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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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garage and offering them for sale on craigslist. the engines were taken from cars stolen all over the bay area in the last two years. sergeant tom has lietell is on trial right now for indecent exposure last may, which he allegedly exposed himself to a store employee. after that independen incident, was arrested for shoplifting a watch at a target store. and perhaps the department's most high profile charge was when an officer was accused of giving confidential information to a member of the hell's angels. getting back to the case of officer green arrested today, a potential customer was suspicious about a camaro engine that might be stolen and he called law enforcement.
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santa clara police chief says officer green has been put on paid administrative leave while this case continues. we're live in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." >> david, thank you. we have new information on the fatal stabbing of a british tourist last month in san francisco. this video shows the 44-year-old being chased by a robber. he pushes him down and stabs the british tourist in the head. an african-american man and woman took off with his bag and wallet. he died yesterday after being in critical care since the february 18th attack. the police union is offering a d 5,000 reward in the case. a burglar broke into a san francisco sheriff's deputy's home this morning making off with a gun and star. the burglar also took two magazine clips, a bull let proof vest and duty belt.
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the gun and ammunition were in a locked box but the box was stolen. in gilroy, a man is under arrest charged with sexually assaulting children. he posed as a baseball and bowling coach. vic lee is live in san jose tonight. vic? >> reporter: dan, antonio garcia was arraigned here at the courthouse in san jose this afternoon. he was arrested yesterday in gilroy after he dropped off his 6-year-old son at school. gilroy police believe there are other victims out there, because some of these allegations of sexual molestation go back 15 years. 46-year-old antonio garcia. >> the investigation began with one victim coming forward, and after word of the investigation spread, additional victims came forward and now we're totalling
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four. >> reporter: two of the victims were molested 15 years ago. he lived here in this apartment with his wife and 6-year-old son. >> went to church every sunday. i go to the same church as him. >> reporter: the homeowners association president was shocked. >> horrible, hor refk. horrific. >> reporter: garcia ran an embroidery business. the store was locked up. it looked like he left in a hurry. his neighbor owns an automotive repair shop. >> he's a nice guy. he is friendly. we would talk to each other and i see he is a nice guy. >> reporter: police say all four known victims were children of garcia's extended family. investigators say he spent time as a private athletic coach to kids. >> he's coached pitching for baseball, bowling, and other
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activities. we determined that's how access to the known victims occurred. >> reporter: police say garcia also helped coach little league and participated with a son in the boy scouts. they learned about the investigation in december. they said, we revoked his right to participate. refunded his money and reported the suspected behavior to the gilroy police. garcia was arraigned today on multiple counts of sexually assaulting a child. vic lee, "abc7 news." san francisco mayor ed lee banned all publicly funded travel to north carolina. it's a protest of a new law that opponents say discriminates against lbgt citizens. the mayor says, we are standing united as san franciscoens to condemn north carolina's law that turns back the clock on protecting the rights of all americans. the law essentially targets provisions allowing transgender people to use bathrooms that align with their identity. apple, google, and facebook are among the high tech
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companies in the bay area speaking out against the north carolina decision. apple operates a major data center in north carolina. it issued a statement saying we need to focus on inclusion and prosperity, not discrimination and division. the sup >> it takes the entire lbgt community and turns us into second class citizens by saying the law cannot protect you. you are outside the law. >> tech wkers we spoke to believe it's important for high profile companies to speak out for equality but recognize north carolina is not as progressive as california. the raiders are staying in oakland, at least for one more year. they have extended the lease at the coliseum but it's going to cost them a lot more. they will pay $3.5 million for the use of the coliseum and the training facility. that's up $950,000 a year. >> what we really wanted to do is find something that set in
