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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. deadly spring storm. whiteout conditions from buffalo to boston wreaking havoc on roads. a bus with dozens of college students on board flipping over. this pickup going airborne as a bitter blast of cold air hits the east. crucial votes. both donald trump and hillary clinton bracing for setbacks today in wisconsin as sanders and cruz rise in the polls. melania trump hits the trail for her husband. >> when you attack him, he will punch back ten times harder. >> and ted cruz answers the tough question about his marriage as he tries to seal the deal this morning. a stunning scene unfolding on an aircraft. a flight attendant under investigation after inflating the emergency slide and taking off down the runway leaving behind a plane full of bewildered passengers. what the airline is saying today about the bizarre incident.
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what a finish. >> for the championship. >> the buzzer-beating basket with half a second to go seals the deal for villanova. >> the national champions! jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer. >> their first championship in more than three decades. one of the most exciting finishes ever. the hero of the game joins us live this morning. and good morning, america. what a game last night for the ncaa championship. >> incredible. >> villanova there with that buzzer beater to win it all. >> they practice it every single day and came through. their first championship in 31 years. the students went absolutely crazy. you can imagine that. and watch what happens when they hear their own student radio station broadcast the win. >> jenkins made the three for the win at the buzzer.
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cats win it all. cats win it all. cats win it all. >> what a moment for everyone right there. just incredible and, of course, the hero kris jenkins facing off against his brother nate britt on north carolina's team and he will join us this morning. >> villanova understandably canceling classes to celebrate but unfortunately there was some weather cancellations across the midwest and the north with that deadly winter storm. snow from buffalo to boston. creating dangerous and deadly driving conditions. abc's linzie janis is in hard-hit syracuse, new york, with the very latest. good morning to you, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it is ten degrees here in syracuse. that is a record-breaking low for this day in april and it is roughly 20 degrees colder than average for this time of year. this springtime winter weather is causing chaos on roads across the northeast. overnight, blizzard-like conditions in massachusetts.
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nearly 1900 crew working through the night clearing roads. treacherous conditions leading to wreck after wreck. this u.p.s. truck struggling to get traction. in upstate new york, a bus carrying three dozen college students flipping over and winding up upside down. incredibly, there were no serious injuries. but in another accident, outside rochester, one person was killed and 13 taken to the hospital. >> we had snow, we had blowing snow. the road conditions are certainly being taken into consideration as part of the investigation. >> reporter: police investigating whether the van driver was distracted and in connecticut, a tractor-trailer sliding and jackknifing on this bridge. new jersey police releasing this dramatic dash cam video, trees snapping from heavy winds sunday. that chevy pickup airborne after slamming into the falling trees. >> are you all right?
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>> reporter: the driver of the pickup shaken but okay. and one of the biggest concerns for this morning's commute is ice, especially on back roads and residential streets. this one slick enough to double as a hockey rink. amy. >> oh, no, that's just wrong, linzie, on so many levels, and speaking of sports from hockey to baseball cleveland also getting a blast of snow. the red sox supposed to play their season opener there on monday. well, you can see why the game was postponed. and even if they tried to play in boston, wouldn't be any better there. yep, that's what the field looked like and that's where we find abc's rob marciano in hard-hit boston. good morning to you, rob. look at that snow. >> i know, can you believe it? i mean mother nature obviously not ready for the boys of summer, snow falling here in boston getting about 5 inches, widespread 6 to 9 inches. this street getting help from the sun but forget about spring
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cleaning, you're going to need one of these to get out the door and get on the road. overnight, areas that don't have sun like this had some freezing going on so icy conditions around the boston area, especially in the suburbs then, of course, there's the windchill. i want to show you these numbers, this is incredible stuff, linzie talked about it, here right now, 23 degrees but feels like it's 8 because the winds will be howling. new york city, you're no different. 11-degree windchill. buffalo, 12. even outside the snow zone you are feeling this bitter cold air, so dress like it is january when you head out the door. i've got bad news for the northeastern third of the country, below temperatures, it looks like into early next week, possibly beyond that. a much warmer out in the west and happy spring, everybody, mother nature giving us a mild winter but we are working our way to summer very, very slowly. >> all right, rob, that heat, i had to turn back on last night, looks like it will stay on. >> they'll try to play the opener at yankee stadium today. race to the white house now and today's pivotal vote in wisconsin. 42 delegates at stake for the gop. ted cruz hoping to block donald
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trump with a win tonight and tom llamas is in milwaukee with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. the voting under way here in wisconsin and donald trump hoping a last-minute blitz helps deliver a victory. but some trump aides are telling abc news they believe what the polls are showing that senator ted cruz will win tonight and melania trump opening up on campaign life and how she advises her husband to stay away from those retweets. >> got to get out and vote. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump fighting hard to win in wisconsin. >> and i've been making speeches three today, four yesterday, three or four the other day. we're here constantly. you're going to get so sick of me, you'll say get him the hell out of here. >> reporter: trump pulling out all the stops. for the first time melania trump speaking at length at an event. >> as you may know by now, when you attack him, he will punch back ten times harder. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: mrs. trump there
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for support but also to help her husband with female voters after trump stumbled on the issue of abortion. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> reporter: melania saying the race has taken an ugly turn. her husband criticized for retweeting this image of ted cruz's wife. but melania also attacked for striking this pose as a model. >> when they run a super pac ad attacking you, is that painful? >> i have a tough skin. i think it's not fair that they are attacking family, a wife or children. >> reporter: it's something the cruz family is dealing with, as well. the texas senator answering some very personal questions after a "national enquirer" report cited rumors of marital infidelity. >> have you committed adultery? >> i have not. that attack was complete and utter garbage.
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>> not going to be any e-mails or texts or videos -- >> it's completely made up nonsense. it's simply not true. i have always been faithful to my wife. i love my wife. >> reporter: cruz blaming trump for the tabloid story. a smear campaign to stop his momentum in wisconsin where pre-election polls show him beating trump. i asked cruz what a victory today would mean. >> i think the people of wisconsin, they're looking at the records of the candidates and they realize that donald screams and yells a lot but he has no solutions. he has slogans but no solutions. >> reporter: and this morning, for the first time, details on how donald trump would force mexico to pay for that border wall. he's been talking about for months, the washington post reports, if he becomes president, trump will try to cut off the money that mexican immigrants send back to their families in mexico. that would choke the mexican economy. it's unclear if that's even legal and it would definitely fracture the relationship with a key ally and a trading partner. >> all right, thanks for the latest.
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now to the democratic side, bernie sanders hoping to keep up the pressure on hillary clinton and take away a victory in wisconsin as clinton turns her focus now to new york and the upcoming race here. abc's cecilia vega is tracking it all for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, amy. hillary clinton's campaign says her delegate lead is nearly insurmountable but they are bracing for a loss in wisconsin. bernie sanders, on the other hand, is on a winning streak and he is hoping to keep it going today. [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders feeling confident in the final stretch. ♪ this land is your land >> reporter: crisscrossing wisconsin, from milwaukee -- >> this is our last rally before the primary to thank the people of wisconsin for their kindness. >> reporter: -- to green bay. >> if we have a large voter turnout, we can put wisconsin in the ranks of those states who are fighting for a political revolution. >> reporter: this morning, sanders heads into voting in the badger state leading in the polls and taunting his opponent.
