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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 4, 2016 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. here are some of our top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." federal investigators are already analyzing data recorder and video evidence from a deadly amtrak train derailment south of philadelphia. two people were killed in the accident. both of them amtrak employees. full details straight ahead. donald trump is calling on john kasich to drop out of the race, saying kasich is taking his votes. so far, kasich has only won his home state of ohio, but he's not backing down, with aontested convention, his only path to victory. and debating over the debate. the democrats finally agree to debate in new york but they're still battling it out over the details. hillary clinton wants to face off on "good morning america." and bernie sanders is demanding a primetime showdown.
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and two-time olympic gold medalist soccer star abby wambach has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. she has issued a heartfelt apology to her fans, saying she takes full responsibility for her actions. those are some of our top stories on this monday, april 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." top of the morning, everybody. happy monday. >> happy monday. we're going to kick it off with the deadly amtrak incident. it happened south of philadelphia, about 20 miles from last may's deadly accident, where a speeding amtrak train jumped the tracks, killing eight people. >> this weekend's accident involved a train heading from new york city to savannah, georgia. amtrak says it will run regularly scheduled trains on those tracks this morning but there could be some delays. we get more now from abc's chuck sivertsen. >> amtrak corridor, accident involving a train. >> reporter: a yos on the tracks. an amtrak train derailing just outside of philadelphia.
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>> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me and the window got blown out right beside me. >> there was an explosion, a loud bang. >> woke up to a boom. >> it was scary. >> reporter: hundreds of passengers jolted from sleep, feeling the impact as the train slammed into something. to many it was clear right away this was a big deal. >> it was crazy. nothing liking this ever happened. it was crazy. >> reporter: 15-year-old linton holmes was headed from new jersey to north carolina to see his father. >> there was a fire then a window bursted out. some people were cut out. >> i have a small fire on the tracks. we got a lot of fuel. >> thus far, we have one doa. >> sheriff, be advised, train 89 hit a backhoe. there's multiple injuries reported. >> reporter: emergency crews found the train hit a huge piece of construction equipment. the crash crumpling the front of the train and shattering the
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windshield. crews discovered injured passengers and two people dead. >> we now have our second doa. >> as of now, we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward-facing video and the inward-facing video from the look motive. >> reporter: survivors walked the tracks to a nearby church, wrapped in bank ets, some carrying their kids. others rolling their luggage behind them. amtrak will get them back to philadelphia so they can finish their trips. holmes' mother couldn't wait. she drove straight down to get her son. >> my heart dropped. i'm thanking god he's okay. >> chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. now to what millions of americans are dealing with. they're reeling this morning after an unseasonable blast of high winds and blinding snow that turned deadly. >> and it's not over yet. with more snow and bone-chilling temperatures on the way, abc's diane macedo is here with details. >> kendis and reena, lots of areas dealing with this april snow kind of unexpected. and the combination with the snow and the wind is making many roadways extremely dangerous.
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whiteout conditions in upstate new york caused a snowy pile-up of more than a dozen vehicles. three tractor/trailers, 16 cars and a tour bus all crashed on i-88, injuring about 30 to 40 people. near boston, a falling tree crushed this bmw, killing two people inside. the winds also tore down power lines across the country. in new jersey, wind gusts hit more than 50 miles per hour, leaving more than 90,000 homes without power and the storm system is not over yet. despite accumulating snow though, kids in boston are out of luck. schools will be open today. >> they haven't had a lot of weather delays, right? or days off. >> they had it pretty easy. >> last year was crazy. >> by the way, welcome to "world news now." >> thank you. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> great to see you. you're still awake at this hour. >> have you found the coffee machine? that's clearly what must have happened. >> i may be the only person working early mornings and overnights that doesn't drink coffee. >> are you serious? >> i'm curious to know in your first month if that changes. >> don't worry.
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we'll fix that. >> david meres has the best coffee. well, for many regions, the rough wintry weather is far from over. >> let's go to paul williams at accuweather with the forecast. paul, good morning. >> thanks, kendis, reena. good morning to you, as well. we have one heck of a clipper system, an alberta, that is, with very cold air to the north and a front that's going to stall to the south. here's the movement we're tracking for monday. the low swings through the ohio valley region monday night into tuesday morning, and it will bring with it a chance of snow along with that uninvited amount of cold air. snowfall potential will ride across portions of buffalo throughout portions of new york up towards the boston area. reena, kendis. >> our thanks to paul. this morning there's a bit of intrigue about a published report detailing offshore accounts used to avoid taxes and maintained by current and former world leaders. the report is based on documents from a law firm in panama. now, that firm is among the world's biggest creators of shell companies, and political
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figures named in the reporting from russia, saudi arabia and pakistan, among others. now, businessmen, alleged criminals, celebrities, even sports stars are also among those named in this report. syrian forces and their allies are claiming to have seized another town held by isis. officials say retaking that area is critical to securing oil and gas pipelines, and also the push into the towns that took place under the cover of russian air strikes. the town is actually west of palmyra which syrian forces retook last week. the deportation of migrants from greece to turkey is under way. the european union is trying to stem the influx of refugees into europe. turkey officials have said that they're prepared to receive 500 people today. the policy has come under fire from human rights activists. they say there was a flurry of last-minute applications for asylum. a small plane trying to make an emergency landing on a busy freeway crashed into the back of a vehicle, crushing a woman to
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death. witnesses rushed in and smashed the plane's windows, rescuing the pilot and his passenger after they touched on interstate 15. this is near san diego. they were hospitalized. among three people who had been in the car, the woman who died had no chance. she was sit negotiate backseat and took the brunt of the impact. now to a frightening crash that left a car dangling on the side of a rocky hill. the driver was thrown from the vehicle after she drove through a parking gate in newfoundland, canada, then shot over the edge of that cliff. the car came to a stop about 300 feet down. the driver was rescued with serious injuries. police are trying to figure out what triggered that crash. well, tomorrow night's women's college basketball championship is all set. to no one's surprise, the top ranked uconn huskies will be there. they destroyed oregon state last night in indianapolis, winning 80-51. that was the largest margin ever in a national women's semifinal. and it was the huskies' 74th straight victory. if they make it 75 straight,