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place a process where the raiders could be assured of staying here with their fan base, at the same time could work with us putting together a potential stadium deal for the future. >> the deal includes extensions that could keep the raiders here through the 2018 football season. there are finally crab boats loaded and ready to go in san francisco's fishermen's wharf after a month-long delay because of a neuro toxin in the crab, but the danger appears to have passed. wayne freedman joins us live from the docks. wayne? >> reporter: it is good news finally. the longest, bleakest winter in the history of san francisco fishing appears to be about to end. those pots behind me are about to move from the dock here to where they belong. it is a tale of two fishermen's wharfs. happy go lucky land for tourists, while we have seen a crab season in ruin. >> we want to go to work. we haven't worked for five
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months. we need to work. >> reporter: larry collins is a crab fishermen. they blame el nino and warm water algae for producing a toxin that got into the cabs. even today, researchers do not know all the contributing factors or have the funding to find out. >> we're guessing. very few parameters were measured. the only thing measured was the temperature. >> reporter: the timing could not have been worse for this fleet. even worse for robert and brad. they're former deck hands who dreamed of owning their own boat. this seemed like a good year to buy one. >> have a boat payment coming up. if we don't fish this season, we're screwed. >> reporter: a lot of these guys still wonder why with standards changing from state to state, that didn't happen here months ago. >> i'm 100% the crabs are safe
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to eat. but the scientists, they were safe to eat months to ago. >> reporter: at least on this good friday, the fishermen finally have hope. in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." if you're taking b.a.r.t., there's another service disruption. tracks will be closed between san leandro and bay fair. there will be a bus bridge saturday and sunday. trains should be back on track monday morning for the commute. keep this in mind if you're taking b.a.r.t. to the warriors game on sunday. oakland's cathedral of christ the light has put out a warning for worshippers who plan to take b.a.r.t. to get to mass on saturday evening. they're advising parishioners to allow plenty of time to get there. and there is no train service between the civic center and st. james light rail stations through sunday. workers are repairing tracks
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along north 1st street. the construction is happening around the clock and right now, express trains that operate during weekday commute hours are not running. a stole damaged stretch of highway 121 is reopening to traffic in 30 minutes. the left image shows you the damage to one of the lanes after powerful storms this month. the right image shows how caltrans installed a concrete barrier. traffic signals are being installed to allow for traffic control on the lane damaged. moved out but where? a violent sexual predator leaves his concord hotel and a lot of people are on edge. first, home prices were too high. now business owners can't afford to stay here. one city reaping the benefits. the multimillion dollar renovation of a berkeley theater and why the grand opening has been delayed. a colony of giant rabbits
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about to hop to a neighborhood near you. i'm michael finney with a free easter sund
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this is "abc7 news." a convicted sex offender is on the move in concord. robert bates has changed hotels but he's still in the city limits. eric thomas has more. >> reporter: sources tell "abc7 news" that robert bates checked out of this room at the valley motel last night or early this morning. police say bates is a violent predator who had sex with children. he was recently released from custody. this couple only found out he was a neighbor of theirs last night. they don't want their faces shown. >> it makes me mad that they continually let him out.