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>> she's already under a lot of pressure. so, don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state and we're on the way to the white house. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton faces a stark reality. overnight, her campaign sent this fund-raising e-mail to supporters saying, we could lose wisconsin. tomorrow's primary is going to be a tough fight. clinton's husband there fighting the fight on her behalf. >> we need wisconsin, go out and work for it. thank you and god bless you. >> god bless you! >> reporter: while she stays behind to campaign at home in new york, a state she cannot afford to lose. >> i adored being your senator. i loved representing new york. >> reporter: well, overnight, both sides finally came to an agreement on holding a debate here in new york. it will be on april 14th but it did not end this bickering.
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sanders' team says that he had to cancel a big rally, quote, to accommodate secretary clinton's jam-packed high-dollar coast-to-coast fund-raising, a clinton spokesman, amy, says classy. that's the response. >> very nice, indeed, cecilia, thank you. a lot to talk about obviously. let's send it over to george. i'm here with our political team, matthew dowd and jon karl, both joining us. let's begin with the democrats right there, i talked to hillary clinton about this yesterday. bernie sanders, if it comes in as the polls are suggesting right now, six out of the last seven. she can't put him away. >> it's striking how both front-runners are having a hard time to close the deal. for hillary clinton this would mean a real losing streak going into that big race in new york, her home state. you asked her if she could afford to lose in new york. she said, you know, it's not a must-win state, but i think that would be devastating to see a loss in her backyard in new york to bernie sanders. >> i agree with that. i think it's funny that in the course of this the dominant front-runners are not dominant going into the bleu cheese state
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and somebody will be black and blue when they come out of this as they hit that wall. i think what's fascinating about this donald trump keeps dominating the national polls and he doesn't look like he's dropped a lot in wisconsin or nationally. it goes to show you that a heart connection cannot be broken by a head argument. >> to maintain his path to get the nomination and get those 1,237 delegates before the convention, he has to start doing better. >> yeah, donald trump is the front-runner and been the front-runner forever in this race but he's got to do significantly better, in fact, george, if you look at the available pledge delegates left he needs to win nearly 70% of them going forward. so being a front-runner with 35, even 40% of the vote going forward, will not be enough for donald trump to clinch this nomination before the convention and at the convention i think he faces a real uphill battle. >> and matt, trump says if he wins it's all over. if not that chance of a contested convention goes way, way up. >> yeah, the likelihood goes
7:13 am
way, way up. the other interesting thing, ted cruz has less of a chance of passing donald trump than bernie sanders does. bernie sanders has a better chance of passing hillary clinton among pledge delegates than ted cruz does in passing donald trump. >> we will be watching tonight. thank you both. back to amy. >> thank you. and we have some new details about that deadly amtrak crash near philadelphia on sunday. the train hit a backhoe working on the tracks and this morning "the wall street journal" reports moments before the crash, an amtrak supervisor raced into the path of the train trying to warn his colleague on the backhoe to get out of the way but it was too late. both men were killed. the train was traveling 106 miles an hour. that's slightly under the speed limit. investigators are trying to figure out why that work was being done on the tracks at that time. and now to an investigation under way into the deadly helicopter crash killing five people on board a sightseeing tour that happened in tennessee. look at that, the hillside going up in flames, and abc's gio benitez is here with the latest on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. it's a sad story. these sightseeing helicopters
7:14 am
take thousands of tourists over the great smoky mountains but this chopper crashed at the foot of a mountain. there's nothing left. this morning, investigators are searching for answers after a sightseeing tour turned deadly. a tower camera capturing the moments after a helicopter with five on board crashed into the tennessee hills monday afternoon. thick, black plumes of smoke appearing almost out of nowhere. authorities believe there are no survivors. >> there's not much left. the helicopter's pretty well consumed in the fire. >> reporter: emergency responders rushing to the scene. the flames from the fire causing an immediate threat to the surrounding area. >> the fire has leapt -- had gone from where the helicopter crashed all the way across the top of the mountain. >> reporter: the owner smoky mountain helicopters, a popular group which offers scenic aerial tours of the nearby mountains. their website advertising tours since 1964. >> it's not the same thing as getting on an airliner to fly across the country. the safety record just is not the same.
7:15 am
you have to do some research and be sure that you're getting on a helicopter that's well maintained. >> reporter: there is no word yet on the cause of the crash. and it turns out sightseeing helicopter tours have been heavy criticized in this area. after several accidents residents have actually asked that the tours be stopped, but this morning we don't know anything about the passengers on board. >> more to come and on the investigation, as well. gio, thanks so much. lara, you have some more uplifting news. >> the bags under the eyes, well deserved for all of us. what a finish in one of the greatest college basketball championship games ever. the buzzer-beating three-pointer that clinches the wildcat their first title in 31 years over north carolina and abc's jesse palmer is here with all the highlights. good morning, jesse. >> good morning, lara. you better believe it, this game was truly an instant classic. two evenly matched teams who looked like they were headed to overtime until kris jenkins' shot seen around the world. you can bet we are going to be
7:16 am
talking about this one for a very long time. >> arcidiacono, three seconds. at midcourt. >> jenkins. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship! phenomenal. the national champions. with jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer. >> reporter: villanova triumphs over number one ranked unc in a buzzer-beater for the ages. >> how about that? >> reporter: the underdog wildcats, partying like it's 1985, the last time they clinched a national title. >> how good is that? >> reporter: college basketball saved its best game for last. >> they're going to have to do something from the outside now. >> reporter: unc tying it up with just five seconds to go thanks to marcus paige's dramatic three-pointer, but then villanova senior ryan arcidiacono did what he has done all season, taking control, passing the ball to kris jenkins who took the leap of a lifetime.
7:17 am
>> jenkins -- >> gives it to jenkins for the championship! >> reporter: jenkins' own brother nate britt playing for unc in stunned silence. britt's family adopted jenkins after the two became friends playing aau basketball at age 11. after the game jenkins tried to put this magic moment in perspective. >> for our team to make it to this point and pull out the win, you know, for arch and the other four seniors to go out this way, it's a storybook ending. >> reporter: meanwhile, at villanova's campus when jenkins' ball went in the air, this was the reaction. >> jenkins' three to win it. he made it. he made the three for the win. at the buzzer. cats win it all. cats win it all. cats win it all. 31 years later, villanova is the king of college basketball once again! >> cannot get enough of that video and 'nova's win was very unexpected. says more people in the
7:18 am
espn bracket contest actually picked 'nova to lose in the first round against unc asheville than win the whole thing. >> that makes it all the sweeter. >> i know, as jenkins said, an amazing moment. >> surprising. that's awesome. want to show you once again the team celebration. just what you'd expect. they're going nuts but at the same time, look at coach jay wright. that's his expression while the entire arena is erupting. he says he was in total and utter shock. >> was he even there? >> he's like, did that just happen? >> he looked irritated. >> i know. >> stoic in defeat and -- great leaders. >> that was incredible and kris jenkins will be here live a little bit later. now, let's go back to rob up in boston. >> good morning, again, guys. it's a chilly start to the day. windchills well into the single numbers so the snow is not going to melt any time quickly. tuesday trivia brought to you by
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liberty mutual insurance. liberty mutual insurance. i am meteorology with the forecast it will be warm. a lot of sunshine. from start to finish. up to 84 in concord. a warm 74 in san francisco. and 83 in san jose. 81 in oakland. napa up to 84 degrees. the seven-day forecast is warm. hot temperature. in the low 90s the cooling off on thursday and a chance for rain on saturday into sunday and
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"1" on the storm-impact and coming up here on "gma," what was this flight attendant thinking to deploy the emergency slide as the plane landed? we have the investigation this morning. and tiger woods' surprising announcement. why he's sitting out the masters and staying home. could he be headed for retirement? could he be headed for retirement? wonderment of nature. onnect us with the with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this on the screen directly with the image, it just gives me a different relationship to it and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me.
