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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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video of the arrest. alisa? stunned residents watched as the bearded bandit was arrested in front of that house, police tell me they believe the crime spree was far from over and he was in town, casing a bank he planned to rob. video captures the moment the bearded bandit is caught. officers followed the black mustang. he gets out and surrendered. the alleged bank robber looked different. >> he did make n aattempt to alter his appearance by shaving his head and some farrell hair. >> reporter: his crime spree came to an end in brentwood. a video shot video of the serial bank robber, handcuffed. >> i said oh, my god. he's getting ready to do something else here?
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or what? >> reporter: the fbi says he hit at least 11 banks and credit a eagle eyed citizen who called police. >> the information we have indicates he was casing the bank. >> police found the car and followed the alleged bank robber. the fbi identified the bearded bandit from stockton. he's now in the concord jail. a man's body has been pulled from the water near bay point. this section feeds into a water treatment plant. there is no contamination issues since the body was found before purification processes take
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place. is area isn't accessible to the general public. tonight a violent sex predator is living in concord as a transient. robert bates has to check in every 30 days. police say he's being supervised to keep him from reoffending. a small plane made an emergency belly landing today. vic, good of flying. >> it was. now, the plane just had taken off, and it was bound for boeing's headquarters in washington state. when the pilot noticed that something was wrong, on the ground, first responders,
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firefighters they began preparing for the worst. thank god nothing happened. >> i say any landing is a good landing. >> the plane is it tallin made 180 prop. here it is after it landed. the pilot called the tower around noon. >> it came in as an aircraft having difficulty. >> the pilot said a part of the landing gear may have collapsed. >> they did come back. they did fly over to burn off some of the fuel. >> reporter: 10 minutes later, the pilot landed the plane on its belly. >> once it stopped moving we were able to put a foam blanket down to make sure there were no sparks. >> once they cooled, four people
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including the pilot disembarked. the pilot stayed behind. the plane is registered to this company. and they declined to comment. vic lee, abc7 news. >> tonight, san francisco sheriff is asking the state to rescind applications for money to fund a new jail. the board of state and communication corrections says she's exploring alternatives to building a new detention facility. the sheriff is looking into ways to use that money in other projects. >> california's firefighter agency hired 400 seasonal firefighters to prepare the state for a potentially devastating fire season this year. >> normally, we'll bring them on when it's time to start fighting
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fires. this time, to help with prevention and we're going to have them helping with brush clearing and working on projects. that sort of thing. >> we just experienced our wettest winter in four years, more an a third of the state is in drought. abc7 news was at san francisco's pier 47. fishermen started to load up the gear for the start of crab season this weekend. passengers were asked to check beacons and warned not to overload vessels. >> there has been so many crab pots they've gone out, things have happened and boats have sank in the past. >> fishermen are worried about work long hours after months of delay. fishermen will set traps
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tomorrow. new at 6:00 a mail carrier reportedly killed a wild turkey in a sacramento suburb. neighbors describe the attack as brutal, saying the postan stabbed and clubbed the turkey to death. one resident told the sacramento bee newspaper that the postman threatened him after he told the postman to stop the attack. the postal service says the mail carrier is on vacation. neighbors say this happened about two weeks ago. police in campbell released this surveillance video in hopes of catching two burglars who stole thousands of dollars wornl of bikes last month. they broke into a locked room full of bikes that belonged to tenants, the men stole several of them. the thieves escaped in a 210
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pickup truck. >> bart doesn't know what is causing power surges along a section of track that put dozens of cars out of service. >> kristin zee is here now and what the board of directors is calling on the agency to do. kristin? >> reporter: bart's board put together what they're calling the tiger team, made up of six bart employees, looking at why they only damaged certain train cars, directors are not convinced that bart can find the answer. >> we have continued to wait for solutions to did he gradation of service that folks have had available to them for 20 years. i think this is going on too long, already. bart is running shuttle trains every 10 minutes on this
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stretch between the north concord and bay point stations but some say that solution is not good enough. riders continue to sound off. we found a mix of gripes and gratitude today in san francisco. >> dear bart, thankful for the service. i feel it has to be upgraded. >> dear bart what a wonderful, longstanding transportation and rail system. >> dear bart, can you please fix everything so it works? other than that, the ticket machines are broken all the time. where is the money going? >> we have good feed back and
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lynn says the more you ask for increases, the more service gets worth. and dear bart, run your trains 24 hours. and you can share your thoughts with #dearbart and we'll keep this conversation going. >> riftin, thank you very much. >> sometimes, once isn't enough. >> yes. tell that to a baby seal that needed rescuing. plus, detailed plan to combat sexual harassment on campus. high temperatures rise and fall in rollercoaster like fashion. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. thanks spencer. and we'll check in live on michael finney with the tax hot line set up until 8:00 p.m. ask your questions and we'll answer them, stay with us.
