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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to felony drug charges from two years ago. >> we're live at the hall of justice with a story you'll see only on 7. melanie? >> reporter: that matter he was here from from 2014 was continued until may. he was in court with his mother and spoke about his injuries and what life has been like since the november incident. his attorneys say he was struck 40 times, causing head lacerations and fractures in both of his hands. his mother says her son is suffering considerably. >> my son is traumatized. >> the sheriff says body cameras will be activated at all times. >> it's incumbent upon me that
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the culture of this agency is above reproach. >> there is an investigation with a bribery allegation that the officer gave a gold chain to a couple that witnessed the beating to silence them. petroff told abc 7 news it wasn't him. by e-mail his attorney said if true, that would not affect the moral or legal equation of what happened on november 12th. petrov's mother says she wants her son to get help. >> his life is horrible. i want him to be treated. >> for what condition, she would not specify. >> prosecutors will not seek the
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death penalty for three drifters found in the area. the three now face a possibility of serving life without parole, charged in the deaths in september of a yoga instructor along a marin hiking trail and a canadian visitor at golden gate park. stanford swimmer brock turner is facing up to 10 years in prison. a jury found him guilty on three counts of felony sexual assault. two bicyclists say they saw turner on top of an unconscious woman on the ground in january of last year. he testified the sex was c consensual. police are looking for a hit and run driver that sent a man to the hospital in millbrae. investigators say a man in his 60s was jaywalking across the street when a truck hit it,
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possibly a silver toy yoet yachl the man suffered serious injuries. in oakland today, abc7 news followed police out in force, cracking down on drivers failing to stop for pedestrians. the man across the street is a decoy. police want to remind you if someone is in the cross sidewalk you must yield to the person. a controversial video by two students is now on you tube. what is being said. lyanne? >> reporter: as we know, the video quickly went viral this week. now, it's turned into a he says, they say kind of story. you have probably seen the video more than aonce. a student at sf gate confronts
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cory goldstein being white and having dread locks. since then, a few facebook pages are created but some are adding to what happened prior to the exchange. a witness posted that goldstein supposedly made a derogatory remark using the b word as she tried to hand him a flyer. she followed him inside of the student center. and ashton herald says another witness saw the same event. >> the cameras turned on in the last minute. only part of the conversation was recorded. >> here is goldstein's version. >> she handed it to me and said sorry we don't want people with your hair here. and i called her rude and walked away because i don't need that in my life. i don't need that negativity.
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i left the situation. >> goldstein filed a police report and says he will not press charges. there is talk on the internet that the entire thing may have been fabricated. kindal considers herself a cine cine cinemat cinematographer. >> two people have been arrested and police are looking for a third. take a look at surveillance video that shows a man jumping over the counter and threatening a pharmacist with a knife. the robber took 3,000 prescription pills. >> the pills can be sold for $15 to $20 a pill, and pills that people addicted to heroin would use. >> the robber was arrested by
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hayward police. a woman who acted as a lookout was detained and police are searching for an accomplice who wore a red and gray north face jacket. to san jose. the labor commissioner slapped a fine on a company that operates five adult home facilities, accused of not paying workers at four evergreen rest homes, violations include unpaid overtime, low minimum wage and requiring covering shifts without pay. >> at this time tomorrow night you can enjoy fresh local crab. pots are now baited and dropped and crab sellers say they expect to start selling tomorrow for about $five a pound. crab fishermen will get $2.90 a pound. an elderly and disabled tenant in the noe valley is being evicted from the place
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she's lived in three decades and she tells abc7 news she's not going without a fight. vic lee is live with the story tonight. vic? >> reporter: the woman lives in the upper flat of this apartment building. her attorney says it's morally wrong for the landlord to evict this disabled senior citizen. the landlord's attorney says it's unfortunate, his client has every right to evict her. it's a refrain we're hearing more and more, nowadays. >> we've made a decision to fight. >> beatrice allen has lived in this apartment for three decades, the 80-year-old suffered three strokes and being evicted. >> i have been here 35 years. >> reporter: her daughter lives with her. >> there is no need for you to do this.