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they'll become the first team to ever win four straight women's basketball national titles. it is only the syracuse orange standing in the huskies' way because taking care of washington in last night's second women's final four games, they won it, 80-59 to claim their program's first ever championship game. the orange have their work cut out for them. uconn has won the last 23 meetings between the teams dating back to 20 years. uh-oh. >> they don't stand a shot. >> they don't. you don't think so? >> talk about orange crushed. >> you know what, i do love my uconn -- >> you know what, guys, it ain't over till it's over. that's what i'm saying. >> it's going to be close right up until tipoff. >> right till tip-off. >> uconn is good but you never know. let's see who is laughing tomorrow night. >> abc will be calling that one right at tipoff. just so you know. by the way, in our bracket, i should point out that camera one, my bracket is now number three. >> so you're down? >> and then there's some guy
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over there who might be ahead of me. >> some guy who vacationed in aruba. >> some dude. i don't know. who's number one? >> george in the back. >> george in the back. >> he's got villanova and i have the tar heels. >> never doubt george in the back. >> good luck, george. coming up, why some people's idea of relaxation doesn't involve sand or palm trees but instead puts them right in the front line of fire. what's driving the new and growing trend of danger tourism. and the shocking moments that just put one judge in maryland on the wrong side of the law. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by oral b. rought to you by oral b. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. how canlike springtime?washed 12 weeks ago and still smell unstopables in-wash scent boosters. the more you pour, the more scent you'll savor. toss it in before your clothes for luxurious scent up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent. jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. boy, this was a horrific accident in thailand. boy, this was a horrific accident in thailand. a train slammed into a double-decker bus packed with tourists. at least three people were killed and dozens injured. it happened yesterday at a railroad crossing east of bangkok. as the fast-moving train approached, the crossing appeared to be open with no gates down and no flashing
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signa signals. back home, the high demand for tesla model 3 is giving a major boost to the company's financial outlook. nearly 276,000 orders have flooded in since the electric car's unveiling on friday, taking the company's estimated profits over the $10 billion mark for model 3. tesla's ceo elon musk, who needs the money, promises another update on tesla's sales figures later this week. >> i make fun of these cars. i wouldn't mind one of these. >> yeah, at that price point, as well, might not be that bad. >> i'd like to test drive one. a new study finds airbnb is costing american cities millions of dollars in lost revenue. in los angeles a large percentage of airbnb facilities are illegal. if hosts had to pay the same room tax, tourism fees and other charges, that hotel do, airbnb would owe the city of los angeles alone $41 million. a judge in maryland landed himself on the wrong side of the law for a shocking moment. literally in his courtroom.
2:44 am
>> he ordered his bailiff to deliver an electric shock to the defendant. now he's facing a sentence of his own. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: a shocking moment in court. [ screaming ] >> reporter: ending with the judge taking a plea deal. >> i regret that it ended this way. >> reporter: maryland circuit judge robert nalley sentenced to one year probation for ordering a deputy to use a stun cuff on then-defendant delvon king who was in his court, representing himself o a gun charge that he look took a deal on. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: you can see in this newly released courtroom video from july, 2014, judge nalley is running short on patience. >> i didn't ask what your name was. i asked how you wished to be addressed. >> reporter: king says he was trying to make a legal argument. judge nalley eventually ordered him to quit talking. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: when he refused, the judge takes action. >> mr. sheriff, do it, use it.
2:45 am
>> reporter: "it" being a stun cuff, an electronic ankle bracelet that administers a 50,000-volt shock. >> we're going to take five. >> reporter: the now now taking a permanent break, banned from the bench, fined $5,000 and ordered to take anger management classes. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> that's just crazy. >> that's crazy. the sheriff should also be in a little bit of trouble for that. coming up, taking tourism to a whole new dangerous extreme. >> it's called danger tourism. rather than peaceful beaches or mountain retreat, it involves jumping right into war zones. yeah, that's a thing next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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♪ >> as you know, spring bre as you know, spring break often does trigger that wanderlust in everybody. first the travel around the world. >> and usually it involves peaceful beaches or mountain resorts. but a growing number of vacationers are looking not just for excitement but danger. we're "up all nightline" with abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: this is what most people think a nice vacation looks like, taking it easy on sun-soaked beaches with friends or family. but for andrew drury, this is his idea of a good vacation.
2:48 am
>> here we could be targets. snipers anytime. >> reporter: over the years, drury says he has spent his holidays in hot spots all over the world. afghanistan, chechnya, even mogadishu. >> i went to the first time to mogadishu around about christmastime. i can remember saying good-bye to my children and thinking i could be saying it for the last time. >> reporter: he says he went because he wanted to find the wreckage from the blackhawk downed helicopter. >> that is the blackhawk. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> i've seen it. yeah, because it's history. yeah, it was. >> reporter: drury is on the extreme edge of a new trend. vacationers looking for a more hands-on travel experience dubbed danger tourism. you do realize you're taking your life by doing something like that? >> yeah, of course. i don't sit down and think -- i mean, i think my life will end when it ends. i'm totally rationale, as you
2:49 am
can see. >> reporter: i don't know. that's questionable. >> perhaps you might question it. >> reporter: when he goes on these trips, he leaves a family behind. >> hey, ruby. >> reporter: he has a wife and kids in surrey, england. >> he is a great guy. he's got great personality. he makes me laugh. he's a fantastic father. bobby and ruby absolutely think he's brilliant. >> reporter: the successful construction company owner keeps a collection of unique souvenirs from his travels in his family home. >> this is from chechnya. it's got the records, terrorist records. human remains from saddam. from somalia. >> i would prefer him to stop, but i think i'd be changing him completely if i made him stop. >> reporter: but even she was at a loss after this last trip. >> she didn't speak to me for two days. >> reporter: this is his video diary from his iraq getaway on the front lines of the war against isis. >> i hate to say it, i really did enjoy it. the adrenaline, since i've been
2:50 am
back, i haven't slept for three days. >> reporter: the cost of this trip about $2800 including airfare. possible funeral expenses not included. are you scared of dying? do you actually think about death? >> i don't think about death that when i do these trips i'll do. >> reporter: that's amazing. if someone's listening to you and probably think you're barking mad. for those less mad, there are somewhat tamer options. so-called adventure tourism has become big, big business. according to one study, accounting for $263 billion a year worldwide. but there are others like drury who try to push the envelope even further and it doesn't always end well. high above the andes mountains of bow live, yeah these adrenaline-seeking tourists signed up to ride their bikes down el camino, which literally translates to the death road. >> he assures me it's safe.
