> thank you, kristen. dozens of homeless people in san francisco will now have a roof over their heads. today's announcement follows a scene three weeks ago when city crews tore down a homeless encampment. the new center will give 93 homeless people a place to stay while they look for a more permanent solution. we're not just tearing down these encampments, we are actually handling the lives of these people in a responsible way, getting them into long-term shelters through these navigation centers. >> the mayor announced the event. the new center will occupy the building for two to three years.
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a proposal to raise california's minimum wage has qualified for the november ballot. if approved, it would go up to $15 an hour statewide. currently, the state's minimum wage is among the highest in the nation. right now it's $10 an hour. that measure would raise it by $1 each of the next five years. >> soon you'll be able to see images of remote places the same way you can view streets around the world on google maps. this is called the google trekker backpack. google will collect images of areas across nevada popular with hikers. each camera takes a photo every two seconds to build 360 degree images. >> once you turn the switch on in the back, you can forget about it. you just pick it up, put it on and you just start walking. >> cameras mounted atop cars like this one have helped google
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create 360 maps of cities all around the world. > uber is launching a program that pays hackers to find bugs in their codes. uber will doll out $5,000 to hackers who find significant issues and $3,000 for medium issues. pthe 90-year-old broadcaste bill demoligio died today. and kent howard passed away, as well. howard was the president of the screen actor's guild and the american federation of television and radio artists. he was 71 years old. now we want to get back to
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our weather. >> spencer christian is here. >> yes, here we are under bright sunny skies. here is live doppler 7 hd. you can see the conditions i just described. mainly sunny skies with high clouds around and some low clouds offshore. here's the view from emeryville. currently 61 degrees here. 66 in san jose. and a cooler 57 at half moon bay. alcatraz, mainly clear skies and 68. fairfield at 66. 9 at concord. livermore, 68. and right here where i'm standing looking out over the bay, patchy fog tomorrow morning, mild spring days lie ahead into the weekend and a few clouds coming in on easter sunday. a look at conditions tomorrow morning. temperatures bouncing to the low 60s in some spots as the patchy,
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early morning fog burns back to the coastline. then as we look at midday conditions, low 70s with coastal fog lingering, pushing back a bit more and highs at the coast approaching 60 degrees. on we go to a look at conditions taking us into the weekend, starting with tomorrow's highs. sunny as i mentioned earlier, highs at the coast approaching 60. maybe up to about 63 at half moon bay and low 70s inland. check out the forecast for friday. we'll see a sea breeze developing on friday, which will hold temperatures down a bit near the coast, but still mild inland with highs in the low to mid 70s. saturday will be the mildest day with low 60s on the coast, low 70s around the bay and low to mid 70s around the inland areas. easter sunday, a few more clouds rolling in. but it's going to be mild today. a little cooler than saturday, with highs in the upper 50s on
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the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay and mid 70s in our inland locations. despite the fact that clouds are coming in on sunday, don't expect rain quite that soon. rain chances over the next week are near zero. every single day except monday. so a slight chance of showers on monday. the clouds coming in on sunday may produce early morning showers. we'll keep watching that chance of rain for you as the weekend approaches. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice sunny skies through sunday, with a slight drop in temperatures. slight chance of showers on monday. not looking like a significant system yet, but we'll keep watching it to see if it gains any energy and then sunny and mild on tuesday and wednesday. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, the new hero emerging from the batman versus superman movie hitting theaters this week. see what's happening right now on 420.
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traffic is moving pretty well. on coming traffic is east bound. right side back towards the peninsula and 101 south and doing pretty well.
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a big payday for a historic album. a rare beatles album sold for $110,000 at auction. the vinyl record, which has been called the holy grail for beatles collectors, went to an anonymous british collector. it includes the first song john lennon ever wrote. one of the hot new movies this week is expected to be "batman versus superman" but it's wonder woman stealing the show. >> reporter: yes, the movie is called "batman versus superman" but did you know that wonder woman nearly steals the show?
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>> she with you? >> i thought she was with you. >> i love everything about her. everything that she stands for and everything she symbolizes is things that i love and believe in. truth and love and compassion and justice. i want to be her. >> you e. >> i am, you're right. i need to get used to that fact. >> reporter: this is actor and one-time israeli soldier. you were in the idf? >> yes, i was. >> reporter: a stand alone movie ready in the works. >> we're shooting "wonder woman" as we speak. >> reporter: she became wonder woman after a long flight from home. >> i saw30 missed calls from my agent. so i called them while still in the airplane. they said, you can't say anything to anyone yet, but you got the part. then i started yelling and screaming and i melted and
4:25 pm
became one big puddle of myself. >> reporter: her life will never be the same. >> as the mother for a 4-year-old girl, my daughter is very much into princesses. she always falls asleep and the prince is the one to wake her up. she doesn't do anything. so for me, it made me feel really, really good about the fact that we're bringing wonder woman to life. what an amazing role model she is. >> i don't think you've ever known a woman like me. >> i think everyone is going to be very surprised when they step out of the theater, don't you think? [ laughter ] >> reporter: yep, they made blabber mouth promise to keep my mouth shut. nick watt, "abc7 news," los angeles. >> she was in the "fast and furious" series. >> you're a big fan of that. >> and hers. it's going to be good.