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you have so much. just let my mother finish staying here. >> the new landlord is a technology investor who also owns his own firm. he and his wife live in this house next door. the couple's attorney explains why the allens are being evicted. >> the mother of one of the wife that owns the property recently had a fall, in her home, and she has become ill and needs a place to live near her family. >> reporter: that place is here. the flat where allen lives. allen's attorney believes the landlord knew allen had been taken by ambulance to the hospital march 17th, when she became ill. >> four days later he records a new ownership interest that now is permitting his wife to attempt a relative move in, into the unit occupied by the allens. it's not right.
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morally wrong. >> reporter: zach says they're committed to helping with the move. >> my clients would love to help her in some way. >> reporter: but the problem is. >> if you have to move where would you go? >> i don't know. i don't know know. >> reporter: vic lee, abc7 news. up next, after the death of a silicon valley executive, experts tell you the one thing that could have saved his life. advancing fog and stormy drizzle. >> it looks good, but is it enough? i'll have the latest snow survey, coming up. michael finney is my hero. >> how 7 on your side helped this dog lover get the refund he
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deserves after
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new video of lake shasta shows vast improvement from lake conditions from two years ago. the state's largest reservoir is 88% of capacity. two years ago it wasn't high
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enough to cover the dry ground. >> two years ago, surrounded by land that was dry and groun. look today, it's lush green and at 98% capacity. this is one of the biggest reservoirs. the largest reservoir is over 60% capacity, anderson lake. well, rising water level are encouraging the true test is the amount of water in the sierra snow pack. >> the state conducted a new survey to find out how much water we can count on heading into spring, and summer >> reporter: this el nino winter was hardly a drought buster.
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>> we're barely average. >> he is california's official snow surveyor. what he found was a disappointment when one considers high hopes that came with el nino all scientists are picking up computers and revamping them. >> here, along highway 50, the 58 inches could bring 26 inches of water, that is 97% of average at this location. that is not to say it's better than last year, yielding almost nothing but dirt. and that is what there still is. this year's storms have pushed
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it up a foot and a half within two inches of the natural rim. but that is still two and a half feet below average for this time of the year. >> that is what we heard. that the lake has been coming up. >> it still looks low. >> next month, lake tahoe is expected to rise above it's natural rim for the first time since 2014. laura anthony, abc7 news. there is a new warning now for bay area pool owners after the death of a silicon valley tech executive. he died from an electrical short in a pool while in vacation in palm springs. police blame bad wiring including the lighting fixtures, or a wet junction box.
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swimmers have no way of knowing. police say an automatic circuit breaker may have prevented his death. >> i'm surprised more people haven't been executed in the country because of old pools not being grounded. >> 14 americans died from 2003 to 2014. today, california judge in bill cosby's sexual battery case ordered a delay. a woman says he forced her to perform a sex act when she was just 15 years old. we have a warning for muni riders. a pickpocket is targeting certain passengers. >> yes. abc7 news shows you exactly how the thief operates so you can avoid becoming a victim. kristin? >> that is right. take a look. abc7 news got security video of
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the crime that has police concerned. the victim is this man standing and holding a child. you can see the alleged thief turns his back to the victim and grabbed a wallet. police say the victim was likely targeted because he was preoccupied with a child on a crowded bus. >> people use that to get into distract them that way. people don't realize the items have been taken. >> the alleged pickpocket got off the bus and san francisco police are asking for help to identify him. now, officers say you're most vulnerable when buses or trains are crowded recommending you keep your wallet in your front
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pocket and keep your bag in front of your chest, like this, not on your back. muni says crime on muni is actually down 46% between february last year and this past february. and larcenies and thefts down, there are 60 cases compared to a high of 110 in march, last year so it's getting better. >> that a >> tonight, right now, it's mainly clear. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. here is a look towards the coast out there along the coastline. 63 in morgan hill.
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this is the view from our east bay hills camera looking west and concord, 66. here is a better view from our tower camera. our forecast features coming up, we'll have foggy start in the morning possibly spotty drizzle early morning hours. mild days continue throughout the weekend and there is a slight chance of showers a foggy morning but not a cool morning for low temperatures into low 40s. it will be a partly to mostly
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sunny afternoon in the afternoon. 71 in san jose. and 69 in palo alto and mountain view. up in the north bay, upper 50s on the coast, low from santa rosa. friday, a similar range of highs, nice, mild, and warmer saturday afternoon. high temperatures inland climbing into mid to upper 70s, then, sunday, increase in clouds and so here is the forecast starting 4:00 p.m. sunday, clouds increasing and monday, looks like a weak system passes to our north and
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by wednesday, warming up to upper 70s to near 80s and there is a slight chance of showers monday. we'll keep talking about it and we're hoping. >> thank you. >> coming up next, why a trader joe's cookie ended up the topic of a lawsuit.