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stranded animals that needed rescuing. >> you'll recall valentine, rescued last month on valentine's day and a seal found wandering in the neighborhood. the pup was discovered on osgood road. >> janet oh is the story of the second rescue. janet? >> that is right. the seal was rescued from this
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property and released into bodega bay. >> just a baby seal, looking at you with big, brown eyes. standing here, gina was amazed to find this nine month old pup in her yard. >> unexpected. >> police said they got a call this morning when someone saw the seal crossing the road. >> we're just happy in this case, that the seal appeared unharmed. >> the tricky part is trying to get the seal into a cage. a very rare situation. >> one cup went the other way and so she grabbed them and is like, you know, all squirmy. >> we have no idea how it made its way up to osgood, far from any normal body of water. >> it is a mystery.
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the center sent us this video that shows ozzie swimming and playing in the water, turns out rescuers know this gal, her real name is comofer, rescued at a capitala beach. this month, released but somehow ended up in the suburbs. this unusual detour is troubling. however, last year they rescued sea lions last year due to warm ocean waters and a lack of food. >> before release, she will get a checkup, ready for the next adventure. a christian ritual taking place on holy thursday was
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reenacted in front of city hall. the washing of the feet performed by jesus. the clergy washed feet of immigrants and denounced deportation. >> we're honoring dignity of immigrant uc berkeley has a new plan to fight sexual misconduct on campus and this month, cal fired its assistant basketball coach and former law school dean resigned, involving sexual harassment investigations. 31 female students filed complaints the university failed to protect them this plan is
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aimed at quicker investigations and more interactive training and education. >> it's popular, the tax hot line is underway now. >> the hot line, not tax season. >> yes. >> let me start by telling you how you can get in touch with us. you can call and go to social media, just #askfinney. right now, let's talk about if you're one of the bad guys out there. this is michael.
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>> have you ever called someone and threatened them with arrest and told them to buy a debit card? >> definitely not. we'll not contact you by phone and threaten you with arrest. we will knock on your door, we will have credentials and a badge. you can call management and ask whether you're an irs special agent. >> when do you come onto the scene? what kind of tax situation? >> it's hard to pinpoint when because they're all different. usually when the american taxpayers are getting defrauded or someone is stealing money from the u.s. government and threatening the security of the u.s. financial system. >> it's way down the line? >> it is way down the line. there are certain steps we look for as far as cheating the irs,
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cheating what you owe. and it's not something we step into right away. >> i'm glad you're there because i'm paying my taxes and i want everyone else to, as well. >> reporting live i'm michael finney. >> take advantage of the weather. >> yes. >> so nice outside. getting into easter weekend we're going to see temperatures a breeze and thin, high clouds. here is our emeryville camera. you can see there, outlining low clouds with skies, mainly clear.
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65 in oakland. and mountain view, 66 degrees. and this is layers. napa, 63. 68 in fairfield and concord. 66 this is turning warmer on saturday, then, temperatures drop easter sunday. here are the high temperature trend. we noticed a rise up to 73 degrees saturday, which is above average for this time of the year of 68 degrees. that pattern will be seen all over the bay area.
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look for clear skies, low temperatures from mid to upper 40s, then, tomorrow, sunny skies and highs from low 60s at the coast to upper 60s and low 70s inland. watch the rise saturday. we get an off shore flow and clouds moving into the picture sunday, and temperatures drop seeing only mid-60s around the bay. maybe low 70s inland. and there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or so another slight chance of rain
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wednesday, and dry, thursday. we need storms and the weather is lovely. l let's hope we get another pattern. >> yes. >> you can see the curtain drop on steph curry's wax
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look at that. abc7 news was at the marriott hotel and it took a team three months to create. he and his family like the results. >> for me and my wife, it's a funny story. one of our first dates we went to the museum on hollywood boulevard. we're taking pictures in that wax museum. to have one of my own it's special. >> today, fortune named him and coach kerr to the list of top 50 leaders in the world.
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>> oakland chp got a unique driver off the road tonight and the description is unlike anything ever heard. officer as rested him for dui after they say he hit three cars. no one was hurt. his steering wheel was covered in gold. weird, right? what is the deal? the chp he was coming from a photo shoot. >> livermore police are for thieves who stole from the saks fifth avenue store. >> two heros among us in the bay area. >> yes. the officers honored today for their actions on the job. >> two years?