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avoid that at emoryville if you can. let's go to sue to check on the traffic elsewhere in the city. >> that is a big thoroughfare. we have an accident westbound, 24 near pleasant hill. traffic is now starting to stack up towards 680. heads-up there to the sinole grade before southbound 680. don't forget, warriors at 8:00 p.m. at home tonight. expect traffic delays around the coliseum. >> it will be a warm
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♪ ♪
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to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. good morning, 7:27 current temperatures mainly in the 40z and 50s. 52 san francisco and san jose as
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well. total sunshine, we're in the 0s, low 80s around the bay, mid 80s as you move inland. we turn hot around wednesday. look at those numbers, into the lower 90s we go. about to feel like summer the next 48 hours. coming up, golf's biggest tournament is teeing off without its biggest star, tiger woods. why some of their closest friends say they are worried about him. that is next on "gma." we'll have another local news update in 30
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look at syracuse, new york, this morning. so much snow on the ground in april, although the sun is coming up there. there are whiteout conditions from buffalo to boston and that's creating some deadly driving conditions as a bitter blast of cold hits the east right now. and also right now, wisconsin's voting this morning in what could be a crucial contest in the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton bracing for losses as ted cruz and bernie sanders see surging poll numbers. and villanova celebrating a huge win over north carolina, sealing the deal with that buzzer-beater, there it is. classes understandably canceled this morning. a lot of celebrations going on there overnight and the hero of the game is joining us live in just a bit. >> can't wait for that. and what a night on "dancing with the stars." the theme, my most memorable year. take a look at this new memory,
7:31 am
ginger's baby adrian there helping dad cheer mom on. the spotlight may be a little too much for the little guy. >> ben said that he was crying because he was upset that geraldo left. >> emotional night for everybody. >> harper ran up the stairs saying ginger's baby is crying. he's crying. >> oh. >> we're celebrating ginger. she did an awesome job last night. so much more on that coming up. but first, we're going to begin with that surprising scene unfolding on an airplane in houston. a flight attendant now under investigation after united airlines says she intentionally activated the emergency slide. abc's david kerley has the very latest from reagan national airport. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that flight attendant is grounded this morning and imagine the surprise faces of those passengers inside the terminal with the scene that they saw. it's something you rarely see. a jetliner's evacuation slide being inflated right in front of
7:32 am
you. this video obtained by our houston station kprc. watch again. this was no mistake and this morning united airlines is trying to figure out why one of its flight attendants intentionally deployed the emergency slide after landing in houston. the attendant throwing a bag out the door and jumping down the chute for a quick exit. united telling abc they have removed the flight attendant from her flying duties, calling her behavior unsafe. saying, "we hold all of our employees to the highest standard" and that her behavior "does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers." the president of the association of flight attendants telling abc news "the crew members remaining on the plane immediately went to work to protect passengers and ensure everyone deplane the aircraft without incident." passengers on the flight say they didn't even realize what was happening because someone else on board was having a medical emergency at the same time. >> i was on the flight and i only found out about the emergency slide being deployed
7:33 am
afterwards on the news, and i was like, wait a second, i was on that plane and i didn't even realize. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a flight attendant has exited a parked plane with flair. remember steven slater's infamous take this job and shove it meltdown. the former jetblue employee frustrated with the passenger grabs two beers before activating the chute and sliding his way to freedom. >> i had it. i was absolutely done at that moment. >> reporter: slater served a year of probation on a misdemeanor charge and paid a restitution to jetblue. but experts say incidents like these are dangerous. slides deploy in seconds and the high pressure with which they hit the pavement can injury the crew on the ground. now, united airlines says that that plane has been inspected but, george and amy, replacing one of those slides is kind of expensive. >> all right. >> i bet she'll have to pay. >> i'm sure she will, david. thank you. we're going to move on now to that explosive case out of vanderbilt university back in the headlines because a football player previously convicted of sexual assault is back in court
7:34 am
after a judge declared a mistrial the first time around. abc's ryan smith with the latest. >> reporter: last year vanderbilt football players cory batey and brandon vandenburg were awaiting sentencing facing dozens of years in prison until that mistrial set them free. >> violated the very principles of human decency. >> reporter: this morning, prosecutors trying for a second time to convict cory batey, one of two former vanderbilt football players freed after their convictions for sexually assaulting a female student were thrown out last summer. >> mr. batey, he's all in it. he's the first one, within a minute of entering that room mr. batey starts assaulting. >> reporter: prosecutors charging the 22-year-old batey and the 22-year-old former teammate brandon vandenburg with aggravated rape alleging the two men, seen here in this surveillance video from june of
7:35 am
2013 along with two others, brought the unconscious victim to vandenburg's dorm room after a night of heavy drinking, sexually assaulting her while snapping pictures and recording video with their cell phones. >> i was horrified. i didn't know what had happened to the young lady and the pictures and i immediately deleted them. >> reporter: vandenburg and batey tried together last year. a jury taking just three hours to convict them. >> we, the jury, find the defendant cory batey guilty of aggravated rape. >> reporter: batey told dr. phil after the trial his actions devastated his mother. but six months after their convictions, a tennessee judge abruptly declared a mistrial after learning the jury foreman failed to reveal he was a victim of sexual assault years earlier. both men again pleading not guilty. and now this new jury in batey's case sequestered for the duration of the trial will see much of the same evidence including photos and video of the alleged incident recovered
7:36 am
from the phone of vandenburg's friend and blaming his conduct on the booze as in the first trial. >> we know that college is also a time we make some mistakes. >> reporter: batey now has an infant son bringing him to court. vandenburg is being tried separately in june because one of his lawyers has a medical issue. and two others pleading not guilty with no trial date set. if convicted on all counts they face decades in prison. >> okay, ryan, let's talk about this now with dan abrams. and, dan, cory batey already convicted once. that's not supposed to matter. >> it's not and in theory this should be a clean slate. but let's be clear about one thing -- this was a huge win for him and vandenburg. the fact they're getting new trials based on the fact one of the jurors failed to disclose something in jury selection, huge win they get a new chance here. the key thing that could be used against him in this case is his own testimony from the first case, could very likely be used against him in this case. >> yeah, he didn't put up much of a defense last time. >> no, his defense was basically
7:37 am
there is a culture out there in college and, you know, i'm sorry this happened. i was so drunk. it seems this time, though, because he's being tried separately he's pointing the finger at his co-defendants, basically saying they were egging me on. they were the ones trying to get me to do this and i was so drunk that i hardly remember it. that's a slightly different defense than we saw the first time. of course, the downside for him in being tried by himself is that prosecutors can now introduce evidence against just him. remember, in the first trial if there are two people you can't introduce evidence just against one of them. here, the prosecutors can do that. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, coming up next here, golf's biggest tournament teeing off without tiger. why he is sitting this round out. the big question, is he headed for retirement? and american eagle is now under fire after revealing this campaign was a joke. got their response this morning.