2:51 am
>> reporter: these crosses lining the roadway are in memory of the thousands who have died here cascading off the cliffsides. for many thrill-seekers, it's an alluring flirtation with danger that drives them. perhaps it's what drove briton ben innis to pose with an alleged hijacker on an egyptianair flight earlier this week. andrew drury is already planning his next trip. do you think you'll ever stop? >> i can't. no, i don't want to stop. >> reporter: in hopes of bringing along as many people as possible on his future trips, yeah, you guessed it. a reality show is in the works. for "nightline," i'm lama hasan in london. >> you're a big traveler. would you do it? >> i do something similar where when there's a disaster or there's danger, like first time i went to israel was after the war with lebanon. >> which nobody was traveling then because you were anxious. >> exactly. i'm going to brazil in two weeks. i booked it after the zika virus.
2:52 am
but i got a good deal. >> you're all about your deals. >> yes, but shots in a war zone? huh-uh. ls. >> yes, but shots in a war zone? huh-uh.
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. >> you know the oldest line in amer you know the oldest line in america, senator? that power can be innocent. >> "batman v. superman: dawn of justice" had a rough second week and it's still number one at the box office, but its earning fell by more than two-thirds, down to only $52 million. due taupia" and "my big fat greek wedding 2." >> so it's not millions of dollars but tens of thousands of pennies that one 8-year-old boy is trying to collect. >> oh, boy, he desperately wanted a diabetes service dog to look out for him. as he's finding out, they don't come cheap. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: aiden heath has been saving his pennies since he was 4, just after he was
2:56 am
diagnosed with type i diabetes. >> then i realized that there's these dogs that help you with your diabetes, and i was like, i really want to get one of these. >> reporter: diabetes dogs are specially trained to monitor glucose levels, a job aiden, now 8, and his mom must do constantly using a blood meter. >> they can sense it 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the blood meter actually tells you that you're low. >> reporter: that can be life-saving. this dog, jedi, sensed that 7-year-old luke's levels were dangerously low and woke his mom in time to give him a shot. for aiden, a diabetes dog would mean his mom wouldn't have to check on him through the night. but the dogs cost $15,000. aiden's mom encouraged him to save. and save he has, one penny at a time, in jars. >> it's been amazing to come in here and grab them and aiden comes with a friend and they haul the red wagon into the bank.
2:57 am
>> reporter: yes, so many pennies, that he's nicknamed the little red wagon, "brinks." his neighbors help, donating online, even putting aiden's penny jars in their businesses. >> as they say, every penny counts, and i want to thank everyone for it. >> reporter: aiden is now $9,000 away from bringing home a new best friend with four paws. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> what a good cause. it could make such a difference in this little boy's life. >> i love that he's at least taking on the effort himself. there are others helping him out including for the love of dogs. vermont dog rescue also stepped in to try to help him out. >> we should note there are a lot of dogs are therapies for soldiers who return home with post-traumatic stress. it's a very good cause. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook, >> happy monday facebook, >> happy monday.
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this morning on "world news now," turn this morning on "world news now," turning point in the race for the white house. ted cruz riding high with a double-digit lead in wisconsin as trump puts pressure on kasich to drop out. while bernie sanders hopes a big win tomorrow will finally swing those superdelegates. deadly train derailment. an amtrak train slams into a backhoe on the tracks. dozens injured. the two workers on the tracks killed. but what were they doing there in the first place? the latest on the investigation. frightening moments at an nhl game when an escalator speeds up, sending flyer fans flying. a pile of people crushed as the crowd scrambles to get out of the way. so, what went wrong? and batter up -- or should we say, belly up? the baseball season has just begun and with it all the excitement at the ballpark, including the tasty and
3:01 am
terrifying new concoctions that might have you reaching for your heartburn medicine on this monday, april 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. we've made it to monday. i'm kendis gibson. >> have a good weekend? >> it was a quiet weekend in new york city, kind of hanging out. what about you. >> i don't believe you ever have a quiet weekend. >> no, it's debauchery every weekend. there's big news this morning. >> yeah? >> yeah. somebody's back. >> who? >> jack. >> somebody went to aruba. >> and he's back. >> can't wait to hear the details. >> yeah, of course. we're going to begin with the race for the white house. the democrats debating over the details of their next debate as donald trump struggles to get back on track. >> as you know, trump is trailing ted cruz in wisconsin with that critical primary just a day away. after his toughest week of the
3:02 am
campaign so far, trump is now acknowledging his recent stumbles. it's your voice, your vote. >> i'll have an orange juice. >> sir. >> reporter: campaigning in tuesday's battleground state of wisconsin, donald trump was eating scrambled eggs and licking his wounds. >> do you think anything you said over the past week and a half hurtsz with you women voters? >> it might. >> reporter: the republican front-runner acknowledging several missteps this past week, including retweeting unflattering photos of ted cruz's wife, heidi. >> i could have done without the retweet, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: cruz now leading trump by ten points in wisconsin. >> it's gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. >> reporter: trump is still unraveling his tangle of answers about abortion. >> well, as a hypothetical question, i would have rather asked it -- answered it in a different manner, yeah. i would have rather answered it in a different manner. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders is running neck and neck with hillary clinton in the badger state. clinton telling abc's george stephanopouloss in an interview for "good morning america" she
3:03 am
would debate sanders on "gma". >> i'll be there. it's a great opportunity to reach an audience that may not always be able because of other obligations to tune in to debates. >> reporter: sanders will only say that he wants a debate before big new york primary april 19th. >> people of new york deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state and facing the country. i suspect it will work out. >> reporter: sanders and cruz hoping that by winning on tuesday, they can carry their campaigns to the conventions this summer. >> okay. on top of all of that, trump is calling for john kasich to drop out of the race, saying he shouldn't be allowed to accumulate more delegates if he has no chance of becoming the republican nominee. kasich says neither trump nor cruz would have enough delegates to win before the convention. he says an open convention would be so much fun and turn it into a lesson for kids. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. >> yes. a blast of winter style weather slammed much of the country from the midwest to the northeast.
