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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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police department stemming from a case involving officer jason line, charged with illegally using police computers to look into criminal offender information. d.a. investigators then found the offensive text messages from the five officers. >> talking a lot of african-americans and using the "n" word and talking about members of the lbgt community, also in a very disparaging fashion. >> reporter: he said racist and homophobic texts are not criminal but pose serious problems in court. >> the impact it has is our ability to present evidence, our ability to prosecute cases, and frankly, now the possibility that we're going to have to dismiss cases. >> reporter: but the police chief says his office has known about the text messages for a long time. >> it's possible the d.a. himself just fund out, but his office has known about this since last year. >> reporter: he also says there are only four, not five officers who exchanged those messages.
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>> four officers were immediately suspended. since that time, two of those officers have left the department. one of the officers is jason lye. >> reporter: he's received to the fourth officer to the police commission for possible termination. vic lee, "abc7 news." some uc berkeley students are outraged that the administration is even considering allowing a student suspended for an alleged rape back on campus and are making their anger known. [ chanting ] >> "abc7 news" was on campus today as students rallied in support of stephanie garcia. she says omar pedrosa sexually assaulted her. today, he told an appeals board he wants to come back and finish classes now. the administration will make its ruling within ten days.
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also on uc berkeley, the search is on for two men accused of a strong arm robbery on campus. it happened tuesday night. police say a 19-year-old student was walking when his arms were grabbed from behind by a man. a second man went through his pockets and wallet. both man ran and were last seen on channing way. the victim was not injured. vanldallism is hitting home tonight. taggers are defacing walls with graffiti. residents are complaining that it's reappearing as fast as it's being painted over. david louie looks at the problem that is as aggravating as it is costly and time consuming. >> reporter: security cameras were rolling when taggers painted graffiti on a wall on city hall monday night. this is what they did. san jose says it cleaned up over 2 million square feet of graffiti last year across the city. in recent years, it's spent over $500,000 a year for eradication.
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the problem can be found all over town. a short distance from downtown, radiator shop owner jesus finds new graffiti on his walls. >> we paint eight to ten times a month. >> reporter: and a lock smith shop that moved to san jose last fall, found a tag on top of his building this week, even though the property is fenced and protected by barbed wire. >> we have customers that come in here and it doesn't make us look professional whatsoever. >> reporter: one shopkeeper said she didn't want to go on camera to tell us about her experience because of retaliation by gangs, but she says it happens so much she doesn't even report it anymore. >> there is an app called san jose clean. i would encourage everybody to take a photo, hit the button, and within 48 hours, we clean up 90% of it out there.
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>> reporter: sometimes security cameras catch suspects on video. these are taken by city hall videos from last yeek. in san jose, david louie, "abc7 news." also, police in campbell have arrested two men accused of stealing thousands worth of bicycles. brian smith and steven fox were caught on video during a burglary last month. the pair is shown opening the door to the complex and walking in. you can see a truck in the background with one of the bicycles in the back right there. police say one of the men had a stolen bike valued at $3,000. governor brown promises to sign legislation next monday that will give california the nation's highest minimum wage. that's $15 an hour. state lawmakers approved the deal today and sent it to the governor's desk. it raises it to $10.50 an hour january 1 and increases every
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year until 2022 when it hits $15. supporters declared victory at the state capitol. >> it's workers that have the courage to fight that remain persistent and push the public and decision makers to realize that $15 is not just a mantra, it's a necessity. >> critics say increasing the minimum wage could hurt many small businesses while driving up the cost of goods. and on the subject of getting paid, alex morgan is among five stars on the women's national soccer team who are suing the u.s. soccer federation for wage discrimination. the other four are carly lloyd, hope solo, megan rappino and they say despite generating nearly $20 million more revenue last year than the men's team, the women are paid four times less. they are requesting an eeoc investigation of soccer. u.s. soccer says it is
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disappointed this action was taken. a mechanical malfunction is being blamed when a horn blower hit a concrete wall while docking around 1:00 this afternoon. three of the 140 passengers complained of back pain. four other people reported minor injuries. horn blower operates a fleet of yachts. tesla fans are lining up to reserve a car sight unseen. here are the lines at the company store in walnut creek. they snake all the way around the block. the lines are reminisce sent of people waiting for a new iphone, right? [ applause ] this was the scene in 2014. cornell bernard is live where the lines for tesla were as long, as well. cornell, this model three isn't even expected to be delivered until late next year. >> reporter: pretty wild, dan.