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we're back now with more sports. the excitement mounting for the masters but one golfer who won't be attending this year, tiger woods. the champ revealing he'll sit this one out due to an injury and now we're learning more about his life out of the spotlight. abc's linsey davis is here with all the details. good morning, lins. >> good morning, lara. since he was just 2 years old his life has revolved around golf. once ranked number one for a record 281 weeks, tiger woods is now ranked 476th and now some are questioning what life after golf will look like for tiger. it's the headline ricocheting throughout the world of golf and beyond. tiger woods announcing he will not be competing at this year's masters. the four-time winner saying i've been hitting balls and training daily, but i'm not physically ready. the news even disappointed his opponents. >> i like tiger being out here. it's good for all of us. i'm ready for him to come back. >> reporter: woods has been recovering from a string of injuries and back surgeries, sounding uncertain when recently asked when he'd be back in full swing. >> there is no timetable and so
7:43 am
that's the hardest part. that's the hardest part for me. >> reporter: woods, now 40 years old, is one of the game's most decorated players but he hasn't won a major title in years, last year he played some of the worst golf in his career. >> just totally out of sorts now for tiger. >> reporter: while woods says he's making progress, he's also said that he spends a lot of time playing video games in this $60 million mansion and while that image may not be cause for alarm, but in an article in "sports illustrated" some say they're concerned. >> they're worried about him. they feel like he's isolated. he's separated himself from anyone in golf. there's this collective concern that without golf, he really doesn't have much else. >> reporter: he divorced elin nordegren in august of 2010 following allegations of numerous affairs. his relationship with skier lindsey vonn recently ended. while speculation is rampant his absence is a sign of his early retirement his agent tells abc
7:44 am
news absolutely zero truth to this. >> maybe the greatest athlete of all time. you can never count a guy out like that and he deserves a victory lap. >> and many say he does have a shot at winning more majors. jack nicklaus after all was 46 when he won his final masters. woods' agent said woods absolutely will return to golf this year. we'll see. >> hope so. good for the game. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you, linsey. coming up on "gma" -- american eagle's under fire for this body positive campaign except it was a joke. why some say it's no laughing matter. and then the trial of the century captivating the country again in the new o.j. simpson series and sarah paulson is speaking out on "gma." >> as a woman and as a mother. >> as a woman and as a mother. rn without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. we are back now with american eagle under fire for a series of body positive ads that they now say were just a joke. some, though, are not laughing, and american eagle is now responding to all the backlash. abc's t.j. holmes is here with those details. holmes. >> hey there, robach, what do you think of when i say male underwear model? actually, robach, don't answer that, but you probably don't think of a hairy pudgy dude sitting in a tree in his draws
7:49 am
but this kind of image was a part of this new campaign and some people thought it was a positive move forward in marketing until the company said, just kidding. this hairy man video released at the end of march showcases men of all shapes and sizes and nothing but their underwear and highlights the slogan the real you is sexy. >> it feels kind of empowering to know that my flaws will be embraced. >> reporter: excitement around the idea that american eagle was launching a male version of its popular female underwear brand. >> do you think you're more >> do you think you're more beautiful than you say ? >> yeah. >> reporter: however, in a statement released on april 1st american eagle says the ads were meant as a parody, we know our male customers respond to humor. it turns out there will not be an aerie brand for men at all. >> the reason the joke kind of got lost in translation was because about a week after
7:50 am
american eagle campaign was put said this was part of an april fools' hoax and they thought they were making fun of the guys in the ad. >> reporter: but some didn't find it funny and questioned why positive male body imaging needs to be a joke and people took to social media and one tweeted male body acceptance is no laughing matter especially because the issue already has little visibility. your "joke" diluted it further. another, so apparently the aerie man campaign was a parody. sorry, aerie, but i'm missing the part where it was funny. one of the models in that ad says he wasn't trying to fool anyone and says "i was 100% real in that campaign." >> the selfie stick behind the legs gave that away. >> and perky on the -- >> again, they say that -- you have to know this was a joke. there is a brother in a tub blowing bubbles with a hat on. i mean -- and you took it seriously? but, hey. we'll be right back on that note.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> announcer: now from abc 7 news -- good morning, it's 7:56. i'm renl ggie aqui. you see this live picture from sky 7 hd. this is a scene on san pablo, they're working to repair a water line break. that road is closed between 45th and 53rd streets. eight blocks there. avoid it if you can. let's check in with sue hall on your morning commute. >> that's a big thoroughfare. let's look at the second accident, port chicago, traffic stacked up beyond pittsburgh for a 35 minute drive. then we also have an accident -- the a's and warriors, no accident there, both at home today. >> sue waking up temperatures pretty comfortable in the upper 40s to lower 50s. good morning, oakland, 52 degrees. 52 san francisco. warm today in the 80s, hot
7:57 am
tomorrow, warm in spots going right into the low 90s. >> thank you, drew. coming up, a couple booted from the ballroom on last night's "dancing with the stars," plus cameron diaz is live sharing her secrets on how to live longer.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and what a buzzer beat sunk with just seconds to go. villanova with a slam dunk win in the ncaa championship and the player behind that unbelievable shot joins us live right here on abc. ♪ time for me to take it dancing drama. nyle and peta steal the show with the highest scores of the night. ginger and val right behind them bringing it home in a heart-felt dance. >> i thought you really pulled that off. well done. >> and the couple leaving the ballroom talking to "gma." ♪ wake me up and we're going one-on-one with the actress playing marcia clark in the trial of the century, what sarah paulson is people v. o.j. simpson" before tonight's blockbuster finale. >> i just came to realize that
8:01 am
was so, so far from the truth. ♪ uh-huh ♪ what's wrong with being all that and cameron diaz is with us live talking about aging with strength and grace, revealing her keys to looking 40 and fabulous. all ahead as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ what a nice soothing good morning from cameron diaz right there, and a whole bunch of women out there in times square all ready for a great conversation with her this morning and a brand-new book out. wow, villanova winning big with that buzzer beater. it's so good that we want to keep showing it. here's their cheerleaders celebrating that big victory this morning. they're live. let's hear what they have to say. >> all: we're number one. >> yeah, you are.
8:02 am
yep, they're definitely number one, and the man of the hour, kris jenkins, is joining us after hitting that winning shot in last night's championship game, boom. coming up. >> that is so good. then also this morning, former "dancing with the stars" contestant and "view" co-host candace cameron bure is here breaking down all of the best moments in the ballroom last night including this heartfelt performance from her friend "fuller house" co-star jodie sweetin. that's coming up. >> looking forward to that and we've got to give amy more time to get over to the desk. we do that every single morning and go. >> thank you very much. well, the big story this morning, it is primary day in wisconsin. a pivotal contest that could shake up the race for the white house. ted cruz leading in the polls but donald trump is hoping to regain his momentum calling it his wife for damage control. abc's tom llamas has the latest from milwaukee. good morning to you, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. again, the voting now under way here in wisconsin, and this is such an important day for donald trump. he knows this election means so much, because if he wins here, he has a better chance of
8:03 am
becoming the nominee without a contested convention, and last night he brought his wife melania trump out on stage. he's done this before but for the first time melania trump actually delivered a speech, and in that speech she made one important point, that she says donald trump treats both men and women equally. this comes after a very rough week for donald trump where he stumbled on the issue of abortion and women's rights, and so trump wanted to hammer home that he treats both women and men equally. now, some trump aides tell abc news they believe what the polls show here in wisconsin, that ted cruz will ultimately win the state. if that happens, that could lead to a contested convention and a big fight on that convention floor. amy. >> all right, tom, thanks for the latest. as for the democrats, polls, showing that bernie sanders has a slight edge in wisconsin prompting hillary clinton's campaign to e-mail supporters reminding them that clinton has a, quote, nearly insurmountable lead in overall delegates. clinton and sanders have agreed
8:04 am
to debate next week before the new york primary. well, federal investigators are looking into the cause of a sightseeing helicopter crash in eastern tennessee this killed five people. there have been at least two other crashes involving those helicopters in the past in that exact same area. well, a federal judge has approved a $20 billion settlement with bp for the 2010 gulf oil spill. most of that will go to five states and local governments. critics are angry some of it could be tax deductible. bp already reached a similar settlement with businesses and residents. well, some of the most popular medications taken by americans every day are getting a lot more expensive. an analysis by reuters finds prices on four of the country's top drugs have skyrocketed by more than 100% in just the last five years. that includes medications for arthritis, cholesterol and asthma. drugmakers say the prices are needed to recover investments in failed drugs and support research into new treatments. and this morning, facebook unveiling a new tool that helps describe photos for visually impaired users.