3:04 am
wind gusts were strong enough to uproot a tree southeast of boston, toppling it onto a passing car and killing the two people inside. they were a married couple. owners of a nearby business whose grieving employees say they care deeply about their customers and employees. blinding snow caused a massive vehicle pileup on interstate 88, involving several cars. three big rigs and a tour bus. amazingly, nobody was killed. and the injuries were mostly minor. that section of highway was closed for most of the day while crews cleared away the debris. amtrak says it will operate its regularly scheduled trains this morning through an area where a deadly derailment took place south of philadelphia. a train came off the tracks yesterday morning after striking a backhoe. now the question is, what caused the accident? david kerley has the details. >> reporter: a smashed windshield, the amtrak engine's front wheels off the tracks after the violent collision. >> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me, and the window got blown out right beside me.
3:05 am
and, yeah, it was -- there was a fireball. >> reporter: that train could have been traveling upwards of 1200 miles an hour >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train. and then there was a couple of, sort of like fire flashes. >> reporter: pictures capturing passengers evacuating themselves, and walking away from the damaged train. at least 35 of the 331 on board hospitalized, many thrown from their seats, just before 8:00 in the morning, south of philadelphia. sunday morning is prime track maintenance time because fewer trains are in service. a backhoe is used to move rail ties and other materials. officials say as the train was traveling south through the area on its way to savannah, georgia, somehow that backhoe was on the active rail line. the amtrak train slamming straight into it, debris flying into the first couple of amtrak cars. the engineer of the train was also taken to the hospital. the question, which piece of equipment was not supposed to be on those tracks? >> as part of our investigation,
3:06 am
we will be looking at the track structure and the work that was performed at the time of the accident. >> reporter: the two dead, the operator of the backhoe and a supervisor, according to a federal official. it was last may that an amtrak train derailed north of philadelphia at night. eight passengers were killed. the two derailments, while unrelated, happened less than a year and 20 miles apart on amtrak's busy northeast corridor. many of the uninjured were bused away from the scene. limited service has resumed through this accident area. the damaged engine and train are still here. ntsb investigators will be talking to dispatchers, looking at signals, trying to figure out why that train and the heavy equipment were on the same rail. david kerley, abc news, trainor, pennsylvania. >> quite a mystery there. we'll turn our focus overseas and to lahore, pack staj.
3:07 am
hundreds gathered adviser victims of a terror attack on easter sunday. muslims, christians and hindus gathered to show solidarity. 75 people were killed including 29 children. the attack was aimed at christians but many muslims were among the victims. an emotional day in belgium as brussels international airport reopens for the first time since those deadly terror attacks. the first passenger flight to take off was a brussels airlines plane heading to portugal. two other flights left for athens and turin, italy. the airport is not fully operational. delta has suspended flights between atlanta and brussels until next spring. roller derby fans are lighting up social media with tributes to rockalicious, a member of the san diego starlets. she was killed this weekend when a small plain making an emergency landing on a freeway plowed into the back of a car. abc's lauren lyster has details. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. >> reporter: after the shocking sight, authorities investigating what caused this plane to lose control.
3:08 am
plowing into this car and crushing one woman to death inside. that dramatic rescue caught on cell phone video. rescuers smashing windows, prying open the cockpit, saving the pilot and his female passenger. >> i kept telling her, we have to get out of here. this is aviation fuel. so she finally let me go ahead and lift her out of there. >> reporter: the single engine prop jet comes unassembled, with a kit designed to build it at the owner's home. >> this is a kit that somebody put together. there's always a higher risk with a home built aircraft. >> reporter: this plane was once owned by a former new york yankee. 16 years ago he was facing engine trouble and used the same freeway to make a clean emergency landing. authorities cite engine trouble in the latest landing. five people were taken to the hospital with injuries. one victim has now been released. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. new to some medical news. new hope for people with high cholesterol who can't take statins because of severe muscle pain. a study shows many of those
3:09 am
patients could be successfully treated with an injectable drug fra a new class called pcs canine inhibitors. researchers saw dramatic drops in bad cholesterol levels but the drug is very expensive at $14,000 a year and it may be too early for people to change therapy. experts say more research is needed to see if the drug prevents heart attacks. while we're talking about the heart, we have to give a big shout out to a guy with a whole lot of heart. he said he was going to finish a race over the weekend and did he. >> he is adam gorlitzsky, he's been paralyzed for a decade after a car accident. used what's called an exoskeleton machine, he finished a 10k in charleston, south carolina. >> can you imagine? that's 6.2 miles. that's pretty impressive. the event included a steep climb across a bridge after his seven-hour journey, gorlitzsky said he felt like his wrists were about to snap in half but he smiled and thanked everyone who helped him along the way. he trained apparently for 6 1/2
3:10 am
to 7 months for the whole thing. that doesn't seem like a lot but incredible. >> that's really a tough -- that's tough doing a 10k for anybody. >> exactly. >> for him to have the resolve to do it seven plus hours. >> and to have only trained for six months, that's remarkable. >> good for him. coming up, children learning how to truly appreciate fine wine. but first, anesque malfunctions and it hits high speeds, piling hockey fans on top of each other. the scene caught on camera. and order if you dare. the craziest new franken foods coming to a ballpark near you. we'll check out some of the most ambitious. and remember you can find us on facebook at and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises
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there's a reason we call this impact video, this segment. scary moments for philadelphia flyers fans as an escalator breaks down. witnesses say the escalator
3:14 am
started to speed up and that sent fans tumbling to the ground. fans were leaving the game after the flyers defeated the ottawa senators. no one was seriously injured. >> that could have ended so much worse. vacationers are being urged to tread lightly ahead of the summer travel season with a warning about a growing number of bait and switch rental scams. >> so, what should you look out for before trying to save money on booking a place to stay? here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: authorities warning as you plan your next vacation, scammers nationwide posting photos online of homes that aren't theirs to rent. laura glanz and her family looking for some fun in the florida sun found this beautiful 3,000-square-foot condo for $150 a night on craigslist. >> it looked very nice and spacious, and the price was more than right. >> reporter: she wired a $1,500 deposit and signed a rental contract. but she says when they arrived, the condo wasn't for rent. >> none of those units were rentals.
