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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. >> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. it's saturday april 2nd. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris wynn. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the weather for us. >> good morning. as we check it out, can't really see the low clouds but plenty of low clouds around the bay, and some of that will continue to burn back to the coast. other areas of the bay will evaporate totally and we'll look for full sunshine. right now starting out with numbers ranging from the upper 40s. fairfield and antioch, southwest wend, 15 by the dealt tlta. the plan throughout the rest of the morning how overcast skies. except for concord and mountain
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view, you are clear. fog should fill in. afternoon, or morning hours, i should say, full sunshine and clouds bank around the coast throughout the day. warmth, a cool down and maybe even rain by the end of the upcoming workweek. we'll have it all in a few minutes. chris? >> lisa, thank you. this morning the man at the center of an excessives f force investigation is in the hands of law enforcement. he's suing the sheriff's office. yesterday the fbi raid add home in a neighborhood he's known to frequent. we have video of the raid you'll see only on abc7 news. >> fbi! move from the door. >> reporter: demanding petrov come out. >> petrov, come to the front door! hands up! come to the front door. >> reporter: agents searching him outside this home on teddy
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avenue. sources say multiple people, including petrov and his girlfriend, stay here. to petrov's left you see another man in handcuffs. a woman wearing pajamas sa is a in handcuff. >> of course, i'm shocked. >> reporter: outside the house -- >> i don't know anything suspicious, going 5xwjon. this is a quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: but it wasn't the first time fbi agents raid the home. abc7 news obtained this video of a prior raid. petrov wasn't on their radar, but when federal agents entered the home he was inside. during that march 8th raid, sfpd arrested him with controlled substances and a firearm but he was never charged. in an exclusive interview wednesday he said it wasn't him. >> i don't know what you're talking about, man. >> reporter: federal sources say the latest raid is independent of the overnight shooting.
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agents walked petrov away from the home and put him in this ford before driving off. >> and that was abc7 news reporter melanie wood droe reporting. petrov's initial court appearance may happen as soon as monday. the california highway patrol had to call off this chase tafr got too dangerous. speeds topped 100 miles per hour as the car headed south across the golden gate bridge. the chp ended the pursuit after the driver started going the wrong way on one-way streets in san francisco. the car was last seen on chestnut street. this video shows smoke and flames pouring out of a house in oakland. the fire started just before 6:30 4r5679 night in the montclair neighborhood. one car and a garage destroyed but firefighters were able to save most of the home. in san mateo, this man is missing, and he may be without important medication. police gave us this photo of michael schaffer. he's 39, and his family reported
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him missing on monday. last seen in san mateo and may be driving a gold, 1996 toyota camry, license plate number 4mjt-621. 5:04 is the time. a convicted sex offender is temporarily homeless after being released from jail. part of his probation, the 23-year-old michael jonathan hoffner has five business days to update his sex offender registry which requires a place of residence. he spent a year in jail for misdemeanor sexual battery and molesting a 15-year-old girl. he's been convicted of sexual battery seven times in three years, two of them at santa rosa junior college. on thursday petaluma police issued a warning about his release. the hoeblgts he wtel he was sup stay at found out and canceled his room. no word where he stayed last night.