8:05 am
the feature on the company's iphone app interprets what's in a picture by using a form of artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and objects and then describes them to the user. well, some sad news, the traditional siesta may be in danger. workers in spain -- oh, no -- they've enjoyed their three-hour midday break for centuries but now spain's prime minister is trying to scrap the siesta so his country's workday can be more in line with other economies. apparently he is not running for re-election. all right, finally, a little geography lesson. look at this shirt sold by walmart. this was near baltimore. it's a shirt for the university of maryland, fans with the school's logo there, the terps. do you guys see anything wrong with it? >> yes. >> yes, because it's the state of massachusetts, not maryland. and when the mistake was first pointed out on twitter, a walmart rep, well, you know, said the states look similar.
8:06 am
i don't know. what do you guys think? is it a fair mistake there? >> i mean, it does kind of look similar -- >> no. >> no. >> lara is saying no. >> lara says no. >> terps in it. and it's a red state with the "m." that to me says maryland. >> they apologized and pulled the t-shirt. >> they're still getting some tough love from maryland. >> not tough love. i want one of them. it's now a collector's item. here's what's coming up on our "morning menu." ginger bringing home an amazing performance last night. we have all of the biggest moments from the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." and the hero of last night's championship game, kris jenkins, is joining us live to talk about that three-pointer. and then one of our favorites is here, cameron diaz. get over here. too cold to go outside. so we're going to talk about her new book and so much more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. why am i yelling? >> i don't know. it's very exciting. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family.
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united states postal service priority: you ♪ ♪ top of the world welcome back to "gma," and take a look at that tango from nyle and peta earning the highest scores of the night. a lot of passion and action. every star celebrated their most memorable year and how about ginger, putting on an amazing performance with val all in honor of her family. take a look. ♪ >> i was really proud of us. >> yeah. >> i thought it was a great dance. it's real life, and you don't know that you can have it all and right now i feel like do. >> she did very well. i'm very proud of her. >> the choreography from the beginning, i was so into. i was so glad we got to perform it. yeah, yeah, you did that. ♪ >> and her husband benjamin, we planned it all out.
8:12 am
we briefed adrian on the whole process. he's not going to be loud. [ baby crying ] >> that's how america got to meet adrian. >> but he was wearing a tux. ♪ as we hold on >> what kind of reaction do you expect when you get 7s? >> 7. >> 7. >> 7. >> i mean, there's stuff i can improve on. >> no, it's not even about that. i just don't want you to get cocky. >> i'm not going to get cocky. >> the whole night was emotional. having my family here meant everything to know that i'm doing this crazy adventure and that they're behind me, it means the world to me. >> we all voted 11 times for ginger last night. >> yeah. >> every one of us who had phones. yeah, she was awesome. >> she was. good to see the whole family there and we saw all the stars last night, remember, they were paying tribute to their most memorable year, and jesse has more of the highlights. >> there were plenty of
8:13 am
tears shed on one of the most emotional nights of the season as the stars celebrated their best memories and made new ones. of course, one couple had to go home. ♪ out on the verge dance after dance step after step, the stars taking inspiration from their most cherished memories. >> that was bad ass. >> reporter: celebrating their highs. >> 1976. that's when i booked my first gig. >> kim fields dancing the foxtrot and getting it right taking us back to "the facts of life." ♪ the facts of life >> reporter: even getting a thumbs up from her fictional house mother, mrs. garrett. ♪ crooner wayna morris waltzing his way to the top. >> society o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> reporter: commemorating his 1996 national anthem performance at the atlanta olympics. ♪ soon i'll be 60 years old >> reporter: football star antonio brown making memories in the ballroom. his mini-me son antonio jr. joining dad on the dance floor. >> just for you. this is for you.
8:14 am
>> how awesome was that to dance with dad? >> cool, man. ♪ out on -- >> reporter: nyle earning the night's highest score remembering his courageous solo trip around the world with a passionate tango. >> you're proof that anyone can do anything if they want to. ♪ >> reporter: others focusing on years that made them stronger. >> 2015 is a year i'll never forget. >> reporter: doug flutie with an emotional tribute to his parents who passed away on the same day just last year. >> this is how your parents live on. >> i just wanted to make mom and dad proud. >> reporter: jodie sweetin opening up about her struggles with sobriety. >> i remember my mom saying your light shines again. so i'm doing this dance. ♪ rise up ♪ i'll rise like the day >> reporter: showing her tenacity on the dance floor with a heartfelt foxtrot. >> the couple leaving right now
8:15 am
is -- >> reporter: but not every couple will be making mirror ball memories. >> mischa and artem. >> we were getting to a place where it was becoming easy and fun. ♪ put my hands up >> a great experience and really sucks. >> i am sad to be going home. i'm not going to lie. >> it was an emotional night all around for the most memorable year but next week they'll lighten things up with the most magical night, and they are going to do it devoted to disney. >> makes a lot of sense. we're here with candace cameron bure from "the view" and "dancing with the stars" season 18. who was great last night? >> i'm looking at that package and, of course, i know i'm biased but jodi, that package, it was just so overwhelming to watch and see her story and be so close to it. she was just gorgeous last night. did such a great job. >> she really did do a great job. >> and, man, i was crying before. i was crying after. >> "rise up" playing with her story.
8:16 am
it was just so emotional. >> she really is an overcomer and so vulnerable, knowing her, i haven't seen her in that place very often, and she just -- she left it all out on the dance floor for everyone. so i loved it. my other favorite was nyle. >> so good. >> i still cannot believe that this man can't hear the music. >> it's unbelievable. >> i almost wonder, does he have an advantage of not hearing it because he's so in sync with peta. and they are just beautiful. >> he clearly feels it. >> he feels the music like no one else. >> and you could see peta was very emotional last night as well getting the high score. i know the judges have been a little more critical the week before but on what they called the musicality and they had an amazing demonstration and obviously huge performance. >> got to throw in ginger. i thought they are performance was spectacular. >> ginger was fantastic. i was crying too and just her story of meeting her husband and having a baby and that putting together work and family, i just loved it. she was beautiful and, you know, i'm a huge val fan too and like they were gorgeous out there.
8:17 am
>> this time of the season, it gets to be crunch time and you got to step it up. >> this is kind of where it starts, i think, although disney night is really, really fun. >> what did you do for disney night when you -- >> i was ariel. i was the little mermaid. it was awesome. can i come back next week and put my costume on, please? >> yes. >> we do that every tuesday after the show. >> you've got a big week. this week -- first of all, happy birthday. about to celebrate your 40th. >> thank you. >> i turn the big 4-0 tomorrow. >> oh, my gosh, you look great. >> welcome. >> i know. i know. >> and you got hillary clinton on "the view" today. >> we have hillary clinton, that's very exciting for our show, so, i mean tune in. we got lots of questions for her. >> thank you, and come back in your ariel costume next week. would love to see it. >> i will. >> thanks, candace. >> "dancing with the stars" monday night at 8:00. "the view" later today. to villanova's kris jenkins stealing the show at last night's college championship game and stealing the deal for the wildcats with less than a second to go. he is joining us now from houston.