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>> that opens friday. >> i'll be there. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. the race for president takes a new twist as two of the candidates start targeting each other's wives. and the missionary who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. plus, a young autistic boy hoping to take his first communion in may.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here's what's making headline at 4:30. the suspected bombmaker in last year's paris bomb attack is believed to be one of two suicide bombers that died yesterday in brussels. the attack killed 31 people and injured 300 others. one of the suicide bombers left a written note. it mentions being in a rush and no longer feeling safe. his brother also blew himself up. we'll have much more coming up at 5:30. in a counterterrorism speech today, hillary clinton called for a calculated but decisive response to the attacks, saying more bombing is necessary, but cautioned against giving in to fears. and security is high across the
4:30 pm
nation this afternoon. abc news is in washington with more on the risk of a copy cat attack here at home. >> reporter: passengers in major american cities are seeing more of this. >> we've seen a lot more police presence. >> reporter: from new york to washington, d.c., chicago to los angeles, increased security and more officers in subways, train stations and airports. after the horrific terror attacks in brussels, authorities in the u.s. are taking no chances. the only flight from brussels to the u.s. tuesday was stopped on the tarmac, not even allowed to the gate until passengers and bags were screened. >> they said we're just going to take extra time for security. >> reporter: a brief scare in denver, until some suspicious baggage was cleared. and in houston, hosting 100,000 fans for the ncaa tournament, officers are working with heightened concerned. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: over the last year,
4:31 pm
as a u.s.-led coalition pushed isis out of more territory in the u.s., the group created sleeper cells to strike abroad. >> we know that isis created an external attack division last year. >> reporter: u.s. officials are not aware of any isis cells in the u.s. at present, but the fbi is monitoring dozens across the country who have shown sympathies for isis. in the past few years, 103 americans were charged with trying to join or support isis. far fewer than in europe. >> muslim-american communities here in the united states are not as isolated as what we've seen in certain places in europe. >> reporter: the state department has issued another advisoryor americans traveling to europe, warning that terrorist groups are planning more attacks there on sporting events, tourist sites and public transportation. a utah family is relieved
4:32 pm
after hearing from their son after his latest brush with terrorists. good morning america listened in when mason wells called home. >> we're just worried about your recovery. [ inaudible ] >> where is the burn? >> on the right side of my head. by my ear. my right hand is also badly burned. >> how long will you be in the hospital? >> a couple of weeks. >> remarkably, wells, who is a mormon missionary, was a block away from the 2013 boston marathon bombing and visiting paris when jihadists attacked there last november. today, president obama is defending himself against critics who say he isn't taking a tough stance against isis. the president is in argentina meeting with that country's
4:33 pm
president. security there was increased in wake of the terrorist attacks in brussels. president obama pledged that the united states will pursue isis until it is destroyed. >> i've got a lot of things on my plate, but my top priority is to defeat isil and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that's been taking place around the world. >> secretary of state john kerry announced he's traveling to brussels friday to talk with european officials about defeating terrorists. vice president biden signing a condolence book at the belgian embassy in washington for the victims of yesterday's attack. the embassy is just blocks from biden's home. biden said the u.s. is prepared to give any help needed to belgium in the wake of these attacks. >> you can show your support for belgium by sharing this image with your friends on facebook. politics now. trump versus cruz.