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this weekend the cal campus is hosting not one clinton but two. former president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea are at the university to address students and faculty. in an appearance last night it didn't come without interruption. abc7 news reporter bernard has the story from berkeley. >> as a stanford alum i never thought i would be so happy to be at berkeley. >> reporter: friendly boos for chelsea clinton who opened the night's clinton university for um. 1,000 student leaders seeking solutions to world issues, poverty, pollution and human rights. >> i hope that what will be clear to all of you at the end of the weekend we believe no one is ever too young or too old to make a difference. >> reporter: her father challenged students to make a difference in their communities and never be afraid to fail. >> reminds me of what winston churchill once said about the united states. he said we always do the right thing after exhausting every other alternative. >> reporter: outside protestors
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blamed clinton for his 1994 crime bill which they say caused the prison population to explode. one heckler got inside and interrupted the former president. >> that i -- >> we are not at a political event. so i will not -- [ cheers ] i will not answer that. >> reporter: critics say the clinton foundation received international donations from countries with poor human rights records, which could create a hot potato foe hillary clinton the bid for president. >> becomes an issue you don't want to discuss, have to keep saying we're clean, we're clean, we're clean, because when people are saying you may not be clean. >> reporter: at the forum au entrepreneurs encouraged everyone to the proud of who you are. >> those stories make us human, allow us to empathize with each
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other. >> reporter:ed forum continues on the campus through sunday. two more bay area counties have reported their first cases of the zika virus. the department of public health confirmed people in san mateo and santa clara counties contracted the virus traveling abroad. health officials said there's no rick of it spreading locally. it's from a species not common in the u.s. and linked to birth defects in unborn children. the white house held a summit yesterday on how to fight it. federal authorities issued a public safety alert yesterday. now that nine people in the sacramento area have died from a counterfeit drug since march 24b24 b ble. they're trying to buy a mild painkiller but packed with a medicine 80 times more potent than morphine. the dea is trying to track down
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the source. women and girls across california can now get birth control without a prescription but have to speak to a farm sif pharmacist and fill out a form first, hoping to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies. oregon and washington already have similar laws. the fbi is telling law enforcement across the country, we will help you open locked phone according to a new report from dow jones. this comes after federal agents were able to open the locked iphone seized from one of the terrorists behind last year's san bernardino attacks. for months apple refuelsed to unlock the phone citing privacy concerns. the government's battle with the company ended this week after the fbi found a third party to unlock the phone. new this morning, san francisco's old mint is set to be restored, and eventually reopened to the public. the california historical society says it will help leader projects to help the old u.s.
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mint at fifth and mission back in tip-top shape. the project could take a year and a half to complete. the city terminated an agreement with a nonprofit last year to turn the building into a museum. the building was named a national historic landmark in 1961. some serious disappointment for warriors fans. their first home loss in more than a year. they needed to win five of their last seven games to break the all-time wins record. the celtics came to oracle arena and knocked them off. steph curry got a great look. missed the shot, though. got the rebound. harrison barnes missed a desperation heave. warriors lost. 109-106, more coming up in sports. more sports. the bridge series that continues today. a beautiful afternoon, but we're definitely tracking some changes in the days ahead. this first weekend of april, a live look outside from our camera.
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53. san francisco, hayward, fremont and los gatos. talking big changes in terms of warmth, an abrupt cool down and maybe even april showers in to talk about in the seven-day outlook. that's next. >> thanks, lisa. 5:10 the time. waiting to get behind the new tesla model 3. the cars built in fremont. coming up what that means for the city. plus, why some eat bay parents are divided
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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daly city, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the san francisco public defender's office demanded to see text messages in the latest scandal involving police officers. they want to read them to determine if any cases may have