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the tesla model three is still pretty much a secret. but judging by the crowds today here, everybody wants to drive one. it's the first tesla that's being called affordable. the ceo tweeted out today that demand is so high that online ordering starts early tonight at 7:30. the electric vehicle's big reveal happens at 8:30. >> we just couldn't wait any longer. so it's going to be our new car. >> reporter: she waited outside for hours to put $1,000 down on a car she's never seen. >> we already have a charger in our garage, we have solar power. >> reporter: laura lee and her dog smoky just reserved two tesla model threes. >> i'm buying it sight unseen, but i'm trusting in the ceo. >> reporter: the new model three remains a secret, but everybody here wants one. we counted at least 400 people
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waiting to put down a refundable deposit. >> reporter: tesla is the only car on the road that excites me. i've been waiting for years for a tesla to come out in my price range. >> reporter: the price will start at $35,000 and won't be available until late 2017. >> a year and a half, two years, worth waiting for. >> reporter: the car could resemble a scaled down version of the model s, which has a minimum battery range of 240 miles. >> when you stepping into the future, you need to go with both feet. >> reporter: tesla plans to unveil the car tonight at a big event from its southern california design studio. we'll have a link at cornell bernard, "abc7 news." and as it prepares to release its newest model later tonight, it appears tesla is refining the safety of its first
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model sedan, the s. sky 7 hd was overhead while tesla was conducting test runs. to make sure nothing crashes, tesla says online ordering for the model three will now open at 7:30 tonight instead of 8:30. as for what the car will look like, we'll show it to you you tonight at 11:00. >> be sure to tune in. stay here. no dipping at tonight's giants' game. as youngsters take a swing, players and the fans weigh in on whether a tobacco ban is a good idea. plus -- >> motor cross revs up in the bay area, but there's a serious side to the popular sport. plus -- >> i've been a customer since 1970s. >> folks in oakland line up to say goodbye to one of its land mark restaurants. city officials pull out all
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the stops to welcome a long-time art store from across the bay. "abc7 ne
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this is "abc7 news." the san francisco giants get ready to host the bay bridge series, fans going to at&t park will notice a big change due to a new city ordinance, banning something that's as much a health issue as a baseball tradition. wayne freedman is live with a story to chew on, or not chew on. wayne? >> reporter: typical of san francisco, even this is controversial. those who want to see baseball players serve as role models regard this as a case of addition by subtraction. but others, including some players, are not so sure.
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nothing beats working on your game with your dad. it's the stuff of memories, of teaching by example. so you might notice as gregor planko worked out with 5-year-old gregor jr., no chewing tobacco in sight. >> i don't use it. i think it's disgusting. but the guys that do it, they do it for a reason. >> reporter: they won't be doing it inside at&t due to a new san francisco city ordinance banning smokeless tobacco inside all athletic facilities, not just in the stands but by players on the field, too. >> it's a law in the city. in terms of our job, it's for us to comply. >> reporter: banning chew bucks tradition. players have used tobacco as long as they've used bats, balls and gloves. >> i don't know the reason. you're outside on the field. just spitting in general, it's always a thing with baseball. >> reporter: not here anymore. it's certainly not at the fairmont hotel as the giants
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kicked off the season with their play ball lunch. the fans love their teams, sure. but the tobacco, not so much. >> i don't like it personally. >> they can choose to do whatever they want to. that image with the kids and everything is something they should consider as athletes. >> reporter: as athletes and as parents. >> when he grow up, i think the mentality that i have to talk to him about is why it's not good for him. >> reporter: wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> the question of building more units of affordable housing takes center stage during a planning commission meeting in san francisco. commissioners are considering requiring projects already planned to include units that will be available at below market rates. those projects are in two hot beds for development. south of market and the mission. after nearly 50 years, the famed franchescos is serving