8:18 am
good morning, kris. congratulations. you got to tell me how you're feeling right now. >> good morning. i just am feeling good, feeling excited, a little tired but, you know, i'm just happy that we could go out and get the win last night. >> have you -- have you slept? have you slept or did you just party all night? >> i didn't party all night but i still haven't gone to sleep yet. i'm going to save that for the plane ride back. >> sounds like a plan. now, just before your incredible buzzer beat shot, unc guard marcus paige hit that desperate three-pointer that magically went into the hoop to tie the game. what did you think when you saw that? did you think you were done? >> no, i just thought that was a great shot by marcus, and, you know, we called a time-out, and, you know, all our guys were saying attitude and next play, let's get ready to execute and we were able to do that. >> you guys have practiced that play every single day, and it
8:19 am
was just as you imagined it. >> yeah, you know, coach wright and our coaching staff, they do a gre job of preparing us and we go over game swayings every day in practice and, you know, we put the ball in ryan's hand because we know he'll make the right decision and, you know, he usually makes the shot, but last night he made the pass. >> and, kris, your brother nate britt obviously plays for unc. i know you guys hadn't spoken a lot the days leading up to the game. did you get a chance to talk to him afterwards? >> yeah, we talked for awhile after. you know, he just let me know how proud he was and how happy he was for me. you know, he was upset they lost but happy for me. >> did he have any sort of regrets, or how did he say that the unc guys were doing? >> you know, he said that they were upset that they lost, and he just wished that they would have denied me or not left me open, but, you know, i'm happy
8:20 am
that, you know, they forgot about me for a little bit. >> kris, of course, you had that national championship winning three-pointer at the buzzer and i understand your mother actually taught you how to shoot. >> yeah, my mom, she taught me a lot about the game and my shot was one of them. you know, she started with me when i was young and she even coaches me on my shot still to this day. >> what did she have to say after the game? did she like your form? >> she just told me how proud she was and, you know, she was actually shocked that they left me open too. so we were both stunned at that. >> you had no time to think when that shot went off. did you know it was in? >> well, i think every shot is going in, so that shot was no different. a one-two step. >> great way to think. >> winning attitude. >> and let it go. >> and it works. well, congratulations. enjoy your sleep and enjoy all your success. thank you so much for joining us.
8:21 am
kris jenkins. cheers, cheers. >> thank you for having me. >> congrats to 'nova. >> you can see the women's final tonight between connecticut and syracuse at 8:30 eastern on espn. let's go back to rob and snowy boston. >> what an incredible game last night and not a whole lot of baseball played in cleveland and new york. hopefully a better day today. but it is cold out here and we have all this snow in boston. about 5 inches falling here in south boston. so people will be getting the scrapers out, probably something they buried in the trunk a couple of months ago. check out these windchills. if you're not even in the snow zone you're going to feel it. dress like it's january. temps feeling like 11 in new york, 15 in pittsburgh and tomorrow not a whole lot better. we'll warm up tomorrow afternoon but it feels like 6 in boston and 9 in buffalo. my goodness. meanwhile, we're looking at a high fire danger threat across the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. had that big fire in kansas, so we're really worried about the winds cranking up and low levels of humidity as well. it's going to be warm and dry in dallas, 80 degrees today and warming up across parts of the west.
8:22 am
i am meteorology with the forecast it will be warm. a lot of sunshine. from start to finish. up to 84 in concord. a warm 74 in san francisco. and 83 in san jose. 81 in oakland. napa up to 84 degrees. the seven-day forecast is warm. hot temperature. in the low 90s the cooling off on thursday and a chance for rain on saturday into sunday and "1" on the storm-impact i got to tell you, this is a lot easier than the 100 plus inches they were digging out last year, so i'll take a broom over a shovel any day and i'll certainly take summer. >> i still can't believe it. >> back to you in new york. >> it's a good attitude, rob. thank you very much. "pop news" time, everybody. and some sweet satisfaction for rolling stones fans this morning in the form of a new album. the british icons gave us "a
8:23 am
bigger bang" in 2005. that was the name of their album then and now comes "the aftermath." ronnie wood, the band's by guitarist revealing they're on the way and spent a few days in the studio recording and this time around they have tapped into their blues roots recording 11 loose covers mixed in with brand-new material and wood telling the ap, we can hear them as early as this year proving that sometimes you can always get what you want. >> nice. >> puns? no, that's not a record. wait till pop 3. also in "pop news" this morning, "american idol" winner kelly clarkson made a hit out of "heartbeat song." but the show is flatlining according to simon powell. it will end sunday. cowell says in his opinion the show lost its mojo when paula abdul and he left. that was in 2009 and 2010 respectively, and the ratings don't dispel that opinion.
8:24 am
at its peak "idol" drew an average of 36 million viewers. this season it's averaged around 8 million. nice to see that simon's insults don't stop just because he's left the show. and then finally, a nasty neighbor dispute you would be nuts to mess with. these pictures tell the story. take a look. a stalking squirrel who will not rest until he gets revenge. the guy who captured -- there he is again -- the evidence of mental warfare admits he shined a light at the little nut to shoo him away and it backfired in a big way. now the gray ghost is haunting him peering at him through windows leading the man to admit he is afraid to go outside of his house. there he is again. there is a lot of gray area over who is right and wrong. we really can't make heads or tail, bushy tails of it. we just hope these two figure it out soon because we don't have a corny pun left to say about this. >> here's johnny. >> i was counting. she had five or six. >> yeah, i've done better but i
8:25 am
just thought the pictures of that nutty little squirrel were worth the read, and that is "pop news," everybody, on this tuesday. >> thank you, lara. coming up a lot coming up in the last half hour, sarah paulson, of course, she is starring in "the people v. o.j. simpson" playing marcia clark and she opens up to us this morning. and then snack rescue. the popular treat so many kids enjoy. oh, it may not be as healthy as you think. we have better options. and cameron diaz is here. we'll talk to her live coming up.
8:26 am
8:27 am
hey, good morning, i'm natasha zouves. we want to update you a water line break, 45th and 53rd streets are shut down. people are being told to avoid that area. let's go to sue hall for our traffic. >> we have a bta rail that hit a car. this is in san jose at 1st and sharcot. they're delaying trains through the area, heads up there, avoid if you can. and we have an overturn now just down the way, southbound 280 right at 87 that's partially blocking a lane of traffic as well. >> good to know. thank there are a lot of activities to do in oregon.
8:28 am
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while you're mastering life. we make uplack in nature service.e, ♪ good morning. current temperatures warming into the 50s now. 52 san jose and good morning, dlers re, field, you're at 53. mid 70s by 3:00 p.m., nice and toasty in the lower 80s. seven day forecast, we are warm today across the region, down right hot tomorrow with our warmest spots going into the 90s. >> thank you, drew. >> we'll have another local news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app on
8:30 am
the news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ nobody nobody ♪ nobody can drag me down hello, everybody. welcome back to "gma." bundled up crowd in times square this morning. they'll be warm and cozy tonight looking for the finale of "the people v. o.j. simpson." a lot of people looking forward to that. and sarah paulson will be here talking about playing prosecutor marcia clark. >> she really embodies her, unbelievable performance. and then cameron diaz is here with us live. always love when she comes here and she's sharing secrets now to gracefully aging, which, boy, does she do well. she's got a brand-new book out. we're going to talk to her coming up. also a big announcement. steve harvey and "shark tank" executive producer mark burnett are teaming up for a new show that will air right here on abc. it'll feature two rival entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to a studio audience. the audience gets to vote on which one should get funding. didn't we do a segment on this?