3:15 am
they were all owned and we knew immediately we had been scammed. >> reporter: and it's happening in vacation spots around the country. authorities in the south lake tahoe area warning scammers have already struck 30 times just this year. this 6,000-square-foot home listed for $450 per night, well under the real price, $2,200 per night. >> what they're doing is they're having you take that money and deposit it in a legitimate bank account. however, it's a fraudulent bank account in the sense that the people then close it after they get their money and they're gone. >> reporter: to avoid becoming a victim, experts warn never wire money for a rental ad. use a credit card instead. also, google the property. once you look at the property, find out who the owner is and call them directly. anything you can do to verify the place is legitimate, even if it means searching the property record online. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> good advice. >> there is some other advice as well in order to spot scammers. i didn't know this. they say if they use poor spelling, grammar or punctuation, that is a red flag there. especially if they use a rihanna
3:16 am
song and say, but i got my money. you know, that might be one of those -- >> that was a kendis tip, just to clarify, not the abc news tip. >> the first part about grammer, yes. if they want to arrange a surprise trip for someone else, it's one of those red flags. >> you do a lot of traveling. in fact, every time i plan a trip, i always talk to you about it because you have such great advice. have you ever done one of those? >> i haven't done airbnb or one of those. i rented once in brazil and walked in and didn't like it and walked out and said, i'm a hotel person. >> you've never tried in america but you went to brazil to try it. >> isn't that where you're supposed to try everything? >> see, this is where i've gone wrong all of these years. >> that's what i was told. coming up, one of the world's most famous athletes is arrested. why olympic soccer star abby wambach is now apologizing to her fans and how she landed on the wrong side of the law. but first, it wasn't just our favorite baseball players hitting the ballparks on opening
3:17 am
day this weekend. the gut-busting items landing on the ballpark menus, promising to hit a home run with fans. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our ab
3:18 am
♪ if cooperstown is calling it's no fluke ♪ ♪ they'll be with willie mickey and the duke ♪ >> willie, mickey and the duke. >> we're talking baseball. i got the analogy. >> who sang that? that was the number one hit back in -- >> 1952. >> so with that music, you likely know it is time for sports with reena. >> yea! >> we're talking baseball, folks. baseball. the 2016 major league season now under way. last night the royals celebrated their world series championship by taking on the team that they beat for the title, the mets.
3:19 am
>> oh. >> get it? kansas city had a 4-0 lead by the bottom of the sixth but the mets stormed back scoring three in the eighth. that was it. the champs hung on for a 4-3 win. >> like i've always said, those mets ain't royal. >> and all this time i still thought they were in spring training. who knew. earlier the pirates facing the cardinals in the chilly pittsburgh sunshine. pirates pitcher francisco liriano, did i get that right, jack? >> yes. >> thank you. he knocked in the season's first run with a single in the second. pittsburgh added another in the inning and that's all they needed. the pirates defeat st. louis, 4-1. that's a good high-five there. in the american league, the blue jays got right to work, taking a 2-0 lead in the first against my hometown, tampa bay. in the eighth, toronto's troy -- >> actual tulowitzki.
3:20 am
>> thank you for stepping in there. hit the season's first home run. that made it 5-1, toronto. the jays held on to a win, 5-3. >> yes. we learned a lot there. >> spring training is over. >> thank you. of course, a major part of the baseball experience isn't what happens down on the field but in the concession stand. >> these old days, an old hot dog no longer cuts the mustard. abc's rob marciano checks out the over-the-top ballpark fare. ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ >> reporter: this year when you take me out to the ball game, forget the peanuts and cracker jacks. instead load up on the craziest, most extravagant opening day food ever. first up to the plate, the mets, way out in left field with a peanut butter-coated bacon a stick. then there's the braves' burgerrizza, a 20-ounce burger completed with five slices of cheddar cheese plus bacon slid between two pepperoni pizzas for buns. >> what a catch! >> reporter: in minnesota, the
3:21 am
twins bringing the heat with a buffalo chicken bloody mary complete with a chicken wing. if that's not enough, go for the double play, add a bacon cheeseburger slider for an extra four bucks. in cleveland, the indians slider dog making its first appearance at the plate. a hot dog topped with froot loops, mac and cheese and bacon. down south the texas rangers hitting the long ball with their fried chicken and doughnut skewer. and if seafood is more your style -- >> seafood is always hard to do in the ballpark. so we figure the, how can we do a little seafood action out there? >> reporter: step up to the plate in cincinnati and get some crab dip on your french fries. to bring it home, the cardinals with this sweet sugary skewer, strawberries and brownies drizzled with your choice of white or milk chocolate. >> and i have my own creation for you, cheez-its with a lemon wafer. >> what is that? >> try it. >> that's a lot of carbs at this hour. >> lied like to see you eat it. i can't lift the grand pappy
3:22 am
hammer. >> go ahead. you can do it. down it, kendis. down it, kendis. >> what is going on here? >> he's scared of carbs. he's scared of carbs. the grand pappy hammer. >> go ahead. you can do it. down it, kendis. down it, kendis. >> what is going on here? >> he's scared of carbs. he's scared of carbs.