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been compromised. the d.a. announced four officers were suspended last fall because of racist, homophobic text messages. the city was investigating a different texting scandal involving 14 other officers when they were brought to light. a statement saying "i believe there are other cases in which your office secured guilty pleas based on testimony and sworn statements provided by these officers." he said he wants to see the texts in question and also wants extensive background information on the officers, and any cases they have investigated. some parents in the east bay are planning to boycott lgbtq. we have more on an issue that that parents divided. >> reporter: beginning april 11th, this middle school will have a week-long discussion
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about those who are lesbian, gay, bigender and queer. >> a way to inform the kids of issues. >> reporter: kids between ages 11 and 13 will be shown this video about a transgender teen crowned homecoming teen. >> i feel happier about myself. >> reporter: ending friday with a day of silence to spread awareness. not every parent welcomes this kind of exposure. >> not age appropriate at all, we felt. we felt it was a subject matter that should be better addressed by parents at home. >> reporter: others like the concept but suggest other issues on discrimination be included in the discussion. >> so we want four other groups giving tolerance -- >> all-around. >> reporter: the principal agreed to make minor changes. >> as part of the conversation, the videos aren't going to be shown in full anymore. the principal has decided to take certain portions of them
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out and will only show portions of them. >> reporter: for example, at the end of the homecoming queen video, a fundme page to help pay for the transition procedure. that's taken out. others say it's not enough and will cving their kids opt out. for abc7 news. elected officials actors and business lieders will be honored for efforts to promote lgbt the quality tonight. it's hosting a ceremony for this year's san francisco equality awards at the weston st. frances. nancy pelosi, san francisco supervisor scott weiner and south bay assemblyman evan lowe of just some of this year the recipients. less than two days since tesla took the wraps of its more affordable car the model 3. the car won't be available until next year but hundreds of thousands of eager drivers placed their deposits. all of those electric cars will be made in fremont and this
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morning they see this as an economic boom. we have the story now. >> reporter: tesla pre-sales are through the roof are and music to the ears of city leaders in fremont, home of the tesla factory. >> looking forward to partnering with tesla as we have in the past to meet their needs and continue to grow local jobs here in fremont. >> reporter: the east bay economic development alliance crunched the numbers and says for every tesla sold more than two manufacturing jobs are created. >> tesla is in this area because the ecosystem would supply logistics and manufacturing companies, only 80 companies in the immediate 30-mile radius ta support tesla in this area. >> reporter: they're making up for lost time. the previous plant closed on april 1st 2010. >> when newmie left fremont, people 4r069 their jobs at the factory, 20,000 regionally. a great shot in the arm for the whole economy. >> reporter: city council member suzanne lee chan is a tesla
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owner herself. >> in fremont at the 94539 zip code we have the most tesla owners per capita in the entire country. so we are really committed to our teslas! >> reporter: the tesla plant is also a showroom and the mayor points out the city will also benefit from the sales tax on each car sold there. in fremont, katie marzullo, abc7 news. the tesla model 3 pre-order surge helped boost shares of the palo alto company. later today. help an east bay high school student with leukemia. a student athlete at this high school in oakland. abc7 news told you about his story last month. he needs a bone marrow transplant after being doeg niced with leukemia two years ago. already undergone several rounds of radiation and chemo. the drive starts at africa middle school in oakland where he used to be a student.
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you can expect traffic headaches in san francisco this weekend. the transamerica rock 'n' roll half marathon is tomorrow. the course takes runners all over the city. a look at the race route that starts along the great highway at 6:30 in the morning. the half marathon ends at civic center plaza probably around noon. lots of road closures will surround the routes. and there you go. there's the map right there. we were going to put all of this information online at our website, 5:18 the time and weatherwise, should be a nice weekend for those runners. >> yeah, that's right. in fact, we're looking at today probably the sunnier of the two days over the weekend, but we have 70s in the forecast. so if you like that springtime warmth, we have not only that but some records to look forward to in the next couple of days. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. 7:34, 12 hours 41 minutes of daylight.