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i mean, and he -- i think about all the lives that he's ruined. it's wrong. >> they tried to say that they have a right to get a job, but the people they ruined, the children are messed up. >> reporter: some local folks are trying to do something about it. a concord woman calling herself michelle w. started this petition drive to persuade law enforcement to move bates somewhere else and she's getting some support. elaine posted, we do not want this person in our community or around our children. he needs to stay in prison. jamie strickland wrote, i live in north concord with my family. this man is too close to the places we frequent and way too close to my home. he needs to go. this parent couldn't agree more. she wants her identity concealed. >> there are young girls and young kids that walk to the
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schools. >> reporter: police say they're monitoring bates' whereabouts closely. he wears an electronic bracelet and has a chaperone 24 hours a day. >> we're going to work with our city attorney to relocate him somewhere else. >> reporter: eric thomas, "abc7 news." a historic berkeley theater slated to reopen tonight after a year-long renovation has canceled tonight's show, unfortunately. the theater says electrical issues affecting the whole theater system forced the postponement of the "they might be giants" show tonight. fans can receive a refund or hang on to the ticket. >> really wonderful to repurpose a room like this. as i mentioned earlier, it was built in 1917. its claim to fame then is it had
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the widest screen west of the mississippi. >> tomorrow night's show will go on as planned. marin, santa cruz and san francisco counties are among the least affordable housing markets in the nation. in marin, the average worker would have to spend 109% of monthly wages to make the payment on a medium priced home. san francisco fairs a bit better. you need to just spend 95% of your wages. two couples moved their businesses out of the bay area for a place where building prices are a lot cheaper. one is san francisco, the other is fremont. they're both now calling stockton home. it's part of a new friend bay area people finding stockton prices much more attractive. >> reporter: most business people wouldn't think of locating in this area east of
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downtown stockton. jared rustin and rudy blondia can't wait to open their businesses here. what would this building be worth in san francisco? >> oh, easily like $3 million or more. >> reporter: can you tell me what you doubt it for? >> $210,000. >> reporter: they're moving here from san francisco, but it's not just the attractive pricing, it's the chance to be among the first to invest in an area that hasn't had much investment in years. >> we're looking at neighborhoods becoming liveable again and prosperous again. and that requires a whole bunch of people from all layers and all walks. >> it's all of this space, beautiful space with history. i feel like what we're doing in stockton is what people did in the mission district in the '70s and '80s. we also want to contribute something to a community. >> reporter: this is the work
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done by j. rustin furniture. by summer, this work will be done in stockton instead of the area, and the people doing that work expect others to follow. >> downtown, if you get people in it is probably the challenge, then neighborhoods change. >> reporter: few neighborhoods in stockton need that change more than this one. oakland native andre ward will be back in the ring tomorrow night. but first today, the weigh-in. >> from oakland, california, with a professional record of 28-0, the fighting pride of the bay area, andre s.o.g. ward! >> ward weighed in at 174.8 pounds, outside of oakland city hall this afternoon. he's the wbc super middleweight champ. but he will move up to light
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heavyweight to fight undefeated sullivan barera. he has only had three bouts since 2011 because of injuries and a contract squabble. time to check on our weather. we want to know about the easter egg hunt on sunday. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast for the holiday weekend. >> if you do have those easter egg hunts, you don't need to worry about any problems with the egg hunts as far as weather. dry, no rain, and right now crystal clear behind me and breezy. right now winds gusting to about 25 miles per hour along the coast. here's a live look at live doppler 7 hd and the skies are clear across the bay area. walnut creek showing you the sun shining. mid 70s in walnut creek today. san francisco, 62. currently in the mid 60s. san jose near 70 degrees. half moon bay, down to 57.
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here's a look at a live picture from our lake tahoe camera. if you're heading up for the holiday weekend, highs in the mid 50s. it is going to be dry until early next week when they are expecting scattered snow showers. 73 in santa rosa right now. upper 60s, napa, livermore and fairfield, 71 degrees. just a beautiful day in santa cruz. lots of blue skies, clear overnight and warmer tomorrow. a cooler pattern for your easter sunday. take a look at the temperature trend for livermore. we'll continue to remain above normal for the weekend. 72 degrees tomorrow afternoon. 67 sunday. notice the slide. temperatures will drop below average for your monday and your tuesday, and right around where you should be for wednesday. so we are going to see a bit of an up and down in the temperatures, which is typical this time of year. mid forts to low 50s. most of you will start out
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clear. there will be patches of fog. not as much as we saw this morning. tomorrow afternoon, 74 in gilroy. on the peninsula, 69 in redwood city. 67 in san mateo. a lovely day in downtown san francisco. 66. 63 in daily city. and the north bay, high clouds come through, 73 in santa rosa. vallejo 71 degrees. 70 in oakland. inland spots, up to 72 in concord and livermore. take a look at what's ahead beyond tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening, a return of the fog and low cloudiness. so your sunday morning, especially if you're getting ready to head out the door, you will notice more overcast skies. by sunday afternoon, the clouds start to clear out. a look at the forecast trend. sunday, excellent, eggsellent
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for easter, wanted to emphasize that. tuesday, a steady pattern. if you are attending sup rise services, overcast skies, sun rise at 7:02, mid forts to low 50s. 7:00 a.m., temperatures coming up to low 50s and 60s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, you'll feel the warmth. sunday is cooler, but dry for the egg hunt. cooling continues monday. upper 50s to mid 60s and then the temperatures slowly come up. we're not expecting a heat wave, just nice weather towards the accuweather seven-day forecast. lacking the rain still. sprinkles on wednesday, that's about all i can do. >> thank you, sandhya. it is one of the best ways to get to know san francisco and part of finney's friday free stuff, next. plus, the egg hunt where no one is bothering to look for chocolate. and then at 5:30 -- >> the new terror takedown tonight. you'll see the child caught in the middle.