4:34 pm
last night the republicans were battling it out for delegates. today, fighting over attacks on their wives. we have the latest on the 2016 race from washington. >> reporter: republican ted cruz rallied in donald trump's territory, talking on the billionaire in new york city. >> he reached a new low. it's one thing to attack another candidate. it's another thing to come after my life. >> reporter: another nasty gop fuse sparked. trump fired off on twitter threatening to spill the beans on cruz's wife. heidi cruz responded. >> most of the things that donald trump says have no basis in reality. so we are not worried in the least. >> reporter: trump won big in arizona tuesday night. cruz, a landslide win in utah. both win made controversial comments after the terrorist attacks in brussels, pitching for surveillance of muslims in the u.s. on his latin american tour, president obama, fresh from cuba, called out cruz. >> i just left a country that
4:35 pm
engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance. which by the way, the father of senator cruz escaped for america. >> reporter: trump told bloomberg politics he wouldn't rule out using a nuclear weapon. >> at a minimum, they need to think we would use it. >> reporter: hillary clinton who got a big victory in arizona but lost idaho and utah in a landslide to bernie sanders. >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: in a surprise move, jeb bush endorsed ted cruz. the next big contest for the republicans and democrats will happen in wisconsin in two weeks. cruz needs a boost in his campaign to catch donald trump in terms of the delegate count. trump has 740 delegates, cruz is second with 465. and to win the nomination,
4:36 pm
candidates immediate nor than 1200 delegates. on the democratic side, hillary clinton leading with 1681 delegates, within shouting distance of the more than 2300 needed to win the nomination. bernie sanders has more than 900. the supreme court seems deeply divided over birth control. nonprofit faith-based groups like the little sisters of the poor are arguing they shouldn't have to tell the government that they object to birth control. if they do so, the government provides cost free contracept n contraceptions. the 4-4 tie would uphold four appeals court rulings in favor of the administration. still to come, strange standoff with seattle police that launched an internet sensation that's come to an end. we'll show you what happened and who came to the rescue. >> i'm spencer christian. we see a few clouds gathering in the bay area sky, but don't worry, no rain in the forecast for a while.
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i'll have that forecast in a
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solving a mystery cotook 95 years. you can see on this map where the "uss constoga" sank.
4:40 pm
it began its journey from vallejo to american samoa in march of 1921. a survey of the pacific in 2010 detected the wreckage. a bizarre standoff with police in seattle became an internet sensation is over. a man climbed up an 80 foot sequoia tree and refused to come down. last night authorities tried to help him down but he refused to budge, even hurling apples at rescuers. that spawned the #manintree. the man finally came down on his own just before noon today. the famous cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak plume today in washington, d.c., when at least 70% of the blossoms are
4:41 pm
open. they'll be in this stage up to ten days. it is coinciding with the festival running through april 17th. they are spectacular. if you ever go to japan, they are stunning there. >> our weather is pretty gorgeous. >> spencer christian, speaking of gorgeous. >> speaking of gorgeous, yes, it's going to remain this way for a while. nice spring-like weather has descended on the bay area. mainy sunny skies with high clouds around. nice and mild. as we look out over the bay, i should mention that tree pollen is high and lots of allergy sufferers have been asking about that. other pollutants are either not a factor or very low. uv index is also high. while we're enjoying the blooming of spring here, winter like weather is still pounding some parts of the country from
4:42 pm
denver up into the upper midwest with snow falling right now up around minneapolis, over into green bay. so we should be happy with the weather we have here. coming our way tomorrow, look for more mild spring-like weather, sunny skies, highs in the low to mid 70s from chico to sacramento. 87 in palm springs. here in the bay area, another nice, lovie spring day from coast to inland. maybe some areas of fog lurking offshore tomorrow. highs will range from low 60s along the coast to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. that's a nice way to coast into a mainly sunny and mild easter weekend. larry and ama? >> thank you so much, spencer. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00. an east bay family is hoping for a miracle of sorts. an 8-year-old boy is ready for his first communion, but it hasn't been confirmed. >> and the new efforts to create
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a catholic family from hayward is upset with the oakland diocese. they say the church is discriminating against a special needs boy in his efforts to receive first communion. >> laura anthony is live in oakland. >> reporter: well, the diocese here tells us they do everything they can to accommodate children with special needs in their program. but this family told us in the case of their child, they feel the diocese has set the bar too high. 8-year-old anthony has autism and is mostly nonverbal. for the past three years, he's been going to catechism, preparing to receive first communion from the catholic church. >> where's your nose? >> reporter: now according to his great grandmother, the
4:47 pm
church is throwing up a roadblock. >> they don't know if he can take the eucharist. >> reporter: the diocese wanted him to practice taking the wafer. he did, but the diocese told her anthony's effort wasn't good enough. >> then he took the eucharist. now it's, well, the piece has to be bigger. what is after that? even the pope has said we need to make special exceptions for children with special needs. >> reporter: the oakland diocese wouldn't address anthony's specific situation, bu told us when it comes to people with disabilities, "it's not discrimination. we're trying to provide them with the necessary resources to fully receive the sacrament." and so as it stands now, they still don't know if anthony can take part on may 7. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news."