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looking at low clouds, fog, the gray start throughout much of the bay, and we'll be looking at that sunshine everywhere except at the coast. onshore winds will be keeping it brisk and cloudy, if you're headed to the beaches. also beach hazard statements to pass along. half moon bay, morgan hill and mountain view as well as san francisco, 50 degrees. good morning oakland. 53 for you. 54 in san jose. emeryville where the clouds are around oakland as well, 50 is the number in santa rosa, napa, novato and concord. southwest wind at 15. kind of like a summer pattern the next couple of days. we do have a weak system headed our way tomorrow and numbers this morning are milder in the north bay, as much as seven to eight degrees warmer. six degrees warmer in san jose this morning. and looking at a little cooler in concord and also by the coast. the camera with the clouds. low clouds and fog this morning. mild around the bay and inland this week, possible records heading our way on wednesday,
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and then the abrupt cool down and showers in the forecast by friday. so the waves are up from sonoma to monterey. current wave height, six to seven feet with a risk of rip current sneaker waves along the entire coastline. with that really nice weather a lot of folks out trying to enjoy the weather at the beaches, but quite dangerous there. breezy winds at the coast. cloudy here along half moon bay, montara. upper 50s. maybe 60, san francisco, 61 degrees. and we will look for the numbers to warm up as we head eastward. 66 over in oakland with low 70s in walnut creek today. really a nice afternoon. antioch, warmer numbers in the mid-70s, but not stopping there. we will look for the warmer weather beyond today. but if you're headed to the cove this afternoon. low to mid-60s from 1:00 to 4:00 with sunny skies, a very light west wind. so in terms of the warmth, check
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2 o it out. stay stratus quo through monday. tuesday, 81 degrees. look at wednesday. 90 degrees. but then as we head towards friday, check out what's happening here. got the green representing showers. friday through friday afternoon and then by next saturday, it looks like the system moves off. still kind of far out to pinpoint, but we're going to look at some sort of roller coaster temperatures and perhaps that rain headed our way. 69 in fremont today. palo alto 65 and richmond 61. san francisco with partly cloudy skies. 73 in live irmore, 72 in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast, a change from today to tomorrow. more high clouds maybe tomorrow. a brisk onshore push tomorrow as well and look for the breezy winds to switch over to a north eerily component. the offshore flow warming us up through the middle of the week. can you believe the temperatures wednesday? over as quickly as it got started perhaps with rain friday. >> i'm not ready for summer yet.
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you're like, ah! >> a brief flirtation with it. >> thank you. levi stadium is transformed and now full of dirt. up next, the big ev
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ a good washing machine will theirry rinse and clean your clothes but a bad one will chew them up. a south bay woman said she had the bad kind. how we got the store to listen. >> really bad. >> reporter: rene shows us her washer during the spin cycle.
5:25 am
>> it's not even spinning. >> reporter: which is worse than what it did before. >> bouncing and like jumping off the ground. clothing would get stuck underneath the agitator. >> reporter: showing a picture she says has been happening since it was new. >> so the parts started wearing out and they replaced the shocks, the transmission. >> reporter: technicians from sears kept trying to fix it. at least nine times in two years. even replacing the tub -- leaving the old one behind. >> it was company policy that they would not take damaged parts back. >> reporter: luckily, her extended warranty paid for the repairs. unluckily, the washer kept chewing her clothes. >> so some of my clothes were ruined. they frayed easily. >> reporter: parts kept breaking. sears kept sending technicians. >> they say, it's performing as designed. >> reporter: when it broke down again, rene contacted 7 on your side and a technician finely agreed was hopeless. >> all of a sudden they were declaring it a lemon. >> reporter: sears agreed to
5:26 am
provide her with a brand new machine telling us we regret finding a resolution to her issue took longer than anticipated, as this does not meet our high standards of customer service. we a apologize for inconvenienc and are pleased she is satisfied. >> i really appreciate your help, and i really truly believe that those are the magic words, 7 on your side. >> reporter: most service warrants promise to replace an appliance after a certain number of repairs. so you should always ask for a receipt when a technician comes. they don't always want to give you one. that way you can make the case for a new machine if that becomes necessary. i'm mike's finney, 7 on your side. happening today, it's not football but dirt biking that will draw big crowds to levi stadium in santa clara. the monster energy supercross race kicks off today at levi's for a weekend event. featuring some of the best motorcycle riders in the world.