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their last meal. there was a long line of customers waiting, as you can see. franchescos opened in september 1958, and has served many, including owners and players from the a's, raiders, and warriors. today, the owner told us what made the place so popular. >> i believe it's the ambiance, the hospitality. when my father opened the restaurant, he worked day and night working the front here, the door. made lots of friends. and he had an infectious personality. and people enjoyed that. >> she said the downturn in the economy plus families moving out of the area took a toll on business. meantime, an arts store that got pushed out of san francisco after decades in the city has a new home in oakland. mayor libby shaft welcomed the new store. she arrived in a flame throwing
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snail car. the store is a big deal for oakland. she hopes the store will anchor a renaissance of this neighborhood just west of downtown. the area is already known for its bustling arts scene. >> we are definitely seeing stores and vitality emanating outside of our traditional downtown. this is definitely exciting example of that. >> the 1500 square foot arts store used to house an auto body shop. all of the 24 employios made the move from san francisco's location. if you've ever locked yourself out of your car, you're definitely not alone, right? >> there are new high tech solutions that can help. >> michael finney has more on that. >> the main thing, you are not alone. that's what i want you to take away from this. aaa says it gets calls for about 4 million motorists every year, with keys locked in their car. that's 500,000 more than just a few years ago. consumer reports has tips on how
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to quickly and safety get back on the road. being in a hurry is one of the most common reason car keys end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> in a panic, in a rush, locked my keys in. >> my car was running and i locked the doors by mistake. >> reporter: don't panic. many gastations can help, inflating a balloon, slipping a long hook into the door to inlock it. he has a good record of rescuing kees. >> 99% of the time we can. >> reporter: but what if you're locked out with no gas station nearby? think safety. >> if you think you're in danger, call 911. the police may be able to unlock it. >> reporter: if you're in a safe spot, take advantage of aaa. >> you can call a towing service, but make sure that they have the right equipment to unlock your car. and keep in mind you'll probably
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have to pay for it yourself. >> it cost me $125 and about an hour and a half late for work. >> reporter: consider these higher tech solutions a key pad with a code comes on some models of ford, lincoln and mercury. then there are lockout services like gm's on star. it costs around $200 a year. you call an 800 number and a tech nick clicks open the door. there are also apps to let you open the car with your phone. of course, that won't work if the phone is in the car with the keys. >> okay. you can get a discrete metal box to attach to the exterior, stash your key in your wallet or purse or have a friend keep one for you. >> after seeing your report, we should never do that again. thanks, michael. let's talk about this absolutely sparkling weather forecast. >> perfect for playing baseball, sandhya.
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>> it is, other than the fact that we have the stiff sea breeze coming through here, it is great baseball weather. patchy low clouds right now and expect the gray skies increase tonight. what was just one little spot of fog along the coast this afternoon has increased, as you'll notice on live doppler 7 hd, and the winds are gusting to 32 miles an hour at sfo, 31 in napa. so breezy right now across parts of the bay area. we are expecting the risk of rip currents and sneaker waves to become elevated the next couple of days, so between friday morning and saturday evening, do be careful at the coastline. the coast will be under a beach hazard statement. look at this shaky camera and you can see the low clouds advancing over the bay. mid 50s in san francisco. oakland 61. san jose 66 degrees. lots of sunshine in san jose. 68 was the high for today. look at the temperatures, upper 60s in santa rosa, dropping to 61 in napa. 67 in livermore. another live picture from our
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sfo camera. it was bright and blue, just a couple hours ago. but not now. we're seeing the low clouds appearing and the fog. mild afternoon through the weekend. and turning warmer next tuesday and wednesday. so you take a look at where temperatures are going hourly temperatures for walnut creek at 60 and quite comfortable at 64 degrees. but as we head towards the next few hours, temperatures will drop, bottoming out in the upper 40s for your morning commute. here's a look at the rest of your morning temperatures. mid 40s to low 50s. you will start out with the overcast skies when you get going, you're familiar with that, we had it this morning. so a foggy morning for your friday. quickly clearing from the bay and inland. but the coastal clouds hang around well into your afternoon for your friday. and then friday evening we'll keep the clouds going along the coast. highs for friday, 59 in half moon bay. 60 degrees in san francisco. 65 in oakland. making it up into the low 70s