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the robot sent in. the race for the white house, the war of wives and new tonight, the article, the rumored indefelts, ted cruz calling it a smear by donald trump. and we're talking the severe weather tonight after "abc7 news." >> david, thanks. and why google maps gets the blame for a demolition crew
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a lot of yellow arrows are part of the landscape in a small town in austria. local officials are planting them wherever litter was found after being thrown from the windows of passing cars. the city wants to raise awareness about a growing problem. 300 arrows now dot the town. a welcome group of intruders from down under is set to invade san francisco. these inflatable rabbits will be in a play next month. the exhibit called intrude has been traveling the world for two years. the artist says the large
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rabbits are designed to raise awareness about australia's cute but out of control rabbit problem. they won't arrive in time for easter, but you can catch them from april 4 to 23rd. it's friday. it's holiday weekend. the weather is nice. what else would you want? >> how about some free stuff? i love it. >> what a great idea. let's begin with -- these are great. these are eye liner pencils. you get three of them, worth $6.99 each. they're from -- you're going get the trio from pencil me in cosmetics. i like that name by itself. they use natural ingredients. you have 30 colors. they're long lasting, smear proof and they use grape seed oil. >> interesting. >> so now that we have you looking good, what are you going to do after your easter brunch?
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we have an idea for you. how about a tour of san francisco. you can enjoy free walking tours from san francisco city guides. there will be 14 different tours to choose from. they start on sunday, easter morning at 10:00 a.m. and run through the day until 2:00 p.m. they're all over the city. san francisco city guides are volunteers and trained in history and architecture. >> that's a fun thing to do. >> dial the number or logon to sometimes it's hard to roll with it. gorillas go wild at an annual
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coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00, only the i-team shows you the stolen valor. a case about a man who pretended to be a war hero and profited from it. >> and mike looks into a slew of complaints about the fit bit. and the research conducted by this uc berkeley professor who netted her a prize worth more than $100,000. that's all coming up at 6:00. finally, here's some gorillas at the cincinnati zoo. >> they looked for the eggs hidden in trees and inside baskets. >> the eggs are real, hard boiled, not chocolate. tigers, lions, bears, and monkeys will take part in their own hunts, as well. i wouldn't make it too tough for
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them to find. you don't want them frustrated. finally tonight, an easter egg hunt you'll only see in the bay area. >> to find the egg, searchers had to use bluetooth. >> each egg had a bluetooth tile inside. searchers could zero in on the location using their phone. >> it says we're right here. >> well, where is it? >> nobody knows. >> it's fun. it's a great way to get outside and we can win some prizes. >> people could make the tile inside the egg emit a noise. the catch is doing so would alert everyone else who is nearby. >> prizes range from t-shirts to $1,000. >> not bad. world news tonight is next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour.
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breaking news this friday night. the dramatic terror takedown. shots fired, the child caught in the middle. the bomb squad called in. authorities using a robot. new reporting coming in on the american faces. the brother and sister killed. and now we learn of two americans that didn't survive. and what we never saw inside the airport until tonight. and also developing the race for the white house and the tabloid turn. the new article on rumored infidelities. ted cruz firing back. calling it a smear by trump. we have breaking news. the jetblue flight, and the emergency landing late today. the pictures coming in now. we're tracking an easter storm brewing.


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