5:27 am
sky 7 flew overhead, dumping 26 million pounds of dirt earlier this unique. actually stored in the bay area and brought in each year. 5:26 is the time. the moment a cruise ship slammed into a crew in san diego pier caught on video. take a look. >> move! move! [ scream ] >> ah! [ horn honking ] >> seven people were hurt when the adventure horn blower slammed into the dock thursday. it's the third time that ship has had a mechanical problem, and it is now banned indefinitely from taking on passengers. how do you celebrate four years if you're the world's most valuable public company? with a giant beer bash, of course. apple hit the big 4-0 yesterday. ceo tim cook tweeted these pictures showing the big party in cupertino. a pirate flag was also hoisted
5:28 am
on the campus. members of the original mac team say it was intended to keep a sense of rebellion can and independence. still ahead on the abc7 morning news -- president obama versus donald trump. the president is taking on the candidate who wants to replace him in the oval office. plus, a bay area program that uses dogs to help children with autism to soon go national.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. i'm chris wynn. we're starting this half hour way quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking conditions where you live. >> hey, chris. quiet out there. cloudy skies across the bay area. low clouds and fog filling in to the bay and as a result temperatures are fairly uniform, just some upper 40s out by antioch and fairfield, otherwise, everyone's in the lower 50s from san ramon, 51, livermore and san mateo, 53.
5:31 am
oakland, san francisco and 50 at the coast, napa and novato. with a warmer start and low cloud it will be gray throughout much of the next couple of hours, but then by the mid-day hour, those west winds get going. we'll chew out that fog and look for sunny skies away from the bay. cloudy and cool at the coast. we have more changes in store for the second half of your weekend, but if you're planning any time at the shoreline, the waves will be quite dangerous out there. we'll talk about a warm-up throughout the upcoming workweek, and more details on perhaps some spring showers coming up. chris? >> lisa, thank you. president obama called the prospect of isis or other terrorist groups getting ahold of nuclear tooerm materiels on greatest threats to global security. wrapping up a summit to curb nuclear tie nuclear materiels worldwide and the president declared it a success. >> reporter: protests outside of the nuclear security summit in washington, d.c.
5:32 am
where president obama met with more than 50 world leaders, the last day of the summit focused on the potential risk of terrorist accessing nuclear materiels, heightened concern that building a dirty bomb is likely a goal of isis and other terror groups after two of the brussels attackers used hidden cameras to secretly record one of belgium's top nuclear scientists. >> terrorists and criminal gangs and arms merchants look around for deadly ingredients for a nuclear device, vast regions of the world are now off limits. >> reporter: with about 2,000 tons of nuclear materiel in the world, some of which is not properly secured, experts say, more needs to be done to keep it from calling into the wrong hands. >> we're in a race against time here. the chances are it could happen at in spoint so we need to do everything we can to prevent it. unfortunately, i don't think we're doing as much as we can. >> reporter: president obama saying the u.s. is reducing its stockpile of highly enriched
5:33 am
uranium which can be used to make nuclear weapons urging others to do the same. >> arsenals are on track to be lowest as they have been in six decades. >> reporter: earlier in the summit, they focused on the iran nuclear agreement and concerns over north korea's nuclear weapons program. for abc news, new york. president obama is bashing donald trump for his views on foreign policy. at the summit the commander in chief said there is a lot that the republican presidential candidate doesn't understand. trump said this week that japan and south korea should have building their own nuclear weapon. >> the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy, or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> those countries are protected by the u.s. nuclear umbrella. the president says that concept has long prevented nuclear
5:34 am
escalation, and helps keep peace and prosperity in the region. president obama is coming to the bay area next week. he'll be in san francisco friday for at least two fund-raisers and will leave the following day. back to donald trump, and the race for the white house. trump is on damp control also he heads to wisconsin. that state's all-important primary is days away, and he's behind. abc news reporter cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: this is the face of an embattled front-runner, donald trump with that smile and wave, hoping to put a very bad week behind him. the controversy over his abortion comment engulfing his campaign. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is that, there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. there has to be some form. >> reporter: now delivering a mea culpa like only trump can. >> excuse me if i misspoke but this was a long convoluted
5:35 am
subject, talked about ka thou t catholicism and his religion. >> reporter: women have an un235i6sh favorable opinion and republican women, that number up 26 points in a matter of months. in a new radio ad begging voters of wisconsin to give him a chance. >> i just wanted to talk to the people of wisconsin, because there's so much misinformation that's being put out there about me. >> reporter: trump's opponents loving the chaos. >> there's no doubt that donald trump is the kim kardashian presidential candidate. he sits on twitter and makes a lot of noise, but he has no solutions to fixing the problem. >> reporter: and trump has another big problem on his hands -- polls show he is one of the least popular presidential candidates in modern history. 67% of voters view him unfavorably. only former kkk grand wizard david duke fared worse. the billionaire businessman
5:36 am
hoping wisconsin let's him turn the page. >> because if we win wisconsin, it's like going to be over. pretty much over. >> reporter: cecilia vega, abc news, new york. republican presidential candidate ted cruz will speak at the california republican convention in burlingame later in the month. he started organizing volunteers earlier in the summer. donald trump and john kasich also is asked to speak at the convention. 172 republican delegates are up for grabs during the state's primary. trump leads among all republican voters in california but the vote should be much closer. republican expected to vote, trump leads cruz just 36% to 35%. on the democratic side, back and forth between bernie sanders and hillary clinton over campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry has reached a new high. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me.