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>> peregrine falcons are back on top of the pg and e building. this is a live look. a family of the nearly extinct birds has taken up residents, again. this is the mother. another family was up there two years ago. we have a link to the camera on our website >> as it celebrates 40 years, great america amusement park is overhauling it's
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officials expect the land to be sold in the next few >> we'd have the right to operate and invest until 2074. the master plan could include an entertainment district outside of the park so people can enjoy amenities without paying a fee. excitement across the world for the newest tesla. preorders begin in the morning for the model preorders are underway. the car will officially be unveiled tomorrow. trader joe's has settled a
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lawsuit with pepperridge the companies reached a settlement. pepperridge farm wants trader joe's to stop selling the cookies. >> it turns out the fbi did not need apple's help owe get into a suspect's iphone. >> hear from an expert, next. a man about to board a plane with his dogs the airline says only one dog with fly. what can he do? 7 on your side is coming up. san francisco's library gets a visit from ma
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now, the fbi knows it has a way of breaking into phones, apple is unaware of it. i don't think they have an obligation to share it. the fbi didn't need apple's help to get into a suspected terrorist's iphone after all. apple fought a government order to break into the phone.
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>> the company says it would compromise security for all users. david lucy talking to all security experts. >> reporter: the now, apple has to be curious how a government contractor did it. apple is trying to find out what the technique was. and i suspect that they're not going to get it. that is my guess. i think it's unlikely the fbi will disclose it. >> this senior research scholar at stanford specializes in cyber security, speculating the fbi is more likely to disclose how it got access with across agency white house group that addresses security issues. . one of several companies that specializes in penetrating
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secured devices. zyden doesn't think consumers need to be worried. >> there is very little chance, almost 0 someone can hack every other phone unless they have it in their hands. >> reporter: apple now has to consider it can be hacked. >> the round about way is to get in. >> reporter: apple did not respond to the request whether they had asked the fbi how it got in. >> we spoke with darrell issa via skype about what we should be concerned about. >> they've added the ability, if they have a phone and probably willing to disassemble it, they're able to pull off of hard
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drive encrypted material and find out what is on it. you have to be concerned if there is a vulnerability in the operating a seventh person died in a sacramento area from a tainted street drug. his family said he bought the pain pill from a street dealer. the pills appear to be deliberately laced. donald trump is changing his statement that women should be punished for seeking abortions if banned. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no, as principle?
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>> the answer is there has to be a form of punishment. >> all other candidates criticized the xhepts and trump's campaign issued a written statement saying quote, the doctor or other person performing an illegal act would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. >> airline tickis for dogs will cost as much as that for >> at the airports, they tell us. like a dog with a phone, tried for two years to get it back. >> if you doubt dog owners tend
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to look like their dogs, meet hector and inka. >> hector and his wife found inca while visiting peru. >> if he's right, he's not going to let it go. >> hector has been fighting two years to get his money back. >> i can't live without my dogs. >> when they got to the gate, arrow mexico said inca only had a one way ticket. >> this doesn't make sense. >> they said no. pay it or the dog stays. >> so hector bought another ticket for $90 and later
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disputed the charge. aero mexico agreed he paid twice, however, no one would authorize a refund. >> you ride, you pay double. but i had to send an investigation. >> we'd get an auto mated response, thank you for your concern, we're investigating. here is the new case number. >> after two years, he contacted me. and 7 on your side contacted aero mexico. he got his $90 back. >> i insisted to do that because i was right. >> if it wasn't for michael finney, people would not get the help they need. >> i say to my kids, michael finney is my hero. >> aero mexico declined to provide an official statement but i want to thank them for making things right.
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>> thanks michael. >> woel, a local dog training program has a unique twist. >> what kids with autism can learn through training dogs. >> these are people behind a game that i like. it's really a cool experience for me.