3:23 am
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and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ♪ ♪ ♪ and now it's time for "the mix." leave it to the italians to get wine education right. >> oh, yeah. >> wine education for first graders. >> oh, well, start young. >> start young. it's actually a new bill that passed. they want to give first graders -- actually, folks who are from 6 years old to 13, they want to give them a history and an education of wine so they have an appreciation for it. the downside is you don't get to taste wine. 6 years old, we don't want them drinking wine, right. >> that used to be the only reason i would go to communion when i was a kid. >> i told you, kendis, i said, don't bring out your communion stories when we do this story. >> they don't actually get to taste any of the wine. >> they don't. the point is to help them understand how to drink responsibly. >> all right. good to know they start young. speaking of drinking
3:26 am
responsibly, this is responsible drinking in ft. lauderdale, florida. you have a tiki bar that is basically floating. so this was the idea of a local guy there, greg darby, who had his initial tiki bar stolen. now he came up with this down the new river there in ft. lauderdale. it holds ten people. it comes customizable with options of adding bar stools or benches. >> how do you get to the tiki bar, that's my question. >> you swim to it. >> you work out your alcoholic beverages before you get to the bar. >> or test your sobriety at that point. but they do follow some coast guard requirements meaning no license is needed to purchase it or try it. interesting. >> it sounds like your hot spot. >> yeah. >> go ahead. add it in there. it's my home state. well, shipping containers have a new use. >> uh-huh. >> possible home for people. this one couple tried it and bought nine shipping containers. a denver couple.
3:27 am
and they put together a 4,000 square foot home. seven bedrooms, five bathrooms. they moved in six weeks ago. they say the national average square footage is $125. apparently this one is $100 per square foot. >> that really is becoming the new thing. i know there are some folks in the d.c. area doing something similar to this. >> would you move into this? >> absolutely. >> really? look, pretty fancy kitchen -- >> very cool. and no worries about storage space. >> oh. didn't think about that. good point. >> already there. well, after a long weekend, you know, we say we're tired as a dog. well, literally, these dogs are as tired as themselves. this is at a doggie daycare. the owner of the puppy day care just here in michigan decided she would scan the room and look how knackered all of these pups are. >> are they knackered or just depressed? >> like worn out after their long day. >> i think they're upset that "world news now" isn't on during
3:28 am
the day, quite frankly.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," arctic blast. spring pushed aside as freezing temperatures and dangerous winds toppling power lines and leaving thousands in the dark as unseasonable snow creeps in with one last winter wallop. the accuweather forecast just ahead. primary push. one day until wisconsin and both parties are seeing the stakes continue to rise. hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate over debates as trump shows a softer side, admitting he's made mistakes. new this half hour, a big night for the world of music. >> a pair of award shows honored the most popular artists of radio as well as the best of the best in the world of country music. the biggest winners and moments of the night in "the skinny." and police in san francisco on a low-speed chase. the culprit, a chihuahua on the run making its way over the bay
3:31 am
bridge. the exciting conclusion just ahead on this monday, april 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> reena ninan. >> is that what it is? i was saying reena reena. >> is that what it is? it's because you're frozen from the weather outside. >> no, it's just because i didn't sleep last night. thanks for trying to have my back. >> i was trying to make some excuses, but i'm -- i was freezing. i tossed out all of my -- >> did you? >> gotten rid of everything. millions of americans are still grappling with the vicious blast of wind and snow. it's turned deadly for some. >> thousands are without power this morning. a big concern as temperatures are set to drop into the 20s in some spots. and more wind-driven snow is on the way today, stretching from the great lakes into the northeast. >> abc's diane macedo joining us for the first time now with the
3:32 am
stormy fallout. good morning and welcome. >> reena and kendis, good morning to you. some 40,000 homes and businesses in the northeast are still without power after strong winds slammed the northeast, the midwest and mid-atlantic this weekend. some areas are even seeing april snow. and that combination of the wind and the snow is making roadways extremely dangerous. >> reporter: whiteout conditions in upstate new york caused a snowy pileup of more than a dozen vehicles. three tractor/trailers, 16 cars and a tour bus all crashed on i-88, injuring about 30 to 40 people. it's all part of a wintry blast bringing dangerous and in some cases deadly winds across the east. in boston, a falling tree crushed this bmw killing the two people inside. this fallen tree landed right on and in a louisville home. the couple's 2-year-old son was playing just feet away. >> literally, like it sounded like a train was coming through our house. i run out here and i'm like, what happened? i look up and it's just like, like, i don't even know words. >> reporter: in indianapolis, wind gusts were so powerful, they even knocked a heavy brick
3:33 am
chipotle sign right onto this car. the driver happened to be getting out at the time and escaped any serious injuries. the winds also tore down power lines across the country. this one in foxborough, massachusetts, ignited in the street. in new jersey -- >> our neighbor's awnings were being ripped off. and we saw our fence blowing around the neighborhood. >> reporter: those wind gusts hit more than 50 miles per hour, leaving more than 90,000 homes without power. a blast of snow hit parts of the midwest and northeast. that made for a chilly start to baseball's opening day in pittsburgh as ground crews cleared ice and slush off the field before the pirates/cardinals game. the yankees are set to have opening day today. but with more winter weather in the forecast, that could be postponed. as for the boston area, kids are out of luck. despite accumulating snow, boston schools will be open today. kendis and reena? >> welcome to abc. >> thank you. >> see you in just a bit. you're going to stick around. >> absolutely. i can't miss "world news now." >> you're a big fan. >> absolutely. i've got to hang around.