5:37 am
i'm sick of it. >> clinton made that comment after an activist asked her if she would stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry. speaking to a packed house in eastern wisconsin, sanders twice said clinton owed his campaign an apology. 5:37 the time. aprogram launched here in the bay area to help kids with autism to soon expand nationwide. it's called jumping for joy and it's a special bond between kids and dogs to develop life skills. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has the story. >> come on, charlotte. there she goes. >> reporter: when we first visited the jumping for joy program at the marin humane society we met students like zach. he was a spirited 17-year-old learning the art of communication, both as a person with autism and a budding dog trainer. >> i told her to sit, and gave her cool treats. >> reporter: the program pairs kids living with autism with dogs. given the goal of guiding the dogs through an agility course while building communication and mutual trust.
5:38 am
it was all the brainchild of rachel blackman, who launched the program as a teenage volunteered and watched it take off. >> lots of kids were interested in doing it and the kids that did it wanted to come back. i kind of knew, hey, we can make this bigger. >> reporter: several groups approached the humane society about jumping for joy so rachel and education coordinator began putting together a curriculum and a how-to course how to set the course up. >> the biggest challenge making sure you have the volunteers and dogs you want to work with. >> reporter: the team got an initial boost from a $10,000 grant from the mental intel foundation, presented jumping for joy at a conference in south carolina. >> and that has sparked a ton of interest across the u.s. so it's really exciting. >> reporter: now they're hoping to take jumping for joy nationwide. potentially giving thousands of kids like zach the chance to break through the barriers of autism through a special bond they build themselves.
5:39 am
>> one, two, three! >> all: jumping for joy! [ cheers and applause ] >> that was abc7 news anchor dan ashley reporting. and as proof that big things can start small, rachel blackman actually started jumping for joy as a merit project when she was in the girl scouts. kicking off a big weekend at fisherman's wharf, ahead on the abc7 morning news, we'll take to you a party in san francisco celebrating the long delayed start of crab season. but first, the time right now is 5:39. here's a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. you can see it's a quiet morning along the embarcadero. lisa argen will have your full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> announcer: santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. look closely at this image taken by the hubble telescope. there are a half million stars in this new look at the center of the milky way. the telescope peered into the star cluster at the center of the galaxy and captured this incredible image. the cluster is located 27,000 light years away, and the photo was put together from nine separate images from the telescope. 5:42 is the time and weatherwise, some sun today, lisa? >> yeah. not seeing anything in terms of a clear sky right now. low clouds and fog filtered in across the bay. a summer pattern for the short term. emeryville now, 53 degrees as well as fremont, los gatos and san francisco. so numbers are uniform.