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three years? how many pups are there? this is getting absurd. >> coyotes coming into the city dark a debate. >> and a look inside of the tax hot line. post questions on abc7 news facebook page.
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in san francisco a population explosion is threatening to divide the city. it's not of people, but coyotes. >> pet owners want them gone, animal lovers want us to co-exist. >> reporter: dash cam video captures the moment a bearded bandit was caught. >> that is obviously the wrong report, our apologies. san francisco's coyote
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population seems to be thriving. and we're going to get to that story. belmont police said farewell to a retired officer, k-9 nitro passed away yesterday, he retired in 2013 after nine years of service to the belmont police department. >> today, four police officers received special recognition for work on the job. the ceremony was part of the law enforcement appreciation day. joshua nelson was honored and andre seranko, officer nicholas and jeremy miya. >> in brussels tonight, six people have been detained in a series of raids that happened in
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three neighborhoods. prosecutors say they seized bomb making materials and explosives in this area this week. >> i remember seeing an explosion. the whole time i was just -- just trying to pull myself out to make it. i have to make it. i have to make it. >> the manhunt for those responsible is expanding. authorities are looking for a surviving bomber as well as a man believed to have helped carry out the metro station bombing. chuck schumer shared his view on why belgium is targeted. a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. isis always exploits the weakest pressure points. belgium is and the nations of the world are going to have to
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get bill gins to tighten up and do a better job. >> get the latest information now for free. new at 6:00 a man charged with making death threats against members of a mosque accepted a plea deal. he received 90 days in jail, arrested in december after spending 10 minutes yelling threats at people outside of the islamic society of west contra costa county. the mosque now has private guards. >> hard to believe, but this summer marks 40 years. >> dan noyes is here now with an exclusive look. dan? >> it's been so long, four decades. the victims are taking action against kidnappers. the children were 5 to 14 and on
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their way home from summer school. the case gripped the nation and affects the victims to this day. >> young children who are traumatized at gun point, kidnapped, they're certain they're going to die, that is a haunting memory that never leaves them. >> how the victims are fighting back in a lawsuit, tonight, after a series premier of "the catch". >> well, now, we want to get back to the story of the impact of coyotes in the city of san francisco. >> yes. here is wayne freedman. >> reporter: it's become another front line in anything but an uneasy truce between man and nature. >> have you ever seen coyotes in this neighborhood before? >> no. no. i have heard they're here.
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>> now, gail knows it too well. a sad story about their dog, killed by a coyote. >> she was very intelligent, very friendly dog. >> jeff marquis added his voice to a chorus of pet owners. >> what is in it? two years? three years? how many breeding a year? >> if a pit bull was doing this, they'd remove the pit bull f a human being was doing this, they'd lock up the human being. because it's a sacred coyote we have to put up with it. >> san francisco had 69 coyote sightings this year, but it does not mean 69 coyotes. some may have been counted multiple times. the city asked the department of animal control to look into doing a count. >> they'll not walk into a trap.
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and you have to do a snare. how do you snare the coyote without snaring the neighborhood beagle? it is not easy. >> experts tell them their behavior must change. >> if you're not even safe in your backyard. >> you've heard the saying the devil is in the details. >> how thinking about the small stuff with solve big problems. >> phone lines are open for the tax hot line. we're going to check in live to see what
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nurses gathered today to protest a new retirement plan for university employees. the plan, approved today would limit pensionable earnings. the nurses call it a two-tier
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benefit scheme. >> you can't get top notch workers coming in. standards may go down. >> there will be savings towards unfunded liability. >> ten years ago, lawrence berkeley national lab cut the ribbon on a cutting edge facility. now, they're celebrating a decade of working on the biggest problems with truly tiny technology. >> each of these dots is a column of material. >> cancer, alzheimer's, >> you take the property you
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thought a curl could have. you can change them. >> to build better solar cells. >> it's terrible. >> or use sunlight to make clean fuel. >> sometimes, you need to store energy. >> steven chu has a building named after him here. but a scientist need not be famous to work in this lab. >> it's really nothing to get access to world class facilities. >> it gives access to items like this, tools they won't be able to have in their own lab. >> you need a apartment staff to show people what they can do.