8:31 am
>> the whole audience is sharks. >> i feel like this was a "gma" segment like two years ago so great idea, guys. for now though let's go over to amy. we have our snack rescue series this morning. we are talking about a staple in so many kids' lunch boxes, those fruit chews. they often say they're made with real fruit. how do they compare to real fruit? our becky worley is back to explain. uh-oh. i have a feeling i know what you'll tell me. >> parents are always trying to find healthy snacks that kids will actually eat. so super sweet fruity gummies that come in a bag. what's not to love? well, sugar. successful parenting often comes down to -- >> i'm hungry. >> reporter: -- having snacks at crucial moments. so little bags of goodies that don't need to be refrigerated and promise 100% rda of vitamin c and real fruit, they're a godsend except says
8:32 am
nutritionist maya feller when she says how much sugar they have. >> 10 grams, 12 grams, 15 grams. >> 15 grams of sugar. the world health organization advises just 15 grams of added sugar in a whole day for kids. that's the sugar content in this one packet of target market pantry chews. the thing that gets me, there are only like, hmm, eight or nine of these gummies in here, so when i give them to my kids they say, i want two packs. >> exactly. then all of a sudden they've had 30 grams of sugar. that's very similar to giving them an entire packet of starburst which is an actual candy around 33 grams of sugar. >> reporter: and sure enough the first four ingredients are similar. >> corn syrup, sugar, fruit juice concentrate and hydrogenated oil. this is so confusing when you go to the grocery store and it says organic. we've all been told that organic is better, but not when you're starting with sugar and not when it's the same as candy. >> reporter: target says they're
8:33 am
currently phasing out the market pantry fruit flavored snack packages with a serving size of 26 grams and annie's says they are certified organic and don't contain artificial flavors, synthetic colors or high fructose corn syrup. horizon says their brand is also organic free of artificial colors or preservatives telling us they add natural flavors in the fruit snacks. the other brands we mentioned declined to comment. >> all right, becky is joining us now with more, so we know about the high sugar content but what about like the vitamins, vitamin c that these snacks tout. >> they are definitely saying that's something you should get but guess what, it's not that hard. three or four strawberries, boom, your kids got their rda of vitamin c. a quarter of an orange. >> a quarter of an orange? >> if your kids eat any fruit they're probably getting their vitamin c. >> they're getting enough vitamin c, so you don't need the chews for that. what about that whole shelf life thing where it's like you can keep it in the cupboard and throw it in your purse. you don't have to worry about it. >> as a parent you've got to have stuff on hand at all times to prevent looming meltdowns with energy crisis of blood
8:34 am
sugar dropping, so we all know this. but the good stuff, dried fruit. get your kids to eat it. get the unsweetened kind. this is a godsend. these are freeze dried fruits and they sell these now at costco. the only ingredient is fruit, sometimes citric acid but no added sugar and these things will live forever in your car no matter the temperature. >> good. >> and tangerines. sailors went around the globe with these things. throw them in your purse. they'll last a month. throw them in the car. >> they'll last a month in your purse, really? >> i've road tested this, amy, i'm telling you and they come in handy. >> all right. so we've been talking about sugars. what about clamping down on fats and oils in our kids' snacks as well? >> well, here's the thing. that's important for us as adults, but for kids, they need those fats. so trail mix is really great if you can get your kids going on it. of course, you know, they're going to want the ones -- >> with the m&ms in it. >> which is okay. >> the ones i want too.
8:35 am
>> savory is good too. >> thank you very much, becky. we appreciate it. george, over to you. >> thank you, guys. now we'll look ahead to tonight's finale of "american crime story: the people v. o.j. simpson," you know, that sarah paulson stars as marcia clark and as lara said, she embodies marcia clark and she sits down with deborah roberts to talk about it. >> the truth came out. toughen up, cochran. this is a smoker's lounge. day care is on the first floor. >> wow. sizzle. she's tough. >> she is a toughie. she is. >> did you change your feeling or your thinking about marcia clark in any way? >> you know, i did. i really had a very particular that i think most americans had which is she was a strident, aggressive [ bleep ] for lack of an articulate way of putting it
8:36 am
and the scripts themselves. i came to realize that was so, so far from the truth. >> get back to work. >> you had a chance to meet her. you met her later on in the filmmaking. >> we were practically done when i met her. it was an incredibly painful time in her life to have it all brought back up and in some form of entertainment. i think it was probably really scary for her and i felt very protective. >> did she apologize for the hair? >> she did. when she sat down she said, i just want to say sorry for the hair. i thought i'll take it. >> because you had to wear that wig. >> i wore four different wigs and were all varying versions of not very attractive. >> you say that you have not actually watched the series along with everybody else. >> no. >> but people are riveted. why do you think this is touching such a button? >> gosh, i think everyone was so obsessed during the trial. i don't know why it would be different now. >> what do you hope people will come away from the o.j. simpson series with because you don't really make a judgment about guilt or innocence.
8:37 am
>> no. yeah, it's not really about that. what i hope they come away with is twofold, one that at the center of the story is the death of two innocent people and the circus this trial became really made that hard to see clearly but more than that or equal to that, you know, every player involved in this trial was a real person, a flesh and blood thinking, feeling person and so many of them were sort of treated almost like they were holograms like they weren't real people. didn't think about what johnnie cochran's personal struggles were or marcia clark's struggles were and all of that was left out of the story, and i hope what you're able to see we're talking about real people whose lives were forever changed and most not for the better post this trial so i hope that's something people take away. >> and the story gripping so many more than 20 years later. "american crime story: the people v. o.j. simpson" airs tonight on fx. now let's go back to rob in boston. >> hey, george, so weird to have this much snow and the sun be this strong.
8:38 am
i mean, we are in april now and also for it to be this cold. i mean, this is not really packable snow, it's very, very dry january-like powdery snow. goodness, unbelievable. but it will melt a little as we get toward the beginning of the next couple of days. look at this next storm coming in. it will bring in slightly mild air but not till tomorrow and thursday, some rain expected in chicago, might see strong storms back through st. louis tomorrow. evening and overnight then by thursday rain hitting parts of the northeast and that will help melt some of this. >> you i am meteorology with the forecast. warm today, 85 in fairfield,in' in oakland, 74 in san francisco, and 83 in san jose. hot tomorrow. a chance of showers late friday into >> this weather report is brought to you by legalzoom. let's talk movies. it's a big day for "star wars" fans, "star wars: the force awakens," the blu-ray dvd is
8:39 am
being released this morning. also, "star wars," a force for change which is a charitable initiative started by lucas film and disney. they've got a new campaign coming up, and executive producer kathleen kennedy from "star wars" and "star wars" star mark hamill have the details. >> mark is here to tell us what's happening with force for change in 2016. mark. >> oh, i'm sorry. i have dialogue? >> yeah. >> i'm used to just staring intensely. from april 5th through may 4th force for change will launch a brand-new campaign. this year for every dollar you raise towards four amazing charities, force for change will double your efforts and match your donation. >> and just for participating, you'll be entered to win an all expense paid trip to ireland including skelly island, the location of the final dramatic scene from "the force awakens." show your force and visit to learn more. mark. mark.