5:43 am
this afternoon a springtime spread of temperatures. i'll detail that for you, next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead -- the warriors haven't lost at home since january of last year. that streak of 53 ended last night. so what does this mean in the chase for history and the best record ever? breaking it down for us comi
5:44 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
5:45 am
. welcome back, everyone. the time, 5:45. a live look from the san mateo bridge camera. no major issues affecting the traffic flow. a full look at the forecast coming up. at long last, the bay area's crab season is under way 4 1/2 months late. a costly delay for months all because of toxic algae that made the crab unsafe to eat. as abc7 news recorder explains, it was especially toxic for a fragile part of the economy. >> how is it? >> delicious. >> reporter: joe and his crew just unloaded these crab now and
5:46 am
are enjoying the moment. >> look how full that is. cracked that shell off. it's plugged. that's really good, thick meat there. >> reporter: it's the juicy rye ward for months of waiting. >> good afternoon, everyone! i smell like a crab and i'm proud of it! >> reporter: the mayor, ed lee, couldn't be more relieved what's left of san francisco's crab season is finally under way. >> a little bit like thanksgiving in april. that's no april fool. we've got our day finally. >> reporter: for 4 1/2 months the crab fishery was closed. unusually warm oceans may have led to the bloom of toxic algae, the like the of what hasn't been seen in decades. >> with 100% confidence this fresh dungeness crab is safe to eat. >> reporter: a worthwhile precaution for crab lovers nearly broke the local crab industry. 4 1/2 months is most of the season when they make most of this money, let's not mince words. this has been a disaster. >> reporter: no one knows that better than joe.
5:47 am
>> really sucked. i had to move out of my house here just a little a month ago and now am living off the boat. holefully be able to get it back. >> calling day and night asking for money, i have to save my house, please, i need grocery for my kids. >> losing boats, houses, families. guys trying to make ends meet and can't bring in the money. wives leave them. lose their kids and they're out on the street. ain't no fun. >> reporter: california federal lawmakers are seeking relief money but also money for research. they want to know why the algae invaded and whether it could happen again. >> i'd like to think it's a one-time thing but it's very smart to start getting ahead of the changing ocean conditions with better research. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, actibc7 news. lisa, tracking a warm-up on the way? >> a couple days in coming but so far looking at seasonable weather today, tomorrow, a weak system tomorrow bringing a few more clouds around.
5:48 am
a look at live doppler 7 hd, indicating low clouds in the north bay and into the east bay and the south bay, too. so cloudy start for all of us. here's sfo. see the cloud from this vantage point and with the uniform cloud cover temperatures in a narrow range with 50 degrees, morgan hill, half moon bay, mountain view, good morning san francisco. it's 53 for you across the bay in oakland and in san jose, warmer at 54 degrees. from the roof camera, you know, fog at about 12 -- well the base 1,200. looks like visibility isn't a problem. across the golden gate bridge, 50s, as well as concord, low 50s in livermore. the fog will retreat but not go away altogether. partly cloudy here at the golden gate bridge and our beaches from, oh, say baker beach and also down around half moon bay, montara, looking at ocean beach with areas of clouds, and a few
5:49 am
peeks of sun. so mild around the bay today. with inland temperatures in the low to mid-70s. so feeling nice out there, but we are looking at the temperatures to really climb, perhaps monday afternoon. certainly tuesday, and wednesday. then an abrupt change on thursday. the waves are definitely going to be an issue here. anywhere from sonoma to monterey. right now six to seven feet. with all that nice weather folks will be visiting the beaches and you should know that the entire coastline runs the risk of rip currents and sneaker waves throughout the weekend. so as we travel across the bay you'll notice the cool numbers here from half moon bay upper 50s, with 61 in san francisco across the bay, in the 60s. so it should be a very decent afternoon for you over this area and emeryville, hanging out today outside, 73 in walnut creek. notice we get milder and milder heading away from the bay with a
5:50 am