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>> don't let the cat out of the bag. >> that is it. >> okay. >> eggs. >> he's gone viral. the 23-year-old from new york won every puzzle except for one on "wheel of fortune". he says he studied up and walked away with $76,000 in cash and prizes.
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>> that is impressive. >> a program could soon expand nationwide called jumping for joy, tapping into a bond between kids and dogs. when we first visited the jumping for joy program students like zach. >> i taught her to sit. and gave her a cool treat. >> it was the brain child of rachel blackman, launching the program. >> lots of kids were interested in doing it and the kids that did it wanted to come back. >> several groups approached the
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humane society about jumping for joy so they began putting together a curriculum. >> so that is probably the biggest challenge, making sure you have the volunteers. >> the team got a boost with a grant from the mental insight foundation and able to present jumping for joy in a conference for humane educators in south carolina. >> and that is really >> potentially giving thousands of kids to potential through the barriers. it's proof big things can start small, rachel started jumping for boy in the girl scouts. >> wow.
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>> yes. >> kids were lining up in a
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here is a question. how do you get a group of kids to go to the library on spring break? >> it seems like a >> reporter: it might be every teacher's dream, kids, on spring break, lining up to go to the library. >> one mom told me they were so excited. >> these are the people that i like. >> does anyone here want to be a video game designer? >> they're not teaching code. the game let's you design a level. >> in the old days they may have used graph paper here, you're on a touch screen. it's easy. >> the challenge is making it
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fun. >> it slowly introduces a new idea. >> the location is no accident. not only exposing kids to the world of game design, but the place called the library. >> the library is looking for ways to enyoung people in ways that are exciting and new. >> it took place in the team center. >> we want young people to tell their own stories. a story with fire-breathing villains, time with heros, and maybe one day, a sequel coming with a paycheck. >> i'd like nintendo or apple. you know? they're my favorite companies.
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>> a student won a technology grant. and save lined what they say is the first electric vehicle solar charging station. there will be five winners. that is great. >> yes. >> and we're searching clouds and fog and mainly sunny skies now. tomorrow, statewide, mainly sunny day. we'll is a little bit of fog along the coastline here
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to mid-70s inland. and baseball getting underway tomorrow evening at atat park. and will be cool, breezy getting cooler. by wednesday, a slight chance of rain on monday. it's very slight. >> not even on there. >> so slight i can't even mention it. >> warriors in action tonight. >> jazz chances of winning are
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slight. in 16 hours, playing in a back to back
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. warriors starting at 67 and will break the bulls record of 72 victories. after beating the wizards, the warriors hopped on a plane, flew to salt lake city, with a game with the jazz that might be the first round playoff opponent. and hayward's good player, does answer on a 9-0 run. and why not? shoot from here because that is what i do. warriors leading 33-25. college hoops, santa clara has not been to the ncaa tournament since steve nash is playing point guard
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now, he was let go in 2013 and used a pass to get a different perspective on coaching. >> this year, as i took a step back and studied a game, i wasn't trying to fit it in. i wasn't representing a particular school that plow vieded a unique framework. i think that was healthy, too. >> yes. also a new man on the hill kyle smith assistant before taking over at columbia six years ago. just like the lions and jared
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goff will find out if the niners are as big of a fan of his that he is of theirs. we went on and niners have the seventh pick in the now, 49ers got us until tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. to unload kaep if they want to avoid paying him. and do not happen. so they might as well keep them and see if chip kelly can fix them.
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that is a hit on roman pollack last night. and they're so dangerous, and of course, the concern over concussions. good news is that pollk was shaken up but not seriously injured on the play. >> they didn't pay much attention to hits like that. >> no. and there is so much focus on that and rightfully so. they don't want anything where the upper body is involved. >> yes. now, we're sort of -- >> you have a much more careful and much more emphasis on player safety. >> we know the damage. >> yes. >> thank you, larry. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00. it didn't take long, just days
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after unlocking the san bernardino terrorist iphone, the fbi getting requests to open another. will they do it? a former stanford swimmer found guilty of sexual assault. student reaction to the verdict him. >> we'll be back with you at 11:00. >> followed by jimmy kimmel live at 11:35. guests are senator ted cruz and mike epps. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from all of us here, we hope you have a great evening. >> and night. >> yes. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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