8:40 am
♪ >> line, line. you know, if you want to take one more snow day, this would be the day to maybe get the new dvd and hunker back at home and put it next to your vhs copies of the original series. >> okay, rob, you get inside now. it's cold out there. when we come back, cameron diaz is here live. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ time t we are back now with award-winning actress and "new york times" best-selling author and friend of "gma." cameron diaz. she's just written "the longevity book" encouraging women to embrace their age and look forward to life's many phases. i love calling them phases. >> they are phases. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. >> when last we saw you, you were right here with a wonderful group of women. >> yes. >> talking about your body. your body book, and it was such a great, smart conversation, so now you get into aging. what inspired you to write the book? >> well, i think that, you know, as we get older, there are phases of life that we enter into, and i was -- i was entering the phase of 40, and i started getting a lot of questions about, was i scared to turn 40, are you afraid to turn 40? >> heck no.
8:44 am
>> and i started asking, why is everybody -- why should i be afraid? >> it beats the alternative. >> that's what i say. there's only one thing happening if you're not aging and it ain't so fun. it's like if you're alive, for me what i learned is that aging is really about living. you know, and so i feel very grateful that i actually get to turn another year older because not everybody does, not everybody gets to grow old, and i realize that people were worried or they were afraid of aging because they just didn't understand it, and i was like, what is aging? you know, i don't even understand what it is. so i called up my writing partner sondra bark and said i have our next book. we're going to write about what happens to us on a cellular level as we age. so cellular biology. she said, okay, perfect. we got this one. >> you really did your homework. >> yeah. >> in reading the research, i was so impressed and you traveled and did a lot of interviews and put on the journalism hat. >> there's no secret to aging well.
8:45 am
it's actually -- there is a basic way of doing it, and it's called -- it is, again, it's living, and it's how well you live. you know, how well you take care of yourself. there's five pillars of well-being. it's good nutrition, good movement of the body, good night's sleep, which rest -- stress release, i know, stress release and meaningful, connected, loving relationships, those are the five pillars of well-being. that's just living every day. we all get up, eat, move our bodies, sleep at night. we try to release stress in some way during the day, and we try to be around the people that we love. >> yeah. >> and if we can learn what that -- the first book, "body book" was about taking care of your body. but how do you take care of your body if you don't know what's good and bad. how do you good for your body if you don't know what good is. >> now we do. >> so, this is the same thing with aging. how do you age well if you don't understand what that is so you have to inform yourself and really what this book is for is
8:46 am
to help women take responsibility for their body, how they -- to look forward. aging is a decline. naturally that is what it is. it is a decline. and if you don't get ahead of that, if you don't know how -- what to expect and how to make sure that you get ahead of it then what happens is that you become sickly and old and broken instead of being full of life until the end of it. >> we are surrounded by beautiful and we're all aging women here. >> yes. >> we have a couple who wanted to say something. bettyanne menza who is 54 says right now she is not feeling her best. tell us what you're feeling. >> yes, i definitely feel my age. i do go out with my kids that are in their 20s, and i have fun with them, and i have great parties at my house, but i definitely see myself gaining weight and getting wrinkles, but i try to exercise more and eating well. >> you know, the thing -- one of the research, parts of the research that was really, really i thought was very interesting is that people who accept aging actually age better. you actually put up to six years
8:47 am
more on to your life once you accept that you are aging. >> good. we can all do that, right? >> it's a way of once you embrace something, it's a mind-set, right, so the body follows the behind in anything. >> totally makes sense. >> so if you are accepting of it and people who were -- learn you could actually age well. a lot of people are afraid of aging so they're scared of it and don't do it well. if you know that you can do it well and you learn how to do it and all those things are important, then you can keep moving forward with a better mind-set and healthier body. >> monica is right there. you're about to turn 60. how are you feeling? >> i am. isn't this crazy? >> oh, yeah. >> somebody is owning it. >> i am owning it. i'm totally owning it, and i feel better than i ever did and, cameron, you're right. it's all about those five pillars and i'm doing exactly that. i'm embracing age. i'm going through menopause right now and i don't have any of the symptoms that most women go through because i believe our
8:48 am
issues are in our tissues, and if you know how to release your emotions, good, bad or indifferent, we can really feel the feelings and then just let them go. >> monica, you should write a book. >> i did. i did. it's called "how may i serve" actually. >> thank you for serving us with a great positive attitude. >> thank you for inviting me here to share my experience. >> it's great to meet you. >> again, research shows that women going through menopause once they accept it, and they're not afraid of the symptoms, and that's another thing, knowing what the symptoms are, that they're coming at you helps you to deal with them better when they come, and the women who accepted it and didn't stress about it as much went through less and shorter menopause symptoms. >> great tips. this book is fantastic. thank you for coming back. >> thank you so much. so good to see you. thank you. >> i'll keep you not afraid. you keep me not afraid. >> all right. >> were talking about it ladies. >> absolutely. "the longevity book" hits stores today.
8:49 am
coming up, jessica seinfeld is with us live and maybe a surprise guest. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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we're back now with our good friend jessica seinfeld. 15 years ago she founded baby buggy, it's a nonprofit focused on giving gently used clothes and toys to families in need. 20 million items have been donated over that time and she's here to talk about a new name, good+. >> we've outgrown our name which is a great thing. when i started this organization 15 years ago, i had no idea this simple idea would take on the life it has. so what we do is pair tangible goods with transformational services, tangible goods like strollers and cribs and diapers with programs like getting your ged or parenting support and so it's the goods plus the services and education. >> two great examples of it right here.
8:52 am
cindy came to you when you were pregnant and living in a sheller but working two jobs. >> yes. >> tell us what good+ meant to you. >> i got involved with them and they've been wonderful. they got everything that my son needed for the first few years of his life, and with their help, i was able to go and accomplish my goals. i go back to school. get my day care license and finish a book. you know, when my son was diagnosed with autism, they came and said, you know what, we'll take care of it and they bought him all these special need toys which was just beautiful to me, and for that i'm going to be grateful forever. thank you so much. >> you are incredible person. you are our idol. >> tell us about it, maricarmen. >> i found good+ and it's been such a great help. i had an amazing time and experience meeting you guys, and
8:53 am
i'm still having you guys help me through this stage of nurses with my child. >> your kids are so well behaved. my wife is also a board member. ali of good+, and she's got a little gift for you. >> oh, my gosh. is it christmas in april? what? you know what, how proud are you -- are you proud of your momma? yes, well, look at this. this is sort of a small showing of what good+ offers families. you guys have been such an inspiration, so spectacular that these are just a few little things to encourage you on your path to success. this is a bravado. you need it later. what? are you kidding? thank you so much. congratulations.
8:54 am
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at ♪ i ain't never giving up "good morning america" is brought to you by the u.s. postal service. >> see, this is what i get for cutting you off. you get the last three seconds, honey. >> oh, have a great tuesday. thanks for watching.
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>> announcer: now from abc 7 news -- good morning, i'm natasha zouves with the abc 7 morning news. let's go to sue hall for an update on the commuter alert in san jose. >> that's right. bta was in an accident approximately 7:55 this morning. you can see live sky 7 hd the train is there and the car that it hit is right there as well. this was at north 1st and component. service has been disrupted. bus service is in place. >> take a look at the temperatures right now. we're on our way to a warm day, already 62 in mountain view. 59 hayward. today, look at these numbers, warmest spots getting into the 80s. accuweather seven day forecast, we're hotter tomorrow, warmest spots in the 90s. >> now time for "live with kelly and michael." reporting continues on or news
9:00 am
app join, reggie, mike, sue and me >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, hollywood superstar cameron diaz. and from the new comedy, "the boss," ben falcone. plus, author, artist, and fashion icon, gloria vanderbilt. also, anderson cooper returns for another day of co-hosting. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you.


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