4:48 pm
>> an effort is under way in california to stop food waste. a bill announced today would require manufacturers to give foods with allowable labels, one is best to be used by, or an expires on label, used only for highly perishable foods. he says the clarification would reduce food wastes. new warning labels are coming to opiod painkillers. >> and wine may not be good for you after all. another federal agency is joining in the effort to alert consumers to the risks of using frequently prescribed medications. the warnings are intended to bring attention to the serious risks of misuse, death, and overdose of the painkillers. this is a buzzkill. a new study in the journey of
4:49 pm
studies on alcohol and drugs analyzed 87 studies that concluded search has been flawed on the health benefits of wine. a new study finds people may find relief in meditation to manage back pain. the technique involves a combination of meditation, body awareness and yoga and increasing awareness of one's experiences. it was shown to be more effective than other forms of back care. and post it suggests doctors start performing mental health screenings early. i'm jane king. here's to your health. if you have children, you
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might have your own answer to this age-old question -- who is going to cost you more, a boy or girl? a survey revealed a daughter will cost you about $200 more per year than a son. the financial resource money tips surveyed more than 500 parents. the culprit here -- clothing. they tend to be more expensive for girls. >> agreed. join us tomorrow for the 7 on your side tax hotline, tax experts will be here taking your calls from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. post your questions in advance on our facebook page. look for the answers beginning tomorrow at 4:00 on facebook. we've been celebrating national puppy day, the perfect day to adopt a new best friend. take a look at our puppy cam. oh, come on. that's just too much. it's like torture they're so cute. this morning, "abc7 news" launched a big adoption event with our perfect pet partners featuring puppies up for adoption at five bay area
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shelters. help us celebrate by sending us photos of your pup. just post them on social media using the >> i went back when i came into work to see if the puppies were still here. they were gone. up next, new hope for a couple who had their moving van stolen. and kristen has a look what's coming up at 5:00. coming up next, breaking news in the search for missing toddlers in san francisco. they have just been found. we're live with how it all happened and how they're doing now. plus, troubling accusations in a lawsuit filed against officers accused of bungling the denise hus kins kidnapping case.
4:52 pm
that's when dan and i join you for "abc7 news" at 5:00.
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tonight on "abc7 news" -- lost everything when their moving van killed with all of their possessions was stolen. >> wayne freedman joins us live
4:56 pm
near their new apartment in san francisco. wayne? >> reporter: you might remember this couple. what a story. you all pitched in when you found out what they lost, you were giving them furniture, toys, anything they might have needed. today, we got some good news. when she talks about her family's recent relocating from san diego to san francisco, she does not mince words. >> this has been the move from hell. >> reporter: the bare bone furnishings only tell part of the story, how they packed all they own in a moving van, parked it in front of their parent's house where it was stolen. >> i was shocked. it felt secure there. >> reporter: within a few days, police found that moving van, but most of the furniture and mementos has disappeared. it stayed that way until today, when, in a daily city storage facility -- >> we found almost everything in there. >> reporter: the break came from
4:57 pm
a stolen car case in napa, where police found most of the heisted stuff in a rented locker. he says it's common for thieves to store stolen property. >> we believe that two people that are in custody in napa were probably here. we're not sure. and then there was a third person who rented the facility who is outstanding. >> reporter: only electronics were stolen, but the memory stuff, the family stuff -- >> the baby books, photos, letters from friends and family, pictures of my husband's mom who passed away. >> reporter: all of that stuff is coming back soon to where it belongs. >> this has just been something that's been like a drama day after day. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> thank you for joining us for "abc7 news" at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right
4:58 pm
now with kristen and dan. next on "abc7 news" at 5:00, breaking news on these two san francisco toddlers, left by their mother in the hands oh of a stranger, who have now been located. and a critical crash report disputed. the bus driver blamed for cause thing san francisco crash says investigators have it all wrong. plus -- >> the threat we face from terrorism is real. it's urgent. and it knows no boundaries. >> hillary clinton's counterterrorism speech at stanford. her message to brussels and to american voters. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. spring warmth is in the forecast. i'll let you know when you'll see mid 70s coming up. "abc7 news" starts right now with breaking news. and our breaking news is in san francisco, where just moments ago, police announced two missing toddlers have been found.
4:59 pm
>> reporting the children were turned in at a hospital. the girls just 1 and 2 years old were last seen on monday. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. glad you're was. >> indeed. investigators say the mother left the two girls in the care of an acquaintance. alyssa harrington has more. >> reporter: the girls appear to be healthy. they will have to go through some medical evaluations, but they were dropped off at st. francis in san francisco, not too long ago. here's video from sky 7 hd over the hospital. again, this is great news. these girls disappeared on monday. their mother told police that she had brought them into san francisco from oakland, and she had left them with a woman whom she only knew for months, her name was jaquita.
5:00 pm
>> ms. jones indicated that she spent the next day and night searching the tenderloin and the south of market areas and was unable to locate either her children or the acquaintance. >> reporter: again, the girls were dropped off at st. francis hospital. their mother is under arrest for child endangerment. now, i did get a chance to speak with police a little earlier. they were very concerned. they were actually handing out these flyers in the area where the girls were last seen near market street. but again, they have been found. they appear to be in good health. but child services is also getting involved in the investigation. reporting live in san francisco, alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." >> good that they are safe and sound. after a four-month investigation, police investigators say it was likely driver error that caused a san francisco tour bus crash that left 20 people injured. and today the bus driver is


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