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>> they're working together on a set of problems. >> like filters to remove salt, new markers. >> tech companies come here to build gatryes for tomorrow. >> in berkeley, abc7 news. >> well, drone sales are about to kick off. >> yes. a prediction from the faa about what sector is driving that growth. >> i'm michael finney. the tax hot line is in
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the faa expects drone sales to nearly triple by 2020. the faa thinks they'll jump from half a million to nearly $3 million. >> tesla plans to change prices in the next few weeks.
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tesla will unveil the new model a week from today. >> if you haven't done your taxes and have questions you're in luck. the tax hot line is you underway now. roo we're busy here, we're going to be here until 8:00. if you have a question give us a call. we'll for sure squeeze you in. you can go to social media and to the abc7 news facebook page. there is a lot going on with your taxes, norm goldan is talking about something we seldom talk about, what happens when you're ripped off? >> you might qualify for casualty loss and also, if
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you're robbed. >> so those people that are ripped off, that is a write off? >> it could be. yes. if you're robbed and have a scam, i had a client just, last year, was contacted by a scammer and he lost $9600 to the people. i filed a police report which is very important. substantiate the loss. >> bring that up with your enrolled agent and cpa. >> yes. talk to your tax practitioner. >> even better, thank you very much. that is a touch better idea.
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you have an hour to give us a call and you can #askfinney. >> back one more time to talk about the weather. >> yes. hi, spencer. >> okay. here is what's happening in the wonderful world of weather. sunny skies, maybe a few clouds up around eureka. sunny, mild, high temperatures mid-70s throughout the state. 77 down south in los angeles and 90 will be the high in palm springs. here in the bay area, another mild day. highs from low 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. what about rain chances? they're minimal at best. and about 20% chance of a sprinkle or shower monday. that is not great. wednesday, slightly greater
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chance of rain or showers but we're looking at a dry week and here it is. the accu-weather forecast clouds increase and temperatures dropping off but looks like a lovely day. sprinkles possible, monday, then, sunday, tuesday, rather, mostly sunny skies. notice temperatures are going to be at the peak saturday. mid to upper 70s inland and cooler most of next week than this weekend. >> a lot of basketball. >> warriors making a run but is it worth it? are the warriors stressed? or savoring their pursuit of hi
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good evening, warriors home for seven of eight games, perfect set up. if going 9-2, they'll finish at 73 and 9. with hifltry, steve kerr was asked if chasing history is
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putting pressure on the team. >> i think they'd like to get it. i don't think there will be tears shed if we don't get it. >>. university of seb tral florida introduced johnny dawkins today, signing a six-year deal. >> this is a love for a game i've played for all my life about mentoring and helping young men grow. i love the campus environment. >> here is high school hoops in sacramento, kenny wooten,
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blocks, look at this kid with authority. i remember when i can juch like that. no. that was a dream. a women's championship and is thomas, the steal, from palo alto. and browns now out of the collin kaepernick sweep stakes.
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gets a two-year, $15 million deal with the browns. carson wents held pro day today. not they showed up despite bad weather. carson completed 62 and he was happy. >> i'm glad that they were able to bring a bunch of scouts along. and i was happy for them. >> today, hunter pence hit his
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sixth homer in just the 8th game. from the thank goodness it's spring training reel, astros today, the ball is stuck under the fence and yo just looks at it. reid said all right, i'll take an inside of the park homer. the umpire says pick it up. you've got to pick it up. you don't need me. he thought because it was stuck, it was a automatic ground double. i mean -- pick it up. what are you doing? >> well, i make $25 million. i have a person that picks up my stuff. >> there is a call for half of all voters to boycott donald
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trump. who is behind a new message for all women voters? a violent sex predator released into an east bay city. police say there is nothing they can do to stop it if >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests are hillary clinton and peter prousa. >> look for breaking news on twitter, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> you remember our tax hot line will continue to answer questions until 8:00 tonight. you can call to talk with professionals. >> or ask us on the facebook page for spencer christian and all of us, have a good night.
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an art history professor from rochester, new york... ...a graduate student from state college, pennsylvania... ...and our returning champion, a former writer and high-school english teacher from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. let me start today's program by telling you something about our current champion, claudia. she's very bright. she's also very modest.
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at the end of yesterday's prograold me, "i'm kind of surprised that i've won two games in a row." so, vivek and sarah, watch out for this lady. good luck. here we go. let's find out what today's categories are. next. and finally... how appropriate. alex: claudia. triple rhyme time for $200. vivek. what is pawn, dawn, and yawn? correct. boozin' it up for $200. vivek. what is a vodka martini? yes. boozin' it up for $400.


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