3:34 am
i'm not even supposed to object the show today. i just wandered in. >> i told her from the bars. come on in. welcome. >> thank you, both. you know what, this is going to be a highlight for you over some time. this guy right here. paul williams at accuweather with the forecast and what we can expect today. here's paul. >> good morning to you, too, kendis, reena. we have a low-pressure system, an alberta clipper that will push through and create opportunities for snow throughout central portions of new york going towards the boston area. to the south, we have the wonderful warm weather we're supposed to enjoy right now. it's not in the sauce for us. so to speak. as we go into tuesday and wednesday, we go from unwanted cold to sticking around too long kind of cold. low pressure system that created the snow will swing towards the water and to the east. high pressure system on the other side with the clockwise rotation will actually work with the counterclockwise rotation of this low pressure system and bring even more cold from the north to the south and keep us
3:35 am
in the deep freeze at least until mid-week. kendis, reena? >> thank you so much, paul. i like that red tie. amtrak says it will operate regularly scheduled trains this morning through a stretch of track where a fatal crash took place south of philadelphia. a train with more than 300 people on board slammed into a backhoe that was on the tracks. two amtrak workers were killed and more than 30 treated in hospitals. those who were evacuated call the experience frightening. >> it was an explosion. we got offtrack and it was like a big explosion. then it was a fire. then windows bursted out. some people were cut up. >> federal investigators are already examining the train's data recorder and video evidence from the locomotive. among the primary questions that need to be answered is, was this a backhoe or a train on the wrong track? we move on to politics now and the next pivotal contest on the road to the white house. candidates on both sides poised to battle it out in wisconsin. donald trump addressed a lively crowd near milwaukee last night, calling ted cruz a cheater and hoping to sway voters after
3:36 am
admitting to several missteps. abc's devin dwyer is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: ahead of wisconsin's primary, a new donald trump turning repentant. >> was this my best week? i guess not. i could have done without the retweet, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: the front-runner admitting multiple mistakes, including that retweeting of an unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife, heidi. cruz saying he's unimpressed. >> it's gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. >> reporter: add to trump's list of regrets, his initial suggestion that women be punished for having an illegal abortion. >> well, i -- as a hypothetical question, i would have rather asked it -- you know, answered it in a different manner, yes. >> reporter: he didn't stop there. going for scrambled eggs and a side of humble pie. >> do you think that anything you've said over the past week and a half hurts you with women voters? >> it might. >> reporter: when we caught up with ted cruz, he told us
3:37 am
trump's position on abortion is no laughing matter. >> donald's answers are the answers of someone who's a liberal, trying to say what he thinks conservatives want to hear. >> reporter: the democrats are neck and neck in wisconsin and locked in a heated debate over debates. hillary clinton telling george stephanopoulos in an interview for "good morning america" that she agrees to face off with bernie sanders on "gma." >> i'll be there. i think it's a great opportunity to reach an audience that may not always be able because of other obligations to tune into debates. >> reporter: sanders says he'd like to debate clinton before the big new york primary. but stopped short of committing. >> people of new york deserve to hear us discussing the important issues facing that state and facing the country. >> reporter: bernie sanders and ted cruz are both exceedingly optimistic they'll win the most delegates here on tuesday, giving them fresh momentum and likely extending this race into the summer, if they can pull it off. devin dwyer, abc news, green bay, wisconsin. >> thank you so much, devin. now to a strange turn of events for a california man. authorities say that he lost control of his suv and crashed over a guardrail in malibu. the suv rests precariously over
3:38 am
the side of the cliff. somehow he manages to escape but is slightly disoriented. he steps into traffic, he's hit by a bus and, remarkably, he survived both crashes and he was actually treated just for injuries. and then there's this. near miami, a teenager's joy ride in a police cruiser ended when he slammed into a chicken restaurant. the teen stole the vehicle when an officer responded to his mother's 911 call. before running into the restaurant, he had smashed into other cars, injuring two people. the teen, let's just say, was arrested. okay. something of a mystery playing out right now in san francisco. the question, who owns a little chihuahua the subject of quite a chase? >> you see there running on the upper level of the bay bridge. at the time, he was going toward the city by the bay, police even stopped traffic for the little fellow. >> and after a five-minute chase on foot, an officer got the ten-pound male under control.
3:39 am
he was turned over to animal control where he's still being looked after. they're calling him ponch after the character on the old tv show "c.h.i.p.s." i used to watch that every day when i had summer vacation. do you remember ponch? and who was it, john? >> the actor. i don't remember his name. >> who was his sidekick? ponch and the other blond guy. it was john. >> that story is as fascinating as this video. >> okay. okay. >> no, no, it was a good show. that was beautiful. they're trying to find out who is the dog owner there. >> i just like to see reruns of "c.h.i.p.s." return. >> well, good. coming up in "the skinny," a big night for america's most accomplished music artists. who won big in last night's iheartradio music awards as well as the academy of country music awards. that's ahead in "the skinny." and the legal tangle that has olympic soccer player abby wambach apologizing to her fans. you're watching "world news now." abby wambach apologizing to her >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. brought to you by
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two, one, zero. liftoff. >> over the weekend, blue origin launched its reusable new shepherd spacecraft completing its third test flight for the unpiloted rocket that could one day be used to take tourists into space. chairman jeff bezos heads the space startup. >> interesting. a student sit-in at duke university entering its third day. about nine students are refusing to leave the waiting room of the president's office. the students want three administrators at the school to be fired. they are also demanding a $15
3:44 am
minimum wage for campus workers. the university's president met with the students on sunday. one of the world's most famous female athletes has landed herself in some serious legal hot water. >> two-time olympic soccer gold medalist abby wambach has arrested for allegedly driving under the influence. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: soccer star abby wambach arrested for dui and issuing a heartfelt apology to her many fans, saying, i take full responsibility for my actions and i am so sorry. one of the most successful athletes in the world, pulled over after running a red light early this morning near her home in portland, oregon. according to police, who tell abc she failed field sobriety tests and a breath test. >> wambach! >> reporter: the 35-year-old helping lead team usa to victory in last summer's world cup. >> none of us ever stopped believing and neither should you guys. >> reporter: then six months later, hanging up her cleats after a storied career. >> i know that my career has come full circle. i feel very complete about it.