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around santa rosa, fairfield, 70 in livermore. a nice day in palo alto. 68 degrees. 64 in san mateo. saturday's high temperatures will still be on the warm side inland. in the mid to upper 70s. along the coastline, very little change for sunday. as we head into monday, the mild air continues. now fast forward to next week. we are tracking the small possibility of a few showers. it's about a week from tomorrow. but if we have a system coming in from the southwest, it may bring us some showers. so a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. low 60s to low 70s. tomorrow morning, start out with the fog and low cloudiness and sunshine. typically what you see in the summertime as far as the pattern is concerned. saturday, a slight bump-up in the numbers. temperatures trending slightly. clouds increasing and then notice those numbers rising tuesday, wednesday. wednesday is going to be a
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warmer afternoon, well above normal, in the low eig80s inlan. kristen and dan? >> boy, wednesday, looks toasty. thank you very much. bay area congresswoman jackie spears takes on donald trump over his abortion stance, next. then at 5:30 -- >> kristen, dan, breaking news tonight. the deadly shootout at a bus station today. several people shot. we are on the scene for you. and part of a 767 landing in someone's front door. and made in america is back tonight. the simple things sold in your front yard landing someone a mayor deal tonight. right after "abc7 news." >> david, thanks a lot. and new at 6:00, celebrating a milestone at apple. we'll take a look back with employee number one, the first guy hir
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donald trump is taking more heat tonight after his comments about women and abortion during a town hall yesterday. he said women should be punished for getting abortions if made illegal. he changed his statement later, not once but twice. criticism from both political parties was very quick. today, congresswoman jackie spear blasted him on msnbc. >> at this point, i don't think you can describe donald trump in any way but deranged. deranged donald should be his label. he has made it so crystal clear that he thinks of women as chatle. >> trump was in washington today meeting with foreign policy advisers and republican party leaders. the election is spurring a lot of new voters. new numbers show more than 560,000 people have registered to vote or updated existing information so far this year. more than a third are between the ages of 17 and 25. tonight, environmental groups are claiming the friday
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overstepped its authority when it approved genetically engineered salmon last year. several groups filed a lawsuit today in san francisco. the claim says the food and drug administration failed to protect the environment and consult wildlife agencies in its review process as required by federal law. an fda spokeswoman said the agency doesn't comment on pending litigation. the next time you go tosandy want to ask how off they clean their meat slicers. only about 50% clean their equipment every four hours, what the fda recommends. about dogged determination. >> they're beagles that just
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i'm ama daetz in the "abc7 news" room. coming up at 6:00, the alarming rise in vacation rental scams. the deals that prove to good to be true. a major shakeup in bay area radio. employios at kgo and kfog have been laid off and ron owens gets a new gig. plus -- ♪ >> april fool's day. >> april fool's day comes early for the warriors. we'll show you the clever prank
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that andre iguodala played. that's coming up at 6:00. >> ama, thank you very much. >> cannot wait to see that. a bit of high flying action at levi stadium today. >> wow. riders in this saturday's monster energy supper cross event tried out the track ahead of the event. it's the second year in a row the race has been held here. >> the event starts at 6:30. and riders met with families of children living with autism to help mark world autism day, which is on saturday. and check this out. in japan, this beagle has some pawfect balance. >> he's now in the world record book after setting the mark for the faster ten yards traveled on a ball. >> and he can skateboard, walk on two legs, skip rope with help from her owner. >> she can't report the news,
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right? we hope. >> hope not. >> world news is cop breaking news tonight. we're on the scene. a deadly shooting at a greyhound bus station late today. several people shot, a state trooper among them. also breaking, the severe weather hitting right now. tornadoes touching down already. the pounding hail, blinding rain. that whole system moving east. the firestorm growing tonight after what donald trump said about abortion, women and punishment. and tonight, trump's surprise meeting in washington with the head of the republican party. the reserve deputy who said he used his gun by accident, that he thought it was his taser. tonight, the new video here, and what it might reveal. the horrific moment. the massive collapse. the overpass crashing down on drivers and people below. the urgent rescue effort. and made in america is back tonight. the simple thing sold in your front yard, land


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