good deal of sunshine, but we are looking at high pressure building in. that offshore flow bringing for more mild air. seasonable numbers result today with low to mid-60y as cross the bay. really nice for the afternoon. going into monday afternoon, tuesday, look at that. 81 degrees in san jose. then 90 on wednesday. look at the abrupt cool down on thursday, then by friday, here we go in the 60s with showers around the bay, up to the north. coming up from the south. an area of low pressure. so we're going to have an interesting day on friday. friday afternoon, and it looks like by next weekend still cool, but dry. 69 in fremont today with 73 in san jose. look for about 70, santa rosa. clouds and breezy kinds, san francisco, 59 half moon bay and talk about oakland, mid-60s. seven-day forecast, featuring a few more clouds tomorrow. a stronger wind. otherwise the warm-up begins monday afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, records with 80s inland perhaps 90
5:51 am
around concord and up are 70s at the coast. really a one to two-day event and then over. interesting this is kind of what happens in the springtime. >> good time to check the a.c. for those of us who have one. lisa, thank you. the city of philadelphia will officially apologize for the way it treated pioneering a baseball great jackie robinson. the city council passed a resolution this week honoring the first black baseball player's achievement and apologize for the racism faced when visiting the city of brotherly back in 1947. robinson was taunted by then phillies. ben chapman and refused service in a hotel. the apology will be presented to robinson's widow rachel. in sports for the first time in 14 months, the warriors lost a game at oracle arena. chances of breaking the nba all-time wins record is tougher now as they need to win five of their lax six games of the season. here's abc7 news sport director
5:52 am
larry beil with highlights in this morning's sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the road to 73 wins just got a lot tougher. the warriors were perfect at home this season until last night. celtics upset the dubs putting the run to history in serious jeopardy. along side luke walton, turned it over 13 times, 7 by himself. boston's d good, but the warriors sloppy. turner for 3. 8-0 celtics run. third quarter, steph heating up. nice pass from clay on the run. warriors up by four but turnovers plagued the warriors. d pass. i seisaiah thomas, went for 24. steph, why not from -- neptune! splash. had 21 in the third. finished with 29, also nine turnovers. fourth quarter we go.
5:53 am
celtics up 7. marcus smart, ready to beat the clock. boston's up 10. 1:30 left. cs by 4. steph to the hoop. warriors wynn two. a steal, critics get the ball back, nearly turn it over. steph almost got a piece. with eight seconds left warriors he's in a 3. curry gets the ball, gets a terrific look and he -- misses! harrison barnes, desperation heave. no. warriors, their perfect 30-0-6 record, dubbed 68-8 have to win five of the final six to break the all-time record. >> to compete night in, night out when you're worn out, takes a lot out of you. especially when every other game is the other team's biggest game. people are coming after us. i told the guys how proud i am of them for putting together an amazing streak, and we got beat.
5:54 am
boston outplayed us, deserved to win and so we'll start over on sunday. >> against portland. game two of the bay bridge series. a spark, proving the five-second rule is alive and well. dropped that corn dog and went right back after it. buster posey, three hits in the series opener. another here. double down the left field line and giants off quickly to a 2-0 lead. top second, matt duffy -- flashing the leather. diving stab and the throw to retire josh. top of the third, two down and jake peavy, strike him out. very strong. five scoreless, and giants win 3-0. the bay bridge series wraps up today in oakland. a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, how you can celebrate the annual festival of colors in the bay area.
5:55 am
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welcome back, everyone. time now is 5:56. stanford university will host its osha holy festival in san hills field today. the annual indian spring event is the largest of its kind in the bay area with traditional singing, dancing and tossing of more than 5,000 pounds of colored powder. the event runs from 11:00 to 3:00 today. the two-day celebration continues tomorrow. next at 6:00, a man beaten by police arrested again in an fbi raid in san francisco. the video you'll see only on abc7 news. plus -- not one but two clintons at uc-berkeley this weekend. why their appearance came with a disruption.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. it's saturday april 2nd. good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. lisa argen is tracking the weather. >> good morning, chris. a good deal of cloud cover around the bay. mostly cloudy around the coast. inland, temperatures mainly in the low 50s, except out towards the delta and antioch, upper 40s for you. it's 52 in mountain view. and 51 and 50 at the coast. the coast is where we will see the cloudy skies, the breezy winds. this, of course, the golden gate bridge. 7:00, basically in the low 50s from the bay to our inland valleys. low 60s


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