3:45 am
>> reporter: the role model to so many young girls, promising i will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. you know, you guys know, i'm a huge abby wambach fan. she's the leading scorer in both men's and women's soccer in the entire world. but good for her for coming forward because so many people do -- celebrities end up having duis and take so long to come barred. forward. she admitted it was a mistake. >> she knew it was a mistake straight up. she retired just this past december after 15 years in the sport. of course, she had 15 years in the sport. so this one incident we'll see what impact it has lasting for her. >> such a great athlete. when we come back, what taylor swift said about her boyfriend last night at the iheartradio music awards. >> and the surprise appearance at wrestlemania. yeah, that's still a thing. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we're revealing some things about music you didn't know about. a new jam-packed "skinny." and topping our headlines, last night's iheartradio music awards. >> justin bieber kicked off the festivities last night in inglewood, california. apparently sporting some dreadlocks. with acoustic performance of his chart topping "love yourself" before treating the crowd to a
3:48 am
premiere performance of his new single "company." it was a big night for calvin harris who capped off a big year and nabbing dance artist of the year as his adoring girlfriend taylor swift beamed at him from the audience. >> thank you to the fans. thank the people that buy the music. the people that come to the shows. all of you guys. i love you. thank you so much. >> well, swift meantime scooped up awards for best female artist, best album, best tour and best memable moment, calling her boyfriend by his real name. i didn't know this. his name is adam. >> you know, for the first time, i had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone. so i want to thank my boyfriend adam for that and i love you guys so much. thank you, iheart. good night!
3:49 am
>> wow, could this be something bigger? >> it's been a year. meantime, adele won big. as you saw there, song of the year. justin bieber best male artist, maroon 5 won for best duo or group of the year. >> in las vegas, country music crowned its top achievers last night at the 51st annual academy of country music awards on cbs. blake shelton surprised the crowd and the show's co-host luke bryan by joining him on stage to kick off the show by performing bryant's new "fishing and loving every day." love that one. speak of loving every day, thomas rhett "die a happy man" won single record of the year. >> cool. >> my heart is beating a million miles a minute and i have lipstick on my lips from kissing my beautiful wife. the song was totally written for and about you, baby. i love you so much. this song wouldn't have done -- >> and really rocking it, label
3:50 am
the #guitarmageddon. female vocalist of the year miranda lambert, keith urban and billy of zz top performing their zz top's "tush." ♪ i said lord take me downtown ♪ i'm just looking for some tush ♪ ♪ come on >> and taking home the biggest award of the night, jason aldean with entertainer of the year. called it one of the best nights of his professional career. >> a huge night all around for many, many different events. next to wrestlemania 32. it was really the big event of the evening i'd say last night. and the most surprising moment of the night? >> shaquille o'neal. >> shaquille o'neal stepping into the ring. >> what? come on. >> this is probably scenes from the locker room when he was there with the lakers with kobe all those nights, those rough nights.
3:51 am
the 7'1" nba icon stunned more than 100,000 wwe fans as a final entered in the third annual andre the giant memorial battle royale. >> how can they call him andre the giant when shaq is three times his size? >> exactly. >> in his official wwe debut, shaq rumbled with wrestling's biggest stars, including the demonic 7-footer kane and even eliminated damien sa in. dow. >> of course, the main man on the night was -- he made quite an entrance. i saw this. it was pretty cool. dwayne "the rock" johnson, who took a break from filming his upcoming "baywatch" reboot to return to his wrestling roots. caitlyn jenner taking on a whole new role of her own. she's joined the cast of amazon's "transparent." >> it stars jeffrey tambor as a transgender maura and the show's creator and executive producer jill soloway says she'll begin filming scenes next week for the show's upcoming third season. soloway says it's a natural fit for jenner and tells the a.p.
3:52 am
many of the transwomen who work on "transparent" are also on jenner's show, "i am cait." also on jenner's show, "i am cait." jenner and tells the a.p. many of the transwomen who work on jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry.
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and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. ♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ it is time for the bonus round of the "skinny." we're starting with a real-life mystery surrounding jon snow. >> the big question for the "game of thrones" character is whether he's dead or alive. >> co-star peter dinklage kicked off his "saturday night live" monologue this weekend, saying definitely he has no idea if jon snow is really dead. >> spoiler alert, we don't know. fair enough. but what we do know is that the actor who plays snow, kit harrington and co-star rose leslie are officially an item. they made their official red carpet debut as a couple when they both attended the olivier awards in london yesterday which is i guess the tony awards of the uk. >> you know nothing, kendis gibson. >> i don't know nothing about
3:56 am
what's happening but i do know winter is coming. and also making it official, a beloved cartoon character comes out of the closet. >> over the 27 years for the simpsons, there have been many running jokes about waylon smithers' ambiguous sexual orientation. but in last night's episode, he finally comes to term with his unrequited love for his boss, evil c. montgomery burns, so homer goes in search for a better match for his supervisor. >> excellent, smithers. the episode was actually inspired by one of the show's writer's relationships with his own gay son. and speaking of coming out, on friday we promised a big announcement on our show. so it's my turn to tell you this. reena has an announcement. >> you've got something to say? >> no, no, no, go, please. >> well, the time has come, folks. >> what? >> yes. friday will be my last day on the show. all good things must come to an end. >> no!
3:57 am
>> but we promised the bonus "skinny" for a reason. >> no! >> rare opportunity do you get to meet the new co-host is someone who you really like. someone i've worked with in the past. i'm being reunited with. we actually have a baby shower on saturday to go to. did you check the registry list? come on over. >> we have to check the registry and make sure we don't buy the same gift. >> that would be very awkward. >> so you're leaving? >> i'm departing. i'm going to have a day shift now. diane's coming in. i wanted to give you my old abc weather jacket. it has my sweat and my germs. >> all right. lovely. >> that's great. >> welcome you. >> i'll absolutely put this on. >> treasure it, i guess. >> should i give a thank you speech? is this like getting an award? >> this is your moment. >> thank all the people out there. >> is this when you guys mud wrestle? >> that's pay-per-view, my friend. >> maybe an arm wrestle. i'm so excited i can't even tell you. i've been watching the show, obviously, after i found out i was coming. >> now they want to wrap you. >> as soon as you start.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- a winter scene in april. spring snow falling overnight and temperatures plummeting. a wild week of weather just getting started. where it's all heading right now. the presidential candidates crisscrossing the badger state, the next prize in the primary season, and donald trump clarifying his latest controversial comments and calling for another candidate to drop out. we're live in washington. cliffhanger. a car dangling hundred of feet above the ground after careening over the edge. opening day. baseball is back. the world series rematch coming down to the wire. and we say good monday morning, everyone.


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